161st Knowledge Seekers Workshop, March 2, 2017

(Keshe Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop) The Keshe Foundation
is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of
any practice and speciality, to apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors,
Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types
of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced
non-invasive Plasma Technology. The Weekly Private
Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the
Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation
of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings
is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge
of Medical Doctors. The weekly Class is broadcast live
over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
Central European Time (CET). Presently the Class
is only offered in English, however you are free to bring
a translator to the Class. If you can’t participate
in a live broadcast you can watch them later
at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient’s case
that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued
findings and data, gained from the analysis
of the patient’s health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world
who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : [email protected] In your email, please state
your willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you’re planning on bringing
a translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions
on how to apply to the Workshop. As a part of the application process,
applicants who apply, including any translators
brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the:
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following web address: http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf All applicants will be required to
provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass
an extensive security background check, before they are granted access
to the Teaching Workshop. Helpful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing
exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn
about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! [Private Weekly Agriculture Teaching] The Keshe Foundation is extending
an invitation to experienced Farmers, Agricultural Specialists,
and Researchers, to Apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Agriculture Teaching Workshops. If you fall into one of these categories, and are interested in Plasma Technology
integration into agriculture, you’re invited to apply. Scientists and agricultural practitioners
of the Keshe Foundation, continually develop and apply
new methods of food and fiber production, soil fertility management,
plant and livestock health management, and increased farm productivity,
using the most advanced Plasma Technology that is taught at the Keshe
Foundation Spaceship Institute. In the teaching workshop, you’ll leatrn the science
of Plasma Technology and it’s applications in
the fields of agriculture, for enhanced and
equitable global food production, while minimizing costs
and external input. Practicing farmers and
Keshe Foundation Scientists will demonstrate their application
of Plasma technology in agriculture, and the ensuing results
of such applications, thus deepening and enriching learning for all participants in
the private teachings. Participants are encouraged
to demonstrate their farming practices
in the teaching workshop. The private teachings are broadcast
in English live over the Internet through a secure private channel
every wednesday at 10 AM to 1 PM, CET. If necessary you may bring a translator
to the Workshop. All applicants are required
to provide proof of their educational and professional qualifications. Must pass a security background check and are required to sign the
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following Web address: (http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf) Translators that attend
must also pass a security check and sign the World Peace Treaty. For details on how to join
the private teachings in agriculture, send an email to: [email protected] stating that you would
like to participate. Include in the email your educational
and agricultural experience, and reasons for your interest
in Plasma technology. Applicants will be contacted
with further instructions and details on the application process. The Keshe Foundation
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Check-out on the 29th. A single ticket for those who wish to only
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check-out on the 1st of April. If you would like to attend, and prefer to make your own
arrangements for accommodations, the price of admission to either
conference is 200 Euros per day. We look forward to meeting you at the 2nd
Universal Science and Council Conferences in Rome, March 27th,
through 31st, 2017. [Flint intro video] (RC) Welcome, Welcome everyone to the
161st. Knowledge Seekers Workshop of the Keshe foundation
Spaceship Institute. And once again we’ll have Mr Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation. Available to speak to us about
the latest developments of the Keshe Foundation and
Spaceship Institute. And, some of the new directions that the
Organisation is taking in the future. Mr Keshe are you available
in the background there? (MK) Yes! Good morning
good day to you, as usual whenever and wherever you listen
to these Knowledge Seekers programs. As you aware, we are in a,
what we call, ‘massive move’. In the direction of delivering and
developing new Technologies, and conditions and the
facilities for development. The Keshe Foundation project in Ghana
as taken next steps, that we have now appointed the
architects and the builders of the site. The plans have been given
to them of the site. We have been given 220.000 plus
Square meter of land by the Government
to develop this technology. It will come in fruition as
we’ll see in coming weeks. What we we’ll do
we’ll release the pictures, or the designs by the architects
of the land. What they going to developed
and how it’s going to be. And, in a way,
you can all participate in it, in what you see,
what would like to share. In a coming time,
we most probably set a site up, especially for the development, Because, this development
is One Nation development, and world wide
we are all One Nation. So, we can all with our provisions,
if you want to see some thing done, or be developed,
can participate in it, and, or ask for it, to see if
it can be done, or is a point we missed. We rely on your judgments and your
knowledge and expertise to guide us. It’s got to be understood,
this is an International work at this moment in time,
to become One Nation. The properties to be done, in the stages
of the, what we’ve been asked to open a clinic on-site,
is the first phase. We’ve been asked by the officials
to open the clinic, as a priority. Then, the factory will open
in the same time. The research center next to it,
and the Space Launch lab. This becomes, in a way,
Pan Continental work. We, all of us, have to participate in it. As I have said before, “Once, we show the plans,
people understand. We will see
the momentum starting.” We already have seen, donations
coming in for the development. These’ll all be ear-marked
for that purpose. And, this allows us to do it. Donations can not be financial only,
we need donation of thoughts. The knowledge, the information,
the time to do things, that can be brought into Ghana. We have seen, those people
who are trying to disturb, been calling newspapers heavily. We had a meeting
with the newspapers yesterday, and they said, they’ve
received so many calls, and they just
told them, to “Get lost!” “People across Accra in Ghana
are benefiting by it. You are not,
nothing but terrorist” especially mister,
Sir Sylvester. Your reports with the newspaper,
it’s well documented here, and we will respond
according to your work. The press was very impressed by how
they claim everything. And, in a way, we.. they say,
“We see the benefit to Africa.” This is again…
What they say … ?Agonize? is trying to force their way
to stop the progress. We are One Nation,
we see, we monitor. We talk to Securities, we talk
with people in what they do. In time We.. We will pass
these short-comings, of the short cycle,
people benefiting their pocket. We will develop
and we’ll go further. I’ve been asked, why i don’t
comment anymore on, regarding DL? This is now in
the hand of prosecutors. This is a highly
involved Pan European, Pan-, actually,
World Security. That, we cannot
disclose anymore. You will find us, will not discuss
anything, any further in this matter. As prosecutors in three or
four Nations are working heavily. And we’ve been told,
“Do not make any comment.” So, it’s not
that we step back. Is that we’ve been told
due to the massive investigation Bank account in Cayman Islands,
and everything else which is involved. Setup by DL to defraud
taxes in European Countries All been revealed. And now, their responses have to be answered through
the prosecutors, not us. And, all the other things. So when you see we don’t
comment it’s not weakness. It’s instructions we have and the
amount of information’s been delivered to the Securities
and there Governmental Officers That shows the plan to defraud … have goes back,
Cayman Island accounts to 1990’s So it’s not something new. And others companies In Luxembourg
and in Australia, and emptying now. It’s in the hand of
the authorities in Europe. How DL and his team have
defrauded the Government. In due course we’ve
been told by the researchers, these documents of
the banking, defrauding will be released on
the ‘Facts about Dirk’ You will see it,
It’s highly tainted, with all source of things. So, please do not
take it as our weakness. We have to stand firm in
instructions, we have from the police. and other prosecutors,
in completing their affairs. In respect to developments of
the technology, we have to go further. We have to start looking As it takes time,
for you to understand. How Technology
develops into Space We’ve done, most
of the work on the ground. We’ve done the GaNS work. We’ve done, the Plasma work We’ve done, every other thing,
which is possible. And we have done everything
witch could, more or less, to bring inside, in how the ultimate goal was to
see the interaction of fields. As I said before, “We start with the Copper,
we nano-coated it. Then, we create an environmental condition
that a nano-coating became GaNS. And then, in the
production of the GaNS, we came to understand the interaction
of the fields of the GaNS with each other. On the
body of the Man. On the environment. On production of material. These were,
step by step, of teaching. These were, step by step,
to mature the knowledge. But don’t forget,
we started with a few. Now, there are those others,
who are coming in the background. As you are teaching, more and
more, so they are catching up. The numbers is becoming
an avalanche of Knowledge Seekers. It’s become a point for us, that we
don’t walk into a meeting with the Officials and Scientist,
trying to prove a new technology. It’s how we go
to the next step faster? We are setting meetings,
more or less, on a daily basis. Two, three a week,
with high ranking scientists, of different Governments
and Governmental Organization In, not proving the technology
anymore it’s “What is the next?” What do we need to learn
to be part of it? What is needed to be done that
we can bring nations in line, that they can be developed? This pressure comes on you,
I’ve done my work. This teaching, National teachings,
across Africa, across Europe, across Asia
comes to you. The Knowledge Seekers programs
you are running, the workshops you are running, has to be not only making
coils, not making GaNS’es, but understanding and teaching of,
what is to come because of it. This is the point
of the turn. What this thing is gonna develop,
what it’s going to deliver, what it’s going to bring for us
as a humanity, in the progress of the understanding
of the work of the Universe? This is where we are coming to,
not just making coils and GaNS. You make coil making, GaNS making,
nano-coat making, all as part of, small part of the teaching. When you do Workshops, maybe in the first
couple of hours, explain, let them feel it. You have to enlighten
your Knowledge Seekers in what is to deliver, what
does it have in interaction with my body, with your body, with the
environment, with a tree, with this fish? In further step teaching them the time, how we connect with the others
beyond the boundaries of this planet. We are like a little fish in
the ocean of the Universe. A tiny Omnip. We always thought
the whole ocean was our World, that we are happy with
a little square, with a little pot. Now the pot has opened, we’ll see
other dimensions of the existence. We came from individuals,
to village life, to town life, to city life
then we made the countries, and then we made the continents
and we made the planet. Now is the next step: opening
…the Universe. And it’s the job of you
to enlighten people not to just look for the energy, not
to look for the cancer, it’ll be over What next, now
we have everything? This is where your teaching becomes
enlightening. When you can share knowledge
in the hand of the people, who can change and bring
transformation for humanity. What are the things we do? In the last teachings, I referred in understanding the
impressions of thoughts, the emotion. For example: We looked at putting different GaNS
of different slight mixtures of Zinc, maybe with a slight mix,
different mixture of the salinity strength and, maybe with
two different type of Zincs, from two different
salinity of two different salts that we can see how,
which one is the emotion of which strength? If you make the
GaNS of salt with Potassium and then you make
a GaNS with a salt of Sodium, would one be the
strength of the emotion and one would be the strength
of the physical emotion? Don’t forget in the body
of the Man, the motion, contraction and expansion, comes
from what we call the pumps. Sodium Potassium pump. That is the physical looking at it on the aisle side, on the other side,
is the strength, field of the matter in the ‘pumps’, is what they call it. So is now, it’s time for us to develop the knowledge
of the interaction of different strength of … same
material, in different environment. Would the GaNS produced by Sodium chloride be
the same as Potassium? It’s a slightly different. Would one of Magnesium,
will be of the happiness, and Potassium of different, will be
of joy and the other one, of sorrow? The real work of
Space Technology starts from now. We’ve spent years showing how to be born in the world of Plasma,
how to start to crawl. This is the time to stand up now, and observe and
understand the situation and the physicality of
the work of the Plasma. Standing up, it means being prepared to
take the steps up the ladder of the knowledge of the Universe. And this is our job. From now on we go back to nano,
we go back to GaNS, just for referral, just a sweet old time. The new life, the new depth of
information has to be gathered that by the time we finish the
Space Institute buildings in Ghana, we understand the teaching. That we are ready to take
in the stand of the Universe. Not then: “Oh wait now,
Do you know how to speak? Do you know how to see?
Do you know how to interact?” The teachings from now on will
prepare Man into that destiny. And this is our
job from now on. You still have to teach the GaNS,
you still have to teach the nano-making, but has to become a small part that the enlightenment of
the beauty of the future in the span of the Universe and the
Peace on this planet becomes the goal. This is where Keshe Foundation, KF SSI,
and KF SSI Keshe Foundation Teachings, come in to one point,
merges as One. In the time, few weeks ago,
couple of weeks ago, we explained about the emotion. See which layer will move,
see which bucket, with which GaNS, will
start rotating faster and slower. When you feel it. When your emotion interaction, interacts with the fields
of the Plasma of the material. Now, consider, if you have these different
boxes in front of you, and you see your joy translates
to motion, slower or faster, of one of the containers with given
GaNS, now consider that container as one of your let’s say “Brothers in a Deep Space”. He feels your emotion of happiness. This is not as you are working
with a box, this is a practice to see how your emotion
is transferred in the dimension of the GaNS,
to another entity. The ultimate goal will be to reduce
everything to GaNS of Hydrogen. But, we have to
start somewhere. One of the biggest problem for a Man,
will be the trust in the emotion and the dimension of the observation,
without the eye. We’ll become to rely on the feelings
and our emotion, more than the eyes. We will see through the light of the Soul,
not through the eye of the Man. How can we do this? How can we practice? How can we make a sand bag
that we can practice with? Go back. Go back to the understanding
of the work of the GaNS. Go back on the understanding
of the principle of the CO2 box. On Copper Oxide and Zinc, you didn’t
get Copper or Zinc, you got the CO2. Start playing with the mixtures that you understand how you
can control your emotion, in respect to the environment
you have created, and how you can transfer this
knowledge, to what you have created? Put a camera,
close your eyes. Use your emotion to
communicate to see, and see what you see? Afterwards, it’s the same as what you
see in the camera, in the recordings? Put the box of GaNS in front
of you when it’s in motion. And try through the
emotion without the eyes to develop your senses of beyond
the boundaries but through the fields, beyond the boundaries of physicality. Let me explain to you
why you need this. In Space,
our horizon is very, very short. Even through we can see into Deep
Space, we can not see the details. At the speeds we travel
in Deep Space, our eyesight become nothing
but blurred things, that, as we say,
“by the experience on this planet.” If you live in the Western world,
and if you listen to the News, sometimes when the news goes out,
there is a little notice: “Please be warned, there are
flashing lights in this report”. What does it mean,
translate the knowledge. With many people,
flashing lights, rapid flashing lights is the information which enters the eye
and by going to the brain, but the brain not being able to
decipher the amount of light, and the knowledge
comes in one together, you go into the seizure,
you go into epilectic attack. That’s why people with
migraine and epilepsy are advised not to watch movies with a
flashing lights, or in those conditions. Because, when the brain cannot
decipher information to react, then it produces information
which the physicality cannot accept, it switches off, you call it
epilectic attacks, or seizures. Now imagine you travel in a
Deep Space, and the speed you travel,
the light passing you, is beyond the comprehension. So, the survival teaches you
to close the eye. But, how much
can you close the eye? And, when
you close the eye, how are you going to trust
the environment you’re traveling into? Fear of unknown
becomes the burden and the nose around the neck
of the Man for his survival. That is why,
you have to understand, we start the teaching in
understanding without the vision. This way, we won’t see
17 kilometers horizon line. or 17 miles horizon lines. You will see
in the depth of the Universe. The brain of the Man is… been
developed in the way to work with this. It’s the Man, of the fear
of his own understanding has never opened
the gates of the brain. The evolution of the brain
of the Man, will be horrendous. We will see the shrinkage
in the physical part, but we will see expansion in it’s parts
of the emotion and the Soul of the Man. In the way, the brain of the man
will become like the jacket, turned inside out. Because, we need
more of the emotion we need more
of the strength of the Soul to be able to see the higher speed higher strength fields
in the Deeper Space that we don’t see 17 kilometers,
but we see 17 light years ahead of us, This is not fallacy, the man will understand this
when he comes, to come to Space. It is part of us,
who has ignored the existence, to confirm our existence
in the physical world. Deep Space
opens the Soul of the Man. Where the physicality
is just a boundary, of the confirmation of the existence, of the internal strength,
the Soul of the Man. How do we judge? Passing so many lights, so fast, becomes
comprehensible to the brain of the Man. And, the only way
he can do is to increase the dimension
of the higher speed order matters that can read, can decipher
the information which comes to it. The brain of the Man burns out
with a little bit of stress, we call it a ‘stroke’. Imagine how you’re
going to handle this? Unless you bring the
strength of the level, of the emotional part of the Man,
to be more or less, the totality
of the outer boundary with a very small, small bound
for his physicality. This is the secret,
this is the key. We have to and we will train
our people to be able to do this. By the time, we take into
the Deep Space, we have to understand
the control of emotion, we have to understand
detachment, from the physicality of the body
of the Man, as is on this planet. We have to learn the peaceful
application of our own emotion and interaction of our emotion
with our Souls and other Souls. We are moving away from physicality, where
physicality is just for the manifestation of the confirmation,
of existence of something, in the environment
of the others. Deep Space is so beautiful! It’s for man to discover. It’s for man to trust in it, and live and
obey the rules of the Universe. Live in it,
for millions of years. If the man learns what we know,
man will follow blind. Because, this is the
promised Beauty Land. This is
The Promised Land, The Promised Land is Deep-space,
where man finds peace, in every corner. This is what, is
our work from now on. We have to raise
the level of the humanity, in totality, that one,
does not fall behind. My work will show this
in the coming weeks. The Foundation will make effort,
Pan-Continental to raise in one level,
the whole of understanding. Keshe Foundation management team
is getting prepared for it. To be able to handle this
in the coming months. In time, we hand over
the whole control to the World Council and then to
Universal Council. We prepare the ground,
and it’s our job. Those of us who always
talked about peace, wanting peace,
not to fight the war makers, but prepare the ground
that they become irrelevant. When I don’t need arms,
you can produce as much as you like, when you don’t sell,
you run out of money, you stop. I had one of
the most beautiful news, coming from the
new United State President. “Because the African
readers are so corrupt, we are going to
stop the aids to Africa.” Thank you very much your Excellency,
this is the wish of Africa. When so much, so called
cheap food has been put into Africa, that the African farmer
is not worth farming anymore. Now don’t send anymore aids
that we can go back to producing what is
needed by this continent. At least, one sensible things
we have heard from the new President, and we
thank you for it. If you can follow, if the American farmers
allow you to carry it out. Because, they’ve
been making a lot of money out of false economy farming. This is what we need to do. This is what we have to do. This is what is
needed to show we do not need to be bounded with the
physical material world for feed. This is what we have to offer from the bank of the knowledge
of the Plasma Technology. Teachings must go on,
you cannot stop teaching. Because, amongst
the ones you teach, will be the future men,
children, and the life to carry information of the
existence on this planet into the Universe. Nowadays we’re happy we say
“I’m from Iran”, “I’m from United State”,
“I’m from China”. In Deep-space, we say,
“We are from Earth”. And when they ask you, “Why you are in
different colors and shapes?” “Because we have different
environments.” “In your planet, you have one,
all look the same.” The planet Earth
is beautiful! He has the diversity,
allows the diversity of the existence but unisons in thought and action. The way we invite
people from other countries to come to Italy,
to come to France, to come to Africa. See the beauty of what we have this is what we’ll do in Deep Space. “Come to Earth and see, the Unity of Mankind.” We have to understand,
how to see without the eye. We have to understand,
how to feel without touching, tasting. We don’t need to eat another entity,
just to see how it tastes. If he likes he gives us,
the texture of his feeling for us to know how it feels. I always refer to and old movie,
where… very famous actress,
in her childhood’s sitting white, blonde, blue eye,
with a dark black eye brown skin and he says, “Can I lick you?
Do you taste like chocolate?” Man has to pass this border,
to taste. Man has to learn, how
to use his emotion, his Soul. To feel, to share,
to give and to take. And, this is where the real job
of a Spaceship Institute starts. Keshe Foundation, taught
the work of the Man on this planet. KF SSI brings out the
connection between the two. And, Spaceship Institute
opened the door into Space. But, the real dimension’s not in clothes,
that you have to be trained for seven years, how to learn to turn one screw,
in one position, somewhere in Space. As I was talking in
the Medical Teaching yesterday. When we go into Space, the fear… of our own fear, like jumping in the
water, we’re afraid we might get drowned. We have never walked
into Deep Space without any cover. The fear of death,
has prevented us from testing. But, in fact, if you tune your brain, if you tune your emotion,
if you tune your Soul, together. When you leave the boundary of,
what you call, ‘Spaceship’, you adjust yourself into
the environment you’re walking into. There is no need for Space Suit,
and practicing for seven years. as I always say. How many of you’ve been
to the training school, had to pass a test to be able to get a flight to go from,
let’s say, China to India? We have accepted
that the conditions are made. It’s the same as what we accept. We buy a ticket, we walk in, but now the ticket is, for Man
to understand his own emotion and Soul and how it connects to his physicality,
in respect to his environment. Would we open the schools of..? Instead of jumping in the pool
and see how you behave, we jump or enter into the environment when
the Plasmatic magnetic field changes. And, we have to change to it,
to see how much we can change, where is a weakness in our emotion,
in respect to the environment, that we can survive it? We don’t need a Space Suit. This is what you will receive,
in Ghana Spaceship Institute Research… It will come very easy.
The way you go for a driving license, is to go for development
of your emotion, in respect to change, that in space you
can learn how to survive. If you like to stick with a Space Suit,
you’re perfect, no problem. There is nothing wrong with it. But, if you decide,
to work without the Oxygen that you breath,
but receive the energy of the Oxygen, that your Amino Acid can survive,
you’ll be taught, you will teach yourself. The horizon for opening space for Man,
is beyound Man’s imagination It’s taken us three years,
ten years to walk you from matter, into Plasma and Fields. I hope, I don’t have to wait
a thousand years for man to change to learn that Space is safe. It’s him
who has put the barriers for himself. You don’t need
to go through evolution of changing. The brain of the Man
has a common denominator, Hydrogen. And the beauty of it is,
as I was explaining in a teaching yesterday the existence of Nitrogen, allows
you the conversion and application, release and absorption of Helium. Or, if you look at the Helium,
the interaction of double Hydrogen. Deuterium. In fact in the Deep Space,
your whole body will behave as one. Your structure of the Plasma
will behave in a way, that it behaves as
a… multiples of Deuteriums. So, the whole body interacts
as the soup of the Universe. Look. Carbon12,
six of them. Look. Nitrogen14,
seven of them. Look at Oxygen,
eight of them Put them together,
you have oddity. What is the odddity? It’s the Hydrogen again,
which allows the transformation. In the condition
of the Plasma-strength. In confirming the existence
and line of communication. We have to understand,
that by fluke of accident, by the position of the planet,
the way has been in it being tilted in it’s is gas composition,
in it’s matter composition. The Human race
has been given a unique position to be able to live
the spans of the Universe. If we understand this,
we enter into the next level, of being able to live,
at least for the next few million years, till the Man matures
into the next step. To be able to move
fro the Universe in the Unicos. I’ve been asked before,
has Man ever been to Unicos? Yes! Some of our ancestors,
who have come across and been in line of communication,
have made the journey. Through and with the others. I’ve been asked. Can I clarify, if there has been
or there is a contact with the Human race? Yes there is! Especially in the recent past,
at the highest level, irrespective of Governments,
especially those who are in a War Zone. Those who incite
wars have been excluded. Those who support Peace,
share of knowledge, communication, is taking step by step, that the mistakes
of the past is not repeated, that it stays elite,
only to few. We teach from the bottom, and on the same,
on the top we enlighten the top. That then, we do
not create the Christianity. for the satisfaction of some, for the others on the top,
to still be in charge and control. For those who don’t understand,
go back in the past Teaching I have explained how Christianity
has become, to become what it is through the Roman Empire’s
trying to hold on to the hidden way
of path of belief, which they learned
from the Persians. And, at the same time allowing by fitting
it into, what the common people wanted making a fake presentation
of the Truth. This time,
this cannot happen in Space. We work on both levels,
enlightenment of the Man from the ground floor
to the top. And, in a way not enforcing
but Teaching the World Leaders, that the time,
to be all equal, has come. And the people
on the ground are learning, what you think,
is the exclusivity of your’s. My confirmation goes to
the leaders of China, you understand exactly
what we are talking about. You have to understand, the education has to come,
this time from both side, from the top
in equal and from the bottom,
in understanding the equality of the Man in the level of his Soul, that one, cannot abuse the other. There are no Kings,
in the kingdom of God, except him. You have to understand,
start testing your emotion. We have given this privilege to
the Universal Council members. We have given this as a right
to the members of the World Council. The right of insight into the Universal
Community, in a slow space and time will become the right of the
members of the World Council that they can see and understand,
in the interaction of both. The Universal Council members possess it
as long as they are members of the Universal Council, and thereon,
they will not be, even remember. Because, as we said,
“My wish is my command.” The command of the Universal Council
is to bring understanding amongst Man, in understanding,
the Soul of the Totality. Where the Universal Council
is to bring everyone on the same level. The work of the World Council, is to be
able to unite and unify the both side, the Universal Council
and the Universal Community. They are the channels of wisdom, but the wisdom of the Universe,
in time they will translate. You have to teach yourself
how to see without the eye, how to feel without touching,
without eating, without smelling and without
putting your finger in there. If I touch
how it feels? Man will come to understand in parts,
it will become like the Clown Fish, where it mutates between the male
and the female, as it needs. We have to learn,
these are the processes which are embedded
in the Soul of the Man, but in the physical dimension
we have tried to ignore. The freedom of physicality, has suppressed
the power of the soul and emotion, and with this technology
we are opening the reverse, because that’s the way
the Universe works. Make yourself GaNS which are
at the level of the emotion of the Man. Make yourself GaNS which are
at the emotion of the Soul of the Man. Make yourself GaNS
at the emotion of the vegetation. Make emotions and the GaNS
and emotion of the level of the solid, as they are still the same,
of a stone. And try to see
without the eye. Try to see, how your interactions
will bring reactions from them. Do they move
further away from you? Would the GaNS take a dip and move away,
because it wants nothing to give, but in a way I need further distance
to be able to be in balance, and see if when you give with a joy, the
whole GaNS moves to one side, towards you. I want to be closer
because you give what I need. These are the schools of the training
of the man for Deeper Space. And in next few weeks and months,
the more and more of you practice, then we open the schools
of the Space Institute in Ghana for man to be able to enter
the kingdom of God. When you decide,
you see through the eye of the soul not the two holes which are not worth
even opening, with the body of the Man. The real Teaching of
The Spaceship Institutes has started as I said,
“From Christmas” Slowly, slowly, we’re building up
the openness of the knowledge. Those who get enlightened will join in those who still need to have attach
to physicality, will still be there and those who teach
will be enlightened to teach more. But try to practice how,
try to see, in which way you can communicate
without the physicality. Try to taste
the CO2 GaNS, and then try to put the CO2 GaNS
and without touching it, feel it’s energy that it gives the taste
and pleasure of what you did. Try to do what was done before,
where you put an orange, you put the amino acid,
you put the CO2, you put the CH3, and you put CUO around it
with a Zinc oxide, and you drank the water,
and it tasted like orange. By God, your body is the water,
contains that water, your body contains that Zinc,
your body contains that amino acid. If you are matured enough, when you look
at the orange you’ll feel the taste of it. You take the energy, what is prepared
to take, without you touching it. Now you understand
the point of maturity. You had to transfer
the taste of orange into a water which had these
Plasma’s around it. Your body
is made of that Plasma. The containment, the glass
and the water, is the body of the Man. Did you need to consume the orange? Or the orange stayed intact, with what
it gave out, you took, you tasted. You took the energy of it, you had the pleasure
of it’s existence without consuming it. This is the maturity
of the man in Deep Space. “Thy shall not kill.” You have done all the experiments
in the physical dimension. All I’m doing, I’m connecting
the links to your emotion, to understand
you are the cup. You are the Holy Grail, and you never knew. The body of the man contains everything, it’s the man who has to know
how to tap into it. And we have opened
the knowledge, that, you can see
because you have tasted it. When you see
the work, where you put a few dynamic things
together and you get the matter, do the same with the body of yourself. The blood in one hand
and the other is a dynamic Plasma of the existence
with a current. Make your emotion
to see the hand. You wish Gold, there shall be Gold
in the hand of the palm of the Man. Peter has shown you. The plastic which collected the metals
is the palm of the hand of the Man. Two cores is the hand of the Man, and the brain of the Man
from outside, with his emotion dictating what he wants to see,
will create the material you need. Even the existence,
within the hands of the Man. Now you understand. You’ve been
to the school of teaching fully. Man has every knowledge from now on,
how to do what has been his wish, but has never connected it
to himself. And, from
now on we connect! We bring examples,
for you to understand. “I’ve done this, but I didn’t see it,
now I can do it!” Put a Lover in front of you
and see how much Love you can give? And see, if the love is reciprocated,
or is, there is a true love? Then you don’t
waste your time. Loving an Idol, where there is no reflection
of the emotion back. Man will participate in creating
new generation of beings in the Universe in interaction of the Soul, of emotion
of the man with other entities where in physical life
is impossibilities. The children of the Universe are made
of every race in the Universe for those who understood
this interaction. Making Love and the beauty of it,
of it’s offspring, does not need
physical interaction, the way the Man has
got used to it on this planet. I said many years ago to Caroline. “We come to this planet,
to the physical dimensions like this, to enjoy the touch of physicality. Where in fact, we are committed to
the dimension of the Soul, of the existence of the Universe.” Caroline and I, here in Africa
we see a lot of things, we see a lot of pain
but we see a lot of serenity, We see a lot of self-control in our
understanding of the emotion, and through it, the fear has been, existed
and confirmed in their Souls, that they can be controlled
by one little Man in the West. We call it the Christ,
and we call it Mohammad, here they call it the ‘Witch Doctor’. Control of the emotion through
the Soul of the Man. Miniature version of a bigger structure. But in fact,
the work of the same thing. The Man has got to
go through this barrier, has got to go through the point
where he trusts in his own Soul, and sees
without the physicality. This is the job of the KF SSI and Keshe
Foundation to bring man to that level that when they come to
Spaceship Institute, they are matured enough,
to enter the next dimension. Which is detachment from physicality,
but understanding the totality. Not many will pass this level. Not many will take their journey. In the past when I discuss this that
we are here to save those and very few, there was outcry,
by Carolina and Dr Kostova. “You cannot do, leave the children behind
you have to take all!” We give the opportunity to all,
it’s for the Soul to choose. Maybe now,
they understand? Maybe now they comprehend,
what is to come? The choice is given to the Man. And it’s for the man
to take the next step. Stay within the confinment of
the pleasure of the physicality of this village of Earth, or take a step
to see what the village of the Universe in the World of
the Unicos has to give. Once the Man starts
travelling the spans of this Universe he will find out it’s too small. “I can travel faster,
I’m going from one end to another. I’ve seen this many times!” Because the life of the Man will not be
in 60, 100 years, as you are used to it. It runs in thousands, and
you have time to be everywhere. And you learn the speed of
the transformation. And the speed of transportation. The shell of the life of the village
of this Universe becomes too small. And then we start getting
that itching foot, to see what’s behind the
line of this Universe. Then, we have to learn
the rules of the Unicos. Which is totally different,
but very much similar, to what we learn
in the village of the Earth. You got to learn that
in the village of the Unicos, each village has it’s own behaviour,
has it’s own environment, it’s like when you come to Africa it’s hot
day and night. You go to the North Pole,
it’s freezing and everything else. It’s the same in the dimension
of the Unicos. Each Universe has it’s own composition
that’s why it stays in that direction, and in that
dimension. It’s for Man in the future
to learn how to adapt. In the new dimensions. But, you’ll find out by
carrying the basic fundamental Hydrogen as a part of the existence,
Man has already been given an key, into the level of
the existence in the Unicos. But, he has to graduate, he has to
go through it to understand it. For some, will take a few seconds,
and for some, will be Century travels, millions of years,
and never succeed. Because they have not matured enough
to go to the inner sanctum of their Souls, to see the totality
of the Creation. Try to practice, make as many different
GaNS, and see how you can influence, those GaNS which are matter-level,
in those GaNS which are emotion-level, those GaNS which are in
the dimension of the Soul of the Man. And start testing yourself. And then you’ll be graduated
when you come to the school. This is a very much like, what we call,
the ‘evening classes’. You practice at home. You teach at home.
And come to the institute to graduate. And we teach you the final part.
There are no failures. It’s just the lack of understanding which
gives us the limitations of the existence. Try to teach, as much as you can. It’s upon us to build the Spaceship Institute. I have put all my effort into it
and you shall see. The Spaceship Institute in Ghana,
will become the focal point of Humanity, and the door
into the Universe. I have made my commitment. I stay here till my dieing day’s. But, I teach the man how to
enter the Universal Council. And how to enter through
the Universal Council the World Council, and through the respect for them, to see the door,
in the opening of the Universe. You cannot open
the key to the Universal Community, if you have no respect for
where you came from. And understand that when you
take into the World of the Universe, you are the Ambassadors
of this Planet. Ambassador means representation of the President
and the leader of your Nation. So you have to carry his integrity,
and his Ethos. Nowadays we have 180 Countries
and we have 180, if we can afford it,
Ambassadors in each. Not many Nations can afford that. Now that we opened
the spans of Universe, there are billions
of stars and gaps and cavities of
creations in the Universe. That, 7 Billion Man is not enough,
to have an Ambassador in every corner. We don’t want to be out,
when they say, “Look at the wild guys,
from that planet have come.” The Ambassador has to be
the one that says, “The man of Peace arrived, they understand
the work of the Universe and abide by it.” “That, we stand as a beautiful rose, not as a thorn in the back
of the Universal Community.” We teach you,
let’s start, slowly, slowly. try to practise the… as I call, ‘in the sandbox’,
with your emotion, and find out, what gives what
emotion of you, in different boxes. Bring the boxes together,
separate them and feel. Give emotion
and see how they interact. Then close your eyes, and make
a recording of what you want, what you see. Then make a further test,
in wanting to touch to reach, without reaching,
you touch and you feel. The size of the body of the Man,
will be the extension of his emotion, we do that on Earth. Now, we learn to do,
within the freedom of the Space. Teachings from now on
is at the Spaceship Institute level. In a way, you have all been around
to upgrade yourself very rapidly. Playing in the Kindergarden
of the Earth, is over. Now, you are
in the first class. You got to learn, how to hold the pen,
to be the pen of Peace. You have to learn where to sit,
that it becomes the seat of Justice. You have to learn how to speak,
that the Soul of the Man speaks, without the word of the Man. Then, I will take you
to step number two. And by God’s name,
I hope this won’t take centuries, I don’t have the time. Try to practice. Try to, the way you are
happy with, record. That you can start teaching yourself
the control of the emotion, the taste of the food,
the energy of desire, the physicality of a touch
without the touch. I have taught this physicality touch
many times. You remember? When I tell you
to put your hand out and count, and send the information
to your finger, but don’t move it. And then, do it a second time, don’t move it, just relearn how
the information has to go, and the third time,
do it, send the information and move it. This was a practice for you,
to learn how you can send the energy, of the motion,
of the touch and movement, and feeling,
without the physicality. Now you see,
I have taught many things. But, you looked at the physicality. But, the aim was to teach you the eventuality,
of the control of the emotion, without the touching,
but being able to feel, without actually,
getting there to touch to be able,
to do something wrong. We stop Man,
from doing anything wrong. It’s for Man to understand it,
and to practice it. Try to make,
as I was explaining before, I’ve done this to Armen recently,
on the end of one of the teachings. Try practice multiple GaNS making. What does this mean? If you remember, very short time, we sent
some GaNS boxes, which are like … six-sided, and then they had plates,
you could put inside or outside. Do the same! Instead of having a Copper nano-coated
and a Zinc not nano-coated, get a big box,
square box. Put one plate in front of the other,
change the salinity in one part, put some salt
in the other part, and gradually, graduate yourself,
to build up the emotion of the condition. Because, now you had a Copper plate
and you had a Zinc plate but this time,
you have a nano-coated Zinc and a Copper plate
which is not nano-coated. You have a Iron which is nano-coated,
and the Iron, which is not nano-coated. Now you have
a salt of Magnesium, and salt of Potassium,
and you have the other salt. Then start,
interacting with the GaNS. Don’t make everything like a big soup,
you don’t know what’s in it. Start practicing,
step by step, you’ll find the key,
to the Universal Community. Try to connect,
the nano-coated Copper plate into the Iron, non Copper plate,
and the Iron Copper plate. With a direct line,
which is nano-coated. And, see what happens? Connect the Magnesium
to the Amino Acid pot, and see if,
it changes the colour to green? Using the Iron as the source,
of creation of the hemoglobin. Would you see yourself, in the color green
of the Martian in the box? And say,
“I can behave even though I’m green” Because, somewhere in Space
you have to change or you look green, because, it’s the interaction
of the field’s, that in that environment,
allows you to confirm your existence. Color white,
does not exist in Deep Space. It’s been the imagination
of the Man, for confirmation
of his stupidity of superiority. The color of Universe,
is transparent, without any colour. And the power of it,
comes from it’s transparency. Because you can never find the
real essence and the point of the source as, every point,
is the source on it’s own. I teach you, from now on,
the language of Universe, it’s for you to catch up. If you don’t want
to be a tomato in Space. It’s for you to move on. For those of you who are on the edge
of the understanding of the technology of the Foundation. You have a race,
the time and the clock is ticking. Teach and show! Instead of just showing
your GaNS box, show the confirmation
of different GaNS boxes, and, let people, “Now, sit in the front of this
and show me how I feel, in respect?” “This box, is it box of my anger, or
my joy, or my happiness, or my feeling?” There are those of you,
who were in Desenzano with me. Seven of you. You sat for this test, and
those who were the murderers knew on the spot,
because I put them on the spot. I made a Star-Formation and I put two detectors,
facing each other, and I put the
student in front of it. And, I sat in front of the monitor,
and I asked questions. And the truth, was detected
in the level of physicality. Armen can tell you that,
he sat for it. And the others. I knew what I have in my hand, by sitting them in front
of the level of their own physicality. Their lies, the cheat
and the murderers. I knew the Judas in front of me,
sitting in front of the box. Two of them. The one and the collaborator. They know who they are because
they know the test they sat in front of. Now you become
the GaNS box and you, and then you know if you say,
“I Love you.”, if the box moves, the GaNS moves,
it shows your emotion, away it mean you’re lying to your self,
if it comes close, I need more. So you test how your words and emotion
and the Soul will reflect in the box. And this box in time,
will be another entity of the Universe. You cannot say,
“I’m Man of the Peace”, in the back of your mind, “How I’m gonna kill this guy,
he’s gonna taste good.” Cause the box will show you. Start teaching the next level,
when you go from now on in workshops, when you taught that,
bring the box of the truth in front of you. Give them different GaNS, let them make different GaNS
because they carry their emotion, and let them,
for them to see, how close they are between
their physicality and emotion. And, connection
to their Souls. But don’t make it a magic box,
and don’t make it a Voodoo box that I’m gonna ask the box what
the box thinks because what the box thinks is actually you what you feel,
in truth, which you don’t want to confirm
to yourself. So it’s not the stranger, it’s you,
showing the reality of how good you are connected
to your Soul and emotion. The journey of the Man into Space is
going to be horrendous. Because man will learn that
he cannot hide anything. We will be as
naked as the light itself. And that’s why we will shine. We have to understand
the reality of the existence. We have to understand
the reality of the existence of ourselves, our own Souls
and nobody else’s. Because, in the Space,
if you are the Last Man Standing, it’s your Soul, who makes the path
for you into salvation, and nobody else. The salvation of the Peace that, “I am prepared to give the rest of what
I don’t have, what I don’t need, to the Universal dimension. That, it can be used by somebody
somewhere else in an other dimension.” The ultimate Truth about
World of existence. “I came from,
what I’ve become of.” “I created man in the image of myself.
As my self is the image of the creator.” “In truth there are all One.” Those who are wise
understand. And those
who look at the physicality, Is far-fetched in the
realms of understanding. The teaching of
the Spaceship Institute, from now on, brings man to judge himself,
and nobody else. It’s you who have to
stand the time, in the Space. If you go back to the teachings,
some times ago, I said that, “There are those, who’ll walk to the
Spaceship, but they would not enter, because there is no border control,
but except the Soul of the Man he knows he carries
the wrong intention. And, you cannot fool,
your own Soul.” As you remember
I said many times, “There shall be no place for the
World leaders, as their hands is dirty, with too many
suffering of the others.” They would learn it,
the prison becomes the Earth that they don’t see
the pleasure of the Universe. The hell for man will be the
village of Earth, where he’s forbidden
to see the beauty of what the Creator has created
for the Man to see. That’s the point of suffering. You always thought
it’s gonna be heaven and hell, the hell will be Man knowing that he’s not
access to others beauty and pleasures. Welcome to
the Truth of the Universe. Welcome to the reality,
of what is to come in the coming time. Welcome to understanding,
your own existence. Welcome in you comprehending further,
in how much is to be learned and how little we knew,
and we thought we know everything. We called ourselves رئيس صانعي
ملك المملكة In Arabic means, “The head of the Creators
the King of the Kingdom”. The ultimate top-dog
of the creation. Where, we’re actually,
the bottom-eaters of the Totality. So, let’s learn,
let’s change, let’s bring that faith in,
that we move on. As individuals,
and with us, we take the others
in development of the technology. We still have to deal with
the physicalities and the existence in bringing the others
who need to be part of it. Who will be part of it,
those of you who teach, you have become the messengers,
of the message of Peace. But this time you don’t carry the message
of Peace as a Bible, or Quran, or Torah
or any other thing. You carry the message of Peace
in the boxes where you teach man
the creation of the Fields, the GaNS, that the man decides the interaction
of his own Soul with it’s environment. In a way we are all
teachers of one thing, Peace, not only on this Planet, but Creators and
the creation of Peace across the Universe. Not many will pass the test. As Man has learned over time, the greed
of posessing more, and thus will become
the nose around his neck. And, the limitation of his development
of understanding of the Totality. Try to understand,
try to go into the next level of teaching. You have taught yourself the matter-state,
into Plasma and Fields. Now it’s time to see even without
the GaNS, how the Fields respond to you. Do you see light in the vision of the
horizon of your eyes without an eye, where the light shall speak, in the
dimension at the strength of the Soul, without the ear you shall see hear,
and without the eye you shall see. This was the position of when
the Soul of Moses was elevated he spoke about
a fire. All the prophets, speak about the light,
in that instance they see the opening of the light of the knowledge
of the Universe, and as they did not understand,
they call it ‘the God’ and ‘the Creator’. Where in fact it is the essence of
the creation of the Universe. Enlightenment should have brought Peace,
but enlightenment when it translated it’s power, it became greed,
murders in the hand of Moses. We saw the following of the same
in the hand of Christians, and the worse came with
the Muslims. The knowledge became Chinese whisper,
because it’s changed it’s level from level of the Soul,
to the greed of physicality of the Man. In the time of Moses,
he carried the murders in his own hand. In the time of Christ,
the ones who became his followers, they tried to do it as priests,
and then, in the time of Mohammad went really low,
to the level of the man killing man to confirm
the existence of the God. How low could we go? We’ve seen the repetition of the same
of work of Muhammad, bless his name, with the rulers of Islamic World, and in the past 30-40 years
in the name of Mohammad, his name. In time it’s getting worse,
than getting better. We see the same with Christianity. We see the same with Judaism. We see the same with the others. The only ones who have walked away
and understood more because they look at the enlightenment,
is the ones in the Far East. Because, they work in the path
of the emotion of the Soul, not the physicality of the
greed of the land. Try to make,
now you made the GaNS, make combination of GaNS,
and test your own emotion , because you are the judge of yourself
and nobody else. You all have these little tiny
mobile cameras on your phone record it next to your eye,
see what you see in your eye and see what the reality,
the camera records. Do not force it, feel it. And then we’ll see. The education has started,
it’s you who have to educate yourself. Try to work with the dimension of
no Matter-State but the fields and then you’ll breakthrough. Those of you who are happy
to stay teaching GaNS and making motors and everything else,
this is the level you have to work because in time you teach,
or inspire somebody. Those who jump the steps to
understanding more will become the Spaceship makers, and those who go to the further steps,
become the passengers of the Universe. And, there are many passengers
on this planet. But not all of Mankind. Try to, not to exert your wish, your knowledge, your emotion
and your Soul’s power, but be the recipient, that in receiving
what is needed, is given. Never take, but accept what is given,
because of it, you shall give more,
that you receive more. Try to understand the totality. Try to understand the reality
of the essence of the Creation. And now you have a sandbox,
you have all your GaNS boxes. Start testing it. Put it in the core
and see with your emotion, you can create motion in the core,
without the motor. You’ve seen that, with the tests
we showed last week with Jon. You’ve seen that 2 – 3 years ago, when the decision was made that the
physicality and dimension of the emotions, could stop
the reactor number 2 in Desenzano. Now, make that stopping of the reactor,
the stopping of the Man in physical dimension, that he can work
through the energies of it, through the Soul of the Universe. Then you walk through. Try to practice from now on,
not making GaNS boxes, or making GaNS materials but the interaction
of the fields of the GaNS boxes you made with your own emotion. You’ll find the truth about yourself. And, many of you will not like to see,
what you will see. You think you felt good, but in fact what
you wished was opposite because the Soul was aware of the reality. You just wanted to know if
I can make that wish because I thought of it,
I can show it… But in the Universe, there are no masks
and no cover-ups. Try to understand your own emotion. Try to understand your own existence
that you don’t need eye to see. You see through. Try to test yourself. From now on, the race is on
for Man to know his own Soul, the connection of his own Soul,
with his own emotion of physicality and, how he wants to show
that physicality. Many of you who wish to be black,
will become black. Many of you who want to be white, overnight, you will change
your colour to white. And then you see if the heart
is black or still white, even though the colour
of the skin has changed. The emotion of the Man is not
in the heart of the Man but is in the Soul of the Man. And you shall see. You become the chameleon of the
Universe because the condition of the environment dictates for you
to be, for to survive. That you don’t give too much,
that you have no more to give, and you endanger your own existence. And you don’t take too much,
that you endanger others. Balance is the order of the Universe. You made the boxes. Now these boxes of GaNS you made, is a box of the judgement
of the level of understanding of your own emotion and your Soul. And then make boxes of the others,
and see if you’re correct in conduct. Then make boxes in the understanding
of the insight of the Man because now when you look at
the emotion, the box cannot be made of those materials and their fields
which are in the Soul level, You have to make a new box
with the emotional level of the Man where the Zinc and Copper
play a little bit, where in the other one is Iodine
and something else, And then, you play only with the
physicality of the Man, where there is nothing but, the
Matter-States of this planet’s GaNS. And then, you see how you interact. Start playing the piano, and see which
key you have to press, to what you get. Welcome … to the first lessons
of joining the Universal Community. You cannot sit behind the driver’s seat
till you learn what is the ignition key, what ignites it, which one is the clutch
and which one is the brake and what happen you press the wrong
one the engine collapses on you, get pulled to the other side. The steering wheel is the emotion
of the Soul of the Man and you see how you steer
the whole thing together. Start making as many boxes
and sit in the middle of it, and see, record: what emotion,
at what time, created what. And try to tune, fine tune and fine tune
that you end up with one box, but in that box you become
the true light of yourself. Then, you are ready to become
passengers of the Universe. Any questions? You just thought you are graduated in
nano-coating and making GaNS and now you find out, you are back
in the school of holding a pen, Just to learn the alphabet
of the Universe. (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe … I did have a short question earlier,
before there was a lot of other questions and comments put in. And, we just get back to it here. Somebody else…
I’ll just remind our viewers that… I do have a viewer with his hand up. Dick, who does have a question,
of some sort. …maybe we can have him
make a comment. I’d would just like to remind people
try to keep the questions relevant to our talk here,
today so far. I’ll promote you,
I think it’s Dirk actually, not Dick. I’ll put my glasses on (RC chuckles)
and see for sure… Sorry! Yes it is Dirk. Perhaps we can start with Dirk? Dirk are you there?
Do you want to ask a question? I’ll try to unmute you, as you did
have your hand up. Hello? Go ahead! (MK) Hello, we can’t hear. (RC) Do you have a micophone?
Can you speak up? (D) Yeah, right now?.. (MK) We can’t hear! (RC) No, it’s not very good. You going to have to get your
microphone situation better there. Maybe, you have to choose the
microphone in the Zoom correctly? So, sounds like a bad connection. Sounds like
your microphone connection. Okay, we can’t… Sorry, we can’t
take your question like that. You’re gonna have to sort out
your microphone. (D) Okay, I’ll try. (RC) Maybe it’s better now?
Can you try it now? (D) Ah….
I’ll just check it, (RC) Okay…
(MK) It’s very low, your level is low. (RC) Yeah! We can hear you now. (D) Is it louder?
Perhaps that’s the reason? (RC) Now’s… it’s breaking up there but,
try it again? (D) Ah…Okay, then it’s…
then it’s the connection perhaps? So I will put it up on…
on the system. (MK) He writes it up,
and you read it (RC) Okay! (D) Okay, I’ll write it up.
… Okay. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay … I’m trying to mute and
it won’t mute… Vince, can you try to mute
that person? I can’t mute. Or Dirk can you mute
your microphone please? For some reason it won’t
mute from this end. Dirk can you mute your microphone
or not, there? (D) Yes… I just have some problems.
I don’t know what happened else I can do. (RC) Okay! I’m going to
demote you to viewer, and you can still put
your comment in. (D) Okay! Thank you. (RC) Okay! Well …
Let’s try again here. Maybe we have somebody else in
the panelists who has a question? Otherwise, let me go back to that
one I was looking for … here. (AB) …think (RC) I hear
a voice in the background (AB) Mr Keshe, good morning. (MK) I think it’s something wrong with it,
with… could be our system? we have the same problem
with Azar now… (RC) Well she usually starts a little weak
but comes on stronger… (AB) Can you hear me now?
(MK) This is typical… This is typical Persian woman.
Don’t worry… (chuckles) (RC) It’s actually the software
but…(chuckles) there’s part of their
software too, I think. (AB) Good morning! (MK) Good morning,
Doctor Azar. (AB) Can you hear me now? (MK) Yes!
(RC) Yes it’s coming through, thank you. (AB) Okay so I can ask questions now,
I guess nobody has any questions? … (MK) Limit it to numbers, please. (AB) Okay! In terms of GaNS of the salt:
I have made the GaNS’es of all the salts Calcium, Potassium,
Magnesium, Nitrogen. And…so each of them should give
me different kind of emotion? When I interact with them, I gather,
from what you are talking about… and… (MK) It depends, depends, depends…
how you made them? What you made,
the way you made it? (AB) I made them
the same way I made the CO2 and Zinc GaNS with the
nano-coated Copper, and … (MK) And, now sit in in front of it,
and see what emotion moves what? (AB) Okay, because I actually,
have them all together, and I made patches
of them, as well too. And … also what I did,
I made the ‘Cup of Life’. I took a cup that, I put water
in the two layer of the cup, and I measured their strength, and
each of them had different strength’s. Like Calcium and Potassium had higher
strength’s than the other ones. (MK) You have to test,
You see what emotion… Don’t mix the GaNS together. Try to keep them separate,
even, not near to each other, that you
start understanding. Not the first one, not the tenth one,
not the hundred one. If it’s not in the right strength, is
not necessarily mean you have found it. But when you find the first one, then
you’ll know what you are looking for. (AB) …Can I drink them? (MK) As long as you don’t drink
the GaNS itself. Yes! (AB) Okay. (MK) Water GaNS
is no problem with it. Let me explain to you a couple of things,
which I think it will be interesting. When you make a Plasma water
of Plasmatic GaNS … You … carry the energy,
you don’t carry the Matter-State. When… We had … Vernie … If he is on the line he can explain it, because he explained beautifully
in the teaching yesterday. Do you see Vernie
in the background? (VG) Yes I’m here Mr Keshe
(MK) …in how to use GaNS and the way you got
to use the GaNS the orders you gotta to use the
GaNS’es, or even mix them together, and how you want to mix them,
to want to get an outcome. Do you see Vernie in the back ground?
Is he there? (VG) I’m here Mr.Keshe, I’m here. (MK) Vernie, could you please explain in… how you explained yesterday
in the teachings? (VG) Okay! (MK) That people understand, because
this is important and many people never understood this but, at
least this way you will understand it, and you will see how you even interact
or mix different GaNS together, for whatever reasons, you want to measure your Soul,
or your sight, or whatever? Go ahead please!
(VG) Thank you. … When I bring Liquid Plasma to water. especially multiple Liquid Plasma
of different strength. It is best to add first, the lightest
strength, and then add next, then next in strength and last should
be the heaviest in strength. This is done to have a consistent flow
from heavier to lighter strength. So, we have to be consistent in this flow
that we do not create an opposing flow. When we put different…
in different manner. So the effect of doing this
on the water or even on our body, it’s much better
than doing it the other way. So I’ve observed this, and even tasted …
drinking water with an additional of, let’s say CH3 and CO2 the taste is different when done this way,
than the other way. And I’ve been observing the effect also, I would say, I feel… it is much better
doing from … doing this method. Lighter, then heavier,
then the heaviest, the last one. (VG) Okay? (MK) Yes, thank you very much.
What is… What Vernie is trying to explain is that,
how you mix the GaNS you dictate the elevation
and the position in the Plasma strength. It’s better if you are mixing GaNS
to build up, from the base up. Those are with
the Plasmatic Atomic mass of strength of the lowest ,
you put in first. So you cover base from outside. You fulfill the full requirement of what
is needed, at the point of interaction. Then, you add …
CH3 is fifteen. Then for example, if you want
to add CH4, it’s the second one. If you want to add CO2,
that’s the third one. If you want to add amino acid,
is the fourth one. If you don’t do that process,
even if you are taking GaNS, mixture of GaNS
for different application for whatever the reasons, you always
start with the lightest first. You give it a space,
you take the next one. And, this is how
it should be done. If you mix the 1st one with the 4th one
you get totally different energy transfer even then you are asked,
you put the second one in third. So, it’s important for us
to watch very much the way, step by step, you follow
to get a perfect GaNS, how now to mix the GaNS
to get the perfect condition you want. The beauty with a lot of work you do,
especially, if you’re looking for understanding of the work of the GaNS with
the physical dimension, need of the man, you always have
to add two things to it. One is the Amino Acid,
secondly Hemoglobin. Then the condition will be
of those which is in reality at the strength of the Plasma,
of the body of the Man. If you just put the Amino Acid
and put Magnesium, you will get with it,
what is to be a plant. And you don’t want to be there. So, you dictate with the presence
of the materials and the GaNS the condition that you want to create
to be connected to man, to you , to a dog,
to a tree, to a stone. Learn the process of interaction
of the fields, not the physicality observation,
of the matter. Because, when you put
liquid GaNS of the CH3, in a water, and the liquid GaNS of the
CuO in a water and a CuO2, we don’t see, it still
is the same water. They all are so transparent! And this is one of the problems we have,
in measuring what’s what, and what it does. This is important for us,
because in this knowledge, we have to understand to be blind
to the world of physicality, because this is what
we have decided to do. This is what we have wanted,
how we wanted it, the way we wanted it. And, would this be
in the condition that we want? Do we want to add, in so many ways, how
and where, and the way we want to do it? And, would it be better
to put the heaviest first, and go from heavy
to the light? If you go from the heavy
to the light, then you create the condition of
existence of the Plasma. The heavier stronger fields
will dominate and overpower the weaker. But, where the other one is vice versa,
you already stand out, in the condition how you want it,
the way you want it, and how you want it
to change. It is important for us to be,
in so many ways, have a full understanding
of our own existence,
through our own work. When you put different strength Plasma fields,
they all look the same. When we will show the pictures,
of the products which are to be marketed, in a coming time, you will understand this
very fast, very clearly. That it all looks water,
transparent. The new products coming out of
the Keshe Foundation Ghana, clearly explains it, this is the dilemma
for the world of science. And this is what is driving people crazy
in the world of science. “It’s water but I feel it,
I drink it, in a certain sequence
I don’t have a blood pressure, I drink it in a different sequence
I loose my diabetic. I use it in different way,
I get rid of Typhoid, I use it in different way, I walk away
with Cancer, but it’s still a water.” We’ll release these pictures,
you will see it it’s amazing the mayhem we have created in the world of
commerce and science. And, those who want to understand it,
are in more confusion than anybody else. It’s the way we should understand,
how, what we want. In a way what happens,
if you make a bath tub of these, and you go inside it? If you make a bath box, would you
disappear physically not to be seen? Because, the Plasmatic Magnetic Field
of you, and the environment created,
is of the same. We shall show this
in Accra very soon. It’s what you call,
‘the hidden energy of the Plasma’. It’s very hard for a lot to understand. But, there is no difference
in structure. But, in the energy carrying,
it does. Now try to make
a water which carries the energy of your Soul,
and carry it with you in your hand, God help you! Make a water GaNS which carries
the emotion of the happiness, in it, of your Soul and your emotion,
and put it in your pocket, wherever you walk
you’re always happy because it’s so powerful that override
anything else in you. They say, “Oh the happy chap!”,
he say, “and they feel it.” They become happy with you
because they receive. I hope you’re happiness,
is not their little anchor point. The time of playing and enjoying life with
the Plasma Technology has just started. If I tell you the things
you can do with it, you’d go crazy
and mad with it. Because, it’s so much to do
as Alekz says “I don’t want nothing else to do,
I eat, breath, sleep Plasma Technology”. When it touches your Soul,
you get the pleasure of understanding it, It changes your life. It depends if you manage
to make the strength. which gives you the satisfaction
of the existence, and then that’s it. It’s like falling in Love,
when you are touched, you can’t let go. Because, the freedom from it,
is beyond understanding of the physicality. Any other question? (IG) Yes! Mr Keshe this is
Ioannis from Greece. (MK) Can you speak a bit louder please? (IG) … Yeah I’m trying to speak loud,
can you hear me now? (MK) Rick I think
our filter level is too low. Vince, somebody in the background. Is that possible you could check,
somebody can raise it? (RC) I’m not sure there is, there was
a new update to the Zoom today. So maybe, that altered something,
the Zoom may be different now? (MK) Okay!
Carry on please. (IG) Okay, I’ve got one question
that has to do with GaNS. (MK) Can you explain to us who you are.
Please introduce yourself… (IG) Yes! Yes I am Ioannis,
and I am from Greece. (MK) Yes, thank you very much. (IG) …Thank you, my first question is,
if we add two GaNS’es together, for example CH3 which is Atomic mass of 15
and CO2 which is 44. Is the result the new Plasma
of the fields 59, is it simple addition? (MK) No! What you have to learn;
How much of which you have put in? Is it one, let’s say, gram of one,
and two gram of the other? (IG) Okay! (MK) Yeah, you have to learn
the mass ratio is important. Because, there’s more of to give,
so they dominate the strength. It’s like in the medical applications,
we put two, double the mass of, the one in the back,
then the front. The transfer of the energy
from back to front It’s the directional in Magnetical level
but in Gravitational level it’s in reverse where the highest
goes to the lowest. (IG) So, I’m not sure
I understood that last part? (MK) When you put higher
order strength Plasma with a lower order
in strength of the Plasma. (YG) Yes! (MK) You receive higher order
gravitational magnetic fields from the strongest to the weakest. But, when you release the fields
from the weakest, it’s on gravitational,
is weaker that the stronger, from the other side
can put to itself. So, if you look at it,
the fields from the north pole of the weakest,
is gravitationally weaker, than the gravitational
fields of the strongest, of the south pole of the strong. That it allows to pull it to itself. Otherwise it will be feeding back. And it’s the same on
the magnetical side. You have to understand that, the fields carry both gravitational
and magnetical, it’s not one-way. And, at the same time,
your magnetical poles, similarity, they repel each other. So it means, the part of the field flow
goes for separation. And, the same
is from your South Pole. You have 2 fields,
1 on the top and 1 on the bottom, which they interact. And then you have 2 fields,
which from the top of one, interacts with
the lower of the other. And from the top
of the other one, with the lower
of the other one. This has to be taken into consideration. And that’s why, when we speak,
the field strength of the Plasma, we deduct the 2 repulsion, to keep the total mass of
the gravitational mass balance. Let me explain
to you, to understand. Can I share please? (SC) Just go ahead Mr Keshe. (MK) This is what we,
we’ve been teaching, and that’s… You have a Plasma. You have 4 field-forces. North pole, north pole. This gives a repulsion. You have the south pole, in a way which again,
creates a repulsion. And then you have
the magical north pole to the south. And then you have another one,
which is, if I can choose, is this one, to this one. So, your total balance, we always say
is about 20 to 30% sometimes up to 50%. It’s, when the balance here, is the deduction of
the yellow and the red and the blue and the,
what do you call it… This, the other one,
the other red at the bottom, (YG) Pink?
(MK) What you call it, the brighter, pink one.
Whatever you call it? So, this is the balance which you get. Because, these 2 are repulsion,
which means they are releasing. These 2 are the absorption.
Which they are interacting to receive. These are the 4 field-forces,
that we always have to consider. And when you take, in a way
B and P away from it. It gives you total mass
exclusion by 30% or 50%. This gives you the
atomic mass of the Plasma. Because, you never
consider Plasma on its own. You consider Plasma
in respect to interaction with the other
Plasmas in his environment. Because, Plasma
on its own does not exist. So. its potentially real. And, the more you have,
the heavier elements you have as a Plasma. the more you lose here. So we got to ba…
(coughing) In the balance field
of 20%, on reverse. And then, the lighter
you become like Hydrogen is so much, that you
can go up to 50% reduction. (cough) Because, the extraction of the fields
in their balance equal level, is too much, so you lose a lot
to keep the balance. If you get ring magnets and play with it,
you’ll understand it very quickly. So you cannot go and say, “If you balance with this,
what’s created?” You have to consider… every aspect of the interaction. So it doesn’t become, ” because you add one to the other,
it gives you that level.” I hope I’m clear! (IG) Thank you for
your answer. So, is the first part of the equation
the magnetical part of the Plasma, and the second the gravitational? (MK) Yes you have 2 magnetical
and you have 2 gravitational. (IG) Yes! The magnetical are the north
poles repelling each other, and the south poles
repelling each other. (IG) Yes! Gravitational is the
interaction of the north pole what goes to the bottom
of the south, end of the bigger one,
to the weaker one. But when you have Hydrogen,
Hydrogen is about 2 of the same which is about 50% reduction. So in a way when you consider Hydrogen environment,
you consider not as one. You consider as half. But when you go, on the other hand,
to higher atomic mass you go back in the same position, because you have too many neutrons
which are giving out. So the fields coming out
is much stronger than the balance field. And then you go back again,
sometimes up to 30 to 50%. But half of one is not much. But when you are in 200 and 300,
20%, 30%, it’s a lot. Where you look at … atomic Hydrogen,
with one you lose half. But if you look
at something like 200 20% is 40, it’s a huge amount. And, in all the interaction, depending
on the environment, you don’t get 40. You have some which are on 40.
Some are on 39, some of them 35. Some are them are zero, which means the balance,
equals balance atomic structure. When you do the test
with the GaNS of the, for example Zinc
and near Zinc. Always consider
the presence of the B12 in the Iron with the existence
of the amino acid. Because, its not the Zinc emotion
on its own which is there. It depends how much
the Cobalt has changed that… or the Cesium amount
of Cobalt radiation exists near the Iron. That it gives you the strength,
difference strength of the gamma rays. Some of the gamma rays in Cesium plays
the same strength as the Cobalt. But not all of them. And then that affects
the ratio of the energy which is released
in the … interaction of the Zinc and copper
in the same container. Then you decide how
much you feel, you feel good if you bad? And how you
want control the atomic mass? It’s not a simple game. The
Universe has many games in the stake. (IG) Yes it does.
If it’s all about this question, could you be able
to answer one more please? (MK) Yes! Go ahead. (IG) So, this one has
to do with the Man and … if I can say,
the different bodies the Man has. If the physicality of the
man is the Plasma, is also the emotionality of the
Man a different Plasma, and the the mentality of
the man another Plasma? (MK) In a strength,
could be the same entity. Is a strength? Yes!
(IG) So it’s..? (MK) Emotion…
The Soul of the Man is much stronger. And…. What you call, ‘the emotion
of the Man’, it’s a level down. Because it changes,
it reduces to become. And then the emotion, then reduced
in strength, becomes the physicality. But, in a way if you look at it, you
can have a spectrum of the same thing but, if the gap is big enough,
you can have the Soul, the emotion and the physicality,
within the structure of one element. (IG) So, they are all parts
of one bigger Plasma? But they are
not the exact same, right? (MK) No, not in the strength. Because, one in reducing its strength
becomes the other of the weaker. Thank you for this. (MK) Thank you very much. (AB) Mr Keshe I have a question? (MK) Yes Azar (AB) … Who is the one
who talks then? (MK) Ask yourself, We have changed, we have changed
in the physicality of the existence. We have converted some of our emotions
into vibration, what you call the sound. The dump does not speak but
understand all the emotions, does not need the word to speak. Nor does the deaf to hear,
but he understand the emotion, and feeling of the laughter with
joy and everything else. It’s as who’s is translated
it to be comfortable, to understand which
one is which. Laziness I call it. (AB) So when, when I
talk do I filter? (MK) Yes, you filter your
emotion to sound level, because that way you
can explain to those, who do not see your
Soul or your emotion. (AB) So, it’s a kind of
hiding my true identity? (MK) No, is way of
being able to…, because of the pieces
we have created to be able to use it, to be like the others,
that we do not stand as a dumb or at death. “اگر نمی خواهید به ایستادگی
از، تبدیل شدن به مانند بقیه.” It means, ‘if do not want to stand
out, become like the rest.’ (AB) But you know sometimes…
I feel like … the way I feel about my body, I just wanna get out of this,
but I do not know how to do it though. It just … (MK) It is very easy, many, many
times done, it’s very, very easy. I do this frequently,
because as I have said many time: “I am ashamed to be in
the body of the man, but the body of the Man,
is only I can serve Mankind, to get rid off this of this trap” (AB) Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) You’re welcome! Any other questions? (PB) Hello Mr Keshe!
It’s Pawel, from UK speaking (MK) Is who ? Hello (PB) Pawel from the UK. Hello Mr Keshe! Actually
I’ve got two questions? Hello, Hello? (MK) How are you nowadays? (PB) Very good. (MK) Very good!
Okay carry on. (PB) Thank you, … Actually Mr Keshe, I’ve
got two questions? (PB) If I can obviously, The first is: that what you
mention earlier on regarding, to creating a
box with GaNS, …If we start considerating
a human body as a big container of the different GaNS
with the different strengthnesses, (MK) You don’t need to consider,
You don’t need consider it, it is! (P) Yeah! Thank you for correcting
me, yes of course it is, yes. …So in this case, when we
start playing with emotions, and this… during this games
with emotions is our physicality, is start, let say, recognizing
a certain phenomenons, on certain parts of our body, and… lets say… is that pretty
much same for all Humans ? In a way? (MK) Yes!
(PB) Creating some kind pattern of progress,
let say, of understanding? (MK) …Let me tell you something, maybe we can expand what
you said, in very short way, (PB) Thank you, yes. (MK) Scientists nowadays
they put electrodes and say, “this is the part of your brain
which is your emotion, this is part of the brain which
is your arm”, and the rest of it. Why we go all the way
to go to the physicality, go back to where it is, and not go
directly to where it is in the brain without going through
the physicality, and then see how the physicality
response, in the respect to the emotion of the feeling in that
part of the brain. But, why don’t we by-pass the
physicality and go directly in our brain? ” I know this is part when
my emotions , and I want the emotion
to be happy.” And that happy part is that box,
because when I feel happy, when I remember the joy of who
I Love, that box is start moving, with that Zinc or
a Calcium in it. So, that is the box of Love. And then, see if you
put that box of Love, try to bring it to
the physicality. Does it come out like a kiss
or a cuddle? And then, you find out,
which way is how? You want to be physically emotion, or you
want to feel direct energy transfer? We’ve got a lot to learn. (PB) So that means some,
let’s say, certain …. how to say it. Sensations on our
physicality which one occurs, on different, let’s say, people in
pretty much… pretty much same way. We can..?
(MK) Not really, Not really!
Near enough maybe? (PB) Yeah, can we… can we just start
understanding this, as a pretty much, of indication, what’s going on, and how far we go with it,
the understanding. (MK) That is a purpose of
the teaching from now on, for Man to understand his own,
control of emotion without a physicality, and then through it
to see his Soul, and then you see the
opening to Universal Community. (PB) Right, Okay. (MK) When we call it Spaceship,
Space is the body of the Man, the Ship is his emotion to be able
to carry it, where he wants to. (PB) Yeah! That’s
very interesting. (MK) You always look at the ship,
for as to carry something in it. (PB) Absolutely agree
with this, and the 2nd… (MK) Which makes the physicality and
this where we look at the wrong way, we look… We use the physicality
to get to the emotions. (PB) Yeah, thank you… thank
you very much Mr Keshe, and the second one is related let
say, if we create the Plasma Banking, let’s say, in the way. And… we doing, this let’s say, through
our emotions with the different entities, … I mean the
people, like the Human beings. Can we… Are we able to exchange,
you know, different things, which we name like,
you know, wisdom, intelligence, health, and you know…
(MK) Of course, Of course, you will be amazed how
you start speaking new languages, without you ever spoken it. (PB) Yeah! That’s what I waiting
for to get to it, absolutely, (MK) It is very easy. …They say some people learn
languages very easy, but if you look in the background,
through it, you’ll find out, is the emotion which they
put in to it which allows, that connections of the learning,
or to tap into as level of Souls. (PB) Yes. So… so that’s means if
we expose fields, through our emotions, using let’s say, our interface with
this environment which our body is, can we, let’s say … observe some kind of
phenomenons, when other people, obviously, they dictate what
they want to receive not we? (MK) You will feel it before they talk,
you feel them before you see. You understand emotion, in
so much Martial Arts did teach that, but the man doesn’t
go beyond the expansion of it, but you can increase it. As I said, when you go into Deep
Space you try to look at the light, so much you do not see, because
on the other hand, if you can extend, you will see beyond
the boundaries of even the Spaceship which you created,
because you have that strength. The vision of the Man will
come through his Soul, and in the way if you look at it,
you become the center of the Universe, as you will shall see the boundaries of
the field-strength of your own Soul. One day, Man will understand. (PB) Thank you very much Mr Keshe
indeed, thank you very much. (MK) Any other question ? (RC) There is a question, that’s somewhat
related from Trevor in the Livestream. “Rick could you please
ask Mr Keshe, about the Jinn?” Jinn, which he, which she
says are “Plasma beings”, Are they controlling Mankind? As in the Quran, that says, that “they
were here on Earth, before mankind”, “Thank you”. (MK) Mankind came out
of the condition, of… which was created physically,
that it let to his existence, but the life has been
here by the others who, do not depend on the condition
of the atmosphere of this planet, for them to exist. It is very much, when Man…
when Man understands the … the work of the Universe, Man will understand the
Space is full of nomads. They don’t need to wait for
something to be created, they come, they visit, they go,
they see, they feel. As I’ve said many,
many times, “When we open the video
of the life of the Man on this planet, Man will be
ashamed of what he’s done. One of the things which has been kept
and it will be disclosed, and in so many ways,
I go back to it sometimes. We will show the true behavior of Moses,
because he made a huge problem. And then will see how people
would like to called the ‘Jew’. Seen it and he’s shamed
to be part of humanity. (RC) Maybe that comes just to our
next question here from Danny who ask: Can lost Souls still be elevated? (MK) You never loose souls.
No Soul is ever lost. (RC) Maybe wandering Souls,
would that be another word? (MK) No, you exist in your own dimension,
you are not aware, aware of loss. You live with the condition you’ve been,
you have chosen to be in. It’s like what we call…
You know, a fish in the fish tank,
is only but five seconds memory. He doesn’t remember,
it’s been there five seconds before, so it can exist in the tank. Because, it’s the easiest way to forget,
his imprisonment, in a way, in the physical contraption,
in, look what you call it, ‘entrapment’. Man’s Soul or any Soul,
it never gets lost. It’s just a condition
they accept to exist. Any other questions? You have
something to show from the teachings, from the Swiss teachings last weekend,
am I correct Rick? (RC) Yeah!
I think Jacky does actually? Jacky are you there?
(MK) Go to that, to see it. … We try to promote teachings
as much as possible, because it got time, it has time,
has come to start mass teaching. Do not be afraid of teachings
because those who object, it’s just that they don’t understand. Give from your Soul
and they’ll be enlighted. Go ahead Jacky please. (JS) Yes! (MK) I’ll stop sharing,
that you can share. Let me come out please,
one second. Yeah!s! Go ahead please. (JS) Okay, perfect. So, I have just make a little
presentation of what we have done. It was first conference
for the French speaking, under the
Keshe Foundation Education part. It was on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
near Lyon in France. So, then we have the Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. Was eighteen hours of teaching, then we will go through
what we giving in the teaching. So, the people was sleeping
and eating, inside the Workshop. So everybody stay there. So, first thing we start,
it’s build the team, who… where
making all the organization. So, it was some beautiful Souls, the French people who take
the responsibility to organize. So, they organize everything. The room, the coordination,
everythings. So this is some people,
who be part of the organization. Then, we have a beautiful, because we choose,
to don’t have high price, so we stay, we try to keep
it very low, the price. So we found a really nice place,
it’s some… like a school, Internat. But, the weekend there is nobody,
so they rent this kind of place. So, the tariff is very low
and not so expensive. But very nice, very secure,
because all is close, so nobody can come,
and we are just with us. So, it was a place for,
quite hundred person. We were
eighty five people. And, it don’t
takes too much material, just the beamer for the presentation, and a good sonor because it’s a lot of
teachings, so the sound needs to be good. But, no fancy things, you know,
just the strict minimum. Then, we just have some few things, You know, just some magnets, that the people
can play with the magnets, start feeling the fields. We have the people from the…
re-selling part of the Keshe Foundation, So, they have put some MaGrav
Pain Pad and Pain Pens, so they can show the products,
different products of the Keshe Foundation. We see the difference with the magnets
in space and on the flat tables, so the people can start have this feeling,
in space and no more in the flat manner. There is, there was
some GaNS and nano-coating, so the people can have some feeling
of the sensation of this. Then, it was really nice and soft,
you see room nothing fancy, but ten Euros per person, per night,
so it was quite wonderful. Then the food was the same,
it’s very low, low price, so no problem,
and a very nice place. So, I would say this place
was really a good choice. Then different pictures
of the different teachings, and all the community,
the eighty three persons. So, if we go through the process,
we start with the presentation, One Planet, One Race, One Nation. Then who is Mr Keshe. Then, we have the promotional video from
the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. Then, we start with
the magnetic fields, and what’s a magnetic fields,
what’s a Plasma. Then, you have some tips after the videos,
then you go to the next step, because when you understand
what’s magnetic field and Plasma, you understand you have both
gravity and repulsion. So magnetical and gravitational,
so lot of examples, lot of stories. The when you understand this,
people just start understanding, the difference between an element,
an atom, a molecule and a cell. And, at that point we can go,
because now we understand the Plasma, the magnetical, the gravitational,
so we can make the difference between, Plasma, Physics, Chemistry and Biology,
and we go in depths of that. Then, when we understand all this,
we just understand this is a science, and with this science, with this power
you get, you need to have some ethos, because it’s a lot of power,
so we go through this subject. And then, as we understand the Plasma,
the fields, we just understand, we are here to create the condition,
and we dictate the condition, and everything is creating,
created from there. Then, when you understand
that, you going to the nano-structure, what is the nano-structure, was some
examples, some very good… with the people. You know, because we make… understand
the people are the Plasma, and so they start creating nano-layers
between them and the field-interaction. And, at that point, yeah,
you go on the field-interaction, because you understand the Plasma
interacts between each other’s, and how they interact
to create new matter… and you can dictated
by the condition, you decided. And, at that point
you are ready to understand that we come from matter, we go to the nano,
to the GaNS, to the Free Plasma, So, all the teaching, every time with
examples of this. Stories and all that. Then, to go outside the matter-state you need to have
no connections with the matter, so you need to understand
the secret of perfect nano-coating. So you had, no more,
connection with the matter-state. And, we end up with the history, and how can we write
the next phase in the history, and what’s the
next step for planet Earth? Perhaps, it’s time
to take the next step? And, at that point we tried,
to make the people who wants to make the same conference
be able to do that. This is why we choose
some really easy parts of the video. So, everyone
can make it really easily. And, there is some,
just a few testimonies; “Great weekend, very good
organization, very good teaching.” “Super, super, super thank you,
for this moment of sharing, sympathy, generosity, good will,
perfect organization.” “Thank you all. wonderful.
Appreciate the simplicity.” “your big heart, the organization,
the organizer, the tariff” “Jacky and his clear explanation the beauty
of each person’s heart’s sharing.” So, this is some of
the testimonies, a lot of testimonies, And, it was so beautiful because,
I see a lot of building workshop, with the people showing the light,
when they showed the MaGrav System. And, then this is our light,
showing the light showing the 85 reactors,
built during this weekend. And, I think the…
the French people really understand this concept that,
they are the true, the true reactors and how many
infinite possibility they have. And, they start building
a huge collaboration, and field-interaction between
all these Plasma. And, at that point,
this is not the important part, but, it’s important
that the people understand. We are, eighty percent paid, the price was
200 Euros for everything. Room and board, eating everything.
So, this is the price. Then the cost was for us
was 120 Euros. So, you have the difference, it’s 6… 4 hundred’s and then,
from that we just give 6, …approximately,
6,000 Euros to the Foundation. …Because with the people organizing this we just understand, we have
received so much from the Foundation And, we don’t want
to keep this money. We just take for pay our room
because we paid the room and everything. So, we just take some money to pay
our room and the fuel and that’s it. And, we send
everything to the Foundation. And we have an extra donation, because, people during the Workshop,
can give to us some money for the keshe foundation,
and we collect the 1,000 Euros more. So, we have said,
“Send 7,000 Euros to the Foundation.” And, I would say,
“It was a so beautiful for myself”, because, I do quite nothing, you know,
the people just believing to this project and make it possible. So, they organized
everything, it was so perfect. And then I was just the coming and
taking the presentation, and then start building the Plasma
bringing such interaction and … Yeah!
It was really beautiful. And at that point the Powerpoint,
can be… In the future, will be available,
for the people who wants this. And here, you just have
all the videos for all the people. We’ll have all the videos from, the Friday night,
Saturday morning and the rest. So, I want just to show you
one minute how it looks. I have already,
translated this beginning in English. [start of Workshop video] (RC) Gentlemen, music off please!
Turn the music off… Turn the music off!
Thank you! Can’t have background music like
that Jacky, unless it’s already okay’d. Is that non-copyright music? (JS) It’s the
Flint intro video. (RC) I don’t think
that’s allowed to be played. (JS) Yeah, we play it
without the sound, no problem. (RC) Okay. (JS) And, now [Workshop video] And so, you have
the 18 hours … teachings. So, we are becoming
fully open, we have nothing to hide. We show everything all the teachings,
and all the other repartition, everything. So, I think in the future,
it’s the good way to work, you know, in total collaboration
and total transparency. And, everybody was happy, because,
we send the money to the Keshe Foundation. We receive so much, the people
were really happy with this weekend. And … I think it’s the
future of the Plasma Technology. And I really want to, thanks a lot
Mr Keshe for all he’s doing for us. So, Thank you very much. (MK) Thank you very much Jacky. Thank you for the hard work,
and everything you are doing. And, this is the path
we go we… The teaching has to become the cornerstone
of the new technology, new understanding. And lucky, this time around, large number of human race, have been
educated, that they can understand. And, hopefully we don’t leave many behind
that it can be abused by those who think, they
know a little bit more. Use these teachings to… to not
only teach Nano and GaNS making, but, to elevate the Soul of the Man. That, he understands how,
to help his Soul, his emotion. That, this can
become part of his existence. The course of the teaching,
has to take this into account, as in the major part. But, what you have donated will,
go again, towards what we are setting up. We have a target of 250 millions,
to build the whole centre. It can go even higher,
now we’re looking at more details. But, one way or another,
it’ll come together. We see talk from
certain Governmental Organizations, to donate as they cannot do for
themselves, Space Technology on one go. To become part of it, we will see donations
from the Government Organizations. That, their participation allows, one Nation, organization
for their Space Technology. We’ve been approached, by a number of
Governments, a handful of them. That they would like to participate
at the same, of donating having their scientists to be part
of this technology in development, as they cannot
do it on their own. And, this is the beginning of it,
we will see the changes. It will come and will be
very open and transparent. Just while Jacky was talking,
I received the contractual letters to confirm, to
start of the project, and, it’ll be signed today and,
more or less, we start the whole procedure
of building the site for Humanity. We started from Africa
as a Human race. Maybe, it’s the Africa is the place where
we go to Space through, too as well? But … I hope this journey of
few million years, have taught us a lot. To a change,
a change of behavior and attitude. Thank you very much
for your presentation, and if you are doing
other presentations, please bring it. For what we
learned from each other, and we can add
some of the teachings to the other parts. But from now on, try to concentrate more,
in part of your teachings, on how people can see the benefit of it
in changing their own emotion and Souls, and understanding to
bring them comfort and pleasure. The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute.
Centre, in Ghana, Will be the center point for Humanity. In so many ways we start calling upon most of the scientists of Keshe Foundation
to converge into Ghana, to start the teaching center
We have already called the ‘GaNS Valley’. And, you’ve seen the
building’s been provided for us, and the land,
which is been given to us. And, now we see
Governmental Institutes, and other Governments
who want to be part of it. Initially, it’s us who started it,
but very soon you, you will see the influence and the
prestige will bring Government’s trying to, what we call it,
they want to be part of it. They want
to be a major part of it! You.. We will announce this
in the coming time that, how the government military and, different
dimensions of securities are coming in. because they see
they need to know, to be part of it,
that they can have at least understanding
of what is to come. There’s no fear, it’s a joy. We’ve been talking to military
for a long time, but now, gradually, they are coming to
understand the time has changed. Maybe we have to
use the energy in a positive way. And, in so many ways,
you shall see. We can show you
a range of … organizations we are communicating
and walking with. And it was very interesting. It was amazing that …
how people are doing good for us. Yesterday, when I heard about the
press, and then, them understanding what was going on, it gave them
that they stood for the Foundation. When this Sir … calls repetitively
the press here to press them, they tell him “we’ve seen the good
for this nation, … just get lost ” And they go to another
and this has caused a lot of Governmental Organizations to look: “What is this that we receiving? So much
calls from this guy, and these people.” And then, when
they see where we sit, the people will sit,
and they go, references. “We want to be part of it”. They were not informed. Now they are fully informed,
and now they want to be part of it. The enemies of us,
are serving us better than, sometimes,
better than ourselves. This is fantastic. He came to destroy the Foundation,
and now he’s still serving it trying to destroy himself. But we have… we got to
concentrate on the positive way and I’ve just been told
by the security people on another site, the confirmation
of his thefts, has been released. I would like to know, how you can walk
away with 265,000 of the… Knights. The e-mails have been released
so you can see we don’t talk out of lie. The same … surprise,
I’ve just been told by Securities. The Panama documents of the hidden
accounts in use for terrorism by DL, has been or will be released,
in short time. You can see, we don’t talk. Panama accounts is secured to a lot of
documents that there are. Now we show the account. They thought they can defraud
the Nation and tell lies with the others. Now it’s on the table,
the government’s after it. And they want to know how and
how much they’ve been stolen out of. Goes back 27 years, 30 years. It’s become a habit, they think it’s
their right to steal from the Man, they’ve stolen their life
and their poison. You got to understand
the development of the technology is part of Man understanding himself. We teach, please teach. Those of… who are happy with the
power, let them have the power, with receiving the power, a pain
in paying electricity bills goes, then, they have more time
to enlighten themselves. The more pain and pressure
we take off the public, off people through the development
and delivery of the technology. The more they have time,
that, “What this help me,
I want to show.” We had an example,
without us knowing. A few months ago, a man in Ghana,
in United States, going to save his life, with a blood pressure
of 220 plus. They can’t do anything for him. His family works in Atomic,
they tell him, “Come back the technology has come, it’s
inside the Atomic, they can help you.” The man is a, is a priest.
If you can call him that way? They fly him back, because in the State
he would have died. The blood pressure was going and
so they brought him back. Benjamin helps him, very little,
through the GaNS Technology, and the blood pressure just drops. Now he says,
“I have nothing.” He’s such a happy man. And him, the position he has,
as being the position of a priest, or man who they trust,
has contacted very powerful places. He just goes out and said,
“This is me.” they all knew,
he was dying from it. He would have died
from the high blood pressure. So he just brings them in he says,
“I’m the example” and the people
who come with him now, they have a problem, they see it now,
become, a talk and talk. And it’s just gone viral. That the technology is in Africa. We don’t need to pay these prices
of high blood pressure tablets and whatever … whatever It’s become a joy to serve Humanity
in Ghana. And then we transfer this knowledge. When now, we go to a Minister who, he himself, his family has been
touched by the technology not by energy, by the suffering he
could not help, by all the latest medicine …another Minister, another country …
just the job is done We are going crazy in the way
the technology is gonna spread. We’ve done the work, now has moved
into the level of Government and senior politicians,
World politicians. Because, whatever they are,
they have a disease, they have a problem they cannot solve,
otherwise it would have been solved. And, when they come to us, we serve, unconditionally. And now we see it. Now, the discussion runs into the
Ministerial and Presidential level. “this is this, they all have a problem,
you know I have a cancer, I have a high blood sugar. Oh!” Ghana Keshe Foundation just come in, they just give us a call,
we go with the ambulance like, delivering water! We go into the highest legislation,
medical application or a Standard Boards In a board meeting of 10 or 15
they don’t want to know, say, “it’s already proven and we said we’ve
seen our secretaries everybody else Now what is next?
How we go to the next step? Can we have this”
and then they call back, says, “The order has increased,
can you bring more?” And then, it’s the management,
it’s the people who run the countries and then it’s gone to the …
beyond the borders of Ghana now. This is how we said, us with the
teaching like this, it’s what we see with Jacky. With the work of the Keshe Foundations
supporters around the World. The work is there because, when we say
Keshe Foundation they say, “Oh! In Ghana”
“No there is in Philippine. There is in China.” So they can see it has… It can move up to the level,
that is coming from both sides. We are paying off our hard work. When I walk in past couple of,
two, three weeks … …around with the Ghana, with… outside, with other people who are working
with the Keshe Foundation, different Governmental
Organization level. It’s just, I said to Benjamin, “It’s just like, looks like the key to the
Heaven has opened up for the Foundation”. But we have to keep, we have to
keep on teaching the seven billion. We showed the Nano, now we have to
show the Ethos of the Space, As I start teaching slowly, slowly
since New Year. The Governments who opposed us,
now they’re inviting us. But, they want to know what they can
make for their Nation. Last year we’ve seen it,
this year we’ve seen more of it. Now the inquiries coming from
Governmental level. “We don’t have an answer for this,
you’ve shown it, can you expand on it” There are 1.4 million farmers in Europe
who, their structure have asked for help. Because, otherwise they cannot sell their
products, because of the contamination. 1.4 million farms! I’m working on it. In the next few weeks
we release it back and we work everything through Italian
Government, who we respect and in addition we reside in. And we work through
the Italian government. But, the products will be produced here in
Ghana, exported from Africa into Europe. The first contracts are signed,
and everything is on the motion. Because nobody has a solution. Now, Governments
see us as a solution. And the people who go out and write
all the rubbish … Let them write, they are bringing more
and more people in. When you look, at the way we work,
it has paid off. Our, way of exchanging technology,
knowledge and energy for Peace, has touched a chord with
the World Leaders, with Humanity and that’s
where we got to go. We have no choice,
Man has tried everything. Invading, forcing, building walls,
and everything has fallen apart. Teach from now on technology of Human level
and start teaching the technology of the emotion
and the Soul of the Man at the same time then you see,
you touch a cord with everyone. Because
everyone’s to be elevated that they leave
a perfect clean life and that’s where
you’re going to score. not with the nano,
with the GaNS. You might help them
on the way with their physicality, but when you
touch the Soul of the Man you free the Man. Show them how. In the coming time we will sell units,
that people can measure their Souls, measure their
strength of their emotion. They can measure the strength of their
communication with the physicality This all
will become part of you as the Keshe Foundation,
worldwide will put in the public. We have no choice. We come into the
Space Technology, we passed. We went through 2-3 years
of transition, from one to another. Now, we are in the “another”
and we are… All of you who listen,
understood, have joined it. You got to understand, how and the way
we are working. We teach in every level
and we enlighten the Man. The beauty of it is, when you make people
to make the GaNS of Zinc Oxide You, in that process,
because they are in the vicinity of, gradually enlightens and
it uplifts their emotion and their Soul. That’s how you see people get stuck with
the Keshe Foundation. Work with the research. Once they make that Zinc,
the transition of… Anyone you’ve seen which goes
into opposition and everything is because, they never made anything. Talk is cheap. We have to make
that difference. It’s our job now, to educate Man
into the Universal Community. We are all
Ambassadors of it, we’ve been
given the tools This process will take
a few weeks a few months. Once a number of you start
building these boxes, start showing it. Start asking
somebody in Australia I will like you
because I’m calling you, feel connected
to you, to feel angrily. And, I want to see if the box
shows your anger or your joy. You don’t need to be in
the position. The freedom of the Soul of the Man will come
in the accessibility of the Universe. We’ll have access to everything,
if you understand the secret of motion, in the Plasma condition. We don’t preach,
we enlighten. It’s for you to understand
the strength of the light. And then, you’ll take
into the spans of Universe through the speed of the light
of the Universe, not the matter-state which has limitation
of it according to Einstein. Work and
upgrade your teaching. Go away from, at the same time
as you teach in 2 – 3 days. Spend a day and a half in man
to understand how it interacts with it with this thing with this ball,
you don’t need to have a box, make different GaNS in transparent ball
and let them interact with it. See how it rotates,
how it evolves. Does it evolve? Is it at their strength? But teach one thing, don’t force it.
Let it come from the joy of interaction. Any other question? Or shall we call it a day? (RC) Just having a look here,
there’s a… ah some… ah… minor questions perhaps.
But that, let me see here. Is there anyone else in the panelists
who has a question for Mr Keshe? Or it’s been what,
3 hours now, probably? propose that the day is done… Okay…
(MK) I think I think the teaching of today
if you understood, is not showing system, but
teaching the reality about ourselves. Where we have to go. Please do not forget. The building of the Spaceship Institute,
is the target, the priority, and every effort will be
made for it to be done, that we free the Man. Very interesting will be,
how we get the Governments to challenge,
to be part of the bigger part. It’s started we’ve seen it. The military want to be in it,
the Governments want to be in it, and strange enough is,
the condition to participate to be part of it
is very simple and the Government has
to sign themselves into the Peace Treaty. Let’s see how many
will join the Spaceship and participate
and develop it by signing it
committing their Nation to Peace. And as we know Government
of Ghana has already committed themselves to it. It was shown in January. So, we are in the right place. And those of you
who listen to the teaching and whatever you do
and you teach, understand the condition’s
very simple. It’s for us and
not for our neighbor, my wife, or your husband,
or whatever. It’s for us to understand our own
and then through it we become our passengers
of the Universe. Thank you very much
for today. (RC) Okay. Thank you Mr Keshe,
and I guess we can remind people that they can donate
towards the Ghana … expedition sort of what your doing.
(MK) It’s the Spaceship Institute. (RC) this Spaceship Institute and so on
through the website, correct? That would be the best way
for people to donate toward that cause? (MK) Or you can pay through their PayPal
of the US Keshe Foundation It’d be the way… (RC) Right, that’s the, probably the best way
for PayPal or alternative ways to pay. (MK) We have a target
of $250 million. considering the land
has been donated to us by the government of Ghana. They have made
the biggest contribution. The land worth millions. The land donated
to the Foundation for the work
of our Keshe Foundation is already in millions
is in a prime, prime site, and it’s a big sacrifice
for the Nation, but they see it needed to go
to the next phase. So we have received
our first multi-million donation from a Government. We thank
the Government of Ghana. We thank their Officials
of Ghana Atomic Commission for their relentless support. And, in a way,
supporting us to be where we are, that we can
support a Nation and then the World. Thank you very much indeed. (RC) …Mr Keshe, I’m wondering
if there’s other ways that people can help or donate
…in Ghana or, or toward the Ghana project
other than money? …their other needs?
(MK) Yes, there is a lot of ways There is a lot of ways.
We… We at the moment,
we got to structure we are moving
into SNAZZ building. The building we’ve shown,
the headquarters of the Keshe Foundation until the site is built. And … in next 2-3 weeks
Caroline and I we move to Italy for the Conference. Then we come back, and the building project
should start by then. We need support by equipment. We need a large at least 2 to 3
Raman spectroscopy. We need
infrared spectroscopy. We need magnetic field detectors. These labs needs to be
equipped with the latest … that we can understand
we have already… Armen is putting a lot of effort
in sending the systems here, that we can
show the flight system. In the coming time, you’ll see
the full structure flight system which is getting
developed in the US. We did the field tests. We need a lot of public teachings on understanding
of the process of the flight. We need a lot of support,
in bringing Governments in Interaction with the Governments and the
Keshe Foundation has to… has to come very rapidly In a way…
we had experience with this. When we started speaking,
and when we start giving the USB stick. If you remember,
three years ago four years ago. The Government of Sierra Leone
was the first government. The ambassador which received the key,
one of the first ones. It snow-balled
into Japan Ambassador. It snow-balled
to the Italian Ambassador. It snow-balled
to the Chinese and the Russians. And we saw, because everybody else had it
Americans came to get it. They asked for it. We released the e-mail
where they asked for it. And that led to the peace between Iran
and the United States and 5 plus 1. We have… we’ve seen the path of
knowledge for peace has paid off. We’ve got to do the same now. We are releasing
the knowledge of the information of the Space Technology
to African Nations. Surely Europeans and Americans
are not gonna fall behind. Surely the Chinese are
not gonna fall behind. When you build, we show you the banners
which are made for Ghana. It says,
“Flying to Space from Accra” When we showed this to the Governments,
they could not… the officials, the people who’ve
come to see, they cannot believe it. “Africa? Ghanaians?
Going to Space?” When we explained the simplicity
of the knowledge they say, “It’s possible, why not? We are in it.” We don’t go to fight, we don’t
make satellites, to do this and that, we are teaching the knowledge freely
and we show it can be done. It shows when, the same as I said, “We started with Sierra Leone,
with the patents, keys.” Now, starts with Ghana. Nations can participate,
as long as they are committed to Peace. Our biggest problem is where we’re going
to expand in a few month. When we show Ghana as Keshe Foundation,
worldwide has a centre, and all the Keshe Foundation supporters participate
in this development & expansion. Cameroon want’s to be there. “We don’t want to be behind,
what they call, a 3rd World Nation.” Now it’s become
a lead in Space Technology. It works! We crossed the borders through knowledge,
and with it Governments will follow. We need to build this centre. We have enough strength in numbers
across the World, to change it. We need to have those who write against
us, for the people to see our beauty. When they write, “He promised to go to Space”, but they
say “Why don’t you go do it?” Because, you’re enemies, you killed our
people, you did whatever you do to delay. So they say,
when we explained to them, “Now we are there,
we make sure it happens.” The more they write,
the more they bring us up. The more they they call,
the more support we receive. Because, strange enough
the press people, yesterday, when they come
to the factory, because there was
a big meeting in Atomic. They said,
“We heard from this guy” he says he’s from Indonesia or whatever it
is, he even lies about where he is. Then, he says
“Here we’ve seen the benefit”, and the reporter says, “Can I have the medicine, and the water?
Because, I have a high blood pressure.” And they go and they come back because there’s more of them in the press
who need help, because they’re all sick. So voilà. Make as many calls,
because now we know the Truth. Let them oppose, because
these are the fertilizers of the development and opening. The assurity of the success,
is in serving humanity, and we do. We do unconditionally. For us, with my family, to stay here is totally
opposite to what we are used to, but the price of Peace for Mankind
after thousands of years is worth it. It’s not a suffering,
it’s a pleasure of serving humanity. We need things, we have,
we need everything. Ghana is very advanced but we are
bringing the most advanced technology into Ghana so we need to support it, we need to bring dimensions
into the understanding. We need to understand how?
What we need? We need everything, we need furniture,
we need…you …. I will send you the pictures, you will see the beautiful lush land,
which is given to us. We walked on it with the architects,
couple of days ago and they are cultivating on the land. It’s a fertile land.
There’s sugar canes on it. They are growing Plantain on it,
they are growing Casaba on it. It’s a prime land position worth millions
but, the advancement of the Nation for the Government and Authorities
is worth to give this land. The farmer says,
“We move the other way, no problem.” We have a beautiful small brook,
river crossing the land. It’ll be used to show
the beauty of the nature. We will not destroy anything,
to build something, to prove we can do something. We incorporate
and we collaborate. I have given,
thoughts to the architects. There are such huge Mango trees. I said,
“No trees should be touched.” “Find the buildings around it.” … We try to bring everything possible
in a normal way. We have to build,
to bring the progress, but, we don’t build just to be there,
because we are somebody. We are there to make a change. We’ve given instruction, that the
buildings have to be on one-storey only. We are in collaborating, we’re
incorporating all the knowledge of the Keshe Foundation, in every
material used in the building. We’re collaborating, GaNS in the brick
work, not to use air-conditioning. We are collaborating,
in bringing the GaNS materials we know to block the sun rays,
that the building stays cool. The power,
energy unit the same. The power, purification,
we can use the river, we don’t need to
put pressure on the outside. Everything we have and we
use all our knowledge to show: a new environment,
using a new technology but at the same time,
being able to go to Space. Being able to open
the Space to Man in a right way, that it is open to everyone. When I explained to the scientists,
how easily we can go to Space, without having what is been 7 years
of, what I call, ‘swimming pool training’ that it can go. It touches cord with them,
they understand it. Say, “What a fool,
why have we gone this way?” But, we had to go because,
it was part of knowledge gain. Now we understand more. We don’t kick the bike,
because we have a jumbo-jet. We still ride the bike,
when we need. We get on the plane where
we need to go. Now we go faster
in a different way into Space. We need everything. You can donate,
but it’s the right way to do, we set up organizations
and groups to control working. We need furniture, we need vehicles
we need everything you can imagine Computers, Laptops
– all needed. But, it cannot
be what is a left over, pieces of somebody,
I don’t need. It has to fit into
the structure of the work, that is a unisense in the whole structure,
we can control it, we can have it
that it can be beneficial. Our priority at the moment,
especially on the research side, to understand the materials, is latest
Raman spectroscopy systems. That we can quantify, what kind of GaNS,
gives what field strength? Because if you work
with Raman spectroscophy it doesn’t give you if it’s a Hydrogen,
it gives you a spectrum of 22 elements, to 25 elements
in infrared spectroscopy. That we can see,
this material creates these fields, and which way we can use it,
for what, if we change something. We need field detectors,
of the highest order, that we can see how the reactors behave,
how the Space built. We need finances
to build the place. There’s no doubt! We will be given the protection by the
Ghanian military, as a military base we are part of the Ghana Atomic,
so everything is protected. When we went on the land,
the protectors of the land, they were in such
a hurry to come to see us. “Thank you for bringing
this into Ghana”. We met one of the kings,
couple of weeks ago, he says: As I said … we need those of you who are
knowledgeable in the correct way to build … Plasma fields,
to build … equipments for upright GaNS units
for medical application. The first unit have been donated
to the Keshe Foundation Ghana. Thank’s to his Excellency
Dr Rodrigo in United States. He should be on his way here, he
will see the latest models build by him. And his wife donated to Keshe Foundation
Ghana, the first equipments are arrived. We need to do the conferences. We need to show the paper work. We need to show the research. But at the same time,
we need to do other things, that it brings everything together. In a coming time, it’s us who can change
the course of thousands years of … the wrong doing of our parents. That we put everything right. For all of us! Thank you very much for today. (RC) Thank you for that additional part
there Mr Keshe. Okay! That wrapped up for the
161st Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, March 2nd, 2017. And, as always,
thank you everybody for attending. Okay, we’ll close
the Livestream now. [Thank you to all
transcribers and translators] And we will just take a minute
to shut down the Zoom here and allow everything to catch up.

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