165th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 30th, 2017

(Flint intro video KSW 165) [VIDEO 01 INTRO] The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! [Video 02 Plasma, GANS & Nanomaterials] The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as the entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. In agriculture, Plasma Science
has solutions for seed decontamination, improvement of plant growth,
plant health, and increased crop yields
at a minimum cost to producers and without need
for external inputs. Various GANS are increasingly used to transform agriculture practices
across the world. Seeds are soaked in CO2 GANS
liquid Plasma to decontaminate any that may be
diseased infected or adulterated, while irrigation of crops
with CO2 liquid Plasma eliminates the need
for fertilizers and pesticides. For plant diseases,
conditions are created in the plant environment under
which those diseases cannot exist. For crop pests,
application of GANS liquid Plasma creates conditions under which
the pests do not damage crops, as they also absorb the energy
of the applied GANS liquid Plasma. Notable Plasma Science benefits
to agriculture are: Increased farm productivity,
enhanced food and fiber production, better soil fertility management, better plant
and livestock health management, sustainable food production,
and increased plant and human health. Conventional science teaches us that
what we can’t measure, does not exist. This led to a separation
between science and spirituality. Plasma Science
combines both of these worlds. The entire Universe is made up of magnetical (giving)
and gravitational (taking) fields. We absorb only those fields we can use,
and we emit fields we do not need. After a while, the fields are balanced,
creating balanced matters. Imagine there is a technology which
can balance your body, Emotions and Soul. And because everything is made of fields,
including our Emotions, this simple technology easily processes
the roots of your disease! Keshe Foundation
developed simple methods, ready to use materials,
and efficient medical health units that work on different field levels
to process many existing health conditions and help restore the natural balance
in your body! More and more studies are showing that
Emotion is a part of many illnesses. After use of the Plasma Coil Units,
changes in Emotional patterns are noticed, and then following this,
changes in the physical body occur. We don’t cure diseases but “process” them
by bringing the body to a balanced state in such that the disease cannot exist. This means you can achieve
complete Emotional and physical balance in relatively short time. People all over the world use GANS
and GANS water (Plasma Water) within different devices
and processing methods. The Keshe Foundation offers
a full spectrum of information pertaining to GANS and its uses, from solid Plasma
to liquid Plasma to field Plasma. Which of the available information,
processes or devices resonates with you? At the same time we open the door
to the power of our Soul. Keshe Technology
elevates the Soul of the man in order to bring balance to our body,
bring balance to our flow of Emotions, bring peace to the world, and readiness
to open up to the Universal Community. Welcome, welcome everyone
to the 165th Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday march 30th, 2017. And I think we can hear Mr Keshe
getting ready in the background there. I’m sure he has the latest information on
the Rome events that’s going on. As well as, I understand the new
Keshe Foundation Wikipedia is now … Been released and is been worked on
in the continued basis from now on. So, that will be
interesting as well. Hello Mr Keshe,
are you ready to go there? Let’s switch over to you. (MK) Good morning,
good day to you as usual, wherever, whenever, you listen to these
‘Knowledge Seekers’ programs. As we have said before, we are here to share knowledge. And in sharing knowledge We understand more, how little we know,
about the whole world of Creation The more we learn,
the more we realize we know nothing. And in so many way’s,
in the teachings of past two days, three days here, including
the Universal Council meeting and, the meeting of yesterday,
the first day of the teaching. Sitting in the background,
I realized, how beautifully the knowledge
has been transferred When I listen to the Session with doctor Rodrigo I said to myself one thing “I’ve done my job right.” Scientist have start deciphoning the message And when what we saw with Dr Rodrigo,
and then the other participants. We realized it’s not anymore
“if?” and “where?”, Now, it is a matter of how fast
we can transfer the knowledge. Last night till one,
two clock in the morning the members of Universal Council,
downstairs, made a decision,
and the decision is; That, they give their support in. The tape which was made
of the yesterday’s whole session. The agriculture teaching,
Dr Rodrigo, and the veterinary will go live on public. It take us next 48 hours or so
to download, cut it the way it should be. And the public
can see what you saw. That, how the knowledge of a man
devoted to save humanity, has changed in one example,
the life of a woman with a young child. What will be released
what you seen here To you, could have been just few minutes
of your hours of your life. But, as Whole for Humanity,
is a change of course. Because what you will see,
it’ll be released, Is, you see a breast Cancer which
a lot of people never seen. And then you see nothing, but just water
and some fields giving life back. Our life’s started with some fields
and some water. Now, we have learn how to tap into it,
to change the course of diseases it caused us, when comes in interaction
with other things. What we will see, as we saw here in the conference
by public Please make it wider. Put it across the World. Put the video out, take a snapshot of it,
and put it down and make it across. What it shows? It’s a Cancer condition,
that is beyond repair up to today. But as members of the Council
decided last night, we put it out that the … others know there is a solution. It doesn’t cost
150, 200,000 dollars, to go and get a chemotherapy It doesn’t give you certification
for five or ten years extension of life. The present chemotherapy
according to Canadian research. If you receive chemotherapy
after age of 55 you are guaranteed
five to seven years life, at 98 percent of the cases
so you given a life sentence. This is long term research
done by the Canadian scientists Which it says, most of the people which
receive or will receive the chemotherapy after age of 55 to 60. Live between five
to seven years, and that’s it. But, pharmaceuticals
don’t tell you that. “We give you a death sentences,
your imprisonment is 7 years, 5 years.” And what they don’t tell you is, You don’t die of cancer,
you die of the simplest infections. Because, your immune system
is not working anymore. Simple flu, simple cold,
can bring you death. But, because they distance it,
they don’t follow it up to show it’s there. You see it rapid peak, according
to Canadian research, in death rate. It’s a very good thing
for the Insurance policies. You got a Cancer, we never got
to pay you seven years. With this technology, Oh! I’m making too much noise… [resolving technical difficulties] … So, what we see is, with this technology
there is no after effect, because the body accepts it. And as Dr Rodrigo mentions in this video,
many times, when you see it. It’s the Emotion of the Man
who wants, has the desire to live, that allows the change. So, you only receive
what you desire. You only change
according to your Emotion. And we’ve seen in the tape,
Dr Rodrigo explains it very beautifully. That is With the present technology, with present
chemotherapy and any other kind of Cancer, you sort the Cancer out. But, you don’t sort out,
the root of the Cancer, which the majority is the Emotion
of the Man itself. Where, at the present, we take a tumor out,
we bombard it with radiation, we do all sorts of
chemical injection to it, but we don’t look,
what created this cancer. What was the cause of it? And as it was said, 95 percent of the Cancers
are Emotionally related. He’s a very good student. I have to tell you, our, what we call ‘the mascot’
is with us today, very politely sitting down. They don’t tell you,
they don’t sort out. They only, try to do something with aftermath
of an accident. They don’t sort out the accident,
which can repeat itself. It’s very much like
you hit a car in the front. You go and change the damages
of the outside, the body. But you don’t go and repair
the breaks, which caused the accident. You had no break, that’s why
you hit the car in the front. It’s no good to keep on changing
the bonnet and everything else, when you haven’t
repaired the break. Because it’s the break,
that next time, will do the same job. With the present science
of Chemotherapy, with the science of Cancer,
this is what they do. They keep in repairing the aftermath,
but they don’t go to the source. With this technology, because we go
to the source, which is the Emotion. You allow the Man
to change his position In so many ways it’s… In so many ways over years
of working in this field, I’ve seen it many times The people,
create their own Cancer. By misunderstanding
their own Emotion, in respect to the people,
who had the Emotion about. This is the biggest problem. So, when you use
the Plasma Technology, and especially,
you use the Zinc and the CO2, you elevate the Soul of the Man. You elevate the Emotion so it’s get
stronger, then he can see clearly. In a way if you look at it from
the Human point of view. And then he finds out, a lot of things which he was, to him
the cause of the Cancer, never existed. Dr Rodrigo put it out,
as we teach normally. The left breast is
for the mother and child. The right breast is
for the lover. You find unfaithful father’s,
husband right Cancer. We see,
it’s very amazing when I look at people I know where to
look for the commotion. Even when you look at the
structure of the Cancer in the breast, you by location of the tumor,
you can see which lover, which part of the life. I’ll teach you later on. When you look at the breast cancer
on the left, in the position of the tumor, you know if it’s the mother
or the child. If you become so educated
the way we’re becoming, we can tell you if it’s the second child,
third child, if it’s a boy or a girl. The way the tumor positions itself. So, when most of the time
you sort these things out, and you allow them
through the process of the drinking and positioning in the
MaGrav systems. They realise, everything
they were thinking about, was false. And then, now they have to repair the
false images they made for themselves. My mother beat me up,
she was so rough, but it doesn’t tell you I used to kick everything out, the dog was,
I was kicking and everything else. So mum had to stop me and punish me,
but I always looked at I got punished, but I never looked at,
I kicked the dog first. With this technology, you find out,
it was me who kicked the dog. And then you find out,
Cancer changes. Because you elevate the Emotion to
the level of the Soul to understand, and that’s it,
you don’t need medication. A lot of you have
heard people say, “Oh, I took such a water, I did such
a thing, and the Cancer disappeared.” Doctors in some cases,
we got doctors here they tell. “Somebody’s got a Cancer”,
and after few weeks or whatever, “there is no Cancer.” Because, I tell you why. When you are told
you have a Cancer, and to all of us as the Human race,
Cancer means, ‘death sentence’. What do we people do? People who are honest with themselves,
they go and analyze their life. What went wrong, what have I done good,
what have I done bad, whats gonna happen to
the future of my children, whatever. And, in that analyzing,
they do what we do with the CO2, they touch the point, where
was the cause of the Cancer in misunderstanding,
misjudgment. Because, when you are on
your own you judge rapidly, I’m always right,
everything else I’ve been done wrong to. But when you get to the point of judgment
you know you’re sitting on a chair, you got a few months,
few years left, because of what you’re told, you don’t look at it that way,
you analyze it this way, and the people who are honest, and go to the source of understanding,
they do exactly what we do. They take the cause of Cancer which is
Emotional based, out of it, the body does not create
that strength, which led to the Cancer. Now we understand more and more
of the science of Cancer. So, with what we call
the ‘Plasma Technology’ with what you see, is not
that the tumor disappears, it is the mother
who understands that, some of the
assumptions she made, or was the cause of the Cancer,
was never there. Or she accepted that,
“I have to forgive, and forget.” And then, the Cancer goes. But, it’s very interesting,
very, very, interesting. A lot of you
looked at the image, we are not showing it
because the last time we put it on, places like Facebook and the others,
saw it as a Scientific, they put a warning on,
‘Over 18′. So, it’ll be placed on the secure server,
somewhere else you can see it. A lot of you looked at this
Cancer picture, the evolution of the Cancer
from a huge Tumor, and then reducing and then reducing,
and then pieces disappearing. And you looked at it as a scientific
medical presentation. I didn’t look at it that way. I’ve seen this video so many times, that when I show it in Accra
with Benjamin next to me, he goes sick he says, “No Mr Keshe,
don’t show it again.” But, you’ve seen something very strange
which none of you understood, go back to the Space technology which
we’ve been teaching in past 3 – 4 months. What I say, “When you arrive
at the point of destination, according to the environment
and how you feel you have to survive, you change your
physicality.” We change the Emotion. And you saw
how a breast changes physicality. I look at it
as a Space science. I look at it as a way how Man, fast,
in three months you’ve seen. Most of you saw the video,
the breast is about, hanging about here. And in elevating the Soul and the Emotion,
you’ve seen the whole body changes, and the tumor goes, and the
breast goes to a very little tiny thing. Three months,
less than three months. Now, you have learned how to change
yourself in the Space of Universe. When I told you when you come to
environment according to the Emotion, you change to fit the Emotion,
to the physicality according to the Soul. That’s the most prime example of it. Then when I tell you,
“You are all Man of Space,” “you don’t need to go 7 years in the
water tank to see how to change a screw.” “You change your body within seconds.” We’ve seen it, this is what
the Space technology is about. This is the Truth about, what about
to come to Mankind. It’s the Emotion which has changed,
something like a 3 kilogram breast, huge in size,
to more or less, the chest or breast of a mans size,
if you look at it. It didn’t take thousands of years. When you handle the Emotion,
you have handled the Space technology. Now you understand, all of you
have the capability to be in Space, and don’t have the fear, “If I’m left in the Space
what I’m gonna do?” You saw, in the confirmation
of the medical application, the confirmation of what is to come
in the Space Technology in what we’ve been teaching
for a long time. There are those who understood this,
this whenever I see this, I go back, into a
very beautiful Chinese teaching, In the Chinese culture, there is a saying,
they say, “The pain makes you think, thinking makes you Wise,
and Wisdom makes you rich.” It’s the same in the Space Technology,
the need to survive, makes you to touch your Emotion
in touching the Emotion, it gives you how you’ve got to survive
and with it you become Wise
how to exist in that environment. In so many ways,
in what is to be released, and it’ll become,
one of the flagship pictures, and videos of the Keshe Foundation
and for Humanity, is how we can extend, retract, create,
and then dismantle it ourselves. In that process, if you listen to the video,
Dr Rodrigo, His Excellency says
something very, very simple. He says,
“The body is rejecting Calcium” so now you know how
even to make material. Where did the Calcium come from
that the body is rejecting? So, you learn
how to produce materials. It’s that simple. You learn how to convert Matter,
into energy, and back into Matter when you don’t need it. And you are say,
“This is very strange!” Goes back to the
same teaching from the beginning. You remember I told you
you are all Chinese and you all been
making GANS in a World, when, you never knew,
you are all Nano makers. And when you put a salt in it
all you became, GANS makers? The Chinese been eating and making
Nano Material and GANS for Centuries. And then we thought, “Yes! Keshe Foundation
has brought something new.” No,
we just showed you. If it’s strange for you
the way you saw the breast, creating itself, and then demolishing itself,
and then going back to normal, You, if you look inside yourself,
all of you, have been converters
but you never knew. And if I explain to you in a simple way
in two seconds, please don’t walk out,
because you still need to learn more. We said, “You can transfer energy
back into Matter.” We said in the conference here, “We saw how Peter showed,
he can make Materials.” But look at something very strange, you talk about it,
but you don’t understand it. Doctors tell us, because they never
understood what to tell us. We accept the whole kaboodle
of what they never understood. You all have been
converters of matter to energy, and when you don’t change it
to the level you want it, or you change what you needed
and then you don’t want the residue, you convert it back to
matter again. You do it while
you’re sitting here. You’ve done it,
this is how you survive. You eat a solid,
goes in your stomach. Becomes Nano-Material through
the acid, the way you do it, through the salt of the body
or inside the stomach. You convert it into a GANS,
it goes your intestine, goes into your body,
whatever is not needed, comes back in, and then comes back
in the big intestine, converts energy back to Matter,
and you pass it out. What’s so strange about you talk about
what you’ve been created out of? So, if you understand the process, now
we have to understand the mechanism. You talk about it,
you drink water, from your mouth,
and then you go to toilet, as we say in the English language,
you urinate. How did goes from here
with all these walls and come out as a water again
as a Matter-State? You take it in as a Solid,
the stomach converts it to energy, goes where ever it does
what ever it does, and then it converts back from energy,
into Matter-State, as a liquid,
you get rid of it. So, the knowledge is there,
is for us to understand, which part, what it does.
In the teaching, as I explained, it’s very simple. In past couple of days,
I explained it in a very simple way, and, to repeat it, is very easy. What you do, what we have ignored,
and what we don’t understand, is that, our body is
one system body. Our body knows, as
Dr Rodrigo explained yesterday, 95% of 4 gases,
which makes our Amino Acid. So, to get rid of the gases, it has to
have a mechanism, for the gas engine. It’s like a car. The exhaust has to go out
what comes in. Because, without air,
you can’t run the engine. So, the 95% which is to do with the
gaseous part, is the lung of the Man. Then you have the physicality of
the man which is the other 5% which is the rest of the body,
in weight, in solid-state. So, every…
is there a problem… every part of your system,
works for that specific part or elements of what you
use from this Planet. The gaseous part deals
with the upper body, filtering, cleaning and
taking what it needs. The kidneys
are for the liquid part, because we came out of the sea,
it has to be done. And the solid part
is your digestion system. Then, you understand,
you’re just a recycling machine. Then, in that process,
in case we don’t have something left, that in case we might not receive
part of the minerals for a few weeks, or a few months, the body has
made a storage system. We store everything
in case we need it. You call it the liver. So, now you
have a factory with the warehouse. Now, you had a cleaning system. Now, the only thing is left,
is how you control all these that nobody puts too much out,
and everything is controlled. And at the same time, you have bunch of painters and
decorators and repair people, we called it
’tissue recycle’. Cells of the skin has to be changed.
Cells of bones… There is literally, a factory
with a huge number of workers. And all this needs a computer program.
That everything is done at the right time. It’s no use, me, cleaning the room, when
there’s nobody in it, or it’s not used. Or, putting food on the table
when there’s nobody to eat it. Or, cleaning the table
while you’re sitting trying to eat. Everything needs to be programmed. And body has made that program,
a computer center called the ‘brain’. So, that’s all we are. We are programmed and controlled. And as I’ve said many times,
despite the present fallacy in science, that you only use 5
or 10% of your brain. Oh God!, the guy haven’t got
even a clue of what he’s wrote about or what he’s talked about. Every single cell of your brain,
is 24 hours a day, from the time of the inception till you die,
even after your death, still working. How do you think every cell
changes 28 days on its own? How do you know which cell has to
change? Which layer has to change? How do you know which cell of the
heart has to change and when? As I said in many
of the teaching, doesn’t matter how old you are,
across this room. You start from dog which is only 3 years
old, to those of us who are in 70s & 80s. The oldest part of our body
maximum, is 9 years old. It’s our Emotion which takes the time
limitation, not our physicality. Our Emotion says:
“I’m 50 years old, I’m 60 years old” because I remember
what happened to me. But the cell which carried that
information, you call it ‘memories’, when it happened, when you’re a child,
is already dead 40 years ago. Every cell of your body
replenishes, recycles. So, now you come to understand, memories, or what we call
Emotion of the memories, is nothing but fields
with no tangibility. It’s a music on a CD Rom, where
the CD Rom continuously changes because it plays so much, it gets
scratched, so it has to change. So, the cell when you fell in Love
40 years ago, does not even exist. Now, go and find the cell, say,
“Why did I fall in love that time?” It’s just a memory, it’s a memory bank
which is left as a noise, as a field. So, if you understand this, the strangest
thing is, if your brain cell dies… Let’s say after a year, why do you give yourself
a Cancer 30 years later, for what happened in
physicality 30 years before? And the cells which created it,
then don’t even exist. Then, you understand the Emotion of
the Man is the control of the physicality, It’s the recording. It’s very much like
you put a CD Rom in the machine, and then you play music which
you married to 40 years ago, and brings
all the memories. But, in fact,
the wife is long gone. The hotel you got married in burned
down, and there’s no signs of it. But you carry the Emotion
of the feeling of that time. So, if you understand this, we understand the major part of the
physicality of the body of the Man, is Emotion of the Man,
in respect to his physicality, at the time
when the event happens. But it discards. Because if it’s going to
carry the wife and the building with it, soon, you become a Planet yourself. So, we just add up
information and we keep. An then when you find out,
something strange happens. When you put the Emotion, with what
Emotion has created with physicality, it needs, and creates a much stronger,
what you call the Soul of the Man. And then, the Soul takes control,
which means, you go from Soul for the Emotion
to have the physicality. If you look in the inception
of one egg and one sperm, there is no bones,
there is nothing else there. But, there is the Emotion of Love. Doesn’t matter how it’s conceived in the
Emotion of the interaction of the two. In that point, then, as more
cells and cells gather, they create their own
fields to have the control. And in controlling between
the physicality and Emotion, you create a stronger fields which are
released, you call it the Soul of the Man. So, for the first time, we understand the
Soul of the Man is the center of the Man, in the Centre of his brain. Because,
there’s where the control system is. Everything put together. Then you find out,
the physicality of the Man… is irrelevant. We saw, the breast changing. If you have the desire to be a white man
if you’re black… and you know which part strength
to produce, you’ll be white in a second. It’s strange to you. Look at the chameleons. How do they do it? It’s not they produced… they create Emotion. Why do you
need to change? Danger creates a strength, fields
which means protection. All I need to do –
I don’t need to hide and shrink. I just change my color. So, it shows as
human beings, we haven’t even learned
that much about life, not even as much as a lizard. So, you have to understand,
we need a lot to learn. But with the process we started
now, with the science and scientists who’ll come up with
the strength of different things soon will understand the strength of the Emotion
for change of color. The change of Emotion, for creating
huge breasts and retracting it. But they’ll become
very good at it. Instead of waiting 3 months
we’ll do it in 3 seconds. And then you’ll find out, you’ll change
your arms, your legs in Space. Because,
there is one point: They said “You do not know how you react,
till you are faced with the position
and the condition”. Man, having the knowledge
knowing that… he has to change
according to the environment. The first time you’ll,
shake and shiver. Can I do it?
Can I go through the mutation? Or can I go through the
adaption of the environment. And when you do it the first time… it’s easy, just like when
you jump in the water, you swim. If you don’t sink and you can float,
then you start fishing around. So, man has a lot of fishing
to do in the cosmos. And then, you’ll find out some of us
will learn very fast. Which way to go,
and some of us will be slow. Then you will have the coaches
and training and, very much like,
as I said before… “We go to the corner shop,
what is the Emotion to go to mars?” And you go to the other shop
they teach you, train you for a few days. How?
Like you learn a language. How about a second Emotion
in planet Zeus? And you go there – you don’t wait until you
actually getting there – you know how to create it. I said in one of the teachings… you become the actresses,
you’ve seen the actresses. You stand in front and they cry
and their tears just runs. So, you change the Emotion
to physicality of the liquid. Now you change understanding of how to change your
physicality to survive the environment. You will not be able to do it
here so fast. Because, first of all,
we are conditioned to environment. Secondly, we have accepted it
in the comfort zone. Which is the atmosphere
of this planet. So, in the process
of the technology. In now, that we
create different conditions, we start learning very quickly. You stand out and say,
“Look he’s in there!” “He’s changed two fingers with four.
How does he do that?” Because,
he’s in a fish tank. We create the environment for it
and we watch. So, in the coming time… in working
effectively. In understanding the real work
of our own physical body you all have become Man of Space. Tomorrow, two of our scientists
Jon and Armen, will show you a machinery that brings,
for the first time when you are in the environment of it,
inside it. You have to change,
you have no alternative. These are the Spaceships which is getting built
and developed and dictates people… and conditions that,
it’s not anymore swimming pool, it’s the field pools. Is the Plasma,
which is created and then you can adjust
each reactor in a way to give you the condition
of destination. That you have time to adapt
before you go. It’s very much like flying. If you are frightened of flight,
you don’t get in. But the beauty with this
technology is: Goes back to what we
saw with the lady with a Cancer. She understood,
we are not in her brain. In the evolution of the Emotion,
that, where she made a mistake that she wanted to, allow it to be sorted,
that it changed her physicality. But we saw the change. Those who will
enter these Spaceships soon understand,
if they can go or they can’t. Because, the True color
of their Emotion, through their Soul, is very much
transparent to the system. They cannot convert. When you cannot convert because you know you’re there
in the wrong reason, the wrong way it’s very easy,
you will not be able to go. It’s the Emotion
and the Soul of the Man which dictates,
the condition of the traveler’s space. Not the desire of the Man,
“I want to once see planet Zeus.” You have to understand the ethos. You have to understand
what comes with it. You have to become in a position
of knowing… you don’t take
and you don’t damage. But you are there to give and there is no fear of giving because,
the more you give, the more you receive. There are no judges
and there are no courts. It’s you, your Emotion,
which dictates the decision. I wonder when we make a tunnel,
how many will go through it, freely. You have to become detached. You have to understand the process
of detachment from the physicality. Because, when you are physically attached,
then you have to feed it. Then you have to clothe it. Then you have to lie about it. Then you have to cheat. Then you have to kill
to have the energy you want. And this is part of the process,
of the evolution of the Man. Baha’ullah, blessed his name,
says right in his writing it’s the last sentences
in the Kitáb-I-Aqdas: “The maturity of the Man
will come when Man understands
the mutation of elements.” It’s not that you manage
to change Gold to Silver. It means you can understand the change
of your Emotion to your Soul, that the physicality
can manifest itself. When you look at it in a World language,
as a matter, you think of Gold, Silver and you can change one into another. But in reality the writing of Baha’ullah,
blessed his name, is: “The evolution of the essence of
the Soul of the Man, with his Emotion.” Don’t forget,
many times, we say, “You have the Soul,
you have the Emotion of the Gold.” “When you hold your hand,
it’ll be Gold.” So, the mutation doesn’t come
from the change of elements. It comes from understanding
the operation of the Soul of the Man. And this is important. In so many ways, when you look
at the life of Christ, blessed his name it’s the same.
They put him on the cross. They’ve chained down the physicality. But he walked out of the Soul,
and created another physicality, because he understood
the full mutation. It’s very hard for a lot of people
to understand. But… if you look at it, it’s the
same process as you eat food. It converts into energy. Becomes the Calcium cell
of your body, as a bone. And then, when it’s time comes,
the Calcium the body takes back. And it goes back, and it gets
rejected as a matter again. It transmutes three times. The matter to energy,
becomes part of your body. And then again as a
physical part of your body. Then it has to transmute
back into the system. To go back again, to become solid,
to be rejected by the body. This is the beauty of life, if the man
understands the work of the Universe. But, in so many ways:
As we never looked at the reality fallacy’s taken over, and so we added
more and more to it. But, the video we saw yesterday,
from Dr Rodrigo, explains the whole cycle of life
in the Universe. Those who are looking for
a cure for Cancer, it means they haven’t seen the
reality of the work, of the creation. As they say, it’s an
old say, it says, “What you see in the pot I see in the clay and I see in the sand.” “You don’t know what you gonna make. Because it’s the first time
you play with the sand. That, if you become a pot. But, I know which sand
we need to have a pot. It’s no use putting water with granules
and hoping to make a pot. Where you know
which dust you have to take, that you can moisture it the right way,
that it sticks, then becomes a pot. In so many ways it’s us who has
to understand the process of the creation. Not the way it ends up
with physicality. But man has to understand that physicality
is the point of manifestation of the confirmation
of the existence of the Soul. So, you can manifest yourself
anywhere in the Universe. It’s just depends
if you want to be seen as a ten legged man
on this Planet that you would be the odd one,
they’ll put you in a zoo say you are animal or you decide to be the shape of a Man,
that you can work within the comforts, and live with the comfort
of the life of the planet. That’s all it is
there is no change there is no time to waste
to go back and not understand the whole process, and then
blame everybody else for it. The police of the Universe,
is the Emotion of the Man. And knowing, that it always
has to balance with the Soul. And if you understand this
you police yourself, and nothing can go wrong,
and as you understand, in the coming time when Man goes to Space,
Space will teach the Man one thing. Stay correct,
you live the life of the Universe. You take what is not
there for you to take, you’ll find out,
the life will be very short. Because you put a spanner in the work,
and somewhere it cracks. Try, when you become the Man of the Space,
one thing. Don’t think, “I am gonna be correct.”
Live, “I am correct”. And you live a correct life. The problem is,
as I said many times. We have a very bad habit. And I always referred to it,
the most beautiful picture with a little young girl, black. Sitting with the most beautiful blonde,
blue-eye, on a branch of a tree. She says, “Can I lick you?”
“Do you taste like chocolate?” Why do we need to lick to taste,
where we can see the Soul? That tasting, is the
biggest problem for Mankind. Because, what would the animal from
Planet Zeus, will taste like? And that, will start the whole rhythm
of killing, to be able to taste. What about if you ask, “Can I have the fields of the Emotion,
to know how it interacts with me?” “That I can manifest myself, my Emotion,
in respect to what you give me.” Then you find out,
you don’t need to consume. This is the biggest problem. And, how Mankind will pass this point,
will be the biggest test for Man. Would you like
to eat something else or do we rely on the Emotion of it,
what it gives us? Pleasure, seeing.
Do we need the sight? Or, do we feel the Soul,
according to the Emotion of the entity? That, I want you to see me
as 16 arms and 20 things. Because, I am very strange to you,
and by you looking at me, you can take a lot of pleasures
seeing something funny. So I make that,
till you are happy. But at the same time,
to another one, I’ll be human because, that way he feels safe,
that I’m not endangering his life, then he doesn’t need to kill. The process of the conversion
of the Emotion, from the fields it receives from the Soul,
is the biggest dilemma for the Mankind. And many shall fail. And those who fail to understand it,
will stay the citizen of this Planet. There is no examination,
it’s the Man who tests himself. According to the strength
of his Soul and the conversion of the Emotion
to physicality of the position. You come understand doesn’t matter
how deep you try to say, “I’m good.” As again Baha’ullah said
bless his name, “We test the Gold with fire
and we test Man with Gold.” The fire is understanding
the condition of the environment and the Gold is knowing.
if you stay still Gold, or you evaporate. This is the reality, this is understanding,
how fast you can convert. Look at the tape, go back,
on what is going to go on the Internet, in the next two, three days. When the webmaster has cut it. And then it’ll be loaded
by our people on the Internet. And, try to add
this part of the teaching to it afterward,
as a voice, as a recording. That not only we show
that through the new technology, we have found a solution
for what is the fear of the Man, which, it causes his own death. But, understanding the Truth about
the conversion, in the Space Technology. So, as we say in English, “With one bullet we kill two birds.” We teach the conversion
of the Man, the fear of himself. And the second way, we teach the
Space Technology which is to come. I tell you one thing, NASA will
shut half of NASA swimming pools. Because, now they understand
all they need to do, is just put some fields around it, and
make some reactors and they’ll be done. You got to realize,
in the process of conversion in life, through physicality
the strength of the Emotion is a filter. So, you have to start making filters
and the strength of filters. You have to start,
in so many ways, to change one thing. How to create what filters,
where, how, and when. You have to start understanding,
what I call, ‘the filter making’. As I said many times
we had a couple, a Spanish couple, in Barletta, they used to sit
in the second, third row. And many times,
when I said, “We start teaching about
motion of the material.” I could see him he was going like this
Ahh…… he was pressurizing himself that he creates enough field forces
that the cup moves, but it wouldn’t move. I explained to him couple of times,
he never understood. I said,
“You have to explain like magnet.” My Emotion that the cup has Emotion
the cup has a Soul. “I would like you to move, that you give
me pleasure of seeing moving”, the cup will move. The only thing is,
the Man never understood, that even a glass has a Soul. It’s made off elements of
the Plasma, that he’s made of. All he needs to do
is ask for the pleasure. But if the cup decides, “If I move
I fell off this chair, and I’ll break myself.” it says,
“No, not this time.” Many people you see moving objects
by looking at it, they have found that secret. The rest is a cover-up. It’s a very much like when we had the
Indian guru came to Desenzano. And, they were so proud of him. They hired a huge van,
he came, they bend in front of him. And his value was,
that he could fast so many time 21 days. And every time he fasted for 21 days
not eating anything, he became more holy. He sat in front of me,
I said, “I know your trick.” He said,
“What do you mean?” I said, “You’re trying to become
more powerful amongst your people, because you can fast for 21 days.” “I can tell you how you do it.”
and I explained to him. He said, “You found my secret.” I said,
“You had no secret, you are a cheater.” Because, if you learn how
to live without the food for 21 days, why are there so many people hungry
in India? You should teach it. He understood,
he said, “Our path does not cross”. I said “Because you are attached to
material world to get respect, I don’t”. “I just told you what to do.”
and I explained to him how he eats. Very simple!
If you look at the people who go and on diets, don’t eat, don’t do that.
You don’t need to do that kind of thing. Change your breathing system. Because Phosphor, Calcium
anything else you need in your physical digestive system,
is in the air. You breathe it, but because your lung
condition in the position of the body has been… just been adjusted that you take energy from what
you need, for your Emotional part. When you sit,
you see these people, watch them when they go
for 20 days, 50 days fasting. Every now and then they move slightly,
they change their breathing system. The rate of it
and by moving, they create now that you understand how you adjust
your MaGrav system to different strength They adjust their lungs to absorb
Calcium, Potassium. They can even eat a whole banana,
without actually touching a banana. Try it. So if you understood that, you find out
you don’t need to eat an animal. In Space, you adjust what fields
you need to survive, and it’s done. Why do you need to end a life? And if you like,
we publish his name. Go and become one of his followers,
that he got another 21 days on his book, but I teach you,
you can sit in front of him and you go for 42 days,
you become double holy. That’s how simple it is. All you need to do… now that
we understand the Space Technology, we understand the work of the Plasma. We seen how Peter produces
Matter-State out of the fresh air. You do the same thing,
adjust the fields in your lung. And don’t forget,
there is one thing: In the Space where you breathe,
you continuously absorb everything which is in it. It’s a sucking machine,
it’s a vacuum cleaner. So dust of Calcium, dust of Gold, which
has come from upper atmosphere which is continuously added to the
surface of this Planet, comes in it. But it depends, how you
change your breathing and if you understand,
this breathing is for water, you absorb enough water
that you don’t need to drink. The fallacy that, the water in your lung
comes from inside the body, Is totally wrong.
We have shown in teaching. The moisture in your lung, comes from
the interaction of the air, inside it, which you breathe in. You change the Oxygen and the
Hydrogen in a way, that continuously creates moisture. But, if you can, now you understand,
change the speed. You drink two or 3 liters of water,
as a energy gets absorbed into the body, you don’t
need to drink water. Then do the same with Calcium
and anything else. You can put your mind because it’s there
in the Emotional part of the body I need all the vitamins for today motion. And you will absorb it, because it’s
part of the desire to receive. Jacky tried once for a few days but the physicality of the Planet
took over the Emotion of the Man. If we stop, we will see that
we don’t need to consume. And very strange. Do we need to clothe ourselves? I wonder if there are any Armani
in the depths of the Universe? I will go to Planet Zeus
to buy Armani suit. I wonder if ever Armani understands,
how the suit will look, in the depth of the planet Zeus. You have to come up with a new
material, that it fits the environment. It’s no use wearing a dinner
jacket suit, and going swimming. And it’s no use going with a bikini
in the North Pole to live. Unless you know, it’s just something
on the top, because you can control the temperature inside. So, what we come to, what we understand
from the teaching of this conference, maybe it’s one of the most fundamental
part of these conferences, is the video which is
going to be released. Not only showing the Emotion of
the Man in conversion but showing how Man can convert
himself in any dimension in the Space. This is your biggest fear. One of the reasons you stay
Man of this Planet is because you don’t know what’s
on the other side of the hill. And the other side of the hill
is called Earth atmosphere. Not many people would dare to go.
As I said before, to some Space scientist “If we let the Man go in Space, if his
rope cuts, he’ll freeze and he dies”. No way! let….
You know they said the guy said, “So many decades ago, this will happen,
is such a thing, how did he know?” I tell you something,
let Man get lost in Space and see how he will change
and come back and survive. The fear of survival in the condition
of the environment he’s moving, will change him, he’ll survive. But when he comes back,
you won’t get the same Man. You might get the physicality,
because now the survival, the Emotion of surviving, has made the
Man stronger in knowing that he can do. It’s very much like divers. They know they can go, they go deeper,
and they test deeper. We got to learn,
that our fear of existence here and the way we have attached
ourselves to physicality will allow us
only live in this Planet. Beyond it, is impossibility,
because we have made this cage. We have made this prison
and we have accepted this prison. And those who could understand
the fear of leaving this prison, makes us to give anything for it. They have made the churches, the mosques, and synagogues
and the rest of it. If Man knew,
how to conduct itself it does not need no Bibles,
no Koran, no nothing, because he carries, as part
of the Ethos of his own Soul. And this is the biggest problem. Man will be tested in the Space,
where he carries no books of his own imagination,
but he carries the Ethos of Space. Not to imagine, to do anything wrong,
but live the correct way. You’ll find out in the coming time very soon, as I said before,
we are getting closer and closer that if you wanted to see
the Soul of Christ, you will see it. Then it’s for you to change it
to it’s physicality which fits you. And then I wonder if you stay Christian
because you’ll find out the state of the Soul of you, has
become the state of Soul of Christ, as it’s written in the holy books. The state and the station
of the Man at this age has reached the level of
the Prophets of the past. It’s the writing of Baha’ullah It’s not that you become,
but you come to understand the position. Then you understand
you are all Prophets. Because, you do exactly
what is written in all what you call, ‘the holy books’,
to be correct in conduct of the Soul, and not the physicality. And if you don’t carry the Emotion of
doing wrong, you shall do no wrong. Tomorrow,
in part of the conference we’ve given the whole morning
to the new Space reactors. Not when you see the reactors
when it’s presented by Jon and Armen. Don’t look at what is the reactor,
how many cores… Look at the fields, which these can
create, that you can connect to it to allows you to
become Man of Space. Don’t become, again back,
into the position of looking at “we have a Spacecraft” The thing is that Spacecraft
creates a condition of one position. It’s for you to see if I can change
into that position, that I can travel into it. Unfortunately, it won’t be like
the present jetliners. We control the condition the criminals, the kings, and the priests,
can all walk in. It’s very strange when
you come from Africa, specially come from Kinshasa, usually. You find a lot of priests coming in,
to Europe. And then you find in the first class
a lot of ministers and prime ministers come to Europe too.
One is a thief of the Soul of the Man, and one is the thief of
the finances of the Man. But they all carry in the same place. On a flight, coming from
Kinshasa years ago, I asked this man of robes,
sitting there, trying to read his bible. I said, “Why are you going to Europe?” He said, “There is a shortage
of priests in Europe. We can’t make finances. So, we have to go there to make sure
the Vatican gets right???? The white’s don’t become priests anymore,
because they realized doesn’t pay anymore. And the Vatican and the church
is a path of freedom from the miserable life of Africa. Been on many of these trips. I worked in Africa for
nearly thirty years. And then, you walk
into the first class, you sit and you
see the minister. I’m going to sign,
it’s such a such a contract, and I have half a bag
of full of diamonds, which’s come, nobody knows,
I carry it as a ministerial bag. You got to understand
the reality is very simple. Is, how we choose to steal has given us different position
and we get different disguises. In so many ways,
the power of the man… Thank you very much. One of the… few safe hands you can drink
water in Keshe Foundation from. The last time they gave me a cup of soup
by Mr DL, carried, ‘cyanited’. And very strange, there is a picture
me, sitting behind a computer. He was supposed to be
the last picture before I die, that the books should be
published in his name. And then he said,
“I had a heart attack.” There are very few safe hands
you can rely on. And that’s the Trust
of the Soul of the Man. In so many ways,
you have to understand, that the position
of the Soul of the Man in, what it takes, it dictates
the physicality of the Man. In what you do, you can
and you can extend it to become manifest in two,
three places. There it comes,
Australia is walking in. Good morning! What is important,
in this conference, as you see, we have many people
from many nationalities and different part of the world.
Or part of the world they come from but they
don’t want to be connected to because now they are Canadian Americans,
but they are originally from Australia but they came from Slovenia
and everything else. But, if you look at yourselves
in this conference, you are exactly like the
breast of the woman. You have mutated to fit the
environment you are in, and how you feel safe. Black, white, Chinese. Whatever you are,
you have mutated. So, it took you
thousands of years to do it. We’ve shown you a system
it does it in three months. And then, if you become expert in it,
you can do it in few seconds. Now that you know the path,
it should be, become very easy. It won’t come by CO2,
it won’t come by Zinc Oxide it will not come by GANS
of god knows what. It comes by the Emotion of the Man,
how you energize that reactor. As long as you don’t carry
the true essence of, “I create this for humanity, not
for me in to be the first one.” You’ll never make it. And somebody comes with a pure heart,
understanding that the evolution of the time, dictates the creation
of new Space Science. Then you all walk in’s It is very easy. It is very easy to make a misjudgment
and don’t understand. When you come to a structure
of the Space flight, in so many ways,
we have explained it yesterday, and maybe, as part of the teaching,
as we show the video, we’ll show another piece to it. Is very much repetition of
what we said yesterday. But, that was exclusively for you,
now we teach the rest of the World. In so many ways, as we said,
the fuel of the Universe is Deuterium. You can not work
without the Deuterium. And, the reason for it is,
it has the energy balance, enough to create, to keep a weaker
in position of the two. But, in juggling between the two, it releases it’s energy, which
if you know how to capture that energy, it becomes the fuel of Space. In so many ways,
we have to understand how we fuel it, what’s
the reason behind the fueling. And if you take, and understand
the work of Deuterium, then you understand the CH3, which you’ve been relying,
and so heavily for energy, is a Carbon, a Hydrogen
and a Deuterium. But, your problem is how to lock up these two, that you can use this
for a Space Technology. We understand, Jon? Where is Armen?
He is gonna shoot himself. It’s okay. When we explain, the release
of production of CH3, all of you looked and you heard it yesterday,
Dr Rodrigo says, “You don’t use CH3 in Cancer cases,
because it gives energy to the Cancer” But, the way you created the CH3 from the interaction
of nano-coated Copper and a galvanized element. Which is, due to galvanization,
carries different properties, as we explained yesterday. In the center is Iron
outside is mainly Zinc and Nickel. So, that space
allows you to create the CH3. There is a small trick. Peter are you listening? You should be able to know,
what i am talking about. In placing a condition
in this chap here you’ll be creating Deuterium,
beyond the imagination of the Man. When you engage the two,
something else. But understand:
it’s the Plasma. (technical difficulties)
… do you want me to put it on my nose? So, what you get is this piece.
As I’ve said before, “We are in a fast track,
to become Man of Space.” So, for two or three years,
you lot have been playing with CH3. I see you lost, Jon? Is it in your pocket? Tomorrow you will see Deuterium in three
different colours, with the Hydrogen. Do you have him with you? Where are your little jars? Can we have it,
please? Oh, no. You can show it tomorrow.
Let them … Let them be excited. That they’re gonna see
something strange tomorrow. Jon has brought with him the material, which he can use
to create the space fuel. But still is at the infancy. He has brought you
different, three different, am I correct three different type? Two different type,
he’s forgotten the third one. That’s good enough because,
you can fuel it either way you like. And, he says, “How come they are different
colour, I have another color.” “Yes?”
“The White House is calling” (laughter) I did that with a Vietnamese Ambassador
in one of the Ambassadorial meeting. He was busy, going like this. I said,
“Excuse me Your Excellency.” “You know in a official meeting
with all the Ambassadors in the room.” “You are not supposed to be
using your mobile.” Then we found out
what it was used for. He was literally
lining into White House. We finished the meeting at
10 o’clock in the morning. On Sat… 10 o’clock at night,
after dinner. And, 9 o’clock the next day,
White House issued a decree against the scientists
who know more than the Americans. So, I hope, you passed
the message on well. So what it is. This is what has been with you,
I said to you many times, “I play it so open, that because it’s so
in front of you, you don’t see it.” It’s like a Love affair, you never see how
much your wife loves you because, you’re so close,
you’re blind to it. I brought the fuel in front of you,
and you’ve all been playing with this guy. Nobody stood still! What is all this?
Why does he give us everything? Because? Have a look. Space fuel. You were happy
to be the fuel of the Man. I was carrying, in the backpack hidden,
the fuel of Space. Come to the front,
you don’t need to stand up. The front seats
are much more expensive. He’s going down,
slowly, slowly. Come and sit at the front! You got to realise that… Good morning Italian delegation.
Italian always come late. The later they come, the
higher Love and respect they have. Forget about the French
they turn up for dinner for instant breakfast if it’s,
they are very important. So, what you need to understand, is that,
I have dangled, this fuel in front of you.
And, as you’re all so physically attached, you couldn’t see,
there’s a Deuterium there. And in many teaching I said,
“The fuel of the Space is Deuterium.” And, all of you have been making it. Very good Deuterium is black in colour, and I have about
20-30 liters of it in Ghana, that’s why we are flying out of Ghana. And I, produce it in CH3 boxes. We produce average
about 2-3 liters a day. And its very strange,
Richard are you awake? (R) Yeah! (MK) He set it up the three on the left,
and the three on the right Against the window,
the three on the right, when you left. Because I didn’t wanna show you
how to make Deuterium, Now they’re only making Deuterium. Yeah. You’re not allowed back. But, what we do. We produce Deuterium
next to CH3. Sometimes, when the
boys get it wrong Suddenly it becomes CH3,
and then it flips back to Deuterium. This is why the depth of the Space is dark,
because of the high saturation of Deuterium. This is the reason, because what happens,
in compression of the balance, the existence of the, what we call,
‘free Plasma’ of the Deuterium, creates transparency of its light,
in respect to its environment. Now you know, why the Space
is so full of energy but it’s dark. But, in interaction
with another Deuterium, it releases enough energy,
that it stays transparent. So, if you come to Ghana? Deuterium fuel for Space, at the moment,
stands about 10 million dollar a gram. Anybody want some? We gotta finance the Space Centre. And we produce it. And I’ve told them what their producing,
that the scientists in the Ghana, understand exactly
what they are producing. And its very nice, illusive black And doesn’t matter how much
you GANS wash it, still it stays black and illusive,
but it’s very luminous. You know it
when you see it. If you condition it in a different way
with a Carbon, you get, a slightly creamish colour. A slightly yellow colour. What other colours you have Jon? (JB) It’s like dark blue (MK) Dark blue one. I have light blue. Now you know what it is,
that’s the purest. You see I don’t teach him.
He doesn’t want to talk, he’s got the whole three hours tomorrow,
we have a double-act tomorrow. Jon and Armen you got to realise, both, are the heads of the
Keshe Foundation Arizona Space Research which we’re setting up,
and now it going. And Jon does the
physical structures, and Armen does the imaginary part
you’ll see the imaginary part tomorrow. And you’ve seen the work of Jon
for many times, in many presentations. We need the statistic
and we need the static systems, that we can, actually physically
understand, what’s the behavior. The research done in Arizona
the way Jon does it, is the backbone of the Space Technology
if you understand. I hope he’s done another CO2 in it. She’s not bothered
she’s still watering it. Yes, please don’t forget
to water the plants in front of you the flowers and tomorrow when we finish,
take your flower home. Because you’re
not taking a flower home. The flower has taken the knowledge
as much as you have, it’s alive
and it’s got a Soul. When you touch it
it brings you the knowledge you’ve missed. In so many ways, you all have been
in the Space business for three years. But we didn’t tell you. Now, it’s for you to find a way
how to change your CH3’s into fuel space. You were happy
with the fuel for the Man. You were going for CH3,
CH3 is the original sugar of the backbone of the creation
of life on this Planet. Without it, life would
not have happened. But, if you can change it,
you can interact with it. If Armen was here he would have told you
he’s pushing it but he doesn’t see it. And, I never tell him anything,
I leave it for him, because he imagine’s good. So he gives us a new dimensions, in the school of thoughts,
of the Plasma Technology. But, he says, “You don’t tell me everything”
and I said, “If I tell you everything
you become copycat”. “Nobody will learn.” But, if you understand this. If you understood how,
you created a CH3. And if you understand how
this can be created, you’re all Man of the Space. The reason for it is very easy. You fuel your Spaceship with this,
and you fuel Man with this. But, if you get it right in the reactor,
you can do the two at the same time. There is a reason why you don’t see it,
it’s very simple. Because, in the present Matter-State you look at the Hydrogen, Carbon,
Hydrogen, Hydrogen and a Hydrogen, and a Carbon and a Hydrogen
and a Carbon and a Hydrogen. In the World of the Plasma,
you look at this, the Hydrogen is here, Deuterium is here,
and the Carbon is here. There all on the back of
the same Plasma. Ahh Armen, you missed a lot…
He said: “It’s okay it’s on the internet” You get the voice but not the Soul,
I was giving a lot of Soul. Is there. So, what you come to understand: In a Matter-State,
they explain to you the fallacy of this, in a Plasma-State,
you work with this. One of the reasons why the
World of Science has gone so wrong, as I explained many times, is the way
they represent a Carbon an H, an H an H or whatever,
they link it. If you look at it in reality, it’s like this;
a Carbon, an H, an H, and an H. Not all of them are positioned,
the way they want to tell you. If you understand this, then you
understand there’s a lot of energy which is kept and controlled. There was a very interesting
discussion on the dinner table, by the man in a beard …
If I find him? He was explaining, sitting across Armen,
with the glasses… He says: “The Hydrogen is at
120 degrees, and if you give it the right energy,
it goes in line”. Correct? He’s sitting there. He’s looking at me.
He’s not talking… [laughter inaudible response] Oh! He was explaining it
very good in English. He understood part of the game.
The other part is that… if you can change
it from 120 degrees and understand there is a third one 120 degrees,
when you bring these two for these to move in to be balanced,
releases a lot of energy. You see I don’t sit in the cafe and
just have a dinner, I listen to everybody because you listen through your ears,
I pick up your Souls. So, I can tell you more.
In so many ways, if you understood the work of the Plasma, if you create the
right condition for CH3 in your reactors you will have the Deuterium. A young chap yesterday, came to me
and he showed me a diagram with the CH3 inside and then
something else outside. He understood but he’s not sure. In a way, if you look at it. If you can create… …there is nobody behind
the board anymore. If you understand, in your
Space reactors, I keep on telling you, you need double core,
Mr Armen. He has double core,
we’ll see tomorrow. You call it ‘Acidic’ or ‘Alkaline’. I call it very simple. [MK writes CH3 inside the Centre circle
and C inside the outer circle] …Yes? ….[inaudible question]
your not supposed to ask questions it’s a teaching time…
Yes, yes. You ask [laughing] But, if you understand? If you create enough of that,
you’re talking about Plasmatic fields, you’re talking about Plasma,
you’re talking about GANS. You’re not talking about
the molecular structure. Do you see the light? Do you understand it? [inaudible interaction with participant] The board is very… Ah, that’s the whole secret!
The smaller it goes nobody understands. [laughter] Okay I’ll go very bigger… Is this good enough for the blind?
[laughter] There is a place called …
Yes! You need to go to them and say,
“I need some of these please.” Unless you can see through the eye of
your Soul then you don’t need that way. So, those of you who’ve been looking
to create Deuterium or the property of the Deuterium,
I gave you everything before. If you put enough of it in,
and ratio it the right way, and Doctor Rodrigo keeps on
telling you, 2 : 1, 3 : 1. [clears throat] You link the Carbon, in a Plasmatic
condition you link the Hydrogen. You know if you don’t understand,
C goes with C, the O in connection with Hydrogen,
you know what it does, it takes two of it,
but it leaves a free H. But, if you have enough free H’s here…
you got your Deuterium. Then, if you understand it, go back
to the work which was done with the time of teaching:
How you change Alkaline with Acidic? If you know there is a secret
in the whole process, that this chap, without doing anything,
the guy behind me understood but he’s not doing it and
I’m waiting for him to do it. Armen …
you keep the Carbon link, you create a condition,
where, big bunch of these, behave like this,
inside this part. Now you don’t need to change Matter. Now you create Deuterium here,
more than here. [inaudible whisper to Armen] You understand?
Now you know! [inaudible response from Armen] So it’s your problem, I fly in Ghana.
Arizona has to fly too. So, what you see,
you don’t need… Don’t look at it in a Matter-State.
Look at it in a Plasmatic-State. If you don’t have a Carbon connection
strength, you have a problem. But in Space you don’t need it,
but this is at least an interim that he can just take-off a little bit,
be happy at least we don’t wait for 3 years, for doing nothing.
Oh my God! There’s another million in China doing it. So they didn’t see it.
That’s their problem when you don’t see. Yes. Good Morning Doctor. I told you the Italians
come as late as possible. They’re usually the last people
in all the conferences and teachings. So, now you understand.
You keep the link. Because, here on this planet,
you forgot about something. In all these, you have your H2O too.
Both sides. Hihiiim … Now you go like this
“Oh God, why did I do?” It’s okay, you’ll fly tomorrow.
No problem. We have it. So, you got to understand,
if you go a step further. If you go a step further,
and understand the whole process. God bless the Soul of the Man,
if he understands what I’m about to write. That! We’ll do it here
with different color. There is a very big question. If you look in a Matter-State, if you look in a Plasma-State. You’re too late, we already done that. Just about 10 minutes before you go,
you went for a smoke, you smoked everything up! Now you understand what’s going on, If you don’t see it… Big enough? Go back on a teaching
of Dr Rodrigo yesterday. Understand, you’re
dealing with a Plasma. Understand what is Carbon. Understand what’s Oxygen. Understand multiple of the Plasmas,
can give effect of the same. Understand that you can
have Deuterium at any time. One coffee! Understand that… Understand, you’re dealing in a Plasma-State,
not in a Matter-State. If you get and understood
what Dr Rodrigo told you by the ratio
of filling up your bags The water which you carry in your CH3,
by the ratio of understanding it, Will give you Deuterium here,
or Deuterium here. According to the current you put through,
the transformation. You’ve seen the work,
but you never understood. You talk about the Amino Acid of the Man. Sorry, but, you don’t see
the conversion of the numbers. If you get the right conversion,
this stays neutral, then you can convert
Carbon to behave like a Oxygen. And in the teaching of, up to now, I taught you something very, very simple,
but maybe you understand. Iron, is the what you call the magnets,
creating positioning on Earth. In the gaseous part,
it’s the Oxygen which plays the game. In the Deep Space, it’s the Carbon. or what we call
“Crystal structure of Carbon behavior.” Now you have, more or less,
the three magnets of the Universe. there are more
to understand. Good morning! Armen says, “Thank you.” Lawyer of mine in Manchester says,
” Don’t thank me, pay me!” So, Fly. Now, you understand, more and more,
about the riddle of the work. If you get your ratio right,
you lock this to this. And then you decide how much of this,
will come to work with this, and, allows this to behave as Deuterium. Or, how much of this,
is going to lock with the water? With this one, that this becomes
a gravitational point. All you do,
you change your gravitational from the center to the magnetical outside
and return it back. This is what your body does. It change the solid, converts it to energy,
back, again to solid and you reject it. Doesn’t do anything else, and all of it
is done 95% of the body of Man is made up. If, 95% of the body of the Man is this, And, we known, by mass, about
70-75% of body of the Man is made of this. How much of which is going where? The riddle is solved,
if you understand it. Then,
what is very strange for you, is, something very interesting. In creating
gravitational magnetic field within the mass structure
of the gaseous of this Planet. And if you understood this,
and you understood this. Are you wondering
why you’re walking upright? You already been in Space, but you haven’t
managed to lift it a little bit higher. If you look at the
structure of the plants, they work through this structure. But, they use a slightly different way,
in a different structure of the, using the Matter-State,
how much they’re going to be attached, to the Earth,
the physical part. Have you ever seen greens flying in the air?
And you can grab it? Very difficult, huh? So, now you understand
even why you’re walking upright. This will be very hard to translate,
the Emotion of a doctor. Hand up. In the transcripts. So, if you understood? The body of the Man in essence, carries not the Hydrogen,
but the Hydrogen behaving as Deuterium. You should have flown 2 years ago. Yes! Now, it’s better. If you understand this position. By manipulation of the Oxygen,
in the water of the body of the Man, you get the ratio. This is why your lymph
needs a different chamber in the heart, and your blood, and the immune system
use different chamber of the blood. If you understood that, if you remember
in the teaching of the medical part, we explain that each chamber
has a pressure, for immune system, for the lymph system,
for the other one, and the other one. But collectively when they work,
in the energy of the Emotion. If you look at it, in the essence of the Creation
of the physicality of the Man, The heart, each chamber is tuned to strength of one
of the four elements of the amino acid. Which is the blood of the Man. And, in their interaction,
what you receive, because now it’s
the Matter-State of the Plasma, the Field strength
becomes Emotion. That is why when
you fall in love, the heart goes. What’s got to do with the heart? Because the fields flow, the amount of the
matter change conversion comes, touches the Emotion of the man,
then you go crazy. This is Emotion,
and this is the Emotion of the physicality, and then you have a brain,
which is the Emotion of the upper part. when this goes hits there,
voila, the two Emotion interaction, feeds the Soul of the Man. And if it’s two heart, you fall in love,
and this is one of the reasons, why they say scientifically, the
love doesn’t stand more than 3 to 5 years. you fall out of love,
and that’s why even the writing of the prophets, they say, “I made your
to make children that they may love me, that they may mention my name,
and by mentioning my name they give me.” It’s in the writing of the Baha’ullah,
bless his name. And then you understand,
that the Emotion, changes, because now you were in Chicago
breathing different kind of Oxygen. Now you moved to New York or London,
or in Rome, it’s different kind of Oxygen. So,the strength of the Emotion what was love,
now it becomes hate. He calls in a mistress,
because he have to confirm you still exist. It is, me too,
and then it’ll be very strange. Why do the people come to Rome
the city of romance? Because the Gravitational Magnetic Field
of this part of the Planet, by accident falls near enough
to the Emotion of love. Because,
it’s not just us, Earth has Inertia fields,
and he has a Gravitational field. The filter is,
this is the Source, it’s the soil of this country,
happened to be around Italy. A lot of water swimming underneath,
continuous, so, it allows us
to fall in and Love. You become Italian man,
very romantic. Just happen to be at the strength
of the Emotion of the love. So, if the Italians can produce a machine,
to measure the strength Field of the Earth, around this area,
we have found the first secret. How to be romantic. Romance has its own strength field,
like hate, Love and everything else. So,
it gives you a dimension. Now, if you understood this,
when the physical pressure does not match
the Emotional pressure, the Emotional release, feeds the energy,
which the Emotional part of the Soul, which is the part of the… upper part
of the body which is the gaseous part, cannot handle it, it releases its energy,
and you call it a brain hemorrhage. And depending on the
position of the heart, in the chest, you’ll find out most of the damages
come to this side. Because, the heart is a bit to the left,
in the way it doesn’t go up straight, it hits this part and it blows itself up,
it’s a volcano. The heart attack you get,
the brain hemorrhage you get, comes from the energy released
on the left side. If you do some research,
which I’ve done. You’ll find out, the position of the heart,
in respect to the shape of the brain, will dictate how much of which one,
if it’s very, very fully lefted, complete this,
you see huge paralyzes on the left side. If the brain positioned,
in respect to the heart, is more to the center, you see some
damages on the right side too. Depends if the Emotion comes
from not being able to talk, not being able to declare what you feel,
Emotionally, you get the paralyzes on the lips
and not talking. Then now we understand,
when you handle a stroke patient
or brain hemorrhage. Find out, which part of
the Emotion has been touched. And then find what you call
in your Matter-State, the strength of its frequency
and you feed it with that GANS, you’ll find out they walk off. So, in so many ways, goes back to
our friend, the level of Deuterium. Any questions? Don’t ask me for the Soul from Rome,
you can go and get it outside. I think Rick is still asleep. (RC) Hello, I’m here.
(MK) Where there? (RC) I am here,
thank you Mr Keshe. And once again I’ll remind our viewers
here in the zoom chat that they can put their hand up, and
become a panelist if you wish to speak. Now..
(SE) Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes.
(SE) May I ask a question please? (MK) Yes. She is the General Secretary
of the Universal Council, she can ask any questions. But it doesn’t mean we’re gonna answer it.
And as her husband always says, used to be Mr Bla Bla and Mrs so and so,
now it’s Mrs so and so and Mr Bla Bla. We call her Mrs Westinghouse
from her old position. (SE) When you were talking earlier about
to change the Oxygen level, is what’s going to change
the energy we get from the CH3 to come out into the Deuterium,
I believe is how this went. I was thinking, and then you went to
the heart and originally I was thinking, is this controlled more by the
breathing of the lung? Since we’re working
with the Oxygen level. (MK) Yes! But you have
to remember one thing, how you control your breathing,
through your Emotion. (SE) But it’s,
is it through the… Okay. Okay, here’s where it gets…
I’m going confused. Is it through the working
of the lung itself, or is it more through the… the putting of the energy of the Oxygen…
(MK) You see, you got to remember one thing,
look at the physical structure of the Man. Why the heart is positioned
inside the lung? Go back in the teaching,
even doctor Rodrigo, from previous teaching we done
he repeated it yesterday, that we say, “The body of the Man absorbs
80% of it’s energy from it’s environment,” “and 20% of it
by eating.” Now, if you understood,
it should be very easy for you to understand the next space
of the understanding. They are putting too many pens here
and I can’t change. Don’t forget I’m a Man, I’m not
multi-tasks, so I can’t do too many things. Repeating what was just said,
if you understood. This is the body of the Man,
I hope, I’ve never been a good drawer. It’s a bit long-sided, but
I think its got something called a leg to. If the man takes 80% of his energy
from his environment, which is totally loose. Now, you understand the fallacy
of the science of the Man. The heart of the Man, sits within the structure
of the lung of the Man. As we say in English, “What is good
for the goose, is good for the gander.” If you are absorbing 80% of the energy
from the environment around you, now you understand the
conversion of the energy which is given to the blood
to come to the heart, it can’t be more than 20%. The heart gets most of its energy
directly from the conversion from the lung. Then you understand you don’t need
that much working for the heart, let it rest. So, the heart itself to
energize the blood, the way it comes in,
it doesn’t get energized by transfer of energy just
as it goes through the heart. Because the energy received
by the heart from the lung is 80% of it. And then,
if you understood this, you understand how the Indian
guru was feeding himself. The way
you change the position of the lung, you change the energy and through it
you feed the Emotion, you reduce the consumption of the energy
in the physical part, because now your transferring
Plasma to Plasma. You’re not transferring Matter
to the direction of the Plasma. So, the energy transfer is so fast
but because it goes through the wall of the body of the man,
through the heart the same, now you can control Emotion, very rapidly
with it, the control of the heart. It’s the Emotion in energy transfer which
creates the condition of the heartbeat, and not the other way around. You feel safe in respect to the environment, 60 over whatever is good,
or 90 over whatever is good. or 12 over,
whatever is good. What do you do in high blood pressures,
now we use in GaNSes. All you do, you change the environment
within the body. The field transfer, and then in turn,
affects the blood pressure, because you work through
the energy of the Plasma, you don’t work through the energy
of the Matter-State of the blood, you touch the Emotion. When we use CO2 and Zinc Oxide,
we elevate the Emotion of the Man, which effects directly,
through the Emotion of the physicality, through the heart
to the brain of the Man, and Emotion conversion
of energy from the Soul. I asked Giovanni one day
to bring an MRI. It’s very coincidental.
I opened the MRI of Naomi, and I can show you the position
of the Soul of Naomi. It’s there. You see it. This is what I told to Giovanni. If the doctors manage to do the correct way
of taking MRI in the right slices, You find the position of
your own Soul. And the smaller it is the
more powerful it is. You don’t look for a huge space,
that’s a habit of the Man. You look for a very small dot.
It’s black because its hollow. Sits just in the center
of the brain of the Man. When I showed it to Giovanni… Then you don’t work
to touch the physicality, You touch the Soul
because you know where you direct it. And to me its easy
because I know the position. We did that with Naomi the last day
she was getting moved in the hospital. You reach the Soul
and she moved the physicality. Correct? We don’t do magic,
we understand the Totality. And many of the doctors
many of the physicians, if understand this,
when a patient stands in front of you. you don’t prescribe paracetamol,
this and that. You are there to give from your Soul
not from your pen. You give to the Soul,
and the body shall move. This is what Christ did
when there was a body on the floor. Resurrection comes from
the elevation of the Soul of the Man. Then the physicality follows. And man has not understood that yet. Any other questions? Yes! Just one second please
I have to give you a mic. We have one other person listening
on the Internet somewhere. (H) I want to go back a bit.
You showed us the how… (MK) can you introduce yourself who you are?
(H) Yes I am Rui from Portugal. I am a Council Member,
and I am curious about what you showed that you adding four,
with the Amino Acid’s which part, and then you correspond Emotion one,
and something else I didn’t get it. But you didn’t talk about the other two parts,
so I am curious which part what’s means. (MK) The heart you have… The way, you have to understand,
this is the physicality presentation. You have the lymph. Lymph has a slightly
different Amino Acid gravitation. Yeah? So, it needs a different kind of
field pull gravitation, to pull the lymph in
which is connected to this. You have the blood which is the other one,
it’s got to do the physicality, and you have to do
with the immune system. The immune system. One of the chambers
is responsible for immune system. Because, the pressure it creates here
goes on the top of the bone of the Man, like in the Femur,
it creates the right pressure for T cells to be pulled up.
It’s not random. It’s controlled by one of the chambers. One of the chambers of the heart,
the pressure of it, doctors can tell you each
one has different pressure. The pressure, gravitational-magnetic field
of one of the chambers, is connected to the field-strength
of the, what you call, the Amino Acids. Which are responsible for
T cells and B cells in the immune system. The immune system deficiency,
doctors go and look where it is. Look at the heart. Look at where where the problem is, you
fix that, there is no immune deficiency. The deficiency comes when one of
the chambers is not operating correctly. So, not the right amount of T cells
are extracted from the bone and not extracting
the right way. Not right amount of, what you call lymph,
has gone through the bone and then it goes through
your digestion system, digestion system does not extract
because he doesn’t see any need for it. Your life the way you create
the immune system, is a suction machine
which connects it to your heart. It’s a chain of command.
I need Amino’s. This is why when you get chemotherapy,
then you die of a simple cold. Because, what happens in the lymph
which is created the extra energy which is added to the body
through the injections materials of the chemotherapy, a lymph of this size,
needs to go through this bone, that here when it’s converted
becomes a T cells, that this part can suck it up
and give it to where it needs to go. Now you extended it,
it blocks the passage. So the smaller one can not go through. This is why we see secondary Cancer,
or what they call, ‘Metastasizing’. Because it’s the blockage. Now the bone rots, it’s not a Cancer,
it’s this blockage which does. When you get Cancer
it’s the same thing. Why does it metastasize? Because a heavier element,
lets say Copper, has exceeded. So it’s energy goes to the
adding of the energy of the lymph, and then it blocks it, so
if you take this out the metastasis, most of the time is not matching
the cell of the Cancer, but it has blocks. So, now there is no immune system,
you find a Cancer. Because of the blocking
of the passage of the bone. because of the blocking of
the passage of the wall. As you know in many of
the teachings we say. You look it as a bone,
the bone is a maze of holes. And it’s very much, if you turn the
bone upside down or in side way, it’s the repetition of
the work of the Earth. If I take this bone,
and give this it’s body, And put the bone marrow in the middle. And put,
the passage of lymph here, which comes through it,
it goes through a lot of things, and it takes time,
and then matures, and then by the strength,
it becomes the lymph, … what you call it,
the “bone marrow”, look what’s happens. The Man of energy understand. You have the salt, you have the Earth,
you have the Amino Acid, which is your lymph. Gets sucked in with the salt,
with the Iron. Becomes hemoglobin, sinks
to the bottom of the sea. And then it takes time to wash, and it
go, and you collect it, as black stuff, you call “Oil”. There is no difference. It’s the same process. Here you go to the passage of the Solid-State of the Matter,
where there is a thing. And in that process, as it goes through,
it washes Gold, Silver and whatever, and it’s stays a light oil,
or a heavy oil, whatever it’s got in it. Is the same process here. This lymph, going through here,
has to be that size. Going through here has to be, very,
very, very, very, very fine. It’s different strength. And then when it is come here, it becomes the condition of
becoming your red blood cells, or white cells, and this one
becomes your T-cells or B-cells. Is the filtering size, is like…
you know, you have this sand, you’ve got all different, you know,
size of stone to go through, It’s the same process. There is no difference
with the processes. And this one,
when it becomes the Amino Acid, strength of the, let’s say,
immune system, one of the chambers can
pull it, because of it’s strength. The other one can not pull,
it hasn’t got for it. So, the amino acid, is not let say 16,
14, 1 and 12 is 16.2 So, this is tuned to the
16.2 of the Amino Acid. So, the physicians when you
have immune deficiency, you look a the Emotion,
you change the Emotion, you change the condition
of the Emotion, which is
to do with the heart. Everything changes, you do not need no
medicine to give, for bring immunity back. All you need to do,
if you can’t see it, you make a patch of CH3, sorry CO2
and ZnO, patch it on the heart. Voilà!
It’ll, finds its own balance. You have to understand,
that the body of the Man is made out of the Emotion to physicality,
not the other way around. And then when you have
a sick person in front of you, you don’t look at the physicality,
you look what Emotion has left. Physical deformations
are different thing, but majority as we heard, is the 95%
even the control of our body is that. If you find out, what pressure is needed in
one of the chambers, to change the colour. Because it is all to do with how we
suck it, you go from black to white. Because, in the Deep Space,
white survive, and the black will stay in
different condition but, then you have to become black
otherwise you can’t sustain your life. It’s the simplicity of understanding
the process of Creation, and it’s very, very simple. Don’t look at it, ever,
as a Matter-State. The elements we decided. Look at it as the
field-strength of the Plasma. And then it’s very, very, different. Any other question ? (?) … (MK) You’ve got to wait
there is another one. The members of the Universal
Council, all have questions. Please introduce yourself. (AL) I am Armen Luksien… (MK) Member of the Universal
Council, from Armenian language. (AL) Mr Keshe I see
similarity here. … If you know, not the guru,
but another Indian man, who was, he was saying
he was not eating for 70 some years,
he was 80 some, and they’ve tested
him in many ways, and what they have found that
he was accumulating a black, tar like stuff,
at the top of the palate. And this, is where he was
getting his energy. Do you know anything about
that? I am seeing similarity. (MK) No, the thing is, you know if
you look it that way, in a simple way. He’s changed the position of the liver,
to the energy source. What you call a ‘black hole’,
where there is a Centre of all energies, He takes… you can do it, I can teach
you in matter of 2, 3 days, you won’t eat. It’s very easy. You sit You teach yourself, if I sit
with the slight move to the side, I don’t feel, thirsty anymore, so
you know, this position is for water. You have to look for it,
it’s like pendulum. If I move this way,
I feel like banana. So you get everything you need from
the environment, as a banana. So, that’s all, it works. You have to create the
image of the Emotion, and the body, through breathing,
will absorb the energy you need. That’s all, it works. I would like to have a hot
curry madras with rice. So I move to the position,
that I feel it, I get it. And then I receive the energy,
I don’t need to eat. (AL) This kind of confirms,
the Buddha boy, 15 years old, who was not eating for a long time,
he actually went to his mother and said, “I’m going to stop eating for 6 years,
and … then I want be close to Buddha, and I want to get my
teachings directly from him”. And that’s exactly what he
was doing movement wise. … When they took video,
fast video, he was slightly moving, every so often. But he would be
stationary sitting there, and they filmed him continuously
for I think some, 70 some hours. To prove that at least he
wasn’t drinking anything. He was not eating for a long time,
but he wasn’t drinking … (MK) The creation of the
water is the easiest part. (AL) But the movement … (MK) The move, is just how you
move it, how you adjust yourself. Even, you can move your stomach,
in position where puts the pressure on the diaphragm,
then it brings different things of it. You go back, I have done this
in the teachings several times. First guy who did it, was Alekz,
and some other people. They put an orange, and Alekz put everything else in
and he got himself drunk. You put, as I said
in the other teaching, Amino Acid, and the other side of
the bottle had Zinc Oxide, and some CH3. You remember? The Zinc and the Copper, gave you,
the Amino Acid. Now this. You were looking at the plates, but
in fact, the fields does the same thing, now you have placed it. These 2 bring, these 2 bring, different
kind of Amino Acid to the water. The process doesn’t start, till the
Amino Acid on the surface is done. Otherwise it’s a water. Once the Amino Acid
layer is established, this chap, as a orange,
is an Amino Acid too. Now, you create a link between
the water and the orange. Now, because in that process, you pick
up some of the strength of the Zinc, when you drink the water it gives you the
Emotion of drinking, eating an orange. You added the Copper to it,
GANS. So, now the strength of the GANS,
which is in the Amino Acid, gives you the physical energy. So, when you drink the water, you are getting the Emotion,
the feeling, the taste, the physical structure
of the orange. But, you forgot about
something else. The biggest water tank of all, is the Human body,
you already carry all that. So, you don’t need to destroy
the orange, or kill an animal, where what it has free to give you,
will feed you. “Thou shalt not kill.” That’s exactly what it is. You don’t need to kill. I want
to give you the taste of how it tastes, that you can enjoy my presence,
then you give me what I need. You never asked the orange,
“What did you get from me?” Because is taking something,
in giving something. Understand? So, in so many ways, you were looking
in a container, and a water, where the container and the water,
and all the content with the Emotion, is the body of the man. But it’s delicious to chew, huh? Because, chewing confirms
the existence on this Planet. Another question? Oh, she’s got one.
Yes, another member of the Council, yes? Why do you a need permission?
You ask too many questions? In teachings we get two people,
Azar or… Ok, carry on. (SM) Thank you … (MK) Please introduce yourself. (SM) S… I’m Sabrina Montanaro,
and I live here in Italy, and I’m part of the Council. (MK) You are Italian Council Member. (SM) I am the Italian Council Member.
(MK) Yes. (SM) … I just wanted to say …
I saw the video of this man too, and… I mean, he didn’t eat
from 7 to 80. And he … They did it like
scientific tests, they saw. The kidneys filled with water twice
a day, even he though he didn’t drink. (MK) He does through the same process. (SM) But he said it that like ambrosia,
came from like his Soul, through his palate, like honey…
(MK) … You, depends how you… everybody does in a different way,
(SB) Like it dripped… (MK) what they have, what you… You create a water,
because you need it to be existing. So a large number of water…
I say all the time, we proven it. It’s very easy,
doctors can tell you. They empty the lung
of so many liters of liquid. How many, how much water do you get
out of the lungs sometimes in crisis? Three liters, six liters,
in the pushing it, four liters? But no doctor has ever
stood still to ask a question. Where does these four liters
of water comes from? The four liters of water doesn’t come
from the body into the lung. The way, because when you go sick,
the condition of the lung changes, so the air you breathe
continuously produces the liquid. Pneumonia and water in the lung, doesn’t come that
the body fill’s, in the lung. It comes by change of the condition,
that the lung starts converting the air you breathe,
into liquid. And then if you have mastered it,
the way they do, it goes wherever…
they don’t produce one liter … They produce so little
and the body absorbs. So, it keeps the body
refreshed all the time. You understand? And the doctors,
if the condition is very rapid, we cannot convert,
a conversion, we get liquid enough. If the doctors, when you have a lung
filled of water, get two patches of CO2 and ZnO
and put it back and the front, you don’t even need to empty the lung,
in time will go. Very rapidly, faster than they can
empty it, but it won’t repeat itself, because you remedy the basis, the
reasons for the condition which created it. We see the lung change,
my brother-in-law is a heart surgeon. Very well known,
senior heart surgeon for children. He always told us that,
“Do you know what’s strange?” “We open the chest for the heart
surgery. And then we close it.” “When you pull it apart to get
to the heart and then we close it,” “that little one or two millimeter gap,
which you create it you can’t patch it,” “you change the lung,
it changes the behavior of the Man.” You, you don’t take the lung,
because our lung, the way, they’re position and the shape of our lung,
dictates our Emotion and behavior. So now, you open the heart,
to get to the heart, you move the lungs here and there,
now you change the shape of the environment,
the MaGrav system is changed. You’ve changed the CO2
a little bit more to ZnO. The Man changes. So by changing the lung. If you want to change the behavior
of a Man, change the position of his lung. It’s much easier. Just put him in, turn,
and say, “Just getting something in there.” and push the lungs around.
You get a different man. Would we come to a point to understand
that the, what do you call it, the structure of the physicality
through the Emotion, is how we structure our lung
and our heart? Ninety nine percent. Yes. (SM) But when you… when a man
starts training, physically or breathing exercises, so …
that can change the personality as well. (MK) Yes! How do we feel,
the body goes back to it again. (SM) If he stays still? (MK) Yeah! It goes back.
The shape is preset. Because, don’t forget,
is not just that the colour, and the shape and the fingers,
and the heart. Face of the man, is dictated at the point
of inception, by the Soul of the Man. Everything to carry that characteristic goes to the shape of the heart,
shape of the lung… Doctor? (CvD) … Cornelius van Dorp …
Just wondering… (MK) From which part of the world
you come Dr van Dorp? (CvD) … New Zealand.
(MK) Okay! (CvD) … Just wondering.
In learning how to change the structure of the physicality
with the Emotions. What’s more important, can you do it
with, a breathing technique? Or, is it more important to have the power
and purity of the Soul that dictates that… (MK) Em…
(CvD) The reason I ask is, we just visited
a guy in Holland, who, known as the ‘Ice Man’,
and he teaches people to get into a bath of ice for 15 minutes
and stay warm, and that’s, almost entirely
through a breathing technique. He teaches people
how to breathe heavily, and then hold their breath
for three minutes, and then… And the, breath heavily forty times
and then, hold the breath four minutes, and then breath fifty times,
and then hold for five minutes…
(MK) Now you know how to mutate. (CvD) Beg your Pardon?
(MK) Now you know how to mutate. (CvD) Just like that?
(MK) Just like that. As the guy,
you said, “Just like that.” (chuckles) You remember the man with a hat,
with a … Caroline has developed
a technique of breathing, with a pillow bashing, and says,
“My pillow, my life.” And, it goes
through the same process. With the ADHD,
especially attention deficiency, and … it goes. If Man understand
the process of the breathing, and how he breathes and how you do,
it can change your behavior, your characteristic
and everything else. And look at it. You get afraid,
fear bring you different. You fall in Love,
you breathe totally different. “Oh, you changed, you must be falling
in Love, because you breathe different.” You’re at ease, you got, because
the Love is not that you fall in Love. You receive an energy
which balances with your Emotion. You find peace with yourself,
we call it energy. In so many ways our breathing,
the process of breathing, is dictated by our Soul
at the point of inception, because that’s what’s
going to be our character. When you do a lung transplant
and you put somebody else’s lung in, the research shows
the behaviour changes. It’s not that they received
another organ, now it’s the same brain but different level of different Oxygen,
is absorbed. Before, that level of Oxygen absorption
would have created fear, now the guy becomes fearful, because now
he matches the fear. The breathing is where we came from. Our life started in the
air atmosphere of this planet. So our all behaviour and condition,
is dependent on what we breathe. The way we breathe,
the environment we breathe in, … the fields which we extract. If you look, why do the herbs
are always very close to the Earth. And they effect is very strongly. Because there are interactions and
their work is with the Matter-State. So they touch the physical part,
that’s why they can touch us that way. How many people have gone,
how many doctors have gone to research on the level of different strength
of the Nitrogen that you breathe? You’ll find out,
you have a different Man totally, you don’t even need
to give them the medicine. Because, there is a very,
very direct connection between these guys. 14, 16, 12, and 1=43
Zinc you’re around 65. Then what’s the difference?
[inaudible question] Pardon? 65, 43 Yeah? Have any one of you
looked at Sodium? Pardon? [inaudible question]
Pardon? [inaudible] No, no, no, no.
We’re talking in the body of the Man, with the Emotion of the Man. Have you seen the Sodium?
What is your body filled up with? Now you understand. Doctor..
[MK checks schedule time ] Yeah, we can carry on.
Yeah, yeah. (?) Sorry… (MK) I thought that was a doctor
it changed over… (?) I know he insisted, cause he said
I had my hand up before, so… (MK) No problem
(?) Is it okay? (MK) You see this is Italian men… they’re always smooth …
(?) Charming… (MK) to charm you out, yeah
(?) Thank you. My question is, … If someone has a leaking heart would
the CO2 and the Zinc Oxide patches… (MK) Go and and ask the doctor.
That is a physical condition. You have to find out;
What it is? Why they call it leaking heart
and the way it does? (?) But the doctors can’t fix it. (MK) Yeah, but you have to find out
what the physical damage is. (?) Okay, thank you. (MK) That’s the physicality. (GR) Hello again.
So, I’m trying to … (MK) Could you explain,
introduce yourself first? (GR) Yeah, my name is Giuseppe Rossi.
I am an Italian doctor. I do Quantistic Medicine,
so I am already a Holistic doctor, and a magician, maybe
according to others’ situation. I want just to comment a little bit
and ask you your opinion about this because, there is a kind of,
might seem like a culture shock. Your talking for example,
about changing the lung shape, and so to change the Emotion,
the character of a person. Is true? (MK) Yeah!
(GR) Okay! So, I say, I see this as … when we change the lung,
we change the rhythm of the lung, we change the piezoelectric situation,
we change the message of the … maybe the carrying wave of the body in a
sense, that gives the rhythm to the body. And since the lung is full of Neurons,
and the heart is full of, it has 20,000 almost Neurons,
the heart. And those has plexus and ganglion, so
and there is certainly a deep connection, nervous connection between
lung and heart, as we know, so if we change
the shape of a lung, we can change the entire rhythm
of that person? Maybe, he can slow down his anxiety
or what else for example, but I just want, I ask your comment about
this, because also another short question. Sometimes, I used to advise my patients
for cardiac problem or tiredness, to use just 1 drop of peroxide,
oxygen peroxide, peroxide, in water. In half glass of water and 1 drop
and this makes a chain of events. So that, this Oxygen is free inside of the
liquid and also electrons go around. In that network,
classic physics. I wonder why this new physics,
how, can read this experiment, It’s a Russian experiment.
which is… (MK) You see, the…
you call it Oxygen. … As I say
in many of the teachings. The air we breathe is a cocktail
of different strength Oxygen. The air I breathe now. It’s created by the Oxygen
from the leaf of this flower. Which is totally different Oxygen
than the leaf of this plant. It’s totally different than the ones
which made by the trees outside. So, Oxygen to common man,
is Oxygen. But Oxygen, to the Plasma physics,
if you understand it, is not 16. You look at this. Whatever it is Oxygen. I look at the spectrum of the energies
which this element covers. One plant creates this strength. The other plant creates
the other strength. So, when you give
one of a specific strength. You give enough that it
can satisfy part of this. Because you targeted
a specific higher strength. So, the higher strength
always gives to the lower. So, that’s why you see the step to step changes, in different
part of the body of the Man. We need the Oxygen from this plant
coming from South America. Oxygen creates the Oxygen.
I’ll breathe the air, I breathe today. Most probably the Oxygen part
was created somewhere in South America. Or most probably
somewhere in another part of China. It’s a cocktail. And your body
took the Oxygen 200. You used 10 of it,
it became 190. My body now needs 190. What you rejected as part,
I didn’t. So, when you give a high order,
according to the Plasma structure. Because, once it goes in the body of
the Man, it doesn’t behave as water, It behaves as a Plasma
of the water. So, it’s a higher order. It gives to all the lower orders,
that they need to receive, according to the
Science of Plasma. You always give from the higher
to the lower. And then, when you give the one which takes up is the higher
in magnetical, lower in gravitation. That’s how it works. So, that’s why the,
outside you give, it works. Because it’s a Hydrogen,
concentrated in a certain strength. Now, the minute it enters my body,
it’s not Oxygen anymore. It’s a Plasma of the Oxygen. The minute you
shut your mouth, now you’re not in a Matter-State.
Now you’re in the zone of the Earth. You’re coming from outside,
you want to come into the Earth you gotta go past the,
what do you call it, all the barriers
which NASA never passed. So, this is the barrier. This point, now is my condition,
not your water. Not the Oxygen.
I take from it what I like. And it’s got a high order,
I take it. Why do we breathe a lot,
when we’re tired? Why do we yawn? The yawning is a condition that we need
a lot of energy from the Oxygen. That we take a variety of. When you breathe calmly
it’s the same. But, when you go…
[deep breath] you change the lung,
different elements of different Oxygens. It’s like what I said, “You take the
lung out and you change it.” and you… Now the expansion dictates different
incomes, different… it shrinks differently This is what I said to a lot of people
who smoke for 30/40 years and they say, “I’m gonna to quit.”
You quit, you die. Because, your body has got used
to a certain way, of the certain elements. You follow the people who stop
quitting smoking after really long time. After 3 to 6 years, they show
different sign of diseases. Because, the lung inhaling the energy,
was keyed to that kind of filtering of the liquid of the tar
of the cigarette. You change it, now
the body has to reset. Sometimes it takes 25 years. Very few people walk away with
their long time smoking, with no damage. So that’s why your
Hydrogen Peroxide works, you deliver,
you give me the water. The minute it passes me, it’s a Plasma
and I need the full spectrum, you give me. Instead of me going exercising,
you give it to me in a shot. So, I take it,
that the way it does, it works. (??) And it needs to be CO2 water or … (MK) Yes, yes, CO2 water works
much faster, very, very fast. We see, especially when it comes,
you see when a lot of people I was telling earlier on and in the
practice of the doctors you… We tell you when you give the
Zinc Oxide, give it at night, before you go to sleep.
It does wonders. Why? Because at night
the physicality is at rest. You elevate the Emotion,
when you wake up the Emotion dictates what
the physicality needs, what’s short of. You feed the Emotion, the Emotion fix
the physicality. You wake up from. “Oh! The Zinc works.”
Yes, because I gave to the Soul, to the Emotion and the
Emotion has fixed the physicality. It is not the other way. When you give a Cu, when you get
the CO2 you fix the physicality part. And the best time comes
when the physicality has rest, you can repair through the Soul. The CO2 repairs the physicality through
the Soul and it works perfect. Because then he knows
what it needs, to be done. Any other question?
(JC) Yes Mr Keshe? (MK) Yes! One second please. We got one question from a
(JC) Oh! (MK) loved member of the council.
(JC) It’s not my turn yet. Okay (CdR) Hello, I’m Caroline,
I’m a member of the Universal Council. (MK) For the language Netherlands.
(CdR) … language Netherlands. (MK) and accidentally my wife.
(CdR) and (laugh) [Audience Laughing] (MK) It was totally coincident, we did it
some would say in Farsi, “Parti Bazi”. We… we organized it. There was nobody,
was Richard gave up, and Caroline. When she gives up,
please volunteer. (CdR) It was like Armen said, “We appeared on the stage without
even knowing we landed there”. [Laughing] The… We have been working so much on
repairing and reversing and re-balancing, and trying to undo a lot
and prevent a lot of damage. Why don’t we try to go back to see, when
our doctors are receiving the women, which are planning to get pregnant
or the women which are pregnant. That we can, instead of only giving them
a rapid cell division tablet to take home. Can we make or create
a Plasma kit for our dear mothers, that they can bear happy children? (MK) Yeah, watch the movie
called Happy Time [laughter] but… (CdR) and secondly
if the doctors, I would like you to really spend
sometime on that topic. I try to cross it your path, but
you keep on putting it aside. I would really love for you to bring
a kind of, in different way, solutions. That we can prevent children getting
born with really difficulties. In different shapes,
different forms, which first of all maybe…
(MK) You have to. I’m going to stop you.
First of all yes, we can do. The way we give at the moment.
“You are pregnant Madame,” “congratulations, I advise you to take
folic acid, to create faster division.” [mic check] Microphone? Hello can you hear me.. Hello? [mic check] The way we give
as usual the doctors, “Madame, congratulations
you are pregnant,” “I advise you to take some
folic acid to create a faster division of the
cells for your brain”. And in fact,
as I’ve said many times. I said to a doctor once, “Do a test.” When a woman comes in front of you,
advise folic acid, say “Madame I would like to give you
some nuclear radiation.” And then, “I would like to
give you some folic acid”. See which one she picks. It’s the same thing! All the …
B12s and B blah blah blah, they’re all radioactive materials.
Because it gives energy, fast energy that it allows the fast division,
but it does not need to go and incorporate energy
from somewhere else. So, first of all is our understanding,
they haven’t told us they give us radiation. Just something “B”
and it’s not “N” to say “Nuclear”. So, nobody suspects you are
… taking huge amount of radiation. So, we fasten the speed
of the division physically. Why not to give them “C”,
Zinc Oxide too, to elevate the Soul? But, the deformity of the physicality
at the time of birth, in so many way,
is not a cruel way to say, but in a way, is the reality
of what happens. Is, what does that deformity brings,
to the Soul of the one’s created? And, the balancing of the Soul
of the ones, who allowed it to be created? The Soul cannot be created, if there is
no… for room, for it to be created. I always said many times, “A Universe cannot be created, if in
the Unicos, there is no room for it”. The division of the Neutron
to Electron and Proton comes, because the field in the environment,
has reduced that allows the division because it is lost some, by it. So, when you create a Soul,
you have to see what other Souls which have allowed
the creation of this Soul, have allowed it to be,
and what is expected of it. Very interesting, in Belgium, I met a woman,
introduced by a doctor. Where she’s asked for,
I explained this very recently, for 24 operations on the leg, one leg
and 10 operations on the right hand. When, as you know in Belgium,
pedophilia is immense. The mother sold the girl, at age of 10,
for her debts to the grandfather, and the grandfather
raped the girl frequently. Three abortions at the age of 11. Yes, this is the technique,
it’s the way the Belgian’s live. Pedophilia in Belgium
is very common, and then they make all this,
accusation with the others. And then the same as we… when
we gave a talk, last week in Romania. They accuse one of the top
men of science to pedophilia and they put him in prison and
say to the group is pedophilia. It’s the way they work. These people,
Illuminati’s the way they work. They accuse people of something
which they are themselves. They have their own judges,
their own prosecutors and they do it. That’s why we supported that meeting
last week in Rome… in Romania. These are pedophiles,
in Belgium they are very strong. So when I met this woman,
I was asked to meet by a doctor. I walked in, stood in front of her,
never met her before. I said to her,
“Have you been raped?” She just went
(ptchew) on the sofa. She said “nobody ever asked me,”
and she told me “Yes my grandfather.” “I was sold and this is what happened,”
Children in Belgium are a commodity. They are not life.
I can give you many of. Then she said,
“Sit down, I want to talk.” I sat down, she said, “I have three or four children
who are all handicapped” It was obvious,
the woman does not want, give to life to suffer,
the same as herself. So she cuts part of it, the name
appears as a physicality of the, what you call it, ‘deformity’. This is the way,
partially you look at it, as the breast Cancer,
because of the condition. The birth, when you give the
physicality to it, carries part of the Soul. It’s the Soul who decides
this is how to be, or want to be. But it’s the reality of it. What do you do?
Do you elevate the Soul of the mother? What happened to the father
who had part in it? And then, what happens to
the whole process? That ends up with the Emotion
creating the physicality? You can’t take it halfway and
say this is what happened there. You have to look at
the whole Totality. In a structure,
I always say, “what do you do when
you have a dirty cloth”? “You put it to the corner, you don’t put
a dirty cloth in the middle of the clean”. The Humanity has realized the Nation of
Belgium are so filthy with abuse, that they put them to
the corner of the Continent. The only thing is left, push them into
the sea, to clean up this mess. A king, which has 50 cases of raping
children, and he hides behind immunity. Is not a King but a murderer,
this is the ex-King of Belgium. Immunity by EU. Because there are more of them in the whole
structure, the whole thing will collapse. This is the reason the King of Belgium
resigned, abdicated recently. Not to give the blood, not to show that
the girl claiming to be his daughter. Not for the blood to be used in the court
in France to prove the 50 rapes. No King is ashamed of giving blood,
if you have a child. No man is. But the worse thing is the present
King of Belgium is not even his because then it proves, is by the blood,
it’s not the blood of the present King. His belongs to the Shah of Iran. You understand the case is very deep. This is why they’re after me,
because I explained the Truth very easily. So, we dictate the structure,
we dictate the shape, by what we put in,
what we put out. The reality is what the mother takes the
time of inception, counts for everything. You can speak. [inaudible response] No [inaudible response] Yeah it’s there (CdR) Magic. (MK) You should have
spoken through your Soul. (CdR) humhmm Maybe, because I wouldn’t been able
to put it in the right way? My question is, if you have
all these young pregnant women just at the start to guide them, to support them. I think we should put this part,
most probably, in the medical teaching? And ask the doctors, or I’m
asking from my point, from here, to find the guidance,
to balance. And through balancing
the new Mama’s, also try to connect with
the fathers at the same time. Because, the doctors are mainly
coming in contact with people which are planning
for pregnancy. (MK) The thing is
when a child is conceived and leads to creation of the physicality
and the Soul of the child, is the totality of the Souls which are
connected to it, allow it to be created. So, it’s not just Mama. It’s just the grandfather, the neighbors,
everybody else has I say. Because, this is what we need. We have too many boys,
this village needs some girls. So, the interaction is the same
as putting a magnet on the table. All the magnets have to be at comfort,
that the magnet can find its position. (CdR) But as Dr Rodrigo said, “My wish…”
(MK) “is your command” But, your wish has to be the others too
(CdR) if the doctor’s… Yeah. I know, but if the doctors can work
from the point of… in case of Dr Rodrigo which
he came very nice forward, and you explained it very nicely. If he can put his kind of Emotion in …
we let the wish to be free, to balance…
(MK) The doctor… The doctor can give part of the wish but the Totality is the community,
society, which decides. So you cannot do.
Doctors can have certain… We give through your Soul
not through your … what do you call it? (CdR) But sooner or later
the whole community’s they’re gonna start to be ready to work with it.
(MK) There is a reason for it. (MK) We’ll see
when the time comes how we change. (CdR) Can we put this as a kind of a
teaching in the Universal Council? (MK) You decide,
I’m a teacher. (CdR) Thank you. (MK) Any other questions? You got to understand, we explained,
as part of the teaching we do. The structure of the, what we call,
the ‘future of the Mankind’. We have set up the Earth Council, which is one head, through the Soul
for each Continent, according to the six Continents
which we have. Then, above it, those are responsible
for the physicality of a Man. As we explained in the Council
yesterday, or the day before the Universal Council’s are the members
responsible for the Soul of the Man on this Planet and above,
and interaction with Universal Community. So, in so many ways,
the wish of Universal Council because they work through
the Soul of the Humanity can change, the shape of the structure
of the Man, if they wish to. But, in time they understand. If, there is a disaster,
if there is, there is a condition, where there is not so much,
the water changes or whatever. The Universal Council has enough,
within the grasp of their power, to change the condition, that the
Soul of the Man on this Planet changes, and physicality changes. It’s been done many times in the Universe. The power of the Universal Council is beyond the understanding
of the present Man. But in time will come, it’s
very much like you’re a Red Cross. You need to get so many tents in to
change the environment, people can live. You can’t take seven billion tents
to every single man. Within the structure of the
Universal Council strength, is that they can wish
and change the Soul of the Man that the physicality of the Man changes,
that he can fit the new condition. This is within your power.
You have to understand. Any other questions?
(JC) Mr Keshe, is it my turn now? (RC) Go ahead there.
(MK) It’s who? (JC) Jocelin from Quebec (MK) is who? (RC) I was just
(JC) Jocelin from Quebec, Quebec City.
(RC) I was trying to unmute you there and also (MK) Yes, you have to adjust
your voice a little bit (JC) You want me to what?
To raise my voice? (MK) Yes, a little bit.
(JC) That way? Is it okay now? (MK) Yes? (JC) Okay! So, I have
two major questions. I don’t know which one
you would prefer first. Would you like me to read them,
both of them before answering? (MK) Let me see.
I like your French accent. (JC) What?
(MK) I like your French accent. (JC) OH. I’m from Quebec. hehehe.
Okay, I do not speak English often so I try to be quite clear. Huh?
(MK) Better you than me. Carry on please.
(JC) Okay. The first question is shorter. Could we say that
you are a clear sighted Soul? And that is why you discovered
the Truth about the Plasma? First question.
Second question … Would you mind to tell us
your opinion about the theory telling that the Soul is a static,
with something having no quantity, but quality to create Matter, unlikely the Matter
which is dynamic state? As you know the absolute zero
has no movement in it and it’s a theoretical state. (MK) The one who made, let me
(JC) [inaudible] (MK) Let me answer you. The one who made
such a theoretical statement And does, knows nothing
about the Creation. (JC) This is why I want your opinion
about this theory. (MK) This, that’s the way…
You look at it this way. If there is not a motion
of the Plasma to move into or the fields,
or to move towards or away, we’ll never understand.
We’ll never know that the Plasma exists. So it has to be dynamic
to give, to get. So, the one who speaks
about the static Soul It means he has never,
even understood his own creation. So we pass the question. (JC) Okay.
(MK) That’s the… Very simple. (JC) Good! So…
(MK) Other question? (JC) Hmmmmm. Could we say
that you’re a clear sighted Soul? And that is why you discovered
the truth about the Plasma? (MK) I was explaining to some of the
members of the Universal Council how I got to where I got,
past couple of days. (JC) Oh yes? (MK) Yes. We … we are in the state
of the physicality as a Man. But in the state of the Soul
as the messengers of the Universe. It’s very much –
We pass, we teach. We are not Prophets.
We are messengers. We just pass the knowledge.
We are the teachers. And it’s like you know
where you have to go to teach, you know where you have to go to teach,
at what time is your classroom. and what time is your classroom. My classroom is Earth to complete. And then, I carry on
with my work somewhere else. We have the knowledge of
the Universe in depth beyond the understanding of the Man
as we are Masters in our work, at the level of the Soul.
We are not Messiahs. The Messiah in the word of the Man,
it means, when the man become transparent
to his Soul, that he is just and correct. So, when we talk about
the messengers of the Universe, we understand the
totality of the work. And we are Masters in our
work at the level of the Soul. We teach as much as is needed
at the time of descent. But, when we finish our job,
man will be fully educated that they need no more teachers.
So, that’s the job. (JG) Yes, but what I want to know,
what you discovered about the Plasma. (MK) I didn’t discovered this.
(JG) I understand, that you are the only one in the whole Universe that discovered
that much about the Plasma. Is that true?
(MK) No! We are not… We are not … We are not unique,
we haven’t discovered. (JG) No, I talk, I’m talking about yourself,
you are the only one. (MK) Yes exactly. No . (JG) The only one who talk about the Plasma
the way it has been talked. (MK) No,
you have to understand, No, you’ve got to understand,
the Man has to get to a level of understanding of his physicality
and knowledge about his environment. Then we come as teachers
to take him into the next step. I’ve done this many times
in my lifetime. (JG) Who else has been talking
about Plasma the like you did? (MK) Yes, because you start talking it,
about the Plasma forty, fifty years ago. You understood a bit, but you went
a bit misguided because you didn’t see. We just came to correct it
and that’s it. Just put me in the right track,
then you understand. The job of a teacher
is not to force. The job of the teacher
is to enlighten. And we are here to enlighten,
not to force. Those who want to take will take,
and take the new path. And as I always say,
Caroline always says, “You have to take all the children
and seven billion of us.” We cannot take the ones
who don’t want to come. (JG) No, you cannot…
(MK) It cause more problems (MK) So, we teach, we enlighten
in the physicality of the Man but in Soul we are the passengers
of the Universe for millions of years, according to
the Man. The knowledge I teach you,
I haven’t discovered, I came with the knowledge according to the
Soul which has accepted the physicality. (JG) Yes, but what is the
origin of the Plasma? (MK) The origin of the Plasma
is the Creator. (JG) God?
(MK) You call it ‘God’. (JG) Hmn! For me god it’s, the entity.
(MK) God is you. Let me explain to you. God is you
because you are made part of it. (JG) Yes!
(MK) Are part of it’s field of a Soul. You have to understand the size of your
“Godness“, as I call it. (JG) Yes.
(MK) Thank you very much. Next question please. (RC) Okay … (MK) We go outside, We go to the public,
We go outside, and we come back in again. Okay. Carry on Rick, please. (RC) Okay, I’ve one other. (MK) Let me… Let me explain,
we have a time factor limit, we got about forty minutes. We can go before we shut down
for the Zoom. We’ve got a time,
four hour recording time. (MK) Carry on.
(RC) Yeah we’ve got a person there, Mark from Detroit, has been
waiting patiently he’d like to … to show his Plasma battery capacitor
arrangement and maybe talk about it. If you can talk about that
a bit with him? Is that… (VV) Under this special circumstances,
I can’t restart the Facebook, So, there is no real time limit,
we can go as long as needed Mr Keshe. (MK) Okay, no problem, but don’t forget,
we sold tickets for three hours here. Can we let them go out… Say again?
(RC) …and throw them out. (MK) We have a coffee break too,
but it’s okay. No problem. Can you? Is there any other question to
ask, before we go in showing anything? (RC) ..There was a question from,
Rob who says, he has a concern about the formula of
the CH and D given by Mr Keshe. If one Deuterium has replaced one Hydrogen
than he says the formula should be.. (MK) No, it doesn’t, one Deuterium
has replaced two Hydrogen. This is where you got it wrong. (sighs) When you have a CH3, you have C H H H. The CH stays in the Plasma of itself. This Hydrogen behaves like this now. You have two Electrons
and two Protons. The Field energy of, if you look at it,
this gives a Neutron. And if that behaves,
you’re looking in a Plasmatic condition, you’re not looking in a
Matter condition. You have one Hydrogen, you have
another Hydrogen, in a Plasma condition. The balance, if the energy balance
of the Plasmas is equal, what it does, the Plasma shows,
behaves like a Deuterium. Because, if you change it into
the Matter-State, if you look at it, this is a Proton,
this is a Electron. This is a Proton,
this is Electron. So this, because of his proximity
and the way it comes in a mass of the strength of the Fields,
behaves like a Neutron. So, what you have, you have a Proton,
you have a Neutron and Electron. It’s the behavior
of Deuterium. That’s how it works.
Is, you don’t look at… because, don’t forget,
CH3 as a GANS is a Plasmatic field, it’s not a Matter-State any more,
is the behavior of the pattern. So, that’s how it,
we write it at CH, Deuterium. It won’t happen in a Matter-State,
you are working in a GANS-State and the way it changes,
because we’re using it as a fuel. Don’t forget now CH3 itself is surrounded
by another Field of the CO2 or whatever. So, you are not working in a Matter-State,
you are working in a Plasma-State, in the connection
and conjunction. Next question.
Yes. (Ik) Hello?
(MK) Yes! (MK) Can you introduce yourself
who you are, please? (IK) I am Ioannis from Greece
and my question is this: The one asking questions
right now, me, I’m not my Soul because when I refer
to my Soul it’s in the third person, and I’m also not my body, because it’s
my physical, it’s my physicality and… (MK) So, who are we dealing with?
Mr Nobody? (IK) That’s my question, and
yesterday you talked about swapping Souls through, you can sell your Soul on eBay and to get another one …
(MK) Yeah, yeah you can. But the eBay of the Soul
is very difficult, exchange market is very tight,
it’s got too many restrictions. (IK) Yeah, so I would like your take on,
who is the one speaking right now? (MK) It’s your physicality you decided
to communicate through the Soul. In a time to come we won’t speak. In a time to come the voice and
the noise, is what, it’ll be irrelevant. Because, I feel the field,
the fields of you and what you want to do,
you don’t need the mouth to… to create the noise, so,
you want to play a game, it’s very easy. As I said, is in the patents,
a lot, a lot of information about the Soul of the Man,
it’s in the first three phrases, three application of the patent. Read it, you understand it. One, two, and three, because now it’s
some two or three hundred pieces to it. Is the totality
of the Soul of the Man. If you understand it.
If you don’t, it takes you time to read. It’s very much like in Quran
Muhammad, bless his name, he said, “There are hundred names
for the beauty of God.” Ninety nine is written and then
if you read the Quran, from the beginning to the end
you’ll find the hundred one, will be complete. And nobody up until now
has found the hundred one. There’s ninety nine of them
you can buy on billboard. In fact is, when you
understand the Soul of the book, the message what it carries
is the number hundred. Which is the equality
of justice of Man in Universe. Next question. (RC) … Perhaps we should let Mark show
his unit and his question on that? (MK) Yeah
(RC) Ok, Mark are you ready to go there? You also have someone
called Eddie Current. There’s a question,
and it’s… He has his hand up, but we’ll get him in there
after Mark perhaps. Hello Mark,
are you there? (MK) My god. (RC) Not hearing you yet but
maybe you are just getting set up there (MG) I’m… here. (RC) Okay Mark your just in
the background a bit there. (RC) Do you want to start your video?
(MG) Yes I can. (RC) Okay. [setting up video link] Okay we see your video there. (MG) So I don’t know if anybody,
probably a lot of people, aren’t familiar with… the Keshe Reactor group.
Last night or Tuesday night. It’s a gathering place
for guys that do this. And we get together and we talk about
what we are trying to create. Things that Mr Keshe has talked about,
and things that Mr Keshe has tried to teach us, throughout the years. And I just have a little something here
that I may have stumbled upon, that I’ve listened to and talked about,
or that Mr Keshe has talked about for years, for the last year and
a half or two years. I believe that what you’re
looking at right now, is a little unit that is
actually, producing Plasma energy. … It’s a stand-alone unit. It’s a unit that is all Nano-coated
and has GANS on the inside. … Last night we talked about it, or
Tuesday night we talked about it and … … what you’re looking at is… It’s just a small capacitor that I put
together with GANS and Nano material. And … from that, those two combinations,
I started to get a reading from my meter. And that’s where I’m at right now.
I mean, I didn’t really actually expect anything but by observation and
hoping that things would turn out the way they do, I think
I’ve actually proven that … Plasma Technology and Plasma Energy
truly does work, because of this little device here. (RC) Mark, could you show us
what your talking about there? Because we can’t tell
what item you are discussing, on your shelf there
and so on. Or take it in closer,
or somehow, identify. (MG) Okay … well let’s see, maybe
I should just try to change the camera. (RC) Yeah that’s getting better now.
Yeah much better, thank you, thank you. (MG) Okay! So what you’re looking at
is the device itself. Okay so that little spring unit that
you’re looking at in front of you is just a capacitor that has
Nano-coated wire inside, with GANS material and …
Nano-coated material outside. So if you’re not familiar with, how to build a Plasma battery
or a Plasma capacitor, I would just suggest that
you go back into the teachings, and they’ll help you to
understand how to get to this point. Because it’s…
the information is readily available, if you want to just take the
time and listen to the lessons. I’ve listened for the…
I’ve been in this for the last two years, and with reasonable deduction,
this what I’ve come up with. And what you’re looking at right now,
is a small little system and what you’re seeing is,
this little capacitor here. … I can take it. I have just
been letting it build up, … rebuilding power
into this unit here. So, if I disconnected this
alligator clip from this unit here, this number here would bounce from
102 or 105, back up to 650. Which means, it’s
a stable energy source at about a half a volt,
which is 500 millivolts. And, if you looked at it,
it would turn out to be a 650, which is a little bit
more than a half a volt. So, at a standing … voltage,
without any load, it was sitting at 650. So Tuesday night, the challenge was to put
a load on it, to see what would happen. And we all thought, well maybe
if I put a load on it that, it would just drop down to zero, this
number would drop down to zero watt. I’ve made a few… I’ve been making a few
videos as I did this. And it started this, this number here
went from 650, once I attached the alligator clips, which would create the
load on the small Plasma battery, dropped this number down from 650 to
about 50, 48 or 50 when I first started it. And within 24 hours, it has actually
built itself back up to 109 or 108 or 109, what you’re looking at now. What I… What I’ve determined is, within,
inside the Plasma capacitor, … actual reaction is
starting to happen inside. It’s starting to teach itself
how to rebuild power within itself. Because it’s power is being
drawn from it to actually … because we use power
to feed our GANS production, We use actually a power source,
which would be one of these type of deals, which gives you an
actual voltage in current, and that comes from an
outside source which would be your wall. Now … I have shown that we can
eliminate what’s going on here from the wall, and I can
actually produce Plasma energy, that can now feed
energy, that can make Plasma. If that makes sense? And I would like Mr Keshe if has the
gracious moment to comment on this I don’t really mean to take up too much
of his time or the class’s time but.. (MK) Can you hear me?
(MG) I’m just very excited that, this is a stand-alone unit that is
actually producing Plasma energy. And I try to tell that,
to a few people that. They just don’t understand
what Plasma energy is. And, I’m a layman as far… I can try to explain it to
’em, but it’s quite deep.. (MK) You see… Can I interrupt?
(MG) Yes. (MK) We see this process
for many years. We understand this process, you can
use the Nano-material to produce energy, and if you feed it back partially what is
created further down the line it feeds itself back. But in the process
you create Plasmatic Nano materials. … I was watching with Alekz last night in
the new system he’s developed. Where, he can switch off
the electricity of his system and the motors run,
and they feed themselves. But the minute he unplugs the wall,
he just pulls it out, everything stops. The switch is off, there is no current
going through. By the connection to the Earth, potential difference with Plasma,
creates a current flow. So he’s trying to create a dynamic
system for Space without energy. It’s on the same Principle. You… Your energy
from the Plasma will come, and you create more and more Nano-material
in your system, which is more GaNSes. So, they give you
more energy and it goes. This can build up to a fair amount, and then it comes to the point of saturation
and it drops down again. But this is something we’ve seen
for nearly 10 or 15 years. And you can use this for
producing GANS in a very easy way, but it’s a very slow way
of producing. The GaNSes produced this way
are totally different GaNSes produced
by plates and electricity. Thank you very much,
we’ve seen, it’s very nice. But, it’s their cycle of energy
which it keeps on going. It goes up to certain point
and it comes back down again. But in that process
you can produce more Nano-Material that you can produce more GaNSes,
that you can produce more energy. (MG) Well thank you Mr Keshe that’s
exactly my… was my intention is that this is just a beginning,
it’s a way to use Plasma energy, to fuel our future,
there’ll be no more burning, there’ll be no more turning,
there’ll be no more churning. that should be
a lesson that we don’t ha… that we don’t need to
do that anymore. We have the ability to create energy
without doing all those things and I hope…
(MK) Thank you very much. (MG) Thank you.
(MK) I yearned. While you’re at this subject,
let me let you know something, which is interesting,
which is coming up. If you remember last week
we said that, the first phase of Se… what you call, Solid-State Power Systems
were put out last week. This week we have put out the
second phase of Solid-State Power Systems. There’s four of them produced
and they’ll be tested soon. And, another six will be tested in
Accra, in the coming time. So, it follows
in the same process, but instead of having
the liquids and the bars, we use the energy of the Plasma of the,
what we call, ‘environment’ to attract. And the more you can attract,
the more you can feed, to produce more energy,
to produce more GaNSes. The process of the production of the
Power Units, the Solid-State Power Unit, will change the course of
the energy production, and it comes,
more or less, non-dynamics. It comes from creating
of potential difference between the
Magnetic field-strength, not in the Matter-State of the
chemical or dynamics. So, maybe in next couple of weeks
we show you the Solid-State what we call ‘Power Generators’,
… second phase, and then we go,
the third phase is very simple. It’s the same potency,
instead with Alekz. Creating a signal power generator
that it can trigger, and carry on triggering the Plasma
and then it sow itself, feeds itself. Any other presentation?
Or shall we call it a day? (RC) Well it’s
certainly been fairly cold here, it’s at three,
three and half hours, so. (AB) Mr Keshe good morning
(RC) Oh, I hear a familiar voice Mr Keshe. (MK) … Azar, hi Azar.
(AB) How are you? (MK) Very good,
it’s your last day of your new year? I hope you find a good Sabzeh Tugareh.
(AB) Today is not the last day I think Sund… Sunday.
(MK) Tomorrow is? (MK) No it’s not. Wake up it’s tomorrow! (AB) It’s tomorrow?
(MK) Yeah. (AB) My mother told me it’s Sunday.
I don’t know. (MK) Oh, never listen to your mom. (chuckles) Carry on please.
(AB) Mr Keshe I have a question. When people meditate
and they say, “through the meditation we stop the chattering mind, and then
we can make decision through our Soul.” Is it right, I mean
is the Soul decision-maker? When people calm their mind and or ..
(MK) I don’t know Azarjan. It depends what your mind was stating at.
This is the part of the problem. The meditation and pray
is a banking for one’s Soul. If Mankind understands
what it does by meditation … When you do it by yourself
you call it ‘meditation’. When you do it in the name of
religion your call it ‘pray’. But, if you call it in the name
of the science, it’s a banking system. You, when you have too much food,
you put the extra in the storage. When you pray or you meditate,
you do the same, you bank in your, what you call it,
in the reserve of the Soul. And then you say,
“I prayed and it happened”, because all you did
you called the account in. If you have no saving
you can’t spend. And it has to be on
the right strength of the spend. (AB) So, what is banking? (MK) Storing,
keeping, you know? (AB) So …
(MK) We call it in Farsi, ‘Pasandos’. you understand?
(AB) Ah I see! (MK) Yeah, in…
So beautiful to speak Farsi sometimes. Especially with Azar. She has a beautiful Soul … So, in so many ways … We … The ones who
have no understanding of it, in the level of the body of the man,
they call it meditation, What do you do when meditate?
You close everything and you put everything
in one direction, in order and whatever,
in thinking, whatever. It’s no good meditating
how I’m gonna kill this guy, how I’m gonna rob that bank
and the rest of it, it goes nowhere. But when you meditate to elevate
to understand your own, you store what you found out,
back in the books to be kept. The ones who don’t understand
they make a religion out of it and they call it
a ‘pray’. God said,
“I made the Man in image of myself.” So God never prays for himself,
Why should the man do it? So, what you do,
you just a banking account? You keep part of it
for the rainy days. (AB) Yeah. (MK) When you go bankrupt
you need some money in the banks your reserve to bring it in,
between you can spend. So, if the people understand, when you say
“I prayed and my prayed is answered”, you just look and see where did I store
that I didn’t remember now it’s come out. That’s all it is. (AB) But you know …
(MK) You call it meditation and praying, I call it the banking system
for the Soul of the Man. (AB) … is it a waste of time
to meditate then? Because, I wake up four in the morning
to meditate for half an hour so it’s… (MK) I don’t know, depends
when the bank opens, isn’t it. (AB) And you know, by the way,
you remind me to ask you a question. My brother asked me,
to ask you a question. you said, God said, “I created the Man
in the image of myself.” And God is not bad so why,
and doesn’t do any wrong things. So, if we are the image of God
why do we do bad things? (MK) God didn’t count on
the Emotion of the Man. (AB) So, the God didn’t,
I mean, didn’t know … Man is gonna turn out
to become like this? (MK) No, God I didn’t know that the Man
have an Emotion, which can abuse it. (AB) So can he fix it? (MK) Of course!
Go and see God. (AB) OK, if praying doesn’t
how much of a effect for example, sometimes at night.. (MK) Quite all praying
has a lot of effect. (AB) So is it good.. (MK) Praying…
Praying has a lot of effect Azarjan. It depends which bank
you want to bank in. (AB) What do you mean, which bank?
(MK) If you… If you… If you pray for your parents,
you bank it in their account. Because you give
from your Soul to them. If you pray for your child,
you’re bank it in their account. Doesn’t mean she’s gonna spend it
till she’s 18, she’s gotta keep it. But if you pray for yourself,
you bank it in account, nobody else’s. You know the wives have the secret account
from the husband nobody knows? It’s that one. You put it there. (AB) Hmm? (MK) And in a rainy day says, “Oh, by the way,
I saved something somewhere.” So you save that something
in the back of the Soul, somewhere when it’s needed. (AB) You know Mr Keshe
I know only one passage from the Koran that I remember from
when I were going to school. So, every night before I go to bed I,
I say it, and I send it to my grandparents. and every time I do it, without any
exceptions, I always have dreams. (MK) Habit doesn’t count as giving.
(AB) Okay. (MK) Now you understand.
(AB) Okay. Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much Azarjan (Persian)
(AB) … (JC) Mr Keshe?
(MK) Yes? May I say something about the
she said about we are.. (MK) Who’s speaking?
(JC) Jocelin from Quebec. (MK) Aha! (JC) She shared that we are
made at the Image of God. But, you know, if we want to do
a syllogism we could say, “God is all, so who I’m, quite,
God could not be a bad guy.” (MK) God is not a bad guy.
(JC) Yeah but he… We are a demon…
(MK) The Man and a Emotion which brings the God in.
It’s a filtering if I call it. (JC) A filter? (MK) Yeah!
Filter of Emotion. (coughing) (JC) We separated from God. Yeah? (MK) Yes. (JC) We have been separated from him,
and we did the things our own way. (MK) Yes.
(JC) That is not good for all of us. (MK) I think you’ve got to change
the GANS it’ll be built without switch. Somebody didn’t make a right GANS
when he made Human race. (laughter) Come to it..
(JC) Good.. (MK) Thank you very much. (JC) Thank you so much Mr Keshe,
I love you. (MK) Thank you very much.
Anything else or… (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) … We just had… one more
question from Justin Smith had a question, he wanted to…
he had his hand raised, so maybe we could address
that before we end here. Justin do you want to bring up your
topic there on… I think it had to do with
GANS of a stronger strength? (JS) Yes Rick, thank you.
Good morning, Good afternoon. Hello Mr Keshe.
Justin from the United States. Just wanted to go back on what Mark
from Detroit had brought up with that … capacitor system and feeding
into the GANS. Would the production of GANS
made from the actual Plasma capacitors, or even say Alekz beads,
or MaGrav systems, whichever way. Would they actually produce
GANS of a stronger field-strength? (MK) The GaNSes made through
Plasmatic condition, which means when you connect the wire
and then the wire starts going black, which is
no caustics and no fire, is one of the best, because
it’s accommodation of the separation according to the field-strength
of the Matter itself. With heat we enforce,
is not very balanced. With caustic, we do the same. But when a Plasmatic condition is
creating Nano-coating of the Plasma and then you’ll find out the GaNSes
which are made from Plasmatic Nano-coated wires, behave
totally different than caustic and lime, than the fire.
… Renan if he’s there, where… Sorry! If Vernie is on the line he can tell you,
that they have done tests in Philippines. If you fire Nano-coat,
as we said before, it creates a giving GANS,
a giving Nano-coated. If you make a GANS by caustic,
it becomes a taker. And they tested this by putting
the coils on the car. When you fire Nano-coat, it gives you,
when you put it in a car, the car behaviour changes,
the performance is much better. When you put a caustic-coated,
the car suffocates. Vernie are you in there in the
background? He’s not? You can’t see Vernie?
He’s not there… (RC) Mr Keshe what would the
Nano- structure look like on the… (MK) It’s the same …
(RC) … on the micro scale (MK) It’s the same. It’s the spacing
and the way it’s done. The Nano layer, the Plasma
of the Nano layer, is not under stress. Condition of the stress, has taken
some of the factors away. It’s like different type of Oxygen, we
were explaining from different plants. If you understand this, you understand
very easily why poisons work. The poison, when you take a poison, or
when you touch something poisonous, all it is, it is created on the condition
by the plant which is inheritance is what we call like, as Vernie said,
is a caustic based. It is taker,
so it takes energy from it. It doesn’t disturb by anything else
but changing of the environment. If you do it by firing,
it’s the same. This is… if you do Nano-coating
by Plasma, you find out you can interfere with
the human body much easier. When you make your caustic plates,
like what we talked before, you do the amputation and you put
a Nano-coated material at the bottom. If you do a… if you use a plate which is
Plasmatically Nano-coated, it behaves totally different than if you
fire Nano-coat the ring or the plate. It’s a natural process and
it is very, very effective. So it does, it has a different behaviour
and it does work because now the development in the, with Vernie… They put it on a car and
it’s there and they see it. They put a fire-coated, the performance
goes up, because it’s a giver so … When they put in caustic-coated,
the engine suffocates. The performance changes totally in
a negative direction. (JS) Thank you very much.
(MK) It’s very important… Pardon? (JS) I’m sorry I had just one more
question then, because this will help out with some of the friends and students
that are not able to even be in these … meetings,
due to Internet and such. But what then, would be the
recommended, best approach, at using a Plasmatic condition
to Nano-coat? (MK) Depends what you need it for.
As you say in English: “Horses for courses” We have to learn that, now we have
different tools. Not just one. Do you want it
to be a Gravitational ring? Do you want it
to be a Magnetical ring? If you wanted to… however efficient will be?
Would you like to do… Yesterday I was talking to, I think,
Doctor van Gorp was telling me… Fahrad fire coats the rings and then
Nano-coats them with caustic on top of it And then when he does it,
there’s a lot of flakes. Of course it is, because when you
Nano-coat with the fire, it’s very separated from the
body of the element. Nano-coated, fire nano-coated,
it’s structurally different than caustic Nano-coated. Caustic Nano-coated is like an earring.
You create a very fine gap. With the fire nano-coated you,
is what we call… you crunch it in and everything splashes out,
some whatever is left, that’s all, there’s a lot of stress
on the Nano material. A lot of stress, but in that stress,
then it releases itself. That’s why the system works
better with a fire-coated. It creates a lot of stress in material
and that stress has to be released. so you capture it as an energy,
saving, car performance better. Thank you very much.
If there is nothing else? Rick, we can call it a day. (AB) Mr Keshe, I have one more
question please… (MK) Yes Azar. Since we talk about Nano-coating,
you know the plates I use for creating …GaNSes, after I’m done with them
they have multi-colours, how can I clean them
to use them again? (MK) You don’t clean them.
You never … When a plate is Nano-coated,
it stays Nano-coated. Never dies. (AB) But after I’m done with… GaNSes
don’t the GaNSes … (MK) No it’s still there.
Leave it in the pot and carry on. (AB) Okay you know what I did that
(MK) Never clean … There is somebody here,
where is Richard? Richard went into actually getting
everything to rub it off and clean it. And it doesn’t work, you damage.
Because …let me… (AB) Okay
(RC) But, you would put it back in caustic right Mr Keshe,
not just in… the salt water solution
(MK) You can do but … You can do but we do it. But in fact, the essence is set on
the layer which is produced initially. … Let me explain something very
quickly. This is again you looking at
it in a Matter-State. I look at it as a Totality. This is the plate.
You Nano-coat it. Yeah? You have your Nano materials here, and you have the structure here. You gotta understand
something very simple. Just because you got rid of this
Nano material here, the process has not stopped. Every cell inside the wire is already
Magnetically re-positioned itself. So you can use this plate
forever as a Nano-coated. Just because the black is gone, as you
are physical, you think it’s changed. You put it back in, the whole thing
inside, the Nano layering in a space gap, still is in the structure
of the Copper you pull out. You have changed everything inside. It’s not what it used to be. Because, even though you think you just
took out, and some of it is used, the others have moved to keep position
to be ready for the next one. So you can always use
it as a Nano-coated. (AB) But Mr Keshe you know those stuff
that accumulate on the plate, like a whitish stuff, do you clean those?
(MK) Yes you accumulate because those are CO2, Zinc Oxide because you
haven’t create a good separation (AB) So I made a mistake
I cleaned them with ACL acid. Now I have rainbow plates.
(MK) I know somebody else who’s done that as well [clears throat]
Yes, Richard? (AB) So what should I do now?
(MK) You create… You don’t change things but you
make it very hard for yourself. You, literally what you do,
you seal the skin. And now you have to go through
trying to open it up again. Now you understand? (RC) It makes a beautiful
art object though. (MK) Pardon?
(RC) It makes a beautiful art object. (MK) Yeah but Richard is trying to
shout something in the back… (AB) I should…
I should throw them out then? (MK) … Pardon? (AB) I should throw them out then?
(MK) No! Do you throw out your husband
when you’re finished with him? (AB) How can I. How can I… (MK) It comes handy one day, (AB) Why can’t I Nano-coat
them again? I mean.. (MK) No you don’t need to Nano-coat it,
keep it, it works (AG) It’s already Nano-coated.
(MK) Just put it back in the salt (MK) It’ll still carry on doing it.
(AB) Okay. Thank You. (MK) A dentist,
should stay a dentist Azar [laughter] (MK) I hope you don’t do that
with your patients? Can I put a Zinc plate on one side
and a Copper on the other? (AB) [laughs] No I don’t.
(MK) [laughs] Thank you very much Azarjan. (MK) … There is a question there,
do we have a microphone? Where is the microphone?
We take a couple of questions here from the floor and then we call it a day,
three of them. The ladies first.
Oh, it’s okay. (V) Yes, hi my name is Valerie and,
I remember you saying Mr Keshe, that one of the best Nano-coating to do
is first heat it up with fire and then dip it into caustic solution to make
a diamond layer. Is that still correct? (MK) That is for different purposes.
You see I come, I am an engineer. I worked as a material engineer.
I know what material, to you is a fire. I was explaining to my son this,
a couple of days ago. It’s how you, what you do,
for what purpose you want it. In a, … what you call it, in a blacksmith
takes the same iron, puts it in the fire. And then he takes it out and
let it cool very easy. That metal you can bend it,
it’s annealed. You put the same fire in, and then
you quench it in the water it becomes brittle, you touch it it breaks to pieces. You’ve got to know what
you are using it for. When a man makes a sword, he puts
the steel in the fire and then he folds it. And he hammers the whole
metal together again. You have to understand what we use it,
what is the purpose of doing it, what it was
discussed. (V) So what would you use it for
if you dip it into caustic? (MK) It give you a beautiful, when you do
it that way and you get a lot of splashes. You get a beautiful Nano material! Which
is used, which is perfect to be used for certain coatings. Because when you put a Copper in
and you put it in a cold caustic, the splashes which comes out
has a different property, You can use it for different
aspects of the work. When you put it in the caustic
it’s attached to it. If I want Nano material to use
somewhere else, for a different thing. Because to you it’s just a Copper.
To me, I get the… I do the same thing with the Copper.
I do the same thing with the Zinc, I do the same
thing with the Iron. Yeah? And then when I mix it,
in a specific way, I make a beautiful ceramic
for what I want to do. It’s a filter, it’s part of what
you call … ‘semiconductors’. But you’ve got to know what you do
with it, this is the reason we do it. (V) Okay, thank you very much.
(MK) Thank you very much. (MK) We come to you last, we close
with, we go to the bottom part and we fall out of Venez…
what you call, New Zealand and then … (laughter)
(M) Marylise from Switzerland. Can I come back to a question
about the Soul? (MK) Yes
(M) Yeah, for me, my beliefs are completely changed after what I heard
this morning because you said that: “The Soul you can locate it
in a part of our body”. and for me the Soul is more,
was more an energy, not a space.
(MK) It is an energy but inside. Do you remember that
old movie called ‘Simon Templar’? He used to walk with a
little ring on his head? (M) Yes I remember that.
(MK) It doesn’t work that way. (MK) The Simon Templar is inside you.
(M) Okay. (MK) … So it is the center what it
radiates it becomes your physicality. (M) When you mean the center is
energy center? Or? (MK) It is a Plasma, it’s yes without it
you don’t exist. But the thing is that it doesn’t continuously give, at
the same time, it takes as well. The elevation of the Soul comes
from receiving. Part of the food you eat,
part of the thing you eat, part of the environment you breathe. You add to your Soul but depends on
what you want to add to it, what you want to take
and what you react to it. A guy said, “When I go and cold,
in the cold weather,” “and I give a lot of energy,
do I lose a lot of my Soul?” I said, “Depends on what
you stole when it was warm.” Depends on what you prepare.
You’re not going to get it, are you? We wait to come to New Zealand, we got
to America now, just getting closer. (CvD) Can we take the plate or the wire
with fine lines on it, Fine lines to create hills and valleys, that would open up some spacing
between the surface and then do the fire or can we go Nano coating.. How about…
(MK) You can do anything you like. (CvD) You know, do we need thickness,
what do we need to get …? (MK) It depends what is you,
what do you want to use it for? I.. (CvD) To me, that means it would open up,
that it would be easier to do… At least the surface Nano-coating,
will give us the time, until when we use it, until it
creates its own Nano-coating, goes deeper and deeper, but at least
it would start working faster at least than at the beginning.
(MK) Maybe? Maybe? (MK) Depends what you want or
expecting from it also. We go to the last question.
Till we go back to New Zealand and then we go with the sheeps, we start
counting the sheeps to go to sleep. (CvD) Okay .. Mr Keshe you were talking
about what I was talking about with Farhad yesterday.
This is the new coil that he’s making, but he’s not dipping it in caustic.
He’s dipping it many times in cold, very cold GANS water and this one was dipped
about maybe ten to twelve times if I … (MK) He’s come up with his own way
there is, you can do as much as, but depends on what
he wants to do with it. (CvD) and but I was just wondering what
sort of a property would that make? … (MK) It is a fire-coated,
when it’s fire-coated, is a giver. But it depends then when it gives,
what you put, a replacement. What kind of GANS, it’s dipped in.
Is it CH3? Is it CO2 ? And then you’ve got to be able to measure
the strength of it, what he does with it? (CvD) And… But, I remember you also saying
that’s how you create diamond layer right? (MK) Yeah
(CvD) By firing it and dipping it in cold water. (MK) Yeah if your look, if you look at
your Nano coating on this, you see it’s very shiny.
(CvD) Yes (MK) This is part of diamond structure,
but is in a Copper State. Yeah? (CvD) .. its a gift for you from Fahrad…
(MK) You see its .. (MK) Oh God I hope he won’t kill
anybody, but it’s nice. When you gonna be there? (MK) Thank you very much Fahrad
what is this to do, we can redo it? I was showing it before and in
demonstration in Accra, to other students. If you Nano-coat it good
and you can hold it, you’ve seen many demonstration. You can connect it to any
main electricity, but it creates, but as long as you can hold on
to something that which is. The… It brings certain balance
in the Copper muscle tissue. It’s part of the development term. She went for a coffee she
never came back. Where is she? There. .. Yeah
(?) The other thing about that is that it puts off, releases a lot of Nano flakes. (MK) Yeah
(?) and then when you make a caustic, put that in caustic it produces a
beautiful cobalt blue color is it? (MK) Yeah but that’s Copper, it takes
the Nano elements of which are not there. (MK) Our what I call ‘Sabrina
member of Council of Italy’, she used to suffer heavily from
rheumatic problems, arthritis. And one day, we were at her house,
I explained to her and I gave her a system. And all she does now,
she’s made her own different way. She has one of these coils I have to
show you what this looks like. Because you have got to see it ..
It’s a double coil Nano-coated. And, now she has two of them,
she puts her foot on it, it’s connected to electricity
and runs a little light. And she has changed her life.
Six months ago, 12 months ago if you had seen her, she was suffering
very bad arthritis. You could see it. Even now the piece of the bone piece
has gone the bits [phone rings] There it comes,
that’s the White House. … The piece has gone, but is a lump was
the space which is left, the liquid is in it. So she, if she was here
she would have explained to you. She suffered with
this for years, heavily. Now she is normal,
she is back in the normal life. All it is that she touches.
She puts her foot on two of them. And I said to her,
“If you hold one in the hand and one on the foot, you create
the whole structure in the body”. This is one of the best solutions
for rheumatoid arthritis. It actually works effective.
But the only problem is, you gotta make sure [clears throat]
Dr Klaus that it’s fully Nano-coated. You don’t want to get electrocuted
by plugging yourself in. Yeah, So it does you need a lot of
understanding. It works 100 percent. Because rheumatic condition is
connected with the Copper side of the body of the Man. Yeah! So this is Copper, she what she
does she actually she’s got two of them She puts her foot on it and sits with it
connected to the electric. Anybody say you’re a crazy woman
doing it. But she has changed her life! The battery doesn’t work that you need
that frequency to go through the red.. And it works. I hold it if I have a shoulder pain, I
have a muscle pain in the upper shoulder, I just hold it in my hand for a few minutes
and it solves the problem. Yeah? There is something that we call
“air condition pain”. A lot of you don’t see it,
you don’t understand it. A lot of people live in
a air conditioned environment, always suffer with a pain on the top muscle,
the reason for it is very simple, I explain this, because in Africa
we have a lot of it. … The reason for it is,
and you can use it with this, the minute you use this,
it solves the problem for a few weeks. Because then you do the same thing
back again yourself to it. What it is in the air conditioning depends
on the system and the temperature. You create a contraction on the top,
and a relaxed muscle on the bottom. That’s what the air condition does,
it cools you, you chill. And then this locks in, and so you have
this what you call air condition pain. And, it comes with, if you fall asleep
on the air condition too long. We experience it in Africa quite a lot,
because it’s beyond imagination the heat. And then all you do you hold this
for about 5 minutes, it’s gone,
for a few days you are free. Till you put yourself,
what happens the outer muscle contracts, the other one is there,
now it want’s to open up to behave, it can not do, because now
the other one has changed and moved. And you get a huge shoulder pain in there,
especially in here, in the top. And with the pain patch
you put on, you relax it, but the best way,
is this way to do it. Thank you very much for today. Don’t forget,
we still go back to all of you, Accra, Keshe Foundation Space Program,
is on a full swing. Yesterday, you were not here, in the
afternoon we received a call from Accra. That the Standard board
of Ghanaian Government, has issued a certificate for the Keshe
Foundation, the waters, to be marketed. It’s shown, it’s a pure,
it does what it says, and it’s one of the most effective
clean waters, they have ever seen. So, now we have officially been…
I have received the Certification from the Governmental Institute, which
allows us to expand the sale of the water across West Africa through
Ghana Atomic Commission, in our cooperation with
the Keshe Foundation. And, this is the first time
a Governmental body on the International level has,
approved that the water is pure, has no side effects,
and the beauty with it is, the water with the GaNSes,
is purer than any water they have seen. There is a consideration that this water
be used for injections and medical application
because it’s purer than distilled water. We thank the authorities
in Government of Ghana, and especially FDA and
the Atomic Commission. To facilitate such a thing. And in next couple of weeks
you will see the KF Foundation, as we’ve shown the bottles before,
will be right across the whole of Africa. We’ve, it’s we planned it that way,
it goes. And in the next few days
another Certificate, this is the water. Now it is, and you will see it across
the whole of West Africa. It is Certified, and it’s in anyway
it’s the work of the whole Keshe Foundation team
around the World. You can take it, we are prepared for
those Governments which we will announce that we’ll start collaboration
and manufacturing. To extend the Certification. From Government to Government. The beauty of it is, we’ll take this Certification into United
State to release it as a material in US. On the back of the FDA. Because they are working together
documentation is there. And next week, or the week after,
we will do the same with the Power Units, and the, the biggest thing
was to get this Certificate. It was, everything else
is on the back of it. So, the Standard board and the FDA
are approving everything on the back of it because they have seen it,
they know what it is. I should thank all our guys in Accra,
especially Benjamin who work relentlessly
to get it. And, we estimate something,
we are programing for one million bottle
a month production. Because, in so many ways,
the red one, is CO2, the middle one ZMAJI
is the Zinc, and RMEMAJI which comes
from ground, from the Copper. So, in combination,
people decide what to do, we don’t, we will be
marketing it as a water. But they know,
it’s gone around, the word, that, “this and that is good
for this and that”, and people come and say, “I want that water and that water.”,
we don’t need to do anything. They’ve decided
what they want to use. And, in so many ways,
it’s a condition as you see, the logo of the Keshe Foundation,
Atomic Energy Commission and it will go on on every product. As I said, the energy production
of this system which is a phase one, and phase two, is on a flight
to Middle East. We will test it in the presence of
World leaders, for the next phase of launch,
in the next few weeks. Of new state of material,
fuel and energy consumption. It is part of what we collectively have
done, what collectively we have achieved. And, tomorrow you are not here,
or maybe this afternoon, we will show the scientific papers,
released by Tokyo University. To do with
non-toxicity of this material, we were waiting for this Certification,
before we release it. Now, we release it this afternoon,
most probably in the teaching, I have to go into the computer
to download it. We have accepted,
we have communicated with the Keshe Foundation
in the Tokyo University that they are
pleased to be shown. We have deleted the name
of the scientists for their protection. In two, three weeks time when the
trial three, on the animal is completed, there is a extension by it
by the Japanese Government, that we are testing the radiation effects
on the animals as well. Which becomes paper number four. A conference will be organized in Tokyo,
at the same time, most probably, if we are in Accra, or here,
or I’ll go to Tokyo, for the release of,
the presentation of the paper. Thank you very much for today,
but don’t forget. Yes! The things,
I know it’s behind me. Don’t forget, we need huge amount
of support and donation for Keshe Foundation Ghana. We are relying on
International support. We have start seeing, donations
start coming in. We need 250 million. We commit the Keshe Foundation Ghana
to at least 20% of it, in next 12 months
we’ll raise 40 million in Ghana, out of our operation
with the water. The rest has to come from
International organization and public, otherwise
the Governments will control us. There is one thing
which all of you’ve been waiting for, to share knowledge,
and add knowledge. And Keshe Foundation kfwiki.org,
Plasma Wiki.org, has been opened up
since yesterday. And all you need to go, you want to know anything
about the Plasma Technology from now on, the masters which are you
will dictate it, no one can come
write rubbish in about Plasma. Go in,
add your knowledge. Moderators they have
one instructions when they are there. As long as there is no insult, there is no
bad words, there is no accusation, you can say, and teach and add
the knowledge, how you create a Plasma. This is one condition, we are not moderating
who is there, who knows better, who doesn’t. It’ll be done very easily, that you decide
and the categories will increase. I know somebody want’s
to put a category in there as a Soul. No problem, but make sure
you get the right Soul in there. And everything else
to go with it. And, in next few days the
Keshe Foundation new website will go up, when this conference is over,
and there is less time consumed on this. At the same time,
go in and add knowledge. Don’t go in there it is wrong,
nobody is wrong. You put it, this is my idea,
this is the way I do it. Somebody might inspire by your vision,
somebody might oppose it. But, doesn’t mean you are wrong,
or they are wrong. This is what is wrong
with the Wikipedia at the moment, I used to exist as the Keshe Foundation
Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the Belgium Government threatened them
that close them down I don’t exist anymore in reality I don’t exist
in the World of wiki. But, if you go to the other places,
I’m international public figure, in the Facebook
and everywhere else. We’ve taken this
stupidity out of it, I think it deserves from Wiki begging
for money and it’s gonna shut down because their own,
they’ve brought their own destruction. They are forever asking for money. So you see, it’s there,
it’s beautifully done, Dr Klaus has spent a lot of time doing it and the only problem with,
his, that he didn’t realise, it’s gonna be round his neck
for the rest of his life this Wiki. (RC) And, I think Klaus is here and
he might want to says something about that Mr Keshe? He had his hand up here so?
(MK) Yes! Why not Dr Klaus? (KP) Yes Hello. I’m very glad that we can
go public now with the Wiki. This is just a small basis,
some information, That you can
carry on with editing. The… The aim, the vision,
the mission was, just to create one place, one document,
where we, all over the World can work. On one document, one information,
to add knowledge, to conserve knowledge
for people around us. And … it’s a joy to watch it now, and
it’s a joy to know that it’s public now. And, if you feel that you,
have knowledge that you would like to add, and I know there
are thousands of you outside. Just go on
http://kfwiki.org Click on request account, and decide for yourself also, if you would like to
open a Wiki for your own language. You see, currently there
is a basis for the English Wiki We designed Plasma Wiki
like Wikipedia, which means every language gets
it’s own, more or less, independent Wiki. As you saw at the first page
you can now select English But, I talked with so many people
outside… with so many people and, I know that, there soon will be
another selection, for Spanish,
for French, for German. There will soon be a selection
for Chinese language. Please move on, I know
there are a lot of you, we have been in communication, who would like to translate it
into your mother language. And what we also need are people,
who become like reviewers, which means, no one till now
can add knowledge directly. First, there is a review mode. There are people who look at the
information and then accept it,
and then you are online. We will decide whether it
keeps like this, but this is just in case you would
like to publish something which does not fit to
the Ethos of Keshe Foundation. So, as you see, we made
basic categories now. Basic categories; Preface about
Keshe Foundation. About,
basic knowledge, nano-coating,
production of GANS, and then we went over to the
different categories, parts of foundation; Health, Agriculture, Energy, Travel,
Plasma for Kid’s. There are some categories
we added and they are empty, and they are waiting
for you to add knowledge. We stated the centres above The Wiki helps us to work together,
around the Globe on one document, to experience the feeling
of working together as one Soul, for one purpose. Bringing the Plasma knowledge to Mankind,
to elevate the Soul of the Man, in order to open up
the Universal Community. Wish you good luck, and I’m looking
forwards, seeing Wiki exploding. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Thank you Klaus. (applause) (MK) Something which
a lot of us have to understand. Putting things like this together,
is not job of the Man. (??) Have you look on the Facebook? (MK) Yes. We have a Facebook
Keshe Foundation. We’ve got about 60,000 followers on
Facebook Keshe Foundation, groups of individuals. What it is, what
I was explaining is that, when you put so much time to do,
then it… other things get involved. Things like this usually brings the wife
and the children to do, and is done with Klaus. We should thank Caroline
for all the time you let him go away, to do the things that, maybe,
it’ll be harsh for you sometime, but it needs two to tango. And, things like this,
when a Man commits himself to Humanity, it takes the whole family. Thank you very much for both of you
in what you are doing. We call it a day, today,
and hopefully next week or so you’ll see the new feature
of the Keshe Foundation. It’s taken us
two years to change it. Hopefully, we’ll be on position to do it.
I hope, I get … smiling faces, and now that we
finish with this conference tomorrow, we have invited
the Keshe Foundation, the Earth Council, the Universal Council
and all the members of the Core team, to Accra, for the opening
of the flight site. For the opening of
the Keshe Foundation Clinic, the Space Launch Lab and the, what we call
the Factory of the Keshe Foundation. We are part of the
Keshe Foundation Community, worldwide. But, we keep Africa to the Africans
for the time being, that they get the pride
and their Joy back. And then, they’ll come and feed us. We’re expecting the opening
for the conference to be around next six to eight weeks,
if we get everything right. The opening will be done by
his excellency the president of Ghana, and other dignitaries. Please, when you come to Ghana,
bringing the hope of Humanity to take Man to Space. The most important part is; Join us that, we can
change to course of Humanity. The Launchpad into
Space will be from Ghana. We have committed ourselves to it. We’re spending a
vast amount of money on it, because we know,
it’s a free country. It’s one of the most free countries
you ever come across If you doubt, you live in
a freedom of the United States, come to Ghana, then you understand
what the True freedom is. But, come in with
the hope that we progress, that what we call the
‘3rd Universal Council’ , in next few weeks is
for all of you, your invited. But, we have a very big problem
in Ghana, there are over, they are short of
the hotel accommodation. We try not to get involved
because, it takes a lot of energy, especially at that time, we try to help
only the Keshe Foundation Team. We advertise none, we try not to,
or we allow you to come in. You need a letter from
Keshe Foundation Ghana, or Keshe Foundation Ghana Limited. To, the reason you are coming in,
or you can come as a tourist. But, we proudly bring the member of the
Universal Council and the Earth Council, and the Core team as part
of the Keshe Foundation Worldwide. You’re Welcome! When, it is the celebration of
the achievement for all of us, and the Launchpad will
be supported by other Nations Which… We decided, deliberately not to
release any more names and position, because, we’ve got a gangster called DL
and Sylvester call him ‘the owner’ So, it’ll be, we save
them telephone calls. At least they don’t need to spend so much
money, making a lot of rubbish calls, And, at least they can spend it on their
new children and whatever they thought, and the new children and
arranged abuse. But, in fact, in so many ways,
we open the door in Ghana. You’re all welcome. We don’t have much time, maybe
six eight weeks is a maximum. I return back to Ghana,
to set up the procedure. The only problem
we have on a date is, when His Excellency gives us a time, when
he’s available to open the Flight Centre. We arrange everything around his time,
he’s the head of the Nation, and he’s the Man
who will open the Centre. The minute we are given a date,
we announce it, and everything else will be set,
according to that point and position. Thank you very much for being here and
please support the Keshe Foundation Ghana, to build this place and this land,
because it will change all of us. Thank you indeed! (applause) Thank you very much Mr Keshe and
I thought I would end today’s Workshop the 165th Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for March 30th, 2017 with the … short video “Invitation”
by Pia Larsen that’s a music video. Okay I’ll put that on and that’ll
be the end of the Workshop. [Video INVITATION] “INVITATION” is a music video
by Pia Larsen of RAIN BEAT Music, dedicated to the Invitation
to Peace for Space Visitors.

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