13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix

May I have your attention,
please? We received
some extremely sad news from
the Evergreen County Sheriff. Bryce Walker was found 
and has been confirmed dead. It’s my wish to find the person 
who killed my son. We are working every angle and we will find out 
what happened. Someone we know 
could have done this. That’s crazy. Is it? Bryce Walker did hurt 
a lot of people. The one he hurt the most was Jessica Davis. Somebody shot Bryce. Tyler has a gun. -What’d you tell ’em then?
-I swear. Nothing. You don’t know everything.
Okay, Clay? You hated Bryce. I didn’t want him dead. I know Bryce hurt you. Do you know anything? I found this. Clay Jensen! I didn’t do anything, But the police think 
that you did. If you need cover,  I got you. Where were you that night, 
Tony? Can you account 
for every minute? If you’re trying
to clear your name, you need to look
a little closer to home. I’m scared. I know I should have said 
something earlier. But I have to now. This whole fucking world 
is better without him in it. What did you do?

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100 Responses

  1. eilish billie says:

    who did zach punched tho

  2. Nabbie says:

    His mom killed him

  3. Neko resa says:

    Thanks for the spoiler Netflix -_-
    But if he really died…I would celebrate

  4. Jonathan Morales says:

    This show is fucking terrible

  5. Modern Jedi says:

    Why are the comments so funny?

  6. Leeroy says:

    Season 4: Who Killed Hannah Baker, again?
    Season 5: The Return Of Bryce Walker
    Season 6: Who killed Bryce Walker?

    Season 134: Who killed XXXTENTACION?

  7. Teri M says:


  8. Thomas Al says:

    13 reason why: Hey can I copy your homework?
    Riverdale: Yeah but change it up a little.

  9. SKD says:

    From 13 reasons to No reason

  10. MariaBeTrue M.B.T. says:

    I just came here to say: If 13 Reasons Why was a Horror Movie lol ? (who the hell edit this trailer?)

  11. Rachel Pramasti says:

    can someone stop for a sec and appreciate ross butler’s cuteness omg i miss him so much

  12. Unknown Girl says:

    Zoey 101!!! Netflix

  13. Unicorn Desfesses says:

    Hanna's Mum probably.. She even told her Lawyer…. I want Bryce Dead! So it could be an option. Or Maybe he killed himself or maybe Tyler But that would be too easy. Oh Maybe Monty, Bryce told him that i doesn't want Nothing to do with him anymore and asked him to leave him alone.

  14. Nisha Rooh says:

    I think it can be someone we've completely forgotten about

  15. J C says:

    Who was Zach fighting in the locker room

  16. Joseph Martin says:

    Soooo. Is no one really NOT going to talk bout that new gurl??? Who tf is she?

  17. Plush Dudes2 says:

    My theory is Justin killed Bryce and when he got the gun in the trailer he used it to frame clay.

  18. IstvánKiss says:

    Man I can't wait

  19. Sparkling 1 says:

    Who do think killed bryce

  20. sweet candy says:

    girl who asked for this

  21. Naturxx says:

    The detective girls voice is annoying

  22. BD Music says:

    If u need subs tell me im gifting some 🙂 comment

  23. Sparkling 1 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen we got em

  24. King Reese says:

    Hopefully they make up for that debacle of a second season

  25. WooKz says:

    Season 4: Who killed everyone?

  26. الإمبراطور the emperor says:

    Watch my channel

  27. Fawad khattak says:

    Where iz hannah baker

  28. Fawad khattak says:

    Oh fuck another 13 tapes by Bryce walker shit

  29. Dende says:

    K. Where's Zalex at

  30. Paola van Dijk says:

    Whoever did it is the unsung hero of Hannah!

  31. Jasmine kuwonu says:

    I just choked on my food? I forgot about this show
    (I forgot their faces as well and now I'm trying to put there faces and names together ??)

  32. Celina V says:


  33. Mercurial Pierrot says:

    Well since this is a show about suicide …I'm guessing Bryce Walker killed Bryce Walker.

  34. AA says:

    I hate Monty sooooo much.

  35. Aayush Suhalka says:

    Eagerly waiting for it !!

  36. Aayush Suhalka says:

    This season may unfolds new reasons which implies not 13 reasons but whole new set of reasons with power n. ?

  37. subhojit mitra says:

    Almost every kid in this show is a spoilt bitch.

  38. Ava Mandala says:

    it was jessica’s dad bet

  39. Drakensson says:

    If the series starts sympathizing with Bryce then I'll start hating this series

  40. jubaidi andy says:


  41. Anand Pandey says:

    This trailer is a masterpiece
    You'll doubt everyone

    Who else got ELITE show vibes???

  42. less kiss says:

    If u need subs tell me im gifting some 🙂 comment

  43. Mathews says:

    What did you do to this series. It was real now its bad quality.

  44. Joshua Pedigo says:

    “Bryce walker is dead”

    Everyone: “ I see this as an absolute win”

  45. Julissa Herdsman says:

    When the show comes out, let's delete our wrong suspicion comments
    Can't look like an idiot

  46. Diona Herdsman says:

    remember no spoilers please

  47. Clara Johnson says:

    Clay was right it would be a better world without him in it.

    But it would’ve been so much better if went to jail and got raped. I mean treat others the way you’d like to be treated. ??‍♀️

  48. John Spain says:

    Props to Netflix, essentially manipulating everyone to binge the entire season as fast as possible so its biggest secret won’t be spoiled.

  49. Dizzy says:

    This trailer just throws us a bunch of baits about who killed Bryce..i like it

  50. Nicolas Lee says:

    I hope Monty goes to prison or get killed in this season after what he did to Tyler in the last episode of season 2.

  51. Maya Landgraf says:

    I guess that's not our problem

  52. NikkeQuan 2 says:

    shitty ass series

  53. Tweaks /Dezzie says:


  54. banditø 2113 says:

    well bryce was going to get transferred to another school, right? well maybe it was a character that hasnt been introduced yet. maybe a character that went to his new school. idk. just a theory

  55. LightingStrike5000 Oof says:

    The Real Question Is How Does Tony Have A Beard

  56. Stars Like It says:

    Clay said” This whole fuckijg world was better without him in It” maybe it’a Justin who shot Bryce and Montgomery saids that the person is close at home to Clay

  57. Lucas Ward says:

    Oh god, the world’s most dangerous show is back.

  58. LK Beats says:

    What if it was Jessica’s dad????????

  59. Chris Sandford says:

    Netflix: Who killed Bryce Walker?

    Everybody: New phone who dis?

  60. annalee ross says:

    When the man said “May I have your attention please?” I was literally like “WILL THE REAL SLIM SHADY PLEASE STAND UPPPP????”

  61. moe jamul says:

    I think the series took a whole other turn, Idk how it's gonna be like, not gonna judge it now

  62. Caro Huerta says:

    wtf.. 13 reasons why just turned into a horror movie

  63. Rohit Khanna says:

    1:43 Justin is crying because Bryce is dead I am pretty sure

  64. Victoria C says:

    What if Bryce killed Bryce?

  65. Girl that cant Sing says:

    This is seriously some Pretty Little Liars shit
    edit: I think it was Bryce's GF (forgot her name) or his mom, I don't believe it was Justin or Alex tho.

  66. B. B. says:

    Why did they take the comments off The Family trailer? Netflix is an Anti-American Christianphobic propaganda machine! So sad! No different than CNN! Evil.

  67. justin hernandez says:

    i say it’s bryce’s dad, no real reason why just think it is

  68. Holland Jones says:

    Count down starts now

  69. InJo Kael says:

    13 reasons why bryce walker dead.

  70. J Bryant says:

    Um can we just take the moment to talk about that girls accent im swooning over her over here and im not even a lesbian it's just soo pretty i wish i had her… voice hah ya thought i was gonna say her

  71. madelaine's sunflower says:

    see's Bryce Walkers picture
    oh shit a RAT

  72. nightmare dark says:

    Netflix i need the scene where Hannah dies, please

  73. Ryan. Tiz says:

    Let’s not forget Clay had the AR in the end of season 2.

  74. Steph C says:

    Wow. Spoiler alert.

  75. Stephantae Douglas says:

    Make this blue if u true awesome YouTube people

  76. Alan Servellon says:

    Clays mom. Case solved!

  77. Jesse Titmus says:

    Bryce killed himself ? watch

  78. əappel says:

    Why am I not remembering The Afro-ish girl?

  79. Summer Time says:


  80. No Topic Pocket says:

    I want it to come out nowww I don’t wanna wait 6 more daysss

  81. Fat Indian says:

    I think Jessica’s dad killed bryce everyone celebrate

  82. Noah Kelly says:

    Does this have anything to do with Hannah Baker? Is she even relevant in this season?

  83. Jana says:

    What’s the song?

  84. MiniTris 08 says:

    I think the producers are making clay look really suspicious but its not gonna be him

  85. Studiosmediamilk says:

    Let me understand this one… Bryce forced a lot of girls, he was denounced and 'cause mommy and daddy have money he didn't go into a prision… Ok… And now, the mom who knows the monster her son became is punishing people who could murder him… Really?

  86. Nero Zero says:

    Oh hey revenge suicide the show is back

  87. Bobby Makowski says:

    Police: who killed Bryce Walker

    Last episode:
    It was all a dream

  88. Arix17 _ says:

    Before watching… I think it’s hanna’s mum

  89. juan ignacio capo says:

    Apesta que no lanzen toda la serie junta. El otro dia me paso de ver un capitulo de la nueva temporada de una serie pero ya me habia olvidado completamente la trama. Me pasa siempre. Deberian lanzarlas todas las temporadas juntas o mostrar resumenes

  90. darkfade 24 says:

    It was clay he look suspicious as hell

  91. Heve Ndbf says:

    Lol I can't wait to spoil this for everyone at my school.

  92. Landoninator says:


  93. Ceci. C says:

    I mean, I want to congrats Clay if he's who killed Brice, he was a jerk

  94. Ranesh Shanuka says:

    First, it was Hannah and now Bryce, but the thing is I'm happy with Bryce's death because he hurt lot of people specially Hannah and Jessica. He escaped from all the charges he escaped from all the charges he had and smiled when he was dropped from the charges like he don't give a damn thing about it. So, he deserved to be killed.

  95. Alpha Exploits says:

    Today I finished season 2 so I can’t wait will season 3

  96. PatronusKnight13 says:

    Yaaay Tony!

  97. SLDFSpectreSix says:

    13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker And Who Gives a Shit? | Netflix

  98. Anna Kurzer says:

    Anyone else thanking god he’s dead ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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