158th Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 9th 2017

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in Plasma technology. Applicants will be contacted
with further instructions and details on the application process. Welcome everyone, to the
158th Knowledge Seekers Workshop. of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute. And, once again
we will hear from Mr keshe of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute. I think that’s him in the background now. And this is Thursday February 9th, 2017. And we’ll have a full session once
again with various Knowledge seekers and the teaching from Mr Keshe. I think you’re ready Mr Keshe,
are you not? Yes! Good morning to you,
good day, as usual, wherever and whenever
you listen to these workshops. As we are fully aware. We have moved in the 4th
year of teaching, and it’s a joy to see how, the work of
Keshe Foundation worldwide, as all of us, is bearing fruit. Hopefully, in the coming week or so,
we make a.. or maybe a couple of weeks, we make a very important announcement
for the future of the Foundation. As, in a way our work as a team, as
a International organization, as a family, has started paying off. Governments have start
taking notice of the… work and the change which this technology
can bring . And, what we see now is…
deployment of the technology . We expect sometimes around
first, second week of April to organize international meeting
press conference, between three countries in announcing a new direction for
the medical application of the Keshe Foundation Worldwide
in implication of the new technology, especially in the field of radiation
and cancer. Our work will carry on
the way has been set and it will not change. The only … problems
we see in the growth, is the growth of the Foundation
and the technology, the way it’s going. Many of you
have done a lot of work and many of you are still busy in your
own way and, the level of understanding, you adding, to the knowledge of the man. I thank you all. Without all of us,
this would not been possible . I was told, why last week,
I made again a concentrated effort, in respect to DL
and the website of the facts about Keshe. We have achieved
a major breakthrough, in respect to DL, and the organization
and the people he’s involved in. As we have seen for the first time, he has not posted anything,
since we asked him to write about the fire,
which a woman was murdered . Because, this gave him
direct indication we know too much. The second clue I gave in
that presentation, was that.. The company Phillips International,
directors are innocent, they just been pulled into. So, they got to know, that we know about the scam
they set up, nine years ago in ’99 … …in 17 years ago in 1999 when the… software programmer… was dead. There are two pieces
of missing information with this and
this missing information was the murder of the scientists in Holland
17 years ago, is directly connected, to the murder,
in Belgium eight years later. The people who are involved
and been involved are both still active,
DL is one of them. And, the research team and security have
come up with a very interesting result. The person in.. interviewed by the police
for the murder, in Belgium in 2008. Where now, we see securities
have put the picture of the fire and the name of the person,
who supposed to be, shooting himself or whatever, it is, are historical fact. The person who’s been interviewed,
as part being involved in this, has been writing patent for,
by DL in 1998, 1999. We have found, a lot about clandestine activities of
this organization, these people. Strange enough, on the day after death
of the scientists in Holland, a briefcase went missing. Strange enough, the reasons for
the murder in Holland eight years later is that briefcase,
they were trying to retrieve. We are talking to Prosecutors,
we’re talking to the Lawyers. We are talking to families
of all involved, for very direct, and work, that these
two gentlemen have been busy with. We have spoken, and we are speaking to
National Securities, and strange enough, the pattern of
the death in Belgium in 2008, follows the same procedure as Fabio’s, but in a different way. Secondly. … When we read what has been published
by securities may a senior witness,
in respect to this death, of the girl, in prison. I have met,
as a colleague of DL. And, the man who’s been interviewed,
and nobody knew this. For the first time we’re releasing it,
and we have informed the Securities. The man who, supposed to be a
major witness, I’ve met twice. I didn’t remember,
DL reminded me, while we’re
writing the books. He said, “You met him!” In the negotiations
with Keshe Foundation, and major tire manufacturers in Germany,
he was instrumental introduction. So, now you understand how,
a briefcase and the rest is set up. In every direction, we see, and now the police most probably,
… will go ahead with taking the bodies out of the graves
for second testing. Because, the family was
suspecting murder, but they could not
go anywhere. But, they didn’t have any indication
that, after the murder of the father, two guys are patenting
and selling the same information, for the same amount,
of hundred million Euros. Security’s, most probably
in the coming week, will release all
the communications. You have seen,
there is no allegation, we work on
a hard solid fact. Even, hard solid fact,
that DL’s, what I call “collaborator”, has been
interviewed for the murder in Belgium. But, they didn’t have sufficient evidence
because they could not connect the gentleman who
killed himself in prison and … supposedly,
and DL’s partner. They were in
meeting with us twice, we have given evidence to
the police and the lawyers. So, it’s not that it’s coincidental this guy was set up to find out. how and where the suitcase is? And, when they found out,
they went for it, making the murder …
what do you call it? … some sort of trying to get it
and they got a suitcase. And now, it’s the same suitcase that’s gone missing,
by the death of the scientist, carries the code of … of what we…
what you’d call it, … ‘Compression’. That’s why they could not complete it. The suitcase was a key. This suitcase’s gone missing, on the day
of the death of the scientist in Holland. I thank all of you, who
are bringing information to us, you’re collaborating with us. We will need your support, to put information directly
to the police in Holland again, because, it’s part
of us they’re attacking. The next step,
was the murder of me by the same two guys and then,
they couldn’t get it. The same plan, the same way
as the accidental fire was set up. We saw two guys came to …
to the teaching of Barletta, trying to carry on a live assassination,
while I was teaching on a Thursday. When they got caught,
the night before one disappeared, and the one who was supposed to
be a friend, disappeared in South Korea. So, now the police
has most of the pictures, because the murders are
connected, the same people. Again, the name of, interesting,
DL has been on the file of Italian police for my attempted… my murder,
from the first time in Desenzano. This not accusation we make,
as we said, “We keep our friends close,
our enemies closer.” so, we have to inform you. Unfortunately,
it started with Allan, we tried to
put a pedophile away. But, coincidentally,
it has spread, up literally, to murder of four people,
which has nothing to do with us, but we have come to understand,
DL appears in every connection. The gentleman in Holland,
the girl in Belgium, the man in prison who is a closely
associated with DL and his partner, and Fabio. Now, International investigation
by the police, has started. We are talking to the lawyers. Implication of this is huge. But, the interesting thing is
that, the death of the man
in prison, the major witness, is done by the police,
internally by DL. So, now the police officers
will go on the investigation We know who’s organize, it’s same people
who has tried to kill me in Belgium and very interesting
the police of Belgium is involved with
murdering people in prisons. These are not allegations. Mysterious death,
attack on my life, as we know the same officer
came to kill us, in Belgium. And if you are a correct officer,
you stand your point, you have a warrant. You don’t start running, chasing,
hiding behind the cars. It’s been videoed. The same officer,
as is killed, the person in prison. The same officer
worked closely with DL. It’s unfortunate a technology like this,
has to come across like this. Maybe, a technology like this
had to come, to open the hand, of the
ones who are behind a lot of work, stopping new technologies. … We do not make accusation. Research people have
put the pictures up. We asked DL to put it.
For a week he’s gone silent. Now the research team and security
team have put it on “Facts about Dirk”. Read it !
It’s newspaper articles. Most probably,
in the next couple of weeks, we might bring, the
members of the families of people who have been
murdered in this. And, we’ll give you solid proof that,
these people have been involved in. We have started an investigation,
outside Belgium, because we had to. In Belgium, DL is well embedded,
with what I call, “Gangsters”. And, as you’ve seen,
we’ve shown last week, how he says, he’s a
“very straight forward man” and he’s, the other
guy’s, a “scam”. Now, when we showed that he’s
top of the political party with somebody who calls a scam,
he could not deny it. It’s his name,
he’s built the website, and when we ask, for the details
of the fire to be released, nothing has been done. Now, security people have put it,
the names are there, and investigation into what they call
“accessory to murder” in respect to DL and his
associates, has started. We would like to see,
because there are… there is, enough evidence
to prove the connection, I have met,
the same guy, twice, prior for me, to
go to China, eight years ago, with the associate of DL,
and DL present in the room. He told me who the guy was, when he
told me was.. he killed himself in prison. Says, “You met him.
You know who it is.” And then, strange enough,
he told us that … the death.. strange enough,
why his associate, “he doesn’t know how,
he’s got hold of this suitcase” I couldn’t understand,
at that time. What was the significance
of finding a suitcase? Till we spoke, with
the family of the scientist who died in
Holland, before. Black suitcase, carrying
the initial of the scientist. This is a shame to be,
and we are just repeating, what is in public domain. Nothing, has been put out
which is allegation. We become a major point,
for cleaning our name. We saw, a year
of relentless attack. Do not forget that,
it was DL, as I said, who called the doctor in Bulgaria,
to say how I was poisoned, me being in Italy,
never spoken to him, and him in Belgium, while his
colleague in Belgium was poisoning me. Now you understand, International criminal organizations,
to destroy scientists, to take their patents
and whatever, is the job of DL. Strange enough, if you read
the articles in the newspaper. The scientist was supposed
to be paid 100 million on signing of the contract,
the next day. He died the night before. And, strange enough, in the communication and the
agreements with DL and his associate, which was negotiating again,
with the same company, figure is
exactly 100 million. There is no coincidences. They wanted the same prize,
for what was getting paid before. The evidence, is heavily loaded
towards DL to be arrested. And, being, having
information about the murder case, withholding information,
is the same. We did not know this. In the past week, two weeks
as we gathered, more and more, information coming to us,
thanks to you, supporters of Keshe Foundation
and research team, everything has become transparent . We are talking directly to the families. Is my right, because
they went for my life. Is my right to investigate,
who’s been trying to murder me. Who’s put me 11 days in Canada in
what they call “false confinement” all goes back to him. So, we are not making accusation. We are defending Keshe Foundation I’m defending my life, being four
attempts to kill me by the same man I’ve been in the world of business,
never had this, for 30 years. Came across one man and
from the beginning, has been a problem. So, please understand
we are not making accusation We are in a way, pointing out,
how “Facts about the Keshe Foundation”, … “Victims of the Keshe Foundation”,
Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, all came up Because, from June,
we informed DL and his family that we are on the track to get him. Pedophilia is part of his work. Claiming the man is a criminal
and then sitting next to him. And head of it, Master’s
show the pattern, of the same. And, strange enough? Hollywood.com
appears in 2000 … 1998, 1999, with the same man
as is involve. Interviewed by,
the murder in 2008, and this briefcase,
missing in Holland in 1999. So, unfortunately,
this is the way such a beautiful technology
had to be, to open the hand of the murderers, and then
with the police, and as we’ve said, “Maybe, this is the beginning of the
end of the monarchy.” As, everything indicates the direction,
in one way, of the people who came to see us to ask
for the technology to be given to them. In my meeting, in what I call,
a “very funny, kangaroo court case” for the nuclear materials with the head
of the Nuclear Inspection Safety of Belgium, a man who’s suppose to talk to me
about … nuclear materials safety, He tells me, “Mr Keshe, leave the country.
This is a wish of our King.” What a nuclear case in court of accessing,
I carried with no nuclear material, has to do with
me leaving the country? Again, DL was
fully aware of it. He is accessary
to the murder, we have already filed the case
for his arrest in Italy. Now, the police has
enough to push ahead. He’s connected, he has knowledge
about murders, and a suitcase which is,
we see, he has withheld from the police. And strange enough,
Belgium police did not know, that the major witness is
a close friend of DL and his associate, who’d been,
interviewed by the police. This opens a
new Pandora box, but the same time,
puts the man who was in the fire, connected to
the murder in Holland. So, it complicate the case
for the Belgian court. But, on the other hand …
it has to be known that, DL is,
accessory to a murder. My murder, attempted murder,
attempt … murder of Fabio. … Having, free connection with
a man who’s interviewed for a murder, now openly, now
it’s in the public domain. And, being able to write at
the same time, in the same area, about the technology,
which has been stolen, and then suddenly
he submits patent. As, DefossÄ‚Ĺ  said, “One day happily cubed,
the next day compression.” Because, when you’ve stolen it,
you have to milk it. And, all the data from 1997, ’95 onwards,
shows close collaboration of DL and the suspected … criminal in
the murder of the lady in Belgium, directly connected
to attempted murder of me. You have to understand one thing. We took a case, to court in Belgium,
in 2011,’12 for this man trying to kill me. And, again the police put pressure,
on the judges and the lawyers. We are not talking hypothetical,
this gentleman we knew, now with the new research
and how you helped us, confirms that, both guys are
involved in murdering scientists. The case is registered in the court of
Belgium. There’s been hearing on it. And the threats has been received, by
the same policeman. threatening the lawyers, whatever,
that I’m a terrorist and getting them
all sorts of things. And now, killing a man in prison
with the help of the police. These are not allegations,
but DL is accessory to murder, having information
about a suitcase, which he was.. Most probably, that’s why he was
talking to me all the time, because his partner got it,
now he doesn’t give it to him, but he’s told
me, a couple of times, “I don’t know how
he’s got this suitcase.” How did they manage to get it,
out of the fire? He planted,
his best guy to be, they knew where
to look for it, they got it. So, we collaborate
with the court in Belgium. We collaborate,
with the court in Holland, We collaborate,
with the court in Italy, hopefully our Austrian guy
has done it, because we think, a couple of scientists in Europe
have been murdered, the same way too, This is a International
organizations, for a court has to take charge of, all the cases to be
brought together. We had filed, attempted murder
of me in Rome, over four years ago. So, it’s not something new
and we clearly indicated, the same man who is interviewed
for a murder in the case of fire, is and has been accused by us of
murdering and everything else, of Keshe Foundation in
Belgium since 2009, ’11, ’12. Now, we got all the dots. The cause of the murder in Holland. In Belgium in 2008, was to retrieve the
suit case which was stolen with the compression technology,
in Holland eight years earlier. The mystery is how
he managed to get there? And, how did DL knew about this suitcase
that it was something in it? That’s, his associate managed to get it
and he couldn’t have it. So, we are prepared
to go under oath. We are prepared to go under
all the machinery which is needed, to prove that
we are correct, in what we say. At the same time, there is a connection
between, the guy who says he’s not a murderer,
the boyfriend supposed to be and DL, that nobody knew. Because, as I’ve said,
DL reminded me I’ve “met the guy twice.” The name of the company’s? It’s a major, major
tyre manufacturer in the world. They work on the batteries, they have a sub-division
developing batteries. And, this gentleman, who’s been murdered
or suicided in the prison, was on the table twice as connection of,
what we call, “DL’s associate”. So, there is a connection
nobody knew, now we open it. And, … we have already
spoken to the lawyers, the attorneys. We are speaking
to the families. And the case will be opened in
Belgium very soon, and the same in Holland for the arrest of
DL and his associate, being part of, or being
accessory to murder, knowing. And, how the suit case,
only on day, day of the death
of a scientist, eight years later appears
with this Dutch man, in Belgium? I do apologize, we have to do this
in a scientific organization, but in fact, if they wouldn’t have
been dead, killed by DL, I wouldn’t have been
here to teach you so much. So, our way
touches your way. Please! Support the family of the
scientists, support the family of the girl
which is murdered in Belgium, that they’ll be strong enough
to stand what is to come. They have to go through
the trauma of the death of their father,
the death of the girl, the daughter, for, to put
these people aside. And strange enough, is that,
as you remember, Alan left a lot of videos,
talking about what he did. DL’s associate, has left a lot of
recordings talking about the fire. Don’t forget, DL’s associate
made a fake company called Keshe Foundation
Keshe Technologies in Holland, and we forced it
to be closed down. It’s on KVK, we submitted this to the
court in Holland. So, forgery and these kind
of things is their work. We submit the dossier,
which is in Belgium, added to
the case in Holland, and added to
the case in Belgium, to give support
for the arrest of DL. He is associated,
he is part of a.. He is in possession
of knowledge of a murder, which he has
not shared with the police. Once the things came out,
in past couple of weeks, we could put all the
jigsaws together, we immediately,
have informed the lawyers. We stay clean and above, but that’s why
you see, DL has not written. I’m sure in,
next couple of weeks, you’ll see securities releasing all the
patents with the name of DL and … the gentleman,
who’s suspected, of murder from
1998 together ’99. And then,
finally got about the compression. Suddenly going
in the compression business, and subsequently, waiting for a
couple of years to cool down, that they could do the negotiation. What we have seen from
the securities, is that… again Mr… who is involved
in a murder in Holland… is negotiating with
Phillips International, they are
totally innocent, for the same compression technology,
the same value of 100 million. Everything is in black and white,
there is no accusation. So, in the coming days, coincidentally,
last February the 14th, we got a call from …FBI
and on the 20th, Alan walked in. Today is the 9th, 10th of February… and let’s see if DL walks in, hand over himself,
over to the Police, or his
associate? The evidence is very solid
and we are working on it. I have stopped,
more or less, most of my work, till we bring this
to close. Because, the pattern
of the murder of the girl, is a copy of the murder of Fabio. And I’ve promised Fabio’s father,
I’ll bring the murderer to justice. Two brothers, two drivers. One watching when they leave. One carrying out the job
when they arrived. One watching when Fabio
leaves with me from the Barletta. And the other two,
carrying the roll-over. There is no coincidence. In this way we do our job. And I thank you for all of you,
reading on that… all the rubbish
with DL, put on. And, knowing this was all lies, and you trusted and you stayed with us. But, this shows
the hand of the criminals. We have seen no sign of DL,
most probably he is on the run. Most probably he is,
he will write some more rubbish. But please, understand,
securities will release direct connection
with all the four men. So, it’s not coincidental that,
compression site, it’s what they did not do. Is testing the body for
high dosages of poison, because high dosage of poison,
creates heart attack. It was set up
that way, to be. So, now we are asking for
the body to be exhumed, to be tested, to see if we find any traces
of poisons left, after so many years. New technologies maybe,
help to support us. But, what the police did not know? The man who died in prison,
is a close associate of DL. I’ve met him, twice,
in negotiations. We are prepared to bring the witnesses
who’ve been there in that meeting. So, while there seemed to be nobody,
they are well connected. Now we come to one point,
we carry on with our teaching. DL,
write more! Show the patents you’ve
written with the man who’s… was suspected of the murder,
in 1998, ’99. Securities will do the same we did
with your website for Rossem. Your name sits next to it. DL, and your associate. You were connected before the murder,
you planned the murder. And, Dutch police
is very interested. You’ll be arrested, and I’ll come
and visit you in the prison… with your
colleagues. Because, you have put fear
into life of many people. Now it’s time for you
to live with your own fear. Let’s go to teaching. Last week, we disclosed how we see the Space Technology. Last week, we disclosed
and we understood more. There is, a fundamental point. Those of you who understood
the teaching of last week, in respect to
the Spaceship, must concentrate on
understanding the process of the fueling. We’ve seen many trials from
Keshe Foundation supporters. Where the load, acidic with alkaline, where they disclose, how the ball’s gone missing,
or they see a different motion, in the characteristics
of the material. You will not achieve
lift and motion, and construction of
the physical entity, unless you bring about,
two points at the same time. One: The system of motion,
which is a MaGrav system, where you encapsulated with the conformation of physical existence. What does this mean? This is very simple. This is extremely simple,
if you understand it. Can I share a screen, please? Can you allow me to share a screen? (RC) Yeah! … Go ahead Mr Keshe. (MK) It says, “this will stop others”… Okay, it says, “continue?” I go there. Okay. I’ll put this away. Maybe we have solved
the problem with the pen, as I’ve
explained earlier. At the moment, what
we’ve taught last week, was that you made this
Spaceship Platform. You placed your reactors. You made this plate to revolve. You have made a platform
with a Star–Formation. As we’ve explained, the Delta, and the ‘Y’. Creation of the voltage difference, in Plasmatic field. Creation of current-flow. Two points…
(RC) …I’m not… Excuse me Mr Keshe, I’m not getting
the screen share right now. Is it sharing for
others, right now? (MK) Can anybody see
the white… board? Hello? (VV) Yeah, I can see it,
can you just re-share Mr Keshe? Maybe that
might help for Rick. (MK) How do I have to stop… (VV) Yeah, just stop
and try it again please. (MK)? Okay, can you see it now,
Rick? (RC) No, I’m not getting it on my
second screen like I normally do I’m just trying to see if I can find it,
maybe it’s behind that window here? (MK) Do you want me to sing
and dance till you find it? (RC) Well… You have to describe it in
a different way or something. Let me see if it’s already this side. There either? Okay. (MK) Now I’ve
got my pen sorted, we’ve got a
problem somewhere else! (laugh) Maybe, we are not supposed
to share the knowledge? (RC) I don’t think that’s the thing,
I think it’s just a, a little glitch here. We just have to… sort it out. Let me see here… I don’t understand
where the window is. (MK) Oh, you lost your window? Go through the door
and you’ll come to the window. (VV) Rick, did you want to just try
sharing the video or the intro,
real quick? And then maybe you can see
the window when you stop it? (RC) Okay, that’s an idea. (FM) He’ll be, got(MK) Do you want
me to charge the system? (RC) Okay, there’s my Share for… part of a window and… (RC) …. part of a window,
and okay that’s the whole window Oh-oh, I shouldn’t do that way?
Let’s see? (VV) Just stop it and then
should pop up, right? (RC) Try it this way?
Share a different window? (V) Yeah! Rick you
just need to stop it. it was just to take over and
get the window. (RC) Ok! (V) Now Mr. Keshe can you try again? (MK) To share? (V) Yes please! (MK) Can you see it now, Rick? (RC) No! I don’t see
anything on my screen? A minute, I might have to change my Zoom,
or something here. … [focus to next window],
[bring all to front]. (MK) (hums tune) (RC) I do not have my screen
share showing? (V) Okay! Then the next thing can you
just put the Livestream on pause or show something else, and then just
leave the meeting and come back? (RC) Okay! Let me try that! (MK) (hums tune) (MK) (hums tune) (MK) (hums tune) (RC) Okay! So, I’ll [leave meeting]
and then come back! Let’s try that! (MK) Goodbye! (RC) [laughs]
Goodbye! (MK) We’ll wait till you come back, to
keep the YouTube in line with the others. … We learn something
while Rick is away, it’s that, we cannot …
show certain … videos, or pictures
of the scientific value. So, we get restricted in a way,
to show a lot of … medical research
in the coming time. but … as we learnt, we
cover ourselves in other ways, to be able to
share the knowledge. (RC) Yes, that worked! I now have your
screen up Mr Keshe, so you can carry on! (MK) Ohhh! Welcome to the…
(RC) Thank you, Vince! (MK) advanced world of the image
on the Internet. Okay. So what we explained, was that
this line here, is your platform, with the reactors,
which is dynamic. With the 4-base
and top cores. Where,
this unit here, is your flight system
and this unit here, in interaction of the fields,
is for your physicality. You have to remember that,
the two are independent, but entangled, in their confirmation of
the existence of one with the other. What happens is that,
the total interaction of the two, will give a physicality in the dimension
of the existence of UFO. Where, the lift system is forced to be within the
structure of the dimension which is created,
and the motional part get’s entangled in the interaction
of the physicality. So, where you see, in fact if you look,
you have such a position. On all faces here,
you have creation of dimension. The rotation of the disc
creates the spherical mushroom that the fields from the top,
come in. And this allows,
that this system, to create gravitational
positioning, motion, somewhere here,
in respect to the what I call, the planet,
or any position. Where, the interaction of the fields
between the layers, of the two cores,
which are creating the lift and the third core
which is creating the physicality, gives you the appearance
and what we call the manifestation of the UFO
or flying system. Do not work on that,
that is going to be a very big scale, you can do it with a small
disc at home. With less than 2, 3 hundred dollars
you can build your Spaceship. Placing a small unit like this,
that you can position it in a given area, at a given strength, can create you
a car which fly’s. This is what we had, which we was going
to show in Eindhoven. The interaction of the flow of
the energy, between the cores,
here. And, interaction of the cores
like this, which allows you to,
a current voltage of megawatts, the flow of current of plasma
in megawatts. The difference in this direction
will give you current flow. This is,
the potential difference. This is,
the current flow difference. This way, you have to decide, what the fuels you put in these cores
are made of, and what fuels you
place in these cores. If you choose the fuels of
the matter-state of the Earth, you will be bounded
to Earth. If you choose the fuel of
the gaseous part, you will be on the flight zone
you’ll never go into the matter zone. The choice of the fuel
gives you the dimension of the flight. If you extend the knowledge, to understand,
that you can have a system which creates a
gravitational field force but, if you understood
from the Teaching of last week, you can create yourself
structures of buildings, what you’re used to. Where in fact, your reactor cores,
make the structure of the building. You position cores, in a
specific condition and position, which, that will give you the shape of
the house you want to perceive. So, in a way, in the morning
you can live in a rectangular house, by afternoon, you decide
I want the room to slightly change, you move your position of the reactors,
you live in a circular house. You can pack and move,
this is the advantageous. And in the construction of the buildings,
if understood can be used as a position to set condition,
in the earthquake zones, where buildings are
separated, from the physical structure
of the body. Now we see different materials, this costs
a very few dollars, delivers the same. The horizon of using this
Technology is vast. It’s beyond
imagination. If you look, and understood,
how I explained last week, you could make section and segments, with
the use of reactors, this is no different, Just inspiring to use. At the present time, one of the dream
of the man, is the railway. Understanding this technology, you decide on the cabins,
without the railway track. Destruction of the forests,
laying rail tracks and expanding into
parts of the jungles which are precious for the Earth,
can be avoided. What we teach just now,
is not something new. Those of our listeners in the background
who know, we offered this to the
African, Central African Nations some three, four years ago. There is a World Bank guarantee
to establish a railway between the Central Africa,
south Central African Nations, that they can
have access to ports and make commerce
in Central Africa possible. Indian Ambassador of the time
has been involved in it, with his.. I believe with his sons,
and we looked into it. With the budget, for the African Nations
to be involved in this railway has been put
at 11 billion. As we know,
these things, by the time they come
to finishing line, is 30 billion. And four small nations, to cover
30 billion for industrialization, or at least having
a line of Commerce, to pay for next
50-100 years, is too much. We estimate, with this,
the proposal which we have made, with less than 10 million. All you need to do,
is clean, clear point of, what are called,
the “Spatial landing”. The changes are huge, it’s not
something we just tell you now. It’s something the Foundation has
been working in the background. Understanding the new application
of the miniature reactors, in this shape, allows you physicality
AND emotion at the same time. You fueled your reactor,
in the combination of the materials, within the borders of a Nation,
there are ways to be done. You can make it very easy. We are encouraging the
young people to start looking on the development of
the new Space Computers, through, the operation of the GaNS. They are Masters. All they need to do
is to translate the knowledge in the interaction of the emotion
and the Soul of the man. And the emotion of the… or what we call
the ‘motion of the GaNS’ of the reactor, that they allow us the contact. For, a lot of you have seen this,
but you haven’t felt it. … Is Jon in the background? Jon are you awake? Hello? Do you see him in the panel? (RC) Don’t see Jon. I don’t see Jon
Bliven there, at this point… Does anybody else …
know if he’s around? (MK) Okay!
What they did? They did a very.. test with
2 or 3 of people, in Arizona last week. And,
I explained this before.. that, as they approach the reactors,
the reactors changes. The speed of the motion of the reactors,
according to our emotion, changes. And they explain this, that..
Jon explains it. With his emotion, he could feel the change
in the speed of the rotation of the cores. They have posted a video
which we have shown. Is that when they turn on a Plasma which
is a different strength, meters away, affects the performance
of the flight system reactors, the core,
the speed of the rotation. So, gradually we are establishing
the field-interaction, with the emotion. Sometimes ago, we showed some work
in this direction, but it got sidetracked,
and Ali was involved in it. We could not bring the rest of it in. Now, you can see
the total development. Now, we come
to the point where, you need to produce system,
which produces Plasmatic Energy. A lot of you have been looking
for the source of energy in the Space Reactor Technology. Because, you were relying on the
power supply, to supply the energy. Many times, many times
we explained the process. One of the processes,
that you have to follow, and it needs to be done! Is to understand, that the power
we supply to turn the reactors, are in a electron vibration,
which is one of the weakest. Go back to the teachings. Go back, into what we started
a year, two years ago. Let me explain,
how far you can go back. Maybe those of you understand? Our friends, who work with us,
they should understand. If you go back. Please take a picture of this,
one day it will be historical for you. Go back,
in the Star-Formation. Go back,
in the Delta and Y-Formation. Go back,
in feeding a Plasma, which is much more,
stronger than electron vibration. You need to tap onto it. For example,
remember Alekz’s beads. You connect the Alekz’s beads
for pre-load to the ‘Y’ and for after-load
to the Base-3. Do not forget
the use of capacitors. Now, you have your energy source
for your reactors. Remember, it takes billions of years
for a Star to be formed. It takes time for your beads and
your magnifying units, on the voltage and the current,
to start building up, according to the load which you add,
by the use of the reactors. Remember, how you created the
capacitors and the feedback, from the load side on the current,
to the supply on the voltage. Then, what you see
is very simple. Extremely simple. I have given you your Source,
without the connection to the Earth. It takes time to build
the voltage and current. Our friends, who are in this
development with us, understand. The more load you add,
the higher voltage you receive. You ask more
is given more. You’ll find your system
will come into operation. You have a power generator,
you have a flight system and you become self sufficient. The existence of the confirmation
of the energy, comes from the choice
of the fuel in the reactors. And many times, many times
I explained in the teaching that, you have to look
for Hydrogen. I explained this last week. Find a way to produce
Hydrogen in the GaNS-state. We have allowed
and shared knowledge, with two of our closest friends
in the Foundation, how to do it. This is needed that we
protect in the earlier stages, that the mayhem
does not break through. We have gone for loading
of the Hydrogen reactors. When you load
Hydrogen reactors, then you are not
limited to Earth, but you become the
passengers of the Universe, as the Hydrogen,
as a Plasma, is the key to the motion
of the fields in the Universe. You can create a condition, even
for the Plasma of the Hydrogen, to behave as a Carbon, to give you a
structure in the crystal lattice that you will receive
physicality. Go back, to part of the teaching,
where we spoke about diamond structure. Look at, why in the body of
the man a specific material creates heart, tangiable
crystal structure you call Calcium The bone structure of the man. Carbon 13, in a specific orientation
of the 3 layers of it becomes Calcium. Manifest itself in the
matter-state of the Calcium. Then you understand
how you can use Hydrogen to behave in
a interaction that you can have a soft tissue,
hard tissue, bone structure, in the diamond structure, of the matter which you want
or you would like to manifest. No Calcium goes from your stomach
and becomes part of the bone. The energy and the conformation
of the position of the fields, dictates that, that energy will convert
to physical matter of the bone. When you die
or when you take carcass has a physical matter
of the bone in your hand. Understand, how the body of the man
creates soft tissues, transparent tissues, and you can do the same in the structure
of the house or your flying object. You can create within the structure
of the Spaceship, tissue, membrane, muscle tissues,
softness, hardness, as you decide. According the choice
of interaction of the fields from the bases
of the Hydrogen. The diamond structure of the Hydrogen,
is one of the most solid, powerful structures, that does not get
damaged or touched in the Universe. Unless, you decide
to change the field extension of the environment of
the Hydrogen. You remember when the…
spoke about CO2 as a gas, and then, we showed
that the CO2 can become a GaNS and you can dry it and
physically hold it in your hand. According…
By the law of the physics, gases can only, become matter
at very high pressures or whatever. And you went against the trend of the
presumed, precieved knowledge. Now you understand
in the coming time, man will create solid-state matters
at any strengths he likes. Soft tissue, transparent,
walking through solid-state, from the solid-state GaNS
of the Hydrogen. Hydrogen, especially, Deuterium level
Hydrogen Plasmatic Magnetic field is the key into the
Space travel of the man. You can not create reactors which have Copper Oxide
and Zinc Oxide, and try to travel the depths of the Space
and not to be touched. As the field-strength,
will create different dimensions for the Plasma
of the GaNS of the entity. Where, Hydrogen has
in the Deuterium level, more or less,
solid size State Matter. Which means, does not get affected by the
environment, which it is traveling into. So, if you travel with the reactors
which carry Copper Oxide, coming to near planet Zeus there will be
no strength because it dilutes. Voila, you are travelling
on your own without a home. Its gone, because the field strengths
has interacted, or been influenced by
the environmenal condition. Where with Hydrogen,
according to the environment as a minimum common denominator
strength, you stay the same. Now you understand, the knowledge
of the Space is very simple. It’s the man who has put restriction
on his own understanding. So, the task for
Keshe Foundation Supporters or the people who work
in the Space level, is to develop the
GaNS of Hydrogen. I have released
the information to two people. Trusted people
within the Foundation. That if anything happens to me,
they can carry on with the Revelation. The understanding is
that you have to go back, and go back to
the fundamental teaching. Not in what you wanted,
but what is the reality. You have seen, how you have
created solid Carbon, in the form of GaNS of CO2, dried. Extend your knowledge
and understand the knowledge. Do not become
“Monkey see, Monkey does.” Then, you can produce
the GaNS of Hydrogen. Then you find the fuel
for the Deep Space travel, without ever
being harmed. There is more teaching,
then when you understand the structure of the GaNS
of the Plasma of the Hydrogen, you have to find,
the Soul of the Hydrogen. Then you understand the
operation of the Creator. As, within his Soul, within the structure
of the connection of it’s emotion, you can manifest anything
from the Hydrogen, without ever touching
the Hydrogen. That’s the knowledge of
travel within the Unicos. As we said,
“we just don’t teach the man”, there are those,
who are more well educated, now they learn
the next step of their work. Understand, the division
does not exist. Cooperation and collaboration
and interaction is the key to development
and success. Of the hydrogen in a GaNS-state
Hydrogen in nano matter-state Hydrogen
in the field-strenght. You have to understand,
you have to extend the knowledge, to walk away from, what is been
a learning ground. This is been the school
to learn alphabet. And now, you have to put the
alphabet together to make the sentence. Go back, and understand
how you created GaNS’es. Go back and understand
how GaNS creation has lead you to devlopment
of new materials. Understand, that the development
of the new materials are well connected. Well connected, to the production of the fields,
which are non tangible, which are free, which are connected to the emotion
of the Plasma of the Hydrogen. Many of you will achieve this
in a short time. Many of you will wonder
for thousands of years. How does it work? Enlightenment is our job. Teaching is your job. If you understood
how to create this by placing a
very few Hydrogen reactors you can change the
characteristic of a cancer cell. You can create the missing finger. If you understand,
furthermore, you can bring the lost father back to the physicality,
that the child can have father. This is the depth of the knowledge. In the writing of Christ and Christianity
you call it reincarnation. Reincarnation in a physical matter is only
possible when the Soul can be touched, when the Soul can
bring part of his connection for the the manifestation of himself. In a way, those of you
who understand this, can create the fields
that you manifest yourself here in one second
and next in somewhere else. But, it needs a very close connection
to the emotion, and understanding
of the operation of the Soul. Any questions, which is
relevant to this part? (RC) … Mr Keshe there is a question
in the Livestream, which I think is relevant? …It gets into a bit of the physicality
but Zen Rogers says, “Hello Mr Keshe,
hip replacement is a very tough surgery. Many old people
have their hip sockets degraded Is there any GaNS or procedure to help
build that socket bone back to normal? Thanks”. (MK) Yes you can, it’s been done. I have done it a few times. It needs, very much,
the knowledge of the GaNS. It needs understanding of the knowledge
of the construction of the hip. And… It can be done you
can even rebuild the cartilage. That you can bring it up… built everything
inside the joint and … it can be done. Yes! But, you have
to extend the knowledge. In a… I used to use … the padded handicap
chairs, to sit people in it. And, they used to feel good and
they start, the minute they felt good, they start walking,
and I used to tell them, “You cannot do this.” You’ve got to give it at least two months,
three months to solidify completely. After a week or two
sitting in a wheelchair like… Or in the bed with this
‘thing’ around their body, they feel good,
the pain is gone, the interaction is more
or less complete, and they virtually, rub it off
because it’s not solidified fully. We see it
on their MRI, the full development of the bone
and everything else. Yes, it can be done. (RC) Would this be similar
to what you’re speaking of with the …
Spacecraft construction? (MK) Yes! Very much so,
a way… and do something…
(RC) the skin and floors? (MK) Yes it can be done those of who, been, used the systems,
they know what I’m talking about. We built… We use…
Let me change this, that we can see. I used to use, I don’t do … the
health systems anymore. I stopped doing it. I used to use what is called,
‘the padded’, these are the
best thing, I found out. It’s the padded …
handicap chairs So, what I used to do is …
to build systems inside. And, according to
the hip operation, because you cannot
concentrate on the hip. The hip position and everything else,
because of the pain has changed position. So, you have to deal with
the upper leg and the spine. And, you build
the system here, If you look
at it facewise. We place reactors
in a specific position that it covers the hip,
concentrates on the hip. and with a specific way
to put a system here, you concentrate the fields
and you can rebuild the bone. It can be done! And it’s done.
It’s known that it can be done. And it works! But now you have an option, with use of GaNS,
that you can do the same thing, but you have to
know what you’re doing. Because, you can grow pieces
which is not needed, in places which
are not needed. Yes, it can be done. I’ve done it many times It’s a pleasure to see somebody who’s
in a wheelchair … to start walking. In this phase, in this connection,
I have to explain to you. Those of you who
joined the Keshe Foundation, for the injection for the cancer. What we have seen
and what we have come to accept, is that some of,
and our trials directly, involves the
condition of HIV. What we are extending, the
… what we call, the ‘cancer research’ into the public HIV research too. Where we can deliver technology,
through the injection, as well that we can see the
change in the HIV. So, those of you who
suffer or know people who, are in a condition of the HIV or
what you call ‘AIDS’, we see, and we would like to
invite you to join in the… trials, the new trials,
which we have set up. It’s the same as the cancer trial,
and we would like to collect data. We have already four people
on this program. We want to extend and see
different ways and doing it. So, those of you who are
still suffering from cancer. Please go to [email protected] or
@spaceshipInstitute.org …We still have, we accept people,
we need to extend the knowledge, and we add to this,
people who suffer from HIV. If you suffer from AIDS… we would like to test
the injection process, directly for it. And we know it does work, because we’ve seen
some results from other tests, and in the way of injection,
you can close things, very quickly. We’ll see if it works, how it works,
you have to understand it’s a trial case. So, if you still… we showed the
pictures of the breast cancer last week. … And, at the same time we
cannot show these things because of the, what you call ‘ethical conditions’
on the internet, that we cannot show,
even though it’s scientific. We are looking, now we’re extending
the research of the injections, from cancer to HIV. And, if you suffer
from this infection we think the GaNS injection
could be a solution. We have one of our volunteers,
he wants to be out, to be known
he’s using the technology. He’s a very
well-known actor and he’s well-known for being, acting in
one of the famous movies. And then, we have
now got a second actor who is not acting anymore,
was part of it. So we have two well-known people in
the world of show business who are and we have
taken up the second one. We are, what we call,
processing for the … the injections but we have the second. It’s amazing how the world of movies
has a lot of people infected with this. So we have accepted
the second case. We are about to start,
in the next week or so, the process and we have another one,
which is in the background, and we’ll see and,
we release the knowledge. These people like to go see,
if it goes through and they’re happy. And the doctors can confirm it, to promote the Keshe Foundation
Plasma Injection Technology, for eradication of the HIV. … We’ve seen some
research done in Togo. Now, we do this research in a
full operation with the hospitals. … We are still looking for
Cancer. Some people have written to
the Foundation, that if they can
have the injections free. We cannot do this,
because of the burden of the finances on the Foundation
is beyond what we can tolerate. Maybe in the future, if we receive the
support from the government, that allows us to carry on
with our research, we’ll make it, what do you call it,
‘reachable’, by majority of the people. What I would like to see is, when
we get more chance, as time. To show how you can treat the
production and increase in the energy of the body
of the Man, to a Spaceship. That, you can understand
the interconnection, because you can use
the energies of a Spaceship to remedy the
illnesses of the Man. So, you can go in one room, you create
as you understand, the creative energy. If, you received a high
dosage of given energy, as a Plasma field
from excursion into Space, you can deliver it without any
harm anybody else. So, you cannot create infectious, …
what you call … viruses, inside the craft. This, we’ll teach
in time to come. And, what we call ‘decontamination’,
that the energy balance before and after departing
for excursion is the same that, you do not
bring any viruses with you into the communal area
of a Spaceship. This is part of the medical application. We can, what we do is,
the scientific people will do it, we measure the gravitational magnetic
field-strength of a given, what you call,
‘aura’ of the Man. And, in going and coming back, the
aura strength has to be the same and more or less, then you correct
or you pinpoint certain points which have to be the same So, let’s say, if the energy package
attaches itself to your kidney, but you lose somewhere in your liver,
but the balance is the same we can see
what has happened, and then we bring the balance
and you don’t cause any problem. These are the development which
gradually the medical side will come to. Any other question? (RC) … I was wondering along those lines
Mr Keshe … if … (MK) Let me… before I forget,
before I forget. As, we are in Africa and we are going
into different direction of process. I have with me, about a container load, a container load,
of these kind of … pieces of …
what are call … for paraplegic and handicapped
people, in Barletta. I don’t have any use for it. If anyone can do with it,
we can let it be at your disposal, for building different kind of reactors
into it, to help different people. One piece to be made, one piece, just to be put a leather for a
specific application, is 700-800 Euros. A full chair, a two piece chair,
they charge a couple thousand Euros. These, they are very specialized pieces,
I don’t have the time to use them. But those of you doctors,
especially doctors, who would like
to use these pieces? I have collected these over years
and they are precious, because you
can pinpoint, very much, put the cores or the reactors inside
and solve the problem very fast. They are there. They’re worth at least
half a million plus Euros, what I have. I’ll leave it at the disposal of
the doctors, if they want to use it, and if you want to
do anything with it, or if you want to
make something and test it, with the reactors
which they stay solid. I use these, for example,
for the leg or for the femur. For the femur… people don’t like things
to be attached to them, or glued to them. You just make two of these,
which are for the upper leg, cascade it,
reactors fix. They go to sleep with it,
they get used to it, and in the morning,
after a few weeks, you see the eradication
of the illnesses. So, … if you go
and look into any pieces, in… which is used for
paraplegic, different sizes … We have, I think about,
8 – 10 cases, it’s a… it’s a 20 foot truck,
a container of it. Doesn’t need to go
all to one person, but if you want to ship it,
it’s in Barletta. … I shipped this
with me into Italy, now, I don’t know,
practice. So, those of you who
are in the world of medicine and you want to do it,
target, what do you call it … a disease at a specific point. It’s very much fixed,
now there is a use. Patches, but these are
very effective in, what do you call it… development of the long-term
illnesses to correction, like … Especially, like
after chemo … therapies. You can reduce one
and increase the other. You can reduce the Plasma fields
in the muscle tissue and increase the strength
of the bone marrow. It’s a precise work, and I’ve
used this for nearly 20 years. Now, I’m not
in that kind of research but, I have seen a lot
of good results with it, So, if you
can use them? It has to go in two or three people
and then you spread it. But we have this,
I have collected it in Italy. There are two-pieces, like the chair is two pieces,
you put together. We have chairs,
which are one-piece, We have pieces which,
are for the arms, for the neck. So, if you are a doctor
and you can use it? You have to ship it,
the material. I have. Anywhere in the world
you want to send it to, you can ship it from Barletta.
It’s available. And, … its for you to
make a discretion, how? And, don’t take it to hawk it. Take it,
that you can use! Any other question? (RC) Ok … Vic mentioned “I am trying a different way to create
Hydrogen GaNS and at present I have
a total blue liquid water”. And he says, “Rick, can you
ask Dr Keshe, if that is the first step?” (MK) Good Morning. (RC) Good morning.. yes … hmm He says…
(MK) I think you got your answer but how blue is the blue? (RC) He mentioned
something about, ” its had, a Microhydrin,
Hydrogen placed in the water. The procedure is similar to CO2.” (MK) Would you like to share it? (RC) We can see if we
can get Vic to speak here? Let me see if I can
find him on the list? Vic I’ll promote you to a Panelist
and maybe you can speak, if you … like to there? Okay! If you can
unmute and speak, and explain a little bit
about your question? That’d be great! I can try to unmute you.
I’m not sure, if you want to even speak? I’ll try to unmute. Hello Vic
can we hear you there? (VA) Can you hear me? (RC) Yes. Hello! (VA) Yes, Good …
evening from Sydney. … Good evening Dr Keshe. (RC) That’d be Sydney, Australia?
Is that what you mean? (VA) Yeah that’s correct, Sydney, Australia.
It’s very hot again. (RC) Okay. There’s a Sydney in Canada
as well, right next to me. (VA) Well in Canada,
at the moment, it’s very cold and it’s very hot here in Sydney (MK and RC chuckle) (MK) Let’s share it, it’ll become medium,
somewhere in the middle. (VA) Yeah! Well Dr Keshe your in,
I assume you are in Italy so you are in the medium. … I got this Microhydrin capsules,
in vegetable form created by
Dr Patrick Flanagan. He is a scientist and a genius
in the States. And I’ve been getting this,
… Microhydrin for the last, mostly, five, six years. And I.. I’ve had’s here,
but when i sit for while …. I… I put them,
… in a container with the similar procedure as CO2,
the way we do it, … but … I’ve created the Plasma
and coated-Copper from one side, and Copper-coated, nano-coated
from the other side, too. And in the middle, in the water,
I just placed a couple of Microhydrin’s, which is micro particles of Hydrogen. And, within
couple of days… putting it on couple of volts
of potential difference. I just …had the water. First, it was a little but darkish.
Dark color in the water. And, within a couple of days,
it’s just become very pure, blue color
of water … liquid. (MK) Yeah, what that is.. that is.. Let me explain to you,
there is a difference. That’s why I said,
“What color blue?” Blue, blue color, if you use Copper, is nano atomic GaNS of Copper,
which changed to dark blue. I have some of it. That doesn’t necessarily
means Hydrogen, unless you can explain to us
how you produce it. You mention if you have
Copper in your system, and you use a specific way
of the caustic. You produce a blue Copper-GaNS. It’s translucent blue. (VA) Well, this is
translucent blue too. (MK) But the
GaNS of Hydrogen, one of the GaNS’es of Hydrogen,
is transparent blue. That’s why,
I wanted to know, if it is? (VA) Well I can’t show it to you at
the moment, but it’s very,
sort of, a clear blue, it’s a little bit bluer than the sky. … If you look at the sky, the atmosphere in a clear day.
(MK) Can I.. Yeah! Can I ask you a few question
then you can explain to us? Is this Copper on its own? Or do you have a plastic with it? (VA) Nay. The Copper is on its own.
The container is plastic. It doesn’t… (MK) Okay, explain to us.
It’s just that we would like to learn. We are all
here to learn. (VA) Well, I mean, I’m just testing.
I am just trying if the procedure
is something… (MK) What exactly what have you done in?
In a.. exactly how have you
connected, your container? (VA) The container is
a simple plastic container. It’s just here in front of me
at the moment. I got on one side of
the container, I got… Copper coil,
nano-coated, like gravitation magnetic,
doesn’t make any difference. And on the other side, the same thing,
I got another coil which is nano-coated. … And, in the
middle of the water, same as a CO2,
I just put a little bit of salt, and I put a couple of Microhydrin’s,
which is particles of Hydrogen. And… and, you know,
it’s like anything else, if I put a … Zinc on one side
and Copper nano-coated on the other side,
it just creates a CO2 in the middle. This is.. I just put the.. I just put in the middle,
the Microhydrin capsules. And, it’s like the… (MK) You get this material
in the capsules? (VA) Yeah! It’s a Hydrogen..
(MK) And the capsules, it’s empty or you have something in it? (VA) Hydrogen particles. (MK) How do you put
Hydrogen particles in there? (VA) Well, I don’t know how
Dr Patrick Flanagan does it. He’s a genius in
the States. He get… Created the
control for flying saucers. on the flying … flying …
at the age of thirteen or whatever. And he gets.. Created lots of things
that… at very young stage of his life. So, he at the moment, he’s… I’ll give … created Hydrogen particles,
so about, that was about ten years ago. But his … conception (MK) Can you show us
the apparatus, please? Do you have access to show it? (VA) Have I got what? (MK) Can you show us the set-up? (RC) Can you start
your video there, perhaps? (VA) Well, not at the moment,
because my camera is damaged. I’ve got a lots of things that have gone
bungus off lights … and, whatever. I mean, I can try to set it up
for next week. (MK) If you could, please!
Yeah, It’ll be is fantastic. (VA) And, show what I am doing. But, I just wanted to know
if I’m on a true path? Because, the.. I’ve been drinking it,
I’ve been mixing it with CO2, the.. the transparent,
liquid water of Hydrogen which I think, I mean it’s got some..
some sort of a purity or something. by some.. the
fifth chakra or whatever. And I’m mixing it up in CO2, and I’ve been
drinking it for the last few weeks. And, … you know I mean,
I feel good, I’m still alive so. I… I’ve been testing different things. (MK) Please show us. I think, I could.. Possible, you are
on the right track. … And, if you can replicate it,
then you can fuel your reactors for the Space,
with this mono-fuel system. But we’ve got to see it. Next week, please come in
and share with us. (VA) I’ll show that next.. As I said when.. as I said, “When knowledge is shared,
we open the doors.” I want to see what you’ve done,
they share with f.. That’s perfect.
(VA) Thank you very much. (MK) We see you next week. Please come back
and share knowledge with us. (VA) Thank you, Sir.
(MK) Thank you very much, indeed. We have one, which is from last week
to share knowledge. Do you have that,
Rick? (RC) Yeah René Meschuh,
I’ve got some videos from him, … I’m having a look to see if
he is in the chat perhaps. (MK) Do you
see him? (RC) I thought he might be in here,
but I don’t see him René, if you are in here,
we do have a viewer. Oh, there he is, with his hand up,
I’ll promote him to panelist. Couldn’t see him,
cause he has his hand up, I was going through
the rest of the list. Okay! Here we go, René,
you should be able to speak there now. (RS) Yeah, good morning.
Hello. … So last week, to share the the exact wiring
of CH3 production. And I have a hand drawing,
you can see how the wiring is done. So, do you want the see?
I can share the screen now. (RC) Yeah, go ahead. (RS) So, okay, I am trying
to make this image. (RC) Yeah! The best way to do is
to select your picture first, and then share it, so we don’t see
everything but it’s all good, anyway. (RS) Okay!
So, … Can you see this picture now? (RC) Yes (RS) Okay! Here, you
can see there are two bottles. They are of glass, and on
the left side, here is a Zinc plate, and this Zinc plate
is connected to the nano-coated Copper wire
in the other glass. So, this connection
that I made here is… (RS) Zero connection between
two containers. And, then I got the idea
to speed the process up with, with this capacitor that I made. And … here you can see
the layers of the capacitor, and the exactly, things
that I used to build it up. And, if I connect it this way, as we talked last week,
the production starts very fast, and the output of the GaNS
is very huge. So… What we didn’t talk about
last week was the the wiring, so this wiring … could not be seen on the picture. But, another person has recognized it that
there is a wiring, so here you can see it. And, the last thing that
we didn’t talk about is … that the last step that I make
is that I put some… some liquid Plasma on this side,
so only three drops on the nano-coated Copper and here
I give the information of three drops of the CH3 liquid Plasma
that, I produced some months ago. So, my idea was to tell this this capacitor to give
the information of the CH3 directly to this wiring, that
the production here is better. So, these were my thoughts when
I built up this set-up. So, if you have
any questions to this set-up. I can tell you more
about, if you want? (RC) And, I’ve also got the video right,
that’s the same one as the set-up? Were you gonna show that,
or should I show that now? (RS) Yes, I … So, here
I have some pictures. This is also very interesting, because
the GaNS changes its color’s. So… after the process,
the color of the CH3-GaNS was this. So, there are many dark particles
lying on the ground and top there is a a layer of … …brown particles.
So, there are different particles. The next thing that I …
that I saw was, that … there are some kind of crystals in
the GaNS and the other white particles. And Mr Keshe told last week
that this may be, is CO2 particles. And, now I… I can show you a picture from
the glass, that is very interesting. So, this is a photo
from the glass, inside, and you
can see that … there is, or there was produced
some kind of of thin layer
of the inner side of the glass and this you can peel it off, but it’s,
it’s … it’s very hard to pull it off. I don’t know what
this is but when you come to
this material with a light, it changes the colors from
yellow to red, to green, to brown. It’s… So, every color
seems to be in this. I don’t know crystal or is it a kind
of plastic or I don’t know whats what this material is. And, … the last thing that I can show
is a video from the… from the GaNS
that I made yesterday. But, I have to take another screen,
so one moment please. (RC) Make sure the volume is down
if there’s any background if there is any
background music or sounds. (RS) Thank you. So, I don’t know if the upload from
my Internet is good enough, that you can
see these particles, so. Strange things happen at this time mark,
I noticed it in the video. So, I wanna start it now. And, here you can see the… that there
are two or three drops of this GaNS in … in a small glass container,
and this container is standing on a
rotating magnetical field. And the interesting thing
is that there are… So, these particles that are
going in this kind of circular direction. It happens sometime that,
this particles changes it’s direction and go to the
other side and… (MK) Can I ask you a question? These black particles are they…
are they nano-materials? (RS) I think so, because these particles
were produced in the CH3-GaNS bottle. So I take some drops out and
put it in another position. (MK) Okay, carry on please.
(RS) Yes. So, my thought was, that the particles
will position itself in the field. And, there you can see now
some strange reactions. (MK) No, this is a centrifuge. I can see what’s happening,
but it’s very interesting. (RS) So here the
particle changes it’s direction. And, I did not change the speed of
the rotation from the magnet. So… (MK) Where did it change
the direction? I just trying to see
which one you’re talking about. (RS) Yes, I this is
at the time mark. 38 seconds. So you have to look at this particle,
I don’t know if you can see it on the… (MK) Yeah I can see it I can see it yes.
(RS) Okay. Ah it went backwards and it collided.
(RS) Yes. And it looks like that
the two particles are … connected to
each other, in a way. (MK) Yeah this is… (RS) So why do they do this? (MK) I think this could be two things,
this could because you made CH3 with Iron. They could be atomic Iron clusters,
or if it’s a GaNS, in the interaction with
the fields of other GaNS’es, it has to balance itself out,
this is how you get Positrons. This is what I said
in many of the original teachings, especially when
we were doing test in Teheran. And in the… People like Armen who’ve
been around with me for a long time, I always explain,
you show it physically now here, that depending on the condition
of the field-strength, the Electron
become Positron. You see a change of direction
and you show it here clearly. I think if you observe this,
you will see other particles which randomly change directions
and they go back again traveling when the field-strength
is the right way. Is… You have another particle in there,
which is reversing. So, it’s Gravitational Magnetic field
positioning themselves. And, what is very interesting is
if you look at this, I even was explaining
to Armen recently. This is why you need
to add GaNS’es into your solid-state GaNS
or nano-particles into you’re GaNS or Plasma. Because, you see if you look at
the cloud, stays steady. The motion of that matter-state
or nano-state, is what stirs up. And this is the this is why
the Earth rotates. the inner rotation
of the Earth inner-core as, if you read in the book one,
or I explain more in the book number four. Is the central core of
the Earth for example, is the mixture of the GaNS’es,
nano-material, Plasma and matter-state. And here you see it, why you need
to be able to mix, the nano-state of the material
into the GaNS. Because, that stirring creates
a balance of fields. And this is why in the Space Reactor we
showed, we see the same thing that, stirring of the field by rotating
the disk we do the same. Can you explain to us
what are you doing now. Yes, I am … I want to
check if, if I can … … I am looking for
a way now to … to … control these particles
in the kind of way and … (MK) Do you still have a magnet
rotating underneath? (RS) Yes, this is a rotating
magnet, and here you can see, how the particles are
positioning itself in the, in the magnetical field, so … (MK) This is a centrifuge. You creating stirring
from underneath, because the liquid is rotating. (RS) So, I have build the
platform, there is a … So, here is a neodymium
magnet underneath, which is a rotating at the
speed about 500 to 700 rpm and this is a I found
out, that this is a very good … good speed to … to show
the reaction in the, in the GaNS. So, at this speed the
particles are very active. I think and … Are we… I don’t know
how this will go on, but is a… it’s very interesting to see. And … here I get the idea, how the torus
of the magnetical field, how big it could be,
because if I put this container upwards, so I can take it about 10 cm … higher, and the field is also visible now
in this, in this bottle, so … I put this glass near a MaGrav, and if I leave it for about a night,
or about 10, 12 hours. The structure of the particles
also changes, so now I can, I can visualize. For me how the, how the
field is going and a … maybe this could be … (MK) What, what is on this
dish, what is the black? What material is the black,
which you are using. (RS) So, every, every video that I show
you, every picture which I show you is from the same GaNS it this … (MK) Yes, yes, but what I am
asking, on the left picture we see is the GaNS at the
bottom, the white. What is that GaNS or is the GaNS
in there, or it’s just the black in the pattern of the color in the
back, it shows as like a powder? (RS) Ooo … I do not understand
your question I’m … (MK) Okay! Let me ask you, let me,
I’m actually come in and then do it, this. (RC) He is asking is
there is any white, powder in the dish
or it is only black, (MK) Here, you see here? We see
a lot of black stuff, yeah? (RS) Yes? (MK) Is the material here, in this
area, is it a powder or it’s just glass, and the everything we see
here is a black powder? (RS) So, everything you
see here is GaNS. (MK) Yes, but is it the
black GaNS, or do you have the dish with
the, like a GaNS of CO2? (RS) Yes, so that the … (MK) What, what is in that container, what is
in that thing, what material are in there? (RS) So, this is the GaNS, it was,
when it was produced it was black, then it, and it changes
it’s colors now, now it’s like a military green. This is now the color, and it is
very difficult when you make a photo, And the color is not what I…
what you can see. (MK) What is in this area, is
this a empty glass, we just, here. Do we see just a background with
the dust of that GaNS on it, or is it just a
see-through glass ? (RS) This is … So, only the… (MK) … GaNS is not the layer of a
GaNS of, let say, CO2 in there ? (RS) No… (MK) …Glass we see, and what is that big
black in the center, how is that created ? (RS) This is when you put this …
this object … (RC) Maybe, we should play the video,
because that how it was created, through later part of video, starts a few minutes ago,
(MK) Yes! Because what What I assume, you have … Yeah! What I assume you have …
maybe I am wrong, but because this is a CH3, (RS) Yes?
(MK) and you created the CH3 from the
existence of Iron. (RS) Yes!
(MK) This particles are nano Iron particles, and that’s how they respond
with the magnet underneath. (RC) Yeah. I agree, I think that’s the case.
(MK) Do you understand? So, we have to learn, is …
that you, you have manage to create
the Iron of … GaNS of Iron, and the, the behavior is the interaction
of the fields underneath. Of the Iron interacting with it’s own.
So, we can see the… It’ll be very nice to see if you can
mix some of the white GaNS into it, and see how the two behave, if the
white GaNS concentrates in the middle. Is that the white GaNS
you are adding ? (RS) No, this is only water.
This is … (MK) You are disturbing the pattern. So, it comes back in together. (RS) So, I have another video that
I can show you, where there are only, There… But, there is
not so much GaNS in the glass, and there you can see,different
colors of the GaNS we have… (MK) Please do so. (RS) Yep. (MK) Let me clean up my mess…
Where is it? (RS) So, I have to
look where it is. No! Yes! So, it’s very hard to shoot photos, but
here you can see, on the left side of, on the image that they’re,
these particles are green, and the they make their
positioning, in this circle. And there we have some particles,
that are like shiny blue, and, these particles here …
darker blue and these are black. (MK) And they make
their own space gap? (RS) Yes. (MK) This is very nice,
very, very nice. This is how, if look at that …
boundary. Let me look, let me come in
I do not want to explain, I told you, “when the man is
ready the knowledge comes.” If you look at this. Have you put this in rotation ? (RS) Yes.
(MK) And then… If you
look at this … and then, if you look at this one, you will see a configuration of
the three layers, but they position
themselves, by mass, gravitational magnetic field-strength. It’ll be interesting if you can
look at the side of the dish, and see if these materials are
floating, they are not on the bottom. (RC) Mr Keshe I’ve noticed the one,
the video on the right, right now,
looks like the Sun. And, pretty much all the planets you
can see, in the … around the Sun and then there’s sort of a…
an asteroid belt, beyond the planets, which is just the
way the Universe works. And I know the answer. It looks
very much like the human eye ball. (MK) Yeah. If you
look at this … …the boundary is the physicality
of the material, and the fields. It’s very interesting, it visualizes
a lot of things, which we talk about. But, it will be interesting to look
at the side of this dish, and see if these materials are
floating or on the, on the glass? Because, the gray shows a misty,
so it’s mixture, it’s not flat. (RS) So, for me it’s seems to be, that the
you are right, so some particles are… floating on top of the water,
and area inside of the water, and the height of the layers of
the particles are different as a … I can see with, with my eyes, but I
can not make photos of this so… It’s very interesting, now you see
the edge layers are coming in. The bigger ring is
taking shape in there. Thank you very much,
it’s very nice. Do you have anything
else to share with us? (RS) So actually,
not at the moment. I… We talk last week about
the light that … I can bring on and off by going
towards the MaGrav system, and a… (MK) It’s still working ? (RS) Yes! Still working but,
I cannot switch it on only if I wish it. So, I have to improve my wishes. (MK) Go near to it. (RS) And away. (MK) You try and see. Don’t wish it to come on! Wish it,
“Would you like to make me happy?” (RS) I add it, that sounds good. Okay, I will …
(MK) Do you understand? Wish it,
“Would you like to see me happy?” And you will see light come on,
because he makes you happy. You tell what feeling you want from
it, and let see if it listens? (RS) Yeah, Okay. Thank you very much.
(MK) Thank you very much. Come back and share with us
your knowledge. Is there is any think else? Or, we call it a day,
for today? (RC) I’m Just checking over
things, here now … There is a question from someone
I can’t tell, the name is in Chinese. “Hello Mr Keshe, I come from China.
I would like ask you; How to use the Plasma Theory,
to explain the fire. Thank you.” (MK) First of all,
Happy New Year! Secondly, I don’t know
what you talking about. (RC) I think a … just to explain fire,
what is fire in terms of Plasma Theory. How that can be explained?
(MK) Fire is the… (RC) Like, we could talk about,
(MK) Fire is… just briefly. We talk about fire as one of
the forms of Plasma along with lightning and so on. In terms of that
kind of Plasma on the planet. How would you explain it? How would you frame it, with the Keshe Technology?
(MK) Fire, the way… (MK) Fire the way we see,
is in the matter-state, the position and
release of energy. Is not that you just see what goes out,
there’s a huge amount of energy coming in. Even when is, you
call it, ‘burning’. And, it’s more or less,
it’s a matter specification nothing else. We don’t have a fire
in … Plasma-state. You don’t see fire on
the surface of the Sun. You see the interaction of the fields,
which gives light and radiation. The matter-state is, more less,
the only place, you see the tangibility. Which, destroys itself, when
there is too much energy to be released, and manifest it’s self as a heat
or large enough, as a fire. It’s a Plasmatic interaction
at the matter level strength. The light we see as the daylight
is a matter-interaction, … it is a field-interaction
at the Plasma level. Fire is a matter-interaction,
at the Plasma of the matter strength. Any other question? (FM) Yeah! Yes Mr Keshe. (MK) Yes ? (FH) This is Flint. (MK) This is who ? (FM) This is Flint. (MK) Hi Flint! (FM) Hi! I just have a question about
Fukushima, and there is a news out now that core reactor 2 is melted through concrete containment
and going into the ground, and then I was just wondering; What is
the true status of the reactors there, and accurate update on the condition and
clean-up of contaminated water and lands,
around the Fukushima facility? (MK) There is a alert out.
We know, we are aware of it, but the TEPCO has decide to… hide it,
what you … at this moment of time. Cut links with Keshe Foundation. …We prefer to stay that way, there’s…
sooner or later they will come back. … As I said, our problem
with TEPCO has been, “confirmation of the work with us”,
but they had to hide it. We informed them they
have, “sanction busted”, … during the sanction time,
and they didn’t like it. So, sooner or later,
they’ll come back if they need help. But, at the moment we are,
in the hand of judges, and and all the trials
which are going. There’s a backup of,
showing what they have done. I cannot tell you anymore. They… What we say,
“they hijacked the technology”, they thought they
walked away with it, but as they say,
“They don’t know the rest of the rhythm.” I am aware of this and that. … There is a high-level alert in China
and … Sorry! In Japan. The level has gone up, by nearly as
much as 8 times inside the reactor 1. And … They’ll come back if
they need help, but they they have burn all the bridges
with us themselves, deliberately. Because they made a few millions
dollars, or a few billion dollars, now they have to answer. There is a solution for it, we can
make systems, even at latest stage to do. And … We have to see, it can
not or possibly can go worse. But, that worse condition will come,
if there is the… rapid interaction and drop
in the system. There is no control, it’s just the
heap of radioactive material. There is a way to do it, we suggested it,
and … they jumped off. They thought they are very clever,
and what I just said, “We just gotta wait, we’ll see.” I do not know much more,
we are monitoring, We are informed on a
continuous basis, what’s happening inside. And, … … It’s going to be a disaster
if it goes any further, the only problem we have is that, there is a remote possibility,
there is high remote possibility. That, the interaction
and conversion, of molten material,
is leading to creation of Plutonium. The system has become,
has moved up, a step. That’s what I see,
I could be a 100% wrong. … The time has taken, in past
past 5 years 6 years since the accident. There is a possibility
that the system has become stepped up to a fast breeder. And, that’s why we see high levels. It could be a few patches,
which have gone into deliver of, and the production of Plutonium,
which is inevitably, will lead to the blowing up,
of the rest of the structure. This could have
been stopped. There is
a way to stop it. They could have a reduced
the … activities, but … the highest we knew
was 75 … per hour. At the moment, something
between 5 to 6 hundred plus is reported. Which means we are
entering Plutonium phase. We are definitely entering
a Plutonium phase. High level radiation from the Uranium
interaction into high release alert, which they have created, and the
numbers which are coming out, indicates reactor number 1, we will see this with the
other reactors in time to come, is a …
it’s a preparation. Is a natural preparation, that
the system has gone step-up, from Uranium to Plutonium. Now, it becomes
faster and faster. We could see a massive
production of Plutonium, … in the next 6 to 12 months. Maybe, more longer or shorter,
depending what they have put in there. Don’t forget,
this was expected. Reactor number 1 was used for
military development of Plutonium. We announced this long time ago
and TEPCO didn’t like it. … Japan illegally has entered
the, into weapon technology, nuclear weapon technology. Americans know it. IEA knows it. And that’s why the reactor
number 1 went this way. The START proliferation, they have
gone back on the track 2nd world war. and now this rapid increase,
confirms our suspicions, that the reactor number one
was raised… was used by the Japanese
for military purposes. Creation of Plutonium at this level
with the high level radiation, … from Uranium is very, very rare.
It is not an impossibilities. But they had a seed, they started the seed
around, most probably, 2008-2009. They have entered illegal activities
of preparation. I don’t know why Americans
are not putting sanctions on Japan so rapidly, as they did with Iran, but that’s
the decision of the new Administration, But IEA has no teeth.
Now we will see. And if it goes, we expect massive explosions,
with it will go Plutonium and the rest of it. This… is a very, very dangerous case,
it’s extremely dangerous. We are…
…I was looking at this, about… let me read it to you… the…
the levels are at Plutonium level. The levels are not at, what you call
Uranium level anymore. The level of the radiation confirm to us,
Plutonium changed the chain of actions, or interaction. And this is dangerous. …The… the level of the radiation, gives a good insight
to the nuclear physicists, what material is used, it’s…
it’s part of the process. They used Plutonium,
we warned about it, they are using
reactor number 1 as a… what you call it,
prior to the accident. …You got to remember,
the recent… This is a publication
from Tokyo. It says, “the recent reading is far higher
than the previous record of 73. And now, “in the part of reactor has been
described by some experts as unimaginable.” Tokyo electric power said, “Atmosphere
reading is up to 530 an hour, had been recorded inside
the containment vessel of the reactor, that was hit by
a huge tsunami in 2011. The worryingly high readings,
show the scale of the tasks confronting thousands of workers
as the pressure builds up. TEPCO is to begin a 40 years process
of decompression, decommissioning.” Don’t forget, as part of the British
gas-cooled reactors, it’s taken us nearly 30 years, We haven’t managed
to do a proper decommissioning, These are pressurized-water in England,
especially now in Manchester University, which is allocated and destined
for decontamination. Decommissioning
of the British nuclear reactors, in the control systems
we are looking at 30 years. In this Fukushima condition
it’s impossible … They say a single dose of 1 is enough
to cause radiation sickness and nausea, 5 would kill half those exposed to it,
within a month, and single dose of 10
would prove fatal within a week. TEPCO also said,
“Image analysis has revealed a hole, in metal beneath the same
reactor pressure vessel. One meter wide hole, was probably
created by the nuclear fuel, that melted and then penetrated
the vessel, after the tsunami.” So, … as nuclear physicist, when we see
these figures and these performances, the highest we’ve seen 73
and suddenly, we are building 560, most probably at the center
is as high as a thousand, which means we have entered
in Plutonium chain of event. We warned about this,
there is still time to do, to overcome it, but is for TEPCO to openly,
to discuss with Keshe Foundation. We are not doing any more favors
allowing scientists to fly into Italy, and drive high-speed, danger themselves,
hitting cars and destroying cars, to go to fly out of Germany or Austria,
not to show they’ve been in Italy. The game is over. There is a solution.
Even at the Plutonium level explosions, there is exposure,
there is a solution. We are watching… don’t forget
we are working very close in Japan, at the moment, so we are watching
it to protect our staff, and… we see… we have entered
nuclear Plutonium explosion level. Deaths… that’s imminent,
it is just matter of time, how fast and… if by melting the core there is sub…
cooling systems, which depends where it goes how far this meltdown of the steel has
gone, has it embedded in a solid stone, or has it… has come across,
because is on the… literally, edge of the country they are sub
water levels which are cooling it down. But, it doesn’t look like it,
… the reactor 1, will go to about a thousand,
and then we expect explosion. This is the worrying power for TEPCO. …We will not negotiate with TEPCO
any further, because is a waste of time, … but there is a
solution, there is a way it can be done, and… what you call it,
we tried to help three times, they’ve stolen the
technology, they thought, now let them sort out
their Plutonium explosion. This is a warning to all
the ones around the… what you call,
“The Ring of Fire”. Because, …
it’s a huge amount of it and …So, you got to understand
nuclear bomb technology. You have to understand the weapon
technology in Plutonium-Hydrogen level, Hydrogen bomb going into the,
what we call, ‘Plasma bombs’, which are under consideration
by different government. That is, you can not start a…
chain of event, with the Plutonium, willy-nilly,
unless you have embedded in it. Or the material have been
cascaded in a specific way, that it has started
the chain of event. We not talking about
this kind of level over 1cm, the whole of the reactor
is showing about 570, and TEPCO has a
very good reason to hide it if the think is as high as 800,
possibly to a thousand, and this shows there has been
a seed of Plutonium. A seed at preparation,
and DaO, it take times. This is why we produce centrifuges,
to take these pieces out. That’s why high, rich Uraniums
are done with the centrifuge systems. This is part of the technology,
of the weapon technology, or advanced nuclear power stations. But does not happen so easily, piling can be a reason, but…
as well as we see, … discussion is in the
high level atom, nuclear environment, is that we are entering
in a Plutonium chain of process. And we need one trigger,
depends how the trigger comes … That’s … we will see
the first Plutonium war, explosion. The wall of the thing
will blow up, we… There will be nothing left
of half of Fukushima if it goes. That radiation level is highly dangerous. They are using the tablets,
they are trying to do a lot of things, but there is a way that you can
confine the radiation, you can use
the Plasma Technology. But, we are…
We are there to share, but we are not prepared to share
the way we did. …That they, they…
what you call it, they do all sorts
of funny things to cover up. There is no cover up and we
can release the… emails from TEPCO. We wait till the judge
would put a decision to TEPCO, and then we’ll
stand our position. It’s dangerous. You’ve… We’ve
entered Plutonium chain. That’s 100%. Because the Uranium
change showed us 73. Scaling up it’s gone from
Uranium to Plutonium. The understanding of the
radioactivity level, above Plutonium indicates massive
amount of Plutonium is used, because if you go to
the next level after Plutonium the radiation leak and
explosion is horrendous. We have no knowledge
scientifically on that level. The nuclear chain does not
stop at Plutonium, it carries on to a heavy elements which
are created in a given specific condition and there’s a possibility, some new
materials are created in these condition, and in that process
unstability of new materials would lead to a
new wave of explosions because there is… a half cycle is too
short and the energy’s building up. … 73 was horrendous…
reported 560 and we know from around
Fukushima it’s at about 800. [cough] We are entering a
Plutonium explosion but how far, when, it all depends
how much is kept under control. There is no
technology to control it and there is a way
to use Plasma Technology to cascade it and drain it, and TEPCO is not prepared to show
they have sanction busted, so, they can go to Iran,
negotiate with Iran. And… then, we enter direct
negotiations through Iran with them IEA is aware of it.
And so, I always said: “Why Japan has not been sanctions for
developing weapons technology openly under the nose of
the Americans and the IEA?” Very soon we understand. The strange thing with this is … how far Fukushima
will go with releasing more. Because if… they tell you very
subtle way, the containment building
still has a metre hole in it. Which means, the radiation now,
is entering massively into Pacific Ocean. Much more, is more or less, what happened
in the first day, with all of the things now it has,
is leaking into the ocean. You’re in a grave danger the whole thing came up in some
pictures about two to three weeks ago. Start looking at the radiation
in the Pacific Ocean. We see the North China
and Canada much less but we see suddenly huge
increase, in a massive scale in the Pacific Ocean, towards Hawaii
and to California coast and down. …Part of this radiation could be
the cause of reduction in some of the earthquake activities
as the field transfer. Quite possible.
I looked at this. If you look at the radiation fields
across now, Pacific Ocean is horrendous. But, we have entered what I call
Plutonium-phase. How far the stable it holds
nobody knows, maybe TEPCO now will enter the evacuation, total
evacuation of the Fukushima area, into the other
part of the Japan. It’s inevitable we cannot… It’s time, time will tell. They have made a fire under a pile
and this fire is simmering and it’s releasing. If the core releases radiation, around
about 700-800 in next, coming time, which means we passed the 1,000
which means we’re at the ignition point. …Slowly we are…
weapon technology ignition …we carry nuclear material
we carry Plutonium, Uranium in a pile in a warhead. It’s the
ignition which is the key for release, and high-level radiation
is needed You’ve got to realize it’s not just
Plutonium which starts now when he goes into ignition
the rest of the tons of Uranium which are on it become part of it the chain processes start, but time will tell. Would it go off in next few days,
next few weeks, in a hundred years? It depends.
Only Japanese know what they had inside. And as I said, go back to the
teaching of two, three years ago. As a nuclear physicist I said, “We see patterns of
Plutonium in this reactor” now we get a confirmation of it. This is a confirmation
of what we said. Reactor number 1 was
getting used, and under the Japanese Second World War treaty,
you cannot produce … weapon technology
grade material. Now what they’ve created
becomes most probably their own the noose around their own neck and what is interesting and I’ve
discussed it in the terms with IEA. Why have they allowed Japan
to produce the nuclear material with the full knowledge
of the US and IEA? We understand the
reasons as they were creating a Cuba condition,
next to japan and next to China. This was supposed to pressurize China
but has backfired. If you remember the Cuba crisis
with the missiles from Russia? This was planned to be that way,
but unfortunately has backfired, …the system
has exploded in worry. There’s going to be some,
what I call, problems, huge problems, on the north side of the
east of China, if this goes up. But economically it brings Japan
in one of the middle range, not on the top three,
or four nations in the World. Because, their island becomes unlivable
but that, that’s time, we’ve
got to wait and see. If TEPCO report 750 to 800 which is now,
they have massaged the figures …If they repeat, which means we entered
nuclear explosion. Plutonium level, and then the rest of
the Uranium on top of, will go. It will trigger, because of proximity of
reactor 2 and 3 and 4, a chain of event. In a few months later, in the other
and in the other and in that one. Sorry about this, but
we said years ago this reactor was used and now you see it. Uranium does not create,
these kind of levels of activities Uranium site was at 70, 80, 100. In some meltdowns, we see
hundred fifty two hundred this is 530, which means,
it’s a Plutonium chain. Don’t forget what they,
let me explain to you to understand. What they are observing,
is what is actually reduced, from the blanket of the Uranium
on top of the Plutonium. It’s not the real, necessary level
inside the Plutonium spot. And is the biggest but
because it’s actually, coming in a huge amount
inside the reactor 1. Yes Rich! (RC) …Somebody mentioned the idea,
“What if we washed the coast with GaNS would that clear the radiation or is there a way to use the GaNS
(MK) The GaNS is too late… …the GaNS is too late
(RC) it’s too late, you can’t put it right directly on the reactor or anything like that
it wouldn’t be effective? (MK) No, no , no, it’s past,
the time is passed is passed. I still offered the technology to the
Japanese not to TEPCO. If the Japanese decides,
Japanese public decide or Keshe Foundation, the way we did
with … Yukocco going to Japan. If the Japanese decide to, what you call,
overtake the condition in TEPCO and the government allows
the Keshe Foundation to be inside. We are prepared to show ways. There are still ways
to deplete the plutonium. It happens all the time in the Universe
we know the technology. (RC) It looked like it had
melted through the grading on the bottom of the
containment and that’s all emptied gone right through
the floor basically. (MK) It’s gone,
it’s gone It’s know as a china (RC) Do you have instant
answer for that problem? or… (MK) It takes time, it can be done it can be done especially,
with dynamics reactors, we can do. It’s passed into matter-state you have to confine it with the dynamic
reactors specifically in a specific way loaded that, very much you can extract the
energy in the column in a specific way Yes it’s possible, very much possible
but that is the problem of TEPCO. Go on the internet, educate yourself and
see the level of the radiation in a… you’re talking about huge
space, it’s not one point. The whole… core is creating
that much per hour. which means the whole buildings,
the whole pile is about to go. But how much,
how far, and if the cooling system or in
the meltdown has it has entered … stone,
which most probably it has. They built these reactors because there
was a lot of geological tests. … If it hasn’t melted the stone layer
underneath the reactor and it’s entered the water system,
you might find the cooling that can go … carry on for years
and it won’t go. but if it’s blocked,
passing the containment … then we are in for a
Plutonium warhead explosion. (RC) Mr Keshe there’s just news come
in from the… Livestream about a nuclear power reactor in France
they just had an explosion apparently at Flamanville nuclear power plant,
northern France, a possibility of some injuries.
Authorities have said, there is quote: “no nuclear risk” and
apparently, this just came out in
the last few minutes here. (MC) We got to see.
(RC) … in a news report (MC) There have been a problem in the
French nuclear reactors, we know … large numbers, have been
stepped down. Because of the other positions,
part of the same system goes that’s why the Belgians spent on
distributing Iodine tablets around Belgium. … Where is this reactor
can we spot it? Is which position is in France?
Can you put it up? (RC) It’s in Northern France,
in Flamanville. Yes, there is a map. There is a map here, I think I could put
that, show that, on the website If on the Belgium side,
because there is a problem. We know a number of reactors has
been shut down or put on the stand by in France, too many actually… Can we see it?
(RC) It shows … Let me see
if I can get here? … Let me see if
I can make it bigger too? … not much,
but … just a minute here. Okay, there’s… There it is, way at the very tip,
northern tip of France. (MK) Yeah. It’s on the… Oh! On the British side.
[MK makes zipper sound] (RC) Yeah! Right,
very close to Britain, actually. (MK) Yeah it is on the British side
Portsmouth side, Southampton side. … We gotta wait and see. … The… We know, reports have been
coming in for past 12 months. More and more, French reactors are
going on a standby or repair. Nobody knew why. But don’t forget
these reactors are used to their full facility, full capability
or capacity, in past 10 or 15 years. French becoming the backbone,
support of the Euro for electricity, through their nuclear reactors,
wherever, there was a short fall out. …So, now we see
the consequences of it. They are heavily used. There is a large number of reactors
offline at the moment, too many. I think… Is it 10 or 20?
It’s a big… It’s a double-digit figures. I think which is gone,
which is very unusual. We’ll see, we wait and see. (FM) Mr Keshe can you explain briefly
what a Plutonium bomb would be like, and effect the ring of fire?
as you said earlier. (MK) Where Fukushima is placed,
we see… We have never had a
Plutonium level explosion. Tests we have. So, depending on
direction of the wind, depending on
the direction of the explosion, … depends on if it gets
recontaminated back on. Plutonium explosion is, it leads itself
to a Hydrogen explosion, it’s part of the process. So you have a back-to-back
multiple explosions … … most probably, radius of 2 to
500 kilometers, from the point. It will be unlivable
for a long time. Then it’s, what
contamination’s in the sea. Then if you have, if you are a
proximity of this kind of things you need to create filters made of solid
or dried GaNS, CO2 possibly, possibly CO2 plus Copper Oxide. Make sure you created
dry GaNS of Zinc Oxide. You make them in layers,
very much, very much like, what you do with the filters,
nowadays, with the Carbon. You put different layers
of the GaNS inside, dry. It has to be totally dry. You pass the water and air through it It’s the only way you can
absorb the radiation field. It’s the only way
because of the strength of it, you can filter water.
You can filter … air. With a nuclear explosion we change from the matter-state
filters to Plasma-state filters. That’s the only one
that can give it. And you can
drink purified water. The problem is you have to
liquidize everything. The soup will be
the passion of the way. Air has to be filtered
the same way. Exposure, as you read,
I just read to you, 10 will mean more or less death and then you go out,
by dimension by the explosion. You have to remember that
land will be fully contaminated It means that
these parts of Plutonium will land all over the place,
in a massive way. But, we’ve got to wait to see
I hope it doesn’t happen. Technology to
extract the energy, to change the
Plutonium to Uranium, is with us.
We have the technology. It’s for TEPCO, this time, to enter
negotiation the correct way. Like men not
like “bandits”, I call them. I can read you the email
we received from TEPCO. You’ll be shocked! It takes me
two second, and i can read you
my response to TEPCO. Give me a second, I’ll read it
for you, then you understand. We have entered Plutonium phase
that why we see higher rate. Now, we have to see how
International community reacts? They’re trying to play it casual. It could be months,
could be years before we see it. … But, the way suddenly has increased
this is the problem, they have. There is no solution,
they cannot bring it down. They cannot wash it because,
it’s coming from inside, of the pile. So we’ll see. We have no
experience with this. We have no
precedence with this. Let me write TEPCO…
I bring it up. TEPCO … Let me … change the date. My response
on the 14th of 12, 2016 which was about,
couple of months ago, was very simple … to TEPCO and that is … We can …
I can even read you the name It is written to the head of the
TEPCO Communication. It says:
“Dear Miss blah blah blah I forgot to mention one point about
your email and the dishonesty in it. We have with this email,
your email confirming confirmation of the sanction breaking
by Tepco and this is what we were looking for,
content of your email confirms and this is…
that is interesting as there was nothing wrong
with our work. And became…
as it became public that we are helping you. If you work was no…
If the work was no good why then your organization
kept asking for more and the specific
different test materials? With this email
and what we have in our records,
we have we can proceed with
the judge order, to bring you into International Court
for lying, and sanction busting. I think you and your management
has made a big mistake and worked yourself
into a big trap which we sat for you
and in confirming to us, and any judge about you…
any judgement about your case will the
technology be identified. Please advise your management
that we wait for you to respond
correctly within 24 hours. And then now the case
is in the hands of the judge. The judge will decide
and TEPCO will receive heavy penalties
for sanction busting. And… they confirm how they
have to sack people in different organizations
that they could cover the, what do you call it,
their work. It’s inevitable
what is happening in there. They’ve entered,
… what do you call it, they’ve entered
the wrong way, by stealing. And. … in a way they have done
that themselves, all said. I read it to you.
This is from TEPCO dated 13th of the 12th 2016. It says,
“Our records shows that your radiation absorbing
materials were introduced and samples were supplied
to us through the intermediary supply company
operating in Japan.” That’s from TEPCO. It says, “At this point we do not
see any point to start a conversation with
your organization .” And then it goes says
what we told you for years, “You must already be aware
that our supply contract with so called
intermediary company was terminated because of your
unwarranted release of information and now unfortunatly this issue
ended up in dismissal of responsible people from supply company
including its Vice President and Sales
manager. Yet, such a troublesome
history of the work with us that
we went public with it. It reads it,
“You must already be aware that our supply contract
with the so-called intermediary company
was terminated because of your unwarranted
release of information.” Now we see how TEPCO works. This is a… This is a confirmation
which TEPCO has done and subsequently
it’s gone to IEA. That, they only reason they stopped
the work with us was because, we were very correct in public,
helping the Japanese, and going that
we are working with TEPCO. And it’s signed by one
of the top directors of TEPCO. So this time when they come, they have
to come through public channels. There is nothing wrong with
The Keshe Foundation Technology in the nuclear
technology industry. They know it,
and two things has happened. They are, what we call, in English,
‘angry’ because we went public. We publicly, we tried to help the Japanese
not just TEPCO to make billions. And that confirms it. There is nothing wrong
with the … Plasma Technology especially, especially
in radiation and nuclear because this technology is built
for Space Technology, and there is nothing
but radiation in Space. Now, I’ve read to you what’s
come there. It’s part of
the Keshe Foundation family. You understand.
They’re angry. We went public
telling people what we do, because that’s how we started as
the Keshe Foundation. If you remember, Yococo went to Fukushima.
and we did the test public. That’s how they knew it worked. That’s why they came to us. They used the intermediary, not to be
showing that they’re sanction busting. You got to realize, I’m leading
Iranian Nuclear Physisist at the time of this accident
Iran was on nuclear sanctions. The only reason a lot
of you were wondering why Obama doesn’t
put me on the sanction list, because they needed that,
that they could carry on their work
in Toyko, in Japan. That’s the only reason I was never
put directly on the sanction list. Because they needed the knowledge
I was carrying to help Japan and they are… Don’t forget,
these reactors are owned by the American government and
under United Nations treaty America is responsible
for Japans nuclear industry. According to
the Second World War. Britain is responsible
for Germany. And both of the sanctions
have been busted, in one way or another. We saw both ended up with
the Iranian situation. In Germany, Germans industry
investing in, what you call it, in Belgium. Building reactors for medical applications
to match the Iranian business. And on the other side Japanese,
America’s responsible there. IEA has broken
it’s own sanctions heavily. Just to the favour of a few,
but now is playtime. The case is in now, be
judged in, in Japan. And when we explain to you
that we are doing initial tests, phase 1,
phase 2, phase 3 and everything else
under license given to us. It’s because it’s within
the structure order of a judge. The judge is
monitoring everything. All the data, how to be handled is done
because this information of change, it should have been shared
by the public. And you see it in the email
I read you. The anger with TEPCO is,
why did you go public that is shows we were
sanction busting?’ There is a figure of billions damages
to Keshe Foundation out of the judgement, but it goes back to you, because
you’re the ones of the Foundation. There is nothing wrong with the technology
in the Space and in radiation. There is still a solution,
but the damages will be vast. Members of the TEPCO are a part
of the… listening now. They are sitting
amongst you, listening. And I bet, as we say,
“making a lot of mess in their pants.” This time negotiation
with Tepco, work with TEPCO, with the Japanese,
will be open on the table. That they don’t get angry why we
release the information. They’ve said it. That, is nothing wrong,
except the pride of Japanese. And strange enough
the manager who sanctioned the work with Keshe Foundation,
died in an accident. He’s dead is gone
and nobody knew why. He said many time to us,
“I don’t want to deal with Keshe, but I have to because
it’s the only solution for us.” And they had a solution. They sold it for
$263 million in United States. It’s inevitable. This
this reactor is gonna go. But very, very badly
this time it’ll go, it’s … The last time,
it was a structure. This time it’s a
controlled nuclear explosion. Any other question? (RC) Ah, Mr Keshe there’s someone that’s
been waiting to show their Health Pens. They have two Health Pens
they want to show or talk about. Is that Okay? (MK) Yes, go ahead. (RC) OK, Atanas
Let’s see if she has… (MK) Have you noticed something? Rick, have you noticed something? Since we exposed the hand
of those people who are intimidating, people has started sharing knowledge
again cause they don’t, they can’t. They know who they are,
we go for them. Have you noticed that?
(RC) Yes right. [(RC)inaudible]
(MK) Once they’re all away the rest will go with it,
and then we’ll see. We become a
free nation operation. Carry on please.
(RC) … OK, Atanas do you want to go ahead there?
What do you have to share? Do you want to start your video?
(AB) Hello! Can I start sharing? (RC ) Yes, we’ll start
(MK) Yes, who are you where are you from? (AB) Hello, Mr Keshe. My name
is Atanas Bozjinov I am from Bulgaria. I’m administrator of Keshe Foundation,
Bulgaria Facebook page. (MK) Thank you very much. (AB) We know each other we met in Varna,
in Bulgaria when you was here. (MK) Thank you very much,
go ahead. (VB) Okay! I will try to
start the video but I’m… (MK) Let me explain to you,
something very stange is happening with
Bulgarian scientists. The scientists which we have spoken to
they want to test, and release the papers about
the work of the Plasma and the GaNS, and this gentleman is a scientist who
says that he can prove that, the GaNS Plasma Technology
is correct. We passed it on to Bulgarian
Keshe Foundation to handle this case
with the professor. Then you can benefit by it. Carry on please. (RC) Can you get your video started
… Atanis (AB) I tried to start
the video but it show me that you can not
start your video because … (RC) … Okay! Maybe we have to… Let’s see if we can fix that.
(MK) We got to let you to share. (RC) There we go. Okay! Try that now? There we go
Sorry! (MK) We got the video of Rick.
(AB) Hello! (AB) Hello.
(MK) Hello! yes, you’ve got to open up your thing. Yeah!
(AB) I go switch? (MK) Hello, yeah go ahead please.
(AB) Okay. (AB) I switch my camera to show
these Health Pens that I made …
from your teachings. So, what I want to share…
In this pipes I have the same pens, like here,
but with more windings. Here I have 162
windings, and here I have
144 windings. This both Health Pens
I use to treat myself …against viruses like flue,
flue viruses. This … using that way,
that with right hand I keep that pen,
next to a Himalayan Salt lamp, and with the left hand
I keep that Health Pen to that side and I keep in that way,
for … maybe, 20 to 30 to 40 minutes,
it depends from my body. Actually, I keep it as long as
I feel that I need to hold it. (MK) What does it do? What’s the purpose of this? (AB) The purpose is
against viruses, I mean, when I feel that I’m
starting to get sick from a virus. For example, if I see many
people around me sick from virus, and when I feel getting,
to get a cold or a flu, later at home I keep this pens, that way
and I feel much, much better. and I feel,
cured from the virus. I mean for the early… this is
early prevention from the virus and that way, I keep healthy
with this pens. This is nano-coated
with caustic only. And the … The Copper, is the same,
like from the MaGrav. (MK) It`s fantastic,
thank you very much. We are using,
what you are doing this white bottle, the
transparent bottle from Coca-Cola. Yeah!
This is what … We are using in Africa
for medical application. It’s cheap, you can put it
in the market, very rapidly. (AB) Yes,
Yes! That’s why I use it, because its cheap.
(MK) If you don’t have access to huge things,
these bottles are, are a gift. (AB) Yes, Yes! Actually,
that’s all I wanted to share. It’s tested and everyone
can test it for themself. (MK) For themselves,
Yeah, I understand. (AB) It’s easy, very easy.
Thank you very much. (MK) Thank you very much. Anything else? (AB) I’ll stop sharing.
(MK) Thank you. Is there anything else
to share, Rick? (RC) There’s still more questions
as always Mr Keshe, but I’m not sure if you
want to carry on with that? (MK) What’s the time now
what’s our time limit? (RC) We are at
3 hours into it. (MK) Okay, lets see if we can
answer any questions. (RC) Okay,
I’ll see what we have here. (RC) We have two people here
with their hands up. I can promote them to panelist
and see what they have for questions. There is a Martin and … Who is the other person? Another person just got promoted
there as well, Jigbani as well, if you want to … hold you first, I’ll try to
unmute you. Hello Jigbani if that’s the name,
can you speak there? Do you want to ask
a question, or? (J) Yes, good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Come on,
where are you from? (J) I’m come from Togo. (MK) Togo, Yes! (J) Link of Mr Paul. (MK) Yes. (J) Okay! Yes, I want to thank you
everybody for Keshe Foundation, but now I see somebody, ask question
if Mr Keshe believe of Karma? But I don’t have answer.
I want to know if, what you say to him? (MK) I don’t understand. (J) I say, “in the question one person ask
you question, if you believe to the Karma?” If Mr Keshe believe? But I don’t know
the answer, thats why I’m asking question. (MK) Believing in Karma?
Depends what you call a Karma. (RC) There was another question,
sorry there’s another question as well that relates to that, that someone
was asking, in fact two people are. There was Doug asked,
does Mr Keshe believe in Karma? And also Umed asks how the past life
affects our current life? So is that, that’s related
as well perhaps some? Mr Keshe you can
talk about that a bit. (MK) Yeah, but you got to explain to me,
what you call a Karma? (J) Okay! Somebody are talking
about Karma like, This if … it means
that you live in the life and one time you died
and when the the baby born, they’re saying that the
energy of the… that person,
come again in the life. That, they
are calling Karma. I don’t want to… I don’t…
I want to know if it is that? (MK) Yeah, but you have to explain that
very, very much, exactly what you mean. When this person
asked for Karma, they are telling that in Africa if
somebody in the life, like me. Okay?
(MK) Aha. (J) This life, after that, if your
energy finished like you died, is finished.
They are saying that if the new baby come, and this baby have the link,
like the past person. So, that I want to have clarified,
of this notion of Karma. (MK) If you think you’re… …you’re … by dying,
you come back. and recreate, you get
reincarnated, you mean? (J) OK.
(MK) Yes? Or your Soul gets reincarnated in
another body or a child or whatever? (J) Yes, yes! (MK) … I don’t believe in that. (J) Okay! Thank you.
(MK) Because the way, the way I understand
the process of creation, you never die.
(J) Okay! (MK) You’re… In a way
you never die. It’s a transformation, from one state
to another of a different strength. (J) Okay!
(MK) But depends what you have gathered in the process. (J) Okay! (MK) … I do … I … and …. the way I understand
the process of the creation, (J) Yes? (MK) Reincarnation in the level of the
physicality, of the same dimension, (J) Okay!
(MK) is impossibility. But you can,
when the Soul is free to manifest itself
in different dimensions, but you still have connection
with what you call it, the Souls which
you have interacted or you have created
in the process of your life. Reincarnation on the level of
the humanity back on the human race and back it’s more
or less impossibilities you cannot kill yourself
and come back again. (P)Thank you Mr Keshe.
(MK) Thank you very much. That’s my understanding. (P) Okay,
Thank you Mister. (MK) You’re doing a lot of good work
in Togo. We are watching you. (P) Yes thank you sir, we are trying.
Lucky to give to Mr Paul. (MK) Thank you very much indeed. (P) Thank You Mr Keshe. (RC) …Mr Keshe, we have a question from
I think an old friend, Ivan Ivanoff It’s in the livestream he asks
Rick, please ask my question: “Hi Mr Keshe I was trying to reach the
Soul according to your instruction. I followed the signals as you described.
I have a problem. It doesn’t matter what feeling I follow
as deeper I go as the strength of the feeling increases until
it starts to be impossible to follow. How can I go further? If I feel a pain on
the top when I follow deeper, start to be like 10, the pain and
my attention can’t stay there, it is impossible.” Speaking of attention?
So, that’s the basic question is … (MK) I don’t understand
what the question is. (RC) Well he’s I think you have a
technique about following the pain, or following the feeling deeper
and he says he “goes deeper but the feeling increases until
it starts to be impossible to follow.” (MK) The more you practice
the deeper you can follow. The restriction comes out of
the fear of the man of unknown. (RC) The more you can tolerate,
you develop a tolerance for it, like tolerance for pain. (MK) …Soon, very soon,
men of Space will understand. I was in a meeting yesterday and I said,
to the people around the table that… We are going to go
to Space from here in Accra. And they could not believe it,
“Here impossible!” I said, “it’ll happen very soon, because
we are on the verge of doing it.” and … After understanding
the explanation of the technology they could see, “Yes” … they could go. But, they’re still
looking at the physical dimension to go, because if you go further, you can
travel with the Deep Space of your body. You don’t need. One day, I explain how the body of the
Man is created to be able to transmute. And, the Man has not
even understood. Stand and look for the body
of the Man from the top. From top of the head. You will see the condition of the
structure of the four reactors and you’ll see the condition of the
twelve reactors … even more. If you can go deep enough
to reach the state of the Soul. You will understand,
how deep enough you can travel within the space of the dimension. This is very, very, simple. The shape of the body of the Man,
especially the brain and other organs. Has given Man the opportunity
to be able to travel if he understands his emotion
he don’t need a vehicle. If you adjust your breathing, in line with the work of the flow
of the blood in your heart. You have found the Delta. If you find the position of the interaction
of the position of the emotional side, you have achieved
the fourth reactor. You always look for the chakra from the
bottom to the top but the chakra of the Space of the Man in motion,
sits flat on his chest. If you understand this process, then through the emotion, which you
can change the reactors of the Soul or strength of the release of the Soul, you decide, the shape
of the body of the Man, in manifestation of its existence. If you can control your lungs…
now you can see, you decide the flow
of the energy and with it, you decide
the shape of the Man. Those who speak about chakras
and they work this way, they have not fully understood
the knowledge of the existence. You go with the chakras this way. But in fact, you have to work what is
connected to the emotion. Not to the physicality. Anything below this side is to
do with the physicality, totally. So, when you have the Soul,
in the strength through the emotion and you have
the existence of the lungs. Now you see yourself
in a dimension of the craft. You decide, what to be manifested,
in what shape, which comes here. It’s the pull of the physicality
of the matter of the state which creates the extension of the
body of the Man. So, if you understand how to control
this environment, through your emotion. As I said, you can even decide,
on the color of your eyes, every second. The people who carry different Souls,
you call them a schizophrenic, they have access to this better
than anybody else. They change their behavior
and the physicality with it. You see people with very strong
characteristics of multiple Souls, they change the color of their eyes,
through the emotion. So, it’s the Soul and
emotion which dictates the manifestation of the physicality. When you look into eye
of a person with multiple Souls when you speak to one Soul or the other,
you see the color of the eye changes because that’s what I want to attract,
that’s why I want to be shown. So the emotion changes and it happens
instantaneously. I’ve seen a few. So, the emotion has a direct effect on
manifestation of the physicality. So you tell me how you can do. If you are in control of your emotion
that you can interact with your Soul you can change your direction
and dimension anywhere in a Space. You don’t need aircraft.
You don’t need a Spaceship. Many people travel like this
across the Universe. Many, many. Because they control their emotion and
they decide the place of manifestation. They carry both male and female
as you call it but they don’t, it’s not a reproduction organ.
It’s giving from to exist. You become the Adam and the rib.
That’s where it comes from. So with your emotion
you can and you do exist. And that’s what they call
when the “Souls fall in Love.” Because it’s the sharing of the
Essence of the energy of the Creation. But, it takes Man
a long time because, Man does not have trust,
in his own existence. Let alone knowing he can control
his emotion and his Soul. Because, we always been,
put separation, that there is a God, but in fact, the God is the creator
of their own soul which connects. Next question! (RC) … There is a related question in
the Livestream from? Laurinq Cesco…? Is the human blood connected to
the emotional level, because the red blood-cells have lost
their cores? Which they mentioned, birds have DNA
cell cores in their blood, apparently. … They mention the intermediary layer
you were talking about before, … for the materialization
of the Fields, and the red blood-cells light up
as we all know. (MK) The creation of the blood
as I’ve explained in the other teaching, is the connection
between, the emotion or the Soul of the Man,
with the physical part. The physical part carried by the Iron
which is the planet you have created from, which gives you the Hemoglobin,
the beginning of the structure. And the Oxygen is from the dimension
of the Amino Acid side. Which the two create a flow, I explained
this last week or two in the teaching. So, the blood
carries both the Field-interaction, composition
of the Emotion. As one side with the Amino Acid, and on the other side the metal side
which is the physicality, which Oxygen does
the emotional side, and the Iron in the Hemoglobin does
matter side of connection to the planet. And of course
it does effects one and that’s how you share
everything between the body. The emotion side and
the physical part. If you look at it your brain
is the gaseous part, and from neck down you’re in matter-state where there is the matter of
the muscles and everything else which is the attributes of
the physical part of the planet. So in Deep Space,
you can travel, you never die. At the moment as I said before,
in the other teaching. The assumptions that when you go into
Space you die and deep and you disappear. In a way you never die,
if you understand your Soul, you decide,
where you want to land. You become
a rocket on your own. When they find a Man who,
has found the path to his Soul. He’ll exist anywhere in the Universe. The path to your Soul, is the chameleon
to the life in the Universe. Any other question? (RC) Well, Mr Keshe the question
comes up of course… Leon asked a question
in the chat, Zoom chat. “So, why are we building a Spaceship? Why not building a activating station
for our body?” (MK) We are teaching everything, it’s you
who decide which ship to take. OK?
(RC) Yeah. (MK) The taxi, there is a Jumbo jet,
there is a what you call it a car. You decide which
way you want to transfer. At the moment,
you’re happy the Donkey. So, we’re showing a little bit more
there could be a car too. It’s your decision,
but we teach everybody, just because you have Donkey,
we didn’t stop getting into cars. Any other question? (RC) There’s a question that’s
come up a couple of times … from Fried in
the Livestream. “How is sound used to initiate a building
or changing of Fields? Or how to build a star-ship with the help
of sound next to GaNS and Plasma?” (MK) When you do it let me know. (RC) I’ve been working on some sound
experiments of my own and hope to create a Plasma using sound
in a sphere of water. But I let you know how it goes
and if I get the results I want. (MK) We are always
a student, we learn. (RC) Okay! Is there anybody else who’s in
the panelists who has a question? (MK) Been nearly three and a half hours
… let’s call it a day. We learn a little bit more,
we try to teach that you understand about the Spaceship development, we hear, there is a promising talk.
We’ll see where it goes to? And, … we try to
explore more and more. If we teach everything in one go,
everybody will be left behind. So, I’m taking my time
to teach more in this direction. Please remember we’re still looking
for cancer volunteers, for the trials. We still need the
quite a few more people. On the other hand,
please remember, collaborate with us to gather more information. We are looking
for the past records of two people, on the case of Mr. DL,
we think there are more deaths. Packages which we don’t know about
DL has been part of. And, the ‘Facts about Dirk’, … the researchers and the securities
will put more information, most probably, in the next week or two,
showing the direct connection, before, during and after
the death of the scientist in Holland. How it’s been collaborated. How suddenly they appear in
the compression. And we need to bring
this case to close. The only thing which the Police in
Belgium did not know, was that the Gentleman who
died in the cell, was a collaborator and working with
the guy who initiated it, and he was disposed of,
because he could have talked. The… Everything else,
was made to look that way, because they’ve been after
this suitcase for a long time. We’re sharing knowledge on a regular basis
with the attorneys of all cases, they can pass message on to each other,
and we’re working with the Police in different directions. We need more information on the
background of existence of this Gentleman. Who is … what we call, ‘close associates’,
his ‘partner’, literally, they sleep
and eat with each other. And he… they lived across the road,
more or less, on the same street, because they… there wasn’t
enough time, to plan the next murder. So, it is important for us to close
this case, the way we did with Allen. All the links end up in Antwerp
child trafficking, now on the murders. And the patents, which they put in,
they thought they got. When we speak to the families
and the close friends of the, what you call, in these cases,
we realized that everybody knew. But they even, didn’t know that there
are people putting the patent down. The suitcase just gone missing,
now they can see it. Hopefully, we will have DL in custody
very soon, with his associate. Because you don’t
come up with a patent, and the suitcase, and
plan murders, so willy-nilly. We have evidence showing
the collaboration from 1998, 1999, and suddenly, both of them
become compressionist. Very interesting,
but let the Police do, I promised as I said, “I’ll bring
the murderers of Fabio to justice.” And we’ve seen again,
how it’s happening. …Now, we ask it to be released,
they did not release. So, … researchers and security
have released the pictures. We could have released
the picture of the girl who was killed. And we should see the
picture of the Gentleman who died. This man I’ve met
twice with DL. And strange enough he’s been suspected,
two people he knows all suspected in the same murder,
and one has been disposed of by DL’s connection within
the Belgium Police and we know
which Policeman is involved, because are on the tracks
and it goes from him the same. So, you see the
picture is becoming very clear. We need your further
support and information that, we can
bring this case to a close. And make at least,
the world of scientists safe, and less pedophiles
on the road. We showed his collaboration
with the people he’d call liars that how he’s been lying. And we showed now,
connection with the fire. Everything
is there. We… It’s our job, it’s my job,
not only secure Keshe Foundation. Stop all the nonsense
which has gone. We don’t want you to take anything down,
because you left enough fingerprint, that, with what you’ve written in the
past year, we’ll bring you the justice. You have done enough
yourself damaging yourself. You’ve shot
yourself in the foot. Now, we help you
to get to the ambulance, which is,
takes you to a prison. Thank you very much for today. (RC) Very good thank you Mr. Keshe
once again. Okay! That will end the teaching for
the 158th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday,
February 9th 2017. And thank you everybody
once again for attending. And for participating in
today’s workshop. Okay! I’ll end the Livestream feed.

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