2020 ED Games Expo

Welcome to the 2020 and seventh annual
ED Games Expo. The ED Games Expo is the annual showcase of learning games
and technologies developed by the Department of Education and across more than 30 different program offices in the federal government. You know it’s so exciting to see all of
the different possibilities of the way that we can rethink school by the
emerging technologies and embracing new ways for connecting students to the
content that will set them up for success in the future. This year the ED Games Expo is expanding beyond just the events here at the Kennedy Center. Because of the fact that these programs
are provided by the Department of Education are funded and are inspired
they’re also research-based and evidence-based and at the end of the day
we’re going to get data back that doesn’t just give us a cool game for a
student to play but a way for a teacher to change those students’ lives forever.

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