24 HOUR BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL CHALLENGE!! ?? Robots, Cool Kids & School Roleplay

hello I am moto I would like a hug
try and eat it down the hatch that’s not food
that’s not food I’m not eating that hey yo what’s going on guys just pop Jake
here from TV and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are
back Logan Green high school buddy we are in
our school as you guys can see we have our massive school here and we’re
continuing off on episode 3 because got some stuff went down if you guys have
not been keeping up with our box for high school series you might not know
what happened but we started off building this thing and then all of a
sudden we were forced to become students of this school once resented attention
we realized that some stuff was going on and we know now we cannot leave all
right we need to figure out what is going on at this school some stuff is
going down personally I think the principal might be evil but this is the
school as you can see it is massive and as students here you know we had to do
everything to go to class go to lunch to go to gym I know we’re still at school
but don’t forget you gotta subscribe to the channel or I don’t want to talk to
lab because I don’t want anybody hear us in the halls here but if you guys are
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want to get 50,000 likes on this video to get to be the series all students
report for first period class oh ok looks looks looks like class is starting
I guess you’re gonna follow us along here alright we’ve got a blend in
blending that students looks like our first class is our class with low gonzo
okay this is gonna be interesting alright come on let’s go we don’t want
to be late let’s go oh my sir sorry I’m a little bit late I’m ready for our
class students quiet down my name is Logan zou and today we’re going to be
learning about odd now one of the most important things about art is creative
expression so today we’re gonna express ourselves with some play you’re gonna
use it play to make a claymation I have a question how do we in fact know that
you are well I’m glad you asked I’m one of the
most profound artists in this side of the box country if you watch here I can
draw you one of my most famous pieces lay cube oh wow okay okay sorry yes
alright so how do we get an a-plus on this
there are no eight pluses or B minuses in this class there are only stickers a
gold sticker is a good mark and a red sticker is a bad luck now you guys have
five minutes to complete your claymation and please please be quiet I’m going to
be doing some art so I don’t want any interruptions okay alright Logan I guess
we gotta start building with some clay okay pass me some of that clay well
let’s see how good my art skills are there you go time’s up just drawing my self portrait
looks nice let’s see what you guys did what is this
it hits a cat his name’s snowball do you like him you call this a cat despicable
a red star for you wait what come on I’ve listened was a
pretty room snowball and what have you built I hope
it’s better than what he built and what is this it’s a gym ball quite exquisite
work I do like this JimBob you definitely deserve a gold star sweet a
gold star oh right well you guys have done an okay job class dismissed
time for lunch all right guess this lunch time capture use this way let’s go
grab some challenger ready for a next class look I know it’s hard pretending
to be students but if we’re getting you to the bottom of what’s going on at the
school we have to blend in once we have enough information then we can confront
them head on plum let’s see what kind of food they
have here all right the cafeteria hello hi I’d like to order my lunch I’m not
sure what’s on the menu but you have pizza or pasta anything like that that’d
be great we don’t have pizza past our menu oh
okay all right well let’s see what let’s see what you have that he is yo uh sir
do you think there’s anything else I could have other than this I am NOT a
sorcerer I mean ma’am I think you know that this will be fine uh thanks enjoy
your lunch Jesus oh man is that bread I don’t even know
what this is man I don’t think this is beans either I’m not feeling too hungry
right about now how you can eat it I’m definitely not touching that cheek if we
didn’t know something was going on at the school before this definitely shows
something’s up okay school serves this lunch I think
I’ll try and eat it down the hatch that’s not food that’s
not food I’m not eating that forget lunch we can at least use this time to
make our plan look we know something’s going on with the principal at the
school but realistically he’s not gonna be doing anything that we can catch him
on during the day he’s up to something he’s probably working his plans during
the night I think we need to have a stakeout steak and love steak no not
steak Logan a stakeout we need to stay here during the night to figure out what
he’s up to look the fact that they barely have
enough money to provide us food in the fact of whom we went to detention we
were locked up in a military-grade confinement Center means that this is
more than just a school and if we’re gonna find it out we need to stay
overnight we need to do a 24-hour challenge in the school Jake how are we
gonna stay here overnight this place is locked down look if there’s someone
that’s gonna know where we can hide during the night it’s gonna be one of
the cool kids the cool kids they know where to hang out during bathroom breaks
they know every in and out of the school because they know everyone all right we
just have to ask one of them at lunch all right
hello he’s in the cafeteria I just got to find the cool kid oh there’s one all right this place is for cool kids
only you better step back now you new kids out and welcome around here no I
don’t want to disturb you I just have some questions for you look I know
you’re the only one that would know this I’m trying to find a place that I can
stay overnight at the school I’m looking to do a stakeout but it has to be under
the radar somewhere no one’s gonna find me you’re looking to stay out at school
during the night no 24-hour challenge oh yeah do you have
that sort of info yeah I do know some places you could hang out during the
night and be undetected by the hall monitors and teachers but it’s gonna
cost you how it’s about you play me one game of beyblades game of beyblades if
you win I’ll give you the information but if you lose I don’t want to see you
around cool kids part anymore okay yeah no I can do that good luck new
kid you’re gonna need it okay let’s do this three two one go come on let’s go come on you think you’re tough new kid
you got nothing on me let’s go let’s go come on come on yeah yeah looks like I
just beat you and you owe me some information all right
you beat me fair and square new kid I’ll give you the information Locker 82 be
behind it there’s a panel you can open it up in behind that there’s an old
storage closet completely off the grid no hall monitors or teachers know about
it all right thank you for the information
new kid maybe you can save us all see save you all but what do you what do you
mean wait wait where are you going what do you mean by that what do you mean by
save you all what does that mean I gotta go find Logan Logan I’ve got the
info look I had flying into the cool kids but he was able to tell me where we
can hide out during the night it’s behind one of the lockers it’s an
old storage cabin that no one knows about behind the back panel of an old
Locker so after our last class we’re gonna head there and hide out once the
school closes down we can exit through there and find out what this principal
is up to all students report to you okay looks like is there a second class come
on we gotta head back to the classroom but after that we’ll regroup in the
hallway we got this hello class and welcome to world parties today we’ll be
learning the ins and outs of robotics my name is doctor Artemis and building
robotics is my game anyway robots are a lot like humans they are future take for
example my robot Gizmodo I designed him myself
yes but I wants to say hi Thank You Keys Muto today we’ll be experimenting with
robots that use parallel circuits I will be giving each of you a robot to explore
with one of you will be lucky enough to hang out with gizmo toe is a quite
friendly and quite witty his motive tell a joke I like cheese huh
that’s quite funny I’ll be leaving the class to work in my laboratory but if
you complete your entire assignment within time you will be given a gold
star class may begin oh sweet I got Gizmodo hey little buddy how’s it going
hello I am G’s moto I would like a hug oh of course buddy dude this thing is
awesome just wanna do something cool and bad stats dude this is so cool
what did you get I got dumped on dumped dumped what does it do it’s pretty cool
yeah yeah I guess that’s pretty cool but dude check out his moto look how smart
he is his moto what’s two plus two – blast – that’s porn dude sweet is that
please save me what save you save you from what do you know what’s going on
what do you know is no dope is held captive yeah okay I think this is more
than just a regular robot what kind of school robot has this sort
of intelligence just murdered you wants to take you with us yes
be safe just no jobs – like in dance dance that’s all right
his motor you’re coming with us you’re gonna help us solve this mystery that’s
going on here I’m gonna hide him as we leave class and bring him with us
look we better get out of here before he gets back who knows what he’s doing
maybe they know we’re up to maybe he’s talked to the principal right now he’s
moto you’re coming with us let’s go let’s go
cheek what about dumb dumb yeah maybe maybe he can just stay here come on
let’s go all right cool kiss that is one of these lockers with a secret panel
behind it if we’re gonna stay here though during the night we need some
food to survive do you have anything in your locker
oh nice Lucky Charms Oh some life savers coming it’s nice okay all right well
this is a start I mean it’s better than that cafeteria food right gizmo no do
you like Lucky Charms a small toad doesn’t eat oh okay
well gets more doesn’t need to eat now to find the secret panel
since behind the locker oh yeah ever happen translate to the side Wow dude
there’s an entire room behind here I supposed to be with the cool kid was
talking about monkeys motor let’s go oh wow yeah this is definitely abandoned
all right come on Logan whoa-ho all right close the locker door behind you
let’s go all right we gotta get through here to the other side we completely
undetectable in here let’s go so you’re really old part of the school the whole
thing is falling apart be careful these walls aren’t even
secure we gotta watch out what’s the school youth lockdown for the night
we’ll be able to exit back through the locker and see the principal’s up dancing right now all right this is
really serious any loud noises could draw attention to the principal
can you explain to us what happened what do you mean help save you what what’s
going on here what do you know his mother is sad his mother was taken as a
young robot to be created for bad people you were taken as a young robot to be
created for bad people what is the principal want with this army of robots
the Batman meets every night with the gym teacher is moto knows he’s not where
were we what do you say what do you mean he
meets every night with the gym teacher if he needs every night with the gym
teacher that might be an answer so what he’s up to but we know so far as he’s
taking money out of the school and putting it into creating robots some
sort of robot army all right we’re gonna have to wait to the school gates
lockdown and intercept it during the gym maybe we eavesdrop on and we can figure
out what’s going on here is mojo dance now don’t guys motor you can’t dance now
okay this is really serious I guess we’re just gonna chill here
fine by me I got my lucky charms wait okay what’s going on Gizmodo here’s
someone in the gym so was it the gym all right it’s now or never Logan we’ve
gotta go intercept the principal and find out what he’s doing he’s motor you
stay here we’ll come back for you his motor will senior and dance dance dance
okay you do that all right come on Logan let’s go coast
is clear this way to the gym let’s go come on
someone in there chick what do you see Shh
he’s talking to someone it sounds like the gym teacher so you’re telling me
that the plans are all in order the robots will be shipped to the factory
and no one will be able to trace what we’ve done here what’s he saying should
I listen the whole plan will be ruined listen here I’ve talked to my guy we’ll
be meeting with him on the school’s nerf team trick while the players are playing
nerf I’ll sneak out and have a meeting with
him to discuss us moving forward if everything goes as planned this will be
the single biggest event in human history
welcome to planning something des playing some sort of deal to go down
during the nerf team’s national trip if we can somehow go along on a trip we’ll
be able to intercept him so what are you saying we do if this deal is going down
on the nerf teams trip the only way we’ll be able to get on that bus is if
we join the nerve team it looks like we’re gonna have to try out for the
nerve team

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