2017 English SOL Curriculum Framework: Format Changes

The first thing they’ll notice is that
the first column is gone, the column previously referred to as understanding
the standard has been removed and all the essential information from that
column has been put in a section that we know now call teacher notes which is
much more user-friendly for teachers. This contains information on how best to
integrate the standards, current academic research and best practices. And it
appears before each strand on each grade level in each standard. The thinking was
quite frankly there was a lot of redundancy in the understanding the
standard and many teachers were only looking at the third column, where we
wanted them to look at both the essential understandings the essential
skills, knowledge and processes. Some of what was in understanding the standard
quite frankly didn’t belong. So this is a much cleaner document much easier to
read and much more user-friendly for teachers.

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