166th Knowledge Seekers Workshop April 6, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as the entire content of fields which accumulate
and create matter and it is NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational fields. Released fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named GANS. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of nano material, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav fields. These fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. The Keshe Foundation
is extending an Invitation to Medical Doctors of
any practice and speciality, to apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Medical Teaching Workshop, this includes Medical Doctors,
Dentists, and Veterinarians. Scientists at the Keshe Foundation developed different types
of Plasma therapies, and cures, that utilize advanced
non-invasive Plasma technology. The Weekly Private
Medical Teaching Workshop educates Doctors to the
Plasma science behind the therapies, along with the functionality and operation
of revolutionary Plasma medical devices. The goal of the Private Teachings
is to add Plasma Health Knowledge to the profound knowledge
of Medical Doctors. The weekly Class is broadcast live
over the Internet through a secure Private Channel, every Wednesday from 2 to 5 pm
Central European Time. Presently the Class
is only offered in English, however you are free to bring
a translator to the Class. If you can’t participate
in the live broadcast you can watch them later
at your convenience through a Private Internet portal. Every patient’s case
that is discussed in the Workshop will be kept anonymous and private. This includes catalogued
findings and data, gained from the analysis
of the patient’s health issues. Any Medical Doctor in the world
who wants to participate can do so, by sending an email to : [email protected] In your email, please state your
willingness to participate in the Medical Teaching Workshop. If you’re planning on bringing
a Translator to the Workshop, please state this in your email as well. After we receive your email, we will contact you with the instructions
on How to Apply to the Workshop. As a part of the Application process, applicants who apply, including any Translators
brought into the Workshop, will be required to sign the :
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following web address: http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf All Applicants will be required to
provide proof of their education, and ability to practice medicine, and will also be required to pass
an extensive security background check, before they are granted access
to the Teaching Workshop. Helpful Plasma Technology is here now. The use of which is increasing
exponentially on a day to day basis, on every continent. We encourage you to come and learn
about this revolutionary technology. Apply today! The Keshe Foundation is extending an Invitation to experienced Farmers, Agricultural Specialists, and Researchers, to Apply to the Foundation’s Private
Weekly Agriculture Teaching Workshops. If you fall into 1 of these categories, and are interested in Plasma Technology
integration into Agriculture, you’re invited to apply. Scientists and Agricultural practitioners
at the Keshe Foundation, continually develop and apply
new methods of food and fiber production, soil fertility management, plant and livestock health management, and increased farm productivity,
using the most advanced Plasma Technology that is taught at the Keshe
Foundation Spaceship Institute. In the Teaching Workshop, you’ll learn the science
of Plasma Technology and it’s applications in
the fields of Agriculture, for enhanced and
equitable global food production, while minimizing costs
and external input. Practicing Farmers and
Keshe Foundation Scientists will demonstrate their application
of Plasma Technology in Agriculture, and the ensuing results
of such applications, thus deepening and enriching learning for all participants in
the Private Teachings. Participants are encouraged to demonstrate their farming practices
in the Teaching Workshop. The Private Teachings are broadcast
in English live over the Internet through a secure private channel every Wednesday at 10 am to 1 pm
Central European Time (CET). If necessary, you may bring
a Translator to the Workshop. All Applications are required
to provide proof of their Education and Professional qualifications. Must pass a Security Background Check. And are required to sign the
Keshe Foundation’s World Peace Treaty, which can be found
at the following Web address (http://keshefoundation.org/worldpeacetreaty/WorldPeaceTreaty.pdf) Translators that attend
must also pass a Security Check and sign the World Peace Treaty. For details on how to join
the Private Teachings in Agriculture, send an email to: [email protected] stating that you would like to participate. Include in the email your Education
and Agricultural experience, and reasons for your interest in Plasma Technology. Applicants will be contacted
with further instructions and details on the Application process. Welcome everyone,
welcome to the 166th. Knowledge Seekers Workshop at
the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. Once again we are here with Mr. Keshe,
I can hear him wispering in the background, and he suggests that it’s… he’s gonna
have a lot to talk about today, some important things
that have come up, and I think he’s
pretty much raring to go there. Apologise for the delay today,
we had a little bit delayed start, but think we are ready to go.
Are you there Mr. Keshe? (MK) Yes good morning,
thank you very much Rick. Do apologize for delay,
it’s just a confusion in time. You’re lucky i just happend
to look at my phone, I saw a lot of messages,
otherwise I would have been coming online in
two hours time. First of all, as you show,
good morning good day to you, whenever and whereever
you listen to these teachings. As you know, we have been having
a very busy week last week, and a lot has happened, a lot has taken place and what we have seen,
is huge changes, and developments which change the course
of the Keshe Foundation. I promised I will not teach, from today on and I’ll explain to you why
and how and the reason, and then we carry on,
in how we teach from now on. First of all let us as usual make some
announcements, and then we come to it. As you know, we gave
our support to the group, in a way by, not by group
but we where invited to give a speech in, or a talk in Romania,
couple of weeks ago when Giovanni and i were there
for another business. And some three hundred people
from their group turned up to be there. These people have been with us before,
in Barletta and the rest of it. And we were accused of
supporting pedophile groups, but let us see
how Illuminati’s work. KF and his group, in a way
what we call as us, we stand for
Freedom of Man from now on. Keshe Foundation has become the point
for those who’ve been in prison, locked away, illegaly under depression and
supression of the Goverments. As we set up the World Goverment,
we have to be correct in our conduct, in supporting
the innocent. We kept quiet,
in respect that we know, the head of this organisation in Romania
is a innocent man, he was put in accused of whatever that DL
and Mr Sylvester run around with it, but as usual, these are
criminals of the Internet and they didn’t tell you
the Truth. Because this is how they could do
they are well payed by their paymasters, the gentleman who they put pictures
of him being convicted. On putting in a court,
to International Court of Justice, the gentleman is aquitted, totaly aquitted
from being, doing anything wrong, and it was a
setup by the Government. The details of the acquittal and
the penalty which had to be given to him symbolically at a 1,000 Euro,
and a court cost of about 7,000. He is innocent, have
always been innocent, but, in a way it was trying
with this situation, we’ve seen how, the criminals have got used to
committing crime and blaming the others that we support whatever,
because they are whatever. So, as in the
factsaboutdirk, the court case is released,
it’ll be released, by Securities,
and you can read it. The appeal court
is 29 February 2017. A man has been jailed by pedophiles
who accused a man being a pedophile because this is their job, and we find out
even the girl who has been accused of, has been telling,
she’s never been touched. This is the way the people like DL work,
they rape children, their own daughters, and then they accuse the others of doing it,
because they get a lot of money for it because this gentleman opened the hand of
the pedophile and Illuminati’s in his country. And it’s just a revenge, this is what, how
they’ve been trying to get Keshe Foundation. So, you’ve seen how they are running
but they didn’t tell you as usual a liar he’s a
pathetical liar. and he disclosed,
yes he is in prison, falsified, ans European Court of Justice,
Human Court of Justice, have given him the right,
that he’s been set up, and he is innocent, and
he’s been given a a symbolic gift, because you can not pay
for Man’s life in prison. So DL you are a crook, you are a thief,
you are a criminal, you are a murderer, you raped your own daughters, and
now you are due, that’s why you jumped. We’ve seen the same
with Sylvester, I wonder how safe children are
in South Korea. What we hear from the South Korean Officials,
“not very safe”, with criminals in there. So from now on, as we setup
the World Government, and the Security
of the World Government, we’ll free these kind of people,
and we support innocent people. We won’t jump on a bandwagon
to be just to be, when we know we are clear,
we support. The court case heard in France
will be released in french and both, and then you see
the Man is totally innocent. So, as you’ve seen, we had
the same thing with Allen When Sterling was imprisoned,
he jumped to support, because that’s what his habit is,
supporting his own team. So, be correct the way we
are, and this shows us.>From now on, we enter
World Peace by bringing Peace, to the Man of,
imprisoned illegally by wrong doing, and Keshe Foundation
will stand for Human Rights. The total right,
Freedom of the Soul of the Man. Now, we come to another.
As most of you know, last week we had a week,
two days of what we call, the ‘Conference’, with the
Members of the Universal Council. And three days was
the Scientific Council. The two days which you joined
in the middle of the Scientific Conference on Thursday morning,
has brought a lot of changes. Has brought a lot of point of views
of what we are, and who we are, and what we have to expect from
Universal Council. What Universal Council had to be,
explain their position, in respect to what they are,
it’s been recorded, and will be kept in the archives
of the future members, of the Universal Council
and the Earth Council We’ll come to understand, how
they’ve been given this position. They have the blessing of us. and I have called for the meeting
of the Core Team, which Rick now is about to start,
to put together. That the Core Team,
after a long time meets. Because, we didn’t
have the need to meet, we know each other we be,
we connect to each other. There are points to be discussed,
and the Core team, the Universal Council members,
and the Earth Council, will gather together
shortly in Ghana. They are invited and the
all expenses payed to be there. For the opening of the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute in Ghana. In this process of the teaching,
a lot has become clearer. And in so many ways, some mistakes
which has been made, or misunderstanding which is been made,
or was created over years of teaching, we start putting it right. The reason we did this, was because we see,
in these Conferences, this is when we learn each other
what we are doing, what we are not doing. We’ve seen some groups, have tried to
infiltrate and effect the work of the Keshe Foundation,
you saw it with three French women, This has brought to us the weakness
of the Keshe Foundation, where we are weak at, these came in,
we saw their work in Dubai. And now we saw the same group of people
appearing in France. Or in Italy in the Conference,
So what we done from now on Keshe Foundation would not run any
Conference that it can be threats, or have people which are there to
damage the Foundation and the members of it,
to come into operation. In that respect, the Conferences
from now on, will be categorised for the Doctors,
for the Engineers, For the Doctors, for the Engineers, and only those, who are registered and
qualified in that part of the work, will be allowed to join the Conferences. In so many ways, this was, as I said,
“It’s a learning curve for all of us.” As we see the abuse we adjust, that still
knowledge can be shared with the others, but, we do not let them to touch us,
touch our families, with their falsified image
of who they are, what they are. And we protect the Keshe Foundation,
and the family of the Keshe Foundation. In the process of the teaching, in the
Conference, and learning from our Scientist, who submitted and gave us lectures
and they taught us. We learned a lot, and we share a lot. And, in that process
we learn for example, a lot of you don’t do
the Nano-coating the right way. A lot of it is not done
the way it should be. So, part of the teaching,
we’ve done for Nano-coating. It’ll be isolated, taken out,
and it’ll be put in on a blueprint. That, I explain in detail,
how it should be. Because, the Romanian team showed us, that
they put the Coppers in a pressure cooker. They, boil it seven time with Caustic,
and it doesn’t work that way. And, then they pile it up,
on top of each other, doesn’t work that way. And then, the others will learn,
with the others, the other things. It’s in a way correct, you don’t make, but
this is the way, what you are need to do. To achieve, what we are achieving. And realising, more and more, why some
of the peoples MaGravs works, some don’t Because, you have
Nano-coated it the wrong way You have Caustic-coated
it the wrong way, You have produced
the GANSes which are wrong. So, for this purpose,
not GANSes are wrong for anything else. In English we say,
“Horses for Horses.” To achieve the effects, which you expect
from what we teach, what we show. Follow our procedure.
There is no need to worry, “Oh I made it that
way, I was wrong.” You achieved a different thing,
you are never wrong. Nobody in this technology is wrong. But, this is a
recipe for the cake we make. Not the recipe, you want to try. So, in a way,
in the teaching, the team will spread the knowledge,
in it’s coming time. We take the whole thing to the next step
and we teach more. As part of the teaching,
we understood more, what is too, expected of the Universal Council,
and what they have to do. In the other part of the teaching,
I wanted to know, how much, my teaching of
the past three, four months, especially now, that we concentrate on the
Space Travel, on Deep Space travel, on interaction with
the Universal Community, has been learnt, has been
developed, has been added. What was very interesting was,
in the meeting, we had, we knew, due to the
characteristics of the way we set it up. As I said, we invited what you call,
“Universal Community” to join us. This is an invitation,
with the right I carry, I can do. And, in the Conference,
it was a test, it was an exam. It was see, how much the
Knowledge Seekers have learned, about the interaction, and what to expect of
our Brothers and Sisters, in different shape or forms,
dimensions of the strength of the field of the
Plasma, in the Universe. What I thought, all the time,
if you go back on all the teachings I said, in the teachings,
in the Conference, that people of the Universal Community
are amongst us. We have a friend,
and I saluted him. And, on the last couple of days,
of the Conference. I asked, in a way it was a exam time Nobody knew, it was one question,
for all those present. And, it was like a,
one question with one answer, and it had, it was a multiple choice,
of understanding one thing, In the last couple of days of the Conference,
I stood, and I asked, for our partners in the
Universal Community, to stand up, or to manifest themselves,
to show themselves. It was very strange, one man
pulled himself against the wall, he wasn’t sure if he is or not. And one women stupidly ran and
stood and stood next to me, as “I am”. But, and they’re all asking me afterwards,
“Is she the One?” “She the one? Is she the one.” And I said to myself,
“I wish I could explain.” Go back to the teaching. So in a way,
if I was marking the table. Of marking, you all got “F”.
You all failed. You all failed. The reason:
Go back, go back to the understanding. You see the Man of the Universe,
not in the Physicality, but in the Soul of the Man, Entity. And strange enough,
the Soul showed itself. The room bright, and nobody saw
because you were looking for the body. And the whole teaching was,
go and understand the Totality. The message was,
“You have a lot to do.” “Your student
haven’t learned much.” “So, let’s try again in the future.” “See how much Man has become close to
his Soul, to understand the Universe” In the Universe
you shall not see the entity. But his presence through his Soul, should be transparent to the Man. Now, you know what the test was, and now you know
what the conditions. Now the who are present,
and those who will watch the videos recording
will understand. In one point, a flash of light,
the Soul of the Man, manifests itself,
and nobody did see. And couple of people jumped,
because they thought that’s it. They must have a
good drink the night before. So, in reality, start learning. Start learning to to look for Soul,
the environment of the field’s, not the physicality
of the entity. By the time you find out, physicality
of entity, the entity could be within you This is how bad in the Space could be,
if your not well educated. So, in a way,
the first test for Mankind. In the open channels as we are has shown,
that you still look for physicality. Where, I always said,
he is amongst us. But, I did not explain
anything more than that. And, those who are misguided,
they turn up like this. Because, they think
this is the position. But from now, it’s not a failure. We learnt
where and what we have to look for. We’ve seen three,
or four French women appearing, and making all sorts
of threats and discussion. That, if this is not done this. They will do this, and that,
and the Master will come. Up to today, I dealt
with you as a students,>From today on,
I’ll be the Master. And you will all, you will know exactly
what is going to be done. You asked for it, you receive it. But those who did, and interfere, and they
think they are in that position, We do not punish we, we
elevate your Souls, and that elevation,
grounds you to this Planet. You have robbed
yourselves by mis-conduct. And that, has been the criteria of the
Keshe Foundation, and the work of the Universe. One, who touches the Soul
and Emotion of another person, and by it causes another problem,
shall pay through their own Soul. Which means you
are connected to this Planet, and that’s where you
have to stay till you educate. So, the Master is teaching,
and those who thought they gone, and they will make things done.
You have to stand your term. I think 6,000 years is good enough. Let us go and see what else we have,
and where we are developing to. As you know, we’ve
entered into the work of the Keshe Foundation Ghana
in a very big way. We have, we are given
the land by the Government. on the Atomic Zone.
Military Zone. To build the first Clinic, the first
centre for the Keshe Foundation The, in Africa, the first. The factory of
the Keshe Foundation in Ghana The development
of the Research Centres, Internationally for
Keshe Foundation Worldwide and the first Space Launch Lab In the World,
as a Spaceship World Launch … During the Conference Dr Rodrigo showed,
the way of how a Cancer has evolved. Being a huge breast Cancer,
for the Cancer to dissolve and then to
show itself, as it is. And this teaching is so,
what I call, “Perfect, and Graphical”. And it has both application in the
Health part and Space part for the change of the Man, that it’s
been separated and has been loaded. It’ll be loaded on a specific server
called ‘cancerprocessing.org’ That, we’ll release the position
in the next few days, that you can go and see the whole part
of the Conference in that piece. regarding to Cancer. Keshe foundation is proud to announce
and we have shown it, that the most horendous Cancer, which is
more or less, the size of a water melon with the breast of a Cancer. How, in the hand of a knowledgeable
Man of medicine like Dr. Rodrigo, his Excellency, member of
the Earth Council, has shown that it disappears.
It literally… pieces, fall apart. And, it’ll be ready.
What we’d like you to do… Check, we’ll try to bring this out.
It’s already completed. It’s just, I’m not in the location
that the team can come in and put it on the server. Make this viral.
Send this across the World. It’s so…it’s so precise,
that there’s not a headache. There is not, that somebody
has made the wrong testimonial. Testimonial of the physicality of the
change of a Cancer, is the proof of it. We cannot show these pictures
because last time we did. The Youtube put a note on it,
on the age group. It’s going on a server which we are…
chosen by the Keshe Foundation. And it’ll be there.
Pick it up. Show the shackles
of the Cancer on Man is over. It is so, picture wise… Dramatic… It’s so…touching,
that no one can refuse the reality. You see a body of a woman
with one breast, huge Cancer. And then the Cancer opens up,
and it falls apart, and then,
there is no Cancer. The breast returns more, or back,
to a… very, very small size. But, the beauty of it is,
that the tumors are not there. They’ve done biopsy on the tumor
and on the body, and it the tumor… they cannot find anymore Cancer agents.
Nothing at all, no markers So, you have a report
by the independent medical people, who’ve done the biopsy. What I’ve asked Dr Rodrigo
is something very simple. Please, in this conference,
when he presented the case, is that, he is going to leave it
for 8 months, 12 months. And then when the tissue softs,
they can do plastic surgery to give her breast back. What I’ve written to Dr Rodrigo
is that, I asked him, “Please do not touch if you can.
Give the woman the courage the way she brought this huge tumor,
of God knows how many kilos, back into nothingness.
Give her the confidence, that through the same process,
of as we said, “My Wish is My Command”. In wishing to have the same breast
as before, that there’s no deformity. She can ask for her breast to grow back
to the original size and shape, that the Cancer
becomes memory of the past”. This can be done
as the Man matures in time. Maybe not in this case, but we hope so,
she’s been touched. The other point in this, is that, this
goes back to the Space Technology. Where we said, “You can change
your physicality according to the wish.” And this we have seen. This video, which is going to be
released, on what is called: ‘cancerprocessing.org’
of the Keshe Foundation, one of the first videos
we show with the Cancer. Indicates, the wish of the Man
to dispose of the Cancer can be at the time
for the body of the Man, the wish of
a Man in the Space to, you’d like to have to fit
into the environment that you arrive, is to have another breast,
back the same. And, we hope the Soul has matured,
that it can pass into that, stays. So, we hope, we can see in the coming
time, if we can move in that direction. But, this is another point.
We have proven the will of the Man. We have shown the work
of the Cancer reversal, in less than 60 days, 90 days. Doctors will understand with, a few glass
of waters and standing in a machine which carries the energy transfer,
there is no need for chemotherapy. Please understand, do not go back
to the Dr Rodrigo to kill the.. to help you to keep the cancer off. A lot of people will go to him.
We do not want this to happen. The pressure should not go
in one direction. What we are going to do?
Most probably in next few weeks, we teach the core of Keshe Foundation
doctors across the teaching. What we call the “Medical Teaching” that
we spread the load across the World. It’s totally dependent on the doctors
what they will charge for their time to put this through. We’ll train doctors
across the World. We make facilities of the
system available through Austrian Keshe Foundation
Medical Team, to be able there, to do it, if people
want to go that way. But do not forget, the Keshe Foundation
is doing a lot of research. And the research which is coming from Tokyo
has been moved to a different location because of the security reasons. The head of the research has been
moved to a safety in another location. So, we moved out of Tokyo. And, the results coming from Tokyo this
morning and in the past couple of weeks, we’ve been keeping in a way, what
we told you is going on, it is confirmed. We received
the confirmation 2 days ago. And, we received the biopsy and
by blessing the Soul of the two mice’s, which were sacrificed this morning
to check the organs for any toxicity, and any signs of tumors of the Cancers,
has come as negative. But, the beauty of it
is the following. As I said: “I hope these animals
which are going through this processing in Tokyo,
are the last ones”. In the coming time, as the system
shows zero time of Cancer, gradually, the whole bunch
of these mices which is about 50 of them, will be sacrificed
for the life of a Man. They give their lives,
and we bless their souls for Man to be able
to understand it’s safe. The process was very simple. As you know, in early last year,
or the middle of last year, a Judge, in Tokyo, took the steps
for the Keshe Foundation, that we have to do the thing, to take it
across, that we can go to the court to show what we used in TEPCO
was correct. In reversal of Cancer,
in reversal of viruses, in extracting radiation
from the body of the Man. The extraction of the nuclear material
from the animal, will be carried out … in another safe place
by the Tokyo, not University, but the Japanese Research Development. And, that will be
in a way, very short term. Because we, they give a certain
given radiation to the animal. And then, the batch which is to do
with the use of our technology, will be tested on, within days
they can give, there is a result. But, with the ones with the cancer,
the phase 1 was to confirm, that CO2, ZnO,
specifically produced and developed, is not the ones
you drink and you do. It has to be done
the way it’s getting done. Leaves no toxicity,
when you do the first phase 1 by the interactional, you check
if the toxicity, after 1 hour, it can be found in
the blood of liver? Then, in 1 day-24 hours, then in 10 days
and then in 16 days. Then, if you find
no toxicity in the 4 tests, you complete the process that the
material can be used for the next phase. All the answers has been zero.
We have given the report to FDA, to standard boards,
to very selected, selected people who,
we wanted them to see. Then, the phase 2 which is using
a cancer tissue from human and the rat, one was lung and the others were,
went through the same process. What we saw, was if we use
one type of GaNS, the time will be between
5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours, the Cancer will disappear.
It changes to ‘non-cancerous’. And using another GaNS,
we go to 23 1/2 to 24 1/2. This was a Huge step for us. The result showed that
the GaNS developed by… and processed the way we do, can destroy or change
the Cancer cells. By, in standard International way. these things takes months and
years to approve… and test. But, the beauty of this technology
is that it shows itself very rapidly, within hours, six hours
you can see, you can watch. Then it came the test number 4 – 3,
which is, clinical trials on a live animal. For this purpose,
the scientists chose 50 mouse. Control set was kept,
and the non-control part were. injected with chemicals to give
them Cancer and most of them died because of these injections,
to get them, to get Cancer, because they were resistant
to the Cancer injections. A new batch was went
through the same And the new batch was used
by different method. And they start, gradually
confirming Cancer in them. They allowed the
Cancer cell to grow, that it takes roots
in the body of the mice. And then, by standard law, they started
the use of new technology, new development. Which is again… in a way, belongs to
Keshe Foundation, was started last week. In that process… what we saw
after the nine days. When they did the blood test. There were no Cancer,
there were no markers. Because don’t forget,
they took blood every day. And, when the mouse got the Cancer,
and they saw… all the markers for Cancer,
was at maximum. They could start the process
of reverse. But, what they did,
they waited and to observe. What we saw was very strange. The animals in the first week… when they were given –
and implanted tumors. That they were getting the Cancer
and the markers were there. They became very, very weak.
They became very… … what you call, docile. They didn’t want to move.
It’s a pattern we see with the Man. When you have Cancer, you just reduce in
the strength. You don’t want to do anything. But, what we noticed, was after the 3rd day,
4th day they start becoming active. And the 9th day, 10th day, they were as…
worse than the beginning in running around. They had… they
were full of energy. And when they did the blood test,
because they wanted to leave it for 2 weeks before they tested that it’s
gone, there were no markers. No markers of Cancer
in these 2 mice’s. So what we said, as the Cancer of,
the 50 mouses are individuals, they take, they’ll grow Cancer
in different rates. They watch till they reached the markers,
and then leave them for a few days. And then, they start using the new
processes, which is developed. So, we suggested that,
Okay. In 9 days we don’t know which day,
between the 9th day and the 1st day, the Cancer start moving,
and when the reversal started? When did the tumor – was not there?
There is no Cancer. So, in the batches which start getting
Cancer and they were coming online. They start testing the blood every day.
The data has come up. It’s after the 2nd day,
into the 3rd day… we see between 23 to 30%
reduction in the markers. So we know
within 24 hours – 48 hours, which is in line with the first –
If you remember? 24 hour lapse of the Cancer,
in the Cancer tissue test. Now, what we have seen, by the 4th day,
animals have no markers. So by standard, the 2
who were originally shown… They have no markers
of Cancer. They were allowed to run,
to see if they grow again. Or, it totally goes
there is nothing. They were sacrificed this morning. Toxicity report is zero, and they cannot find any tumor. I’ll read you what we just received
from our team in Tokyo. I thank them
and I salute them. And, in so many ways. The work they have achieved has
broken the international stranglehold. That making an illness
what you call ‘Cancer’… a noose around
the neck of the Man. I’ll read it to you, because we share in
Keshe Foundation, everything directly. “Mice are clear”. “No sign of malignant tumors”. “No toxicity and there wasn’t
any tumor present”. “However, there was a weight loss
in both mice”. So, we know what to expect. And we know we can stand, hopefully, some
weight loss. There’ll be more investigation. This is literally as we say
in English: “Hot of the press”. This.. It’s just come in at 11:28. You’ve got to realize. Due to success and the progress
of the Keshe Foundation. We are back in Middle East today. We moved back in,
to find and to start… the establishment of what we started
with the team in Dubai, last year. To carry on.
To expand the manufacturing… and develop them to expansion
of the technology in Middle East. I am with Dr Pavriz. And, he’s heading this development
as a member of the Earth Council. Any time, any of the members
of the Earth Council come, wan’t a help, for me.
I’ll be there. I got a very short notice,
after Rome conference I left. We’ll announce in due course
in what we came here… to debunk? What we call it, a year ago. We stayed here, three months
with Dr Parviz. And his continuous work
has start paying off. And, soon we’ll make announcements
about the manufacturing… and development in Middle East. With the support of people
at the point of wealth and power. They can dictate, they can change,
they can bring the technology… across the Keshe Foundation
worldwide. So, this mice technology, what we
are talking now, the cancer we’ve seen. We allow all the mice’s to be sacrificed,
that we get a full picture. We have spoken
Keshe Foundation…. and with Tokyo University,
with the Japanese government. In the next 30 days to 45 days, will
make a Press Conference, Internationally. Most probably
we’ll move to Tokyo Dr Parviz will be with me. as part of the
medical team of the Keshe Foundation, and a member
of the Universal Council. Used to be, and now he’s
a member of the Earth Council. And Dr Rodrigo, are invited to join us
in Tokyo, as part of the Keshe Foundation. And our team in Tokyo, will present
International press, the new discovery. The total cost, for reversal
of a Cancer with the new technology? Very, very cheap. Most probably, by the time
we’re finished, we’re talking a matter of
hundreds of dollars, if that. We will not pass the technology,
unless we agreed, and come to an agreement with
our partners in Tokyo University. We provided what we could. The knowledge and
the financial backup. And, they gave us the knowledge
and the backing. The technology will go as a
spinoff to Tokyo University. Whatever we develop in this field,
has to be benefited, the Japanese Nation,
the Japanese Government. They were the people who trusted
and run the tests. They took all the expenses of it, which
was their part of it, and we took ours. And, it has shown a new technology in
life of Man on this Planet has started. We are not looking in months and
years of testing, we are looking at days. What we see, if can be converted
to body of the Man… we were testing,
we were calculating. It will be about 1 mg per day,
for 30 days. There’s a specific way
the material is made. It’s the material the way… it has been processed
by Tokyo University people. So, congratulations to all of the
Keshe Foundation supporters. You have found the solution. Hopefully it will be done. We allow it to go viral, Worldwide. We invite all the Universities
around the World to follow. Because it’s so simple.
Within days they can show us. Within a few weeks,
they can confirm. In so many ways, if you’re a shareholder
in pharmaceuticals, with leukemia also, what you call it,
with chemotherapy. Start selling shares. Because, your shares
will not worth anything But when you sell shares, inform them,
the reason you can sell. because you can
put somebody else in problem. This is not the way
we solve the problem The greed of you, to give you
something, brought you to there. I would like to know: how many of you are strong enough
to stand the loss yourself, that it don’t pass your losses
to somebody else’s, that it could be his food,
his life, his house? Maybe you benefited by it,
maybe now, it’s time to let go. So you understand, the whole conduct of the
Keshe Foundation has to be correct in every shape or form
you operate under. So, in the next three, four weeks,
hopefully in six weeks, We are, started discussion with
Tokyo University.. is conference presentation,
totally only by two people of the Keshe Foundation,
the two doctors which work with us, Dr Parviz Rashvand and Dr Rodrigo
who will be with us in Tokyo. Because, you
have to understand Dr Rodrigo has already done the other
part, which is on the human trial. That’s why you see the breast. So, it shows simultaneously, human trial
and animal trial, coming together. Now is the faster way to do it,
the faster speed. And, as usual, we share the knowledge
freely with all the Universities and all the Health Institutes
around the World. This is what we promised, this is why we became part
of the Keshe Foundation That, we share knowledge,
accordingly, freely and that the knowledge doesn’t become
a stranglehold on the finances but becomes a pleasure for sharing. I would like to thank the professors,
the team in Tokyo University, the Keshe Foundation supporters in
Japan, for what you stood with us, and in the coming time,
when we do the radiation test too, it’ll be shared that,
in a way no one needs this more than
the Japanese Keshe Foundation. We tell you how to do it
the way to do it. We set a rapid spinoff or organization
as Keshe Foundation Japan, to develop, market this
immediately in Fukushima area because a lot of people
in Fukushima are getting cancer. A lot of people in Fukushima
are eating radiation on the daily basis. What is now available to Tepco
for their workers, has to become, Internationally available
to all of us. People in the West Coast
of United States, you can test your blood and
see how much you are radiated. You have the same right
as the man in Japan. We should be able
to develop a technology, where we can clean the Oceans
through the same way. The fishes which shown
so much cancer signs How are we going to do it? Can we change it, into a dynamic
system? The whole answer is yes. It’s for us to develop it, now
we have found the solution. It’s the benefit to the mankind
in what’s going on and we’ll see big changes. One of the big changes,
which is gonna shock a lot of you, Is our wish to establish and build the
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Center in Ghana. Following the conference in Rome,
we received generously, from people who came to give. The Keske Foundation Ghana has
received donation of 100 computers that it will be used in
Keske Foundation Ghana center for bringing and making the children
of the future of Ghana, peaceful people. It’s a special program
and we have accepted the donation. We thank you, as the donors
to this program. We understand and we stand by you
in what is the wishes of the donor. And in time, this would help us,
in the center. In the presentation,
and following the presentation, We were offered, the gift of … with equipments, which we start needing,
once we start building the center. We’ve been made an offer of a Raman
Spectroscopy, an Infrared Spectroscopy, which there is none in Ghana and
West Africa, it’s too expensive to carry. And, with the donation, comes the
education of scientists in Ghana, which we have already spoken with
FDA standard board, the University, and Atomic Commission, that each one
allocate one person to be trained by them, that they can use the facility,
not only by the Keshe Foundation, but by the scientific organization and governmental organization
in whole of Africa. We thank you for the gift. At the same time, the individual
who gifted the Raman Spectroscopy, has gifted to the Foundation,
far beyond the imagination. The gentleman is moving to Ghana
in next 3 to 4 weeks. And, he has offered to build
the whole Space Station. Cost, around about 25 million dollars
of the basic structure, and he is coming there,
to build it himself. And according to him,
as he is in that business, he has already spoken to the
Chinese organizations in Africa, and others, to start the development
by the end of this month. We have through Benjamin, asked the
Ghanaian government for a rapid approval of the plan, which is done
by their Ghanaian architect. That, according to our donor,
within 2 to 3 months, he will deliver, according to the plan we explained,
the whole of the Space Center This is the hospital,
the building of the factory, the building of the Research
and the Space Launch Pad. We wished it and we received it. As you know, this was impossible
for us, in such a short time. It was our wish to build this center
and it is for the future of humanity to be given this gift, not only that people
give you donations to build, but the man, who gives the donation,
is building it. And he is so proud to be there.
And we thank him and thank his family, who are supporting it.
They are moving as a family to Ghana in the next 2 to 3 weeks, to stay there
to see the full construction through. We have put last night request to the
office of his Excellency President Nana, to be present in the opening and start
of the excavation and development. This donation will change the course,
that now, we come very fast in that direction, which we wanted,
to be able to serve the Nation. The clinic is essential because we’re
getting so many people pass through the security zones, to come to the
Foundation, to the factory, that now we can offer, within the next
two or three months, actually a clinic to people of Ghana
and the World. We thank you for the donation. Strange enough! After Rome, we went back to Barletta.
We went back to home in South of Italy. We were asked if we can attend a
meeting with the whole of, what I call … we’ve been working with these people,
because I was in Ghana, we couldn’t be seeing them,
but the job was left. I always said: “We need land near the
sea where we can do the test and trials” Ghanaian, what you call…
Italian Foundation, who has been given 16,322 … acres
of land, some five years ago, for development, … asked us to meet with us
in the hospital because they are part of the
Governmental Organization and Charity. And, they have offered and handed over
the transfer of this land to Keshe Foundation on the seafront,
which gives us the possibility to complete the house
for the Universal Council, the launchpad, that we do not go over
this land, but we land on the sea. And develop what we wished
as a World Peace Council Center We have accepted the offer
of the donation and documents have to be transferred into the
name of Keshe Foundation Ghana. And as I said:
“Our Wish is our Command”. We made a wish, we made a move,
we serve the Nation. And now Italian organization has
handed over, a large piece of land on the seafront, near the sea,
near Accra, to Keshe Foundation, to carry the Spaceship and
building of the Space Station. And the house, for the house
for the Council, near the sea that no man needs a visa to enter
but to enter through the space of the land of the house. As I said:
“it’s coming thick and fast”. And it’s coming out of the wish
that we have shown. There were many people sitting around
to see how we do. The change came by showing that we
have moved into Ghana atomic. The change came when we showed
we become part of it. The more and more wealthiest
people around the World… have come and been waiting. That when the
Keshe Foundation shows… a real dedication in moving,
they will move with us. We showed how the
Cancer can be done. We’re showing the others
how it will be done. The energy unit will arrive
in Middle East. It’s already here. It will be demonstrated to Governments,
to the officials in the coming days. I’m staying in Middle East
till it’s completed. Dr Parviz has canceled all his patients,
to make sure that he is here. He understands the culture
and understanding to be with us… that we advise correctly,
to move into the next step. As you see, we have moved out,
as all of you’ve been there to support us. We have moved on. As I said many times, I was
explaining this to Dr Parviz today, and I explained this to Ella
and Stanley, and Caroline during the weekend where we
stayed after the Conference. “Fighting is too difficult,
it takes too much energy”. What we do and hopefully… what we’ll receive in the coming weeks,
we’ll announce one after the other, is that, by spreading the knowledge
and development… and manufacturing of the waters. And the patches. And acceptance of consumption of the
Zinc Oxide and CO2, and the rest. We elevate the Soul of the Man,
that the Man does not want even to fight. What we are planning
and what will be done I received the biggest gift. I was hoping that I would
get this done in Ghana. Guess what? Jon from Arizona turns up,
and he puts three buckets, each one nearly half a kilo,
of different GaNSes in front of me. He say’s,
“This is a gift from Arizona”. These will allow us to do
a lot of development changes… that we want to test in Ghana. That we can feed through the pipelines,
not only clean water, but food to Man. We’re gathering this process,
and in the coming time, we will show. We feed the man, not only the food… but with it, we elevate
the Soul of the Man. When you listened to the
Conference section of Dr Rodrigo. He explains it so explicitly,
so perfectly. That even a blind man and a deaf man
to the Soul of himself, will understand. Not only treat the Man
for his physicality. but through Emotion and the Soul
through use of the… what we have. We elevate the Soul of the Man,
and take hunger away from the Man, that there is no need
for a tool of war. As I said:
“The glorious day has come.” Changes through technology. If you remember, we did
energy in exchange for Peace. We carry on. Now we have the backing,
we have received our biggest wish. I don’t think ever an organization… could wish for more than what we did,
and what we have received. There is more equipment
needed for the Foundation Center. Now we have to furnish it,
now we have to put materials in it. Now we have to put
the factory together. That we can serve the whole of Ghana
and West Africa through this factory. We have put a request out:
“Do not give us money”. But, buy us the equipment. The way we received
the Raman Spectroscopy, The way we received
the infrared Spectroscopy The way we received
the 100 donations of the computers, that we can teach the Ghanaian children,
to elevating their Soul and their Emotion. Now, we have to go to the next step. I’m sure, within the next few weeks,
Ghana project will be completed. I thank all of you,
who donated time. Those who donated their energy.
Those who donated the financial support. And those who donated
everything else, to be achieved this. Due to the problems we see, and
the presence of the head of the states. The opening of
the Keshe Foundation Ghana, Will be only limited to the
members of the Universal Council. To the Earth Council and
the members of the Core Team. We will not allow the misconduct
of the past two conferences in Dubai, and in the Rome last week,
to be repeated. By touching the Soul of a person. Trying to get to show you have something. Now we show you, you have nothing. You deprived Humanity for your stupidity. But now we selectively
teach the Humanity… that they only learn
what is good for the Man. This is the work of a Master,
and I’m a master in what I do. A number of people in Keshe foundation
will be moved out… because of this incident,
and the others. We are very clear about it. We will move out that we don’t let
them to these kind of misconducts… to appear in the Keshe Foundation
and the supporters of the Keshe Foundation… by the Souls,
who have not elevated, but actually deprived themselves
of elevation. The structure of the
Keshe Foundation moves. And in a way, as I said… by me transferring the … more or less, the running
of the Keshe Foundation… to a capable hand,
competent hand. It gives me the freedom
in what I’ve been trained for life. To bring the Keshe Foundation
on an International arena. I was too involved
in everything, for too long. Now, in allowing the younger team
to take over. We’ve seen the work of Ella… We’ve seen the work of Armen,
we’ve shown the first Space Reactor in.. in Rome And we thank those who took… And we asked no one
to take pictures, that in time we show. The Spaceship-unit
will be demonstrated… in Ghana, on the opening. Armen, beautifully has made 2 units. Two unit stays in Arizona, that… in a way between the two units we
can flight test between US and Africa, over Atlantic Ocean, without boring,
hitting, anything. I think the only thing we gonna hit
will be a whale, if he jumps out
by accident. And this gives us a lot of freedom. I learned this from my
beloved Nation of Iran. When the tests fight is started,
we have the… what we call, the Persian Gulf
we could not test, it’s too crowded. But as the leaders
of the Nations said, “We have a desert”. Flight tests, everything was done
across the deserts of Iran. And that has shown the power of it. So now, with Accra… with the land we received,
16,000 something acres. With, the position, hopefully, we should be able to secure
with the American government on the… East Coast of United States,
free flight tests. Internationally shared knowledge
by everyone. And I invite… the new Iranian government
to come in power, to join us. If it is his Excellency Fereydoun Rouhani,
we have full understanding. And whoever it might be,
if the elections goes the other way… they are invited
as an Iranian Space Technology. To join the venture of
freeing Man from this Planet. We’ve seen a lot,
we learned a lot. And, I wonder;
what is your wish? We wish to have a Center. We wish to have a Spaceship Center. And we have got it.
What is the wish of humanity? What is the next step for us? What I ask you is,
always they said: “The proof of the pudding is
in eating it”, as we say in English. If we see something flies,
we see if something can be shown. We all look for the energy unit. And the life of a woman,
will change the Humanity. You’ll see, you watch, what is going
to go out, regarding the Cancer patient. And you will understand
the power of it. You understand how technology,
how easy it can be changed. But it has to be in the hand
of a competent doctor. Like Dr. Rodrigo,
who knows. When I was saying with
Dr Parvis today, “We have to start teaching doctors”. We have to start teaching
how to use it, how to develop it. And it’s not just one disease,
this is one of many. One thing we see from
the case which is coming. Would the women produce
an immune system, that we can
create a serum from it? that we can have it as a Human race,
that none of us, any changes in the body, can be handled
very much like a vaccine. This gives us the possibility. But this time this vaccine
is not just an injection. This carries the Emotion
and the Soul too. It will be very interesting,
how this development goes. How will we produce the first injections,
the first everything else? Many days will pass,
before we see the total picture. But, in so many ways, somewhere around,
between 20th and the end of this month, the opening of the
Keshe Foundation Ghana. Or around 20th of the May which we see,
will be the appropriate time, will be done. We will open it, it will
be built within months. It’ll be furnished and be running,
and now that we have received, start getting all the documentation
together, we will release everything else. The Keshe Foundation Italy Manufacturing
is in the process of… We’ve signed the documents
to move in the South of Italy. And it’s the first time
Keshe Foundation is asking, as we said. Giovanni, is as usual,
in charge of the Keshe Foundation. Giuseppe moves, to be the running of the
factory, as he’s graciously, has accepted. And, we are asking, the first time we put
employment requirement. We would like Italians,
who are known to us, who if you want to move,
to work in the new factory The factory is around
centre of Bari, to join us. We pay the standard wages,
you become employed by the company, but you have to be competent. And it’s not
just somebody walk, go in off the street. We reckon we need something like
15-20 people, initially in the first few months. And, as we develop the other aspects, and
now that hopefully what we understood, it’ll be given premises inside a major
hospital in south of Italy. That, the whole knowledge will be
on the research base available. The ethical comittee of the hospital,
they approved the move, and the GaNS technology will be
administered in the hospital. So you can go to Italian hospital,
and receive the process. Anything needed will be supplied by the
Keshe Foundation factory, any development. So, we are not looking for those people who just
make GaNSes, know how to make Nano-Material. We’re offering employment to the
Keshe Foundation members, who are innovative. They have, they understood, and they
can produce and elevate the new systems, the new technologies, the new products
that it can be useful to the Foundation. And, this brings the first job employment
request from the Keshe Foundation Europe. The interesting point
for us is the next step. At the same time during the meeting of the
conference last week in Rome senior officers of Civil Defense of Italy,
one of the management, was with us, and a new collaberation in a much stronger, higher way, not only for Italy where Civil Defence
of Italy will work closely. Giovanni has received a full support
from us for the collaboration, that we merge all our
research development finding immediately to Civil Defence organisation,
which has a huge research evaluation, to approve the use of the technology in
the case of accidents across Italy. And because, Italien Civil Defence gets one
of the most reputable women in the World in the work they do,
with the Research Centers they have. This automatically becomes part of the
International Organization, of the European Community. All this things, as they come up
we release more. As I’ve said today, we have taught a lot,
if you understood, especially for those
who abused the position. But, in a way by the mistakes you made,
you brought up what we would
have done in the future. You ask for the Master,
and the Master has delivered. You have failed, you have to stand to resit for your exams,
as we say. Those who listen, in time their souls will receive
their own level of understanding. As I said, “There is no punishment.”
but it means you have to learn. Those who think, who can change the course
of humanity by some cheap words, you have made a huge mistake. Next time you try the
same in any of the Conferences, or anywhere across the Internet. I will show the power of the Master. We don’t make threats, we just
let your soul choose it’s position. Which is easy, what we call,
a ‘free fall’ for the Soul of the Man. You got to understand,
the conduct has to be correct. and as Caroline keep on saying,
“Not out of the fear.” Nobody created a fear. It’s you, because of your own misconduct,
had a fear of understand it. The fear comes from your own lack of understanding a knowledge, and not by generosity
of us teaching freely. One thing which
is important for us, is what’s the next step
in development of the technology. As we said, in the Rom Conference. We had the presence
and I said to them, and I said, “We salute you of
the Universal Community.” or what you call in your English language,
‘Officially’ with us. In a coming time, I’ll increase the position
of the interaction. We will not use,
what we call to show suddenly, but we bring it according to the teaching,
that it can be shown correctly. Is no use, if he wants to do Magic,
would have done it a long time ago. Idea and the concept is as many people get
educated as possible, that this time does not become again,
Elites in the, what I call the ‘Synagogues’ of the Jewish religion, or
in the Pharaohs, Bankers, where
they could control. One question to ask, has anybody
asked, exact time and the place of the building of the pyramids
and the Jewish religion? The elevation of the Science, and dispersal
of the knowledge was about the same time. One as usual stole the Soul and
the other one stole for physicality. Let us go to teaching. As I said for the last time,
“I thank our donors.” In the shape of, the building,
the Space Center, Raman Spectroscopy. Some of the donation
we received in development, and the computers,
and the new land. And, I am sure by the time
I leave with the list in the next few days. We will have enough to what we
came here for, as i said to Dr. Parviz. We come to here to attain and
arrange for a full understanding, that we did with immediate
effect, in the next few months, to establish six hundred
factories across the World. Our team has the capability to support
and we have come, in the other hand, to take the expertise,
of control of management, of these factories, with
the team we are coming in. We haven’t come just to finish,
in a way, to have a factory. We have come to take partners,
who are expert in management, they are part of the
Governmental structure. As of Ghana, we went into partnership with
the Ghana Commission and the Ghanaian Government.
Is to run such a operation, very much like, what I call,
I always say, “The best example we had, was Q8
in the time when the Iraq was invaded. They showed how
the investment of the Nation, paid for it’s citizens when
they are cross the World all over the place ,
and suddenly the Nation was not there. Their investment looked
after the Kuwaitis. We all know, non of the change their lifestyle
the government said, “How you use? What you pay?
Where you are? Don’t move, we pay” Now, we don’t pay cash,
we pay with the knowledge, to change the course of Humanity,
that Humanity moves up. And this is how we should be,
this is how we should react, that is how we will evolve. The position comes
how do we interact, how do we see our interaction
with the Universal Community Now that we are building, much faster
that we even could imagine the Space Center. And now we have experts like Jon, like
Armen and the others who are moving on. Now for example in the teaching
of the Conference. We had the pleasure of one of the most
beautiful men I know in soul, Peter was with us. Peter brought you
huge knowledge a few months ago. And what he received
was a bunch of threats, by a bunch of cowards in Austria, and
by the shape of the supporters of DL, threatening him and everything,
and he went into teaching, didn’t want to do
any experiment. What Peter brought on the table…
Can I share a screen please? This is a teaching
which we did in Rome. Now you understand
the significance of the work of Peter. Now that we are ready,
that you understand. As the space center
comes into operation, you all need to know what exactly
is about to happen, and what happens. I refer back into what you know,
that it make it easier to talk about it. Because, then
you can relate one to another. I was explaining this to Dr Parviz
this morning at breakfast. So for me it’s the second run and
Dr Parviz sitting here is smiling. To see if what you missed,
now you can listen. No it’s okay sit down you listen too.
I explained this in the teaching as well. If you remember when we made the
Nano coated plates and the Zinc plates We created the environment
of the saltwater. And the fields in between was
for example the fields of the Carbon, which the extraction of
this Carbon here, allowed the attraction of
the Carbon fields to be, and to come in touch with the water,
in the absorption of that, partially some of the Oxygen itself,
it created the CO2. What we saw was, without the liquid
the same test by Peter. Peter had the two plates,
the two cores rotating cores 1 and 2. What we call, if you look plate 1 and 2. What Peter did, all it was,
he made the GaNS of Gold Let’s make it yellow
then it’s good And what he did,
he placed a GaNS of Gold here. We can’t see it, I’d better change it
because it’s not so clear. He placed a GaNS of Gold,
rotating Plasma GaNS there. And, what we saw he showed, was that
on the plate which he had here He showed us in his videos,
that video is absolutely historical. He start seeing materials here. He said his Gold wasn’t pure,
so it didn’t make Gold. But in fact his Gold was pure,
he never understood, and we sat and watched and I thought,
one day somebody will understand. In fact what he’s done, and in the teaching of last week
and the week before. If you remember in part of it, and in
the teaching in the Conference I explained, that if you look at the geology of the Earth,
you see different layers on the Earth. Where do these layers come?
no soil comes out of the sea, or from the inside
to come on the top. These soils come,
in a very simple way Be it the desert, be it Gold,
or whatever. Is the interaction
of the Field of the Sun, with the interaction
of the Field of the Earth, creates not as we always do,
only the Hydrogen, and Oxygen and Nitrogen,
to lead to the Amino Acid. It hasn’t got a meter, it’s a spectrum
of Fields which they interact, and this fields it creates
Field of Gold, Zinc, any other material
which you can imagine. So, what Peter did by placing
the Gold rotating GaNS He made this reactor,
the water, the saltwater He created a new environment,
and in that environments, whatever landed was the materials which the Fields
could extract from the Field of this plasma, which was created
in the atmosphere of the Earth. So, what he brought in,
in that position create of physical matter,
out of the fields of the Universe. This is what you got to do
in the Space, this is what I have been
teaching you for years. Production of material out of the Fields,
according to the feel of the Man. So, in so many ways. What he’s done is very simple. He created in this area, with the
interaction of the Fields from here, from these two, and the interactions of
the Fields which says, the limitation of it,
“I want to be a metal.” He dictated the boundary
because, if you look at the
atomic mass field Plasma of Gold, and understand the division of it,
in the Proton, Neutron and Electron You will understand, how the metals,
which he then got it tested, by laboratory to confirm what they are,
is part of that spectrum. So, he start creating,
what he needed, from the fields. So, it wasn’t that
something came up, in fact now, we have
seen the second method. Here, to create,
what we call, the ‘GaNSes’. Here to create
Matter out of fields Bahá’u’lláh, blessed his name,
said, “The mutation of elements.” The mutation of Energy into Matter,
has been in front of the man for months. Now you have the fields,
if you create the right fields in Space, you can create your Matter. Conversion of energy or fields
in motion into Matter, has been the dream of the Man,
and both are on the table. The completion of the science
is so radical, and it’s so, as I say,
“In front of you, that you don’t see.” This is exactly what happened. Here we extracted the Amino Acid,
as part of this side. In this place, we brought a
composition of what we wanted. Here we’re bringing
a Matter-State. This should show us,
now we repeated it twice. One in the Gaseous-State,
and one in Matter-State. We have become Masters
of conversion of Fields, into Matter-State, energy or
Field collection, what we call, ‘Plasma’. So, if you understood this, all we need to
create the GaNSes, to put in here, and here, and create the right energy, GaNSes here,
and by transferring the energy, we can create and absorb energy of
the Plasma of the Matter of the Universe. What would you like,
10 kg of Gold or 2 kg of Iron? Depends on you
and where you are in the Space. Now, you all been busy with this,
now you have this. I was explaining today to… Can I move this thing? There is a scale on it,
now I don’t have it. To Dr Parviz, have a look.
What you see here? This is the
Soul of the Man. This is the
Emotion of the Man, and this is what it gives you. In the case of the physicality,
we saw how the breast changed. Now it’s was a control of
Emotion through the Fields Now this is what I told you. The field of this will never change,
its constant and everlasting. You can put different kind
of Emotions into this, filtering it, and with it, you will be able to
create different materials, here. So, now if you understood, you understand
the Soul of the Man, the strength of the wish,
can give you the material you want. This is how you’re
gonna feed yourself. I explained to Dr Parviz this morning,
as a member of the Earth Council. They can put their hands out,
and feed the World. Because, they don’t necessarily need
to show rice, or meat and potato. It’s the wish of feeding,
that it releases the Energy at the level of
absorption of the Man. And it’s
as we say in English, “To the eye of the beholder,
what you want to receive from it.” The power given to the
Earth Council it’ll be apparent, and it’s beyond the present
imagination of the Man. I explained some of it, in the teaching
of the Conference. They have in their power, to transfer
the energy into the food for the Nations. At the same time, they have a power,
which when they decide, they’ve been running around for
4 months not doing anything about it, because they were not even sure
what they are, what they’ve received, Now they understand more,
what they got themselves into. Is that: is and if, they wish, as the
Heads of the States of this Planet, for World Peace,
that will be done. They are the leaders and
their Wish is a Command. It’s for them to decide, when they get
enough confidence in themselves, that they can make that to work. So, now you see it’s very simple. It’s been there,
we did not see. And interesting enough,
if you take this a step further, this way, you will see the
Soul of the Elements too. But, that’s for the future,
to Man to understand. Then you don’t need to make the Matter,
you ask the Soul of the Matter, add’s it’s strength to what you need and
it’ll be delivered to what your wish is. As long as it’s not determined,
and detriment to the life of the wisher. It’s no use having a ton of Gold when everybody is after you, to kill you,
to get hold of your Gold. We haven’t served any purpose,
we just get rid of your Soul and that’s a crime we cannot do. The understanding of the Totality is the
backbone of the knowledge of the Space As I said: Some are fooled by themselves and
some, are fooling the others on their own We’ve seen the stupidity, absolutely of a
woman, jumping and trying to say who they are, for the point of fame, where
actually, the Soul was in the room. and it was very funny Dr Parvis,
I see the Soul and he was laughing his head off, in a way if you look at it,
… that: You haven’t taught good enough,
you’d better bring the Master, so the Master is here
to teach good from now on. And the Master knows how to give and
the Master knows how to fail exams.>From now on, we teach as Masters
and not as the messengers. I’m here to deliver and I deliver. And, those who think they can change
the course to see they have power in touching the others, we give you so
much that you will not even touch. Some part of the Keshe Foundation
who support these things, will be moved radically.
We remove people who abuse their position, to bring the
misconduct of the others. Any questions? I think he’s looking, Rick is looking
for his button. Are you there Rick? (RC) Yes I found the button, Mr Keshe
Thank you. … I’ll remind people that are viewers, here on the zoom
channel, they can put their hand up, I see we have a viewer
with their hand up now. I’ll promote you to a panelist and
then you can ask a question. And, I would … advise people that we keep
the questions sort of to the topic at hand. For now, and if we can move into more
general questions later, perhaps. (JW) Mr Keshe this is John here… When we make… have GaNS water, and we’ve
had it in a container for several months, sometimes we get some darkish brown residue,
very fine, dark residue at the bottom. What is this?
Is it Carbon or something else? (MK) Ah! We have a
Raman Spectroscopy machine now. Send it to us, we test it for you.
The guess work is gone! I don’t know what you’ve done. Because
we get the same thing from the Copper, and we get the same kind of thing,
depends how we use the CH3. (JW) Well, this’ll take time
because it’s very fine and… (MK) It’s been there for many months.
Let it be for a few more weeks. (JW) Fine, fine. Thank you.
(MK) Because, it’s no use guessing. Now, a lot of guesswork with our work
with Atomic Ghana Commission, I sincerely thank, the staff at the
Ghana Atomic Commission, from the management to the laboratories
and everywhere else, the soldiers, foot soldiers which are there; that they have given us,
to take all the guess work out. … We don’t guess anymore,
this is what it is. We have systems now,
with our own laboratory coming on, with the first system getting bought. We open the doors. We bring it in.
We check it. That’s what our job is. I hope, we should
be able to deliver this, that we don’t need this. Any other question? (AB) Good morning Mr Keshe
(MK) Oh hi, hi, hi, how are you? Are we good Azar?
(AB) Yeah I’m good, Mr Keshe (MK) [speaks in Farsi to Azar]
(AB) [responds in Farsi to MK] (MK) [speaks in Farsi to Azar]
(AB) and (MK) [laugh] (AB) Mr Keshe I didn’t understand
what happened in Rome, there was some
Soul came to the room? (MK) No, no, no
there was no Soul It was the presence of …
what we call our friends. (AB) So, they were looking for physicality
and there was no physicality? (MK) They were there in physical,
but the body was not aware of it. (AB) I see. (MK) Any other question? (RC) That’s the first time that I’ve
heard her be that quiet after a question and I expected several more
but that’s very good. Thank you (MK) I think she’s… let me explain to you
(RC) She finally got an answer that she could, that she really recognized,
(MK) Let me explain what we eat. Yeah, that she needs to work with it a bit
(MK) Let me explain what we eat. I do the Persian translation,
at least I can do, I hope I know enough
Persian to translate. You heard me speaking to
Azar in Farsi. The Iranian New Year, as the Christianity
has been copied off it, is 12 days. Which starts from 21st of March and
then on the 13th day we… On the 1st day we leave a, what we call, we
grow from wheat, from any kind of lentils. We allow a couple of weeks,
before of the new year, we grow these that the
green grass comes, it’s a sign of the beginning of the Spring,
it’s a new life, as part of the table of the New Year. And then the tradition is, on the 13th day
we take this into the open, that the Spring comes
and a new life starts. And the tradition is, because this thing
grows to about, sometimes about 10 – 15 centimetres high,
we put a ribbon around it. It’s beautiful, we call it ‘Sabze’,
which means “the green”. The women usually tie a knot from the
grass which is over the green and they make a wish, and they always
wish to get married that day. And they say, their tradition is
that if you make a wish, by the time the knot opens up,
your wish comes true. And then, we throw this into the water
that it’s taken in the whole of the Universe or the Planet Earth.
I wish that it finds a solution for me. And what I said to Azar, “The time of you and me
to tie this knot, to find a partner,” because she is single, “is gone.” Nowadays, we have to tie two
trees together, which changes our luck. So, it’s the humor
of the Persian Culture. (AB) Really and especially Mr Keshe if you want to wish for Peace we have to tie a tree
because it’s… (MK) No, we gotta tie the
whole Earth, that’s the hardest one. (AB) Yes, we are, of course. (MK) Thank you very much Azarjan. To understand the culture
is not just speaking it its’s to understand what it sits,
the emotion sits behind it. Any other question? Very interesting The people of crystalline universe Ah they’re rubbish We crystallize you
to become the Universal crystals Any other question? (AB) If nobody has any question
I have a question. (MK) No no I’ll be have to let you go
Azar, you ask too many questions. (AB) So it’s… Okay. (MK) Okay! Let’s see what comes up? (RC) We have a viewer
who just became a panelist. Perhaps they can ask a question? I think there is another viewer
who also became a panelist Ah let me see. Did they come through here?
Let me get back to my panelists. (MK) Okay. (RC) Magella…
Magella was… has just come in too I’ll un-mute you and
you can ask a question If that’s what’s going on here
Hello? Magella (JM) Yes, hello
Sorry, I was late tonight. I have a few questions for Mr Keshe.
Hi Mr Keshe! (RC) Can you say where you’re from
as well please? (JM) Yes, this is Jocelyn from Quebec City (MK) from Quebec City?
(JM) Yes (RC) Oh. Yes, you’ve been on before,
correct? (JM) Yes This is… Mr Keshe liked your
French accent last time I think (JM) Yeah
(MK) I like any French accent, it’s my… (RC) OK
(JM) Thank you, thank you very much … Mr Keshe, last time … I adjust… my… it’s too high OKay! Do you hear me okay? (MK) Yes! Yes, all good.
(JM) Okay Last time you ask for measurement,
… to measure the Plasma I have a friend of mine
who has a computer with … a software which could measure. He puts something on a plate this is a device and this could measure
all kinds of frequency… so but you told that we had to
Nano-coat the materials but how could we Nano-coat
a part of a hardware? Like a computer, to
before the measurement (MK) I don’t know, when you
find out let me know. (JM) Maybe, we can try…
(MK) I don’t think you’re gonna put the computer in caustic,
by any chance? (JM) Yeah, this is what I was about
to say, if I would spray some caustic…
(MK) Can I… answer you with a French accent?
(JM) Oh yes, do you speak French? (MK) I try to do a little bit…
(JM) Your wife speaks French. Right? (MK) but no problem What it is, now, let me show you
what you can do. You’re not wrong. You asked a beautiful question and
I try to answer you, if you understand. (JM) Thank you (MK) If you look at..?
Look at, first of all… The Iranian capture
of the American satellite, the what we call “the drone”.
(JM) Yes, it was done in… Let me…
Let me explain please. When we…
When the craft was captured nothing was changed that, printed
circuits of the chips could not be copied. That’s why… How Iranian
copied everything. And if you understand
what this implies? The other thing is, go back into
what you’ve already done If you’ve made MaGrav systems
and you connected it to the house and it actually works
as a MaGrav system. You will see the copper wires
start nano-coating right across the house It goes black. So this teaches you two things. One is that you don’t need to Nano-coat
with caustic. If you saw the pipes? Second thing is that you can
cross the fields of the Plasma to encapsulate the whole computer that
it becomes part of the Plasma itself. It’s like when you put the food in
your mouth, it’s a matter before it, and when you put it in your mouth,
it, becomes a part of the GaNS state. So, if you understood that
you know exactly what you got to do, how to Nano-coat anything without
actually touching it. You don’t need to Nano-coat it
to behave. You create the environment
that is in a GaNS state, that it behaves as a
super conductor in a position. In so many ways, you can change
the present computers, if you understand by bringing it into the field
of the operation of the… what you call it,
the system you make. By Nano-coating it, you destroy it
because it changes its characteristics but by encapsulating it…
Go back into one of the patents. I don’t know if it’s there,
or I’ve written a paper, or we discussed it before.
Years ago. If you understood
how to Nano-coat a box? You can put anything in that box and
take it across all these x-ray machines, whatever is in the airports,
nobody will see what’s inside it. Secondly, they don’t even see the material,
unless your Nano-coating is not good enough, that the field might touch something,
and they see red. Because, it’s a dynamic living,
it, field transfer, will go through it. So … The only option for you is
to create a environment that, that environment you can change,
according to what you need. When you need it,
the way you need it. I really enjoyed
when I saw the capture because it showed
the superiority of technology. (JM) Yes! Nothing, put more fear in the whole of
American security and American Government. than seeing that… secure aircraft
been brought out so safely. And then, the worst thing,
the nightmare was, have you heard what they call
copycatting, replicating? Iran now you can buy the same thing
as what United States for billions, for a few thousand. They are in the market now what we call … industrial wholesale
of the most advanced technology. Because, when it was captured,
it was captured as a whole. They didn’t change
the Nano-materials. They didn’t change
the structure. But, when you do caustic
you change the structure. So, if you want to cover it, put it
within a field you can control it, that’s much easier,
and the material, gradually, will change into
a Nano-conductor. The whole thing has to
change at the same time. (JM) Yes, Mr Keshe. I understand that
you did this with extracting, … was it plastic? But how?
(MK) You don’t extract If you want to extract plastic
out of a component you make exactly
what you have seen with Peter. You make two cores
with a presence of it, but it has to be
extracting the other parts that what you want,
is left inside. (JM) Yeah, but the problem is how do you target a precise matter
or a precise part? let’s say you want to extract Carbon, you won’t extract Carbon of
the whole Universe, you know. (MK) No, no. It will not be done that way,
there is no way. You have to understand,
you have to understand how the system works. You can limit it the Gravitational-Magnetic
field effect of this Earth, doesn’t go the
whole of Universe. It goes, but effectiveness of it
is limited to 1,600 km. It’s the effectiveness
you should control. (JM) Yeah I understand,
but if there is Carbons, you don’t want to extract in these
parameters. How do you target it more precisely?
(MK) I think somebody’s gonna make. (MK) I think somebody’s
gonna do that, very soon. I know there are people
working on it, extraction, because this is the part of
Keshe Foundation for mining. The biggest problem now, is not going
down into mines to collect, It’s what we absorb
like a CO2 from the above. It’s stupid to
go in and dig a hole and make all these holes,
like a rat and a mouse, and a worm. Where with Peter we’ve seen You can produce the right thing,
it falls off the sky, on your head. Just be careful
big chunks doesn’t drop off. Now you have to find the
right strength (JM) I will study this anew,
… tomorrow (JM) Hey, but I have enough to… (MK) You didn’t understand,
or didn’t I understand? (JM) Because I do not speak English
so good you know. (MK) I’d prepared to come and do it in
French accent, then you might understand. (JM) Oh yes I would love it but …
(MK) I have a wife… (JM) Answer the next question
in French OK? (MK) Yeah, no problem,
I have a wife which speaks French. (JM) Right, do you want me to
ask the question in French or in English? (MK) Yes, no problem! (JM) Alright, so is … if I have too…
(MK) Is Caroline online? (JM) much problems in English, I’ll
(MK) Just wait, wait one second. (JM) do it in French. Okay?
(MK) Okay! Just wait, I have to ask
for the translator to come. Is she there,
is Carolina in the background? (JM) Yes! (MK) She says she’s not coming today. (JM) Oooh,
doesn’t matter so much. (RC) We’ve got Guy here he might?
Guy is beside me. He might be able to …
Jacky, Jacky as well so.. … (MK) No lets Guy speak, Guy speaks through
the Soul of the core, translate Guy please. (MK) I always do it in English or in a…
Hi Gee, hi how are you? (GT) I’m doing alright Mr Keshe,
nice to speak to you again. (JM) Okay. Where are
you from Guy? (GT) Bonjour de Montreal. (JM) Ahh Montreal Okay
(GT) Original, Mont-Royalbre (JM) Yeah, so you know about Flibotte? … François Flibotte? Are you with the…
(GT) Ah Qui (GT) Yes, I know François Flibotte
very well. Yeah! (JM) Ahh. Okay, I have a friend of mine
who know him very well and this.. (GT) And Jean-François. You know there’s
many people in Quebec. I guess? (JM) Okay. (MK) Okay! Do you want to explain it,
in French or in English? (JM) I start in English, if I have some trouble
I ask Guy to complete. Okay? (MK) No problem.
(GT) Absolutely. Yeah? (JM) Okay (MK) We speak many languages
in Keshe Foundation. (JM) Okay¨! So, I have so many questions,
but I try to limit to the first question about extracting
some materials out of what … say, you want to disable a plane
or war … artifact. So, if everyone can extract everything …
or many, many people or lets say you have three people who want extract something,
and one is creating what you extract after, you have kind of game of
who is the stronger. Yeah? We, we can with your technology,
we can play like God. So, if you have many God, who plays to…
One can sell something, and, the other one
put it back or something. What would be the output, of all this game
at the end? You know … Could it be that the solution,
would be the education, because somebody
can play with Plasma? Do you understand what I’m saying? (MK) You can play with the Plasma
the way you like. (JM) Yeah but if you are two guys
who play with the GAN.. Plasma. One want’s war, and the other want’s Peace,
who is going to win at the end? Do you understand?
(MK) Ahh! You see … There is a very,
very interesting question, and I’m gonna ask
you very, very simple way. (JM) Okay. (MK) You call a war,
is destruction. You call a Peace, is giving.
Because, when you are at Peace you give. And the one who takes always finds out,
the giver gives more, the more it gives
it elevates, the war will never happen, that’s why there is no war
in Deep Space. The war, when you
kill something, you take away. You change the course of action. And, that is what you cannot do. It’s very strange,
the more you educate yourself you find out, these things will vanish from the vocabulary
of the Man and even his brain. And, but if you want to compare
which one in what strength you take, you can take anything
from any environment, it’s just like you got to find the
tuner for the Emotion. It’s like very much when
the director says cry, and the actor has to cry.
He dictates the Emotion. And the body, and what you call
the physicality of the actor carries out. To satisfy the need, in a way to satisfy
that I can do, itself. (JM) So do you mean the one who with
bad intention won’t succeed? (MK) You see the bad intention is to you
bad intention but what is his intention? This is what I explained in the conference,
in the teachings. I’ve said this
many times, I repeat it again
in different shape or format. You have to understand. Just wait I’m answering somebody
very urgent here. It’s something
to do with the Conference. You wish to move, I explained this
in the other teaching, and you push it, you kick it,
you move it with the finger, you create a wind on it,
whatever. Or, as I was explaining,
you put, the thing on the table,
you say, “You move, it gives me pleasure to see
that I understand your Soul. And I can give you from mine,
that it pleases you, by pleasing me”. And the stone will move. In the history of Man
there are many examples, but Man never,
people never understood. And, I’ve explained in other teachings,
it’s not that I want you to move, I create as many fields as you like,
I said to Dr Parviz today… and I said in the Conference in the Baha, it’s in the writing of
Bahá’u’lláh, bless his name. He says, “Even the Soul ha…
Even the stone has a Soul”. If you can teach
the stone’s Soul, that your presence of moving will give me
pleasure that I can share with you, and you see my pleasure
of seeing you moving, the stone will move,
because you find balance with it. (JM) Okay, could I ask
another question now? (MK) No, we’ll see if there are anymore,
and then we come back. You can come back
every week like Azar. (JM) yeah, but I have something
very important to say. (MK) Okay, say.
(JM) This is about your finance. I have, I know somebody
who knows a Sheik. Okay? This Sheik is… Could be in touch with
the King of Morocco, who is very rich… (MK) These things, these things you can
discuss with us in the background. (JM) Yeah! But I have not had
no reply, so far. (MK) …Send it to the Webmaster.
(JM) I’ve a couple more … (MK) I read, I read, I read what you…
it’s been forwarded to me, I’ve seen it, I think I’ve seen it through,
(JM) Uuuh Yes! (MK) Rick, or it came to us. (JM) Good! (MK) And, I think I replied
somewhere, if I’m correct? I get so many emails
in different lines. (RC) Yes that’s right Mr Keshe,
and we’re working on it, I’m trying to run it through security
and so on, to make sure things are lined up and all, all good to go,
So you… (MK) You got to understand,
we appreciate that, thank you very much for your kind work and offer.
We are with some Sheiks. (JM) Huh?
(MK) I said we are with some Sheiks. (JM) Great, but this is your cousin. (MK) We are in a beautiful part
of Persian Gulf. (JM) Yeah, this is your cousin, for he’s a
direct offspring of Mahomet. Like you! Eh?
(MK) Pardon? (JM) He’s a direct, his line is direct from
Muhammad, so like your line is. (MK) I understand. (JM) This is your cousin.
(MK) You have to understand the culture. I understand.
Let us, Rick explain to you, we have a structure
of security pattern. (JM) Yes I understand,
I do understand very much. (MK) When you said it, I know who it is,
what your email is, .. we are looking into it,
and he’ll come back to you in time. (JM) OK, I’m assured, reassured now.
The next question… (MK) No, we gotta stop, we give you
a question next week. (JM) Okay, good, good, good. (MK) Thank you very much.
(JM) Thank you very much Mr Keshe, for answering my questions. (MK) Thank you very much indeed.
Any other question? Good day
to you Sir. (RC) A panelist Arthur who would like
to show his Gold Field set up. (MK) Have you seen it before?
(RC) I haven’t, I don’t think I’ve seen it, but maybe we could get him
to talk about it a bit first or? would you not want to go there?
(MK) Because we have some shocks with people coming and showing, and
they have music and they have, other things in the background..
(RC) Yeah, I prefer to see the actual presention that is going to..
(MK) We prefer, if you can get it have a look at it, bring it next
week, we gotta be very, very careful. (RC) Okay.
(MK) Yeah, please. If it is, please can you sort
it out with Rick? And we let you show it. We asked Peter,
and we ask a lot of you, a lot of you did CO2 kit, now you
understand how to make material by creating condition of Fields,
please do as many as you can. Try to, if you don’t see anything,
it don’t means it’s failed, you have to move the equipment,
move till you see something, it doesn’t mean that
it’s gonna happen there and then. If you create the condition of
let’s say Gold, and there is in that position and that time
no Plasma of the Gold in the Atmosphere, doesn’t mean you failed,
it’s not there to deliver. You understand? So, when you test, move things around, push things
up and down, and see what happens. Change the speed,
change the density and see what happens, you get more Copper or you get
more, Gold, or you make whatever. The object is not to make gold,the
object is to start learning that how we can change and
transfer fields into Matter-State. We’ve done it with the GaNS,
but we transfer the fields, of the energy in the
compression of the fields to show themself,
manifest themselves as GaNSes. Now this is the next step, but it’s been there, it’s been there
long time, it’s the work of the Universe. Any other question? (RC) Okay, we do have a question from
someone Ram A… Regarding the health cup. (MK) Yes, can I ask you a question? Rick, do you see Caroline
in the background anywhere? Or is she silent, or is she there? She says she wants
to be equal and teach, we want her to come and teach some
flying systems or whatever she’s good at. Can we have the question please? (RA) Thank you Rick,
for giving me the … micro. Hello Mr Keshe,
I am Ram from France. I should like to speak French of course,
but anyway I try to … to explain in English my experiments.
… Last experiments about the Health Cup. Double walled Health Cup. I prepare the water, this way, by using
the energy of ZnO GaNS-Water And, as I told you last week
I think or maybe the week before? I used a Pendulum.
With a Pendulum I can distinguish … …in Magnetic field, I can distinguish
the North Pole and the South Pole My pendulum turns clockwise for South
Pole and anti-clockwise for North Pole. So what I find with GaNS water, it’s like a… magnetic, like a magnet It’s like a magnet …
and it is South Pole oriented. I mean.. What I found after ten years
[days] the water in the cup was…have taken the
energy of the ZnO water. And what happens, this water that I had,
I can drink now, take it out, and the Zinc and the GaNS water of ZnO now have changed the
orientation of its field, instead of being South oriented,
the pole is now North oriented. (RC) Excuse me I think you said ten
years, did you mean ten days perhaps? (RA) I said ten days… sorry
(RC) Okay, good just to be clear (MK) He made GaNS far before we do!
(RC) I thought he was an old-time there (MK) When, a very old timer… Okay
(RC) Thank you. (RA) This I wanted to… I am continuing these
type of experiments with a… (MK) But can you record it and show us?
It’s very interesting what you discuss. (RA) If you like to see it, I can show it
to you… through, you want to see it? (MK) Is it live or is it recorded?
(RA) No, no it’s not recorded it’s live, you can see it …
(MK) Yes Please I’m gonna stop sharing, Rick can you stop me sharing, or I better
do it myself. Okay you gotta… (RC) I think he can go right ahead and
just share his video there. (RA) I take just a few minutes to bring
everything now on the desk and you can see, and you can see my pendulum…
(MK) No we can’t see anything, you gotta to share your camera first.
(RC) Yeah maybe he needs… maybe he needs a few minutes… we
could maybe show something else first and come back to you.
Do you want to do it that way Ram? (RA) Okay, okay Rick okay
(RC) Alright that sounds good ’cause… we have a couple of other people with
questions and we can come right back to ’em? (RA) Okay, Okay
(RC) Maybe, we’ll just have another quick question here, there’s Leon….
(MK) Can I explain something before we go into? (RC) Umhmm
(MK) … Just one second… Because I have to phrase it… (RC) Do you need to …
(MK) No let me explain a couple of things The way we have changed a lot of things.
You know when it comes to… … we are teaching so freely and the
people, a lot of people, come around the Foundation, and then they use
our own teaching to confirm that they are original teachers or
whatever and they appear, because when he said ten years,
also he brought this back to me. We teach freely, you can
claim whatever you like. The knowledge, if you had such a
knowledge, and you did not do it, and you think it’s your knowledge,
share it. It’s the knowledge of Humanity. And if by learning from us, it makes you
so arrogant to think that you’re in charge. You already lost the game. You will lose, in a way, the knowledge
that even inspired you to learn. You will see a change of position in
respect to the Keshe Foundation. It’s beautiful
when I read a lot of things and it was very, very interesting
when I received it, and it’s put on. It’s, it’s amazing how how, I have been praised …
by, what do you call it? It says, “Keshe discovered that it is possible to transform gases
into liquid and solid state. A state that he calls, ‘ GaNS’ “. “Interesting, is that such a CO2 or CH3
in the GaNS state stays in that state. that without going back
to in, it’s state, gas. “Keshe’s discovery refutes actual
knowledge you’ll find on wikipedia which says that the solid CO2
can only be found by dry ice and
minus 75, 78 degrees.” And another patch,
we thank him for all these writings. It brings so many
memories back. He says, “Keshe has a solution
for global warming, but who cares? It is, “it still amazes me”,
that’s Mr Dirk. “Having witnessed myself
several times of the direct capturing” of witness. “As you see
CO2, CH3 experiments of Mehran Keshe how certain Governments like that
of Belgium refuses such a new development which in fact, is the
solution for global warming.” By such direct capturing, CO2
Keshe have showed that CO2 and CH3 can be captured
at the room temperature, and normal pressure in liquid-state.” The,
“and later, hydrate into solid state.” “Keshe discovered that it is possible
to transform gases into liquid.” These are all the link’s
go and read it, it’s amazing. I didn’t know
the guy praised me so long? But it’s good, from now on we only put his
positive things on. It says in the link below, says,
“direct absorption of the Carbon dioxide CO2 and method in CH3 goes
from the environment and the conversion.” I read you another article
which is very nice. He says, “Where” bla bla
“for extraction of extra 11 billion Euro of the sum originally proposed the EU
can make 30% CO2 cut.” And then he goes on.
And it is very, very interesting. We didn’t know. We have
so much praise. And the best one,
he says by the MS presentation in 2012 “At [ inaudible ] the Keshe Foundation Center”,
and it’s very interesting, and he … He unveils the corrupt politician. “Hans B. and his network in Belgium police
and Belgium Secret Service.” So we’re sending his writing,
because he’s one of them, or he told us the truth.
Now, we know it is. To the Belgium authorities,
It’s on a Facebook. You can do it. And then in the Feb. 28, 2004, mean … He says, this is his writing,
it says, “Next to that a prominent lawyer
from Leuven, “de da da” “which had the function
of the Head of the Cabinet in the Cabinet Minister of the Interior Affairs Patrick De Weal had a personal issue
with MT Keshe.” “HB tried before to get hand
on the technology of the MT Keshe. and his lawyer for,
and his lawyer for technology transfer.” “But MT Keshe refuses.” “In his function as the Head of the Cabinet Mr ‘um um’ was able to control
the police force and Belgium secret service. thus it was easy to “create” a
terrorist case against MT Keshe.” Now we see the truth. Inside, a Senior Civil Servant.
He knew what they were doing. This is all the praise of … Dirk Laureyssens, you
have given the biggest gift to the Human race
by writing this. This is your writing
as a Senior Civil Servant. This is highly appreciated
by European Court of Justice. You have just written the
warrant for their arrest. It’s published,
mentioning name and officers. They say it’s good. And I read you another extract “Since the case of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is important. It shows how incompetent information
of a Government, can turn against an innocent person” I am innocent. I will explain more. “MT Keshe is an Iranian National.
He’s a nuclear engineer. Even during his study
at Queen Mary in London he did not agree with certain
nuclear knowledge, at that moment.” “Over the year in his spare time he worked on these personal ideas,
about the nuclear interaction.” And it goes on. He goes on “the state of art, the
basic isotopes interaction, which are opposite to the standards
state of art nuclear knowledge, taught Worldwide, at Universities by
Nobel prize” lecturers, with called “Emperors of the the science”
of the science gate keepers.” By peer-reviews you such a science
“gatekeepers keep control, over the science knowledge.
Mostly to confirm they own importance.” “Over 30 years MT Keshe
experimented in his “garage” lab to verify or to falsify
his personal assumptions.” “So he saw that the number of soft
nuclear reactions where possible, without the use of
high energies as triggers.” In example: “where traditional nuclear science claim
that gamma rays were needed to give certain outcome. MT Keshe
shows that the same outcome was possible without gamma rays.” They like a process to
create nano materials. A process unknown the nuclear science, that this process are unknown to
nuclear science community Worldwide. “MT Keshe was able to
created nano materials, by the use of consumer
products from supermarket.” “So when MT Keshe delivered
samples of these materials to famous nano institute
IMEC Leuven, for test with Raman Spectroscopy there
was a panic in the Belgium government.” “Some PhD’s in IMAC claimed that that was
only possible by the use of gamma rays.” “So an Iranian scientist
used “GAMMA RAYS”, so he needed to have sources
of gamma rays in Belgium!” “Thus M T Keshe was able to make in
Belgium a nuclear bomb.” “So a red flag secret service
operation started in Belgium. The case become a
national security issue.” So he knows exactly what it is. Thank
you very much Mr Dirk Laureyessens. Thank you for explaining this
is writing on the Internet. We just submitted it to
International Court of Justice. “The press was,” con… “censored
to speak about MT Keshe.” “Professors in Belgium were pressed
to stop all contacts with MT Keshe, they received telephone
calls with warning.” He knows, there you see the same
pattern, we see with him and what you call it,
Sylvester making calls. “Even members of Parliament
were censored or threatened not to speak about
Keshe Foundation’s technologies.” Next to that “a prominent lawyer from Leuven”
Hans, we know who he is. He’s… Now he’s the head of
the European Space Agency. “which had the function
of Head of Cabinet in the Cabinet of Minister of interior Affaires
Patrick De Weal had a personal issue with MT
Keshe.” “Mr HB tried before to get hand on
the technologies of MT Keshe As his, as his lawyer for technology
transfer, but MT Keshe refused.” “In his function as Head of Cabinet
Hans B was able to control the police forces
and Belgian secret service.” “Thus it was easy to create a
terrorist case against MT Keshe, once it was inside the Belgian
computer system of the secret service.” and “that “terrorist” file was shared with
other European and Five Eyes secret services.” “So worldwide secret services
considered MT Keshe to be a potential terrorist who had in
his possession gamma sources.” However, “The whole “terrorist case” was
created in first instance, by a corrupt politician (Hans B.)”
the head of European space agency. The president of
the space agency. “and his network in Belgian
police and Belgian secret service,” and his second instance by the
personal position of gamma ray sources, which was simple to lack … which was simple to lack of
understanding of the hidden and unknown nuclear
interaction. “The ignorance of the 1,600 PhD’s
employees of science in IMAC. And even that resulted one day
in the police interview of myself, where I was asked if I was building in
Belgium a bomb together with off MT Keshe.” “So I requested the Belgium
authorities and secret service STAVA of Belgium and United States
to clean the files of MT Keshe from all hoax and
false informations.” I am sure their services
will read this… The picture of Dirk Laureyssens
and his entry, dated February, 2014. Now you can see
how we’ve been set up. Explained by a man who’s a senior
officer and he knows how it was done. He says,
“Dirk Laureyssens asserted,” “Belgium is a small country
with a small brain” Dirk Laureyssens
shared link to the group: KesheBulgarianThoughtsGroup.
September 6, 2014. “The efforts of the” Bulgarian government
to block… Sorry! “Belgian government,
to block MT Keshe started with claiming that
he was a ‘Terrorist’,” “based on the false assertion,
fabrication by the person,” “which tried to get
exclusive hold of his technology”. Don’t forget, the King of Belgium
came to see me and asked for it, and I said: “I’ve given it to the World,
you can’t have it!” “Shame on you Belgium!” This is the writing of Dirk Laureyssens
on the Internet. All the links are there,
you can read it. “Belgian Government
tries to block technology that can offer the solution
for nuclear contamination.” “The hidden agenda
of the Belgian government, related to Iranian nuclear engineer
M T Keshe, and against his Plasma Technology
is amazing,” This is the writing of
Mr Dirk Laureyssens … “against all logic and it’s even
an attack against Humanity.” “The basic reason is corruption.” “The persons which tried to have personal
profit from the technology of MT Keshe, have that much influence
on the Belgian government, that they still do everything that they
can to block Keshe plasma technology,” “even if Keshe recently proved
to be able to de-contaminate radioactive polluted
waters and soil.” The status of the recent experiments
in Japan can be followed in the links”. He gives you all the links. “The Belgian government tries to block
the technology and scientific insight, that can protect the 7 billion
inhabitants of the Mother Earth.” “It’s billion animals and it’s zillions
of plants from radioactive pollution.” “The efforts of the Belgian government
to block MT Keshe, started it with claiming
that he was a TERRORIST, based on
a false accusation”. And now you see it,
is coming up more and more, it’s his own hand writing,
He’s there with his picture on it. And what he says at the end:
“My conclusion: The Belgian Government tries to block
a technology, that can solve a part of the nuclear danger,
an important technology for humanity!” This is Dirk Laureyssens.
“Shame you BELGIUM! Belgium is a small country
with a small brain.” This is the writing of Senior Civil
Servant in the Government of the Belgium. And he says:
“Dirk Laureyssens spoke the truth”. Now you understand
how we’ve been set up in the hand of … one
of the Senior Civil Servants. He knows the operation.
He used the operation. Thank you very much Dirk.
We decided we are not gonna write, unless you go wrong,
we write to correct you. The same as you did,
you missed to inform people, that the German who you said
he was a pedophile we support him, that his proven innocent
in the Court of Justice, in the International Court,
and he’s been given damages. Governments can fabricate anything
in their Court. I know what this means. When I was in Canada, they set up
a kangaroo Court for me, and I was told. We paid the lawyers
$5000 to present me. The lawyer could not turn up,
they threatened his life. The family of what you know, one of the
most famous telephone operations in the World, ‘BlackBerry’. They are friend
of our family, through my sister. They were prepared to intervene.
They were told we cannot touch, because of the Belgium police
and putting me on the terrorist list. And when I appeared in the Court
I was told. If I talk to the judge, that why and how they arrested…
they’ll put a bullet into my head, when I come out of the Court. This is the justice
of Mr. Hans Bracquené. Now we can speak,
because it’s in public, we don’t make accusation, is there.
There are more writings. It shows how these people, take
and they want to benefit it. As I said when the King of Belgium sat in,
next to me, for an hour and a half, in a way, threatening me
to give my technology, I said to him, “I can give you one thing,
is my books”, and I signed three books for him. I hope re-rings it, very nicely, when he spends the rest of
his time behind the cell. They have done, is so naturally
such a long time, we have asked the
International Court to look, into all the companies
owned by Hans Bracquené. How he comes to
be suddenly in charge? And now we are looking for scientists
who have been killed, or died, or disappeared
in United State, in Tokyo in Japan, in South Korea, in China.
IMEC has opened a branch in China. How many more scientists, the only
thing is car accident and heart attack. These are the two systems used,
both been used on me and my family. We defend our case on the ground
that we’ve been the victims, not making accusations. You have, our search team
are working very heavily, and if you find anything,
praise of the Keshe Foundation, by anybody who now claimed to have
been the victims, bring them on.>From now on we don’t fight them,
we use them praises, and then go on the victims
of Keshe Foundation, and then put a link that…
who these people are. The biggest problem we had,
was we could not connect a prosecutor, how they were silencing people.
The prosecutor was hidden. Now we know the name
of the prosecutor which works, with the police and the Hans. There is no position
for Mr Hans Bracquené, as a head of European Space Agency
where the NATO information, is transferred to the enemies
of the state of Europe. We deliver documentation. We have raised
the huge collection, with South Korean government
as I said before, and with the American government
in NATO. How a third Nation, a third World
Nation, can launch rocket, can test nuclear,
have all the latest technology? They are sold and given technology,
through European Space Agency. The man who steals, sells it too. We have made this very clear,
with the American authorities in Rome, in our conversation
in past week. High hard working
European Space Science, hard working French rocket
four satellites, are sold out of the position,
misconduct. Mr Hans Bracquené we challenge you,
we have all the documents. The same with the police in Kortrijk,
and now we were looking for the prosecutor,
who was falsifying documents and bringing people
and silencing them. Now we find the prosecutor too.
That was a missing link. Now the whole circle
is complete. And from now on,
we don’t say anything. If they make a mistake
we correct it, we correct it in past two-three weeks,
you’ve seen it. Our intellectual right
belongs to Humanity. NOT to a bunch of criminals. And, now we submit all this information,
to what we call, ‘Human Court of Justice’. And all these fake Court cases,
and calling us ‘terrorist’, has been explained by Mr. Laureyssens, as
Senior Civil Servant, knowing how it works. He has shown us
in his own writing on the Internet. We kept silent, as I said, it was
important for us to find the prosecutor. Now, in a falsified case,
we have found the prosecutor. We haven’t found it,
he popped out. So now we have the Police, the
Prosecutor, the King and his element. There is a question in the
personal behavior of… Hans. This, we’ll disclose in the future.
There is misconduct in sexual behavior. And we explained this.
And there is a relationship with the time of the promotion
of the officer, to a higher rank, and the time of criminalities. In 2001 he was promoted by
Royal assent, to a higher point. This is just about
when Sloot was murdered. He was promoted again
after the death of Marco in prison, where they found the suitcase. The security services
are working very fast. The Keshe Foundation intelligence
system is working very fast. We have unravelled the biggest
murder organization, mafia, in scientific organizations, headed
by the head of the state of Belgium. Bring the website down,
the documents are in the offices, of the American Intelligence, officers
are with the European Space Agency. We have sent the copies
of these tapes to Interpol, and we have a full protection. If I was a terrorist, I could not freely
travel from Africa into Italy, from Italy to Romania, from Romania
back to Italy and now to Middle East. We are well protected by those who
knew what was going on. The only thing we are missing was
a prosecutor in a court of Belgium. In Kortrijk. Now he issued it, now
the circle is complete. We can push with the European Court
for the whole book to be finished. I thank you Mr Dirk Laureyssens
for your writing, as a high level Secret Service
the way you took information. You showed us how to do it.
It is in writing, and we are submitting your writing,
your praises and how it’s done to the International Court
of Justice And we send the request and copy
of this to European Space Agency how highest level worked so hard
in Europe, by scientists are getting sold in the back handers,
that then in creates threats on the rest of the world and
nuclear warheads, electronic launch and
everything else. In Iran as a wealthy Nation in Space Technology and nuclear
we still haven’t managed to sort it out. How can a Third World Nation,
North Korea get access to so much information in such a short time? Do you remember the case of Mr. Hussain? Mr. Hussain used to work at about
the same time as when I was at the
British Nuclear Fuel. He walked out with the whole technology
of the atomic bomb, went to Pakistan, and made the State of Pakistan
a Nation of nuclear weapon. We have the same thing now
sitting at the head of the European Space Agency. We challenge! I stand in any court,
and we can see how it works. We have enough information, and we have
shared it with the American embassy in an open line with, what they call,
Intelligence Services of the United States. We have shared the same thing with
the Korean Ambassador directly, that they know
the pattern of the work. Please send a copy of this directly to
any agency you know. I ask our team in the background
cut this piece, the last piece as I spoken into every police station in Belgum. Every court in Belgum. And put the links as it says,
“Facts about Dirk” and let them read it how
they operate. As a senior civil servant he has
done it, he knows how it’s done, so in the background he was telling us but we didn’t understand,
now we have seen the operation discreditation and everything else. But now we see there has been a lot
praises what opened up the eye He’s been lying then,
or he’s lying now? The whole lying now, it came after we
captured one of the biggest suppliers of child trafficking. Now he got
touched by it himself. Before was scientific. As we are developing,
more and more intelligence, we see many scientists been killed this
way, and all links up like the pedophile cases into
Antwerp and Belgium. We see disappearance of scientists
in South Korea. We see heart attack and death in
number, number of scientists who worked with us in TEPCO. The gentleman who did all the work
with us in TEPCO, has been found dead
in a car accident. The gentleman who actually did the test,
live with us, in TEPCO is missing. Presumed dead. We can release the names,
we have all their business cards. A number of scientists.
What happened? We have the Mafia,
in whatever extortion. This mafia, team of scientific,
kill to gain money, to gain power, has been running
for a long time It goes back, most probably before
the time of Mr Sloot. We have shared all this with
the Dutch police force We have a direct contact. We… Directly, they has set up a group
to look into this, because in this process,
Dutch Government lost billions. The knowledge which Mr Sloot
carried with him, at the moment, is a multi trillion business.
Video compression. This should have gone
to Phillips International created a lot of wealth for the
Dutch Nation, and a lot of employment. By killing him they transferred the
knowledge into Belgium That was the function of
‘Mr whatever is’, plus the police. And anybody who came up with it,
set it up, had to be silenced. That’s why Marco was killed. Suicide a very healthy man?
I met him twice with Dirk for negotiation between Keshe
Foundation at that… and Continental Tires of Germany.
Continental Tires has a battery division. They wanted to develop our
Plasma Technology. And then it disappeared, because
now we know what they done. We have to look into their friends
of Continental, see what happened, what negotiations
we did with Olivier?? of the Continental. If you are a scientist, if you are a
Keshe Foundation supporter release your knowledge. Releasing your knowledge to share
shows the strength and the power of the sincerity
of serving Humanity. Not being afraid by a few
telephone calls. We submit. And please,
security is in the background. Cut this off, the way you done with the
teaching of the Cancer you are releasing. And send a copy of this to every
police station, head of the police of
European services European State agencies, all the
channels, any link you find, flood the Internet, especially
American. We think, in the past three month,
four american scientists in Space Technology and Nano Technology
has been killed by the same group. Don’t forget, Braconier(?) is an internal
layer of IMAC. Been. And Mr Braconier(?) flies every time,
the present King of Belgium travels. He always been in his entourage. We know to much. And now its our job, please
separate it and put it on the Internet. We don’t make any accusations, it’s
the writing of a man from Belgium Senior Civil Servant,
knowing the operation, blowing whistles on his partners.
Maybe, they didn’t pay him enough? Maybe, it as a way to trying to save us,
and we… has to be investigated. If you receive a threat, call us. If you find anything about the praise
of Keshe Foundation, the work we done and by anyone, now is a victim, link it up,
send it to Webmaster, we get it sorted. As I said, we are here to serve and
we have received many gifts, And, I said today to our securities,
“This is the best gift we could have.” Thank you very much. We rejoice in what we have received,
in any shape or form I like to thank our contributor,
to building of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Center in Ghana. You will be greeted and you will be welcome
by the President and the Government. And now, that we have got the building
done we are looking for furnishing, the latest equipments.
We have received a Raman Spectroscopy, We need many, many equipments, which
allows us to measure fields. This is, if you are aware of a system
that you can measure fields, and belongs to certain Companies that’s
in the market, legally for sale, We ask our donors to buy it, or finance
it, to be bought by the Foundation. We received a massive donation
because in one week we serve the humanity
unconditionally in Rome. And the payment was,
for the Humanity to be served. We’ll carry on with this work,
don’t give up. There is a question about who and how
and why, its just the way it is. Caroline wants to teach,
that you can share knowledge equally. Maybe we don’t need to be taught,
the science of how to do it, and how to fly it? But, maybe look into the science
of the Soul of the man? And maybe that’s the time? She wants to be equal in everything.
Maybe, it’s time that we bring her in? Because, she thinks she can contribute
more, and it’s time for her to be. Many of you took pleasure
in some of her teaching. and many us know,
she is very controversial. Maybe that why we are
husband and wife? She stood a lot with me, she got
beaten up by Mr Delannoye, while I was listening down the phone,
she got, more or less, ‘tagged’. in the same car. She’s been
harassed beyond, by Mr Delannoye. of the Kortrijk, police of Kortrijk and
in so many ways , she lost home, not me because she’s a Belgian,
we had to escape to stay alive. Maybe she suffered more than me,
I’ve been a Gypsy all my life in the spans of the Universe.
Maybe she had to learn the first time? Maybe it’s time to bring some women
influence into the Keshe Foundation! There are too many men’s, We have too many
Heads of States of the Keshe Foundation. Our factory director
is a woman, Keshe Foundation is now operated
and run by a woman. The head of the what we call
the Executive Chief Officer of the Universal Council is a woman. I think it’s
time for us men to step down and take a rest. Maybe I stop teaching,
from now on we leave it to Caroline to teach
the Soul of the Man. Maybe, there is a guideline for a lot
of other people to come in. But the beauty of it is, at the end of it,
it serve humanity to come out of this mess. And as I have said,
“We don’t go and fight the armies.” “We give them so much, that they forget
they need to carry a gun.” Thank you very much for today..
We are not very far from the resting place of Mohammad, blessed his name.
Maybe his soul is with us? Maybe it’s time to unify the path
of belief in One? We were near Vatican last week
in the Conference. Now this time, we are near Mecca.
Maybe, it’s time to bring the changes? Thank you very much. And we see you next week, hopefully
with a new teacher. I’m resigning, I’ve had enough
I’ve taught for twenty years. Thank you
very much indeed! (RC) Thank you Mr. Keshe,
Always new surprises. Okay. (MK) Yes but go to factsaboutdirk
and read it, it’s amazing. We didn’t put anything!
All is done by him! (RC) Okay Thank You.
(MK) We forgot the gift We were so busy (MK) We forgot how,
they give us the gifts. (RC)
Ha Ha (MK) Thank you very much.
Thank you Rick, Thank you the whole Keshe Foundation
Team in the background. It was a lot of effort running the ..
what do you call it The Conferences. Especially Stanley and Ella, relentlessly
Giovanni and Giuseppe, and Caroline. And the others with Dr Klaus and
everybody else, relentlessly being there. For Sandy, bringing so much life
to the Universal Council meeting. It’s not the one anymore it’s us, and to
stand for our rights, to serve Humanity. Thank you very much. … (JW) Wasn’t Mr Rhyme going to talk to us
about the South Pole? (RC) No, he is actually gone now, John that
is all done now so, that’ll have to wait till next week, He had
to leave, because he ran short of time. (MK) Thank you very much Rick.
Thanks for everything! (RC) … Yes, Stanley wanted me to
remind people, they could make donations at the http://kfssi.org/donate/ site, it’s a
simple address to remember. Just kfssi.org/donate (MK) You can donate, sorry
(RC) And soon they will be adding paypal and other means of paying, right now you
can make a direct donation to the Keshe Foundation
bank account. (MK) We need now to look into, for a short term, in furnishing,
till the factory runs fully. Then, the factory in Ghana will support
the Keshe Foundation, and the other Keshe
factories around the world, will contribute toward the
research and development. Our Target now is expanse into what
we came across. One is the building of the Keshe
Foundation Space Ship Center in Africa. Arizona has taken the research and
development, Jon was with us last week. And, now we try to bring a Space Center
development into Middle East. And that’s where we are, if you come to
negotiations with the Governments. Here, we can do in next months or so. Then we open Space Center in
every Continent, that they work together. (RC) Stanley suggested that people could
write as a reference to what they wanted to donate for,
like the KF Global Operations, The Space Center in Ghana,
or KFSSI Education, as categories that people could, if they
wanted to make a specific reference. (MK) Thank you very much, let me explain
again for the first time Keshe Foundation has put an employment request in Italy,
for the factory in the South of Italy. For Ghana and the Space Center we put the
request into the Government of Ghana, to use, we have a huge
number of scientists. In America we ask for American Space
scientists, who want to join us. … We’re not trying to be, but not to
keeping people moving Continents, and leaving their family behind
is the main object, Not trying to be,
specified to one place. Hopefully, in the coming time there’ll
be all of this in every part of the World. That, as we are One Nation, we just
make it easy for us as a Community, to be near our real,
what do you call it, ‘dearest’, and at the same time
serve Humanity. (RC) Well Ghi had actually an answer to
this earlier, when you had mentioned: “What’s Next after the Space Center?”
he said to me, “Why not a Center in Space?” and that would be maybe, an…
(MK) We already have those, We take you there later on. (RC) (Laughter) Okay! Well that would be
perhaps a meeting point for people that are on their way to Space, a station
in between Earth and Space perhaps Where, we go by there’s still
need to have connection with family. (MK) Thank You very much for everything.
As I have said this has been a collective work by all of us and
now we’ve seen it. Receiving such a donation, after more or
less announcing less than two weeks That we have opened the center,
we want to develop it, we’re given the land. It’s the biggest gift!
It means we are right! And there are those who are sitting on
the sideline to see what we do. That they come in, It’s time to come in
now to speed up the process. Thank you
very much. (RC) Thank you
Mr Keshe. (MK) Maybe with a new teacher,
I didn’t mean to be late. Deliberately late, we just had a time
zone change, and we apologize for that. (RC) … I hope you didn’t get
fired cause you were late. (Laugh) (MK) You can fire me any time!
Please Fire ME I’ve had enough!!! (RC) laughing…
(MK) I’ve been here Winter, Summer (MK) We start at 5 o clock in the morning
if you remember the first teaching. (RC) Yes that was very harsh
on more expansion. (MK) 166, this was number 13 huh?
It may be bad luck for .. people of the Belgium Government,
the Truth has been spoken. Thank you Very Much Indeed
see you next week. (RC) Okay! Very good.
Thank You and that will end the 166th Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday April, 6th. 2017. And as always, thank you
everybody for attending, and now I’ll end the Livestream, Which is been in several parts tonight
because of breakdowns in the Internet We’ll have to patch that up later
and re-upload it. Okay Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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