1-3 Final Project Milestone One: Literature Worksheet: Article One

Hello PSYCH 211 students this video is going to focus on the 1-3
Final Project Milestone One:Literature Worksheet: Article One. This assignment will be do here in module one and will get you acclimated to the literature review
process that will enable you to complete the Module Three Final Project Milestone
One assignment. What you are looking at here is a guiding document that’s
provided for you. You’ll find it within the module one folder. It reviews the
literature review basics and differentiates a traditional literature
review from the more basic literature review that you’re going to engage in to
complete this assignment. This first section right here explains and
highlights elements of a traditional literature review and if you scroll down
a bit and focus on this area these are the elements that you’re going
to include. And some steps and suggestions for how to complete the
literature review for this class. There is a worksheet provided for you.
There’s an example worksheet that highlights an example literature review
and the components of literature review and there’s also a template that’s
provided and this template worksheet you will use to guide you through the
process of completing the lit review. I want to point out a couple elements down
here and suggestions. So, the suggestion here is to scan the article. So when you
first look at the article you’re going to obtain this article within the
learning module folder and this is going to be based on the track that you
selected. Scan the article look for the research question and the hypothesis or
the hypotheses that the author’s shared within the article. This relates to the
authors claims and I’ll explain that in more detail on the worksheet in a second. Also look for what the
researchers found. What were the conclusions that researchers drew based
on their study? In other words, what did they discover related to human
development and then how did the authors interpret their findings? What implications did their
findings reveal? Another suggestion – pay particular attention to the abstract,
results, and discussion sections. I would also recommend that you thoroughly review the
introduction section. That way you get a good understanding of the historical
significance leading to the study that you’re reviewing. Pay attention to research
design elements and this is very, very important. Pay attention to the ethical
dilemmas, any issues related to ethics are important to inform you what the
researchers did to ensure protection of the participants. So be sure to focus on
these elements while reviewing the study. After you scan the study, go back and
read the study in its entirety already having a contextual foundation
when you review. The bottom part is fill out the worksheet
using information from the article. Alright, so I’m going to jump to that
document. Here you’re looking at this PSYCH 211 Liiterature Worksheet Template.
This is provided for you to ensure that you include all the necessary components
of the literature review. Keep in mind that here in module one, you’re only
focusing on the first article. Milestone One is due in Module Three and in that
review, you’re going to include all three articles. For the purpose of this
assignment here in Module One, you’re focusing on the one article. The rationale behind
this is that you’ll get feedback based on your review of the one article and
that feedback can be used to not only strengthen your article one submission, but also
enable you to strengthen your article two an article three submissions. Within this
literature review worksheet, if you scroll down, all of the sections are
already created for you. Once again, you’re going to focus on article one
here in module one. You’re going to include the citation, the authors claims.
Remember back to the hypotheses or the hypothesis of the study? These are the
claims that the researchers made. Within all of these sections, you’re going to
include two to three sentences. You can include more if you need to but the
requirement os two to three sentences. It’s more quality not quantity. The influence of human factors… factors
on human development , the historical significance – think back to what I said
about the introduction where previous studies are discussed and the need for
the current study is presented. The research methods and the design –
longitudinal approach, was it a correlational study? Cross-sectional?
You’ll identify this when you review the articles and share this information here.
And then back to ethics. Once again how are ethics addressed?Were
consent forms presented? Were participants debriefed? Were their identities
protected? Was the study approved by an IRB ? Look for elements like that when
reviewing the ethics. Then you’ll see the same information for articles two
and three and we’ll get to those later For now you’re going to focus on the first
section. And for a little more information I want to just share another document
that you have at your disposal. This is the Example Literature Review Literature Worksheet and this provides
an example of a lit review. So these sections will align with the same
sections that are in your Literature Worksheet Template. A little more guiding
information here to see a completed review. You can use this to kind of help
you tailor the information to your study and make sure that you include the
necessary level of detail. If you have any questions as you work to complete
this assignment, feel free to reach out to your instructor

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