ㅣDaily life of Korean high school student ㅣ ㅣ korean student vlog ㅣ

seven o’clock morning
breakfast I brush and shower after breakfast. 7:10 packing for school
7:30 In the elevator
7:35 A bus ride to school
7:40 Memorizing English Words going to School bus stop
8:00 going to school
8:05 Arriving at school
8:08 on the way to the classroom
8:09 I read the newspaper and study before the first class of school.
8:10 I arrive school at
8:10 Check school food Starting the frist class of school
8:50 Starting the second class of school
9:44 Starting the Third class of school
10:54 art class
11:50 a little study before lunch
12:45 school lunch time
12:45 school lunch
1:10 Preparation of study before school begins class
1:40 Starting the six class of school
2:35 Starting the seven class of school
3:49 Going to the bus stop after school
4:45 Take a bus to the academy
4:55 Going to academy
5:15 Pikachu Arriving Academy
5:25 mass studey English lesson
7:30 Going home after academy
8:00 apartment elevator
8:05 home snack
8:10 Dinner
8:15 study
8:30 study
9:30 study
10:30 the end of the day
1:00 I watch computer for 30 minutes and sleep.

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100 Responses

  1. SUJU elf says:

    وااه ~~
    انه يوم طويل حقاا ??‍♀️?
    ،، نحن بالسعوديه ????
    اخر حصه لدينا 12:15 pm ظهرا ~~
    اتمنى لك دائما الافضل والنجاح الدائم ??

  2. Kyra Marie says:

    I don't know how you get away with so little sleep. If I'm going to sleep for less than five hours, I may as well only sleep for two and then get up with some coffee again. I won't be able to study well if I do that though.

  3. jasmin Salazar says:

    I literally got stressed just by watching this video

  4. Gonna Steal Your Memes says:

    I dont know how you do it! It's like school restricts you from having a life. Its unhealthy ?

  5. elise says:

    i dont think asian countries have that much difference when it comes to school system .. classes in our counrty starts at 6 and end at 5..

  6. 윤승하 says:

    Only few of Korea students maintain such life cycle.. Nobody study hard as he does

  7. Surabhi Kumari says:

    Even if you study for 24 hours it's never enough to study in Asian countries ?. Being an Asian is really tough when it comes to education . I hate it that they try to make us bookworms instead of focusing on practical knowledge and life skills .

  8. Menna A says:

    Wow arabic subtitles thank you ? ♥️

  9. Prisca says:

    If I spent that much time studying my university GPA would be above 90 right now ? and I'd be carried home daily in an ambulance

  10. Femke Vandecauter says:

    i just noticed you are a boy when i heard your voice lmao

  11. Joe Siu says:

    This is opposite of me. I just wing everything and pray ???

  12. xAyane says:

    I’m a year late but I’d be so dead after 1 day in your life. ?

  13. Allison Ostrander says:

    like this comment if you love your fans. you now wont like this comment bc I said that.

  14. Anna ot7 says:

    Suddenly I feel bad for complaining about school while I’m living the significantly more luxurious and carefree life in the US…I have so much more respect for Korean students now?✊

  15. Anna ot7 says:

    honestly if I had to live life like that I’d probably be depressed ngl

  16. Jorden Henderson says:

    I hope this studying pays of this life is more depressing than mine..

  17. Ramith Gopinath says:

    3:11 Pikachu ?

  18. Rii est_ says:

    i always sleep during the class lmao

  19. Lovely N says:

    Omg i want the donuts!!btw good job to you study well but not too much ok??take care of yourself

  20. Albus Dumbledore says:

    North korea looks pretty nice 🙂

  21. Qi Wen Kek says:

    Thats not how u study English bro. Just watch Sherlock, Survivor and Marvel Movies without subs ?

  22. N01ne says:

    Would hate to be you

  23. asmolbeantbh says:

    Cool thumb ring!

  24. Nass 76 2.0 says:

    Dammmmmn both korea are such bad country's for education

  25. nandynee 9 says:

    It's the same for all the asians.
    I'm Indian and I have 8 classes a day.
    The day starts at 4:00am
    I go for lawn tennis at 4:20 – 5:30 am
    I go for swimming at 6:00– 7:00am
    We go for school at 8am
    We have 8 classes, each are 45 minutes long, sometimes we have an additional workshop or seminar which is usually 1 hour long. We get recess for 15 minutes after the first four classes. We are not given food at school.
    I reach back at my hostel by 3:00 and then sit for lunch.
    I have my basketball practice at 5:00pm – 06:30pm.
    I have some free time after my basketball practice. Till 7:30pm
    After that I have dinner at 8:00pm
    Go to study and revise the given days work by 9:00pm
    We are given lots of home work and sometimes surprise assignments.
    I usually sleep at 1:30am.
    If we have assignments and practicals, Then I say bye bye to sleep.

    When we have summer vacations and winter vacations. We are still given extra homework. 25 worksheets in each subject.

    We also need to have some extra abilities other than education.

    I play the guitar for my school.
    I am also a singer for my choir.
    I'm a national level basketball player.
    I play for my state in Lawn tennis.
    I am a gold medalist in Freestyle swimming.

    All the students are expected to write a blog during their vacations. (I have taken the mass communication opt)

    I am a straight 90 percent achiever of my class and the thing is that we all have the same routine but different interests. And I'm considered as an average child.
    Basically I'm pushed everyday to do more than i already do.
    I'm trying but this is excruciating.
    I just feel dead inside sometimes…

    The thing is that I'm not trying to brag here.
    I am a total mess and this living is unhealthy.
    I'm trying to tell you that your schedule is way better than ours.
    You should actually be happy and there's nothing you cannot do, you have plenty of time. Invest it somewhere.

    Most importantly, take care of your mental health.

    Good luck for your future!

  26. melina ugh says:

    Can I pls be as smart as you ;-;

  27. Ags Realistic says:

    Learning all those ridiculously difficult words in English yet not being able to have a simple conversation with a British person … yeah I know as I stayed in Seoul for a while. Your English lessons are a waste of time

  28. Kuraishinju says:

    I had the same school routine in high school… but I am Italian. I know how exhausting it is t.t

  29. MIKI - says:

    I have a rule not to Study more than 1,5/2 h a Day. And no studying after 8pm.

  30. Stasa Aleksic says:

    okay but you have such nice hands goshh

  31. -ПВ - says:

    Rice-eyes everywhere

  32. Zanecky says:

    i feel like if i studied 16h a day my brain would turn into mush and i would have math hallucinations

  33. Maftuh Kamalia says:

    mikirkan tekanan pekerjaan.

     Pelajari pengucapannya

    I just read a survey that many Korean students intend to commit suicide because they have to study all day. they do not enjoy the time of their children and after graduation they must think of work pressures.

  34. I'm Groot says:

    this video made me feel depressed for you.. do you not have fun? do you not play video games? wtf?

  35. phantasy says:

    I going to school at 8 AM, finish at 1 PM and just chiling until 1-3 AM then go to bed, also my english is poor.

  36. zin min says:

    Schools should delay their starting times. Sleep is more important. Like if u agree.


    I'd rather die than be a Korean. you guys have got both extra activities.. and who tf studies during lunch?, you will suffer in life if u keep what you're doing

  38. Pietro Pesaresi says:

    I won't complain about going to school until 13:15 anymore after this video.

  39. Kami says:

    In Finland they have barely any homework yet their education rank is at the top?

  40. jiiyongg says:

    This reminds me of my time in nursing school. I have classes from 8.15 – 5.45pm. Then I go home and study like 4h every day. On weekends I study way more. Probably 6-8h a day. This goes on for months

  41. Nandini Kushwaha says:

    Omg 16 hours study a day? Amazing btw your ring is cute XD

  42. Kaitlyn says:

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  43. SaltyFinest says:

    this is hella depressing to watch..

  44. Olivia Jr says:

    Outrageous. School should be from 8-2pm then kids should be busy with sport and activities. They will not be able to continue their lifes like this.

  45. Lundberg says:

    meanwhile im out here wondering how the hell these korean lads get time to play things like tekken and league of legends and get good enough to bitch slap everyone else

  46. AiksDee NoobGamer says:

    I just study what I'm sure it's gonna be on the test

  47. Danial Housh says:

    Do you have any time to spend with your family?

  48. ambangtan says:

    In the US we some lazy bitches

  49. 4Head says:

    i rather be homeless than wasting so much life time. bro i hope u finished soon so u can start to live.

  50. cherlins says:

    here in america you can just walk on the public bus ?

  51. Владимир says:

    how tf am I supposed to understand these subtitles?

  52. ma soo-yun says:

    In Germany we have 5 – 8 hours wanna Go to Germany

  53. Photon299792458 Avogadro6022140857 says:

    Everything seems so clean and high tech.
    Even his house looked like it was from the future.

  54. imshuyi我是書儀 says:

    Don't eat dinner so late it's not good for your health ?

  55. Andrea CastiGo says:

    Still enough time to build up a YouTube channel

  56. Sayi D says:

    The problem isn't the school system, but the students trying so hard. You don't need to go to the academy or study at home as long as you pay attention in class and do your homework. Mentality with other classmates is also a problem, everyone wants to be #1 so students have to go out of their way to keep up.

  57. SKY flower says:

    This is exactly the case with Hong Kong, so much pressure!

  58. marina Cristine says:

    Legend? Portuguese? Please?

  59. Alessandro M. Lupacchini says:

    Yeah 12 hours is the maximum you should study
    Human brain have limits
    Also sleep is important
    Studying so long and sleeping under 7 hours means you are not efficient and basically putting more effort for the same result
    I think that 9 hours of studying, 8 hours of sleep and really intense workouts twice a week makes sure you have maximum results consistently
    Plus 12 hours of studying the few days before exams are actually useful, but it cannot be manageable for long periods of time
    I think that if you study close to 12 hours a day you are either not really focusing or are going to get burned out at some point
    Hopes someone will find this helpful

  60. Technical gamer says:


  61. Adatikz says:

    WTfff bro get more sleep. It will increase your productivity

  62. Blanket Bias says:

    Bruh,have u ever seen my programm in a Greek school,dont make me laugh

  63. leav ToLa says:

    Your class starts at 8:50
    But my class starts at 7am

  64. ایرانی Shirin says:

    Just watching this and I feel stressed out… RESPECT ? ??

  65. momo twice says:

    كاتب عنوان با عربي ولا انا عمياء '-'؟.

  66. Chaya Cosby says:

    I know them weekend naps probably be hitting different for my man's ?

  67. Krysuna says:

    4:18 ??

  68. XxAesthetiv Svga says:

    Am I the only 1 in 2:12 thought that was Jimin's Voice?

  69. billie joon says:

    meanwhile boarding school in Malaysia:

    Wake up at 4am

    Classes starts at 6am

    Lunch at 12
    Continue class at 1 untill 4pm

    More classes from 8 to 10pm , and sometimes untill 1am especially when the exam is around the corner

  70. Mirco Gallo says:

    1: ure hands are awesome
    2: i hope u will be rich, u study from 8 am to 10:30 pm wtf

  71. Ken Nioji says:

    This video reminds me to my high school time. I live in Vietnam and things are quite similar. My school even started at 7 am and we had 5 classes untill 11:30 am then lunch time and another 3-5 classes (depended on what day was) in the afternoon. Then most of us would have extra classes in the evening just like him untill 7:30 or 9:30 pm. Well, of course after that we still have to deal with tons of homework ? what a time! But I survived, yay me.

  72. RUBITO PATO says:

    Wtf en mi universidad estudio 5 horas y ya ando alegando que es mucho ?

  73. Sloth Ball says:


  74. blum plum says:

    This place is literally so clean and tidy

  75. weareonexo 2674 says:

    When I was 6th grade I spent so many time at school even more than 16 hours I studying ?

  76. Jhopes Sprite Addiction says:

    It’s so quiet @[email protected]

  77. Aleé e says:

    He probably smart asf I don’t study for shit

  78. ιι_נσнη says:

    Kay I think I am great at study voz I study for 14 hours in

    8th grade!!!!

  79. _*CHÜBBY*_ _*MÄRSHMÀLLÔW says:

    Are you alive?

  80. Eylül Özdemir says:

    It must be hard dont give up
    hi from turkey 🙂

  81. Haylee Weber says:

    is it true that in korean schools everyone is forced to dye their hair black if it isn't?

  82. Sasha Wire says:

    how is this even possible……………………

  83. saffon paba says:

    Wow. Way more organised than. Me

  84. Thiago A says:

    Meu deus, o cara curtiu 4,4 mil comentarios

  85. Kaiser Jarme says:

    Hands seem to soft like a girl

  86. Sam Case says:

    How do you do this! I could never do this for that long. I can barely study for an hour before watching YouTube or doing something other than studying. ? I wish you the best with your studies!

  87. полина муравьева says:


  88. Cowlo says:

    This life is pervert

  89. 4129 Subscribers With Few Videos? says:

    Imagine if a person used to Korean studying and routines moved to an American or Canadian school? They’d find it so easy.

  90. Angela Yaneth Alcedo Saldaña says:

    No sé cómo llegué aquí xD v:

  91. DARK ASMR Subcribe says:

    They really do take studies serious over there I only study one day before a test ? that explain all my Ds

  92. Kiviii YT says:

    I would never ruin my life like this bro quit Korea come to Europe

  93. PPT Kachhap says:

    That was firework's ending song

  94. Kiya Boyd says:

    오… 고생했어요 ㅜㅜ

  95. Juanita Tillery says:

    I wish I had your study habits. Sometimes, I get too depressed to open my books because I can't understand anything anyways ?

  96. Arrg PvP says:

    The way they track u… by having to use that bus card anytime

  97. ʝσ ʝσ says:

    This is too much to study

  98. Zyad Azzuz says:

    To be honest I give u so much respect for not complaining and fighting through the hard work

  99. __dajaja '-'_ says:

    Ok I should study more..:(

  100. Cian Blue says:

    It was the same for me in high school. I'm from spain and high school here is hell. In some cases, like mine, is worse than college. Now in college i'm always free?

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