163rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 16th, 2017

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conference is 200 Euros per day. We look forward to meeting you at the 2nd
Universal Science and Council Conferences in Rome, March 27th,
through 31st, 2017. [Flint intro video] Welcome everyone to the
163rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute. And, once again we are here
for another workshop with Mr Keshe
of the Keshe Foundation, as well as other Knowledge Seekers
around the World, with … various contributions
as we go along. And, I think we
have a full … show today. So, without further a do , let’s see if
we can connect with Mr Keshe there? Is that … is that you in the
background there Mr Keshe? Yes! Good morning, Good Day to you
as usual, whenever and wherever you’re listening,
to these Knowledge Seekers. I was asked and I’ve
received a number of communications, in respect to the back end
of the teaching of last week. Why, we have go gone and opened,
in respect to the relation of Mr DL ? This thing cannot be isolated. We’ve been told by the Securities,
we’ve been told by the police, there are certain things,
when we release, the response brings back
more information for them. And, in a way,
last weeks disclosures. And, now that the
securities has released, the companies, which now,
one has been claimed to be a fake. Which is a Government website,
because now it shows it. What do you call it? ‘Defrauding’ the Belgian Governments
since 1980’s Had been called a ‘fake’
and … we’ve been asked, somebody, we’ve been told,
“Why do you carry on?” You have to
understand one thing. Our problem is not ours, these people
are creating problems for themselves, in a way of…
as we saw with Sterling. They have got away with so much
that they challenge us, see if you can capture me? and in one of the comments last week,
we have been reported to be said, “I’m still free!” So, it means the
person is already criminal. That has pushed the Police, and
Intelligence and Securities, to go further. A man who say’s,
“I’m still free”, means, “I’ve done something wrong.
You haven’t caught me yet.” This is an admission
to guilt and defrauding. What has happened is,
that since last week, since the disclosures
of the companies, in Panama, in Luxembourg, in Australia,
and a Singapore one, which’s not been released yet. All bring to the one point, that the setup, to destroy scientists,
to destroy the work of scientists, to steal technology from scientists,
is a natural habit. I have to thank the Belgian public,
who start sending us information and in fill, filling a lot of information because they understand, they know
where in their languages they can go to. And, if you’re searching for more? Please send it to
[email protected] That, you have found some more information,
and we pass it on to the police. What else, we have received
since last week, is absolutely amazing. As you have seen,
the Securities have released the facts and the Truth
about Sylvester. The email from the Knights of Malta,
has been released by them. And, other defrauds. But, what we see is that
there’s a pattern of work, and these people work together,
because they are of the same, and they all, somehow
end up in Singapore. Sylvester was in Singapore,
February of this year. Others who worked with us,
and they tried to defraud the Foundation, end up in Singapore. A lot of you
might ask the question, Why? This is where they go and get paid, this is where a lot of money by DL and
his associates have been hidden. We have all proof, as you’ve seen, we release the name of the company
in Australia and the rest of it. A disturbing fact has
been brought by public to us, which we did not know,
we were not aware of. And, this puts a total seal
on the operation of DL. Some of you must have
been very interested to know, how one man, could come up with
so many patent applications? You have to remember what I say. Patent application, “DL has never received
a patent as far as we can search.” Unless, you can come up,
or he can put up? You got to understand he tells you where
he has stolen, but we never listen. Till, the public, Belgian public who know
their ways, have opened the door for us If you remember,
a simple fact? In all his communication
and in all his presentations, even is not with us he says he was
a “High-ranking Civil Servant” at Ministry the “Affaires économiques”. And, at that high level,
you’ve seen him explaining, he knows Ex Prime Ministers
and the rest of it. But, what the public
has brought us he said, “Do you know what this Ministry is? Do you know where
he sat in that ministry?” “Do you know he’s been sacked from
that Ministry? He did not walk out!” This is what they tell us,
but we asked the question. “What is that building? What is the place?” They said something very interesting. All the patents are people,
who submit patents to Belgium Government or Patent Office,
goes in the basement of that building. Is kept by this Division. And, when you’re on a high rank,
you have access to anything. You can steal any patent. That’s why! Then we came to another point. That, it’s very easy. He’s been stealing patents
from scientists Writing a parallel, the way he did
with Keshe Foundation, going to China and making a
‘Casimir effect’ battery, it’s actually a nano battery,
which we all produce, different name. He’s done the same thing
with the ‘Cubicly Happy’ He has no patent on it. It’s been brought to our attention, He copyrighted after
intimidating the patent owner. Which is a gentleman called ‘From’ F R O M Securities release these documents
that it you can see, he hasn’t stolen, intimidated. Anyone, as a top-rank,
he could see the patents coming in. That’s why he was
kicked out of the Ministry. Because, then they could not say, “Your patents are getting
stolen by our management.” Discrediting the Nation
and the office of the Ministry. Now this is the information we recieve. So, now we know the high level,
being with Ministers, what it meant, he had access to any patent came in,
what he could do. And this has opened a very big pandora,
now we know, he still has contact, he still get’s the latest what
he thinks he can copy, in different name,
and he puts in a application. He has never gone as far as
it can be seen, a full patent, he has never received a patent. As far as it can be seen
they tell us. So even the Cubicly happy, happy Cubilly,
very correctly is a stolen copyright, there is no patent,
the patent is owned by a Belgian. His name is
and you can check it. So, you see this
is the habit of a thief. This is what is called
Ministry of Economic Affairs. So, now we know
why he left the job, he was kicked out
of the job stealing patents. Strange enough, we have
found in Antwerp Gazet … an article by
a gentleman called Parein. Who has exposed this,
and he entimidated everyone the same. But, there is something fundamentally
which has been found out, and we’ve been
asked to release. The gentleman who had
the copy or the patent put in, in 1982, of the, what he has called it,
in a different way, name, has died. Guess how? Do you remember, Mr Sloot, in Holland? The biggest scientist
in computer technology compression. Died of heart attack. Heart problem. Guess what? From, has died of the same. Now, we see a pattern in him, poisoning,
the same thing he did with Caroline. The same thing
he did with me. The same thing
he’s done with the others. Now, the Police
is looking at a serial killer. What we’re receiving
from public in Belgium, is he had not even,
had mercy on his mother. He wouldn’t have had
because he values nobody’s life. He has mercy on no one,
as long as he can steal. Now, we see connection
with another theft of patent. But it’s copyright and he’s intimidated
the patent owner to get it, he didn’t give, So, he was poisoned the same way. Don’t forget with his own poison,
he had a brain hemorrhage and heart attack. So you see it’s the pattern,
what he does. He’s been brought up in Africa,
he knows how to use poisons to kill. Heart attack, all heart, himself,
From, we’ve seen with Sloot. We’ve seen it with me and Caroline,
and many others. We have started the investigation
in a serial killer. We have received another information, which we would like the public, to say. As you know he says he divorced his wife,
or separated from his wife in 1992. Strange thing has
come up by public to us. He was having an affair with the wife of
a very well known dentist, and she had to be get rid of.
But, she did not die in the accident. The wife found out,
he’s on the street. So he’s killed many. We are not talking hypothetic,
we delivered everything, now the securities will release
all the patents of Mr From. F R O M He’s the patent owner of the Cube,
original patent owner. And if you check,
DL never had a patent. He copyrighted and intimidated,
that’s why he lost his case in America. Because he had no right. Strange enough, Belgium public
have started defending themselves, because this is giving
a bad name to the Belgians. Now, they start searching about DL,
and what he’s done. What we see, this pattern of work
stays with the company in Leuven. And what we said, with the head
of European Space Agency, because they work together. The same way, they have access to all
the patent coming in. How to intimidate, they kill some,
they lubricate the others. That’s why these, all the companies
offshore, has come. We don’t make allegations,
these are what it is. So, what we have asked
the Police of Holland, we have asked the prosecutors in Belgium,
to resume three bodies. One is of Mr Sloot. One is of From. And for security,
as one Belgium said, “There is no mercy a man like this
have done, no one, even not the mother”. These pattern of destroying people
he does not like, or don’t agree with him,
or he steals from them, has repeated
itself over 30 years. We are dealing with
one of the biggest serial killers. Police’s in Italy,
Prosecutors in Belgium, Police in Holland,
and now Police in America is looking because he’s traveled and,
he has copied other scientists in US. He does not,
have not received any patent. People like to see. We asked the question,
they said they “are checking”. So he, just… All he does, he steals and puts
a patent application, and then he runs with it to see
what he can do. The only one which
he ever made money out of, was Cubicly Happy,
because it was stolen it was already made
and it was shown. Because,
another scientist in Japan made another version of it,
he couldn’t patent it. What is in public
cannot be patented. Now you see we’re dealing
with the biggest thief of science, of technology,
and anything anybody comes up. We could not understand how this man
continiously comes up with huge patents,
because now we know now. He sits at the top of
the Ministry of Economy Affair where the wolfs downstairs
hold the patents of all the Nation. He has free,
nobody ask questions. Do you remember the movie where
the prisoner was given the freedom of the helping the head of the prison,
and then he took everything, evidence from the head of the prison
what he was doing wrong, and he could walk away? It’s the same,
he’s stolen everything. He’s stolen from his Nation
and all he’s done is patent application. So we are dealing with a serial thief,
and serial killer. Now a pattern of killing family,
killing friends, poisoning scientist,
poisoning anything else which might come, shows a pathological liar,
which is one of the biggest thing made. Police officers tell me,
if he says, “Panama is a copy”, which we have a URL. It directly goes to
the Government of the Panama, What about the rest of it? So, investigation
by the Finance Ministry, exactly where he came
Economical finance of Belgium, on DL has started heavily, investigation on the murder
of the family members, and other scientist
through the same way, heart attack, heart problem,
he had a heart attack, and the fear of what we saw. So, we thank you Belgium citizens. We lived amongst you,
we have respect for you. But, now you see how, one by one of,
you were discredited, because the web site of the Keshe Foundation
was a lucrative path for him. We are asking,
for three bodies to be moved, and the remains to be tested
for different kind of poisons. We hope we can find them
after 30-40 years. We hope, we hope
that we can close this chapter. Do you remember the case of
the doctor in Manchester? Over 300 murders,
to get the money from pensioners. Not very long ago,
10 years ago. Now we deal with another
serial killer. Maybe, all this heavy writing in past year
the same we saw with Sterling, is “to get me,
I want somebody to capture me, I want somebody to show me,
I want to stop but I can’t.” That’s why we saw
Sterling making videos, and talking about it so openly,
about abuse and all sorts. He is crying out
to catch me. “I’m still free, you see
you haven’t caught me.” This is his own writing. This gave the police and the rest
incentive to go further, and at the same time, public is providing
us with a lot of information about him, his affairs and how
some women have disappeared, and the children have disappeared. We would like to know
the name of the ladies, go get’s. And, believe or not,
what we told you about, the bodies buried
in Knokke, last week. He’s taken pictures. Guess where she lives? Knokke,
Knokke-Heist. It’s the beach fronts. It’s where if you go, children,
youngsters, can be picked up freely, and can be disposed of freely. If you look on the map of Belgium. You see Knokke-Heist
and Knokke. It’s a tourist, busy,
no body suspects. You can pick up anything
and then you take a picture. So, we thank you Belgium citizens,
please enlighten us more, because, whatever you give us,
goes back to the police. Now we know the gentleman,
who says, “made a lot of money”
out of Cubicly being happy. He has stolen from another man, intimidated him, being
a man of power at the Ministry. That he, most probably gonna
get the guy for this and that. Not giving, he poisoned him. He didn’t die being young. So, and is will be published. We don’t accuse,
it’s in the newspaper. Published
by another inventer who he intimidated
but he could not steal from. It’s in…… Belgian newspapers. He escaped with it, they brought it out,
but he escaped. Because he was
as he said, very “highly influential person
at the Ministry of Finance.” But, if you can kill, your own blood,
you can kill anybody. You remember
when we release information about Sterling raping his own
two children and he walked out. This guy will not,
because it’s a lot to lose. We are asking,
more or less a lot of people, we came across in past 30 years,
for remains to be tested. We are not making any accusation
as we said last week to you. “We deliver the Panama bank account,
Luxembourg, and the rest with it.” Very clearly we said,
“it’ll be done”, and it’s done. Our supporters are hacking it
and taking it in with him trying to see how he’s doing such a huge, huge, huge murders,
stealing, and he’s getting away with it. The prosecutors in Belgium,
at the moment, want to stop. Because they don’t know
if you open; How many bodies
we’re going to take? How many bodies
we have to exhume? How many places
we have to look for? Do not forget,
he works on the coastline. Antwerp to Knokke-Heist. It’s a long road. And on that line,
you can bury a lot of bodies. If you had no mercy on your own
giver of life, how can you have
mercy on the others? The family have
had concern for years. They are reading it. They are following the Foundation work
and they are releasing. Belgiums are following the work. Our Security’s following
the pattern of his work. This is the worse kind of mankind
we could ever call. There is no kind
in this, but evilness. Now you know why he’s been reading,
and writing, and talking so much. And they go together. If you look at Sylvester, what the Security has released
on the website, shows he claims to have a patent
for nano-materials or whatever, when he was interviewed,
when he came for a job. And we found out,
it’s stolen from another man. So they are all the same. They work the same. All has been released on
factsaboutdirk by the Securities. Do not forget, everything you see on
Security, is shared by the 4, 5 police, what do you call it…Forces,
National Forces. It’s not anymore,
just what you read. They are there, they are monitoring,
they are finding out; How, he has managed to get away
with so many murders? If you can kill the creator of you,
how can you have mercy on the others? He has intimidated
we could not understand. He always bragged about being a high-level
person at Ministry of the Economy. But one piece
of the story was not told. As a top level officer, he had access to
all the patents at the basement, all the Patent Application forms. So you and I
after work go home, the gentleman goes
in the basement, stealing patents. Cubed.
Happily cubed. And, how can he be the
highest patent application submitter? Yes of course,
you have access to the bank of it. And there is a rumors
by the Belgians, that there is still somebody in that
basement who’s given him what he wants. And that’s why he’s coming up
with different patents. Man has no intelligence. And as it was said by Defossé ”one day you are an expert in cosmology,
the next day you are an expert in medicine” Now we know why. The experts have written,
put it as a patent, it’s very easy,
you have access to it, you steal. So, there is inquiry starting
in the Ministry for Economy, that now,
he’s not safe even to give patents
to the Patent Office in Belgium. Because, we’ve seen another man,
whose is on the same track, and has become the head of one of the
biggest Space Organizations in the World. So, I thank you
as member of the public. You are Belgium’s,
you can read it. Their documents I’ve beeng told
by the securities, in respect to the
Cube by From will be released in the coming time,
that you can check. We do not talk out of line.
We talk very correct. Because, we stand our evidence. There is no accusation that,
he has had access to basements, the center of the patents,
and it’s in Antwerp Gazet. This brought us to look. There is a fantastic reading,
if you want, it can be read. The reading of it is very simple. What it says,
I read you a chapter of it. This is a public Press… Paper,
we are not making it up. That, he has access to everything. He’s stolen the, what he calls,
his “famous invention”. It’s not his invention.
The guy hasn’t invented a peanut. He’s stolen it. From, a hard working
scientist, who has many patents his patents have
all been approved. So, he knew where to look,
whatever this guy puts in, From, he can steal it. In 1981, during the episode
on Universiade de Flandres In 1981, he worked at the
Ministry of Economic Affairs. When would, a Brussels resident
has a patent a few years later. So, he had access to all of it. Now we know, the man with the most patent is the
biggest thief on the scene of the patent. DL…
DL exposed. DL …
the police on it’s way to you. Because, now we found another man
dying of heart problem, after long time, because you poisoned him. The same as you did with me. The same as you did it with Sloot. The same as,
you most probably done, with some of your own blood,
Belgians. The bodies is going
to start turning up. And you said,
“I’m still free.” This was the biggest mistake.
was writing this, the police is on it. “I’m still free”
means you haven’t caught yet. This is your own writing,
in past two weeks, on facts about Keshe. And as we’ve seen, the Securities
have released all the data, and more will be
released about Sylvester. Stealing the letter, the emails
from the Knight’s of Malta, and they’re hoping that he’ll be caught
by the policeman when he goes back, because he accused them of murdering. You don’t accuse an organization
of murdering you and you take refuge with the other ones. And even in the letter he say’s… they have no contact with Masons,
but this is not the pattern of the Masons. And so, we see criminals
working together. Sorry to be like this
but we saved… I was explaining to Armen,
this morning… he said, “You are putting
a lot of effort into this.” I said, “Yes, I’ve made a promise.” “I’ve made a promise to the Soul
of Fabio, and now we get him.” But, I said to him something very simple,
I said, “You know something?
We’ve got Sterling into prison for life. I don’t care how many people,
which we don’t know, he’s damaged. Raped, according to him,
he raped two of his own daughters. Just imagine… the child, his own daughter,
now goes to sleep knowing that… dad cannot touch her anymore. The child can live in Peace. And we see the same thing with DL. You were all puzzled, the biggest
submitter of applications. None has been approved
as long as they can tell us. Show! He most probably come up
with something somewhere. You can put application anywhere. Any of you can! I opened mine immediately,
in the hand, because it served Humanity. He intimidated the patent owner. Poisoned him. Doesn’t die,
heart problem. He died later on of the heart problem,
same problem he was poisoned by. And, copyrighted. He does not have a patent and nothing… but intimidation,
murder and serial murder. A serial killer. When you don’t have mercy
on your own Creator… how can you have mercy on others, who
are created Peacefully by other bunch’s. We are dealing with a habitual,
as he calls himself, a ‘liar’. Now, a murderer. Many cases. Please sue us, please
bring the case to the court. You challenge us with a logo. We sent you a 360,000 per month bill
which you are not paying. Using us to promote your work. Challenge the Keshe Foundation. I’m meeting with the Securities and the
police. How we are going to bring you in? Now we are going to exhume
three bodies. Maybe more? And, one victim,
he had to pretend. “I love her”,
but, it was no love. It’s the fear of what she might talk,
how she was put, to be killed. The wife of a very famous dentist. Intimidation and abuse. And she managed to
shackle them off, after years. That’s why the wife divorced him. Because… would you like to see what happened,
the tree with the car wrapping around? Murder, disguised in accident. Attempted murder,
disguised in an accident. So, you’ve got to understand,
why we speak about this man. Because, he got
too close to the Foundation. And he set up, my murder,
attempted murder, my wife. And he managed to kill Fabio. We have found a link between him
and Eastern Bloc Albania. If it’s not released by the Securities,
it’ll be released soon. We don’t fabricate, we don’t copy. We release directly. We are working very close
with prosecutors in Belgium. We are working very close.
This is a huge case. This is not something… They say, “We know
where he is, he can’t move.” “We are watching him 24 hours a day.
He can’t go anywhere.” They are not using, even
Belgian police force to watch him… that he can be bribed
by the higher order through… the other sides
he is connected to. He is monitored by
European police section. Because the… His murders
has crossed three borders. Holland, Belgium, Italy. We think there are numbers
in Germany. There is a discussion to inform
German police to open files. So, why we do this? Because his work,
has damaged the Foundations… trust in each other.
Because that’s how they work By creating mistrust,
we go forward. The newspapers in Africa
will release his name… and the warrant for his arrest
to be issued… for the child trafficking. They are working on it. We had meeting
with the news and the Government. They have found how he’s the center
of trafficking children. How it’s done. They could not see it. Once we showed
them they start working on it. They said, “We’ve seen it!
We couldn’t understand.” And it’s done by white girls, mainly Belgian, in orphanages. We release the newspaper cuttings, and the newspaper,
when it’s released, in public. These are the newspapers which… Sylvester and the team
have been pressurizing. When they start pressurizing
they said something’s wrong… because these people are
serving the Nation, they started digging. What it is that they have to lose,
that they have to hide like this? So, now you understand… The Korean Government, is onto
Sylvester, in a very heavy way. We are meeting with officials. They are getting delivery of the information
on a continuous basis. Whatever we gather. There is a track record with all the
people who come in the past 18 months. Since we opened
the door of Sterling… People we saw child trafficking
through orphanages. They all have connection with working
with a orphanage. Because that is where
their master pays them. How many children
can they traffic? You saw the women who
turned up, supporting. You saw Kumaran turned up. You saw the two …
what you call it, people who are around him all the time. They all have connection. Even the black man,
who came to assassinate us. While Sylvester was sitting in a theatre,
lecture theatre has a connection
with a orphanage. Very strange, in the Caribbean’s. There collecting children from all over
the World for their master. And look, they all
end up in Singapore. The Government of Singapore,
has start looking and start shutting their companies
in Singapore. Because, they know
now they’re on track. They are trying to shut as fast
as they can, before they get caught. Don’t forget, they pay
people to buy, to intimidate. One of the Keshe Foundation directors,
in China… was offered $100,000 to silence. That they could patent the Casmir
in China, nobody knows. But he did not sell
the Keshe Foundation out.. $100,000 So we know the pattern,
kill, intimidate. If you can’t disgrace,
then you can steal. So… We are scientific, teaching. But, these criminals on the back
of our teaching are gathering children. We have found
a new website which… with his own face, he asks and he sets up…
children Internet. It’s on DL’s website. Securities, if they haven’t released it,
they will release it for you. So, it shows a pattern. We showed how they were looking for
six-year-old girls, blondes, put them on the belly, last time. Now we have found another one.
It’s owned by DL. And funny enough, the page
which asks for children Internet… when you click on it, ends up
in a porn magazine, in a porn website. Securities will release it. We are not releasing [inaudible]. But it shows when a child
pleases to go on the Internet… to see a child Internet,
ends up in porno. Which means, “in this section,
we have children you can watch.” The domain is owned by DL. The domain is registered and owned by DL. It tells you child Internet. You click on it, it takes you
to a porn section. So, we see the pattern of the work. Why the children
need to go to a porn page? A porno should not be
for children’s Internet. Security, please release this,
and we understand the pattern. His picture, actually,
his face, is on the page, on that page, and the
child plays Internet, for Children. You click on it! We’ve been told, and we’ve been shown,
the page where he puts it there. So, when we said, “He was after children,
and all that” now you see him. That time, he used his children,
this time, it’s his own face on the page, on the web page,
and a child being happy. It’s actually, the man who’s happy,
it’s him, who’s got another children. And the ones who go and see what’s the
Internet, most probably pedophiles. We are all familiar with the
story going on about Pizzas, I wonder if they give them? Most probably,
most probably spaghetti. So, why we have to do this? Is to protect the Foundation. The damage, which they think they’ve done,
but they served us very well. And, it’s time, for murderer of your own
blood, to end up in your own blood. We force, we force, through
International Police forces, for taking the bodies out. Testing, to see if, and how,
any, after so many years, of the remains, we can find,
common denominator trace of poison. We know it’s arsenic,
we know it’s been given. You can give it to your mother,
in the small dosages, without her knowing, she dies, of the diseases,
nobody knows. That’s how they gave it to me. They laced, with John,
the papers in the Teaching room As I… Those days, we didn’t
have these writing pads, as I was Teaching
under the camera, taking page by page,
I was poisoning myself. This is what the Italian police have
found out, pages being poisoned. And then, they gave me
a soup to finish. He, helping to write the book,
the first time, in the pictures of it, and correcting, how pictures going to be,
he gave me poison. And the last chalice,
which I was supposed to take, the stupid guy drank himself,
and he had a heart attack. How come everybody round
him have a heart attack? Everybody dies of heart failure! This time, the murderer drank
his own chalice of poison, by mistake. And then, he took a picture, because
he knew, he’s got the book now, he could show to his Master’s,
I know what is written. Because, that time nobody
knew we were writing a book, we were not in public,
that’s a way. So, he could claim the book
to be his, the technology is his. Now you understand,
why poisoning, he could claim everything. But, unfortunately,
he ended up in hospital, and while he was in hospital,
we managed to publish the book. Please, Belgian public, you read your
own language, you are helping us, you’re sending us a lot of information. We thank Laureyssens family, for the
information, you are downloading to us. I respect you, the integrity
of what you’re doing. And, I thank, many of Belgians, who are
delivering huge amount of information. Like, not knowing why he was
kicked out of Ministry of Finance? The same as, remember,
Sylvester, “I left because they wanted money
from me, and they wanted to kill me.” “I left Ministry,
to do the Cubically Cubed,” but, in fact, he was kicked out,
because he stole the ‘Cubes’. And then,
thinking he’s become very rich, opening beforehand, Panama accounts,
companies, and the rest. I’ve said many times, “Shame on you,
to be on this planet, DL” Now, we know,
how you killed another man. My respect goes to his family, the same as we are collaborating with
the Sloot’s family, now with the police. We will start, the resumption
of bringing, and, in a way, showing the pattern,
when and how, he stole from the basement of the Ministry
or from the storage’s of Ministry. He must have been monitoring
every single patent, which was coming in, he’s a thief by habit. We see it, ‘Compression’ out of nowhere,
now Mr Defossé, we got your answer, ‘How come he’s one day this,
and the other day,’ because he’s got access,
through a Ministry. Don’t forget, he’s still paying
people off, in the Ministries, to give him whatever comes in,
the latest. That’s why you can. How many
of you can come with so many, so many patents,
of different subjects? Unless, you have access
to the vault. When you have the key,
to the museum of the cars, you choose,
which car you want to take. When you have access, as Head of
the Section, what do they do? They cannot sack him, in a way of public
way? Because, then nobody gives patent, because these are stealing, in our
place, where we give it, to be stolen. So, they got rid of him! It’s there, read it, newspaper of Gazette
of Antwerp, he lives in Antwerp, it’s a Antwerpian, who has opened him,
as a thief, and who owns the patent. The patents will be released, by Security,
of the man who actually owns it. He has no patent,
he’s just copied, then says, “I have a copyright”,
intimidation and killing. So, please,
our Belgian readers, please search more,
and bring us more. Because, it’s getting to the point,
that this man has to be stopped, before he kills more. Read about, go on the Internet,
open the Internet, and on the other hand,
read, what goes under, many, many, many, many,
things he has registered. He has now, he’s registered,
for a talking, Internet blue for children, that they can, and it’s again, stealing from one
of the biggest toy manufacturers. It is very interesting,
how a man who came, to destroy, he was begging to get me,
“I’m still free.” Nobody has managed,
we saw that with Sterling. Strange enough,
go on the Internet, and look at
Global Crystal Network. Again, Albanian connection,
with the death of Fabio, We were wondering how they
have managed to get in there? Crystal Network Global Enterprise now you see, how we have
found the connection of it, registered name DL
organization, his name. And,
very interesting, how he has been at this business,
killing people, killing patents. Now, when he says,
“I’m a patent writers.” Yes, what you’ve stolen, from
the basement’s of Ministry, you have pretended
to be the owner. Now, we are asking
the Ministry of Economic Affair, to open the books
of this gentleman. Because, it has to be opened, it doesn’t
matter, how much they want to hide, how much they want to protect the Nation.
That you can submit new ideas, and trying to,
in a way, stop this mayhem,
which he has started. I read it for you, once it’s on the
Internet, from the Antwerp, it says, “The Antwerp Public Prosecutor
complaint, has been against the inventor of the popular game
Cubically Happy. The complaint is itself
an inventor, claims that the inventor
of the diridim, DL is an elderly
born Brussel man. DL accused,
is accused of a scams to take the invention of this gentleman. And, they give you. This is what is in the public domain, and it’s part of a newspaper,
and you see it there. There is a Prosecutor complaint,
he intimidated, and through his connection the way they do with the Prosecutor’s
in Kortrijk pressurized, they are well
organized people. They made a lot of money
out of being ‘Happily Cubed.’ Now, please, Securities,
release the facts about this little murderer, the biggest criminal Belgium has seen. Most probably, by the time they
finish with it, it’ll bypass Dutroux. Very interesting,
very, very interesting. I think we can do something, I am going to show to release,
because it is a publication, in the Press. Do we need to
bring ourselves down? And, it goes back, that the pack,
go on the, on the Facts about him, and read the paper,
find the paper, you are Belgians, and find out how the owner of the patent
suddenly had a heart problem, and suddenly, after a while, died of,
because of the same heart problem. This is absolute madness how the Belgians have allowed this
man to go and patent application. Application, because he knew he’s stolen,
he’ll never be given, this is how it works. That’s why he went to America, and he
lost the case because he had no case. He was pretending a copyright, because
he could not deliver the reality of it. We are receiving so much information,
from every direction. We are receiving vast amount of
information, from every direction. There are other things, which is sitting
in the background, with the same man, and the people
who he’s associated with. You will hear from us,
about Rothschild group, very soon. We always kept,
till we had, we can, we deliver,
we possess. What we possess, in information,
is shared with you. As I said,
“We spend a lot of time, but if we can stop one more
inventor around the World, one more scientist
around the World, freely sharing his knowledge,
without being intimidated and killed, we have served the Humanity.” The father has a child, and a family. You have to see, and talk,
to the son of Mr Sloot, in his 30’s, he still
hasn’t come to understand, how he was in the room,
when the poison was given to his father, and he died the next day. Effects him a lifetime, he has no
confidence in living, he’s in hospital. They don’t destroy a patent, they destroy
life of people, and this is what he’s done. If you can poison, slowly,
your own blood to die, what has given you life, nobody else matters. And then, you call it a cancer,
or you call it something else. Murders are piling up on DL. In a way, he asked us, “Please catch me,
I’m getting tired of not being caught, I give you a chip up. All these writings
rubbish about Keshe Foundation, was, “Catch me if you can.” Now we caught you,
you’re touched. We release so much information,
all the facts about him, is read continuously, by the
police forces around the World. Because,
now they’re all looking, any country he’s travelled to, he has left a trail of murders, and
that’s what they want to know. He was a frequent visitor to America. The group, which captured Sterling,
are working on him to see how places,
which places, and what children went missing,
the day he was there. It’s huge!
We have, thanks to all of you, I sincerely thank
the Security Team, I sincerely thank the Belgian public, who
have start feeding us with information. I thank, who could have never known,
we could never imagine, member of his own family
listen to these Teaching’s, and they could not understand,
how is this possible, and they are
feeding us information. How members of the public,
has start digging around this organization of him
with children. When you see a website,
we never talk out of line. Securities please release the website,
where he’s on top of the page, the same as he was with the Belgium
politician, with his picture on it, and down below,
network for children. And when you click on it,
ends up in a porn, website. Porno absolute beyond,
and most probably beyond it, if you have a right password,
children are there too. Web site registered, in the name,
started in the name of DL. Now you understand, we’ll give you more,
we have to spend time we’re spending huge amount of resources,
we are spending a lot of time. Now we found a serial murderer,
a serial child abuser, don’t forget, a policeman told me
something very, very seriously, in the past few hours, about
24 hours – 48 hours. He said,
“You know his lover in Knokke?” her name is,
some of you know, was to be killed. It was an accident that…
“I happened to be there, I was following you to make sure,
that she is dead.” but she survived a horrendous accident. And then, the husband divorced her. And then, it was on the hand of DL. And then, if you have managed to poison
to kill your own blood, “why not”, but this time the wife found out,
he was put on the street. What are you doing two o’clock in the morning,
with a woman down the street in Knokke, in whatever area? That’s where the body was found, to get
disposed of, nobody was there to see. Their tracks could be covered,
most probably he spoke to her about how he killed others
and how he patents things. So, we close with this,
but we don’t finish with this. Because now we know he’s
killed another, another inventor. We know it’s in publication in newspapers,
prosecutors went for him but they didn’t have
enough evidence to get him, now we have plenty of evidence. We are going back to the
same prosecutor to open the case. Now we know he’s killed more. We are going back,
we are encouraging the prosecutors, in around the World,
to start bringing DL in. Very soon somebody will issue the full,
but the thing is it’s so horrendous they dont even know
where to start. When you can kill your own blood,
you can kill anybody. Thank you very much for listening.
Please Belgium public, look into all the affairs of DL, how he
became to become part of the Ministry and such a
high level at a young age. Who is promoted him, to the high level that
he could do everything and get away with it? And who’s still giving him information
from the latest patents, that he is submitting one after another
in subjects he has no idea about? When he kills or intimidates. Thank you very much,
sorry to be a bearer of very good news. We’re getting one of the biggest serial
murderers, out of the scene in Antwerp. and I’m telling you ‘Sir’, you are
watched by highly Security services. All around you, because
you have touched people in Italy, in Holland, in Belgium,
in United States, in Singapore sorry in Sierra Leone,
in Singapore, in Australia. Because there are some murders
connected with this in other countries. So… ‘Sir’, you’re touched,
you cried to us to catch you, you wrote, “I’m still free.” Now, count
your days of freedom. We go back to the teaching. We taught
in the past few weeks, how you can transfer Emotion into
direction of the Soul. Or, Emotion to
the direction of physicality. How do we control the Emotion,
that can react and interact with physicality that, the change in physicality
can be instantaneous? You got to remember one principle, and this is the principle of the transformation,
and transfer of physical conducts of Plasma. The Source does
not change that much. The Sun… the strength of the Sun,
more or less in billions of years, is still the same, in the
Plasma structure of the Solar System. Is a distance and the strength
of the fields in the path of the gravitational-magnetic
field from the Sun, which dictates the manifestation
of the reality of the entity, like Earth, Jupiter,
Saturn and the rest. So, what we come to understand,
is the filtering of the strength, which gives you the end product. So, if you understand this, you understand
that the Emotion is the filter. Is understanding the operation
of the filter, which is your emotion, which will give you the finger, the toe,
the hight, the color and the size. Or, accepting higher temperature,
higher pressures and the rest. So, what we have to learn,
from now on is; How do we use
these filters? How do we use
our emotion as filter, that with it, we can change
our physical manifestation according to the environment
which will come? Because, we can not
change the Soul. The Soul is the giver,
is the beginning to the end is equal in every dimension. If the filtering of fields
of the sun are blocked in one side we see reduction in the heat
which comes to Earth. Or, if is a massive explosion, what is
in our direction, we get the vast of it. I explained this
in the teaching, long time ago. I said, “Do you know,
they call these Solar flares” and then we get whacked with it, and we have our Internet,
and Canadian, what you call, ‘electricities’, the famous one,
which got hit years ago, It’s the same as a stroke. When the energy comes and the
physicality and the emotion cannot handle it, it damages the physicality,
you get everything which comes, a paralysis and the rest. So, there is a similarity
in the work of the Universe. If we don’t understand
the work of our brain, we understand now, that our Soul
is not, “something sits in somewhere”, but the Creator of our physicality
what we have chosen to call ‘Soul’, according to the filters put across it,
by the physical structure, of reducing the
strength of the Source, ends up in the operation
and creation of the brain. Where, in interaction
with the environment, ends up with the physicality of the Man,
in controlled and the direction, to what you call, the
‘physical part’ of the brain. If you understood
what i just explained, is very simple. We have to understand,
how we can control our Emotion that can lead to the rapid change of the
physicality, according to the atmosphere. So what does this mean? You go to a very high density environment,
gravitational-magnetic field. With the structure of your body now, with the brain, it not
being in control of Emotion, you get dissolved
in the higher strength. But now, if you understood,
and you can control your Emotion, that you can immediately go to the
higher strength and absorb less in the structure
of the brain, energies. Then, you become parallel
with the environment, and your body takes the structure of
its environment, that it can stay alive. Let me explain to you,
if it’s hard to understand. You know you get hurt,
you get afraid? You start sweating. You start wrenching. You start’s changing
your color of your face. Now you have
to go a step further. We have done it,
it’s been a part of us. We know how to do it, but, because of the condition
of the atmosphere of this Planet, we never had to practise it. The way, when you get shy,
you go red, because the Emotion
affects the physicality, in receiving so much
energy from the Soul. That manifests itself in different color. We know, Man has
within his structure, if he doesn’t want something, he can even,
through the Emotion, dictate the cutting, amputation of a limb
or part of the body. We do it so perfectly,
that we call it ‘Psychosomatic’, What is psychosomatic? ‘Psycho’ – emotion. We are the same
position with this, as we were
with the Chinese wok. Making nano-coating and
eating GaNS for Centuries, but we never understood. Now, we have to understand these process,
that we are Master in it We…
it’s part of us. The reaction of the Soul
of the Man is the same. You go to China, over millions of years
thousands of years, it changes a black man
to a China man. because the
Emotion has to stand. You get a black skin, coming
from East Central Coast of Africa going to Siberia, becoming the most beautiful skin of white
and blond hair, and blue eyes. You put the same man
coming on Africa, according to skin, and
the condition of the environment, becomes Norwegian, Austrian,
blond, different structure. You put him back in the same structure,
you send him to South America he becomes a different Man,
according to the environment. It’s the environment
which’s changed the Man, according to the
Emotion of the survival. You send him back into spans
of Australia, we get Aborigines. Now, we understand the process. We understand it’s the Emotion,
which in respect to the environment gives the physicality and
appearance of physicality. But in Space we don’t have the time,
waiting 10,000 years for the change, the condition of
the environment outside, dictates the transformation
of the reduction or strength in the filtering of
the fields of the Soul, that the filtering allows the
manifestation of new entity as we wish, to be able to live in the environment
we have arrived in, for us to become the balancer
and in that environment, which dictates the condition
of the appearance. This is important. Then you see, in Space you do
not need no Spacesuit. We already wear a Spacesuit,
called the skin of the man. It’s the best Spacesuit
you can ever come. Regenerates itself,
changes from color, makes different condition
of the presentation, if you get shy,
if you get angry. It grows fingers,
if you need to be, shortens you if the environment
dictates. Now this mini trial of the Man,
for thousands of years on this Planet is going to be open to the bigger
trial in the span of the Universe. This is the Truth about
the Spaceship Program. This is the Truth about how Man
will go into Space. Now,that we understand
the science of Space Technology, we understand the essence of the Creation,
through the work of the Plasma. I was with a journalist,
couple of days ago, and I said to him
“What’s your problem? Why do you think you cannot fly
from Accra into Space?” We’ll show you the banner
of the Keshe Foundation, which is going up,
most probably, next 48 hours, on the site of
the land we’re building and the site of the
University building we have taken. It’s very easy in the centre set,
“Fly to Space from Accra.” They laugh, and when we explain to them
in a simple way, they say, “Now we become the leader,
better than the Americans.” I said, “Why not? We learn with them
they are brothers. We work, they made the steps for us to be
able, to be able to do something else.” With the Space Technology with
the Spaceship Program, I’ll bring the Nations
to become One. That’s the ultimate goal. Because, like this we teach freely. All these teachings, which you’ve been
listening to past few years, especially since Christmas,
that we start opening, into the direction of the
Space Technology, will be repeated across this Planet
many billions of time. You go to courses,
how you go into a box. And, then you decide,
how to change your presentation according to the pressure,
field-strength and the condition, and flow of the magnetic fields that
you start learning how to mutate. To you, these things now,
is beyond your imagination. In 5 or 10 years time
you’ll speak about it. That, the Man has
been in Space for lifetime. I always said many times. When I was in
Tehran a guy said, came from Moscow and he said,
“They have a metal thing flies.” They said, “Crazy man!
How can a metal thing fly?” He said, “Yes they have it.
It goes in the air and they carry people in it.” And they laughed at him he
became a ‘crazy man’. Less than five years later they had
their first, Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. And they said, “My god!
The guy wasn’t crazy, he saw the future.” In five or ten years time, the way
we see the leaders in this technology, now they merge with the World scientist
in the Space Programs, will bring this to a normality
like computers, we’ll just walk into it, The understanding of the
operation of the Soul of the Man, in the filtering of the Emotion
by the brain of the Man, will dictate, how much the
structure of the brain we change and we become the chameleon of Space,
like the rest of the Universal Community. We’ll understand
the essence of Creation. We understand
the way they created, according to the Space
and the dimension they are in. And, if you can find similarities in the
strength we keep part of what we are, we change part,
to fit into the environment, and we become
the passengers of the Universe. The work of the Universal Council,
which I left them free. The same with the World Council,
I left them free. I don’t interfere deliberately
with none of them, because they have to find their way. It’s the job of the six members
of the World Council, to get together. You don’t need me, I do not set the standard,
I do not come and interfere. I just sit and I say,
“When are these six gonna sit down, and start making the Conditions, that their Wishes,
become the Wish of Humanity.” I haven’t heard any meeting. Your Excellency’s,
you’re failing Humanity. It’s your job, all six of you,
to start and set it. Your Wish
will be the Wish of Humanity. We have chosen the
most beautiful Souls on this Planet, to be the members
of the World Council. I never call for a meeting
for World Council, but, if you ask I’ll try
to attend, to enlighten. I do not take part in the
Universal Council meetings. Because, they have to learn themselves
not for me to set up guidance. They have to learn how to be the filter
between the Universal Council, and Universal Community,
and Humanity. And it’s the
job of the World Council. You six Excellency’s
are not doing your jobs. You have to set, and issue your Wishes,
that the Humanity takes the course. Because, now you know,
you are the filters between the two sides. It is for Universal Council in the meeting
which is coming up in Rome. Together, they set
the course for Humanity. The conditions for it,
and it’ll be done. The World Council,
your Excellency’s, cannot be by name. Has to be through
the effort of your Souls. Gather together and make decisions,
you’ve been given the power. The core members, the 14 members of
the core members, Souls are with you. We support, do not interfere. You saw in the last World Council in Rome. There were 4 or 5 of us from the World,
what you call it, the ‘Core Team’. We are there to facilitate. You’ve seen Sandor,
relentlessly being there to protect. But the Soul is there to support
the Council, you saw Brett. We appear in physicality,
but our Soul is there to support. You get support
from the Soul of Mankind. We give you the support from
the Universal Councils Soul. Understand the structure. You are filters
of the knowledge the same as the filters of the Emotions
with the physicality of the Man. You are filters,
you are the instruments of Man, receiving what it needs,
to grow into Universal Community. [background noise] This is the job of…
Somebody’s microphone? This is the job of you
members of Universal Council. You are the Emotional part, where the
other side is the Soul of the Universe. And it’s for you to structure the Man
to be ready to become part. We don’t ask you
to issue commands. We ask you to bring the
Wish of Humanity to become Peaceful. That’s why we don’t see
salvage. Because the arms of the structure,
have not managed, even talk to each other. How can you run a factory,
when there is no management. Understand the structure of your body. Understand in the Deep Space,
how you interact, use the emotion not to change
your colour to red, or change your body to cringe. But, you learn how to use different
strengths of the environment, to change the structure of
the controlling part, you call the ‘Brain’ to filter different strength that immediately, instantaneously,
the physicality follows. This is the Secret of Creation in Space. This is the way the Man will be. You know you go to schools,
driving schools now, you go to diving schools now,
to learn how to swim and how to drive. You go to classes to learn
how to work with computer. In a short time coming, there will be so many schools,
how to convert your Soul to physicality. And they make tanks,
and they make fields, and you want to see how is on the
Planet G69 whatever … you have 20 arms and 16 legs and
how you can do it instantaneously. Because, now they feel the environment, to be the environment
of the Planet 6G whatever. So, in that environment,
you learn how to react fast. You go now, they choose a very few
to go in tanks to become astronauts, and cosmonauts for 7 years,
to how to change a screw? Within a few hours, you learn how
to change, according to the environment. You cannot change under
atmospheric condition of the Earth, because this is the condition
you are supposed to be. You got to learn something,
if it’s very hard for you to understand, Why do we see so many people
of the Universal Community in the shape of the Man? When we see them, when we
detect them, when we video them? Because, the condition of this Planet
enforces this physicality, that you can walk, you can stand,
you can have, absorb enough energy,
through the hairs and the fingers. This become yours,
they don’t change to us. The environment of the gravitational-
magnetic field of this Planet, in this part of the Solar System,
in this Galaxy, dictates … two kidneys,
one liver and the rest of it. Now you understand the Truth
about the Creation of the Man. And, the Creation
of the Universal Entities. If you become good at it, you can flick
from one environment to another. Today, you have two hands,
the next second you have 14, you don’t need no legs,
because the hand is good enough. You’re a monkey, you can jump
higher trees and the way it is there. Now you understand where
you are taking the Mankind. Now you understand how
the teaching has to be. Now you understand how the Man
will set the course for the incoming and upcoming time
with the Space Technology. But, this time, it’ll be
equal amongst everyone. And, everyone, in every Nation
will be taught the same. As we are,
done with our teaching. We have set the standard. We have set the trend in
past 3 or 4 years. Freely teaching. It’s you who decides, you want a GaNS
of Zinc, or if you want to have Copper. As the Doctor asked, “Can I… how? what can I do? what
does the GaNS of Gold does?” Try to move to the understanding of the
filtering of the strength of the Soul, that gives you the manifestation
of the physicality. Why, when you get afraid,
you get short of breath? What emotion-strength filters that
allowed so much to go through the Soul to the physicality,
in such a rapid way? You cannot change here. Wherever you go, is the same. But, as I said in the teachings
of past couple of weeks, “Man has never dared to jump into
Space without the clothes, Spacesuit” We don’t need it,
we have the best Spacesuit. It’s the Soul of the Man. And if you know how to filter it, you have and wear a jacket …
according to the environment you arrive. You go on the beach,
you go with the swimwear. You go in the North Pole,
you go with a jacket and fur coats. This is the physicality
of condition of Matter-State. Now, when you go into
the condition of the Plasma, it becomes the same,
but this time, you change. But the only thing you will see, is that you will not be able to
wear clothes with you. The Man’s body will be his Soul
and his sense of Creation. When you come to Space, you’ll come
across something very interesting. In many races, the gender does not
exist, and you cannot tell the difference except when they have decided to be. So, the shame of the Man to show his
reproduction organ and the breast does not exist, because you decide,
internally, what you want to be. So, we look all the same.
There is nothing to hide. The frock of the disguise of the Man wearing fancy clothes, but nothing
inside the brain, will change. Because what you carry,
is what you show. Is the nakedness
of the Soul of the Man. And this is what a lot of you
are gonna have a problem with. We don’t preach. We teach. We
enlighten that you can start exercising. Do not try to see if I can grow my finger.
It will not happen! It’ll take the time, because the
environmental balance is not there. Make yourself a fish tank of different
strength and walk in it and see how you can change. You put your hand in,
your finger grows, or some of the fingers disappear,
because that atmosphere dictates that. I’m going for a skiing holiday,
I take my skis, I take my jacket, I take my ski hat and everything else. So, what is going to be? What are we going to do? In Space, the Plasma field will dissolve
the field-strength of the jacket. The skiboard with the wood or metal,
has no dimension, it will not exist. You stand naked. So, the way you stand naked,
shows the operation of your Souls, in a way, shows the filtering you’ve
done, to be in that manifestation. The Man of Space see the light of
the Soul of the Man, not the physicality of the Man because the physicality, at the end,
is subjected to the environment. And, it will be the
same with the Man. You become an expert in seeing things. Where you see there is no animosity, where you see there is no need to fight
because it’s there. You want this, it’s yours. You want part of my Soul because you
want to taste how I taste? Have it. Because, I create the field
for you to feel how I feel. I give it to you freely. The strange thing is,
our Soul has been doing this, from the time of inception of the Soul,
but has never made it open to the Mans’ in the manifestation
of physicality of this Earth because the atmospheric condition
position of this Planet, in this Galaxy, in this Solar System, in this Planet,
dictates, for it to be this way. Please, start testing. Please, start making Cubes. Ali, in Canada, started. And he went
the wrong way in the development. And that, put us somewhere away. We saw with Jacky, going in that course,
but being in 2 dimensions of the Earth atmospheric and the condition was
created, there were things touched. I referred to some people, like Farhad
a few weeks ago, or regarding Richard, that they are doing some things
in different ways. Because we have to set. It’s for them to learn. It’s not for you
to boycott and torture them. You want me to tell you how
you others are doing things, which is not the correct way. When we speak about people, they
learned, they have corrected it their way. It’s not to become anti and against. It’s for them. We don’t go in the back
and do things in the front that they teach you more
and they learn more. We have to be open
to be able to learn. Not taking a word, and boycotting
and going there the other way. You don’t go to the workshops
to become. You go to the workshops to give. What I give, is what I learned,
and when you give, you learn more. We’ve seen the German group,
trying to boycott Farhad because Keshe said this… Yes, they do things differently than we
thought, they learned, and they improved. We don’t do things in the background, It’s the same with Richard,
he writes to me: “Do you know what you said people?” There is no… the openness as we praise
the way, what he learned from it. That now it’s for you, actually to go
to them more to say: “Now you know what it is correct way,
show us the correct way! ” Because they learned it. You, Humanity,
work totally opposite. Try to understand. And, you will be the next people
who make the next developments. The next structures, the next mistakes,
the next conditions. It’s you, who has to be
the pioneer of opening the doors. I tell you something. In a few years time,
blacksmith will not exist. The bread makers, what we used to live
and life was dependent on it… We will not touch bread,
we’ll have it in the museums. Because now, we can absorb the energy
we need according to our… “Would you like to take some
bread to the Planet Zeus?” It will not exist.
It’ll be nothing but energy gone. We will carry the memory of bread,
and the taste of it, because we have
it in our Amino Acid. Try, from now on, to create new
environmental conditions. Ali became good at it
but he lost his track, got pulled into the other
dimensions of whatever. And he’s working on it. We saw it with Jacky. It was beautiful work,
what was going on with Jacky. But you have
a problem in this condition. You got to remember: Once you leave the environment of
the creation of the zone you’ve done, you have to live the condition
of the atmospheric of this Planet. It’s not that you are any different. You are traveling between two Spaces. It’s you, to condition and understand. In the sea, I want to go deep,
I need the swim jacket or whatever, the diving masks
and the rest of it. It looks funny if you walk in McDonald’s
with a full swimming gear you’ve been diving with huh and you
say: [garbled sounds] Because, it’s the same. The condition
there, does not apply there. Because you are so physical,
you have not understood this. If you create the condition of the
field-strength of a given environment, and you stay in it,
you’ll behave that way. You experience new dimension of life, according to what you allow your filter,
which is your brain, to allow to manifest in physicality. You will have many schools. Nowadays you go, you learn this,
diving, you go driving school, you go walking school, computer school,
very soon all these shops will change. Planet Zeus condition, Planet Jeeps
condition, Planet so and so condition. I want to go for holiday to Planet Zeus
for three weeks. So, you go practicing. Till you learn that you don’t need
to go to these schools, because… Now you learn how to transform. You don’t have the fear of what’s gonna
happen to me when I get there. Because you convert.
You evolve into it. Because this is the way the life works. The fear of unknown, has been
the cause of this condition. As I said to you very recently, I spoke with one of the top guys
responsible for Mars mission by NASA. He’s a friend. He’s a very good friend. He is responsible for landing the
Man on Mars in next decades. He says to me, “Mehran, you are boycotted by NASA.
Nobody can speak to you.” I said, “How stupid. The most advanced man
in the Space Technology, is boycotted by the worse one?” “To show the, what you call, meager
understanding of Totality” That it puts shame on to them
or do we work together?” He says, “There is instruction in HQ
of NASA. Nobody can talk to you.” “Because it shows how stupid we are.
You are talking to advance.” Then we can’t speak,
we can’t show? You are different.” Very soon, NASA will not exist this way. They have to turn to start teaching us,
as Humanity, with their equipments they have, the finances sit within the
American Government Space Technology, Russian the same. To advance the Man from Space
into a Spaceship. And this is what you got to learn. We will make the swimming tanks of the condition, different
environments of the Universe. Not for a man to change a screw! Because you will
make the screw any time. It’ll come for the Man, that when you
put your hand, and you know, this is got to be something to connect
this to this, for me to have the comfort of the air conditioning, it’ll appear.
It’ll manifest. Because it’s your wish. You know, what it needs to be. You don’t need to make,
because the energy of the hands, gives manifestation to
the physicality of what is needed. I’ll speak to you in ten years time. And you will see.
“How did you know?” I’m the messenger of the Universe.
I can teach you everything. But you, as children of Man,
have to learn, to understand more. And take the shackles of ignorance,
in respect to the new knowledge, away from your eyes and your mind. You’ll walk through, like the rest of
the Universal Community. We are here to bring Peace to Man. We are here to deliver
the message of Universe. We are not here to enforce.
We are here to enlighten, to share knowledge, that we see you
as equal when you join us. “I am the beginning.
I am the end.” You got to understand
to get rid of the fear. There is no unknown. Is the lack of trying
to know what we know, how we can convert it, to our
own understanding and intelligence. You’ll be surprised, when a Man,
in the next few weeks and months, goes to Space, Or, when you create the condition
and you see the others, of other Universes, with us,
how easily you speak their language. Then we say, stupid us, we tried to learn
French, when we are speaking English. And we can’t even do it, and now we
understand the language of the Universe. Because the language of the Universe,
comes from the Soul of the Man. And every entity has a centre.
And it’s all the same. You have to understand
how to transfer the Emotion. From the tip of the finger, to the centre
of the brain where it sits. You have to understand
how fast you can change this. That, in a condition you’ve brought in,
it fits the environment. It never die. Man will never die in the Deep Space. Accidents will happen when
the field gets divided. You go through, what we call,
neutron division. But, as long as there are no accidents, the Man will survive the
Spans of Universe for millions of years, for thousands of years, according to
the Man, thousands years is a peanut! It’s a drop of a pin in the
life of the Universe. They say the Universe
is fourteen billion? You don’t even know how
many billion years. Happened, billion of years before,
billions of years by order of magnitude You don’t have the tools to see it,
you only see the Matter part. When it comes to the crumb, the Stars,
the Galaxies are nothing but the crumbs of the work of the Universe,
you never see. You never have the
intelligence at this one time. Till you go into Space,
and live like the Man of the Universe, to see the Truth about
the creation of the Universe. “I am the Creator and everything
and everything is transparent to all.” You will say to yourself, you create
yourself according to the environment. “I made myself in the shape of myself.” Not,
“I made Man in the shape of the Creator.” “I am the Creator, because my Soul,
creation of it’s energy, dictates how I manifest myself.” Teaching Human race has been nothing
but headache and problem, because Man is afraid of his own
dimension of existence. I tell you something you will start enjoying,
try. If you understand? Try to understand,
because you can do this on this Planet. You have the facilities, within the
structure of your brain to achieve it. There is a limitation to it, and
there is a speed to it, till you’re ??in?? Try to change the color of one hand,
if you are a white Man to a black, and walk in two halves,
you can do it. Don’t forget, you went
from black to white, it’s in your DNA,
it sits in your RNA. You’re not going very far. And try to change the other arm,
into yellow. At the beginning will… Horrendous,
you might run off it and people might laugh. But when they learn,
you teach them how to do, you walk on,
“This is happening, today is the color, it’s to be half black,
two whites and two toes red.” There is no need for a make up,
you carry the make up of the Universe. There is no need for rouge,
there is no need for eyelashes. You decide how,
“I want to do because, today this
is the energy I need. So, I’m gonna look blond, two legs black,
because everybody will give me attention. I receive what I need for food today,
tomorrow I’m gonna half yellow.” Because, now if you understood
the teaching of today, you understand how to filter. The Emotion, because
Emotion has to be correct to achieve the condition,
the manifestation. Man has to start learning
the strength of his Emotion, the filtering,
that’s the only thing you can do. Nothing else,
you can not change the physicality, because the physicality is dictated
by the condition you are in, you can not change
the strength of the Soul because the Soul stays the same
does’nt matter where you go. So, the only path for Man,
is the transition time. There are transition space, what you call ‘Emotion’. Don’t sit there and,, “Oh, I got to go
black on the tip of this finger because I want to
have a black finger today, and the other finger
I want to be yellow.” Sit with the pleasure, “What would I give
by having a finger?”, People would look at it say,
“Oh look, one finger there…” Why do we decorate ourselves and wear
these fancy clothes and the make up’s? That we get attention, we are hungry
we’re the chameleons you are the peacocks. We are everything
to get attention! So, “I need more attention
because I need more energy, because I want to go to
Space, and I want to learn this” and the others give you. But, Man does not understand this
at this moment of time. You can practice the
evolution of the Man within yourself. But, that’s the limit because of
the atmospheric condition of this Planet dictates this structure,
to keep this. You have to have a filter. You have to have a storage. You have to be able to filter
the gaseous part, you have the lung. You have to be able to filter the mineral
part, the solid part, this is the Kidneys and the you need a storage
that you can store whatever it is, because you can’t
go on eating from the Earth. When I need it I’ll take it some,
other time I’ll store it up. The body of the Man
is a… one simple factory working in two section,
atmospheric and the physicality. So, when you land
on Space of another place the physicality dictates different shape,
the atmosphere if it’s a gaseous, or you absorb
only from the Matter-state of it, you’ll become the state
the shape of what is there to do. Now you see,
how simple has been. The only reason you can’t change,
because it’s the condition of this Planet. I take you on the Moon,
if you understood this, you stand there without
the mask and you walk. Now, you might need to be a lizzard
because the pressure is to close we might have to go under ground,
because this is how it gives you. You don’t have Oxygen and Nitrogen to give
to support Amino Acid, but you can, through
a system of the brain, convert the energy,
that it supports Amino Acid. This is what we got to learn,
not to be afraid of. To understand
the Space is within the brain of the Man within the capture of his Emotion, that
it manifests, manufactures physicality. I said last week in the teaching,
and I say this weeek in the teaching, “Go back to the teaching of the Medical,
where we did public Medical teaching, the
Health Teachings. Many, many secrets of the creation
I’ve given there. About every organ, Dr Eliya Kostova
taught you, the way the medical people do. I taught you
the work of the Universe. I chose the
Emotion in every point. Now you understand. Now you understand that,
without Emotion, there is no physicality. It’s the space gap of the Emotion
which creates different kind of physicalities. Why your finger is
on the end of your brain, just near to the skull,
near the finger? Sorry, near the ear! Now look, how much
filtering is done in that part, in the lower level from
the center of the brain, that very little energies
has been absorbed by that point, which dictates the shape has to be according to this atmospheric
condition, finger. Look at the shape of the brain,
and look at the centerpoint of the Soul, and then understand the filtering. Why when you slice a
brain you see different layers? Oh! This is the Emotion,
this is the language, this’s… This is exactly what you
got to learn how to change, How can you suddenly,
not speaking a language, you can speak ten languages,
you can change it yourself. This is the reality of what is to come,
and unfortunatly you don’t have much time. Because,
you all will change. I’m pushing you, to start making the
conditions, and try to test it. Make rooms in your houses
where you can change the Fields. When I go in this room,
if you can create the right condition, that in balance with the atmosphere,
in this condition I have, you will see the family will tell you, “Oh! You had twenty fingers
when you were in there.” “Oh! Yeah, today I’m in planet Zeus,
I wanted to see how it feels, I’m going there
for holiday next week.” You change it and your child goes in,
he want to go to planet Ziss, So, with here there are no legs,
and you can see just the head moving. Because, it’s good enough
you can float with what you have. Because it dictates
the condition. It sounds crazy because,
you never understood the Truth. But that’s what it is, the Truth
about the Space, at Deep Space. Try to understand
the interaction of the Fields. Try to understand the pleasure,
and understand the limitation of the physicality on this planet. Then, you can
dictates the emotion. Have you
seen the actresses, they say, “try to make tears that your’e crying”
and they sit there and they make tears. How did they do that? They control the emotion and emotion
transfers itself to the liquid of Life. There is no difference. If you understand,
I’m glad to have a skin which is yellow and
I look like Chinese. It’ll be beautiful, it’s so nice.
It’s such a pleasure. How to be yellow
that I can be there. You become yellow. Have you ever asked the question why people have different
colored skin? Go in their Soul and find out where
they wish something to be white. Because at the moment,
the skin of the white, shows the education
and graduation for abuse. I want to be graduated to be abusive,
so I want to go different color. Why not all the white ones be black? You become serene.
And you become part of the other. Why do we need color?
Why can’t we all become transparent that it doesn’t show
where we’re coming from? Why don’t the Universal Council
and the World Council makes that from now on, we stay at the
power of the same structure, but, to the eye of the beholder
we are all the same color. “Your wish is your command.” That’s why I don’t attend
any of your teachings. Because, I can teach you so much,
you misread it, you misconduct. This way you make your make
your path. Listen to the teaching. You understand
what you’ve got to do. Why? Excuse me for a second. Rick would you like to take over?
I have to see something please. (RC) Okay, thank you Mr Keshe. (VV) Rick, is your Livestream okay? (RC) …As far as I know? Is there some … issue
with that? I’m getting comments coming
through, as of five minutes ago. (VV) Okay! I’ve just seen
a post on Facebook. So… (MK) Sorry about that. So the problem is
not the education. The problem is
openness of the mind. The problem is understanding
the interaction of the fields. The… There is no problem. It’s openness of acceptance
and openness of understanding. And openness
of applying the right way. It’s the way things has to
be for us to be intelligent to understand
the work of the Universe. For us is the reality
of the Space gap. At what field
you want to release, to be in comparison, to the
environment what to be. Then you understand, as I’ve said
many times the past few weeks. There is no need
for a Spacesuit. And, there is no need to go to a class,
to learn the language of the planet Zeus. Because, on Planet Ziss
they speak different language. They all speak the same language. The language of the Soul
of the Man. Into what extent we understand it,
shall be our own problem. To what extent we are going to accept it,
again shall be our own problem. To what extent we can be the reality of the understanding, in the
totality of the structure. Can we be part of the reality of ourselves? Can we change the situation with our
own existence, through our emotion? Can we feel a child without actually being
physically with it but through the contact of the soul? How much do we want? How much do we want to bring? What do we want to put in reality in the capture of
the Life of the Man? Do we need to have understanding of the reality,
or do we escape into other dimension? But at the end, in one way or another,
we are all the same. As we say,
“The beauty is skin deep.” So is with the Universal Community. The life is the emotion link. The Souls are all the same. We will not look at the
manifestation of physicality. We will look at the manifestation of the reality of the essence,
of what we want to be shown. Where the clothes will
not be there to cover us, for the reality of our
own physicality will disclose, our physical direction
and dimension. These teachings, for you at
this moment is far-fetched. But in the coming time you’ll ask yourself, “How come we didn’t see it?
And how come we didn’t understand?” Because, till you’re not put in the
condition, you can not practice. You cannot dive on a ground,
if you haven’t made a pool to jump into the water,
that you don’t hit yourself hard. You have to create a condition that there is a water,
that you can swim. You have to create a condition,
that there is a field-strength, that is in equal, dimension equal,
to conformation of existence, without dangering,
the separation and division. You will go into environments
that you allow the separation and division
of your Soul, what we call the ‘Soul of Newborn’s’. Because, that Soul will start
gathering energy from the others that it matures itself
to another Soul. This is how the creation’s done,
in the realms of the Creator. Not, with physical sex
the Man has got used to. The conversion of the Neutron
to Electron and a Proton is the True existence of
division of the Creation. That shall be it for
the Soul of the Man. The existence
of Proton within it, in conjunction with
the others to structure it, is the same for accummulation
of the energies of the Universe. So, where do we go? If you look,
the structure of an atom It’s a male and a female.
An Electron. When the male divides… Sorry! when the female divides,
you call it ‘division of Neutron’, you start a new cycle of Life. There is no difference. It’s the Man who,
has to understand the Truth, and the operation
of Universal order. Any questions? (RC) … Thank you Mr Keshe. And once again I’ll remind the
viewers, we have 106 viewers 107 now In the zoom here, that
they can put their hand up, and you have the ability then to become
a panelist and ask a question. Let’s see we’ve got… Well we have a comment from Tougay
that just came up, that’s says: “This is the teaching I am waiting …
for my whole life, thank you Mr Keshe may your Soul be elevated.” Colleen mentions: “I just wrote two
heart-felt letters to the White House to help with the World Council asking to
talk to our President about health care advances and help
with our purposes. I hope this helps”. (RC) OK , and … Doug mentions, “Just control our
Emotions, fear is just another Emotion.” Maybe you can speak about that a
bit, Mr Keshe, about the idea of … on the one hand,
we have our, you might say,
Human Emotions, and on the other hand,
we have this interaction of the Soul with the
physicality through the emotion that you mention. Is there, like two
different ideas there? Or is it the same thing? What is fear, for example,
how does that come up? How is that dealt with
in the realms of the Soul? (MK) The fear is: A condition that, we do not understand,
where the physicality will show itself. The fear is: … The condition, of how do we allow
ourselves to exist, without the dividing? The fear is, in a way, restriction we put, that
we do not want to give anymore. The fear is: The strength that puts limitation. The… The fear is: How we can disturb the conditions? The fear is: How we can survive the condition? The fear is: How much can we give,
without being taken? The fear is: How much can be given, without giving of totality. (RC) So, in a way as Humans,
we have to, or at least as, say, essential selves that
are under the conditions, of this environment, specifically the
gravity and atmosphere of this Planet. then we have to balance, balance that, you know there’s
this dichotomy, it seems. There is the physicality, there is
the Soul or essential self part. And, they seem to exist in
different worlds and they, mesh in a way, but it’s, often
conflicting ideas that get represented. And … This Emotion is,
part of this where …. You know, fear and the … well fear is a good example,
that’s the one that … As you just explained (MK) Mmmm (RC) Specially in … for example,
here going to Space in a … in a very … even in the physicality way,
the physicality thinking. Okay… You know, it’s time to go to Space, “Okay fine,
let’s go to Space! Great!” “Oh you mean I have to
leave my friends behind there?” “Or my family,
that doesn’t want to go? Well, I don’t know
if I want to do it?” “Do you mean that I have to leave
all my things and stuff, my home, of course
from Earth?” and … So on and so forth, and, all of a sudden we’re in Space and…
like you’re saying, in a way, we could find ourselves naked or we’re existing with out all the
flourishes and sort of heaviness, that we encounter
on this Planet. That initiates kind of a fear,
a fear of loss fear of … insecurity of not knowing what’s going to
come next, because most of us, have our habits, and our environment
here that’s, relatively safe in spite of the hazards,
of this Planet, and there are many. But, in a way we feel safe,
compared to being in voidness of Space. So I think maybe everyone, has to
address that in a way to get through that. (MK) Most probably, yes. Maybe we have to? Maybe we have to? (RC) One way that’s come up recently,
that I’ve been pondering, and some have…
quite a few others through the, gaming
environment, some of the 3D, virtual environments
that are coming up now… They’re quite incredibly, detailed and …
possibly useful, in the way, they can be presented if we were
to approach it properly. A lot of the games today have, you know
quite violent sort of undertones, and lots of guns and weapons
and that kind of thing. But if you turn that around instead of
using guns and weapons having, instead of a weapon that
shoots, you know a bullet, you have a weapon that shoots
blessings for example or, you know helps elevate others
” the elevating gun” you know. The GaNS gun for example,
and other things like this. And where you could go to a Planet, you
visit a Planet and you start from scratch. You have nothing on this Planet, you
have to mine to find some Copper, and Zinc and put it together,
and then make the GaNS, and make the materials that you
need to exist on that planet. And it could be made in such a
way that it walks people through a transformational experience, in … you know, learning about this, the basics of how
the Universe works. But in a virtual world, where we can change, our character,
like you were saying. It reminded me of, you
know, how we can… If you want 8 legs, and
14 arms, you can do that, in the virtual environment,
fairly easily. A lot of people already do
that sort of thing of course. So we can take on different characters,
you can be an alien, you can be a male, female or animal or whatever
you want to manifest as. And learn to do that through
the gaming environment. Which you would think, maybe those
skills will transpose over to the real Space environment when we are
confronted with that or maybe it’ll help us, become more
familiar, more … feel more safe in that voidness environment that,
we may find ourselves in later. (VV) Well the one thing about that too
Rick is, we are very visual. So you could, like what Mr Keshe was
saying before about enclosing yourself in a box, and feeling the
differences in the environments. Having a visual representation,
through something like VR, would maybe,
increase the reception, or the experience,
to be able to move forward? (RC) Yeah, I think so, and it’s actually
better than video in a way, because video is too much
of the real World, where the VR is almost very,
very close to the real World, but you know, it’s got
a certain artificiality to it and it’s completely changeable
compared to the video, which is too much reality and is hard to
re-imagine it or re-visualize into different configurations which can be done,
through the virtual environment. So, possibly…
possibly that could be useful. I’m gonna be working with that more in
the future, to try to setup an environment, where one can learn about,
to progress maybe from the physicality, to Nano-material, to GaNS, to Plasma
vapor, and up into the Soul levels of… Maybe you could have a game, where
you can actually go from level to level, by learning about each level,
and progressing, and that kind of thing? So, I’m trying to inspire a bit
of interest there in the gamers, and other developers out there, who
might want to work on such projects, cause it takes a lot of people to really
make it a complete detailed, thorough environment it’s… You know, you could even,
work in things like the Wikipedia, and other website things
right into the game itself, that’s the capabilities that are
totally available now so, all the information could become
available right within the gaming structure. And the way of evolving through,
you know, to learn how to evolve, how to move from one level
to the next basically. Okay! I didn’t mean to take up
so much time with that, but it’s just a few thoughts
that came up with that. (MK) Okay, would you
like to go into the… would you like to
share the other things, other teachings that we had before,
if there is no questions? (AB) …Good morning Mr Keshe.
I have a question. (MK) Yes Azar. (AB) Mr Keshe, when are we going to
become One Planet, One Nation? (MK) When the Humanity in total decides. (AB) But it is not
gonna happen ever, because so many
people are not peaceful, so there is two theory
according to your book, the first theory I…
my assumption is, … that our Planet is gonna be decaying
and we gonna give to another Planet, another Earth, and then sister Earth,
and then at that point, people who are peaceful,
gonna be transferred to the new one, and the rest
of the people gonna die. And the second theory is, there
must be a threshold of peaceful People, because, there is never,
ever gonna happen, that everybody is
gonna become Peaceful. So if the threshold is 10%, once,
once the 10% happens, simultaneously, everybody else
become Peaceful, and automatically,
we join the Universal Community. There is claim,
which one is correct? (MK) Can you explain yourself further,
then you find your own answer. (AB) Okay. So, I have to
figure this out myself? (MK) Okay.
(AB) Is the Planet… I mean in your book your’e
talking about, that’s happened before. Another planet
has given to our Earth… I mean, another Planet
has given to our Earth, that we came to
exist on sister Earth, and are we in
that dilemma again? (MK) What do you mean? (AB) Are we,
is the earth decaying? (MK) Yeah? (AB) Okay, so this, all the mayhem
that is gonna happen, all the earthquakes everything happen
is the consequences of decay of the Earth, and giving birth to another one?
Just like when a female giving a birth and just explosion happen,
this Earth is gonna go away. And, the people who are Peaceful, gonna be
automatically transferred to the new Earth, and the rest of the people
that not Peaceful, they gonna stay on this Planet, they think
is the end of the World, which is not, and they gonna die,
and they think everybody else died, but apparently the people who are
Peaceful, have joined the new Earth has gone, I mean… joined,
the Universal Community. And life starts from the
beginning and Peaceful. (MK) Yeah, but we have
to decide as a whole. (AB) But the whole is
not gonna decide on this. If you want to wait
for the whole … look at the… (MK) Is a decision of the Universal
Council, and the World Council. (AB) But the question is
Universal Council, one of the question I have
for Universal Council, why they constantly communicate
with the Governments, they’re not communicating with people? (MK) We don’t know what
the Universal Council is doing. Their work we are not aware of.
I watch what they are doing. (AB) But they are communicating
with the Earth people, but the people who they
communicating with the Governments, they’re not communicating with us. (MK) We don’t know. Ask the members of the
Universal Council for the guidance. (SE) Hello Mr Keshe, this is Sandy. (MK) Yes Sandy. (SE) I have a question also,
but I’d like to mention to Azar, that the communication is going on,
between the Council members right now, so that they can
understand each other, so that when they do go out and
talk to everyone, everyone’s equal. … so … That would be my…
my reply to Azar. But my question for you Mr Keshe,
if I may quickly? When you said that aliens are ET’s
that come into our atmosphere. I’ll say, really have no choice, in how they form,
that this… this atmosphere of ours dictates two lungs, two kidneys
and so forth, as you said. So, if that’s the case, to me it seems
what you’re saying is that, when the Emotion comes in to this
atmosphere, it takes on a physicality due to certain parameters, So that would mean that all of us right
now, are taking on physicality due to certain parameters which means
our Emotional state has already been decided, before
our physicality came through. So, it seems to me, there is a higher
Emotional state, that we need to become aware of,
that I think we are not aware of. Is there a deeper way that we can have
the understanding of our truer Emotion? Because, I have a feeling, what we are
feeling in this body is just drama, and not the Soul Emotions
that I think we were to look for. And so much… go ahead.
(MK) Let me explain to you something. We have put these boundaries,
and these conditions. Is us who has put the restriction. Is us that have
accepted the restriction. (SE) When you say “us”? Okay, and…
from what I’m, from what I’m feeling is the only way I can really put this, Is, my reality comes into existence,
because of the Emotion I hold, so that what I perceive, is to the
strength of my Emotion? (MK) Yeah. (SE) And therefore on a context of my body, I do not have
the understanding of why I have given
myself a white skin, and someone else a brown skin,
and someone else … (MK) No, we haven’t given,
is the condition of our Emotion, in respect to survival
at the condition of the environment. (SE) Is it my Emotional, that is
giving me the perception of different… It is my Emotion, it is giving me the
perception of different colors of people? (MK) Yeah. (SE) It’s my Emotion that is saying,
someone is white, or red or whatever? (MK) Yeah. (SE) It is my Emotion that
has created these different colors, and so when I am
looking out at this World, I am only looking at
what my Emotion is giving me. And therefore, I need to understand
what my emotion is and why I’m receiving? Why I’ve made this person
red or black or so forth? (MK) Yes but the thing is,
it’s not you. It’s your ancestors who
took the time of travel. You understand? (SE) …?
(MK) And are partially, partially in the future, how you feel your Emotion,
will create evolution to a new direction. … There is a theory
in the World of science that they say if, we hold change in the
body of man over 25 years it will become permanent and it becomes
part of his DNA and RNA. …And, so if you, extend and have children
after age of let’s say 25 or 50 you transfer the knowledge, what you
gained, up to the age of 25. If you have a child at the age of 20
you haven’t get the evolution of what happened to you at 10 years old,
whatever, is not there to be transferred. It hasn’t imprinted its…
itself. All of us in the process
of the evolution today, we are changing the course of
the future for our children, but we are not here to see. (JG) Mr Keshe?
Hello Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes? (JG) … I am Jalal from Iraq.
(MK) Who’s speaking? Pardon? (JG) I am Jalal from Iraq, I am teaching
the Arabic part in Keshe Foundation. (MK) Yes
(JG) … From … all these kinds of information from the past
and from your knowledge, now I think you have give us the real
key to the Soul and the Universe. My question: why this key didn’t…
We didn’t find it in the religions? (MK) The religions are mainly to do with
the Matter-State of the body of the Man. Man … has not been mature to
understand the work of the Soul. More or less, it’s the first time …in the history of Man,
we open the position of the Soul. It’s the next step. Up to now, our Soul and Spirit
and everything else, was a holy ghost and everything else. It’s us who will change
the course of Humanity. (JB) And … as you said before
it’s really easy and if you know it, you will laugh.
I swear, I laughed about all my life now in this, before 20 minutes,
because it’s already there, it’s only like a suit we are carrying out.
We change the suit … that’s only. (MK) Yep.
(JB) Thank you Mr Keshe, I really appreciate it.
(MK) Thank you very much. (AB) Mr Keshe, when
I was talking about the liver (MK) Hello?
(AB) Hello? (MK) Yes.
(AB) when I was… (MK) You are moving somewhere,
you’re making noise. (AB) I don’t think I’m making noise.
I think something happening on the other side,
but anyway is stopped now. When I was talking about
Universal Community I wasn’t talking about
us Humans on Earth. I was talking about entities
outside of planet Earth, who are more advanced
and they are all peaceful. Why… they definitely
have communication with the Government. Why are they communicating
with the Government, not directly with the people? Because, they can become a
big game changer if they absolutely… (MK) You’ve got … you got to realize
[speaker echo sounds] there somebody?
What box is open? …You got to realize… the Governments
themselves, play the same game. The government, themselves, are part of
the structure of the change, themselves. The Governments are,
not every Government is or has been. We know some certain Governments of more,
what we call ‘leading’ Governments, claim to be and have been in touch or been
taught, to change the course of Humanity but the knowledge given
has been abused. If you look at it, the present condition
of the World leaders, and the Prophet of the past,
is no different. If they are thoughts, instead of using it
for betterment of Humanity, they have used it
to damage each other more. (AB) So, those privileges
can be taken away, if they’ve been given
the gift to help Humanity. (MK) You can never take away, this is
not a job, is for the maturity of the Man. You see when you look at the oceans,
the animals in this Planet eat each other. They plan, they connive. Have you seen how a pack of lions
sets up the other animals to catch? Is become the habit. The structure of here, is packages of
food to exist, which causes this. And the package is
due to a strength of the time, and a closeness to the Earth,
dictate the life on this Planet. Why do some trees last two,
three thousand years? And, why the life of a Lion,
is only a couple of … decades? This is the condition
of the exchange, a confirmation of the existence,
in a different level. It’s us who has to dictate,
not anything else or nobody else. It’s us who have to dictate
the condition and the change. (AB) Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much. (AB) And Mr Keshe another thing is. Are we in a practice mode to be
transferred to Universal community? Because, for the past couple of months
there is certain event happening to me, …that I cannot
figure out what’s going on. One of the incident was,
the other day, I went to the elevator, there was a woman walk in
with two children and the elevator closed. And then suddenly
I found myself in the elevator and the woman wasn’t there,
the children wasn’t there. And it took me a couple of minutes to
figure out apparently the elevator door has opened, they had gone out, but
there was a time that was missing between the time I got into the elevator
and they left the elevator. The elevator was closed and I was still
there but that missing time I wasn’t there and I didn’t know where I was.
So this is… (MK) This happens, time lapse, we’ve
seen this quite a lot with people who are near and they’ve become more
aware of their own existence. The more you become in Peace with
yourself you find that condition. (AB) Okay, I understand. (MK) You’re not the first one
we heard but it’s part of it. (RC) Should I show that pendulum
video Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes please
(RC) Okay We’re just watching I don’t need
to make any comments on it. It’s what they have been done. (RC) I’ll put the sound on…
(MK) Are there any questions or? (RC) Yeah maybe we should ask that
first of course. We’re hearing some feedbacks
somewhere. Okay, it’s okay now . (MK) Okay. (RC) I mean, there are some other
questions, but not directly related so. … Let’s have a look at the video
perhaps that might be appropriate? (VV) Just to let you know, looks like
Paul’s having an issue with his microphone and that’s
what the problem is. (MK) Pardon? (VV) It looks like Paul from Togo
is having an issue with microphone, so that’s what that buzzing is. (MK) Okay we see a line what is this line? (RC) Okay I am just, okay that here.
Just had to get this setup properly here. There I think I have it …
Okay there we go. Okay I’ll play the video now. (MK) Yes (PC) Today I want to share
a little experiment with a Zinc balls. … the play with Emotions
that Mr Keshe was asking to play with it. So, what I’ve done is
I make a bottle of GaNS, a combination of GaNS
with Zinc Oxide. The first one I ever made, then another
Zinc Oxide that I made in another time. Later, two, three months ago what is
still in, on place, in the box. … I added the food, food GaNS, where I
supposed there is also Zinc in it. And also with shell of egg and the
shell of oyster, and curcumin and pepper. And then I add also
… seaweed GaNS, and the Mr COHN
of food GaNS, and of Zinc GaNS,
of the two baths I made. So, what I did I did it in a bottle
and then I filled up two balls, a little ball you see here in the middle
and then a bigger ball. Because, I wanted to play
with two different mass. You see this one
was the whole afternoon with me, in the teaching, and it’s still stays
on the bottom of the ball. The other one was
also with me in the teaching, and, what happened
is that, you see. I will do it very slowly,
I bring it to the camera. The GaNS …
was going to one side of the ball. Even if it was on the same way,
nearby me. It was climbing a little bit on the left side
to my side, I can say. So it was a very interesting overview
of the 161 knowledge seekers of Mr Keshe, and it was very Soul related and in me it was a very sensation,
of being home in the Matter. To understand more
than a period before. What I did also is,
I took a little pendulum, and I filled the pendulum. So, it’s a bottle of glass,
with a point of Copper and a screw of Copper, So. I filled it up completely
with the same GaNS. I just added a little bit
of a powder of Iron, that I have in the play box,
from children’s to play with magnets. I added because,
I thought it was magnetical, and so it could give me
another result than without it. So what happened, it was in
my pocket, about a week in a little bag. And, after a week all the liquid Plasma
that I took in it was gone, The little bag, where I placed it in
is, was never wet. So I don’t know what happened,
with the liquid Plasma, and you see a little bit of drought GaNS
on the border and also the powder of Iron. You see on the back?
It’s still there. So you saw in the beginning
of the film, I made now. I hang the pendulum on a tent of
wooden stock and, in the beginning it turns around and after a while
if I begin to film, it stops turning But, it is another result
if I hold the pendulum. So, I will try to…
What was my purpose was? First of all to show that
the GaNS moves a little bit, in the 3 hours teaching
in the ball. So that was one thing. In the beginning
this morning in the teaching, there was a little bit of discussion,
how to do with the translating of so. So there was a little bit of thoughts,
who are not totally in harmony. What happens then,
is that in ball, the GaNS goes the other way, so
it climbs away from me. Because, I didn’t feel happy
with such a discussion, but it’s okay. But I saw that my feeling was here was the,
the mirror of my feeling. So, now what I try to do
with the pendulum is I will try to show you something. I hope it will do it again. If I hold the pendulum above the ball, I try to hold my hand very still
at first. So what I want to show is, what is happening in
the interaction of the fields. Here there is
no contact directly. So now we see the
pendulum turned right, clockwise. Could be that
the field is magnetical. But what we see is, that the
field-interaction change to gravitational. And the interaction of
my field is important, because with the wooden construction
it don’t give fields interaction. So, I could suppose the pendulum is a translator,
or a shower of my field and,
interaction with the ball. I don’t know? So, now I can ask the strength of the field, or the strength of the interaction. So, I did the same yesterday. And the fields were changing a lot faster from
clockwise to counterclockwise. And another thing is that,
the bottom of the pendulum, I cannot open it anymore.
It’s so close, that with my hands I cannot open it
at that moment. So, I don’t know … what all this can mean
but we see interaction. That is sure. So thank you
to watch. And maybe … there is given an
explanation by Mr Keshe. I hope so. And thank you for all the knowledge. To all of you
all the work to go together, fly as Souls
to a better place, in peace and harmony.
Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much.
It’s a video. (MK) We’ve seen this video.
(RC) Might work.. (MK) Pendul has…
(RC) I just wanted to say, that the name was Pim,
Pim Carty I think … I believe that person’s
from Belgium actually. and she’s … one of the KF SSI students
and who was, who contributed this video. (MK) When you look at
the hand it… hand moves. Most probably.
We’ve seen this work of pendulum and … if you go back
into Italian history … there is a Church
where they hung their first pendulum confirming that the earth rotates,
and everything else, we’ve seen. The … The part of the movement
is because of the hand, but the first Man who hung a pendulum
in a Church, we’ve seen. This is the interaction of the fields.
That’s normal. But how do we measure it in …
[inaudible] You’ve seen the hand motion
when the pendulum was held? It’s not a steady position. But it’s not something abnormal.
It’s something we known for Centuries But, we have to understand, if we keep the same pendulum in the
same condition and we change the balls, different density of the balls, how would it change
the motion of the pendulum? (RC) Well … let me give
another example Mr Keshe, that was also sent to me recently,
and it’s quite interesting. Where, if you take it to
the same pendulum idea to the next level here. … Let me just get
the screen share up. …and …
see here … here we go. …This is a French person
Alain Altynia and … he shows
some pictures of … like a Health Pen type configurations
first of all, and he has them labeled. And, …goes on to show
the nano-coating process and What-not which is all things we’ve seen before. And then he gets into this scale.
This … It’s a special scale that uses
a different means. They.. he uses a pendulum
to indicate the … the magnitudes on the scale,
essentially. The different … it’s like a sort
of electromagnetic scale, but it’s a strength scale. And it goes…
you can get it in different… Make it in different
levels and so on. So he has the pen,
pen number one, the basic … straight, looks
like straight Copper wire. looks like…
plain Copper, in this case. Here is this image. And then each one gets tested. You see … The first one seems to be 270,000 UB I think they’re, what’s it called?
‘Bovis units’ I think it is. ‘BU’ normally in English, units bovis,
prob… bovi And then … with the nano-coated one
shows almost double that at 510,000. And then we have
a coiled up, several coils and it shows stronger
than the plain one above. But then the nano-coated one beside it
shows what, three times the strength or something like that. It looks like it might even be
the same pin or the same coil, in this case,
then just nano-coated. And, so same deal 720,000.
Looks like the same one? Yeah! It has
the same end on it. Same one shows up as seven,
… you know, 1,700,000. And again you see the similar
tendencies, seem to happen for the nano-coated versus
the plain Copper units. And then he goes on to … … create more nano-materials
and coils and What-not and a … actually has a several parts
to this, to this … thing. He checks out all of his coils
according to what they … register and tries different
a techniques and so on. And, he actually pointed my attention
to part number 4 here. Let me a go back to that.
Page 4 rather. And … So, we see the coils here,
the round coils, that are traditional on the MaGrav units. And you see the difference again,
between the regular round coil and Copper which is fairly strong,
according to this rating method. And … they nano-coat it again
around three or four times the … The … strength of that,
of the field. Field-strength detector is what it …
is supposed to be. …Let me see.
What else is involved here? It shows for example, you can have a chart
in millions or in a hundred millions or in a thousand millions. And it seems kind of arbitrary in a way,
but in another way, the process, you know, does your hand move the pendulum?
Or is your hand moved by the fields which moves the pendulum?
You might say. Ah, it gets a little … hard to understand,
but yet many people have used this with good results to … figure out
strengths of different materials or different … medications
and all kinds of things like that. So, whether…
How accurate it is? It would be interesting
to do, what’s called, like a double blind test or,
you know, Can it be duplicated and replicated,
and that sort of thing? But, it’s definitely
a popular method. This, Bovis … method of…
trying to get… It’s basically a way
of getting a handle on the strength. How do we measure
the strength of a Plasma field? and that seems, to be something that comes up a lot
(MK) This is one of the illusive ways (MTK) This is one of the… I wonder what happen if you
put a ball of water and a GaNS? (RC) Well … many’s come up
(MK) I would say (RC) in one of these other pages.
I’m not sure here. He’s got some Plasma
(MK) He’ll be… (RC) capacitors for example. (MK) ahuh?? (RC) and he put, he’s putting…
(MK) But, how does this go on his field? (RC) Well, it looks pretty high here. We
have a plain Copper one at 15,000,000 UB, and the nano coated one is
less than double, this time at 27,000,000. But it looks like the [inaudible] one,
at the bottom is at 85,000,000. (MK) It was, it’s got attachment to it. (RC) Yeah! I’m not clear on what that means…
(MK) That one is funny Yeah! But the thing is as I’ve said
people, “We have to, as the leaders on the frontiers of this technology,
come up with a method to measure.” We have to, we have
to understand the Plasma condition. But, how do we scale it?
But, do we scale it three-dimensional? What would be the measurement, if these
materials are not sitting on a table, and they are off the table? Would we see the True… Is it the reason why they
carry more, much more strength? Is it because they are further away
with the spots in, than the whole flat bar? In the teaching I often refer
to these things and this is important. It’s nothing wrong with it,
is nice. Is something, we need to,
further carry on with this, … to understand more
of the properties of how do… As I said, the standard board is asking us
for delivery of a measurement system. (RC) Right exactly. (MK) So, this is nice to see
but how do we measure this? Is it by the pendulum?
Where it goes? (RC) Yeah that’s right…
that’s essentially… (MK) These… Is the pendulum,
most probably the best way? Would it be better… Would it be better,
that if we hang this unit? (RC) Yes, well this is the thing though
that the human Soul or essence has to,
get involved with it, is the way it goes. And those that work with this have methods to
try to bypass the physicality all the physicality stuff
going on… (MK) Let me,
let me go a step further. Let’s go a step further. What about, if we hang
this … bunch of coils, on the same thread from the same point,
and see how the pendulum reacts? (RC) Hum, humhum. This is two-dimensional, because
the pendulum takes a three dimension. This is sitting on the table
some of his fields are on the ground, on the… shared with the
table molecules and the structure. So, what about if you hang it,
would we see a higher? And then, what about we
get a bowl of GaNS of water, and GaNS of Zinc,
get a bowl of other GaNSes, and see if the interaction comes,
and what strength? This is beautiful what we saw in the first
and what we see here. It’s the beginning, people start thinking,
and these are the beginning of the structures. And this is fantastic,
this is what we ask for. (RC) …similar method to
what they call ‘dowsing’, where you have two rods in your hands
and the rods separate and come together according to whether there’s water or… You can use it for metals
and that kind of thing. People have found
gold with it, or… (MK) Yeah.
(RC) Generally it’s used for water and it can be two sticks or two metal rods,
or you know people are… And people do
seem to get sensitive… I know in rural areas, there’s usually a
local person who’s sensitive to these rods and water, and they’re
called out, when it’s time to drill a well. And they’ll actually select the point on
the land, where the well’s to be drilled. And it’s interesting,
it’s hard for me to believe but yet it’s come up, so many times in my life
that I’ve heard of this, right from when I was a kid,
to even just a few day ago. These, that technique is quite popular and
accepted actually it’s not just a wives tale. And, it’s, it proves doubt,
it’s not something… otherwise they would’ve
lynched these guys years ago. (chuckles) (MK) Yeah! But if you look, the guys
in Arizona did that a few weeks ago. (AB) Mr Keshe, both of you, I have done
with these dowsing the rods here, at home. With the… we took a apple,
and we sprayed GaNS on it we checked
with the dousing rod first, and it was almost zero, we was very close
to it, it start to move. When we sprayed the GaNS water,
it became about 6 feet away, and then an interesting thing.
What I did… Mr Keshe probably
knows about this? I said a prayer to the apple,
to another apple. We checked it before, was the
same thing as the other apple. We said a prayer to the apple,
tested it with dousing rod, and the same thing happened
as you could put a GaNS on it. The same distance. (MK) We have to, we have to
create system for measurements. This is the beginning,
this is beutiful to see, but let’s… the people who did this,
and I’m sure they are listening, go to the next step, use a bowl of GaNS,
but not touching the floor, touch the ground, and touch,
and let it hang, from the same type of hang,
same place more or less, and see what you get. Put the core or the bowl of GaNS
lower but not touching the table, raise it higher and see if by hight,
separation from a distance will change. The … there is no, nothing wrong with it
but these are the innovative ways, we have to find a way,
how to measure it. We have a huge … gap in the knowledge of
the measurement of the field of a Plasma. And, it’s for us to complete it
it’s for us to un-ban it and to achieve it. (AB) Mr Keshe I did another test as well,
I took two patches of CO2 Zinc, and usually if I go on a stair master
I can do 30 minutes high intensity maximum, I put two patches of CO2 Zinc on my shoulder,
under my sports bra, and I do… I did one hour high intensity, and my body felt very different
than, the first time. It means it does
something to your body, that you can actually,
do more extensive work … physically, than normally, if
you don’t have the patches on. I mean anybody can try it,
just simply make patches, put it in your …
on your shoulder, sports bra, and just go do something
that you can not do usually, and you see how much you
can accomplish, that’s another test. (MK) We have to come up with different
ways of doing it, and see what we do. We’re seeing a lot of results
with the GaNSes here in Africa, in Africa now we…
we are seeing huge leaps, in the structure of the interaction
of the fields of Plasma, of the GaNS. But those who did this you got to
take it a step further or those of you… That’s what I said before, we got those who
get, who are happy working with the GaNS, those who are happy to work with the
Nano-Material, and those who start becoming
the instrumentation side. And the people who become the Plasma side,
the ones who become a flight side. And this is beautiful to see,
we need this these are … … They might not be used at all,
but they start to enlighten the others to find new ways to do it. And this is beautiful, there is nothing
wrong with it, it’s perfectly done. According to the science of what is there,
and maybe we had this science now we have to look at it
in a different way. (RC) Like, in a way what people are doing
when their doing the pendulum or, even the dowsing and so on is,
they’re using those tools as a way of of showing their
Emotion, I think it’s … (MK) Possible.
Possible. (RC) So, is it possible to influence a,
something that’s hanging on a thread let’s say a pendulum that way? (MK) Let me… (RC) Can we influence
it with our Emotion? (MK) Let me explain to you.
Something we seen now with the people who
use different kind of GaNSes. We see people who take like, liquid Plasma
with no GaNS in it, just the water. If they take it at night before sleep
they sleep a solid night. Majority
of the people do. Would this, what… Does the water
change the Emotion, that you sleep? We see this,
more or less, on daily basis. We don’t give any medicine,
we don’t administer any medicine. We only administer
condition of the field water. And, if the reality is standing the way it
is, we can sit and do it, and measure it. And the reality is that
the course of measuring, is for us. What we measure, at what
distance did it measure? There is nothing wrong with it,
this is fantastic to see. At least, a new
generation of people in … are developing these kind
of technologies to measure. We need it,
without it we are crippled. At the moment, the authorities and the
governments, who use the technology and allow to…
to experiment on it. They are just… we’re all working blind,
because we see the results. Because, we see
the Matter-field results. What is the Plasmatic field results? Because, we
are made of Plasma. (RC) …Alain mentions, he wanted to share
that he “wonders what he measures”, “I left the Bovis Unity and I come to
millions of millions of Bovis Units, day by day,” and he mentions
how it seems to be increasing, … “the field emitted increasing, day by day,
around this generator”, and he says, “I cannot say yet if it changes
something in my life, because I keep eating and as
I am never sick, everything is fine. But one thing is certain
I still feel better and better”. And now he’s working with dressing up
his generator and connecting it with some solar panels and so on.
And … anyway so … another… (MK) It’s good. Let’s put it this way.
We need to create tools like this. Scientifically validated. Scientifically, we can do, this is
what it gives, this is what it does. And it’s good, if anybody comes up
with method like this or more … what do you call it, ‘equipment type measure’,
that we can say this is standard, because we can measure it, exactly.
Is this a way to do? Can we change this one,
to a system that we can put the material inside it,
and we see it? Maybe we can invite them in, to teach us
how it works, to show us how it works. (RC) Maybe they need
to create a GaNS pendulum in that way…
(MK) Yeah agreed make a GaNS pendulum.
(RC) it would have the connection with the amino acids and what-not. The connection to the… to the Emotion
(MK) You see, what we are blind to… What we are blind to this,
what is on the screen, is a video, to show how
the measuring was done. (RC) Yeah I’ll try to get in contact
with this person and I’ll see if I can get him on to show a little bit about it.
(MK) I think these people can do it. (MK) Yeah. (KB ) Hello Mr Keshe, hello Rick, hello
altogether, this is Klaus 2 from Austria. (MK) Yes
(KB) We have, last weekend we have … a workshop with 20 peoples. We work with this
special pendulum from Basalt rock. And we worked with this … method,
since 25 years, this is a scientific method,
a resonance method, to show some fields. And we … filmed
this whole workshop. and now we translate it to English
and we can show … the… (MK) Can you, let me, let me …
I am going to cut you through because you said something. You said you videoed it? Can you compress this
to like half an hour? And we give you a space next week
to show? To explain. Or in two weeks time? (KB) We begin yesterday …
to cut the video, the film. And, I have to
spoke with the filming team; How long it tooks,
to cut the prime sessions and then we can show it for …
for the conference. I think Klaus … drives, Dr Priller,
drives to Rome and I can give him this or we can make it
from Austria to Rome. We tried to standardize all the
measurements with this kind of pendulums, so all people
have the same references, and the same
standard of measurement. (MK) … That’s beautiful!
(KB) Yes. (MK) We need this, we have to
standardize. We have to understand. (KB) Yes, und, and we see all the people
can get, in a few hours, they can get all the same reactions.
(MK) Yeah but can we see the machine next week… Put it this way.
Can we see the machine in a… (KB) It’s not a machine, it’s a Basalt
pendulum. I sent it off this weekend… (MK) Okay, the way you show it,
the use of it. The way it is used, yeah? (KB) Yes this is a standardized
method, that we use for 25 years. to measure an eccosystem of fields.
And so we can show also the difference between
a Gravitation and a Magnetic fields. …All GaNSes have two types.
It’s like the water, yes? And we can…
So, we can see what is the gravitational side,
what is the magnetical side. and how, we bring the best
resonance point between the fields? That can be found.
(MK) Yeah. (KB) Yeah
(MK) Okay, no problem. But we got… you got to educate us,
you know it for 25 years. We got to understand it, in a layman,
what it is? It’s the first time I see it. … And I’m sure it’s the first time to
a lot of us, to you it’s normal. That’s why I said, as a Human race,
we have all the knowledge we need, we just got to understand how to do it. (KB) Yes we have
to bring it together. (MK) Yeah! So if you can be kind enough to
bring the knowledge and show us, in physical reality,
how it works, how it is? And is it standing, free standing off a
frame or is somebody holding it? (KB) No we hold it.
And in Austria from… (MK) What about if we make
a freestanding frame? (KB) Ah you need the interaction
between the Earth magnetic field, the bio-magnetic field
and the GaNS fields. (MK) Let’s try,
let’s try a frame. (KB) In Austria there is, there was a study,
50 years ago, from the Ministry of Research, and with the Delta muscle, … cutting
edge, when we hold some pendulum in between the magnetic field from
the Earth and the bio-magnetic field and then it brings the
reaction from the Delta muscle. It’s the same muscle you test …
(MK) Okay! If… Let me see it … So it’s the interaction
of the Emotions, So, if I hold the pendulum,
I will not get the same result? (KB) …When we standardize your
Emotions or your reactions, you became the same reaction.
There are… (MK) You get the same figures? (KB) Yes. There are 9 figures and all
the people become the same figures. And we can…
(MK) I think it’s something to expand on but it’s something we have
to become … non-touchable. What it means,
your pendulum is hanging in the air,
(KB) Yeah (MK) but your material is touching the ground
and we know it’s the sharing fields. In a way, if we can hang the … material
at the same height as the pendulum or at least under it, that the field
interaction is more or less the same. Would we see the same strength
or much bigger strength? (KB) …We can try this. These stones, these Basalt stones
has his own magnetical effects. I see this when I show the people with
a big stone and I have the ring magnets, these show also the fields
between the Planets, and … this magnet jumps to the stone,
and holds on the stone. …Many … natural elements have a
bio-magnetism and also this Basalt rock. (MK) Yeah! Okay, that’s not a problem.
Let’s see what we can do. Let’s see where we can go.
Just… Come and teach us. Enlighten us. (KB) Okay! (MK) And… maybe, other people
will come up with different ideas, and different ways to do it. …And… will be interesting
to see, if this… if is we, It’s… flat on the table
you’re measuring it. What about we put it upright, would we
see, a different dimension measures? (KB) I have understand
what you said before. When we have
a GaNS ball on the table, it’s a different interaction
when the ball hangs. Yes. (MK) Yeah! So, is it stronger
or is it weaker? (KB) You become more fields,
this is stronger. (MK) Stronger. Yeah because,
you have less attachment to the Earth magnetic,
or what you call it, to the Matter-State
and the magnetic fields. Because, even the table
creates it’s own field, it’s a Plasma condition.
(KB) Yes. (MK) So, the further you go on, you more,
measure freer space away from it? (KB) Yes.
(MK) But the … it is very interesting. This … try to
enlighten us next week at least bring the system
to show us, in real time. (KB) Okay. (MK) And, if there are videos
you can show us. This is the beautiful things we are all
doing. We are adding to the knowledge in a very direct way, with a very positive
way, so we need instrumentation. … The flight system
in a three dimension is getting built by people in the
background that, you will see. This chart to me allows us to look
at the three-dimensional figures of it, a structure
of it. (KB) Yes.
(MK) This is, how it is and how it’s been. And so we have to
see how it comes. We got to learn, we are students,
we are knowledge seekers. And you bring new knowledge
on the table, let us all learn. (KB) Okay. Thank you.
(MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Thank You Mr Keshe. (G) Mr Keshe
(MK) Yes. (G) This is Guillermo from Mexico,
I live in Germany. And I got a question for a long time,
and I do not understand the position of Plasma instead of temperature,
what is hot and cold. What is this relationship with Plasma? (MK) … The heat does not touch
the Plasma as such, but it does in a way of very small
on a Matter-State. The field-strength of the Plasma
as a whole, we should not see much
difference in respect. It’s like if you, if you put only CO2 in a
patch, whenever you touch it’s still cold. Whenever you touch it, it’s just cold. Hum, hum. If you put a Zinc Oxide
you don’t get that coldness. … If you put Copper Oxide,
you don’t get that coldness. Can we stop these pictures please? … The process is how we … … We understand only
at the Matter-State of the Plasma, the environmental temperature
affects it. (G) The temperature is a vibration,
or is a … of the Plasma? (MK) Pardon, can you repeat? (G) The temperature is a vibration, it’s
some kind of frequency, or is, it’s just (MK) Temperature, temperature is
the release of the energy, in a given strength. (G) … (MK) So it’s when
the Plasma of the GaNS is at a given strength of the environment
that can interact, you will see the temperature difference,
or what you call ‘heat’. You don’t see the interaction of the
Plasma with a transition strength, because it’s literally in it,
it just goes through it. So, the Plasma has to be at the strength
of the environment that it can create the interaction, otherwise it’s very much
what you call, ‘Neutrinos’. They just go through,
because they are highest order, they don’t interact,
the lower order is not there. (G) So, I hear some people that they got
some experience with the Plasma they said and in the center of the Sun or
of the Earth, there is not hot. There is Plasma inside, and the
Plasma is not necessarily hot, could be that Truth?
(MK) Pardon? (G) I hear some theories about that
in the center of the Sun, Star, … it’s not, it’s not warm,
it’s not hot the temperature…
(MK) It depends! If you’re at the temp… If you are the strength
of the plasma you feel it, because it’s the interaction at your level. (G) Aah, now I get it! (MK) You understand?
(G) Yeah! (MK) You have to be at that point.
Neutrinos that we see, cross the.. the boundary. We don’t, we don’t
need to speak about Neutrinos. In the brain of the man, with the
Astronauts, we spoke about? When the energy gets to the water, and it becomes the level, energy strength
of the water in the, in the eye, they show themselves as a photons,
or as the light. But, they are not interacting with anything
when they go through the brain because there are higher order,
to them it doesn’t exist. (G) Okay? (MK) It’s the way it bypasses,
it opens a passage through it. Till the passage
becomes equal, it can interact. With the lights, if you look
at the energy of the Sun? If we interact with a full spectrum of
all the magnetic fields of everything which is in
interaction with the Sun, most probably we don’t
get a bright light. We get a different color light. We might get a different speed,
of the interaction of the light. Maybe you, you call it in
the Matter-State, ‘Aurora’. We see a, … spectrum of lights,
what we call a ‘Rainbow’. It’s the same in the field,
you have to be in that strength to be orange, you have to be
in that strength to be yellow. (G) Okay, so, if we get
enough density of Plasma, and we are connected, to this plasma,
(MK) At that strength through the plasma. (G) Aaha!
(MK) Okay? Thank you very much. (G) Okay, thank you.
(MK) Thank you. Shall we call it a day?
It’s nearly… (RC) Okay, Yes, you, done
quite a bit there Mr Keshe. We have a René Meska,
maybe he can show his, he’s got something he can show for next week,
his Tesla plasma setup, maybe we can look forward
to that? (FM) Paul also had a question about
how gender is formed. (MK) Pardon? (FM) Paul from Togo also had a question about
how gender is formed. (RC) How gender is formed?
Okay. (FM) So. (RC) We won’t put that out till next week
is that what you mean or? Are we done for now Mr Keshe?
I think we’re done alright? (MK) Yes we call it a day yes, we…
(RC) Okay! It’s been over 31/2 hours, that’s fine.
(MK) It’s perfect. Thank you very much. (MK) Thank you for today,
and I hope we meet you in Rome. Thank you very much indeed
bye bye. (RC) Thank you Bye.
(MK) Bye. (G) Thank you.
(KB) Thank you, bye bye (RC) Okay! Let me bring up
the Livestream here, for… To say Goodbye and thank you once again everyone,
for attending the 163rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday, March 16th, 2017. And as always, we’ll see you next week,
and … you have a good week. A good week of learning and evolving. Okay! I’ll end the Livestream.

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