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Carboxylic Acids and Esters. Any organic chain molecule with a COOH group, which
looks like this in a structure diagram, is a carboxylic acid. They’re named for the
number of carbon atoms in the chain, just like with alkanes and alkene,s and the
four you’ll see most commonly are methanoic acid, ethanoic acid, propanoic
acid, and butanoic acid. They’re all weak acids, for example ethanoic acid is found
in vinegar. If we oxidize an alcohol, for example ethanol, either by fermentation
or by adding an oxidizing agent like acidified potassium manganate 7, we form
the corresponding carboxylic acid. They’re all soluble in oil like alkanes
but also soluble in water thanks to the polar O-H section of the molecule. They
form a salt, such as zinc ethanoate, and hydrogen gas when we react them with
a metal. Reacting with carbonates they also form a salt plus carbon dioxide and water. Adding carboxylic acids to an alcohol with a sulfuric acid catalyst
forms fragrant compounds called esters which are just the two molecules stuck
together, with an excess water molecule removed. The number of alcohol carbon
atoms gives us the first part of the name and the number of carboxylic acid
carbon atoms gives us the second part of the name, for example ethanol plus
propanoic acid gives ethyl propanoate. To learn more about carboxylic acids and
esters please check this video. To watch the whole Lightning Chemistry playlist from
the start please click here, and please click here to subscribe.

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