159th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, February 16th, 2017

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in Plasma technology. Applicants will be contacted
with further instructions and details on the application process. Welcome everyone, to the
159th Knowledge Seekers Workshop. of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute. And, once again we are here with Mr keshe
of the Keshe Foundation. It’s Thursday,
February 16th 2017. ِAnd we’ll hear from the… with the latest news from
around the World, in the…
in the realm of Plasma. And I understand today we’ll have some
discussion on the… on nano-coating. And, other topics
that Mr Keshe will choose. Mr Keshe are you there? Ready to go? (MK) Yes good morning.
Thank you very much Rick. Good morning,
good day to you As usual, wherever and whenever
you listen to these teachings. …As you’re all aware we are moving
into different directions. Some of us are
learning about nano-coating. And some of us, moved into the steps
of further down. In GaNS, and some people have moved
into production of the Hydrogen, for Space
development. In the past week or so, we have seen
production of two types of Hydrogen. In one experiment it’s getting
validated further . Which allows us to go in the next steps
of fueling what we call, ‘Space Reactors’. With mono-atomic or
mono-plasmatic … fuel. Which, this gives us a huge opportunity
to do different experiments and validate different
kind of work. As I said before, “I have shared the knowledge of the creation of the for
Plasmatic, Mono-Plasmatic Hydrogen . To two of our close,
what we call, researchers. And, we have seen
some development. So, as it goes
it’s done in a specific way, that we only get what
we’re looking for. We see, that we get
ready for the, what we call, the ‘proper’ ways to do the
Spaceflight. As part of
the same process, we have explained before. The choice of Accra and now
that we have been given the premises to build the first
Spaceship Inst… What we call, ‘launchpad’. Brings huge opportunities
to bring the scientists from around the World,
to do this. We are planning,
and now we start bringing in what we call the architects and
the designers and the developers, for the design of the Spaceship,
we call … facilities in Accra. We have brought in, some what we call, ‘architects’,
to look and step starting. From next week or so,
beginning of the February …March, we start laying the first stones,
for the development of this site. The site
will be exclusively, for the work
of the Spaceship Program Space Hospital, Space
what we call, ‘launchpad’, and the facilities to be able to do
indoor, and open space outdoor launch. With the help of what we call most
of the Keshe Foundation close
collaborators. We are going into the next steps
of literally, bringing the Spaceship Program into
reality of, every aspects of the work. We`re talking to
different governments. We’re working with
different organizations. That we get their inputs,
before the building. The structure we will build, is to be,
one-story block across the whole facility. The manufacturing and the
Factory will be part of it. The research and development
will be part of it. The Space Launchpad, Spaceship launchpad
will be part of it, and the Hospital
will the part of it. We will be,
given more facilities, if we need. We are in a position that there are
large amount of land within the… What we call the
Atomic Commission. Secure Military Zone,
that we can use . This puts a huge
pressure on us to start raising funds for
the development. We are
looking for support. First of all, those of you who
have experience in making cores, and understand
the development. We call upon you, and on
your own interest, to join us in Accra to start building the first structures. We will facilitate both static
and dynamic systems. We facilitate everything else. And having
the factory near us. There will not be here any shortage,
of what we call, materials. We are launching from today,
a request to raise 250 million Euros, or Dollars for building
of the site. Keshe Foundation, through it’s own work,
will meet most of these demand. If you want to be
part of this, or support the development and
building of the site, You’re quite welcome to join.
We are looking for the first time donations for the Foundation
to build the site . What we have decided
and will do is we put live cameras in different locations that people
cansee the build-up. That they can monitor, how it’s
happening and the way it’s happening. We have to wait, a couple of months maybe,
to start the final position of it. We’ve been told that we have a
free-hand to build. There is no restriction on,
what we call, ‘the site’, as long as we,
follow the regulations, because in a position we are,
we are exempt. And we are covered by lot of protections
of the governmental organization. This allows us a
rapid development and building the hopefully,
the first floor layout … starting
first week of February. I put out this appeal
for raising funds to build because this will
belong to all the humanity . On the
another hand, on the site,
we build the first step. Step of, creating a permanent residence
for the Universal Council. At the same time
on the same place, we’ll facilitate the building of
the World Council chamber . So, as you understand, Keshe foundation has reached
the point. Building of
the Universal Council. Meeting point,
replacing the United Nation. And building up a ‘One World’
government leadership, with the six members of the
World Council, start in two weeks time. So we will give it a permanent
address, permanent position. And then facility will be made
for the Council to have a, what we call,
‘seafront position’. That, you do not need to
reach the Council with what we see the problems with United Nation today. That a government has to aprove your entry
to be able to enter United Nation which is supposed
to be a free land. These are all in pipeline. But,
as of February first week of February,
we lay down the first stones, for what we call creation of
Universal Councils permanent residence,
the World Council Permanent Chamber. It is appropriate to be
at the same side as the first what we call, the
‘Spaceship Launchpads’ will be there. We carry out tests and launch from
the site, and as you know Ghanaian government is
the only government who has signed themselves into
the peace treaty of themselves. Without
anyone from outside. We show
this nation of peace, around, before January. So, we have
entered what we promised, 2017 there is a lot of work to be done. There is a management, taking off,
to Keshe Foundation tomorrow that will discuss,
the steps to be done. I’m stepping down in…
from a lot of positions to be able to see what is this,
final point to be done and you will see
new people around the Foundation who’ll take the
realm of running it. We already transferred the
Keshe Foundation management on everything
which is needed to be done, to a new lady
and she’s doing very well. Which will have to take the responsibility
of carrying this out. My position is to see the…
what we called a Spaceship Institute with all the facilities for development
of the Space System. Support of
the Space System. Creation of Universal Council,
and work of the World Council, to be operational
this year. We know this
takes a lot of time it’s taken a long time
to be where we are. But, for the first time, we have the
position that we can build on, And we can support the building
of other facilities through Accra. So, in a way,
Keshe foundation Ghana becomes the center
Point of World Worldwide work of the Keshe Foundation,
in supporting, in everything possible. We are working
with governmental organizations. We are working with
different authorities to see this through, and in the coming time, we have shown that this was
one of the best solutions. The place of the, what we call
the ‘Spaceship Institute’ in Accra will be the position where most of the
flights, initial flights, public flights should take place. We have the fuel and … we are getting in
the dynamic reactors inside It will be with us next couple of weeks,
and we start not only with the factory, but we start the research
in the dynamic system flights, mono-atomic, mono-Plasmatic fuel
from Accra in next weeks maximum month or so. We are training scientists to be able
to do it, and this is the next step for us. So, as we said,
we have a lot to discuss. It have to be done and we have put
and we are requesting for the Worldwide support of
the Keshe Foundation supporters to donate towards the building of the…
the whole site. Be it, the
Space Launchpad, The Space Research Center. The World Council,
the Universal Council, the Factory, the Hospital
and the rest of it. The Research Center will be one of the
most powerful sections of the work. And we’re talking and we’ll facilitate in
time, that the scientists under banner of the Keshe Foundation
will not require visa restriction. These are the things
will take to setup. So, if you are a
Keshe Foundation supporters you are in the Dynamic Reactors,
you are in Agricultural side we try to make it,
literally easy, for you to get in. The reason we have
chosen one story block. First of all, we have plenty of land. We can double the land,
and we have land in other position. Being on a flight site, you don’t need to
be up, that you can be touched. So, and we have enough facilities to
support one story blocks be it from every angle,
we are not looking to stand out. We are looking to be practical,
that we can do everything possible. One-story block, allows us
to create rapid development. We can build huge structures,
flat, in matter of weeks. And that doesn’t put pressure on us. In trying to become multi-story we’ll
create problems in all sorts of directions, but this allows us to be
very much practical, and allowing to push,
forward with the development. We need and we’ll place in position
brick factories, on-site cement factory, on-site,
that there is no need and restrictions. Everything else, will be very much in line
with what a Space Station should be. We need a lot of support. Ghana in the technology of
the Space and Spaceship program is very, very, in infancy, So, most of you who have tested
different kind of dynamic systems, most of you who are testing
flight systems, most of you who’re doing anything
in Agriculture, whatever, you can come in,
teach others across the World. We make it Pan World platform, is not
Pan African, is not Pan European. So you can come in,
teach, learn and go. This is the plan. We are looking for those
who can bring in the dimensions of the Spaceship Technology
in dynamic system, into Accra. We use Ghana as a center for
excellence for World Spaceship Technology. We have a government,
which is committed to Peace. We have a Nation which is Peaceful
and with it, we bring the Ethos of the Keshe Foundation for
World Peace, in one place. We have to understand,
this has taken a long time, this will take a long time
to become what it should have been. It will not be overnight. So, from now on, the speed of
the growth of the Spaceland what we call the Spaceship Center
depends on how we get support and contributions
from every aspects: scientifically, financially,
structurally. In a way, in every way, we need to
develop this to a position of excellency. When it’s become that,
then we have moved on. I have to step down,
once because of my health, secondly, because in condition
of the Spaceship Program, we need to
bring new generations in. What we look at, and what we see,
the old generation, anybody over 30-35, is old in this game. A new generation,
by accident or by coincidence, or by the development of the new
technologies, have been brought up. We, as what we call ‘elder’,
would not be able to tolerate months and years in Deep Space. We are used to ground, we are used
to Earth, we are used to other things. We could take excursions
for a short time. Confinement of the Spaceship,
is not for a lot of us. The new generation, what I call ‘the
computer boys or children, girls’, who spend a lot of time,
peacefully behind the computers and computer games. Are, and become
the future of the Space Program,
the Spaceship Program. We see changing behavior of our
children through this new technology of what we call computer games. Some of them playing violent games
that have, that can be changed. But, most of them play games
and interact for hours on end, for days on end,
they don’t need anything else. They are in the world of
existence of their own. And, this is what’s going to be,
in the Space Programs of future. How much
research can you do? How much
development can you make? We are looking
and we are watching, the generation of
the Spaceship Children, have already, and already
in ages of up to 20-25, because they’ve been brought up.
they spend hours and hours, days, behind these
game consoles. Confinement of Space, needs these
kind of, passive mentality, that it doesn’t lead
to aggression. We are gradually seeing the
development of the generation of the Space People. People who can spend time not necessarily computer games but in a way, developing the
Space Technology in the same manner to move from electronic consoles into understanding of the structure of
the brain and communication through it. We see them,
how they play on these consoles. We see them, how they predict
and perceive different dimensions which gives them
and allow them to think beyond the dimension of physicality,
which is in the world of Plasma and in a pole of
the work of the Universe. So, the way we build up
the Space Center is understanding
for the future generation. Which have already,
are in their infancy but, they have
learned to take time. They have learned,
there is a confinement of space within the structure,
of the game in hand. We cannot export and
put on every Spaceship, computer games and consoles
and ipad and laptops. In the future, the next generation, will learn
the dimension of the communication the same way,
as we have taught and will perceive the same kind
of organization in the mental work. So, as you see,
there is a lot to be done. We need those, who understand control
of behavior through peaceful ways and, we see this
in the younger generation. Some, which play violent games,
we see where they go. We look for those
who set their mind and they operate
between the different direction. Somebody said “we are looking for girlish games”. No, we are looking for “Peaceful games.” Game of life in the Space. To be Men of the Space, needs a specific
way of thinking, a specific way,
mental understanding. Being serene,
but being open-minded, to every
eventuality in Space. In the new Space Center,
we teach, psychological,
emotional pattern of control of the Spaceship. Of one’s own being. As I said, once we set things up, we start working
in the direction we should be. But the same time,
a lot are catching up. A lot of people
are learning. A lot of people
are teaching. But, we have passed every step of
developing different aspects. Now, we are learning and teaching
governments to go into a way of multi-application for what
is needed here on Earth. But , beyond it with the
building of the Spaceship Centre, we teach the behavior, the ethos,
the control of the Spaceship system. Those of us who are in their 50’s and
60’s like me, will have a harsh time, a very hard time, to stay still, in the
confines of a Spaceship for decades. We see our new generations,
younger generation can spend weeks and months
behind the console… Peaceful, reach for a little bit of food,
back on the console, do something, a little,
back on the console. Not being concerned,
in where they are. You can take them in a deep mine
and leave them with what they need, they’ll still be peaceful. We can leave
them in the most luxurious homes, they’ll still be, the chair, the environment
they have created for themselves where they’re peaceful,
it’s the most important things for them. And then, this is the generation ensuring
peaceful condition between Man and the Universal Community. The extension of the program and
the development of the Space Centre, here, in Ghana, is a breakthrough
for Man to understand himself more, how he’ll behave in Deep Space. This will take time,
but, from what I see, the development of
the mono-Plasma reactors, which are now
getting developed, is on the position, and will be for us,
to be able to launch, every aspects of the technology. Still, we have to deal on the reality of
what we are with governments, with cancer, and everything else. The next step for us, in every aspects,
is to convert all the work into the work of a single mono-Plasma,
which means anything can be done. This process might take a year,
might be take two years, to convey across. The way you all learn
how to make nano-materials, how you learned
how to make GaNS’es, how you learnt to make
dynamic systems, and everything else. What we try to do, and it’ll be done
hopefully in the coming time, that all the works of the
Spaceship Institute in Ghana, will be continuously
live on Internet. Because, we don’t
know how and where we might inspire
somebody with something which can be beneficial to humanity
in Space or Man on this planet. So, what you’ll see…
is the intellectual growth in understanding
the process of the Deep Space. Let us look at
what we are talking about. Let’s go deeper in understanding how as human race, we can condition
ourselves into the Man of Space? One of the problems we have
is our own physicality. The limitation of the movement,
and the speed of movement due to the configuration of
the physical body of the Man. We got to understand,
how we can change this, how we can
come to control this. Control of the physical structure
is the key to the success of Man’s in existence
in Deep Space. Those of you who’ve been busy with
building GaNS’es and nano-materials and different GaNS’es, It’s time for you to
start playing and teaching, specially the young generation, how to interact, that they start
understanding the position of the strength and the emotion, in
respect to the change and physicality. Let me explain what this means. A lot of you
have built GaNS’es, have made
different types of GaNS’es, you have put them in different boxes ,
in different containers, different spheres
and the rest. In teachings of about a year,
two years ago, We explained, even
in the private teachings that how you can
use your energy or the energy of the emotion,
in creating motion. Moving a matter from emotion,
which is very powerful, but a different strength,
is very hard. One of the first things I would like
and it’ll be done here is for you to make GaNS’es of like…
Zinc Oxide Make different types of Zinc Oxide, you all know how to do it. In one container with
the normal connection, in one container with
the higher voltage or amperage. Make 3 or 4 different kinds of
Zinc Oxide, put the Zinc Oxide in a sphere
or in a container, where you can see
different layers of it preferably, use a sphere then start using different
kinds of emotions, in yourself and see how possibly different layers
of the GaNS’es in the sphere will interact, will move. In the past, Man
tried to move the matter by trying to force field itself. Now the GaNS of Zinc, especially if you
made the Zinc from the materials of matter … not materials of matter but
materials of the matters which already have transformed into a GaNS through
Amino Acid conversion. Like Zincs from different vegetables,
different greens, different beans. These are the ones which you’ll
see much faster interactions. Then, try to see if you feel happy which layer would respond. Try to see, if you’re sad, which layer
would respond of the Zinc? This way you start learning the
interaction between fields of emotion and the fields of the GaNS. This is, very much like,
the first time you go to school, and they give you a pen
and you draw the first lines, then in the future, lining is straight
and curvature makes an A and B and C. This is, the test to learn how to hold
the pen… pen of emotion. This way, you learn
how you do not need to have physical
movement in your intention, but your emotion creates the physical
motion of the GaNS’es or structure of it. The structure of the body of the Man
is not made by physicality first, it’s made by emotion that
the physicality built around it. So, you do the same. You create the condition of the control,
of your own emotion and you see if this layer
moves when I feel happy, it means this is the
strength of my emotion of happiness. Start to build these tools
for the others to see. At the beginning it’s exciting because
now I feel, it goes, it moves. Then, you extend the arm without
doing it through emotion. I want to reach, and you see how,
the GaNS changes structure, of its presentation, or the speed of the motion. This is how you start learning
what I call, ’emotional control’. What I feel, it will respond. This is the key to the operation
of zero-time communication and decision-making in Space Travel. Electronics are too cumbersome and
they are not advanced enough. The world of computers today, is, literally at infancy, not even born,
when you understand how you use the emotion
for interaction and creation. Start understanding how you can
put a physical structure around the emotional development. In the future, when you learn
more, you will understand the center of the ball has a Soul. Then, you
work in the future, in the coming time, through
the emotion of the Soul which this, has a zero time,
across the Universe. Those who have
developed to this level, understand
what they’ve got to do. And for human race, we start
with the holding of the pen. And see how we make
a straight line or inclined angle line. This is the way,
which we have to go. Some of you are still interested in the
shape of the nano-material. The structure of the GaNS. Those of you who have understood and developed, and what
we’ve developed here, is the people who can understand to
control their physicality, through their emotion and through
the operation of their Soul. When they come
in the land of Acetic, In the space of dimensions
of the Universe, they create through the protection
of the Soul physical structure, according to the environment. Now you understand the
Teaching of the Space. Now you understand how we need
to go in the next step, now that we are building the
Spaceship Center. You will not see
computerized screens. What happens if it breaks, do we have
to come all the way back to Earth, to get silicon and chip. The design of it,
we carry blueprint of every chip. Or we learn through the dimension
of the emotion, the way you dream. The way your dream
is visual. The way you see and touch
and feel and taste, becomes reality of the operation of the
manifestation of the emotion and the Soul. In the dimension that you can allow
people see your emotion, or you can hide it the way
nobody sees your dream. In the Space Center
which we build, computers will
be in the back-rooms. Where the interaction
of the physical structure is created through
the emotion of the Man. Go back… to our teachings, many times
I refer to: “The time will come that will
manifest in front of you the presence of, bless his name,
the Christ. You, each one see him, the way
you perserve him to be. According to your own emotion.” And it will be interesting, when we put
many Christians together, and let them to play, the game on the
screen of life of Plasma, in how each one sees,
blessed Christ, through their emotion. Some will see him black, some will
see him with blue eyes. Some will see him blond,
some will see him short. Some will see him a giant. And then we will see the reality
of the collective awareness, through this emotion. So, when you come
to become the Man of Space in the Spaceship Institute in Accra, you will come to a new dimension, of understanding yourself
and the operation of your Soul, better than you ever thought. Computers are too slow. Motors are irrelevant, worse than computers. But, if you have created
the containment of the emotion, within the structure
of different strength Plasmas. You will find,
the core will take physical structure. This is the future, and
this is what we have to learn. We have to learn
how to adapt ourselves. On Earth, when we go to the North Pole, we wear a heavy coat, boots
and everything else. And when we go on the beach
we are happy with the bikini… and a brief. In Space, we
cannot carry these clothes. We have to learn
how, through emotion, to protect the skin of the Man,
from the environment of the Space. And, this
is the first step. Not to force the condition
on the Plasma. But to understand the interaction
of your emotion with the Plasma. This is the Secret to the Existence
of the Man in Space. To understand the emotion
of the environment. To understand, the power of
the environment, which you exist in. And, how you want
to be in that environment. You enter Space like Earth. Would you like to live
on the surface of it? Would you like to live in
the gaseous part of it? Would you like to live within
the liquid environment of its ocean? Or would you like to live within
the structure of the solid layer top, as a caveman. Would you like
to go into the center and live within the
motion of the magma? Or, would you like to live
in the condition of the Plasma, within the
center of the planet? The best testing ground for
Man, is his own home. You have everything here to test,
what you might get in Space. It’s the best incubator,
it’s the best research center for Man, for the new generations,
to have and be equipped. That he can go
into the acetic world of part of his
structure of the planet, Or go to the high temperature
of the magma in a volcano. Or, to live on the upper layers, where there is a mono structure
of certain strength, which is detached from the
physicality of the part of the planet. So, what you need and what
we look into, is to build everlasting bowls of Plasma. And then, with this, create conditions
of the structure, if need be. And then through it,
we learn that we do not need the physical structure of the bowl,
but we create bowls of Plasma through our emotion, which creates
what we need, at the point of need,
through our emotion. Because, our emotion
works very much in interaction
with the fields of the Universe. So, it knows its condition to be,
and what needs to be done. Then, you’ll find something very simple; the condition
creates a peaceful creature. Because, you are so busy in trying to
sustain the beauties of the Creation, that everything
else is irrelevant. Look at the structure
of your brain, and look at the structure of
the physicality of your body. Have you seen your arm and leg
and heart kicking each other? The internal structure of the body of Man
in collaboration and cooperation of the brain of the man,
his Soul and his emotion, is forever busy, in containing itself,
that it does not go out to damage. You don’t see an arm sticking out,
hitting somebody and going back in. This is what we have to learn, learn that Man in Space can
last millions of years through the existence of his Soul. If, the Man is happy with a few decades
of life on this planet, Man will stay. We don’t expect the whole 7 billion
to become the Man of Space, very few will join us very, very few. Those who can go through
the transition of understanding the operation
of the emotion, and can understand the
needs of the Space, to be part of the
Space itself. ‘I made man in the image of myself.’ ‘I am what I am.’ ‘I am the beginning, I am the end.’ This is what Man will understand,
now that we start the true Teaching of the operation
of the Space Technology. You tested many cores, different speeds,
different current flow, to create different GaNS’es
and now you understand, all this has been for you to build
the trust in the existence of yourselves, operation and control in the future of the
Space Technology, of the Man in Space nothing more. Those are, who are busy with MaGravs,
stay busy with MaGravs, as I said “Man will take from this technology,
according to his own intelligence.” So, those of you, who work around
the work of the Plasma, those of you who went step higher
to find the mixture of the Soul of the Man and make emotion
of the Man those of you in Agriculture
who went to find the emotion and the Soul of the planet’s
and strength of the fields, now, you can build the houses of God,
which is the sign of the Creation. If you understood,
the totality of the knowledge? Those of you who are happy with
using Plutonium or Gold, to achieve what, you stay the same. Those of you, who go to
the essence of the Creation, you do not need to divide
and decay to go lower you start from the lower,
which is the essence and the basis of the creation
of everything else. So, you go down to creation of the
Plasma, mono-Plasmatic Hydrogen, and, even further than that,
mono-Plasma dynamic systems, which through their division
of different parts you create the structure
of the totality. The Creation of the Universe has been one
of the secrets of the Creation of the Man. How does it happen? How does it expand to be,
and how did the Unicos started? Everything started from
a single Plasma, the secret of the Creation of the
Universe, comes from Unity of itself. But, if you never understood,
in a very simple picture in Book Number 3
I have explained it, but you always looked at it
in the matter-state. There is a picture in Book Number 3
which is the essence of the explanation of the unity of the Creation,
across the Universe. And many of you
never understood, nobody have ever understood,
how powerful this picture is. This is the only way, we could hide
the knowledge of the Universe. This is the way that
when you come to this point, and you see
the picture in the Book you understand, ‘Oh my God I have
the Unicos, I have the Universe, I have my own structure within it,
and I was not aware of it.’ I have given the full knowledge
of the Creation, of the, what you call, the Creator,
or the Origin, in the Book 3 and it’s all in one picture. In this, I, it shows without a talk
the beginning of the Beginning, the Origin of the Creation. The existence of one field,
leading to the Creation of the Universe. Search for it, open the Book,
and you shall see. It’s in other book, in a different way,
but the same explanation. The Origin of Life
starts with the simplest, and then in it’s transition
in the Space of the Creation, and in it’s loss of strength and
interaction, of the different strength, leads to Creation
of new dimensions, but in totality, everything is
within the Beginning. ‘I am the beginning, I am the end.’ Because, I begin with one
and out of myself I create
my own division, which leads to Creation
of new dimension. What does this mean? (RC) I was going to say, Mr Keshe
would you like to use the Whiteboard, to help explain some
of these ideas? (MK) I thought you understood, Rick? (RC) Well … it’s for
our audience … Mr Keshe I’ve been, actually looking through the
book here myself and viewed at some of the (MK) Can you allow me to share?
(RC) Yes, please! (MK) I explain to you,
you will understand in one go, that we have released the
‘Secret of Creation’ from the beginning, but nobody was there to see. Go back, in one of the pictures
you see this. And then,
in the same process, you see for example this. In other places you see this. The Plasma is the Universe, and as it releases it’s fields
in interaction, and reduction of it’s fields,
in the Space with other fields leads to Creation
of Universes. So, the whole Unicos is within
the structure of one Plasma. Sometime, you don’t need
the line of connection the interaction itself,
leads to creation of new conditions, and in so many ways you change everything, in different directions. So, you don’t need to
have one line the interaction of different
field strength leads to the creation
of a New Universe. And then again, the interaction
of the fields inside that Universe, leads to Creation
of Galaxies and the same inside,
different field strength leads to Creation
of Solar Systems the Planetary, the Soul,
the structure of the Man, and below. So, now this explains the
Unified Field Theory. You, all come
from one. This is much cleaner and clearer
in the pictures in the Book. Now, if you understand this, then you understand, in through
the link of your emotion you can connect yourself
into any dimension. Transportation across the Unicos,
from one Universe to another, is as easy as you get into the car,
you go shopping to the supermarket, once you
understand the structure. This is the Secret of Creation, and Accra will teach this
for those who understand. Then the question comes
“Do we need a Spaceship?” As I always said, “You take this knowledge
according to your understanding.” If you are happy on a back of a donkey,
you still get from A to B. If you’re not afraid
and you can get in the car, you still get shorter time
from A to B. And, if you’re not afraid
and you can get a plane and you’re not
frightened of flight, you still
get from A to B. According to your intelligence
and according to what is available for you to understand,
the position and the condition. Building of the New Space Centre,
is the key to beginning of, opening of the doors
into Universal Community. Many people will pass
the Centre every day with their cars, their bikes,
they walk, their donkey. They take
their herds for food, and they run from one thing
to another, to be. But, within the Centre we Teach
the Travels of the Space, where now, you pass the Galaxies
the Universes and the rest. The distance, between the road and
the Centre is less than 500 meters. That 500 meters brings the gap
between the enlightened and those who are attached
to physicality. We need, while I’m alive,
to build this Centre, that we start the process,
of the transition from Man to Space. For man to understand
the structure of his emotion. For man to understand
the structure of his Soul. For man to understand his Soul
is the structure copy of the Universe
and Unicos. It’s him who
decides his position, and it’s him who decides the awareness
of his existence across the Universe on a balanced
Peaceful condition. We still will build
the Spaceships, for those who still, would like
to have the comfort of touch but we Teach the building of a Spaceship
in the Soul of the Man which has no dimension
and no physicality. So, now you see how fast we come. The building,
the structure is the confinement of the Space,
for Man of knowledge to come to. Beyond that
there shall be no walls except the wall is made by
Man’s fear of… on it’s own existence across the depth
of the Universe. And, if you
become wise enough, you will understand,
that there is no dimension. The strength in confidence
and the strength in understanding is the key to success in
Deep Space travel across the Universes. And Man, has not got
that self-confidence yet. We build this Centre
to start the process. We need to build this Centre,
that we take the next step. Let’s look at something
which we discussed before, in the Teaching’s and in some pictures,
been shown in some Private Teachings. You have seen the video
of a woman with a amputated toe where we grow. In some Teachings,
you have seen, the woman with
no physical part of the brain, but still alive, and after 5 year’s
of paralysis, starts walking. You ask yourself, why? How come, what you call,
without the physical part of the brain, a woman can walk? We were told if you have a stroke
and you take this part of the brain out then there is nothing
you go paralyzed. How come the
person’s still alive? How come the person without the
physicality of the brain, physical part, Still can walk? You were looking for physicality,
of the existence of the brain, we were looking for
the use of the emotion. Strength, that leads to creation
of the physical motion. But, the rest is a magic show,
because you never understood, that we used the emotion and
the strength of the emotion of the person through his Soul,
to move the physicality when the physical part of
the brain does not exist. So, we have already shown this work,
now, you can relate to it. Then you understand,
with the amputation the desire of existence,
allows the creation of the toe. And when the desire dies, because what
was need achieved, the growth stops. So, in both cases we show
the creation of the motion and in the other, we show
the creation of physicality, and this comes from
the same brain structure. It’s for Man to learn. We have a video,
of a coma patient where we control the motion
of the legs and arms through the neural system
on the jaw without the operation
and the need for the brain. Because, we understand,
through the emotion and the
strength of the Soul, which is still alive
within the structure physicality needs, to show
his connection to its emotion. So, all the parts are there. So, we have seen, what you call,
‘the evolution of the physicality’ has been
in front of us. Why some have 3 toes,
and some have 5 toes, and some animals are
happy without any toes? Connect them all together,
because I need their strength is the emotion which have decided
the shape, the size, the presentation, and the manifestation
of the shape, of the end of the physical existence,
in respect to it’s environment. Five nails, one nail, to become a horse
or a donkey, as a hoof or I decide to have
what I want but I want in different shapes
but flexible, “I become the fin
of the fish.” In the Spaceship Centre
we Teach the tools of the Space according to the structure
of the Space not according to the
understanding of the Man, that it has to be
a finger and a toe. You decide, in emotion,
of the strength of the condition. I don’t need 5 fingers. But, you have
to understand the condition of the atmosphere
of this planet enforces such a condition for the Man who want’s to be
in that form and shape. Because, you have to receive energy and
give energy in balanced position through the tip of your fingers,
through the length of your fingers, through the length of your toes,
to the shape of your toes. Because,
this manifests it’s emotion the existence and
the behavior of the Man. Man has
never understood this. You can try to have twenty toes,
and fifty fingers, and you’ll find out
it doesn’t happen. Because the environmental
condition of this planet according to it’s structure of the
the division of multi-materials Plasma enforces,
this kind of a structure. You have no choice,
and this is for man to understand. When I change the atmospheric
condition of the planet which allows, and there is a need, for ten fingers and twenty toes,
you will receive it, because, this is the understanding of
the comfort of the existence, in that position,
the way you want to manifest yourself. Then you can ask
yourself a single question. If you’re a woman,
can I make a mermaid of myself? That I can be the
‘Queen of the Oceans’ and the ‘Beauty of the Land’. Can I create birth,
without the need for a male? Can I be a man,
that I can sleep in peace without the bothers
of the physicality? Now,
Man is given that chance. The structure, of half-man
and half different animals, was given to man, for man to understand
the mixture of his existence if he wishes so. But, Man took it
in different dimension. When you understand, the work
of the Plasma in the shape, we explain, you can live within the oceans,
and seconds later, you can live within the structure of the
solid body of the planet. It’s you who decides the
conformation of the existence because this is how it needs to be
in that space and field-strength. This is how you get
different shapes, and colors and structure of the same animal,
in different part of this planet. It’s for Man to become
intelligent to the knowledge. It is important for us,
to teach the way. We have brought
all the ingredients for making the Man,
the ‘Man of Space’. Now, we have to show him
how to mix it, and how
to stir it, and how
to position it to get bread out of the flour,
or a cake out of the same. It’s you,
who mixes the dough. It’s your emotion which dictates
the manifestation of the physicality. Now you understand,
what will be taught in Accra. We are gathering huge support,
for the next move. We are gathering the intellectuals to make the ground ready,
for the next generation, as the next
generation is not matured enough to be able to understand
the way they are set-up. Now, next time, when you look at
the GaNS in your containers, think, how much of my emotion
this GaNS understands? How much of my anxiety,
has been shared with the …? How much I’ve been brought,
to be in peaceful condition? It’s not wrong,
how you make the GaNS. It’s not wrong,
how you made the nano-coating. It’s not wrong,
what core you use. All this was, to bring Man
to this point. A further step in the knowledge of
understanding of the work of Universe, through the operation
of the Soul of the Man. If we would have taught
this three years ago, they would have
said “the guy is lunatic”, but now we are all ‘Lunatics’
because we made the GaNS’es we’ve seen them moving,
we see the interaction with our emotion, when we take a Zinc,
a Copper or whatever. Now, it’s for us to understand,
what strength we need, for what we need,
to create the condition we need. But, using our own Soul! The problem,
is not the knowledge. The problem is,
accepting and understanding the Truth. The problem is for the Man to understand his
own emotion and his own strength. In fact, there is not a problem. It’s comprehension of the status
of one’s emotion and Soul. Expectation in physicality to we
… in given level of the Soul where in fact,
the Soul can not support: “I love to be famous
and I love to be an actress,” but in fact, I don’t have the figure,
and I …never been trained to be one. How do you expect to be one? This is the question. To be able, to be Man of the Space,
in the condition of understanding the Universal Condition, is for man to learn
to elevate his status of his own Soul. Do I need, to have a physical
interaction to have a child? Or can I have a child of the Soul of the
Creation, without physical contact? Do I need to have
the physical body to love, or do I love the Soul
which creates the physical body? Now the body can be any
kind of shape you want to be. As, I created the line of
interaction and emotion. It’s very hard for a lot of people
and scientists to understand. But, when they understand,
they understand, there is no
need for physicality to create the
interaction of the Creation. I put it to you in a very simple way. Maybe you’ll understand? Does a neutron, have an
intercourse to give you life to a child, what we call ‘the electron’ of itself? No! So, is there a need for existence of
two to create the sibling? Or understanding the division of the
strength can lead, if the condition of inside, what you call
‘gravitational and magnetical’ balances itself in respect
to it’s environment. So, now we understand. I can love unconditionally,
and I can create unconditionally according, to the
environment of the existence. So, in so many ways,
we are back to square one. What you see on the screen,
a lot of you have been looking for, Unified Field Theory. It is Unified. It comes out of giving, and in giving,
creating different strength. The ones which are outside,
return in boldly to match up with what is matching
to create the new dimension. This leads, to the creation
of gravitational force. The creation of Yin and Yang, the
creation of Magnetical and Gravitational comes from the creation of the
motion of giving. That the interaction with
the environment of the fields creates the field of the gravitation. This is the key
to the Secret of the Creation If you understood what I just said. You can manage and
create anything you need, at any strength,
anywhere in the Universe. If you have moved and you have a
division here cause of the strength, which is not the same, and then
you have another one which has come from the field of the strength of the inner
but of the same, the two will interact. In interaction any other fields which is in
the strength will come to be of the same Now you have created gravitational pull where, in fact, the field
still grows to give more. So gravitation comes out of magnetical,
it comes out of the residue of the interaction of the fields in the environment
which are of the same strength. And this it pulls all the fragments
together now that you created And gravity come
to be created out of giving This is what i say: “the more you give
the more you receive” because in receiving now that you have
created multi layers of field forces There is always different
dimension strength available and present
which you can attract. Does the existence of the man become a coincidence of the interaction
of the fields of the Universe? Or was it
by intention of one to create one. The former is much closer to reality. The understanding of the Creation Is the secret to man
passage into the Universe. Because once you understand this Your emotion cannot be abused and you don’t need to keep
on building different House of worships with different names
in different parts of the Universe as you come to
different point of understanding which is above you
and you don’t understand. You create a church of… This and a mosque of that
and a temple of this In different part of the Universe as we become multi-cultured
religious organisations. Now we have become unified religions. Unification of the religions So it means understanding
of the Creation to be One. It’s us, according to our intelligences
make and build different churches, different temples. And now that you understand
the way it works the temple of the God is the temple
of the Creation, and is One. So, where do we go from this point? I will teach in the Spaceship Center. The next step of the interaction
of the man with his own Soul. Through the mirror image of the systems
that the man will make himself. And then through it
the creation of the Spaceship of the unity of
the man’s body on its own. We will see people who make the spaceships
and we’ll see those who understand more make a spaceship out of their own
interaction of the physical dimensions of the strength of their Soul. Then, you become of those,
who have been enlightened. The rest will be busy
with nano-coating and making coils
and health units and flight units. You cannot raise the intellect of all
these 7 billion in one go. And those who take into that direction
of the Space are those who will survive. The upcoming,
what is to come. Because, even if you start building
the Spaceship and understand it, you still need years and years
to be able to control it to fly it where you make a desire to go to a
restaurant, you get up you go inside to have water, you get up,
you get water. So now your desire is to be at the
position in the Universe where the explosion of the fields of the interaction
of two solar systems is too far away. And then you carry the flag of human
race in the Deep Space. Even though the home is gone. I’ll complete the building of the
Spaceship Centre in the coming months. We put the first bricks
down in coming week or two. And then it’s for you as a human race to
participate in the speed of it’s development I have done what I came here for and
these are the last moves, before I depart. It’s for you to understand
the knowledge and build on it. It’s for you to be able to comprehend the
truth about the world of the Creation. And not the way you like to push it. Somebody put a word there, too busy
with somebody put a image there. These all will live in the hand of the man And we keep the man busy
according to his own work. Try to build
mono-plasmatic system. Try in the stage of development, build
mono-plasma of the GaNS’es of your emotion. And then instead of moving the core
try to interact in a peaceful manner with different strength of the same,
and see how you can shape it. Then you know how you can shape your
physical body in different dimensions. Then try to see how your emotion will
show itself in a manifestation of the shape of the
certain layers of the Plasma. It will be nice,
when you find out This GaNS is for my happiness,
this GaNS strength is for my sadness. This GaNS is for the excitement
of the joy of being with a partner. And watch them and see which one
is changing the speed and shape according as you change your emotion. Then you understand
the control system of your emotion and then you create the condition,
where again, the GaNS’es are irrelevant. You see the field flow. Then you touch
to control through your Soul. Where physicality of the existence
of the fields of the emotion become down the line. Then you can
control it at the end what physicality
it will manifest itself: the nail, the skin, the hair,
… the eyelashes. This is what I said many times,
maybe you understand more. Is the creation of the interaction
of the fields of the Plasmas which leads to creation of the Soul. And, once the Soul of the Man, is created
within the womb of the mother, decides the shape of the physicality
according to what it feels in the womb of the mother, in respect to the
mother, to the father, to the environment and the total balance of the Souls, which
are interacting with this position. This is not what is written in
the books of science of today. But now you understand the truth about
how and why we have; Why do you have two kidneys, and one
liver, and … everything else? Because, when the Soul of the Man is
created within the structure, which is, long before, is embedded in
the Soul of the sperm and the egg. You remember? You put an orange and you got
the taste of orange in the water… The shape of the existence, of the liver
and the kidney and everything else Is the same way. You call it DNA.
You call it RNA. But in fact, it’s the replication within
the liquid of the womb of the mother, is the replication of the
cup with the orange. Now you are wondering why
we come up with the same thing, because we mimic the same process.
Now we understand. And in a cup you can have
all the tastes and all the parts. Our dearest friend Alekz has shown
this in the same cup. Banana, an orange and alcohol. In the morning
he felt the orange, In the afternoon
he had his banana at night
he was drunk for 2 days. But it’s the same water. This is why, when you get the rain,
suddenly out of nowhere, you have the
replication of the fish. Where was the fish?
How did the fish get into this water? We didn’t have the fisherman to get fish
from the ocean and drop it in. And you’ll find out the original fishes
are about the same. Because the condition of the replication
of the water, in respect to the environment, seeds the copy of the
replication of the emotion of the planet which is the existence of the fish. Now you understand
how we replicate. Once a pattern’s set and
you become part of the Plasma, if you create the repetition of the same
environment, you will get the same thing. It’s a mass production machine
in dual entities, what we call; ‘the Womb of the Creator’. Be it a dog, be it a Man
and whatsoever. In Space, you decide the shape. So now, it’s the environment which has
given you the dimensions. I have no Calcium here but I have plenty
of Potassium and a lot of Arsenic and much more Carbon. So now in this environment according to
your Soul, you need an environment which can live in Arsenic, with a lot
of Carbon and no whatever. Then, you manifest yourself
to exist in that environment. This we will teach here. If you remember. Go back to part
of the teachings… I explained one day, “I will make… a box …
of the Universe.” In the conference in Eindhoven,
I opened the box and I said: “This is a empty box of the Universe.” You remember? Now, I can create
conditions in that box which shows you, in the condition
of the environment of Universe, in that condition,
how you physically will look. The empty box of the Universe. But, full of the physical conditions
of the field-forces of the Plasma of the Universe. It’s an oven. You give it 250, 300 …
it bakes to a different thing. You put it at 100,
you can braise it. You put the
heat on the top, You fry it faster
and the rest. Now we make the
Plasma of the Universe in a box and you can understand
how you feel, and how we look, if you decide to
put your Soul in that box. Then you understand what I said.
Again I repeat: “I’ll bring you to see
the Soul of Christ.” Because in what you understand from
that, will give you the manifestation of the presentation of the reality,
according to your understanding. So, the incubators of the Universe will be part of the structure
of the new Space Center. In a very simple way,
you all have seen this. But, you can’t connect with,
because it didn’t make sense because you are looking
at something else. Dr Klaus and the medical team,
Dr Rodrigos and the rest have been building this box for you, but
you always connected it with your life. With the physicality, in
shortcomings of the physical life. You already have, appear on,
to the box of the Universe. If I put dynamic Plasma which,
is connected to you in different corner of the box and
I create the conditions of the fields from the other sides, you will see how
you look in the Space of Planet Zeus because the environment has been
created in the box and your Soul is
part of the interaction. You will see if you have 20 arms
and if the temperature is good. In a way, you pretest the
Spacesuit of your life, your physicality, before you take into flight. Would I like to be rice (??) or how would
I look if I had 20 arms and 15 legs? Now you understand why
we are opening the Space Centre. You will not see, what you would have,
and you’ve been seeing But, we’ll teach you, and we teach
the next generation, to live and be able to understand the
process of the strength of their emotion and the interaction with their Soul,
that it leads to their manifestation. Then, you want to read mind
of everybody else because through the Soul you can
interact with them and they tell you: “No, you need two legs more and that
we all want to be” … You’ll manifest yourself, as the way
they want to see you and not in reality
the way you are inside. We seen many
Men of Space on this planet. Outside,
they look as a man but inside, they live the existence
of the Soul of other dimensions where they originated, in the strength of
their gravitational magnetic field. Now you know, how you see so many
passengers of the Universe on this planet. To them inside, they don’t see
themselves with two arms and two legs. The others of the same,
they recognize. But those of you, as a human who
would like to see things to have two legs and four arms,
they look the same to you. So you see them that way. And then, because they’re not aware
of the restriction of the physicalities in certain dimensions, you see them,
they go through the walls, they walk, you see them in a Spaceship,
and everything else, which now, that the Man has managed to bring
the equipments and developed technologies
that they can record different
strengths and dimensions we see as …
magic things! But in fact, to the being inside,
he does not see himself as a human. He still has the feeling and
the emotion of his origin. But to the eye and the existence of
the physicality of this planet, he manifests himself
in the shape of the Man. As we say, “the beauty
is in the eye of the beholder.” You see the most
ugliest creature, but to another it’s the most
beatiful thing God ever created. How many time you watch the television,
and you see the too much is that they don’t fit and they say we are
so in love or whatever. And you go
EWWW.. Or you say oh so fantastic
and the guy has no feeling. Say, What a
stupid man! Because, it’s how they perceive
the interaction of the Soul. Be it the man, be it the woman,
be it the dog, be it the cat, or whatever. This is the process
that you’ll face in the Space. And the new Space Center
does not be multi-story, because on the field strength of
the planet, we can create all dimensions. Now you understand,
why and how, we have and become,
why we’re in Accra. Join us, those of you
who are true Man of Space. Not here to prove you can make
different GaNS’es. But you have become close enough
to your emotion and Soul, that through the interaction
with the GaNS’es, you’ll react and you create
the condition of existence. Now, which one of you
is the true Man of Space? And which one of you would like to go
with a aircraft? With the Spaceship? Or the Ship of the body
of the Soul of the Man? Many time you said, “We are all the
same flesh and the same blood.” Now, extend
the knowledge. In the Universe, we are the all the
same Soul we came from the same. The manifestation of the existence in
the condition of the environment allows us
different presentation. So the Souls are all the same,
within the structure of the creation. It’s the environment
which gives them different physical dimension
and manifestation. Any questions? Which is then … … teachings?
(AZ) Good morning, Mr Keshe. (MK) Good morning, Dr Azzar (AZ).
(AZ) How are you, Mr Keshe? (MK) As good as could be. (AZ) Okay! That’s very well,
that’s good. I have a, …if you don’t mind
I have a few question? (MK) One or two? (AZ) Ah, three. (MK) We’ll see. (AZ) Okay! The first question,…
I mean the first question is this, as I… (MK) We are building a
feedback on my voice. I can hear myself back. (RC) Maybe your speakers are up, or…? You can turn your speakers down
it might help? (AZ) Okay! First question is, Mr Keshe,
regarding the money we need to for the Spaceship
that you building at Accra. I was thinking as Keshe members
a lot of us making a stuff and selling them like soap, I don’t know.
patches things like this? Is there any way we can make a direct…
if you create a bank account, each of us? I make a direct connection between
the bank and the Foundation, so 50% of what’s comes in,
comes directly to that… (MK) Let me, let me
explain to you Azzar. We have set up Central banking system
which is in Holland, as part of the
Keshe Foundation, for years. Anybody can donate to it
in any shape of form. We never ask,
we never tell how much. We set the criteria for
our partnership, manufacturing. People can
do whatever they like. The banking
account is on the net. The Keshe Foundation United States,
or USA, has got his own PayPal, which donations can be given
as a receipt invoice sale, which goes back to
the Keshe Foundation in. You just put
it as a donation, goes, which sent to
the head office in Holland. We have set up a Keshe Foundation bank
account in Accra for the Keshe Foundation. But that’s in the partnership with
the Ghanian Government. So, we can do in any shape of form.
We do not ask. But this development for humanity
incurs a physical cost of building it. And we leave it to you,
we never ask you have to do this. We ask for donations,
fixed for the cancer research, because it has to be coverd,
and something which we’ll do The rest, who and how you want to donate
towards the building of the center is up to you. We’ve see many…
Let me explain, Azzar, this was discussed,
just before the teaching today, in the background and its a discussion
which is going on for sometime. A lot of people are making a lot of money
teaching Keshe Foundation Conferences, Seminars, MaGrav parts, and once they
collect the money they forget
about everything else. We bless them! They need it,
otherwise they don’t do it. But, on the other hand,
if anyone who wants to do anything to support this
development, it’s there. We cannot go to governments,
then we get condition. We support it as part of the
Keshe Foundation worldwide. This is the change, I have corperate
management of the Keshe Foundation, meeting tomorrow,
as I said before. You decide! The cost we see is round is
about 250 million Euros or Dollars. It is the latest condition
to create what we needed. I wanted to create this with
the Chinese government, sometimes ago. But we… they played
the different game. Here, in Ghana,
we don’t need to. We have received the support
and we do it. We need to raise, round about 250 million
to build the latest Space Center, Health center, the Universal Council
building, the World Council meeting, and everything else, both with
the research and development. We were talking with the scientists of
the different organizations in past couple of days,
in the lunch we were talking and, we need to build new systems,
totally new systems to be able to measure
the strength of the Plasma. I said to them on the table, that
hundred yeays ago we knew x-rays… we didn’t know
about x-rays and gamma rays. When we discovered
what we can do with them, we set out to build system for detection,
the measurement and everything else. Now, we know about Plasma,
and the way we explain it. Now we have to go through
the same process. Build systems, build tools
of measurement. Build tools that what we know,
what is and how it should be. These, all incurs for people to be able
to do and live, to be able to participate. So, whatever they like, it’s
is one thing we need to do. It… those of you who looking for Peace,
for those who looking for free energy, those who are looking
for whatever. This center, it’ll become one of
the centers and on the back of it, other centers
will be built. We don’t go to put membership that
we can raise, it all to you when need. We estimate around about
250 million Euro, Dollars, to build a Space lab for humanity,
for whatever condition. So, don’t come back and we say,
“Can we pay 50? Can we?” The accounts are there. US, Keshe Foundation USA,
has a PayPal account. Keshe Foundation, Holland,
sits on the bank account. You can donate in any shape of form,
but now we are in the stage. We need to do it. We have to do it. And the speed of the development? It’s not the church that
we’re gonna build a new temple. This is the Temple of Science, Temple of
Peace, Temple of going to Space. And, those of you who want to do it
it’s there to be done. We never go out to do things
which cannot be done, but we always left it to
the others who can do it. (AZ) Mr Keshe, I understand, for example
for me, it was, there was a part that any time I wanna send money
because I was buying things. I had to spend hundred dollars to the bank
of the fee charges to get the money, but if there’s Pay Pal things like this
make it easier at the same time. (MK) US let me say,
Keshe Foundation USA, which is American corporation,
is on the back of the Keshe Foundation. You put on it, “Donation”
and then that money, whatever it is, will be transferred to
the Keshe Foundation headquarters, and then according to what we need,
to be done will be transferred across different part of
Keshe Foundation to support the development
of the Space Center. Most of our expenses comes from equipment,
development and aquisition of the edge of science technologies that
we can go into the next step. To become
without equipment? So, we talk about… there is no single …
Raman Spectroscopy machine in Ghana. We need 4 or 5 of them, they are in
30-50,000 Euro… Dollars each. … Where is it gonna come from? Without Raman Spectroscopy
without Infra Red Spectroscopy and a lot of other machinery which is in
the hand of organizations like NASA, and the Space Institutes,
it’s impossible to do. And on top of it we have to develop
new systems that can be more advanced that it works
in the field of Plasma. I made the request to NASA
about 3 or 4 weeks ago, because we have a
direct contact into NASA. And I asked them, “Can we use your
Field detectors which it can do 360?” They said, “There is a
sanction on you Mr Keshe, by NASA.” But there could be other organizations
which would of… might be interested to participate and collaborate
they have the machine. These machines are about million
two millions Euros each. Where we can field detect
and build a Spaceship. I have and the members of
the Keshe Foundation top core, specially in past few months have taken
a lot to see this, to go through. But… it’s come to a point there is
a need for international support by the members to built it,
it’s a transparent condition. We don’t have the money,
we come to the break down we’re supporting as much
as we can, and we done. (AZ) But, I can tell you this,
because for me, you know, I had situations like this past Monday a gentleman called
that he want’s to get some information. So, I went into the office because
I wanna answer his question and about MaGrav,
other question he had. After talking to him for one hour,
very nice gentleman, he just opened his wallet, give me
50 dollars and I couldn’t accept I said, “You know,
I haven’t done anything for you just keep your money,
maybe next time. But, then knowing this it makes me feel
good to collect that 50 dollars I send 25 dollars to you.
But so far I think everybody can do the same thing
and actually … (MK) Yeah let…
thank you very much Azzar. If death, depends on your emotion,
because we don’t get involved on that. I know people given conferences in Germany
in Spain, collecting 10-20,000 Dollars or 12,000 Euros in one session without
doing anything. And they say, “Oh! They are using
the name of the Keshe Foundation, to make money for themselves.” Have they contributed anything to
the Foundation? No. They use our name,
be it. Last week Rick showed something,
that the people can put the maps of the presentations and
conferences. Does any of them send a single cent
to the Foundation? Hardly any. We become so … and lot of people earning
money for themselves, but we wait and see
where these go. We’ve seen them one
after another collapsing. Because… (AZ) You know? I have to deal with
my own Soul, they have to deal with their own Soul.
(MK) That”s what I said, now we leave it to you,
the building of the Spaceship Center, incurs cost, to buy the latest, and bring
scientist who can use it and develop it. And that’s up on you, we’ll be as I said,
we put cameras, if you see no development it means
no money has arrived. That’s how it’s going to be, we have
shareholding in number of the companies. We are taking over the, some factories
directly for 100% control now. Because we had to, and we’ll see a lot of
people come to us and then they, they do the different things,
we leave it to them, I don’t get I’m not attached to it,
it doesn’t matter to us. We’ve seen a lot of slanders coming up,
in every shape or form but, we carry on, that’s how it is.
There is something I have to tell you Azzar in this part, and the
Keshe Foundation members. You notice that we do not refer
anything to DL this week. The process has moved on into,
what we call, into the hand of the… the members of law enforcement,
it has gone into massive move, and, we have, we’ve been told by
prosecutors do not mention any further anything in your teachings,
that it can damage the case. These have been found to be associated
with whatever, they been associated with. A massive 4 prosecutor divisions of
the 4 different countries are lining. We have found
a lot of information. And these are the people who’ve been
milking and living around the Keshe Foundation and
making all sorts of accusation. We have… we have
opened the first step. This is costing us money, and the people
who are behind it they understand. We have set up the first steps
of what we call, in very much like a Interpol organization,
collaboration of all the forces, different agencies together in central
data base like what we call Police Wikipedia. The structure is set, we got,
the system is set up. These all cost money, and now we are…
we are asking the Police-forces, Security forces, to come in,
add to the data. Take from us, and put it in. I was told at the moment there is
about 11,000 pages in this Wikipedia. So, these all cost money,
it’s not just we talk about creation of the
World Government. We are setting the security system behind
it for those who do whatever they do, we need to keep that all the forces
what we call to become one. At the moment FBI, Dutch Police,
Belgium prosecutors, Italian prosecutors, Austrian prosecutors,
they all coming in, looking in, how it’s happening,
who’s working where, what they’ve done,
what criminality involved what Panamanian accounts they
have opened, past 25, 30 years ago. That they’ve been siphoning,
child trafficking and money laundering and calling them
“self innocent”. All is been piled up into this Wikipedia,
we don’t leave it in open… public, but we are setting the bases
for World Government. These takes time, hopefully very soon,
we might have a Norwegian lady Police-force she’ll consider it,
that she might, come into one direction, we are asking the
direct Police officers in different ways to become part of
this structure. These all cost money,
we don’t go and talk about it. It’s taken 2-3 years to gather
11,000 pages of information. And now, when we
speak to law enforcements, I wrote to a prosecutor last night,
I said, “We have given you the information, be
kind enough when you receive the thing, when you have information put it back in
that the other law enforcement can use it.” At the beginning
there’s apprehension but now they see they are using it,
they put something in. We’ve done this with the Italian Security
Services and Polices since Fabio’s death. They have direct access to this…
what we call structure of Wikipedia. FBI has a direct
access to it. So all this cost money.
We pay for it. And people think it’s nothing,
but in time will come. You donate what you think,
you made conferences and sell. We know people in Germany are making a lot
of presentations a lot of MaGrav systems. and Foundation hasn’t seen
a single cent. Have we called them in and say,
“What are you doing?” No! ‘Cause, at the end
they are the losers. It has to be correct,
it has to be done, we are moving the factory in Italy from
one position to another because we had delays in delivery and
all sorts of problems. Now the Foundation takes
100% control of it. And we apologize for
any delay in delivery’s, but this is what we were facing for
months and now we have resolved it. In the next few weeks Keshe Foundation
locates a … in a new position. In south of Italy and then everything is
in the hand of the Foundation 100% control and everything
goes back to normal. We know our problems
we don’t hide. But, everything cost money and
we have to be able to pay for it. We don’t receive donations
from people or organizations. We were sent a very large donation,
and the American government blocked it. So, they have a say,
but that’s their problem. You donate what you think is right,
not financially to us… in teaching in the others
and whatever comes. But building the Center
is our responsibility, Keshe Foundation
World Wide. Estimated cost 250 millions.
Minimum… But has one advantage,
the factory is running. Once we get our licenses, the factory
will contribute partially to it. what is my share,
as the Keshe Foundation. Ghanian government will not pass
over their share profit because they count it as part
of their National income and they will not pass over the taxation. We have to pay the taxes to the
government and then on top of it at the end, the government takes
another 25% of the share holding. Which means, in fact,
we pay 50% to the government. The other 50% we spend in Ghana and the
rest of the Keshe Foundation development will be open to us. But till then the licensing
and everything else… We have to do it.
And its got to be done. This is not going to
grow out of the ground. 250 million Euro is what we are looking
for, we have to raise. 1 dollar, 2 dollar a month, 100 dollars,
1000 Euros … the bank is there It’s all depends on you.
Now the Keshe Foundation USA for a Paypal for donation is open
and you can order American goods which means nobody, can accuse the
Foundation as they are doing this and that. So you choose. In the coming time we release …
more information about development. We put cameras
across the fields in Ghana. You don’t see any development it means
the humanity is not ready for it. I take from the Foundation what I need. I have no Panama hidden accounts,
I don’t have any bank accounts… I buy a shirt
I pay from the foundation I sell a book it
goes to the foundation. Those who are close to us, they know. Never been so transparent. You pay me cash It goes back into
the Foundation for the work. So I have no attachment. Its all what it needs to be. You don’t
see development from now on. We put cameras on site.
It means what’s going on. You want to do sections that you pay
all the money to the Foundation. It’s your prerogative. But from now on:
you wanted World Peace, We established the World Government
we established the Universal Council. We have established factories
to be able to support. We have received the help of the government
to build the first Space Center. We can build the first Hospitals
in a Space level, not with what you see
operating rooms. So, from now on,
Keshe Foundation Worldwide decides. Doesn’t matter if you’re in China,
if you’re in US, your in Brazil. There is one bank account number
and one Paypal account. Armen is in charge of the US account.
And we trust him with our lives. I have access to the same bank. This has been set up because of
the collaboration in USA and every Keshe Foundation
manufacturing has got its own bank account.
And they operate as an entity. Any profit from us goes back into
Holland and then it gets distributed across to the Keshe Foundations around
the world in what projects we have. The work in Japan is colossal. We enter the third phase of the
experiment in the next 72 hours. The Japanese scientists are baffled
with what is coming out. What is going to be our position in Japanese government, in respect to
our research, It needs a lot of investment to set up the companies,
the spinoffs and the manufacturing. I have supported for past 20 years
Keshe Foundation in every shape
and every form … this is: The man wants the World Peace,
you want Universal Council. You want the World government.
You want to walk away from the shackles of the what I call
‘color race United Nation’ Only decision made by the white man,
everybody has to follow. Only made by the English speaking
and they have to follow otherwise they bomb you.
It’s all finished! You want Equality,
you want Peace it has to come to
Universal language. It comes to unity of
the language across the world. You want direction of the Peace
through a World government, you need the men who understand
the work of the Man. You have a beautiful World Council
We are setting up the, what we call, ‘the intelligence service
for data collection’ in what, and how, and who’s doing what
across the Keshe Foundation and through Keshe Foundation
is getting set up. Is already set up. I saw there
is about 11,000 pages on it. Let alone leave our data
collection on individuals which come across Keshe Foundation
which is another bunch of data. You want to contribute to
Keshe Foundation … Holland account
stays the same. You want to contribute through
PayPal, whatever. You put on it “donation for Ghana”
It will come to us, we can say. we received as a donation, we transfer
it as donation to where it has to go. (RC) Mr Keshe, there’s a question
about … the moral acceptability for this goal of donating
to the Keshe Foundation. Gher mentions in the chat: “If I take
back through the legal system the earnings they stole with
their toxic money schemes Is this morally acceptable
to put this into use for our goal?” (MK) That’s your decision. The thing is Keshe Foundation
is a charity, registered charity. So you can donate
to a registered charity. We are a
non-profit organization. (RC) Some people are worried about
where the money may have come from, If it was from
some, you know, some, nefarious means
that the money was obtained? (MK) What do you mean, for
the Foundation or for them? (RC) Well, like for example,
there might be money coming in to people
that, is coming back to them from people that
have been stealing money for years. And that kind of thing. (MK) We can not check these things
and we ask you please, if you have dishonest money, keep it to yourself.
Donate it to mafias. [RC chuckles] Donate it to another organization.
(RC) Right! (MK) We want money which
is not tainted, cannot be tainted. We don’t want to
rob Paul to pay Peter We’ve seen the situation in Italy
where they … attacked us. This stupid
newspaper guy went on and caused a lot of problem with
civil defense people, writing the rubbish. And then we saw immediately bunch of
idiots jumping on the bandwagon, “bla, bla, bla bla” Now we submitted our letter,
according to Italian law, the newspaper stands for massive
damages to be paid to the Foundation for slander and damaging the
credibility of the Foundation. How much it will be,
when it will be, it’ll go back into the pocket of the,
what are called, … ABN AMRO bank which is the pocket
of the Keshe Foundation and we spend it on you lot,
in what we do. Is that money
legal, correct? Is what they did! Is, the Law stands and it goes back into
the operation of the Foundation because its there,
I don’t take it and run. It’s handled by Giovanni,
and we are monitoring it. We have people who offered us lands.
They have offered us “Oh I can give you everything
if you let me have the power generator” I can give you power generator,
I don’t need your money. But, on the other hand,
everything is condition. We are going
on a position of, you feel this,
we have set up a condition. The Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Center in Ghana is the center where we build the
correct conduct, the way it should be. Why do we need, and why shouldn’t
we have a World center in Africa? Man started from Africa. So! Are we going
back to our roots? Is it time that
the suffering of this planet, shows us the,
bringing the Peace into planet. Because, they learned from it? I don’t know,
but it looks like it. I enjoy working here.
I have found a lot of Peace. We have found
a lot of hardship here, because its not
the way we are used to it. But maybe, we have
to change our expectation. I enjoy immensely working in Africa
I’ve done that for years. And to me,
I see a lot of restrictions, in the limitation of what I’m
used to, but I look at it the target, the aim, the end
is worth the sacrifice. But, I can do this. The others can teach. Others can sit for wha… half,
an hour, an hour and listen, and somebody wants to
contribute to it. You tell them, “this is it, this is the receipt I’ll put it
in the fund of the Keshe Foundation on development
of the World Center”. We need to raise this money,
if you are there to make the change. Once we put
the Universal Council. Once we put
the World Council. Once we put the
Spaceship Institute, they all are there. Now you say,
why in one place? When you are dealing with the Man of Space
and you have a center to talk to them, they land in your center, immediately,
into administration and into the Governors. You don’t need to land them in Accra,
then ship them to somewhere else or bring them to Accra,
we have. There is a reason I put the World Council,
the Universal Council and the first Spaceship Center,
next to each other. This is where we negotiate
for Universal Peace. This is where we negotiate,
we’re Universal Community, all in the same place. In a Peaceful
land of Accra, Ghana. You don’t need to go to airport, to
get a permission, to be driven from the airport to the United
Nations building and invile. We don’t … these members
of your government cannot come. We had this problem
with Ahmadinejad, I saw this problem when I was in
Teheran with Ahmadinejad went to United Nation conference, and Merkel’s,
call it United Nation, but they dictate which
diplomacy can come in. “No is terr…”, “Who said is …
you are the terrorists?” Half of Israeli Government Cabinet
where a terrorist, and they were forever sitting
in United Nations, where is
the ban for them? This way there isn’t, You land, you
are in the Council. You land, you meet
with the government. The leaders of the Earth,
the people who decide. We saw, how abusers
come under the flank. Why do you think we brought the
United Nation down, to what we call the
Universal Council. British is speaking, English is speaking,
colonies carry 60% of the… what’s in
United Nation? So Britain and America
get whatever they want. Bribery, push or whatever. Colonialism,
with the French another, they control every time to push
what they want through United Nation. This way, is one language,
there is not connections I know
what I’ve done, and needs to be a structured,
it needs to be set. This building, this structure in Accra has
to be build, and has to be developed. Because it’s the Key to
Unification of the Man. It’s Key to
bringing Man to Peace, Is key to interaction of the Man
into Universal Community. We see the mayhem
in … European Union. One office in Brussels, the ship
for one or two months a year all the way to France,
Strasbourg. Why, because French they never believed
Brussels will be the center of EU. They are waiting for it to
collapse, there are waiting for the Belgium Monarchy to collapse,
they have the alternative ready. Have you understood this? Why Strasbourg is used, it’s not just there,
whenever they want to use it, and continuously they come and go. Everybody knows the problem
with the Belgium Monarchy and pedophiles and
child trafficking, and all sorts of problem. They know is gonna collapse. And the French who’ve
been aware of this because, the French King
created the Belgium. For his son. They will not let it go, they have …
now you have EU with that problem. In Universal Council you
don’t have that problem. It’s all in one center. We wish it,
we received it. Benjamin is shocked, the things I do
here, and just says, “Okay! That’s whatever.”, but, I plan,
I wish, and I receive. We need to be at the center…
Let me? Rick please! We need to
build the World Center. We need to
build the World Government. The six member of
the, World Government, don’t need to be there, but is the center when they need
to meet with the World Government. The Universal Council will not
meet in Rome in there, in there, meeting is in Accra. People will come
here to achieve Peace through any kind of
negotiations for humanity. Is not that once we establish
the Universal Council is gonna be Peace
with everything. It’s a family.
Human race is big. They’ll find a little bit
here a little bit there, they come in to the environment
of Universal Council, they find peace with
themselves, they find a solution. You will see in next few
weeks, we’ll put the cameras. We put the site,
we’ve given the site, Benjamin and I we
have been on it. Now, we’ve got to plan it,
how we gonna do it. It’s gonna be done, in a way
that is safe for everyone. It’s gonna be done that is
reachable by everyone, and then is…
the rest is yours. We need, we estimate,
what we need, and it’s now. You been crying or you been shouting,
and you will be calling us everything. Doesn’t matter what you call. This building has be build
this site has to be build. Universal Council,
World Council, a Spaceship system, has to be next to each other. That they can meet the future need,
and demand of the Man. Country chosen, safe,
from all sort of things, in the womb of Africa. In the hand of people,
a government which is Peaceful, and so we do. This for you, we need, this is
it I will put the camera on. 24 hours a day, we did that in Desenzano.
You do not see any movement. There has been no,
nothing coming in. Don’t blame as we can’t achieved it. We are not building a church, we are not
building mosque, we are building anything. We’re building a Center for
Humanity, for Excellence in Science that you can come and take
back to your countries. We are building the center
for negotiation of the Peace. United Nation will go to
war between each other. But the Universal Council,
will call the same government, they walk out with Peace. Through the work of
the Universal Council, and the correctness
of the World Members. World Council you will find there’ll
be no conflict with United Nation, and the World Leaders. Gradually they come
to understand, how come
they can achieve Peace. In this building and we still
plan wars in New York. This is what the plan is. You’ve seen it. America push with Philippine
and China for war. I support it,
I advice the Chinese, I supported
the Philippine Keshe Foundation being right to
governments even write to people. The paper was not there, the intention of the Soul was
there, and you achieved it. You saw how we walked away, one of the
biggest war plan by the Americans. Back again to Vietnam and worse. This is what’s
got to be done. Where the Universal Council
calls the Nations in, and they sit, and they talk,
and they find a solution. We don’t go and
demolished United Nation, will come, done on their own,
because it’s, from the top floor to the
bottom has got nothing, but rivers of blood,
running through it. Millions, we’ve seen. Libya. We’ve seen Syria. We’ve seen Iraq,
one of the most Ancient World came down with the false accusation
of chemical warfare, and whatever. But, there was nothing
there, they knew about it. So, we replace very rapidly,
in next few years Universal Council by Peace,
we are the Man of Peace. We support, you lost something
between two Nations ? What is it ? We supported it, that it’s given to you,
that you are both at Peace. We don’t incite war,
we find a position that both’s happy. Who do you think
you’re gonna have? United Nation. They burn that building
down very soon. They will come down
with no one in it. People will be ashamed to say,
“We used to work for United Nations.” So, this is the way we do it. As I said. We put cameras on land,
you’ll see grass, it’s yours you see building,
center’s build, is your too. I will not go starve hungry, members of the Keshe
Foundation have sacrificed, especially in past few month
to see this happening. They have to be look
after correctly, and is there. And you’ll see everything which is in our limitation,
in our finances will go to it. we have spend
a lot of money, and time here and in other researches,
to achieve what we have achieved. It’s you,
in what you do. Give all these lectures, all these
teachings, all the MaGrav systems. 50 people every weekend. Sell tickets for 250 and all goes
into your bank account, good luck to you. We never came to send you a
summons as you are using our name, I said use the logo, use the name, because
the more you teach the more will come. The more knowledge comes from the
people, the more Peace come from people. Your second question Azar please ? (AB) Yes, the second question
goes back to the Zinc-GaNS… if I have 7,8 Zinc-GaNS’es, do I
put all of them in one sphere? and see how my emotion … (MK) Try, try, find which
one fits which emotion. Have you found the emotion
of Love in you with your Zinc. Put these Zinc’s on different
containers away from each other, and see when you feel lovely, and
you want to Love your partner, which one start move, “ooh, this is the…
this is the Love Zinc.” And then get angry with
your child and dog, and say, “oooh, when I get angry,
this one. O this is it.” Where do you want to stack
it: you want to put the Love on the top and the anger
of the bottom, or in reverse. on the top and the anger
on the bottom or in reverse. Don’t intent, see the reaction. Maybe your emotions sit more
on the Copper end of the Zinc, you made the wrong Zinc
because you never see… doesn’t work, because you haven’t understood
they are covered. What about if you go
to the dimension of the Soul, to GaNS’es that reach
the Soul of the Man? And then you see that feeling is the Soul
moves that way, that liquid, that GaNS. Why do you deal with the emotion of the Zinc,
or directly to the level of the Soul? And then you see when I reach that,
see which on which of the GaNS’es moves, and then put Copper and Zinc
and other see which one moves. Then you see the connection between
the physicality and emotion and the Soul. Get two GaNS’es in the bottles
as I said before, Copper and Zinc and put them
next to each other, you’ll see how they balance,
and they move one to another one, and mark it and
see how they moves. They interact. Maybe Azar, you better work directly
with your Soul, I’m working with the Zinc. (AZ) Actually, you know
what was happened Mr Keshe, I was gone ask you this question: Has there any changes in the environment
of our planet, because for the past few months, everyday for me in terms of emotions,
is such a big difference for example, one day I can tell you on Sunday,
just like a wild horse, I cannot like is, is, somebody has to tame it, if you so…
unconfident on my own skin, I have to stay in the house, because it’s
just so uncontrollable to be in the body, and then last night,
I came after a whole day of work, and then I felt so good in the body,
as if I feel I’m in heaven. And I just don’t understand
such a drastic emotional… (MK) Let me explain to you why. You are
across and you worked a lot with GaNS’es. So, you transfer, or subconsciously
through your emotions or your Soul, you transfer a lot of energy in and out,
the minute you come into the environment, what is lacking is there. In a way
you live in a capsule of a Plasma field, which you don’t had before.
We always dealt with the matter-state Plasma. Now, this is what I say, “You find a lot of. people who work with Plasma
changing behavior”. A lot of people who work with the…
who never made a GaNS, never made single thing in their life, DL is one of them. He’s never made a single,
single GaNS in his life. Because he’s a robber. So, accuse everybody out of him, because they’ve never been touched,
with the beauty of it. Most of the people who oppose
has and come as think, they never made anything,
so they have to confirm their existence. Because, once they start building GaNS’es,
when they see the beauty of the creation, then they have no opposition, because
they see they control their own destiny. So, it affects you.
We have seen in the factory. We carrying thousands of liters
of GaNS in the factory. And when I go in I feel.
I feel the people. …How they changed! I met them two months ago for
the first time, and I see how they change. They, their prospects,
their view has changed in what it is
and what can be. And, they change gradually, because
they… their emotional side, get’s satisfied. Even though… it’s a very, very strange position.
Very, very strange. …You transfer your emotions
without you knowing. People who don’t
feel comfortable in physicality, look into the GaNS of the,
what you have around you. Because, it taking too much,
move GaNS’es around. Never collect GaNS’es
all in one pile. You cue it a physical life dimension. I’ve seen this People put a tray of CO2, everything
is in that tray, I want it, it’s there. This is wrong! You have given it a physicality, and
that physicality has to handle everything. Move your GaNS’es, put a bottle of GaNS of Zinc
somewhere else, in other part of the room. Put Copper somewhere else, and then, you take whatever is in it,
and as go around you interact. Piling up of these GaNS’es,
this got be a huge problem for people. In a way you, made the physical structure,
but in the field of the Plasma. You had your third question.
Any other question? (AZ) Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Thanks very much
for your work Azar. (RC) …Mr Keshe, we have a couple of questions
that are related to the idea of Space, together with the Universal Council,
and… well, a girl had a question, you partially answered already perhaps?
But he said, “How can an emotion be so strong,
or strengthened that it leads
to instant results?” (MK) Is their intention. (RC) Right! I know
you mention the earlier, how they were surprised in Ghana,
how you could get things, going so quickly and make thing
happen and so on. And that’s kind of related
to getting these instant results. (MK) The thing is, we came here with the intention
to serve the Nation. When we left Italy we
didn’t come with one suitcase, Caroline and I, we decided,
“We are going to Ghana to change”. We came here to stay. If the ground was it there,
for it to stay. When we escaped from Belgium to Italy,
we went with three suitcases, what we needed, before
the associates of DL could kill us. Because they
came to the house, they battered Caroline
in the front door, with me on the phone. But this time,
when we came in Ghana we came with a lot of love
and intention to change. And, we came to stay,
to change. And from the first days, that intention, that love,
that need, was there. We stood a lot of rough time
in past four months, there is a lot
of shortcomings here. There is a lot of
work needs to be done. But it’s worth it.
It’s not that everything is Hunky Dory. Life here,
is solitary life … The social structure
we are used in Europe, doesn’t exist. But, the end
is more important. And, … our intention
was to change, and we receive,
it’s daily basis, its, it’s become… The first couple
of months was very hard, and I always
said to Benjamin, ” It’ll change, it’ll come,
the way it should be.” and now it’s a pleasure. Tomorrow, I’m giving
the talk to top scientists in the FDA. They want to know, what’s the next step
we can work with it, the FDA. Then, next week we are giving
the top scientists from standard board, because they want
to bring it to into the Nation, they’ve seen it,
they see the use of it. And then, the… on Wednesday 22nd,
the Veterinarians of Ghana have organized. They decided, on eleven of clock,
they’re coming to SNAS, the building, we showed you,
for us to teach them. They want to know everything
which we can do with their animals. Because I gave a small talk,
couple of weeks ago there, organized by Caroline, because
their annual meeting, or monthly meeting. And now they… they want to know,
they don’t stand it, “We are coming to learn!
You have to teach us, to give us”, because they’ve seen
the results on the animals. So, the intention has been there to serve,
and in just opening doors. We have Ministries,
we have Scientific Organizations, we have scientists in atomic
and associated organizations. In a way I said to Benjamin
very recently: “Do you know the way Universal Council
works to bring man through languages, I have managed in Ghana
to bring all the different parts of the government’s scientific organizations
together, and they enjoyed being together. They always been individuals,
now we sit with them indifferent, we bring them in,
we invite them to be together. I brought the unity of the science in Accra,
together with, through their scientists, and through the position
we have in Atomic Commission. This is what I can do, and
then with it, now we’re bringing. Scientists from Japan
want to come here. Scientists from other organizations
want to come here. So, is becoming, slowly unifying
the countries scientifically together, that how we can go, and then we bring
the world scientists together. This Accra will be the center of the World
excellence in the Spaceship Technology. People will camp across this country,
just to be here to serve. And, it’s a modern country. It has more highway
than Romania in Europe. The position is:
“My wish is my command.” We packed our suitcase with Caroline
to come here to make a change and we have made that change
and it just gets created. In past two or three weeks
we see it with Benjamin. We’re talking, ringing,
everybody, now, we don’t need to go,
they accepting each other they used to be in
opposite side of the thing. Now, they accepting
each other’s reference, because, we don’t
have time to do again, what the others have
done, so we take the papers. What they’ve done, this section
with other section. And, is becoming
One Nation Scientific, that now, we need to
feed this back down. It was our intention
and we achieve it. We will achieve more, and more,
be it today I’m here teaching. There’s a lot going in the background,
getting done, scientifically standard or everywhere,
They are doing, everything possible to get this somehow
into open. It’s, more or less, leaves
in next few days, or weeks, in the hand of the President,
and the Ministers, how we’re,
gonna handle it. We give it, a condition of
nationally in one go and then, with it
will go the other Nations. When the government puts in
that we can reduce diabetic, we can
reduce high blood pressure. Which costs a lot for the country
a lot of damage done, lot of whatever. Then, the other countries? How they have it,
we don’t have it? It’s going down! Give me another three months,
I show you what’s going on. We walk into
administrations, government administrations,
with secretaries crippled. Yesterday,
I was with Benjamin. Couple of weeks ago, in one
of the governmental offices, they brought a old woman,
not old woman, in her fifties, which she’s got
a very bad painful leg and everybody knows with her,
she couldn’t come in, even to sit, to go. Yesterday, it’s the people who control
our work at the moment here as well we went to the same building,
and the lady, she… The guy said, “I’ve gotta go and
get the lady for you to see.” She comes out
and she says, to Benjamin, “Thank you for bringing Mr Keshe here.
Now I live, I have no pain.” And they see it in their own
administration’s and as I said,
“This technology can’t be, either, for the elite’s
the people work only, the echelons of the
government. It’s getting heard, people know,
they can get rid of their blood pressure, from 170, 180, 210 to reduce
to 134, 130, and six and seven. And, we see the same with diabetic,
we see now with HIV, we see it with the AIDS,
we see it with … cancer. So, they are feeling it,
they understand it, because it touches them. And now I’m making one
Unified Scientific Organization. Keshe Foundation is a pivotal point and
everybody comes into it, we work together. The research center, the laboratories
is getting built by the consultation of all the Governmental Research
Institutes, that anybody can come in. And say,
“This is what we want to do” or whatever. So, it’s becoming a center of
excellence for the scientist in Ghana and then the World for
the Space Technology. I don’t talk, I live the life. Any other question? (AB) Mr Keshe,
I have another question. (MK) No. (AB) No? (MK) Is that, there’s
no other question? Anybody else who would like
to ask a question? Because if you leave
Azar, she’ll ask questions
to the, end of the program. (RC) Sorry! I … I …
just me. I just had a… Internet disconnect there for the last
minute or so I missed whatever came up, turning at times,
sorry about that. Not sure with that, maybe it was due
to the Internet provider, so. (AB) I guess? …
Just free screen, can see the
Livestream here now. (MK) Okay, what’s
the question Azar? Mr Keshe we’re going
towards the World Peace and right now in New York …
they’re planning the war with the Iran. So just us, Wishing for World Peace
would they… would that? (MK) Let me.. let me. Let me explain to you,
something very clear, Azar. Iran touches us because we’re from,
that part of the World. We know what
is planned for Iran. I explained this to the politicians
very recently. Iran central bank is the last National
Bank which has not been opened, apart from Korea. The only plan is to get to
Iran’s Central Bank and the Iranian central bank director,
stupidly, few months ago, released the figures of
the Iran National Gold Reserve. Which is puzzling? Is beyond the imagination,
and they can confirm their existence. So, the rush to get
to this Gold exists, and the new Administrations,
or whatever, is a plan to get. Because Rothschild’s,
through Tel Aviv, needs to get to it, they emptied the
other banks into their account. It will not happen,
it will not happen they are doing very
well they, did everything they open centers,
in what you call, Azerbaijan. They train people
to start riots in Iran. We are aware of everything
which is going in the background, I put a… People on the listing, on the board,
they know because they work with us. We put direct request to Netanyahu,
for Peace Talks between Iran and Israel. Netanyahu send back
through, his top security officers we negotiate with anybody for Iran,
except Mehran because he’ll get it, his way at the end
I’ll get my it way, either way, anyway. but maybe some of this pressure
is needed to change the position within,
the Iranian government, too. But, it will not lead
to what they are planning. The pot is getting very heavily,
loaded in one direction. You will see it! We don’t need to tell you! … you’ve seen the… all trend has been,
when a US president gets elected all, most of the World Leaders,
go one at a time, to Washington. This time they had to pay
the Japanese President heavily, by the American Foreign Minister. If you look the week before,
just to get him into Washington that the new
Administration is accepted. And, when you see the posture,
between the too… speaks Urdu languages Japan is the master,
you paid us to be here we are here
for photo options. The question you use! How many world leaders
using the Brazilian… the Mexican President,
even refused, to go to meet. There is a very big problem,
not only with their behavior, attitude. There is a huge problem
in the American Administration. Because of this,
first lady of the United States her past, many wife of the President’s,
would not like to be seen next to. This is the biggest problem,
we just kept away from their presence. She has a past
which is tainted and a lot of … wives of Presidents would
not like to stand next to one. This is one of the major problems
with the present Administration. You see it and you’ll see,
in a lot of the dinners, there is a very, very clear,
clear standing apart. It’s nothing to do with outside politics,
It’s the way the president first lady, has stood in the past,
in her life. It’s discussed, we hear it,
I’ve spoken with security people of couple of Governments say,
we’re this, we are not, we can’t we can get the President
going but we can’t the wife, What you want us to do? Would you like
another woman of the same to stand next to another
President in the room It starts
for our President There’s a huge problem
in that administration They can’t plan a war because the war they can plan whatever
the only war planned is by Israel against Iran and
I said in the conversation maybe Netanyahu had a bad time with
an Iranian girl, somewhere along the line. That’s where
the hatred comes from. And so it covered a point,
but we’ll have to see. (AD) Thank you! (MK) Your welcome! Any other questions? Mr Keshe, this is
Ruthy (RW) from China. (MK) Hi Ruthy,
how are you? Thank you very much for your
hard work. I’m aware of it… (RW) Thank you to much for bring
base so beautiful technology and I want to more,
contribute more to our people and to the… to the foundation
and I would love that. And, I want to show you
some beautiful pictures from June 19 of the GaNS, and of
what I tried… I try to ask you How it became this colour
and this shape, it’s a little bit. It’s beautiful but,
it’s it’s hard to explain, So, we want you to do…. (MK) Let me Stop sharing
then you can come, okay? Share please. (RW) This is a GaNS of CH3,
it’s in a darker light and they just take this picture
and my question is that, why the GaNS particles can form
these kind of shapes? Maybe you can… (MK) You have to look at
what is outside this, we’ve seen this..
(RW) Because … he said… nothing. Because,
at that time there’s… You see, this
picture was taken in 2014. I no matter what..
(MK) Doesn’t matter what… Let… Let me explain!
Let me explain. This shows a
clear connection of fields, but you have to see,
is this from a cross-section of a plate? this is how
the Solar System works. I’ve seen this before. It’s the field interaction
in the environment outside and central pressure
inside. If you look at
some of the center points, they, they have
the same kind of a structure. What we see, it’s the,
from inside out. If you look at the edges the outside
the ring it looks like flames. This is what we see
on the surface of this. These… This is, how the fields
balance each other, some of these
is one single Plasma. Most of them are single Plasma. If you mix GaNS’es? And, look at these kind of pictures and
then start putting different GaNS’es around it, in the different shape
or form, you see they change pattern. This is… you have to look at,
where it was done, in what container, in what cross-section,
and what else was around it. There is something which we noticed,
a lot of people are taking these, … electronic data or pictures,
with a high-resolution. electronic microscopes
or whatever. these machines carry
huge current through them in a high level or low level,
and they interact with your work. They are partially, dictating the shape,
but it’s beautiful, I’ve seen this one this is,
very much, very much look like the operation of, the what you call it,
the center of the Solar System. You have a very center separation. these are all MaGrav positioning, and most of them are a single GaNS,
attached and within. It’s pulled inwards because of
the gravitational field-forces, and then on that boundary of the bright
light, is the magnetical which is done. This here… Let me see if I can use this?
I can show you what it is. Here, this ring here,
is the boundary, balance between
Magnetical and Gravitational. This is totally Magnetical. And then, you have to understand
the ratio of the surface, here is different ratio
than here, so if you go by ratio,
mass off the surface, you find out you are
giving much more, and in turn you receive
higher fields in the center. This is the surface of
the Earth, if you look at it? Where gravitational-magnetic mass
is the same, is in balance. This is what we call, ‘1G’. and you can
create it anywhere. (RW) Yes! That’s so beautiful…
And I have some others, and..
(MK) Let me clean up that there… the pictures don’t
get superimposed. (RW) Yeah from the first
to the last. Okay… this one… Yeah, this is… a with
Nano-Coated Copper and Copper, and this Copper
come from the electricity wire. And maybe it’s not so pure, but it’s,
it’s so different it’s that, you see the GaNS,
it’s not particles, it’s like crystallized. And … you see the…
at the beginning, it’s like days, and… (MK) You see,
on top is Amino acid? (RW) Yes! It’s Amino acid, a lot of Amino acid…
(MK) the top is Amino acid, What is inside, is
mono-atomic Plasma. …I was showing in the Factory
yesterday to our people, We have a number of tanks producing Copper
connected to different power supply. And, I just change and they were all green
and gorgeous like this, and then I just changed one of
the power supplies, current and then suddenly
within minutes the box became reddish. And then, texture changed, we could see flows of
Amino acid and the rest of it. And, somebody walked in,
in the office … because we are…
one of the guys, he said, “This is the water which I get from my,
… my ground water and it’s fluff iron I’ve taken it to the
research lab and they say, it’s “only Iron” in it. And I said, he said,
“Can you help me to get rid of this Iron, in the water?”,
and he came to me, Hold on! I’ve been looking for this So, we
set up a box, with the water he
brought in, with Iron it. We are put a Zinc plate, and we
put a nano-coated Copper plate, and I can produce
blood out of the water, CH3 which
has his own growth. Because now, these iron
particles from the water well, are part of the
structure of the water, I don’t need
to put a nail inside. And we’re looking to see,
how much blood we can create, and what condition
is needed to create the blood. because now, I don’t need
to put a nail in, it’s in the structure. So, would I create a thick blood,
I don’t know, would I create a thin blood,
I don’t know, but we’ll see it, it’s the
first time we had the opportunity. So, every experiment you do,
look at the conditions and the environment. And see why, as we saw,
couple of weeks ago, somebody was showing us
a picture and they said, “Oh, there is a white material. We noticed the bottle
next door had Zinc it, so you’re producing
two materials?” Always learn, when you see
a container even like this, now that you know,
you past the world of matter, look beyond the bottle. Beyond this what… container?
See, what else is sitting around, because their field interaction has
the same, What’s happening here? If you have another bucket of
Copper and Zinc next door, or a nano-coated Copper
and … non-nano coated Copper you are releasing
certain availability of the Amino acid, which this container can
absorb by it’s strength. So, you produce a lot of
Amino acid, in one. But the shape stays,
at the low level, Copper Oxide. Try to look at the
environment, than the object. Then it gives you a very good
idea of how the environment has created the object,
what condition you see. What is this one? (RW) This is the GaNS
after they wash it. and then you see,
it’s always crystallized, there’s no particles,
no nano-particles. (MK) Yes! This is a fast
production of GaNS’es. (RW) It’s from this bowls? (MK) Yeah it’s
a fast production, you have to see how fast
they produced it. The production of the structure, dry GaNS behavior, I’ve seen this before,
we see it specially in CO2…containers. You see it like Calcium blocks
or CO2 blocks at the end. Every condition … you have to see
how they put… the time it was created. What condition, what voltage,
what current, what was around it ? (RW)There’s no current
there’s just a… (MK) Yes, there is a current.
You don’t see it, but you connected the two plates
somewhere or the wires. There is a current flow
off the Plasma. ( RW ) Okay. (MK) Thank you very much for your
support with the medical side. (RW) Yeah, I want to
announce and show you a case, that’s also are in our team they announce a cure
a patient with a lung cancer just only with a CO2 GaNS. So this is the examine report
before their… before … they
used the GaNS’es and even this lady had a try a …
chemotherapy chemotherapy and a …
but it doesn’t works. And, they take her 1 or 2 months
CO2 GaNS, CO2 water and also breathe the,
breathe the air from the humidifier. Humidifier, and drank water,
take a bath and just one or two months
lady is recovered and she just show
that the that the cancer decreased
and there didn’t feel pain and is
became normal. (MK) Yeah, you’ve got to realize
a lot of people you just look at you say you produce
or use the … CO2, this is what
I keep on explaining, is that when you produce CO2,
because of the way you produce CO2 in some cases,
you just don’t produce CO2, depending on
how you connected it you produce certain amount
of Zinc Oxide with it. And you find out
CO2 works very effectively with the presence of Zinc Oxide,
if the cancer is emotional. It does the same. You satisfy the emotion.
You change the environment. We’ve seen that before. So, when you,
when you put a CO2 on it, or use of the CO2
you can add a little bit of Zinc on it if it is, what I call,
’emotional cancer’, in satisfying,
elevating the emotion the condition, the environment
of the body changes that, that cancer cell
cannot exist. In some cases we see that. And, we see it a lot of these,
especially in China. In China we’ve seen results
even 3-4 years ago. Reduction in tumor by 80%, 70%
use of the CO2 patches. But, … you need to understand
the other part of it. This, this what you show me
yes quite possible, but behind it is somehow
where the cancer was and what was
the initial origin of it. If it’s the emotional side, you satisfy it,
you change the environment. (BB) Can you send that to
the testimonial site please? (MK) Pardon?
(RW) Pardon? a you ( BB ) Can you send that
to the testimonial site, yeah. so me and Rick
can take care of it. (RW) Okay, I will.
(BB) Thank you. (RW) And, … I have another question
about it you mean the… for the cancer
goes by the emotion and in that energy,
healing it’s helpful for that part? because for my point of view
the energy healing is help to for our, I mean emotion body and it is that the same,
the same theory? (MK) Partially yes,
but with the GaNS, you decide. The body decides
you have no say in it. The body decides if he
wants to take it or not. (RW) OK,
and also I… because some Chinese patients
they want to do the injection in China for
the cancer test. (MK) I have
authorized it today. (RW) Yeah! That’s a
very great news for us. So, people don’t
need to go to Ghana? (MK) … No, we have regionalized now. People don’t need to come to Ghana. We have made different regions.
Different doctors are taking over to administer,
and to see the trial through. In Ghana we handle the Ghanaian
situation in Africa, if anybody
wants to come here. But now if you’re in Europe
or in America or in Australia or in Asia or in Middle East, we’re trying
to find a way that you can stay. There are a number
of doctors in China who work with the
work of the Keshe Foundation. You need to find them,
or get them to organize it and then we have made the site
or a link especially for the doctors who work with the injections
they can communicate to see results. We had some oddity
in the past couple weeks, which we
went back to Tokyo. They sorted it out so… … there is no problem. We can supply the
injections through to China and that will…
we can start immediately then Klaus, will
set the procedure out. (RW) Okay! That’s
so great. (MK) We can immediately,
next seven days, dispatch the material to the doctors and … or we can
find a way to get the way, that you have people
who understand the technology. We don’t need
the normal doctors. The people, doctors who
work with the technology there is a pattern of work you can do
to see what it is. We had a case
and other cases, we look at each one
if we can do or not. In Ghana we look
at the African side of the work. If there is here
and we can do? And … the,
what you call it, I was shown a cancer case this
week with a very big lump on the head and they said,
“Can you do anything with this one?” So, if we can work here
we can do work with it, we do. But, … the
rest of the world, China if
you have doctors, we can get you the injections. (RW) Okay! That’s great.
Thank you so much Mr Keshe. (MK) Speak to Klaus I we cleared
this today, yesterday. We want to know,
what the cancer is, and then we advise the
doctor who’s doing it, how to do it. (RW) Yeah I will collect all the data
and translated it to Dr Klaus so that he will
get everything. (MK) doesn’t matter how many.
We can support as many as you like and then we can, we can organize
for you to receive the injections more or less very rapidly.
You’re just across the water for us. (RW) Okay, Thank you,
(MK) Thank you, thank you. Would you like to show the pictures
of the nano-material, Rick? We were talking about
before the teaching. (RC) Yes I believe
John has that actually, and I think I’ve got other ones.
I’ll have to look them up though but John are you there?
Can you … fetch them? (VV) Can we get Ruthy
to stop sharing the screen please. (RC) Hello, John Anderson are you,
are you there now? (JA) Hello
(RC) There he is yes indeed. Here’s the screen. So this was John, I don’t know
if you’re able to speak there I think that was that hundred fifty
magnification, or 120 perhaps. I’ll try to unmute you
(JA) Oh there we go. OK I got it. I just lost everything
for a second. This is, this is a
120 X magnification of a nano-copper plate, that
I plated in a long-term system It took about three weeks
to do the nano-coating. And, what I find interesting
about it, is the patterns. When we saw
the electro micrographs sometime ago, they just they they
I think they were too close and all we saw was
a crystalline structure we couldn’t see any sort
of a pattern in this, but this, because
it’s not quite so close the diameter of this, on the plate,
would have been about two millimeters about a
two millimeter circle and one thing,
I notice is a similarity to
photographs of the Sun. The Sun is a free plasma, unfettered
plasma, that can do as it pleases and as we create the nano-coating
over the long-term. I believe, it will adjust itself
to this … this plasma field …like Mr Keshe was describing earlier,
the fractal nature of the Plasma fields. I think this demonstrate, you’re looking
at this and then, comparing it to the Sun we can sort of see that demonstration,
of the… of the fractal nature. …We can see pathways,
there’s a pathway here, … there’s patterns within this
and, I think it’s very, very interesting I don’t know what we can do with it
other than recognize, that we do have a Plasmatic interaction
as we create these fields and it’s going to reflect whatever
Plasma flow is in the area. … I took a small section of this this is not the native resolution this is
scaled down to fit your screen. This is the native resolution of… the
diameter of this picture is approximately a quarter of a millimeter, so it’s
significantly larger but it looks very much like the photographs we see
of the surface of the Sun. Reflecting the interactions and the
Plasmatic flows that we see and it’s frozen
in that nano-coating… At least,
that’s the way I view it. That’s the way I see it,
perhaps I’m not seeing it correctly? Oh! No noise now? (RC) I’m still here! (JA) Ah there we go. (RC) Mr Keshe is
probably there in the background. (JA) It just all of a sudden it got really
quiet and I thought : “am I offline?
What happened?” (RC) still pondering that, it does very
much look like the surface of the Sun. The vortexe’s and the
turbulence that we see. Especially with the images that are
special frequencies and so on that they generate. (JA) Now that I have
the equipment to be able to take these photographs, I’m gonna be looking at
fast nano-coating, very slow nano-coating
nano-coating that’s been used. And see if I can see if there’s, you
know, changes within this structure. That we’re seeing this,
these patterns. (RC) Try putting your fingerprint in it,
and see what happens. Does it crush the structure,
does it change it? (JA) Exactly and you know if we,
on the energy systems, if we have a Plasmatic flow through this
nano coating in a specific direction. Do we see that reflected in these
patterns, does it change these patterns to correspond
with the flow … (MK) Yes it does.
Flint, let me can I? Sorry, can I come in, John? This is the reason if you go back
to the original teachings, and I always say to the people here
in the Factory: this is the
reason that I always said: “When you take
the plates out of caustic, or when you empty
the water of the caustic, Immediately put,
volt-meter on one end, and follow all the plates
in the same direction. This is the reason, you homogenise and
unify the direction of the flow. Each layer will
take it’s position accordingly. So, yes it does. The position in the
structure, what you show us. By allowing the … because now when you
have a nano-structure material, the molecular structure is not tight
anymore. They are sitting like balls with
a distance from each other. When you connect
the electric current to it, you touch the bottom layer,
the matter state of it. And in that you switch,
everything in one direction. So, when you look at the picture you’re showing, it’s
very beautiful the way it is but goes back on the emphasis of,
“You left it randomly.” But if you connect
just your volt meter… (RC) Yeah!
Mr Keshe, to be clear he mentioned … connecting it to power,
but you said in the past, it’s actually, a
draining process I think. (MK) Yeah, the power is the battery
inside the volt-meter that’s all it is. (JA) When you’re taking
a voltage reading you’re not putting power into the system? (MK) No, no
you just realign the layers. (JA) Yes. (RC) And you mentioned one time
that putting power into would fluff up the layers too much, whereas draining
it would tend to collapse or make them
nice uniform layers. (MK) Depends, what you need it…
It’s horses for courses. What do you want
to do with the nano-material. You understand? (JA) Yeah.
So, but.. but in it? (MK) You put power on it you realign it,
and you see these channels on, sometime, on the very,
very fluffy nano-layers you see the channels
of the nano-layers. (JA) So by draining these plates
I don’t know if it would show up on this magnification or not but I would tend to
think that instead of being kind of a random swirling pattern we would see a
direction through this. Is that what
you’re suggesting? (MK) Yes exactly. (JA) Okay thank you very. (MK) Because
you’ve got to realize, you’ve got to
look at it 3-dimension. What you see as a layer, from
experiment or understanding we have, it’s about 30 to
50,000 layers, minimum, before you can see a
full nano-layer, nano, dark black material. So, each layer
has to have his direction, horizontally and he has to have
his direction vertically. So, plates sit
in the vertical zigzagging. You understand? (JA): Okay.
(MK) So, … in how
fast you do it, I used to, I don’t do
much research nowadays. But, I used to put positive in one end
just keep on one, and if there lets say ten plates,
or ten items on the hook, just touch them one by one,
you see it all line up. I used to like
you know dry clothes I used to hang things on the rack,
and just keep on one end and then touch,
items one by one. And you realign it, it needs to be done
and a lot of people I see they say: “My nano- material, your coating
or my power supply doesn’t work” I ask a single question, “In rush of making the coil,
did you make the touch?” Did you put a volt-meter across? You have a confused layer
how do you expect it to give power? (JA): Right. Yeah, for clarity sake,
for those that are viewing this, the dark areas
on this plate they are, in a three-dimensional sense
they are deeper into the layer, and the bright sections are
up on top of the surface. So, you can now visualize
the up and down portion of this, and, that is the plate, this… it’s this area right here
that I did my, the picture on. This so you can,
see where it came from. But, thank you that’s evident,
food for more thought and lots of things
that I could work with and I’ll try
to get some more pictures up. I’m hoping that with this magnification,
we should be able to see alignment, and see the pathways
forming within the system. And, if I can get the camera
to sit stable, I’m going to actually be able
to get a video of that. So, we’ll try that
and see what we come up with. Thank you very much. (MK): Thank you very much. What’ll be interesting even with what
we saw with the pictures from China. Is how we can develop systems or fields, that we can pull or push
certain part of a GaNs container, material. So, if for example
you can attract to bring a layer
up or layer down and how we can
connect it that all the layers behave different,
in respect to each other. The game play with the GaNS
materials, has never started. None of you have gone to that extent to
see how positioning of GaNS’es affect each other. Now with the Space Technology
teaching we need to do. We need to understand and
we need to be able to comprehend,
what we can do? What other opportunities,
we have with this material. … What can we create? We were in, we are working
in part with the scientists as I said before in the
field of Farming. And very interesting,
we put CO2 on the tree, we put a mixture of the Zinc oxide
and CH3 on the roots. What environment do we create?
Because, it’s not … water anymore. Would this environment
allow other animals to live? Can we put different kind of
GaNS’es in different parts to see the changes
in the growth? Can we decide one side of the tree
will produce more fruit by playing with the
strength of the GaNS’es. It’s a huge opportunity. It’s a huge environment because
this is … how you fly in Space. How you find weaknesses to dip in
and submerge. It’s not just for seeing it,
because that way if you understand it, you can make one side
coming up, you take off. You land, you submerge,
you emerge. These are all,
is part of the understanding. Do all the GaNS’es of certain layer end
up in a different position in the GaNS? Do the top layer take
position on the boundary? Do the ones which are more
closest to the matter side layers, do they become to the center? These are all the bits which we learn,
we will see. We need to develop a visual system for the behavior of GaNS’es
in three dimension. How do they move?
How do they position themselves? It’s a boiling system,
which ends up with a higher strength
to go in the center, or is it a Plasma
which dictates from outside? What is held in the center? And the development of …
the Hydrogen-GaNS, is a major step. You’ve got to understand,
we don’t teach it publicly, and we try
to avoid teaching it publicly, because it’s very,
very controversial in its use, and on application,
on the defense and military. with the … Yes?
(VR) Mr Keshe.. Sorry Viveck here, can I just, very quickly ask a question about
the … aligning process? (MK) Yes?
(VR) Right now, I have a MaGravs coil that is sitting in in the drying process
just after the steaming… (MK) Too late! (VR) I have the wire that’s connected to
the magnetical lead of the MaGrav’s coil grounded to a Copper pipe.
Would that cause a different condition? Or would it be okay for the
draining process as well? (MK) Yeah, difference,
different condition. (VR) Different condition, would it be
ideal or should I go back to the … (MK) It depends how you realign it through the, what I call,
of the layers, which I use a volt meter. (VR) hmm (MK) You can create a loop,
that everything will have one direction. (VR) Yep! In fact, right now what I’ve
done is, I’ve left the wire connected to the gravitational lead, free-to-air And only the wire that’s connected
to the magnetical lead, is grounded. So i’m trying to create the directionality
in that way. (MK) You can,
there’s no reason why not but everything
has to be in that direction. (VR) Okay, no problem,
I’ll give it a try. I’ll give you
a report on that. (MK) No problem!
(VR) Thank you Sir! (MK) Thank you very much. Any other question? (RC) … Mr Keshe, I can
show you quickly, a video that I took earlier today,
with a rotating GaNS ball with some interesting
GaNS’es rings, that had formed, So maybe, we
can have a look at that… (MK) Go on , let’s
have a look, share please. (RC) Okay … [Audio difficulties] Okay! So
the setup here, is a GaNS ball that
you see, in the top there and it’s in a lathe, that ball is about a
6 inch diameter ball, fairly large ball and it’s rotating at around 1,000 rpms
to 2,000 rpms in this test. And I’ll just run the video a bit here
[Ok, we’ve got a very interesting GaNS
ball here it has 6 rings, 6 rings separated apparently by what looks to be water
or the other substance in between] … (VV) Yeah, I don’t think you
shared sound Rick (RC) Well, I did but it might be
very low, because of the sound of the, of the unit running ,
that’s running the microphone. Let me try it again though. I’ll try to stop it and restart it.
I do believe that it was sharing though. Let me try again here. I’ll just put that back, Okay. Try it again.
Here we go and… Move the volume up more,
maybe that will make a difference. (VV) No, Yeah,
It’s just low on the video (RC) Yeah! Okay, we’ll
turn it up for Livestream. But, its [rings, six rings separated]
this is the idea (VV) Yeah! Maybe explain it
while it’s playing? (RC) Yeah! Basically it’s a… I’ll just, even turn
the audio, down, it’s hard to hear but it’s six GaNS rings
that have formed. I was actually attempting
to form four… four GaNS rings, but 6 formed
in this particular orientation, and I haven’t seen that
before with a definite gap in between each ring
where it’s clear, relatively clear, in between
each of the the rings themselves and I thought, that
was kind of interesting that, I think that’s because
it’s on the horizontal plane rather than the vertical plane
as most of the GaNS balls are. So… (VV) I did this a couple years ago with the Jupiter configuration on
vertical and it was still the same. (RC) You could have individual rings
with a gap in between with clear liquid in between? (VV) That’s right. (RC) Okay, well I thought that was… … interesting, in terms of the control. I had to do a special,
special way to get these it wouldn’t just do it normally. I hit the startup and rev it up
and then let it go back down for a while and sort of play with it,
to get that to form, which you’ll see,
as I get out of the the way here and try changing
the RPM, and so on. And, just a few RPM’s difference,
totally changes the structure, and … another thing that happens
is the caps on each side of this globe it starts to form a cap,
actually on each side which is a little unusual,
I didn’t tend to notice that before on the
vertical GaNS balls They just, would form a ring,
normal GaNS rings without this … this, cap effect
on each side. You can’t see it so,
clearly there now, but, I think a little further on maybe,
you can the light changed better. so with the cap on each end,
it gives an opportunity for a polarity, a gradient between
one cap and the others it’s kind of…
I find it a little odd, the way the GaNS behaved
in this horizontal configuration I guess was the thing about it and now I am
able to form four rings, instead of the… instead of
the six that were original and so on. Anyway, that’s it for that little video
I just wanted to show that there’s a form of control there You can control, how many
rings are being generated and then with this set up it’s possible to actually enter
into the sphere with a needle or another probe and touch those rings,
or extract or add to them with materials. in order to further control the rings
and the effect of all that. Anyway. Okay! That’s it on that one.
(MK) Thank you very much. Is there anything else? Or we can
call it a day It’s nearly 3 o’clock. Okay. If there is
anything else we can… (RC) Sorry, there was one question
from Wanqing? …Chinese I believe, who had a
question on Carbon-GaNS. Maybe we can quickly get
that in before we end things here, Would that be Okay, Mr Keshe?
(MK) Please go ahead. Yeah go ahead (RC) Wanqing, can you
ask your question? It’s on the Carbon-GaNS. Okay! I see, your the one having trouble
with the audio, I believe… your microphone.
(WQ) Okay! Okay! Can you hear me? (RC) Yep.
(WQ) Okay, thank you. Hello Mr Keshe. (MK) Hello, go ahead please. (WQ) Hi, hello Mr Keshe,
this is Wanqing from China, and I would like to ask you
a question about Carbon-GaNS which you mentioned
in a previous teaching. …We have some knowledge seekers
produced Carbon-GaNS and it shows a black color. So, we would like to know… How can we
identify if it is Carbon-GaNS? Because, in your teaching you are talking
about use a figure to attach the material and it shows the black
but… a, so do we only use this method, this way
to identify the Carbon-GaNS? (MK) I don’t understand
what you are trying to say, GaNS of Carbon
can even be white. It’s not just
“it’s Carbon, it’ll be black” you can create Carbon-GaNS
which is actually… white too. But, this is …
In producing the GaNS of Carbon,
depending on its orientation, it gives you the color you see. Some of the… When you produce a lot
of Carbon-GaNS, pure Carbon, if you turn it into some lights,
you will see them shining in between. Then, they show themselves sometimes
as a grayish color GaNS. Then, if you disturb it and/or
change the field around it they change orientation
and the color. This is one of the beauties with Carbon
because if you remember, Carbon, you write with it, if you create a
certain different pressures on it, it becomes diamond and transparent
and everything else. So, If you produce the
GaNS of it, very rapidly, you end up most probably seeing blocks
of GaNS, of nano-material of Carbon. With Carbon you have
to be very, very careful because in itself it creates the property and the
illusion of different materials. (WQ) Okay so, the color is not only the black
(MK) No,No,No (WQ) grayish greenish OK. (MK) Yeah! It’s a reflection of the fields
around the container… too, If you have, I’ve done this, you test it,
I did this in a way originally because as you know I used to
be in different kind of exposure of the technology,
… at that time I wanted to see If you could produce
different color diamonds from graphite. And, it was successful. We can actually produce, from
graphite, different color diamonds. If you can
make it pure enough. And, when… When I showed this one
in 19.. actually 2006-2005 to members
of Diamond Bourse. I showed how you can produce,
different color GaNS’es or diamonds, according to
to the way of producing the nano-material. The Russians have… I’ve explained this
before, but I go a bit deeper, Russians have
developed a technology on a back of what we
developed years ago a system that they buy
very, very, cheap diamonds, even African diamonds,
very cheap, with a lot of impurity in it, and they create a
Plasmatic condition, vacuum, which transfers the
mono atomic structure of the impurities
inside the diamonds, outside. And, suddenly diamond has
no more black dark material in it. So, you extract the graphite without
drilling it, without doing anything with it. But, in that process of extracting
mono-Plasmatic Carbon from the center of …
the diamond, itself from the stone it leaves a
residue GaNS mixture, that is creating new color diamonds,
which we never seen before. So, if you know … the… the level of the impurity,
very minute impurity in high temperature, popping off
the Carbon to become diamond can give you different color diamond and if, for example, you cut that point of
the gas or impurity from the diamond, diamond becomes clear diamond.
Suddenly you lose. I’ve seen this happening
in Diamond Bourse. People come up
with a pink diamond, they cannot find the
‘Mother’, in a way the gas point and the diamond cutter, in just cutting
by accident, touches the point of the impurity or the gas and
at the diamond becomes clear and there is a lot of controversion:
“you have stolen my diamond, this is not what I gave you, it was pink,
it was bluish bla bla.” So, in trying to use the Plasma
Technology, vacuum Space condition, Russians have
actually patented this. They extract,
they understood that the impurity in the center of the diamond
is Plasmatic more or less GaNS condition and they have created a
vacuum condition which extracts this. It’s literally what they
do in our medical side, taking the center of
the seed of the tumor out. And in that process, because it has to
go through a matter-state of the diamond it leaves residue gas condition
of the Carbon itself again, and we see beautiful,
beautiful colors of diamonds which… I was asked by Diamond Bourse,
can you explain how is this coming? How these new colors are
coming into operation in diamonds? And I explained to them in a few minutes
this is what they have achieved through the patents, they had
in there hand. They… So you have a still
the same Carbon, whether it goes through the matter-state
or matter condition on the boundary relieves a small gas or …
compounds of Plasma. which the right light, the reflection of the
light into the stone, creates new color. So, the same thing
happens in your Plasma. We can have different GaNS colors,
according to the compression of the fields around
the GaNS itself. This is, more or less, that’s why we have
a red Copper oxide, blue Copper oxide greenish blue Copper oxide,
or a black Copper oxide. (WQ) Okay! So, what machine can we use
to detect the GaNS, if… are not of… a professional Institute…
Just you mentioned … Okay. (MK) This is exactly going back
into what I said earlier on, It’s one of the things which
we were discussing very recently in setting up the
Spaceship Institute Center Research, is to develop systems for this. We were talking with the FDA
and the Standard Board management past couple of days. They said, we need to develop
that we can say okay this water is a strength of Copper,
but how much of it do we need? This water… Now we have a
water you tell us Zinc in it or Copper in it, we have to
accept it because we see the results. We need to develop machinery systems,
that we can measure the strength. Which strength is good for what?
And how much of it? This is what this new research center,
which we are building, will develop due technologies for that.
We have to do. It’s become necessary to develop
technologies to measure, to quantify and doesn’t exist, in the near future,
hopefully, we will be able to do it. (WQ) So, if the professional machine
… is required, does it block the technology? … broadcast .. the technology
spent in the normal people I mean, … .very junior …. wife, … a wife in the kitchen
can produce the.. (MK) Yes
(WQ) …reactor, right? But they cannot identify if what they produce is the
correct Copper GaNS, or Hydrogen GaNS. (MK) Yes
(WQ) …If they want to produce a small or minor … reactor or Spaceship. How can they …
use their coil? I mean the GaNS…
(MK) Yes, yes (WQ) So, is this
is the key point. (MK) YeahI The thing is,
we need it, …, in so many ways,
for different applications. We see it, what you are asking,
what you are saying is 100% right. It has to become
household measuring system. I received the water, I’m gonna give my, my children
the taste of orange today. They don’t like to drink orange,
they don’t like to eat food, but now I give them the energy of the fruit,
now they receive what they need, They don’t like vegetables. Or, is this what I want? Do I want to taste the
beef in this water? … But I don’t…
I’d like to have a chicken. … We have to, it’s..,
it’s becoming necessary. We have brought a new technology,
we have to make tools for it. As I said in a
discussion we had, Xrays have been here for a long time. Now, because we’ve built the machine,
now we have to measure it, and now, we need to measure Plasma. It’s become necessary and I’m sure in
the next few months and years, … technologies will be spread that way to develop these things. But it’s time. It’s a new.
It’s just coming off the board. Come to Ghana,
as scientists, in what you see,
not to waste time but to, develop the next
step of instrumentation. Plasma Instrumentation. New ways of doing things that we can put across the World
to everyone else to do. And, we’ll see where we go. We.., we thank all the people
who support us heavily, in Ghana, and across the world. But now, we
have a Center, we have a base where,
we can do research in developing, and, Ghana is as good
as anywhere else. We have the, nuclear center,
we have Atomic center. We have research center, well
established European standard. … So why not? I went, I went to see, … laboratory,
for water desalination in… south of Italy, I was invited by the, the Chancellor of Bari University,
a couple of years ago. And they were showing
what they brought. And they took me across
the Ghana Standard Board Laboratories, And I see the same machinery. The same thing,
it’s the same standard. So, here we have
European Standard machinery but we need others,
which was never needed here. Now we have to develop it. There is a need to develop
a Plasma measuring system. We have no choice. (WQ) Okay, and… so,
I have another question. (MK) You have to ask
President Xi to facilitate it fast. (MK) Those …
(WQ) Of course, it is our…, (MK) Those who are sitting in the
background, Chinese Community listening, they know what
we are talking about. This needs Chinese Government
support directly, from inside, very high level. The
western world is so … poor, does not have
the money to support it. China, is one of the nations who can
support development of this technology and they get benefited by it. (WQ) Maybe it’s our China team’s
responsibility to push it again. A strong push …
in development. And, I have another question
is… related about concept of the identify
about the GaNS, nano, Plasma and Carbon and Graphite, So, which one is in the …
Plasma field … Plasma-State, and which one
is still in Matter-State? (MK) All of them are…,
all of them are Matter is a Plasma itself. But it’s at different strength. … You do some tests,
you can see it very, very, clearly. If you have made … GaNS’es
for example, of … CH3, and you see the black
spots on the bottom, you just put a magnet
underneath of it If they rotate very vigorously it.., these are not nano material
they are Iron particles. But you have some
nano materials who, by field of forces,
get interacted and move, but they move in a different
way than … Iron moves. Get the Iron dust, for example,
and get some nano CH3 with … what you get
at the bottom metals, and see how they behave in
respect to the same motions with the speed of rotation
of the magnet. You produce everything.
It’s you who have to decide it. and the only way is, the GaNS material the way we see it when
you produce a GaNS, GaNS of Carbon. If you pick the top from the
top of the fluff for one GaNS, You use, … plastic gloves,
you see it doesn’t leave black impression on the glove. It just slides like a fish. If you go to the bottom
of the pile, and pick up and massage your finger in it and then just bring it out, you see
black spots on the glove. Which shows there is Graphite,
and Graphene, at the bottom. The top doesn’t, it’s the only way…
I find the changes, especially with Graphite
and with the GaNS’es. When you have a fluff
of the GaNS on the top, just put you hand in it and
play with it, it will not make the glove black, it’s just
they create a Space Gap. But when you have … nano-material
and you have the Graphite, you see the.., even different color,
and different texture, when you touch it. At the moment it’s the only way we can do,
until we develop the equipments for it. (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe, go ahead
(W) Not yet finished.., Okay, sorry, and, You are talking about a difference
strength between them, they are all are in Plasma-State. And, if we produce the Carbon
… GaNS, and how about the Graphite GaN.., GaNS, or Carbon
GaNS or nano, Nano-State So, I mean, is Graphite
in the Nano-State, or Carbon are in… , or mono,
(MK) Both, both Both…
Both you have In the Carbon you have both. Depends if you use the
Graphite sticks, or, did you
use Zinc and Copper? And then you separated
the Oxygen from it. Or, did you use a
Copper on its own? There is a fair amount
of GaNS of CO2, in Copper Oxide. Quite a lot of it. But you don’t see it because
the ratio is too vast. You see, if you put you hand in
the Copper Oxide at the bottom and touch it, you see there
you get, you get black marks on your gloves. You say “where it comes from,
it’s only Copper”. But if you look there some are isotopes, of
Copper which are near the Zinc, and you have a Copper plate
and a Zinc plate now. And then they, they convert
in the CO2 but the Oxygen, transformation is not there, you get a pure Copper,
Carbon at the bottom. (WQ) Okay, thank you Mr. Keshe
(MK) Yes. (MK) Thank you very much,
thanks for being here. (WO) Thank you, a nice day (MK) Same to you.
Shall we call it a day? (RC) Sure! Yes, sure Mr Keshe.
Thank you. Thank you very much. (MK) Don’t forget, please,
now that we have launched the construction of
the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute, and World Council,
and Universal Council. The, what we call, the establishment
of the medical center and the rest, this all
goes back on our shoulder if, we want to see this
to be developed. … It’s not that if we want.
We are going, we are doing it but it’s beyond the…
understanding that, if we allow governments
to come in to do it, then they dictate the way
and then we go back on the same track.
If we do it, and the way we carry the
Ethos of the Foundation, when there is a conflict
as just been said between Iran and America,
they are planning, invite them on the
table of Peace in Ghana on the table of the
Universal Council. Invite them on the table
of World Council, and say, ” What’s..
what’s their grievances.” Why? What is to be satisfied? We have come a long way … We are on the first stage of
becoming truly Space Community. But these are the, the instruments
we have to set up, that we can work through it,
to bring it in. No African nation believes
in United Nations. No Middle Eastern nation
except Israel believes in the work of the United Nations
because only directs one state. The rest are ignored. The same goes with … Asia So, as one guy says: “We set the United Nations up
for the white club. The rest will follow. We do the
killing and we organize the killing”. Let’s bring Peace in the right way. Through ways of introducing
new technologies. And that’s the only
salvation we have. Time to change, with the new
technology we have the new way of living. Thank you very much for today,
hopefully next week we will be able to learn
more from each other. Thank you Rick. (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe, and that’ll be the ending of the
159th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for February 15th, 2017. And thanks everyone for
your questions and contributions today, Okay I’ll end the Livestream And we’ll wait just a minute
to end the… Zoom meeting here for the
Youtube and other channels.

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