162nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 9th, 2017

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conference is 200 Euros per day. We look forward to meeting you at the 2nd
Universal Science and Council Conferences in Rome, March 27th,
through 31st, 2017. [Flint intro video] (RC) Welcome everyone to the 162nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop
of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute and once again we’ll have Mr Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation, here to speak to us about the latest
developments with the Keshe Foundation and then he’s got some news,
I think from Ghana, as well as… We’ll have some….
showings of different experiments, and things that people are doing to
have a better description
of the fields that … that we’re trying to measure
with this new technology. Okay I think we’re ready to move in
to the main part of the Workshop here Are you ready Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes! Good morning, good day to you
as usual whenever and wherever you listen to these Knowledge Seekers program. Welcome back to 162 Teaching
and hopefully, we learn from each other,
a little bit more and we add to the knowledge
of ours and the others, that in the future
we can benefit by it. Today’s teaching as usual, we’ll cover
we try to add little by little, into the Space Technology program and at the same time try to understand
more of what now is, what we call the ‘catching up’ and trying
to understand, more about the technology. Part of the new understanding
is what we have seen and what it has been brought up
by testing in different fields and in part of it, we start teaching
additional knowledge about Deep Space. As you have noticed, in the past few weeks,
we have gone more away from from the teaching of the
nano-materials and the other parts and more we’re get
involved in understanding of the physicality
of the Man in Deep Space. As we’ve said before
for us to be satisfied, to be able to
live in Deep Space we have to understand
the conditions we are entering. What is the condition? Here on Earth, we are
used to very limited changes, and the prameter of the changes
are within what we have. Just one second please! (background noise) So, what it means is that,
we have come to understand, to work within slight temperature changes,
slight pressure changes if the pressure and the temperature is
slightly different that what we are used to we find out we cannot cope. We go through
conversion of the energy, which our body is not accommodated for,
is not planned for, it’s not set out to do. It is important for us to
be able to do this, to understand it. Here when for example
we go from land into the water. we haven’t adapted ourselves
after millions of years, to reverse the process
where we came back from. Wwe came from the water but living on land,
we lost the habit of using our systems which is still part of us, to be able to live
within a liquid environment of the waters of the Oceans. The same is with us in Space… Just one second. [telephone ringing] [background noise] Sorry about that, trying to silence everything,
but you can’t silence anything. So, what I’m saying is that we have not even
adapted into where we came from. to be reverse, to be able to live in
the oceans, to live in the water liquid. Even now, we
go into air with Jetliners a slight it’s a slide drop in hight
gives us different pressures different problem
with our emotion. Sudden drop with
our balance with our fear, and this is not what
we’re going to feel in the Space. There’ll be transitions but in
those transitions it’ll be totally different than what we are used to here. The transitions are, in so many
ways, non-tangible but felt internally because they will play with
our field-strength of our emotion, or the field-strength
of our Soul. With the field-strength that our physicality
has to react or will change. According to, small changes
in the pressure, temperature have created different colors, races and heights,
and features for the Man on this Planet Now that we’re going to Deep Space,
is going to be a massive change, where, we have to learn how to cope,
how to change, how to interact. with these new changes, with these
new change of the environment. The change of environment is not anymore
temperature, is the field-strength. How do we react,
how do we protect ourselves, to keep the integrity of the physicality,
the emotion, and the Soul together. Here when we interfere
with a working of the physicality, the emotion and the Souls,
separates from the physicality We call it, ‘the death’. How can we live in Space,
that we can keep the Totality? But, according to the
condition of environment, we can adopt. Here has taken thousands of years to
adapt into color, into different color of hair into different color of eye,
into different height, color of the skin. In the Space we don’t have these
millions of years of evolution. The evolution comes within us within the strength
of the transformation from the strength of the Soul,
to emotion, to physicality. This is the part of the
teaching, of the Man into Space. How do we adapt? Is there a common denominator,
a feature that allows us, to live a life in Deep Space
irrespective of the condition. Or, do we become prisoners of our own
Spaceship, in this Space of the Universe? We go out but,
we cannot put a foot out. We go out, we cannot interact
with what we came to see. We’ve become, more or less,
a fish in the fish tank of the Spaceship. Or we have to learn that we’ve
become Citizens of the Universe being a citizen means understanding
how to adapt into the environment? How to interact? It’s like we say we are,
citizen of one Planet. We go from China to Europe, to Africa,
we still interact, we still breath the same air. But we have different features,
is this possible in Deep Space? And how do we react to it? How do we change according to
be able to be part of Universal Community, but the same time to change
to fit the environment? This time it’s not a hat, a jacket,
a t-shirt, or a bikini. According to where we are. This time it’s the strength of the emotion,
and the Soul, which creates the barrier, and creates the boundary
of the physicality of the existence. This time we have to understand our
inner-strength in the Soul level, that we can feature,
according to the environment we arrive in. And at the same time be the chameleons
of the environment. We don’t have
millions of years of evolving and becoming to see what
the people in that area are. That we can sit there till
we evolve by looking at it, or trying to get into the environment
that we can adapt. It has to be spontaneous,
you travel speeds beyond the speed, imagination of the Man,
as we spoke before. It’s not the rule of E=mc2 anymore,
because this is irrelevant. We travel with the speeds of light,
several times by the order of magnitude, hundreds of times
the order of magnitude. How much ready are we? Do we need to be educated?
Yes! But how can we educate those
who want to be the passengers of Space? Otherwise the Space and the Spaceship
become prisoner of Man. We’ve seen it. We bring people from different countries
in another country, and after a while
they want to go back, there is no lock and door,
no keys nothing, they have the freedom of a country. But still they see the country as a prison
because it’s not what they are used to. Now imagine you send Man
into Deep Space. The freedom has to come from the balance
of the emotion and the Soul of the Man. Then the Man will find Space,
it’s a oyster. We have to understand how to change. We have to understand
how to react to the change, according to our
emotion and the Soul, that the physicality
follows to accommodate How do we do this? How do we interact? How do we go into the barrier step,
of reversal? To understand that,
in so many ways, our body the way it is
the way we are composed of, it’s composed of the
elements of the Solar System with it’s cells is composed
of the elements of the Universe. So, we have a common denominator,
we have a point that we can refer back to that on it we can build the brick blocks
of the Soul of the Man’s strength that with it,
manifest the physicality of the Man. The talk and the teaching, is not about
anymore, Nano and GaNSes. It’s about understanding the strength
of the emotion and the Soul of the Man, that the Man can become
the passenger of Space. Otherwise, you will be trapped
in the World of the Earth, and it says, I’m the foreigner
in my own Country. We become foreigners in the Space
of the Universe where we came from, because we don’t understand,
where, and how we fit into it. In the process of the change, in the
process of the understanding, in the process of development of
the Soul and emotion, Man will come to understand a key point,
and that is, I have a common denominator,
with the rest of the Universe. And that is the field-strength
of the spectrum of it, which has
created me. Can I change the strength? Can I change the
dimensions of the strength, that, I can exist in
any dimension, in new World? At the moment, we travel from one Country
to another, and we are totally lost. We do not know
how to communicate. We don’t have
the common language. Why Man has demoted himself
to the point of the sound, where I can stand in front of you
and feel your emotion that, what you want what your’e offering me,
and what you want me to pay you for it and what you want from me to
take, in what I’ve given. The more one you call,
‘Western style’, ‘Civilized’ or what you call,
‘Civilization of the Man’, Across the World has taken place, we have lost the point of the trust,
in ourselves. In our ability to trust the others, that
with trusting we loose half of the energy, which has been
created for us, to protect us. We’ve done the same thing
in our life on this Planet. We’ll do the same
beyond this Planet. Because, we have always been afraid
of being demolished, being destroyed. Being taken out,
being killed. If the Man realises
that his life is eternal, he will realises that it’s him,
who decides in which dimension, to be physically manifested
the way he want’s. I said in many of
the teaching in recent past, “it’s a big surprise when you come
to Africa, if you are not used to it.” In Europe everything is
scaled everything is weighed, in Africa it doesn’t exist, unless
you are in a white man’s shop. I give one dollar and I trust,
that the other person give me equal to my one dollar,
what I ask for. In one dollar in one shop might buy
six eggs, and in another might buy five. But still it’s the same egg,
but nobody weighs it. In one shop they give you ten tomatoes
for one dollar, and in another one, six. It’s me who, “I trust you.”,
there is no scale. In Western World
we measured it to the gram, we are not giving one gram
more than one Kilo. It doesn’t exist in Africa. Because the level of trust
has kept to the point, so half of the problem
is not there to start with. This goes back to us,
how we trust ourselves. How we trust the transition,
from physicality to the emotion, and we trust that, in trusting in
our Emotion we can trust our Soul, that it’ll keep everything in integrity
and in totally intact that we can exist
to confirm our existence. But do we need to confirm our existence,
in the level of the physicality of the Earth? Or, are we confirming our existence
through the existence of our Soul? Which understands the
language of the Universe. And we have never wanted to understand it,
and to use it, and to obey the rules of it. How many of you have had
a dream about your mother? Your brother, your uncle
or somebody you knew? How many of you have had a dream
in interaction with their Soul? And you did not need to see
the physicality in your eyes in your dream, that it manifest itself
as is the mother, the brother or a friend. Then, Man has to understand the next step,
that in his Soul level, in the strength which it operates, Man is already in communication
with Universal Community. Has been, and has been from the beginning
of the time, of the Creation of the Man. It’s us who has put that barrier that
we do not give the physicality that then, we can
confirm it’s existence. So, now for us it’s to go back into
strength of our Soul the way our Soul sees the Soul of
the Mother, who died thirty-forty years ago, or the Grandfather,
of so many hundreds of years ago. And, we believe because we have
changed the knowledge into the vision, that the vision confirm the existence, that we confirm,
this is the mother who speaks. Now that the problem for the Man is to
understand how busy his Soul has been in interaction with the
other Souls in the Universe and the way they’ve
been communicating. But has been blinded to the Man. Because the physicality of the Man,
cannot understand the emotion of the essence of the creation
of the Soul and it’s operation. To you these things
sound very strange, but it’s the reality which the Man
has confined himself to the physicality of his body and
it’s atmospheric condition. Then, when we opened
into the dimension of understanding of the operation of our Soul, would we start translating the
emotion of the Passengers of the Universe, and then, can we give them shape, to confirm this is from this planet, or this is from this part of the Universe
and strange enough, when we start understanding the
strength of our emotion, the gate of the communication
through the Universal Community to the Soul of the Man will open up. This is the stages we have to go
through, but there is a key point. It’s the creation of the environment
of the plasmatic condition that the survival of the Man
in his total of physicality exists. And this transition point will come when the doors
of the Spaceship are shut. Then, Man through
the process of the conversion, in total new dimensions
of the interaction of the fields will understand
the level of the new life. At this moment of time,
when we go to Space, we condition ourselves on the
physical condition with pressure. In the new Spaceship which is getting
developed and is already developed, and used by some Nations, the passengers of the craft
in being in the new condition. or the environment which is the
balance with the rest of the Universe shall see their own Soul,
the operation of their own Soul, the communication in how to join
the Universal Community. This is the message
which is on the table. How far Man is prepared to go to become
part of another society which he’s already part of
but he’s not aware of. We go from village to the city,
and from the city, we are still part
of the same Nation. But…. very different in environment
between the village, and the centre
of the modern cities. When a Man comes from rural areas, and he
walks into the middle of the Times Square and he sees everything else
in the midst of Moscow, or in Beijing, It’s a different World. The head is up
and the mouth open. baffled by the new, what he was part of,
but he didn’t know exists. Man’s mouth in the Space
will be so wide that he’ll never shut, because he’ll be baffled
by what he’s been part of but he didn’t know,
as part of One Universal Community. How do we understand this? How do we develop this? How do we handle this? And how do we come not to be afraid of
what is to be, and what is to come? In the teachings of past few weeks,
we are making the ground ready, very, very slowly. I remember when
2, 3 years ago we went from the Gas-reactors
to the GaNS-reactors, there was a mayhem
across the Keshe Foundation. “He’s been teaching the Gas,
now, he’s changed to another now what are we going to do with this”.
And it was a mayhem, it took time for people to change.
It took a lot of people to change from the Gases now to understand
the work of the GaNS, and the work of
the fields of the GaNS. Some people are still stuck,
because they invested a lot of time and effort
into the Gas-reactors, “Now, we are going
to smaller GaNS-reactors.” If that was a shock to you,
this is gonna be a bigger shock. Some of you still work in the Gas,
because you’re safe, you feel good. And some of you
moved to the GaNS, but still have some apprehention
about the whole thing. Now we move to the interaction
of the fields of the GaNS, which has no dimension,
which is the Soul of the Man. The transition would uproot
all our school of thoughts, which we have been accepting,
and had been, more or less, inbred . We shall not see color. So, I cannot call you black.
I cannot call you white. You shall not be Chinese,
and you shall not be Korean or African. We shall see each other’s Soul and the beauty of it by the strength
of the emission of what it’s giving and not what it’s taking because the giving is so much
that what it takes is so minute, it’s what I don’t need
at least we serve each other. The color of Soul is the transparency
of the fields of the emotion of the Man. This is the biggest and hardest part for many of you who want to
move into the Spaceship Program. It’s not a
Spacesuit anymore. It’s not a
weightlessness anymore. It’s not training
to become passenger of Space. It’s training to become part of the Space. Knowing, that in totality,
the integrity of me shall stay, till the point when I see
my Soul the energy which it holds can become part of another
to give it life to exist longer, or become part of another
that it can serve more. The fear of the man
to hold onto his physicality is 99% of the
cause of his demise. Trust in feeling of the emotion. Trust in understanding
the strength of the Soul, that become non-physical is the key. I have to teach
nano-material, I have to teach
how to make a coil. I have to teach how to make these balls
that they can create the fields. Because you’ve never
been taught in thousands of years. And this is the path to universal unification of the Man
with the Universe and the Souls, which are constructed out of the
environment of this planet. The preparation
of the Man to go into Space without the shackle of the physicality,
will be a very harsh one. Not many will cross the line, because
the fear of trusting their own Soul is much harder than trusting
their physicality of this planet, as it can finish with an accident
and the earthquake, or whatever else would leave
the destiny of the physicality, separation from the Soul
in the hand of the events than us being in charge of it
that the events become irrelevant, at least on this planet. The understanding
of the emotion of the Man would lead to the
physical manifestation of his presence. So, let’s go back into the emotion
and find out how at least we can use our emotion
to change our physicality. Can we do that? Or do we need to tune
or fine-tune slightly the fields which are coming from the Soul. I… Let’s say by buffering it,
that at the level of the emotion, we have the tangibility of the existence,
and then we can interact. That we do not need the,
what we call, the ‘fragile’ physical World of
existence of the body of the Man. How much can we teach,
is not a problem. How much the Man allows
himself to accept the new, according to
the level of his own intelligence, and according to
the level of his own understanding, of the Truth about
the World of Creation. I always say, man accepts this technology
according to his intelligence to where he is comfortable with for me to show what you want to see
is a flick of a finger, but then I’ll become a magican. Putting a stick on the ground,
or opening a river, or creating some sort of manifestation
that you know more, does not work anymore we have to guide the Soul of the Man that the Man in Totality he find
the path into Universal Community. Not a Tribe, that then we
become the abusers of the others because the have been present
or the magic has been used by them, to open the sea for them to be
the causes of more abuse in the future. The teaching as you understand, and
you’ve seen since past couple of months, is more for the Man
to move to Trust his own Soul. That, there shall be no Temples for the Man
anywhere in the Universe, to become the pitfall and the
cause of division of Man, with the rest
of Universal Community. As I say, “There are no Churches, no Temples
and no Mosques in the Universe. Because,when you understand the Truth, the Soul of the Man,
become the Church of the Man.” Then, what is to be believed
to be the correct conduct, becomes part of the structure of the
physicality at the point of manifestation. How do we do this?
How do we understand our own Soul? How do we get in touch with our emotion?
How do we start communicating? That we understand that we can confirm
at least by a tool that we feel the response
of our emotion. This is the key,
the Man is too physical. So he has to see something that
confirms what he’s doing is what is there, and he has
no Trust in himself. And then we come across prove it to me,
show it to me because, it’s not that you are wrong, it’s
I’m stupid I can’t understand. If you say it works that way,
show it to me because I don’t trust you. It means I’m to stupid to follow
to understand what’s up to do it myself so I meager you
that it doesn’t show my stupidity. This time it’s you who have
to have trust in yourself that you are not stupid to confirm to your own Soul,
and this is the big question. It’s you who has to find a warm home
into the life of your own emotion, and through it to understanding it’s strength
to find a worm hole and a passage. In so many small way into your Soul,
then you can open the motorways of it. It takes time, it comes out of
total believe in one’s emotion. Total believe in what you do, is correct.
Total believe in what you do, is set to be for the betterment
of the others, and not you. This is the key. Not going out and giving physically
that you can buy a key to the path to the next World.
But understanding how through the strength of your emotion
you can open the key to your Soul. You can find the access to your Soul.
You can find a way to bring the fields in the level of
the strength of the Soul, the Emotion and physicality, more or less
to a point that by changing one slightly the other one
changes. This is the key. This is the hidden key in
the whole structure of the existence Man. If the change is
too much on the Soul side, the physicality
needs to change a lot and you cannot change
the liver and put it on the head and put your
kidneys on your toes. But you can adjust it that everything
shrinks to the point that it can work, it can deliver it can manifest itself but
the Emotion can accept physicalities exist and the Soul can accept the changes
both in environment the emotion and it’s own existence of the
physicality at the point of manifestation. So, one of the first steps is understand
how does my emotion, how does the environment I live in, how does the accommodated condition
has changed me? And use that path to find a way
to your emotion. There is a big problem,
for people of Africa. But it’s a bigger problem
for the ones outside Africa. But in a way they have the way
to understand the change. Because they had to change,
to go from the darker skin, to lighter skin. To change their features and the hair
and whatever to fit into the environment of where
they have accepted. Africans have been here a long time
and they had nothing to change it’s still the same,
so they have a bigger problem, but they have advantage
that they understand the work of the emotion and the Soul in a different way,
slightly more mature, than the rest. So, those who live in the Scandinavia
or in North America or in China, have seen the path of the change through
their DNA and RNA, to change them
to fit into the environment. So you have already been through
a transition. And that transition has given you
specific features and emotion. Why all the Chinese have this
behaviour? Why do all the Arabs behave this way? Why do the Spanish behave this way? You’ve been not only through the
evolution of the physicality, Man has been through
the evolution of the emotion too. But he
never understood. When you go through
the evolution of the physicality, it comes from the
essence of the emotion. Emotion feels
pain this place is too cold. “I don’t want to be here it’s painful.
I want not to feel the pain so much, I want to fit in,
I change the color of my physicality you have become lighter in the skin
I can withstand more cold.” You haven’t become white skin
because of the environment in one go, you gone become white because the emotion
feed of the cold over centuries has created a condition
that it’s transferred the physicality for not
to feel the pain of the cold. Now we understand,
the evolution of the Man by Darwin, does not come out of
his condition of environment, it comes mainly out of
the condition of it’s emotion in respect
to it’s environment. We have many Blacks,
nearly three, four hundred years as slaves across Canada, America,
Europe and everywhere else. Have any of them changed to white? Because, the accomodation of living
the harshness of the environment where they live, has not accommodated
the changes which was needed. Would the black Africans who went and took,
or were taken as a slave to America, in centuries to come
they change to white. Yes they will. In time they will. Because the emotion, unless
they find comfort in their emotion, they stay black. They don’t
need to go through the transition. But those who went
through the transition, what Darwin calls
evolution of the physicality had in the essence the emotion behind it,
otherwise physicality would not change. Now, you see is the story
of all of you have been nano makers especially Chinese, because
they cook in a hot boiling wok. And, all of you have been creating
nano material and GaNS. Because, when you cook you put a salt in it
and the water, and you eat it. Now you understand, we all have done
the transition without knowing, that the emotion is the founder
and the changer of our physicality. Now, we all have to become,
to understand this cross point. Darwinism explains everything
in the physicality because the man accepted,
can, has seen it and not known. But now we understand
if the emotion was fixed the physicality would not
have changed. It’s the emotion which changes to be different, to be more attracted
to get attention which becomes part of
our physical structure of interaction of the fields
of our brain, which interacts with our emotion. And then, if you understand this
you have to go a step further. If I receive so much energy at the level that, then I can use part of it
as emotion, to change the physicality. Now, how can I get to the energy
which sends and receives to become emotion
which is the energy of the Soul? Then you find a path
to the Soul of the Man. It’s no good building a car if you don’t understand how
to build the road and how to drive. It’s no good having
the physicality of the Man not knowing the
road to it’s existence, is the path through
the emotion and the Soul. Then, when you understand this through the emotion you can change
the physicality so rapidly, that you become
the chameleon of the Universe. We’ve been there but we never understand. We never understand! We never wanted to understand, that the change in physicality
of the colour, the race, the eye, the colour of
the hair, the language, all has come,
and being, and shall be, through the confirmation
and the changes through the Soul which handled through
the emotion. Go back to the very beginning Teachings. In all the Teachings in Medical,
I always explain the existence of the Man, not only by the physicality by,
by the emotion. Always, in all the Health Teachings
the first 30, 40 Teachings I always referred to the emotion
and the physicality, the blood
carrying the emotion. So, you have the key,
you’ve been shown how, for years. but you did not understand. It’s the blood which feels the cold, that
it gives the information to neural system, that it needs to change, otherwise,
frosts and it causes infection. That, the neural system through the emotion
and confirmation of the change in physicality to the emotion,
in giving the message to the Soul, “If you want to be in this planet
the condition it is, I need something new,
different energy.” which comes from
the Soul to the emotion. Which, the emotion transfers to,
what you call, ‘the evolution of the physicality’. Now, you understand the total,
what you call, ‘the evolution of the man’. Not the physical part,
which is Darwin’s. I have opened the key
in past 10 minutes, 20 minutes, that it opens the key
to Man’s life in Space. And I hope,
and I wish and I pray, that the Man
will see the path. This is the path to Space. This is the reality of understanding
that the change and evolution in physicality of the Man, in essence is
triggered by understanding of the emotion. And, by understanding that it’s triggered
by the Soul of the Man, where itself is in interaction, with
the Soul of the planet in the Universe And accordingly,
it changes the emotion, to dimension of physicality,
so man become in-dimensional. You don’t exist in
one dimension but you exist in the total existence
of the one dimension. The Totality, in respect to each other’s
understanding of the strength, of the work, of the position,
which is the Soul of the Earth. And, the position,in respect to
the Soul of physicality of the Universe. Then, you understand how rapidly you
will change, according to the environment. This is the key. This is the Master
behind the Creation of Life not only on this planet
but across the Universe. This is the key
to be able to communicate and live amongst the others,
while they are living amongst us. Our Soul is in contact
and communication with them but in physicality, we are behind
the wail of our own ignorance. Because we would like
to be in the world of physicality. Now that we’ve become
passengers of the Universe we have to accept the Totality,
all three dimensions of it. Because without that One,
the other cannot exist. Without the Principal transition
which is the emotion, and the physicality which
is matter-state of manifestation at the point,
shall not exist. If you look at it the, in essence,
a vapour is still the water. But, according to it’s environment,
shows itself in that way. So, does it mean even a drop of water
has more sense of it’s evolution than the Man itself ,
that it calls it’s cells, is evolution? So do we need
to build the Spaceships to trust that we keep our Souls
in matter of physicality? Or, can we go
step further to understand that
one can use his own Soul to travel depths
of the Universe without the tangibility
of the Spaceship? As I said, in many Teachings
in the recent past, “We don’t teach the
race of the Man anymore, we Teach across
the Universe as my voice is my Soul
and it’s heard across.” For those who are in
the next stage of the development, of the crossing to another dimension
of the travels in depth that’s with in depth of the Space
of the Universe. In time, man will understand
the message, as he matures. It’s very interesting
when you sit across and you listen to that in this time
and age of Teaching of the Man we have put the Man at the age
of nursery of his understanding, with the one’s who are in the 6th Class
and the one’s who are Diplomaed and the one’s who are in University. All, in the same class of the University of the Understanding
of the Knowledge of the Universe. And, what is not understood
by the Kindergartens, children playing in
the front row, means a lot. But, those who are
Masters and Philosophers, and PhD’s and Professors,
in the back row. And the Man is at the stage of infancy,
playing in the front row. As my beloved brother used to say,
“It just goes over my head. Because, then I have to understand it,
and then I have to make changes. And then I have to understand
what changes will come to what.” You have to start
understanding the path between the emotion,
the physicality and the Soul. And then you understand in what
strength of the Soul you need to have the perfect combination
of the feelings that leaves you with manifestation
of the physicality at any point of the reference
across the Universe. The Soul of the Man
is the Creator of the Man. But, the only problem we have,
is we called it a Man. Because the Soul of the Creator is manifested in physicality
of the created. So, is the Soul of the Man
the God of the Man? And, has Man been in delusion
of finding the Creator, where the Creator sits within the Man,
through the creation of his own existence, according to accumulation and
the strength of the Soul of the Man. “I made Man in the image of myself. I am the Soul. And through the Soul, I create the
emotion which in transformation of my energy of me,
gives the physicality of me.” Is there a need for a church? Is there a need for prophets?
Which the man has clung to, so fast. Not to be able to go
through the transition to understand the work of himself
and his Soul. We don’t teach anymore.
We inspire the Soul of the Man, to evolve, to be educated by themselves. The schools and the Churches and the
Mosques, to abuse the Soul of the Man, are shut from now on. It’s the man who has
to find a path to his Soul, to educate himself, according to the
point of the Universe where he arrives, because not many others
will arrive in that point, and there is no book of reference. You cannot go back to Earth, “I go to the library
find out what it says about here.”, because you are there and then,
and you have to understand, it’s the strength of your Soul which
dictates your manifestation in physicality in that environment. It’s you, through the strength
of your emotion, have to be a negotiator, between
the physicality and the Soul. But there is one point. The Soul shines all the time,
at the same strength. It’s the emotion which is the filter to
the dimension of the physicality. If you understood that, you understand
that all the Souls are equal, in the eye of the Creation of the Soul. It’s Man who needs to understand,
through his emotion, how and where to position which filter, that it gives
the manifestation of the body of the Man at a point of the manifestation,
where you want to manifest, or can you manifest
in different dimensions across. This is what this the Stars do. A Star radiates it’s field and,
according to the strength of the field, in different positions of the…
it’s shell of it’s Plasma, you have Jupiter and you have Venus. So, the energy of the strength of the Star
itself, has not changed. But, according to the
strength and the position, it manifests itself, in
different features and structures. So, can we through our emotion,
be visible and tangible, in different strength of dimension? The answer is yes. So do Stars. So does the essence of the central point
of the Universe at that… as it feels, travels outwards
at different strengths, positions leads to Creation of billions of Galaxies
and Stars, Planets, Moons and dusts. But, in essence they
all came from the center. So, can a Man to understand itself,
through the strength of his Soul, create, and be able to live
in different condition within itself? And, the answer is yes. Man will learn this very soon, once
you become the passengers of the Space. This is the key. This is the breakthrough. This is what we
have been trying to teach but we had to
play a step-by-step. What nano-material? What GaNS?
How you make the GaNS? But, the end product, we always
focused on the energy on the fields and now you understand,
those fields is the Soul of the Man. Today, we have written
the Science of the Man, which has been
accepted for Centuries Darwin. What we call,
the ‘evolution’. Now, we add to
that knowledge, and for Man, even to accept, in past
half an hour teaching will take years, because he accepted something,
now he adds. To add to it,
that the cause is different. So, I have re-written
the history of Man. You got to understand,
touch yourself, touch your fingers. Understand, why the nail is there and what the emotion has seen
to put a nail in there. And, try to understand
the strength of the emotion, which gives the nail,
which gives the skin, which gives the finger,
which gives the arm and everything else. Or, understand the entirety
of the total, your emotion. And then understand
the Totality of the emotion all these tears, happiness,
joy, fear, movement all comes with different filters from the
Source, which is the Soul at the Man. The mistake has been, as we said, “Man only uses 5% of the brain.
The other 95 %, or 90 % I’ll never use.” because, that was
easy to fool everyone. But now we know, every
single cell of the brain of the Man, works to 24 hours a day without stop,
from the time of inception, to change of physicality,
to another dimension. Because, how do you know, which cell
it’s time to change? Which cell of the heart? Which piece of
the cell of the bone? How long is there? Where has been,
had an accident? Now the energy’s not there, it’s got to
be repaired, itself in two years time. Today, you cut yourself the skin was
not due to be changed in another 20 days, but now there is emergency,
has to be changed, because otherwise,
the… bleeds or new skin comes. Prioritizing the emotion of the pain,
to change of the physicality at the cut. Find this, the path to understanding
how you can interact with your emotion that through it, you can
understand the work of your Soul. Become the cut in the life
of the physicality of yourself, that with it, you understand the cut,
and the path of the emotion. And through it, to understand the filters
which you have created, that with it, you interact
with it’s environment and the other end of the filter, what is
received from the Soul of the Man. Then, you become passengers
of the Space. You walk out of the Spaceship
there is no land there is nothing to
walk on, as you are used to but you see it,
a thriving community. You become part of it. You don’t have the fear of falling through,
as you have already fallen through, into the passage of the environment
of the level of the strength of them. If I leave you in the middle of the air,
you hang, and you try to survive,
before you hit the ground. what happens if I leave you
in the depths of the Space in community which has
no tangible planet for you to walk on? But, they have their life! They have their existence,
and you want to be part of it? It’s so beautiful! You’ve never seen water falling out of no
mountain, but it is just showers through. And it’s not water, its the mirage of
the manifestation of the fields crossing and it gives you to your imagination,
and it’s strength to understanding, flow of
the water as you seen on Earth. That’s the only
way you can confirm it. In the depths of Universe, the flow of the fields will
become the rivers of life, not the waters. This is what man has to understand. This is what I said, “We have to educate the Man, that the Man
in the new dimensions of the Space understands and sees the Totality Then ask yourself;
Why do I have a shorter finger? Why do I have a long nail? What does my short finger confirms,
in respect to my emotion? Why was I born to be in this shape
and such a structure of the fingers
and toes and the eyes? What am I taking from the environment
to confirm my existence? And, what am I giving through
the emotion of my own existence? And if you understand that,
you can interact with your own emotion and through it, through the Soul, that if there is a need
to extend your finger, you can do so, because, in the environment
of that point you need to. And I’ve said that many times, I’ve seen this happening,
in one lifespan of a young girl, but Man has the potential to change
this speed, according to what it need. Man does not need
the Spacesuit to go into Space. But, we had to go through
that process of learning to trust, that we can exist in the Space
of the gases of our part. How much
do we trust our own emotion? Will give us, how much we can exist,
in what depth of the Universe. What we make filter of,
will become our manifestation of. Souls, without the filters of the emotion,
becomes the passengers of the Unicos. And, not many have managed that,
because of the fear, of not understanding the totality
of the strength of the Soul itself Many, many Souls in the
Universe have tried to cross but the fear of demise,
have come to become their demise. Trust in the existence,
is the key to existence, and trust in the existence is, “I do not take, and I do not take
what is not to be taken, that is given to me for me to exist.” Now make tools to show
the strength of your emotion. Now make tools to measure it,
because you are a Human. You still live in the northern
part of this planet, and not in Africa,
that there is no scale. Find the scale of the emotion within
the strength of the Soul of the Man, and not by equipments,
because they fail in every point. Trust in the Soul and believe in the existence
of the operation of it, through the physicality
of the manifestation of it, which is the physicality of the Man,
a tree, a plant or whatever you like. Now, make the
tools to measure! Because you are used to measure,
otherwise you don’t even believe yourself, that you can transform and transcend,
and to elevate your own Soul. The trust of the Man,
has been taken from the Man. Partially by environmental conditions,
initially when the Man start moving, and then, by those who saw the weakness
and fear of the Man of environment. They became the bigger menace to
the life of humanity, in the name of the priests, God knows what
from the old time to the present time. It’s Man who have
to understand the Totality, to release himself
from the shackles of the fear put into Man,
by those who want to control the Man. I am free, I am free
in all dimensions of the Universe, because I have no attachment. I wonder how many
of you can say that? Many times I’ve said,
“I’m ashamed to be in the body of the Man, because the body of the Man accepted,
has accepted the demise of his self and subordinance of his self, where the Man has not realized,
how much knowledge he carries himself.” Why, to become subordinate? It’s us, which allows our physicality
to be dimensionized, by those who want to abuse it. And it’s us that, has to raise, to the
level of understanding of our own Soul, that we do not need to be part of it. Now, I wonder how many tools
of measurement you need to make? Or, you have found the measure
of your own emotion and your Soul? Blessed who,
those who understand it! Remember two points; You pray, the only bank which you
are saving that energy from the pray is your own Soul. Remember,
that one point. If you are in your Space,
you speak about, “I have to go to Church, to Mosque,
to Synagogue or Temple” Then they see, “There is a guy there who hasn’t
understood, the ‘Village Man’ is here.” Try to find a path,
in any shape or form, between your Soul, your emotion
and your physicality. And, in finding that path,
you mature to exist across the Universe. Because, then you know,
what you need from the Source to show itself in physicality,
at the point of the need. So, you become the Chameleons,
of your own physicality in the dimension,
strength of the Soul. This is the key! You are a car,
driving down the road. You switch it, you become
a racing car with a higher speed, and there is no difference
in the work of the Man. You have to know which switch,
when, and what is the reason,
and the essence of the change? Any questions? (RC) Thank you Mr Keshe … Jos Garno asks,
” Could Mr Keshe tell us more about; What is the advantage to get
out of Time of the physical Universe?” … “when one…”
(MK) Is what? Can you repeat? “Missed to type,
Keshe tell us more about; “What is the advantage to get out of time,
of the physical Universe, when one ‘exteriorise’
out of it, by oneself or through the tools of
reactors and Star-formation etcetera?” I think he’s saying that … he feels
he get’s out of time, get’s beyond time or time becomes irrelevant?
(MK) What is the advantage of it? (RC) Right! (MK) The advantage, it comes in;
What gives you the pleasure, of existence? In what dimension? In the Universal Community
and the operation of the Universe. there is no Master’s to satisfy and
no exams to pass to get to another course. The change of time and the position
in this respect, to what you would
like to have at that point. I’ve explained this in the past years,
very clearly, and I explain this again. As we enter in the new dimensions of
the transformation of the Man, to open the Passages
of the Universal Community, and in-depth of
traveling into the Universe. Man will come to understand
something very strange. Some of what you call ‘Stars’,
they are in a way Stars. They are existing Entities, but in fact if you translate it
to the word of the Man, they’re a Spaceship. But you say, “They’ve been there, from the
time man looked into the sky.” Million years in
Space is no time! When I park to watch the view, I park to you its a million years,
the one in Saturn is twenty years, whatever.. or a hundred years and to
another one its one second. To me I’m a viewer,
I’m a passenger, I parked a car and I watch. In time, Man will
come to understand. That some of what you call Stars, they are the Spaceships of
the Man and of the Universe. They are carrying passengers
and they stay there, to you has been
there since time of, whatever. To that, it’s a second
just standing there, because time does not exist in the
Universe the way man has measured it. Because, in the dimension
of the Soul, there is no time. In the dimension
of physicality you have time, because you have
to transfer the energies, which comes from the Soul, to another,
in respect to the environment. If you understand, why do you
change your skin every 28 days? Have you stood still? Why? Why don’t we change our skin
every thousand years? Because, the transformation
of the energy in and out is so much, that it take so much energy from it that it cannot exist in
that level more than that. Man never understood this. You go to the shower and
wash the old skin off. But, why every 28 days? The energy transfer,
what you call, ‘Aura’, you see, is continuous field transfer,
that there cannot be more than 20 days, 28 days because the cell releases
all its energy and whatever its received. Now, change the cell to change every
thousand years, on the skin of the Man. Then you find out still it’s 28 days on
the planetary term, he want to call it. Time is irrelevant. Time does not exist. Because, it’s the emotion and
the field-strength which changes, according to what it needs,
what is available. So, when we go to Space
we stop to see a new car “Have you seen this new car?
It’s got two wheels, and now it’s got the yellow color,
and two exhausts. Now in the Space, have
you seen this Spaceship? We thought
it was Star up to now. But now, we have the same knowledge, the
same understanding, the same technology of understanding the reality. You see here
there is not many stars In the horizon of the eye of the Man,
there are many Ships. (JC) Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes? (JC) This is Jason,
I asked a question about… (MK) From where?
Where are you from? (JC) I am from Quebec,
Quebec City. My background is, I’ve studied…
it’s the first time I’m a panelist so… I just learned how to …
Do you hear me? … (MK) Yes (RC) Yes, I promoted him
as panelist Mr Keshe. He’s the one who asked
the question originally, and he says, “I can tell you one good
advantage, if Mr Keshe Wants?” So I thought he might …
have an idea there … lets play with that.
(MK) Okay, no problem. Let’s listen. (JC) Okay… I have been studying
spirituality at a very high level. I won’t say which … so called religion,
program I have been … of But what I have
(MK) You’re breaking up! Your breaking up, I don’t understand
what you are trying to say (JC) OK (MK) Can you start, just…
calm down, and try to explain. (JC) Okay! Is the flow okay right now? (MK) Yes! Just … keep your voice low,
that we don’t over, go we get chopped. (JC) Okay, I just keep closer
from my micro. Right? (MK) Yes (JC) I was studying that,
I have been studying spirituality for a long, long time.
30 years ago. In a religion, of which
I have explored. Right? You have talk, about this religion,
that they were abusers I think you have been the person who
describe…exactly…this religion. And at this centre all of, all the other
religion there all abusers. Right? …Now, what I have learned in this
religion, that we can get out of our body. It means getting out of
the physical Universe And you…this week I studied a
lecture, a workshop from you. Right! Where you was telling, about
the same thing that I have studied. When you get out of time,
through your portals …I mean through…some may get out
of time just through the famous pain relief,
Pain Pen. Right! Or those would need the reactor
which … I’m trying to build so far I have not succeeded yet.
Why? I have no time. Some could, like I think, succeed
through the Star-Formation and so forth. I don’t know how relates,
succeed out of their body. Getting out of the body means,
getting out of time. Right? And, you explain…
(MK) No. You don’t need
to get out of your body. You exist within new parameters
and dimensions. Which you call your new body,
or new dimension, you have created. You cannot get out of your body, because your body is
part of your emotion and your Soul. (JC) Yes! But, have you already had this
experience, to getting out of your body? (MK) I never get out of my body I never get
out of my body, everything is within me I don’t need to get out.
To get to what? (JC) Okay! I understand, yeah
But… (laughs) (RC) It gets into sort
of a tricky argument is, Who are we talking about? Is it the body,
that’s trying to get out of the body? (JC) I means… you can be at the same time,
in the body and out of the body. (Rick) What is your body? If your body is the entire Universe then,
your never outside of your body, are you? (JC) He says I… (MK) Let me, I repeat again.
I repeat again, “I am what I am.” (JC) Yes! You are quite a great man,
I can tell you, But, have you ever heard the…
the proposition that is Spirit… Do we agree that Spirit,
or are we just the body? (MK) What do you call the Spirit? (JC) The Spirit is… (MK) I call it the Soul! (JC) Soul? (MK) I call it, ‘the Essence of the
Creation’, what you come from. (JC) Yeah! Is it what you call the
‘Principle Matter’ in your book? (MK) In a way, yes. (JC) What is the difference,
between the MaGrav field-forces, and the Principle Matter then? (MK) The Priciple is the essence. Magnetic gravitational fields,
is what the essence radiates out, and what they receives
from it’s environment. One is the Totality and one is
the line of the communication. MaGrav, magnetic gravitational is the line of communication in respect to
Totality, in respect to it’s environment. One is the tool and one
is the essence of the existence. (JC) You means these are the tools,
the MaGrav’s are the tools? (MK) …The magnetic…
Yes, they are channels where you receive,
and what you give. (JC) Yeah but they are the channels
between what and what? (MK) It depends where
you want to extend it? As I’ve said,
“You have the Sun, the Sun is the Soul” (JC) Yeah? (MK) the fields which radiates outward
from the Sun leads to Creation of different entities
in the shell of the Sun. And then, some of the fields,
return back to itself, because of the pull of itself,
the gravitation of itself. So, one is magnetical,
what it gives out, and one is gravitational,
what it takes in, what’s not used. (JC) Is the Sun a Plasma
or a Matter? (MK) It’s a Plasma.
(JC) Okay! (MK) The manifestation
of the Sun, any Sun, is at a point when it’s strength, changes
to the Matter-State of its strength, what we call the ‘surface’ of it. (JC) The surface of it?
(MK) abides in the Plasma (JC) I.. didn’t get the last word… sorry. (MK) When the Sun radiates out,
within its gravitational-magnetic field, (JC) Yes? (MK) At the point of the strength of its
Matter-State at a higher level, we see the surface of the Sun. (JC) The service?
(MK) of the Sun. Or the manifestation of the
physical existence of it. And then,
what we see as a shell, is the manifestation of the existence
in respect to the… it’s environment. This is what we call
the ‘Solar System’. The shell of it. So, in reality in… if you look,
I’ve explained this in the Book No 4, I hope one day I will publish this. The manifestation of the light on the
surface of the Sun, is the interaction of what has been reduced from
the Plasma to the Matter, that in, the interaction of
these Matter-strength with the full strength of the Plasma-Field
of the centre, creates the interaction, of what we call
‘the light of the Sun.’ If the strength of higher order to the
Matter-State conversion is not done on the surface,
they’ll be no dimension. The light of the Sun, the surface, will go
to the boundary of its own Plasma shell what we call, the ‘Solar System’ At the point of the interaction of
the field-strength, of a given strength, in respect to the centre, is where, the what we call ‘Matter-State’
at that strength, is manifested. You call it the surface of the Sun. And once that is created,
then, it interacts with what is created from
the higher strength fields, internally. And, that interaction
creates the vision of the light, what we see on the Surface,
and we call it the Sun. This is why we see Sun flares. Scientifically, as
a Plasma Physicist, it’s very… It’s ridiculous
in what is explained up to now. But, in the spreading of the fields, is
very much like, as I’ve said many times, “The interaction of the fields of
the Plasma of the Sun, with the Plasma of the Earth, leads to
creation of the light for the Earth on the interaction of the phase balance,
between the four field forces. And, what Earth gravitational-magnetic
field, pulls to itself creates the
‘light of the day’, we call it, on the facing side of the Sun. But, the same light crosses
across the Solar System, does not come interaction with anything,
we don’t see the light. So, the same principle applies
to the surface of the Sun. It’s the interaction of the Matter-State at
that strength, with the field-strength of the gravitational-magnetic field of
the centre, which is a higher order, instead of interfacing at the surface
of the, what you call, ‘Upper Atmosphere’ of the Earth,
now this interaction is closer to the higher strength, so creates higher
lights, deeper, stronger lights that we can see it radiating across
the Plasma of its own shell, which we call the Solar System. (JC) Okay!
(MK) And, at the same time, as its weaker on the boundary,
but stronger in respect to the environment of the Galaxy,
these fields are reflected back. Because, they cannot get to, they are not
strong enough to go through, they get pulled back, by the gravitational field-forces
of the Sun itself, so it feeds itself. But, at the same
time, some of these fields, feeds into the strength of the
Galaxy. But at the same time, some of the rays of
the Galaxy penetrate the shell of the Sun, and they enter, and they become part
of the field-forces of the Sun. So, what comes back, we call
‘Gravitational fields’, what goes out, we call
‘Magnetical’, but the Sun itself, is the essence,
is the Source If you look at it,
the Sun is the Soul. the time of the transition, from the
surface of the Sun, to the environment, wherever it comes to touch
the surface of the Earth, or the upper atmosphere of the Earth,
is the emotion. Which gives, it’ll be warmer, if it’s
further out, or weaker, it’ll be colder. And then, when it interacts with
this part, what we call Earth, we get the residue… it creates the
manifestation of physicality of existence of an entity,
we call the Earth. So, Sun itself dictates
how it’s manifested, in different dimensions,
according to it’s strength. That shall be the understanding of
the Man in respect to his own Soul. There is no difference across
the Knowledge of the Universe. [background noise] (JC) Yes …
(MK) … who doesn’t understand it (JC) … is this?
(MK) …and different scenes. We haven’t seen the Sun creating
a Church for himself to pray to. (JC) Yes, I have to study this
very deeply. I do not understand quite deeply
all this, but I will listen back … your… what you said and I will come
back to you with this. But, what I have learned in my,
so called religion, right [chuckles]. Is that everyone is God
in his own Universe. Right? (MK) Yes
(JC) Are you there? (MK) Yes. I understand! (JC) And, there is
many Universes. There is the physical Universes,
the planet, our body, Suns, Stars so far, And there is our own Universe which is not of Aura
desire, what you design. What you want, your own postulate
for life so far, what you dream. This is your own Universe. And there is another Universe
which is the physical universe, where you interact with others…
with others with… the vegetables, with the animals and so
forth, with other Humans, beings. Right? This is many Universe… (MK) Yeah! But the thing is…
let me, let me tell you something (JC) Yes.
(MK) As it has caused a lot of problems for religious people with me. If the light of the Sun changes, according to it’s environment
and what it comes to be, how come only Man is the only animal
on this planet which goes to Church? (JC) Ah this is an aberration [chuckles]
(MK) Yes… (JC) I agree with you
(MK) So, how we haven’t seen any cows going to a Mosque,
to a Church, or to a Temple? (JC) That’s crazy, that’s crazy That is…
(MK) So we have created that out of our own feebleness,
(JC) Exactly. I agree 100% with you. Yeah!
(MK) in not understanding. So… I don’t know which church
you are going to but maybe you have to find a new Church.
(JC) I don’t dare to say it, for they could … ah … You have already invited them
and you have them, they are abusers. Yeah, I tell you, Okay.
I have been … in Scientology. The most, now
they are the most abusers. (MK) The thing is, put it this way.
… You’ve been to Scientology. I live in Accra
at the moment, in Africa. (JC) Oh yes! (MK) With.. Yeah!
With… When we drive across the city,
we have a very good laugh, because there is, a church after Church,
there is a Church of Jesus, there is a Home of Jesus, and there are
so many Churches and we always say, “We’re gonna open
a Church of GaNS” (JC) (chuckles) Good… great!
(MK) Because religions have
become a way to abuse Man (JC) Huh? (MK) Yeah, so it depends
how many Churches now that because now they’ve learned… it’s very …. you got to understand the history of the Christianity
the way it’s gone. The Catholicism got divided into what
we call the ‘Protestants’ or the … ‘Henry VIII’s division’
of the religions. (JC) Yes!
(MK) But Africans have taken it a step further If he could separate and
make his own Church, and he does that Now every man in Africa makes
his own Church and you should see it. The most beautiful, hugest buildings
are Churches, and they pay no taxes They loan money at 40% and, they don’t pay any taxes
to the Government. (JC) Oh yes! (MK) Yes, now it’s a very good business
to be in Church business and they’re all Churches …
they don’t call them Mosque The Mosque don’t have this
there is… everything goes to the Mosque. but I’ll show you video,
I can take you a video, from the office to home,
we must see, I don’t know, maybe, a couple
of hundred of them. Everybody has a Church here. So the Christ’s name,
in the name of the Church, has found many dimensions
to milk the Man. So it’s the weakness of the Man
which allows this abuse. It’s very, very interesting. 5 or 6 of them wear their robe
and the clothes of the priest, and, now they have many,
many ways. It’s the most profitable business to be
in at the moment, calling yourself a Church. and the … this is a lot of
it going on, across Africa. because African’s have become
wise to it. If Henry VIII could do it… now
they don’t need to pay no nothing to Church of England, they
don’t need to send any money to Vatican. (JC) Could I say something about the… Ron Hubbard said, Ron Hubbard is
the founder of Scientology, right? He said that Africa would
save the World, exactly what is happening now according to… He said how … about the
Africans which are more Spiritual and more cœur and they open your,
it comes to you. Right! So this is what is happening. (MK) We will see. Maybe… but the thing is the
Africans have 2 Churches. One is the Church of Christ and then they have the old Voodoo
Churches, too the old religion It has a … also they pray on Sunday to the Church
and they go home they have their statues they pray to
and the rest of it (JC) Okay could I tell you… (MK) Let me … let me explain to you
something very interesting. You go back and look at the
departure of the last president of Gambia a couple of …
last month when he had to… he lost the elections,
and he had to go. He still goes to the Church
he still goes to the Mosque or whatever, and then in part of the treasures
he could take out of the country with him is all the statues of
the whatever he believes in and he believes more in those than
the Church he goes to … and he had to leave some of them behind
because there were so many of them. They have masks and one is to
one path of belief and what they think they need to do.
They call it… We call it Voodoo whatever they call it,
they use it. So you have to find out Man,
even in the name of the Church, has got many clothes. (JC) Many what? (MK) Many clothes, many fears. (JC) Oh yes! Mr Keshe, I want to discuss
many things with you I don’t want to spread myself out
you know when one way I have two important things
to tell you. One, you describe yourself
when you … and I nearly finished to study
all your KSW. Right! Knowledge Seekers Workshop but those … with the
about health I have not done those but all
the other ones I’m nearly finished. What you said is about the same that
what I learned in Scientology from L Ron Hubbard. And … Ron Hubbard said,
in a very secret issue, that he will come back as not this time, a religious leader
but a political leader, …political leader and… when you said that you were
recognized by the extraterrestrials as somehow, if I do not mistake myself,
the leaders of Earth, I thought to myself, “Oh, Ron Hubbard is back” [chuckles] Yeah. I don’t know, if you know,
that his Spirit can split in two Yeah? Are you aware of this? (MK) We are listening,
it depends on the point of view. (JC) Right (MK) Always a male
and female if you call it but in a way
it’s the essence of the existence. I was talking to Armen this morning
some work we were doing and I explained to him
you make your reactor if you do not have another one
that it can give to and take. You cannot show
its existence of its field. It’s very much when you hold
the magnet in your hand. You do not know it’s a magnet till you bring something
which can interact with, that it can confirm
it’s existence. So, is existence
of the Creator. (J) It’s difficult to understand…
I will listen … (MK) Is very simple. Very simple,
it’s very simple to comprehend. We have a Soul and we have a Soul
which we share our Soul with that it can elevate the Soul. We call it male and female. We need a partner,
in respect of sexuality, to be able to manifest
or confirm our own existence. (J) yeah, but this is the physical
part of Man (MK) This is … (J) I’m talking
about … the spiritual part of man (MK) … let me explain There is no way we can confirm
the existence of the Creator, unless it can interact with something
to confirm its existence. Even though it can be out of itself. We cannot confirm
the existence of the Sun, if we don’t have another dimension
of strength to confirm it or by creation of its own
strength in reduction by existence of Moon, the Sun,
the Earth and the rest of it. (J) This is wonderful what was said that. Ah Oh here. That’s great
That’s very, very, great saying. Now …
…I am so happy to talk to you I don’t know what I should… I have a friend of mine
you know what he confide to me … months …
a few months ago. He told that his sikh, Sheikh,
in his country has been… has realized that he’s
a reincarnation of Muhammad. … Muhammad, right? You know Muhammad?
The founder of Islam. (MK) Yes. (J) I think he could help you
promoting Keshe Foundation through all the Musulmans today. If you want I could (MK) The point (J) I could introduce him to you and he is ready to introduce you
to his sikh… Sheikh, in his country. (MK) No problem that he contact us
It’s welcome us. Let me explain (J) Thank you so much (MK) You’re welcome (J) This guy he is Saint, a real Saint He is so good and I have tried to
introduce him to you in writing to Italy at the KF SSI…
I always felt … So tonight it’s amazing
that I just, first could talk to you and then at … should I write to Rick?
Rick Crammond? (MK) No problem.
(J) to introduce him to you or what do you want me to do? (MK) Get in touch with Rick and they
are the channels of the communication We always talk to everyone. (J) Great! (MK) Realize you got to realize
something which is to understood about the Islamic world very clearly
about Keshe Foundation. The beginning of the work of
the Keshe Foundation when we developed and we spread
the knowledge across Middle East. It was understood that
it’ll bring changes which will interact or will
come across the path of certain path of
beliefs in Islamic World. (JC) Certain part of what? (MK) The belief, there are certain path. If you are not brought up in Middle East,
it’s very hard to understand. In, and in that
composition of understanding, it will change a lot of thing in respect
how they’ve been abusing the Man. … Originally, maybe he’s still a
listener, or couple of them are listeners. Originally we were asked and we were
approached when we started the KFSSI, that they wanted to send students with
the first team which Armen was part of, people from Jeddah University. And to send these guys from
Jeddah University to KFSSI, the World…,
or what do you call it, the University heads and
to do with the Government, had to speak to me to
understand what this will do or will it affect by extend of
the knowledge, the Islamic World. That these,
will bring the changes. One of the questions which,
in the conversation we had with these knowledgeable professors
from Jeddah University, the panel who
had to make a decision. If these two guys
can join the KF in Desenzano, I had to explain to them, that the belief in Mohammad
has to be in the Heart of the Man. And not on the mat,
and the position of Mecca. This was very harsh
for them to understand. And we start seeing a lot of
opposition from that point, from the Islamic World in respect
to the Keshe Foundation. And, it was very simple,
I said, I explained to them many times, “When you go into Space,
the Earth rotates. You are traveling in
different dimension and strength. How you gonna pray to Mecca
unless the Mecca is in your Heart?” And this was too hard
for them to understand. Taking that physicality away from it,
was not something they could relate to. I had the same problem
when I was in Iran. The problem is very
heavy for Islamic World. In Christianity you believe in the cross,
does not matter where they put the Church
in what direction. In Islam, the thought is fixed,
they have a compass, that, wherever you go
it shows Mecca. Now you show me a three dimensional
spherical compass, which anywhere in the Universe
can point to Mecca. The other point which
I raised to them. Is what happens when
comes the termination of this planet, with the Muslims
in the Space? Now we lost, which dust of the Mecca
we gonna accept to be the center of the
… pray? Man has to carry the belief
in correctness of the conduct in the Heart, in
the Soul of the Man. Which he sees it,
physicality as his Soul. And, his physicality as his Heart,
and it’s his brain And this is the biggest problem, which
Keshe Foundation has with Islamic World. I had the same problem with
Ayatolla Khomeini in Tehran. I had the same problem with the office of
Ahmadinejad in Tehran. They don’t call me atheist,
but they say, “He puts a point that we can…
We don’t have an answer for now. We don’t know
how to answer it.” We go to Space,
but how we gonna pray? We go to Space now,
and we stay in a Space Lab. The Earth is rotating,
at one and a half hours. You are supposed to pray 17 times in
one revolution of the Earth, Now you pray
for one and a half hours, how many times
you bend and get up and pray? Because the evolution
is to you, it’s there, it’s one, every
one and a half hours. The problem is the Man
to be strong enough to carry the conduct. Correct conduct in his Soul,
not in his physicality, irrespective the position,
wherever you are. This is the problem.
It’s not that the Islami… We had the same problem
in Dubai last year. The Islamic World
is a different mentality, the Jewish World is worse,
in respect to Keshe Foundation. Because, it destroys
the basis of the Haetism. It destroys the basis to exist
when you are equal and brothers. Then, they have nowhere to make money. Then they have nowhere to influence. Why did the prime minister of Israel
a year ago, through his National Security. Head of his
Security comes back to us, he says, “We negotiate with anybody but Mehran in
respect to Peace between Iran and Israel.” Because, then they can’t sell guns
they can’t create mayhem. Peace does not pay, the way they want to pay. That’s why we get people like
the guy in ?Zolt? coming to assasinate. A Jew in the clothe of the marrying…
a Christian priest to carry assasin… In what name,
in who’s name? They’ve gone
to the depth of it. We’ve seen the same, they,
the belief in depth is the cause of the, most of the problem,
between the Man and himself. And Rabbi’s, Imams, Ayatollah’s, Pope,
Priests, whatever you want to call them, when they loose that listening to power,
that the Man listens to his Soul than the word of the Man which is
carries abuse in it, cannot be correct. This is the problem, when you speak
you can introduce us to Sheiks in Middle East, most of them know about Keshe, some of them have used
the technology for their own family. (JC) Sorry Mr Keshe I was muted,
I wanted to interrupt you. But…
I’m sorry… (MK) No problem. (JC) I was, I wanted to tell you that in a
lecture … it’s a workshop You did something so…
(RC) Jos, sorry I was trying to … interrupt you there for a minute. That’s why you were muted is, we sometimes
don’t want Mr Keshe to be interrupted when he gets into … you know,
something he wants to discuss, like some…
Anyway, I think that’s probably what happened there..
(JC) So you, did muted me? (RC) It wasn’t me,
someone else but… (MK) We have Gods in the background they
can mute anybody, even me. (chuckles) (JC) Why? (RC) And things happen accidentally as well,
but anyway, go ahead. (JC) Okay! I mean some… about the Jews
you said something, that … quite amazing about the Jews,
in a workshop, a previous workshop. I remember you said that
the Jews they have the, they are the one who knows the
True story about Jesus Christ right? And, you tell … if I remember that,
I know the Jews story, from how… about Jesus.
He was not a good guy. He was a very
bad guy somehow. Yeah? (MK) What did a lot of good. Let’s put it this way, (chuckles)
a lot of good, but on the other hand there was other
incarnation and the work, worse. (JC) You know he was very choleric,
you know… When he went to
the pole to wet the Pharisian? … Hey wow! Wars, that was very violent,
very violent, yeah. He… But at the end of his life,
he recant himself. Is it the right word,
to recant? … (MK) He never did,
till the day he died. (JC) Huh? (JC) He converted himself,
I don’t know the word … in… I’m French speaking …
people. Right? If I say it in French, maybe somebody
will… could translate, … The word is lucid… you see example,
an man let him stop. Maybe? … he …. and then,
he was enlightened. Right? Is it what you said
in the previous lecture? That he, at the end of his life,
he came back to his sense somehow, he understood,
and he was enlightened. Yeah? Ron Hubbard said that, … “the Christ had not lived
at the time we said he lived.” But the, what you call, the Bible was
written by a bunch of guys, who wanted to make a better of life
to help others, And they have taken the life of a guy,
a very bad guy, who has been crucified, who has been crucified about
200 years or 100 years before, … the so-called,
‘Birth of Christ’. Yeah? And detach everything to
make it sense and so forth and it seems as this guy
who lived as the Christ, they have taken the life,
… to … take an example of…
who was Christ. He was an a homotroy, right? Christ was a homosexual, it seems? (MK) …Let me put it this way..
(JC) When he died he realize all his sin, and he elevated himself so far…
You know? It’s a pity that I don’t have
the words I want to say for a … (MK) You see, let me… let me,
I’m gonna stop you there, we got many other people in
the background, we got things to do. When you come in respect to level
of understanding of number of, handful of people,
we call, ‘Prophet’, (JC) Yes. (MK) We have to understand
what benefits has brought to those who made him
to be the Prophet, afterwards. In what shape and form. (JC) Yes! I like very much
when you say, “You are the light”. You are over a Prophet Mr Keshe! Because you told that you have
something more than these Prophet. This is the science aspect with… your
discoveries about the Plasma. The field interaction with the Matter which is now,
it’s very clear what you know. You have the Principle Matter,
what they call the Anti Matter, the Transitional Matter, what you call,
what they call the Dark Matter, And the Matter what they call
The Matter. So it’s so clear with you. … But …
(MK) The thing is we, as I’ve written before, We’re going to end
this conversation, now. And then we can always talk
in the future. We… in the process of this cycle of
educating Man, we have brought the balance between
the science and the belief of the man in the Soul of the Man,
to understand they are the same. As I’ve written before; “In this time, the Prophets of the Science
and the Soul of the Man shall be the same.” Where before, when we had, what you
call, so-called Prophet, the Soul of the Man, they abused them, the way they
wanted it, because it was hidden. Where the Prophets of the Science,
people like … the well-known scientists They’re still Prophets but they didn’t
carry the pen of the Soul of the Man. to abuse it. So, in this cycle we teach both the path to the Soul
and we teach the way this path works. You call one ‘religion’
and one ‘science’. And this way, the way I teach,
the path into the Soul and the comparing it with the path
in the physicality of the Star, we bring the science and then what you
call religion, together as One. That Man, there is no way
to be abused again, because this is the essence of the
Knowledge of the Universe. That’s why there are no Temples in
the Universe. There are no Churches. (JC) You are the only one who did that. (MK) We are the
Messengers of the Universe, and that’s our job.
(JC) Yes, you bet. (MK) Thank you very much. Thank you indeed …
Are there any other questions Rick? (RC) Yes we had someone
that had a question earlier, Marcin, had a question on the
connection with the Soul, I believe Marcin, do you want to go ahead with
your question there. I’ll unmute you, there go ahead. (M) Yes, thank you.
Good morning Mr Keshe. (MK) Where are you from, please? (M) I am Marcin. I’m from Poland. And I got a question about
the connection to the Soul. Before I start, maybe I will explain
something on the whiteboard, if I can? … Could you allow me
to draw on something white? (MK) Yes
(M) Okay this… (RC) Yes. Do you know how to start your
whiteboard there on the screen share? (M) Yeah.
(RC) Okay you should be able to now. (M) Thank you. Alright.
So through our practices in banking, we find out that
on our skull, let’s say, we have some points that
they are activating themselves. For example in the forehead, in the back
of the head, above the ears and in the other places. But, we know that in the middle
of the skull is the, our Soul. And I was thinking about how to force
the disconnection between those points, into the inside,
the Soul. Because, I see this as our skull and
our Soul, just like a Plasma ball. This electrical thing when you have, where you have,
inert gas in the bulb and…
high voltage generator in here. And it works exactly the same way. If you will put the finger in one spot let’s say, maybe I will change the colour, in here, the ray from the high voltage
will connect with this point. Am I correct Mr Keshe? (MK) This is what we see in the
Plasma balls in school. Hello? (M) Yes, yes exactly, but is my point of
view, is correct? If I will do, let’s say,
a banking process, and … one of these points will activate. In example, on the top of my head. Can I try to force this point to go
inside to my point, where the Soul is? Is it… Is it the..?
(MK) Yeah but everything ends up with your Soul but depends what you want
to pick up in the passage. If you look at it, if you understand
the topology of the brain, Let me get my pen,
if I can get to it … If you understand the topology of the
brain, where you put your finger here, in this section of it,
it’s your physical matter condition, in this section of it, it’s your
emotional-strength part of your brain. And what you have a centre, is what you call
the ‘Soul of the Man’. Here. So if you put your finger here,
you still cross the line. If you put your finger here,
you still cross the line. But, is how you understand, if this
crossing the line at this point, touches the emotion of fear or does it at this
point touches the emotion of joy. Then, can we do or can we reduce
the level or the boundary of this, what we call, so called,
emotion. Here. To be most
of part of the brain. That, the boundary of the physicality,
in many ways, becomes very little and let’s say,
just becomes there. If Man matches and be able to do this,
then he can control, everything directly from the Essence of
the Creation in the center, which is here. Because, now you decide the filtering
when the physicality is irrelevant. But, do you need to put one hand on one
side of the head and other and see, what the emotion comes? “If I feel good,
I feel the strength in my fingers,” and then, “this is where my
emotional part, of joy is, in the brain.” (MZ) To be honest I was
thinking about this, because… … we know that our left and right
sides of our body is polarized, there’s a potential difference
in them. So, I we will put like,
in example, left hand
to the forehead, and the right hand
to the back of our… of our head. We will establish some sort of
connection between, those points, through the …
through the middle of our skull, am I correct ?
(MK) Yeah! Let me… Let me explain to you something
which’s baffled the Man. This is the mystery of …
and the … separation between,
the work of the Soul and physicality In the physical life we have a Proton,
and we have a Electron. where the bigger dictates
the condition of the rotation, or dictates the position,
of where the fields will go. The operation of the Soul,
is very much different. Where the Soul, the strongest, in
sitting in the front, in the middle, and itself cover itself
by is own tangibility. With the Electron and the Proton
you have a point of reference, With the Soul is the
Totality of the Plasma. Both in this level of the
Soul and then the emotion. So, the emotion is in
fact the Electron of the… what you call the …
‘Principal’ or the ‘Proton’. But, it covers it,
in its Totality, and this is the secret of the whole thing,
in respect to existence of the Man. It’s so compact with the matter,
that the reduction is so strong, that ends up with the physicality
boundary, of physical brain of the Man. And then, wherever
the emotion touches, in the irrelevance of
they physicality, leads to the creation of the
physicality, the body of the Man. It is in two half’s, it has to
be, otherwise it doesn’t work, has to be a potential difference,
otherwise there is no flow. Yesterday, I was at one of
the Governmental offices, and one of the heads said, ” We have a small problem, can I ask the
lady to come to ask you a question?” I said, “Yes”. She came and says,
“My husband is very young, had a stroke, he is only 38,
and I have the MRI with me” , I have looked at the MRI, I said, “I don’t see
any brain damages.” She said, “But he is
paralyzed on the right side” I said, “Madam this is the MRI,
there’s so many pictures here, we don’t see any
destruction, of any cells. There’s a sporadic spread of the fields,
but we do not see destruction, in the way we see
with normal stroke. I said, “Can you explain to me,
how the physical, problem is?” She said, “He can
close his hand, but he cannot open. He can close his arm,
but he cannot open. He can, bend his knee,
but he can not open the leg.” I said, “The life of the Man is
divided in two ways, at different levels.” One is a contraction, one is the,
what you call ‘retraction’. We call it, ‘Sodium, Potassium junction’,
in contracting and opening. I ask her one question,
“Have you got any blood tests?” She said: “Yes”. I said, “Does he show elevation
in Potassium or Sodium?” She said,
“Yeah, there was shortage of Potassium and they’ve given him a lot injection.
It’s going one for months this.” I said, “Yes, but they
haven’t fixed, the depletion of the Sodium, because it’s locked the gate.” The brain of the Man
works the same. One carries slightly different field-strength than
the other, otherwise it does not exist. And through the emotion, or
through the motion of the fields to one side to another, they get the transformation of
information through the Soul of the Man. That crossing through,
it’s got a point of reference, this crossing one half,
to the other, if you look at it has the point of interaction, which
is the existence of the Soul of the Man. If you look at the
shape of the brain. If you look a the
position of the brain. If you go back to the
teaching we done in the past, the shape of the brain,
shows clearly. If you look at the side of
your brain, which is like this. The part which is making it,
missing as we taught before, which is this,
to make a full Plasma, has converted in
the physicality of the Man. So, physicality of the Man has closed,
if you reduce it’s strength back in, will add to strength of the
emotions and the Soul of the Man. Then the Soul has
a direct effect, on the manifestation
of the physicality, and that’s what we were
trying to teach today. Then you don’t need the Spacesuit,
then you do not need to become monkeys, God knows?
Like a fish, for 7 years in a tank,
as they do in NASA, to change a screw. You become, the ‘multi-tool’ of
the Universe, according to where you are. You have to understand,
how you can use your physicality, to reach through your
emotions to your Soul? It’s done! And this is what you need in the
Space, otherwise you will suffer. Man forever, will change one clothes to
another, one Spacesuit to another, one thing to another, to survive one
condition of boiling and the other one, has to wear a… from the Space,
to wear a suit to go to deep see. But, if you understand what
we are trying to teach. Man, as it says, “Wherever he rests his head,
will be his home.” (MZ) Thank you Mr Keshe, that
explains a lot, thank you very much. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay! Thank you Mr Keshe …
are you are ready for more questions ? (MK) Yes, if you don’t
have anything to show ? (RC) Well, we have other things
as we can show, as well as far … (MK) Let’s take another
question and the we’ll.. (RC) Okay. (MK) We have still time. (RC) Here’s a… a more
practical question perhaps? “Is there any need,
for European engineers in Ghana?” … Eckmar says,
“I remember that Mr Keshe told us, he would like to give
Trust back to Ghana people. So, would no European engineer
should be relocate to Ghana for working for the Keshe Foundation?” (MK) We accept, any
kind of support, … what you call it, the architects
and the topology planning of the land, has more or less,
is on it’s way, this week. And … What we have to do, we have been…
the building we showed you as the headquarters
of the Keshe Foundation, now it’s gonna be extensively used,
till the building sites is finished. At the same time, we …
what we need to do is to educate the Ghanaian public, that
we do not become an island in the country. Where we…
We carry them with us. European, American, Chinese all welcome
to carry this teaching process. And with it we will carry the Ghanaians
and the whole Africa with us. One of the problems we had
and we see now in Africa. Is the lack of the
depth of the teachings, that they can
take the next steps. Yesterday, I was in the factory, and we have now appointed new
management team in the factory and … strange enough, I was discussing
it with Armen this morning as part of the Management Team
of the Keshe Foundation. We have appointed a women,
a very young girl, and two young girls that they head and the…
what you call it, deputy head, of the Keshe Foundation Ghana,
as both scientists, both Nuclear, Master Degree
educated, … from Ghanaian University
and Atomic Center University. And… very simple things need to be taught,
that changes the mind. And we are not looking for nationality,
European, American or whatever, we are looking into educate the scientist,
in the knowledge of the Plasma. Done on-site, done through teachings,
we are trying to… with the new center to see if we can use
the high cable, what you call it, fiber cable which is within the University,
within the building we have, to… to… for you lot does not matter
in respect to the position on this planet, to start teaching vast number
of people in Africa. There, there is a need for it,
you’re welcome in to teach, you’re welcome in to transferring knowledge
that the other scientist can learn from, but what we don’t want to do
is one of my… I’ve given that undertaking, to the
Ghanaian officials and the Government, is that we will not bring the position
that they have to look, into the hand of the white men,
to teach them how to survive, and how to develop the technology. But, on the other hand the share
of knowledge is needed, to educate. It’ll take us, it’s taken us… ten years
to do in the West or in the rest of the World. Africa has been deprived of the Internet,
so they have not been educated, so in depth. unless some of those who have access,
continuous access. So yes, we do need, we, we, we are
color blind, race blind, but on the other hand,
going on the track record of what Man has done to himself, and its different colors
of his color of skin, there is not much trust left,
in that it will be good. In one way or another, in so much
it’s not the abuse by the one of the other. But, one accepting the other one
to be more superior, which is, causes most
of the problem for me to be here. I understand, we
need huge amount of support. We need vast amount of support. We need to build the Spaceship’s
ground, in next six months. I’m talking to Governments. I’m talking to
some World Governments, that they sponsor
the next development here in Ghana. We don’t see, we haven’t seen any kind
of massive donations from the public, because they are too busy
in whatever they do. We can support partially through the
Keshe Foundation Factory, we do, and now the benefit from this,
will benefit the whole of Africa. We started a press campaign
in next coming weeks, that we bring the… to play,
the Governments, and bringing play, … the Governments into play,
means we need educated people. We need people who understand
the technology, that they can transfer to others here,
and the rest of the World. This is our problem.
I’m spending nearly twenty hours a day, trying to.. to make sure
the mistakes of the past are not repeated. That nobody is ahead of the other one,
and nobody is… what you call it, subject of the other.
And this will… this needs a lot of
understanding, by both sides. And you’re quite welcome,
you’re quite welcome to teach. You’re quite welcome
to share knowledge with us, you… We need it, but what I’m trying to word,
is what I’ve said, “That your knowledge is accepted
as a knowledge, and not superiority of the race.” And this is my problem. I see this now living here,
that we need to change the course of mentality
of the Man, on all sides, in respect of Degrees and colors,
in respect of the Nationality. And is not easy.
It’s not a very easy job to do. You’re quite welcome,
we need a lot of support, we need huge amount of support. And as had been said, Keshe Foundation
does everything on his own. But when is the beneficial, those who were around the
Keshe Foundation, pocketed themselves. Be it education wise, being manufacturing
wise, and everything else. We give our blessing to them,
because they have to mature. But yes we need…
we need huge amount of it, especially, especially in the
Space Technology and Reactor Development, because nano and GaNS is easy to go,
but the Space Development which is, where my Heart and Soul and my work lies,
is the main part and unfortunately, I have not the guys who’s more or less
at the same level with the Armen. We spend all our time, more or less,
trying to develop on the Space side. And now we have another part
which is John in Arizona, we, we push this level very hard
to go through, but we don’t see much development from the
rest of the Keshe Foundation supporters. And the development
of new systems for measurements or new systems for understanding
of transfer of the fields, like what we asked,
these are the things we need. We need people who still are involved in making
of the reactors, and the space reactors. Because, this is where we are going,
this is the Heart of the operation here. As I said, I’ll transfer my
responsibilities of the Keshe Foundation, all out, and more or less, once we finish with
the Ghana situation in the coming time, all my…
I go back into the lab. You will hardly hear
from me, except Thursdays. Because, this is
where I enjoy to be, and this is where I can teach,
to add to the knowledge, the way we were doing
in the Desenzano, we’re sharing in public. But now, it’s in the hand of Keshe Foundation
supporters to start teaching in mass. Go to the Radio Stations,
go to the Newspapers. Don’t look at the Keshe Foundation,
what they are putting on the Internet, but look at the
knowledge we, which brings, explain the knowledge to them, show them
what it does, and let them be it. We… we see the first thing they do,
now they go on the Google … and see bunch of rubbish, and then when they understand,
they say this is irrelevant. Whatever is on the internet is irrelevant,
because what it does, we’ve seen that in the…
in the Press in Ghana. Mr. Sylvester bombarded the Governments,
now he spends a long time in prison, they want him here,
they going to issue arrest for him. Because of all
the things they put on. Welcome, please
call more to destroy, We… that
now the Governments are standing for the
communities and the people. The Officials of the
Government in South Korea, will knock on his door very soon. We don’t sit silent,
but we act very straight. We don’t do it in hiding. Because, people like who stand around,
we… everything is recorded. Damaging people,
through trying to be on the Internet, does not work anymore. You go to the people
and say, “This is what it does, this is what it is,
this is the water which works.” We work very hard,
but at the same time, we need to bring groups
of Keshe Foundation together. We need to bring masses of supporters,
in the field of their specialty, to work together, to move out of KFSSI
teaching into the mass teaching in media. How to make GaNS,
what does it do, how come you can take some many grams
of one water with nothing in it as and so many grams
of the other water with nothing in it, and you can walk away
with diabetic. People lose their lives,
loose their arm and leg. Keshe Foundation is the only organization
which has the process, very simply, can walk you out of…
within a few days out of diabetic, and they call it the criminal. Those who stop us teaching, for people
to save their lives are the criminals, which means they have
Paymasters. We are watching a lot of things,
we spend a lot of time with the Officials, and the others
around the World map. Because it has become clear one man,
paid by his paymasters as a King, and one police officer
who can issue any documents, had become controller of destroying
the most advanced knowledge for Humanity. A crook, a pedophile.
A man who’s killed many scientists, Now, the police around Europe,
are targeting on it. They realize what’s happening. We don’t play, you have to
go about and teach, not just in Africa. You’re welcome to come to Africa,
we need you to come to Africa, but come with the hand to teach,
that the Humanity progresses. This is what we need. We need huge…
go to Press, go to Newspapers, go to Ministers, give them a water,
we’ll release, you will see. In the Keshe Foundation
in Ghana we got to the point that legislation has been bypassed by the Officials themselves
and the Government. because the huge number of people
with diabetic need it now and it works. It works within three to five days
people with insulin, don’t touch Insulin
after a week, two weeks. Pure water. It’s your knowledge,
it has to be shared and you don’t need to go to kill animal to get
the guinea pig, whatever. it’s just a pure water You have high blood pressure,
within three to five days. We have people connected
to the Government’s which they had high blood pressure
at 220, within 3-4 days drinking the combination of the waters
we developed they have come to 160, 140. They see it, they are the ones
who sit with the Government. This has to be out World Presidents, World families of the
World Leaders, they’re all sick. It’s you to decide not us you have to teach
there We have to change
our teaching process I see a big problem
with our teaching process We have becoming inward-looking,
teaching each other, more and more. We have to go back to
what we were doing a year ago before we saw these
terrorists on the Internet. We publish the Panama bank accounts
of the guys who teach you. We publish the people who
came to us, in Germany to learn how to make the battery, and now the battery,
is getting produced in Singapore. On the same named
account of the companies which are sitting in Belgium. Everything in the World,
Police is watching now. They have opened their eyes
how one man, one pedophile, sits in Belgium
and writes whatever he likes. And he writes,
“I’m still free”. Soon, you’ll join Mr Allan Sterling. Write as much as you like. But, these threats has brought us
to become inwards, but we have to go outwards. Go and teach.
Go into press, leave leaflets. This is you make it.
We don’t say, ‘This is the process, you can produce
to walk away with diabetic”. This is the thing you tried.
You walk away with high blood pressure. This is the process,
you can walk away with typhoid. This is the way
you walk away with malaria. I don’t say, “follow this”.
These other people have done it. We have to go outwards.
Go mass teaching. Some of people
who start doing the workshops They start making
a lot of money out of it. Good luck to you. If that’s why
you came to the Foundation, but it allows people
to understand more to, to be able to improve their lives,
you quite welcome. Mass teaching of the Keshe Foundations
who put workshop at the moment, is become money-making
for those. How much we can charge,
that we can have more? No problem! But, we have to go outwards, these people who are calling
and threatening, you’ve seen more people
start coming to teach now. Because, we put those guys in Austria
and the other place, just who are threatening,
in their hand. They know where they sit,
let them shout as much as they like. Now police forces are watching them. Now the work has started. But they wrote what they like. Now we come, we delivered documents
to the forces, to legal entities, to see who these are:
Why do you have a panama account and then you transfer a company
which was nothing to Australia and then from that Australian company
you open a company in Singapore and whoever becomes the opposition
to Keshe Foundation you go to Singapore to get money. You want us to erase the documents? We show you, one man who’s killed
and raped so many people, now has become the voice of
another bunch of killers. We saw with Allan Sterling,
he became ‘free energy’. ‘Free energy’ term was to bring us
free children, energy of the children. Who went to support it? The same man who writes against
us now, because he’s one of them. Birds with birds,
foxes with foxes. Go outwards,
don’t be afraid. These telephone calls,
these threats. Now they come to us. There is a warrant to be issued for
Mister, what I call, ‘South Korean’. Come to Ghana, we want you,
we’ll have a present for you. You called many,
it’s all recorded. Come in Mr Sylvester. We talked with
the Korean government. You will be knocked on the door
very soon. Your activities are well open recorded. The same sitting in Holland. The same sitting in Belgium. Now we start talking. When we talked, Allan Sterling walked
into a prison for life. Because,
we don’t talk out of line. Writing shit is very easy, but when you
deliver documents to the Tax Office, that there are Panama accounts with all
the criminals in this circuit that all have a Panama accounts.
We found all of it. And it goes back 20 years,
not now, 30 years They’ve been defrauding
Belgian government. Everything at two-point and the two
gigabytes of information, Is in the hand of the
World police now. Let them be free, “I’m still free”
you’ll be very free. What, who’s
the next target to kill? Those who sit and they think
they’re hiding We are working, come to,
come to Africa. Governments are waiting for you. We’ll give you a very good hand,
what you deserve, you will receive. Don’t be afraid to teach. Don’t go according to just because
you … are, you can come to Ghana. Tune, go to the Ghaniaian embassy
go to the African embassies as we want
to change we don’t want to come here
make facilities for us to teach. We make facilities
for you to teach here, but there is a problem with the Internet,
there is a problem with the energy. African nation needs this technology
more than anybody else, because we have
thought well in in Europe. Now it’s time to teach the others,
in South America we have the same problem In Central Asia,
in India we need to teach. We got so concentrated,
trying to develop one, we have overlooked the others. … We have to teach.
Yes, we need you in Ghana. All of you, who know
the Space Technology We have enough with GaNSes
and everything else. We put new products
in the market here, but we need people, experts
like Armen, like Jon. Like the others who went into
the GaNS and Plasma Technology, and you made the reactors. Yes, we need you here,
We need your knowledge here. We don’t want to make a condition,
that it becomes again, the mess of before. But my target is
to teach Africans at home that they come back home,
the way everybody goes. It’s a very beautiful thing,
by one of the World Leaders. He says, “When the whites come to Africa,
they’re called ‘ex-pat’. When Africans go to Europe
they’re called ‘terrorists’.” Why don’t the Africans
become the ex-pats as well? This is the state of mind,
we have created for ourselves, to abuse each other. And, this is what
we’re trying to stop. We need your knowledge, yes. But, try to teach in your
environment, and go outwards. Try to teach, very, very heavy,
outside in your environment. Go to your television station say,
“This is what it is. This is what it does. By the way, please look at these,
‘facts about MT Keshe’. There was…
we put them out ourselves now. First, before they look,
and say, “These other guys.
Look at the… another thing, another’s said.” “These are the
big supporters of pedophiles, these are the people
who are trafficking children.” They immediately…
they’ll shelve it… Don’t hide it, you’re scared
of what they put. No!
Go and put it out! Because, you know what it shows? It shows our strength! One man has
terrorized the whole Humanity. One pedophile, one who’s
raped his own children. Allan Sterling too, confessed
to raping both of his children. And, we saw who’s defending him
and as started defending, he think’s he found the support. All the one’s who seat around him.
Watch! They’re all pedophiles, all rape their own
children, or hey are in that process. Or, they have
killed somebody in that process. We have
full profile’s on them. And, they have terrorized. One pedophile has terrorized the
whole World and Keshe Foundation. Put it out and show them, “This is it, look on Facebook, he sits next
to him and he’s in prison for 25 years. And, they are in
Child trafficking and killing.” So, the Press, the Government,
they just say, “Forget about it”. What is the knowledge?
Let us know. What we are falling behind? Mr Sylvester has bombarded
the Government’s and everywhere. Now, there
is a warrant for him. Please come to… Come to Ghana,
they are waiting for you. You spend the drinking time,
but well done. We’ve gone to the Korean Government
all the documents is in hand. You’ll get knock on the door. I don’t know what
they’re gonna do with you. But what we know you’re in the process
of the same people as they killed me. They tried to kill me, now you’re
in there killing other scientists. A Jew claiming to be a Christian, bearing the badge of Knights of Malta
who you stole money from, to kill more. Don’t be afraid, these people
have played all their cards. Now go out and teach. They, anybody who came
to show anything, they called, they threatened their children. We’ve seen it with Alekz. We’ve seen it with the people in
South America and everywhere. Now they know.
They move, We watch. We are working with your own
prosecutors. Let them write. Please Mr Sylvester come to Ghana,
we are waiting for you, the prisons are ready for you,
warrants are ready for you to arrive. Please come and make
one more call, you’ll be done. International Interpol arrest for you. Please do and write more rubbish
in the background. We found out who you are,
we kicked you out because Knights of Malta told us who you are. That’s why you were kicked out and you
took 30,000 from the Keshe Foundation with the false documentation
of who you are. When you arrived you couldn’t prove
your application form was all fraud. that’s why you got kicked out. And then happened you came from DL
to assassinate with a black man. The black man walked into the teaching
room when you were sitting there and you have to picture it. Now everything is clear with
the police in Italy. We call you back. Don’t be afraid of these people.
Start teaching. Its time to teach the man to be free. This technology is to free the Man. From disease, from energy
and everything else. This is the key to the progress. We cannot stop. But these hooligans of Internet
have played their game. You don’t want to know the others,
what we know they’ve done in China. At the moment,
you will hear on the news. The same people who worked
with those people in Antwerp. The process is to
share knowledge freely. The process is to understand freely how
the knowledge will change our lives. We are not here
to stop corporations, We are not here
to go against pharmaceuticals. We are actually telling pharmaceuticals
can you make these, that it makes it easier for the others to use. Now it’s very easy, We can show.
The scientists are showing here: Within 5 days, you can
reduce your diabetic, your insulin. Within 5 days, you can reduce
your high blood pressure. By just the water in
the right combination. You show us anything in
the world which can do this! Within 48 hours, we have changed
what’s been the curse of Africa, Typhoid. Because we have them here. In Europe you don’t have it, it’s something,
belonging to somewhere else. Here, they walk to us,
“I have this, can you help?” “Yes, this is what it is,
that is what you need”. Centuries we haven’t had an
answer for these things. Now there is an answer, few cents We’re not talking about thousands of
dollars, 1 or 2 dollars saves a Man’s life. The technology is beautiful. What is bringing to Humanity is
beyond imagination of the Man except for one pedophile,
who even tried to kill me. I tell you something very strange,
now let them write. They have released a picture of me,
behind a computer, the day I was… the last pages of the book was done,
the first book. The day the bastard had a stroke. I was given, there was,
I was sick at that time and we thought I got sick in Iran
when I came, but I start getting sick when
he started writing the book with me. When I arrived and he got, I got picked
up in France, I was given a poison, exactly the same process as John
did to me in the Desenzano. And then there, he took a picture
with his laptop because I don’t had, I didn’t have an Apple at that time,
that his “mission accomplished” for his bosses, that now you know
he must have had a poison. He is going to die, because I was
forever in hospital trying to survive. But he was feeding me, as he was
writing, helping me, to do the pictures in the book, poisoning me.
He ate the chalice of the poison himself, by mistake most probably,
and he had a heart attack. And then he says
“I had a heart attack” Yes, you… God knows what,
you’ve been poisoning me. All the documents are in the hospital,
we are not talking out of line. The same thing as John gave me a cup
of soup to kill me, the same way as they gave a cup of soup to Mr Sloot
in Holland to kill, that killed him. This time, the man who gave the poison,
by mistake, drank his own poison, and that’s why he had a brain
hemorrhage, or it wasn’t a brain hemorrhage,
had a heart attack, that’s what the poison does. When they give you arsenic with
donabella, it gives you a heart attack. And then he puts a picture in there,
“I had a heart attack when I was”. You dumb guy, you ate your own poison,
and you nearly killed yourself. That’s why he wouldn’t administer
any poison to me because last time he killed himself. This is the way they work. We are watching everything now,
everything is transparent. They intimidated us, that we came in.
No more. We open the door to the Government,
we open the teachings. Don’t come to
Africa to teach. Teach in your own countries.
Go on the street and say, “You got a diabetic, this is yours,
is free, you make it. This is nano making,
this is GaNS making, this combination of what you do.
It cost you less than two dollars”. You walk away.
Pharmaceuticals will fight Man can do whatever
he likes in his house. The biggest problem, at the moment,
for Humanity is stroke, heart attack, mainly through high blood pressure,
through diabetic amputation, and everything else. Cost less than 5 Dollars ,
you can walk away with it. And the documents are in the
hand of the government. And now they try to destroy character,
with whatever. Those who rape their own daughters. How much we withstood from Sterling? Rick had a heart attack. Vince didn’t know what to do
with the attacks on the website. Because when they are cornered
they write any shit to fork away And now it is, we see it. The man has gone and taken
a picture from a golf club where he’s buried the bodies of the
children. Now we know where the children
are buried in Belgium. Because he’s going to the scene
of his own crime and he’s posted it because nobody knew except him. Prosecutors in Belgium are coming
on your door ‘Sir’. Your bank account in Panama is
in the hand of the tax office in Belgium. Your accounts it what they call it,
max whatever and all the businesses
you’ve done hanky-panky. Is all in the hand of the tax offices
of Belgium. All of your team. Not us anymore, we have delivered.
You spoke, we delivered. Over 20 companies,
over 10 years hiding money and defrauding
people and taking companies, and killing people
and opening bank accounts. If you don’t have any money, why do
you need a Panama account Mr DL? Securities, please release his
bank accounts in Panama on the Facts about Dirk and his
associates who’ve murdered in Holland. Now you see why
they’re jumping and shouting because they know,
we know too much. Please release the companies
which are ‘sad fact’ built. I have nothing, what I have is in public.
We don’t have nothing to hide. People in the Security, can you please
release the Panama accounts of Mr DL and send a copy to the tax office
in Belgium please. Thank you very much. If you don’t have stolen from,
a man you killed, his money, you don’t need a Panama. How many of my listeners,
my students, have Panama accounts which is carries a lot of money? And companies in Luxembourg, All has been registered. You talked,
we deliver documentation. You had a police force to go
to prison to kill. Now the prosecutor
are opening the bloodline. The officer in Belgium
south of, in west of Belgium You’re on hand of investigation by the
Police force of yourself internally ‘Sir’, Call him,
call Mr Delannoy, he is under investigation for a lot now,
murders, that now is opening up. The government has setup
prosecution against him, hidden. But we go public, because now he knows he
has to live with the fear of his own thing. Call him please,
from Austria. The thing is they tried to intimidate us,
to destroy us. Now we deliver that
they fear of your own life. How many companies
do you want me to tell you? Does, does it matter if you want to know
what the way they do, and how they are involved and why
they have a company in Singapore with the same guy you transfer
$1 account to Australia. Governments has start asking
for the accounts which’ve been set up for defraud, and kill
and transfer money through. Now, we talked. We have delivered. Let us see how much
you can deliver. Please release his, what do you call it,
his Panama accounts. A man who claims
to be so straight. We showed he betrayed Mr …
the Belgium politician because he was exposing him
as a pedophile, now you see a thief. You’re welcome. Mr Sylvester, please come to Ghana.
We are expecting you. You made a lot of calls,
they want to see you. And please come with all the references
you have in your hand. Because Malt… Knights of Malta
are waiting for you too. We released. Please release
the letter of Knights of Malta. About Mr Sylvester was stealing as well.
He’s under Dirk. Then you see it, that the police
in Hungary is waiting for him for deception
and theft. They want to hand him over.
They want him back there. Security, can you please
release both? The letter from the Knights of Malta,
about Mr Sylvester, who he is. And the same from Panama accounts
and other accounts, I’ve missed it. Perfect! DL the
same as Allan Sterling. And the pictures
where the children are buried and he’s gone and taken it
after a confession on the Internet. Now we know.
We close the case very rapidly. And, if anybody tells you from now on
the guy says “Go on the facts about Keshe Foundation
and look his Panama accounts” and Mr Sylvester is wanted
by the police in Hungary, by staying 265. This is the email
from the head of Knights of Malta. Which are responsible
for security of many World Leaders. Now you understand! Please, anytime,
we release these to support you. We don’t release you to tic tac. We took our time. From now on
you say you, “go public”, Anybody says,
“Oh by the way when you go on … there is ‘facts about Keshe’,
‘Victims of Keshe’.” But please see what,
Keshe Foundation’s reign, why they are made,
all this false rubbish? Because this is, at the Panama account,
this is what they wanted. They are a bunch of thieves, they are
all working together and murderers. We release more documents
about the murder of people in Belgium. And at the moment Police of Holland
has opened the case of Mr Sloot. Mr ‘Good Guy’ in Belgium writing so fast,
start running. Everything ends up in Belgium.
And the African Police is looking, how all the children are ending
up in Belgium, on your book. Please come to Ghana,
you have a lot to answer. All of you, we opened,
we support our supporters. You ran, fear whatever they write,
we took our time. We took our time.
8 months with Allan Sterling, We got him into prison, for life
for raping his own daughters. The same as Mr ‘Blonde Blue eye’
in Antwerp. Born in Kinshasa, brought up in Kinshasa,
enjoying the color of the skin to rape little girls of Africa and bring
them back into Africa to… into Antwerp. You want us to release more,
now we know the path. There is a lot of work is done,
but we release it. Now you understand. Please release,
all the bank accounts, hidden. And please,
if you are Belgian listener’s, call your Tax Office say, “How this guy’s
stolen so much from us? If you don’t have money,
you don’t need Panama accounts. If you don’t have money,
you don’t need Luxemburg accounts. If you don’t have money,
you don’t need banks in United States to hide money, in different names. Please, use the ‘facts about Dirk’,
and release it to your Police force to your Tax Office. We have already
delivered everything. Why a man who has no money needs
a Panama account? How many of us has? Have you seen any beggars
on the street, having a Panama account? Thieves do. And the people who murder
and if you look at the time, of opening of this things is the time when
the scientist major scientist have died. Have been killed. And you find nowadays,
they all go to Singapore. Anybody whose been in touch with DL,
finds his way to Singapore. Sylvester was in February of this year,
or last year. Trying to entice other people,
because he went for his pay day. The same with the others, who
we kicked out of the Keshe Foundation. And the company was
shut yesterday, or this week. A lot is coming up. And the strange thing is,
all are his team. Everything you dot,
starts with him in the middle, that’s why he was writing,
and shouting so much rubbish. Because he knew we are at him. Now we release it. I would like to know,
out of millions of listener’s how many of you
have Panama account? How many of you… Do you need Panama account,
unless there is a lot to hide. Panama, is where they hide
all the money’s stolen from deception, fraud,
killing, stealing, and DL has one. Security please
release it on him. And the same you see the
letter from Knights of Malta, We just deleted their private addresses,
what they say in there, what is stolen. And, we have given all
the documents to the Korean Embassy. Soon they’ll
knock on your door ‘Sir’. Because, there is more
than what you think. Your’e connected to a lot of murders
and kidnapping. And it’s all black and white,
documents, we don’t talk like you. Calling and
pressurizing the Press, Press got so fed up, that
they came to us to release it. Now they’re asked to release,
now we release. Go on the Dirk,
‘Facts about Dirk, and see Panama. And if you are a Belgian,
and if you’re correct people. If you’re a Dutch, you are correct people,
call your Government’s say, “How come?
They will see. There is a line for fraud, deception
of tax people in Belgium, call them. “How come this guy’s got these accounts
and you do nothing about it? Unless of course,
he sit’s with the King, isn’t it?” “We kill together”, he’s published the
picture of where they say, there their “children are buried”,
in a golf club in Knokke. He’s been there,
on the released picture. We’ve taken all the things,
the Police is on top of it. Why do you go
and take pictures from where they say,
“girls have been raped and murdered” ? He’s released it,
date of it is 2008. It’s not new. And, two weeks
before the girl’s, have published how they’ve
been raped, and killed in that golf club. He went to the scene
of one he’s done. Now you want to know? Please security,
release the pictures of the golf club, let him see, that’s from he…
with his signature, his name on it. On his web site.
Hidden web site. We talk but with evidence. We talk with evidence
and Allan Sterling walked. Now we
delivered everything. Panama accounts, everything else,
pictures of the murder site, being involved in
the murder of people in prison. We have given the evidence there were
procecutors across Europe are running with this, how to get this
thing, out of control? We need your knowledge but,
I release this information today to show you you are free. Tell them to go when anybody says, “Yes, but have you seen this guy, what he is trying what
he’s is trying to cover? And give the reports of the
Sterling Allan too. These are working together.
Bunch of peodophiles. Two daughters, they both raped
their own daughters. “Cubicly happy.” They said we are talking rubbish about Sterling,
but when he got in we don’t hear it because, he’s in solitary.
He’s giving more and more info, and his information has end up with arrest
of 4000 more pedophiles across the World. Now imagine if they open
the computer of this guy. Most probably half a million of them,
and most of them are Belgians. Go on the ‘Facts about Dirk’,
and call your Tax Office. Why is he and how come the Police
officers of Belgium works with him and they’re
hiding everything for him? These are well organized criminals,
and they thought they silent us but now, We give you the tool,
“Yes, yes there is ‘facts about Keshe’.” Please give them,
‘Victims of Keshe’, and everything and say
“Look who’s written, this is it.” The money has stopped the…
they don’t get anymore children, and then we give you a link. Please go on,
and read the British report. How all the children stolen from Ghana,
or kidnapped from Ghana or whatever, end up in Antwerp. I give you the link next week,
the Securities will release it. And, end up with him all of it,
British Police is absolutely fed up with how many children are disappearing
out of Ghana into Antwerp in the hand of these guy,
and his team. And, they are picked up at airport,
we found out the process. When we said about Allen Sterling,
everybody said, “bla blah”. We have found out how they are trafficking,
they’re taking children from orphanages. Because in orphanages,
they have no birth certificate. They use women as donkeys,
at the airport the Police officer, who is friend of him, and they work,
they just separate the mother who’s a false mother
and the child. The child goes for trafficking
and sexual abuse. Now you know! Now, we let you know to know how they
operate because, this is your strength. We release this now, that anywhere you go,
you go to Press says, “This is it, what we have,
what we deliver. By the way, these are about this,
and by the way, look at the facts,
these are written, because these are, the hands have been
exposed, and Mr Sterling is in prison. The Press just ignores it. They just don’t
want to know. “We want to know
what is coming in.” This is our strength. You took a lot of battering
from these people. Now be proud that you can
save Humanity, and serve Humanity. This is our strength,
I stayed silenced. Past two days, the Press was
pushing me to release this, because it has
to be correct. The police in Holland, the police in
Belgium, the proscecuters in Belgium who are investigating Mr Delannoye now,
for murder of the children and trafficking at the train stations,
are investigating him. Even the prosecutor of
the prosecutor is getting investigated, because he gives
documents for him to do. Please call Delannoye,
tell him, it’s open. We are waiting for,
the same. Italian police is waiting for all of you
because you carry the murder in Italy, Fabio, you murdered,
you thought it was easy to do. That was your biggest mistake. Your history of the past
is opened up. Why do you need a Panama account,
when you’re a straight man? Please, Keshe Foundation supporters in
France, in Belgium and in Holland, send these to the tax office of Belgium. Bombard them with, “We want to know, why this man
has so many fraudulent accounts?” I don’t. We have one sits in Holland. We have one now in every company which
we run, as a Director. I carry nothing
in my personal name. I eat, I pay through the Foundation. I collect a cent,
it goes in the Foundation. That’s how it’ll be, the
Foundation belongs to you. It damaged us, we stand our own protection
by the request of the Police. There is a man in prison in Belgium. He should be a free man,
because he didn’t carry a murder. Mr Backmann is free. DL managed to kill, to get a
suitcase which belonged to Mr Sloot. Because, the key
for the decoding was in it, And a man is hanging
around the prisons, for nothing. He lost all his way, because
he has the connection with Mr Delannoye, they could frame him up,
the way they tried to frame us. Now is open. Everything is
on the table ‘Mr Smart Guy’. Show, go to the tax office and say,
“I have”… By the way you don’t need to go. They already have it,
it’s already been furbished. They are… the investigation a new,
started 3 weeks, 4 weeks ago, by the Belgium Federal Police
and the Tax Office. And, he never declared any of them,
so he can’t say, “I’m innocent”. A thief, a pedophile,
child trafficker. Now you know, why
he was writing so much because he could see we are
serving around everywhere. Be very strong and when you go to the
police, when you go to the Press to show the Duty Officer,
“By the way there is something, about Mr Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation facts about, victims
and the rest, anybody writes, they’re all pedophile,
‘facts about the Keshe’ has there. Fact about their car there too.
Why he’s writing? Because this is the evidence,
we have solid. The problem is not the technology. The problem is
this technology is so lucrative, that anybody will kill for it. But now is so cheap, that nobody
needs to kill, but they can save life. The reality sits with us. In fact, if you want to know,
we have everything to be in our possession to be delivered. We can deliver everything. The Energy, the Space,
the Agriculture. The reality of how the whole structure has
been used to save Mankind. How we need to do things. How we need to understand, how it works
and be open about what we have. How we communicate
the knowledge across. Across borders, across Nations,
across each other, that we develop the next race of Human,
to be independent, To be trustworthy of himself,
that he doesn’t do a crime. That, it allows him to become
close to his own Soul, that he can survive
the Span of Universe. This is our problem, this is
our vision of changing Mankind. And these people,
have a lot of problem. These people have a lot of problem
because this way does not allow them. The police investigation in Ghana
now start looking how DL has been trafficking children out
of orphanages. Suddenly disappearing – 200 a year. And they’re all go,
according to British reports, which we released,
into Antwerp. They are picked up at the airport. Why should a child be trafficked,
if the Soul of the Man was so high? We should be able to stand. There is a very, very interesting company,
look at the Matrix in the United States and see how it
connects with ‘Mr Smart’, with DL. Company set up in United States
to defraud Belgians. Now they can’t say “This guy was a criminal, this guy was
a fraudster, this guy was a adjutant.”, when we release his name. Now, he doesn’t publish much on
his website, on the ‘Facts about Keshe’, because it’s in there,
he is the head. We put the, what you call it,
the ‘head of the website’. The man he calls, “a fraud”
he is the head of his website. Now please walk into the Tax Office of
Belgium authorities and say, “My name is so and so and I’ve defrauded
you. How much do you want me to pay back?” But we don’t know how much, because all
the people have diverted into Singapore. Now, he’s transferred a
worthless company into Australia, and the same man
transferred it to Singapore. We have all of it. Tax Office have all of it,
‘Mr Smart Alec’. But now we gonna release the name of
the children you’ve killed – very soon too. Then, there is
nowhere for you to hide. The first two weeks,
someone you raped, is your own two daughters.
Allan Sterling did. Be proud, you carry as Knowledge Seekers,
at Keshe Foundation supporters, the technology which can change
the Humanity, after thousands of years. In the Spirit, in Soul, in food,
in survival and everything else. Not to be hiding and ducking,
because of one man who has a paymaster, and a police officer who picks up
children at the airport. Please write to Mr Delannoye
because he’s under investigation by the proscecuters in Belgium
and in the HBN community. Write very fast, and give him a
recording of this too, and tell him, “All the banks is gone with a fraudulent
net of a terrorist – all been recorded.” The only path for them
is to jump off the cliffs, and even that did not save the,
what you call it, one of the paymasters
in England, some years back. Be proud what you do,
we had no problem, there was no allegations
till the biggest murderer on this planet, of children appeared,
and the scientists. DL, now we release documents, nothing
else. We don’t make accusations. We started to push to get more,
they released more. What we wanted,
they gave us indication, direction in their
private communication. We used it with the Securities now,
we release it back to the Police. Very, very intersting . I tell you, we open a
‘Facts about Keshe Foundation Supporters’. You tell me how many of you have
Panama accounts. Phoenix accounts,
Luxembourg companies, unless you are… And, the beauty of it is that,
everywhere he talks about, “He is greedy,
he is only after money”, bla bla “I’m not against the Foundation,
I’m against Keshe” because it shows
I’m only after the money, because if I get Keshe done,
I get head of the Keshe Foundation, I can steal everything. That’s all it is,
none of you saw it. None of you saw it. And everywhere he speaks
about money, he’s after the money. Here I only have one account, I don’t have
Panama accounts, So, it shows the trend
of the mind, of the thinking. He’s written,
“I’ve nothing about the Foundation.” because, now if I get rid of the Keshe,
now I become the head I can steal the rest. Panama account gets filled up again
and other companies. Now you understand
why the accusation. Man only talks the way he works. So Mister DL you are on the 11th floor, the only way for you
is the window to jump. You chose to kill children,
you chose your own path. We don’t. The knock on the door
is one way into prison, or as you said yourself one day, “One day I might jump
out of the window.” It’s your own word, maybe you have to
to choose it, because that is your way, the only way out of covering all the
mistakes you made, hurting Humanity. I got sick when I start. Arriving, I got picked up
by him at Paris airport, when I returned from Iran. We thought that it was radiation. But now that we matched the documents
from the hospital in Belgium and in Italy, in past few weeks,
we found the same pattern of poisoning. And, he drank his own poison
and had a heart… the same way…
the same way as I… Sloot was killed, it was planned for me and then,
they tried it again. He was chicken to come, he
sent John to come and give me poison. And this time he drank his own poison
and heart attack. He didn’t have no problem
drawing a few pictures. He’s working 24 hours on the net, he’s doesn’t have a heart attack
or brain hemorrhage. He ate his own poison. The last cup which was supposed
to kill me, he drank by mistake! I don’t know what happened that day,
God loved me. But he ended up with the attack. You can imagine with me,
which, I was already in process
of internal bleeding and everything else, liver cancer and everything. We thought was going on because of
radiation, but was because of his poison. I was perfect when I came from Iran. He drank his own and then he took a
picture for his bosses, “I’ve got everything”
And he published it. “I had a heart attack
when I was doing”. You stupid man,
drank your own poison. Brain hemorrhage, heart attack
exactly like Sloot, exactly like what they did
to me and Caroline. So, don’t blame nobody. You became
the victim of your own poison. And please, I hope you put all the
monies in the bank account because your children will not see it, because it goes to the children
you killed from Africa. You have to understand,
the white was brought to Africa. and the hate of it, when he went back
he take revenge by raping and killing. He’s brought up in Khinshasa Alberonese. He’s transferred.
If you look John poisoned us in Italy. Again, another white man,
brought in Africa, in Khinshasa. Friends from childhood.
“I can’t do it, you go and do it for me”. Don’t be afraid. We’ve given you
the tools, we release more about them that when you go to Press,
go out and teach, when you teach the Keshe Foundation part that way,
go on the Facts about Keshe, Victims about the Keshe, they didn’t
exist since one, we arrested one, the rest have started, and these are
about the guy who writes about the facts because the real facts are here, in black and white
from the bank accounts Walk into the tax office and say why
you have a Panama Accounts, and Luxembourg accounts and Companies
in different names around the World, to defraud
your own Government. Be proud. You carry the most powerful technology
to change the course of Humanity. And teach it.
You don’t need to come to Africa Teach it across the World. Teach it that it changes
the course of Humanity. Teach it, that it exists. I want to tell you something very
interesting, regarding Mister Sylvester. He claims to own a patent,
which when he came to us, he said he’s patent owner
or whatever of the technology. We have found out this
patented technology belongs to the Japanese,
it is stolen. It will be released.
Please release that too. The guy is habitual thief by nature. He came to kill to get paid. Please return the 30,000 Euros
which you received by deception from the Foundation… because
your application was false. Anywhere in the World, nobody would
have given you a penny, we trusted you, we’re dealing with a straight,
we didn’t know you’re another assassin sent in by your paymaster. All your communications,
together in the background, Release them on the internet. How Sylvester and the ‘lover boy’
talk to each other. We are monitoring everything to protect
Keshe Foundation. Now we release it. We’ve been asked to
release by the Press. Now we release. Go and teach. Teach heavily. Teach outside.
Teach openly. Take the technology where
it changes the Humanity. I enjoy serving Africa, because it is
time to bring pride back to the Continent. It’s our mission to have the
first Spaceship flight out of Africa. To change and elevate
the station of this Continent which has been so much abused
by the white man, like DL. They came, they brought up
and then they raped their children. Then they killed the children. And they go and take a picture
where they raped the children in Knokke. The father, the same as the son,
so is the King. Understand one thing, till we don’t wash what we wash,
we cannot go to the next step. Because, the burden of not us serving
Humanity, will keep us back. We don’t need conferences,
we don’t need to gather in places. We gather in knowledge and
we spread the knowledge. If you are a Dutch man,
call the police in Utrecht and say, “We want the case of Mr Sloot
to be fully investigated”. The Telegraaf in Holland has a full
dosier, of where the bank accounts are, and how they operated to kill a man,
to benefit by decompression. These are all the benefits of us being
able to serve Humanity through this one family.
One family! Out of the pressure that DL and his team
has put on them for 30 years, 20 years. I tell you how ruthless they are. They killed a man,
they give him a poison. And then, the family being poor, because this was supposed to come
from the knowledge of the man, they called the family
because this briefcase which was carrying
the code of the decompression, which is now worth billions, Now, as we all know what it is, and we
send documents on decompression, this man found out this 20 years ago. They tell the poor family,
the wife who’s lost her husband, “If you bring the briefcase, we give you
2.5 million Guilders, for the briefcase, the rest is ours”.
The family being desperate, they delivered the briefcase to the
office of the lawyer they tell them. The briefcase disappears and 19 years
later the family has not been paid a cent. That briefcase appears 8 years later,
in Belgium. And they killed two people for it. Again, fingerprint of DL on both of them.
He’s involved in both cases. Documents are there. This is how they work. Read about the life of Jan Sloot,
S l o o t. They gave him a poison exactly the way
they gave me poison. The poison killed Sloot . The same done
by DL, but this time by mistake, somewhere in the cafe,
he drank his own poison. And then he couldn’t carry out.
Now he sends his, another ex-pat, Kinshasa born, bred, Mr John
to Desenzano to give me again, a cup of soup,
to poison. The same pattern, the same people,
the same name. We don’t accuse, now there is
enough evidence everywhere. And then you understand
how they operate. Police of Utrecht will follow
everything you do. You have to request the body to be
exhumed cause the family is doing. The … the Telegraaf has all the details.
The prosecutor in Belgium is regarding where the suitcase of Backmann
after years, appeared, the case is known as Backmann case,
B A C K M A N N. They wanted to get the briefcase back
because he had the code. the self decoding, after 8 years,
they still couldn’t decode whatever they had, they stole
from the beginning. They killed a woman and then
Delannoye killed a man in a prison who was the witness,
who organized it for them. His name is Marco. Brought the brother to insanity, losing
your brother in prison, out of nowhere. Mr Delannoye kills people.
We know it, he came to our house. And, under a hat, if you are a good
police officer, you don’t run and hide. He was running and Caroline
with a camera behind him. If you are a police officer,
you stand “I’m the Officer”. This is how they work.
This is how they kidnap children. Put the facts out in public. The Police of Belgium has no credibility
with Delannoye part of it. As they’re kidnapping child and killing
others and issuing false documents. And all done by the instruction of DL.
Now we know. He puts a picture I’ve got poisoned
the day, by himself, how could you know I was poisoned when
you are in Belgium, in Italy and you know how
I’ve been poisoned? Calling Dr Kostova that he’s poisoned
with Arsenic, because you poisoned the same,
Sloot the same, yourself by mistake. And now me. We have a lot of things,
the Police around Europe is on the run, trying to gather as much as they are,
and he writes “I’m still free”. Not long, please walk into the office
of the your own Tax Office, and say why you have
so many hidden accounts. I want to know much they allow you
to stay alive. Or be free. And then the other things
you’ve done. Keshe Foundation stands
for it’s own integrity. We are forced, we play the game,
but at the same time we take our time. Now we release
the information. Sorry about this but,
we’ve all been through this, a lot of you stood a lot of rubbish
which went on the Internet and you told me,
why you don’t defend? We only defend when we are solid,
when we have solid read information. We gathered, I thank
the Security Team in the background. I thank those
who work day and night relentlessly, to
bring these things together. Without you
would have been impossible. But we have to do it, now
please when you go somewhere, write on top of it, please least how they
damaged the new techonlogy. Facts about, write everything about
me on it, I give you the right to do. And then write
“Please write the man who writes this”. … What do you call it?… The Belgian politician who he destroyed
single handedly to become part of it he says “He’s a thief
but I sit at next to him”. And then about his Panama accounts,
about the people he work with, and the death of Fabio,
and say, “Please Judge he’s yours.” But this is
the technology. Bring it into public,
it’s your responsibilities, it’s your obligation. We owe this to Fabio. I put a lot of resources into this,
a lot of time into this. Because I made one promise
to the Soul of Fabio, in Italy.
I will catch his murderers. I owe this to a woman,
Naomi. That this man in Belgium
planned the death of both of them. Two Albanian drivers, trapping them
to get them, to get me to kill me. It wasn’t one truck, two Albanian trucks
trapped Fabio. Now you know more, that
we’re gonna release more. This is in document of Italian Police.
Two driver Albanians trapped deliberately. They knew he’s on the same run from me
with the office at the same time. The informers told them
but somehow I passed, they did not recognize,
one way or another, that I passed. And they’ve trapped Fabio
that I get out they shoot me while attending to help Fabio.
Now we know the process. Two Albanian drivers,
false documentation. We’ll do the job, now we are out to do it,
and we do it perfectly. We got Sterling Allen,
in for 25 years and life, raping. The other guy who is went to hide,
to help him the same. I wonder when he goes to prison how many
names of children in Africa will come out? I’m gonna end this today, because
it’s not much to do much. Thank you very much for today.
But be proud in what you do. Teach openly, and put all everything about
me which is wrong, about me written, On the top of your introduction and write
“please write who writes” this is the guy. And they understand,
and say, “Now, this is the technology.” Thank you very much for today. (RC) Okay! Thank you Mr Keshe. And if anyone has left over questions
they can keep them for next week, and we’ll
bring them up again. And that’ll be the end of the
162nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday,
March 9th 2017. And, as always thank you everybody
for attending. And, we’ll close the Livestream now,
and see you all next week.

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