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is this guy wearing? EARNEST: This is an
invisibility cloak. You know, like Harry Potter? JACOB SOBOROFF:
The silly dancing is not required with
the invisibility cloak. EARNEST: It’s not required,
but it’s your chance. JACOB SOBOROFF: Let’s be honest. We all wanted to be
superheroes growing up. Now you can. Today we’re talking
about DIY superpowers, things people make themselves
that make them larger than life. EARNEST: And this
one is awesome. This is an invisibility
cloak developed by a professor in Japan. It’s just projecting
onto the cloak what is behind the
wearer of the cloak. You’re just a big
screen for a projector. JACOB SOBOROFF: We need to get
one of these in the office. MILES: A superpower
that I would really like to have is super vision. ALI: Because you need
to be supervised? MILES: No. ALI: You led me
right into that one. MILES: Super eyesight. You’re going to like this. He calls himself the Eyeborg. ALI: Oh my God. That’s so hard to look at. ROB SPENCE: In here is
a battery, a camera, and a wireless transmitter. It’s transmitting
to this receiver. MILES: The man behind
the eye is Rob Spence, a Canadian
documentary filmmaker. When he was a kid, he had an
accident, damaged his eye. His eyesight
deteriorated over time. And surgeons said,
hey, we’re going to have to take your eye out. And he said, you know what? Let’s just pimp my eye. ROB SPENCE: The eye also tracks. It moves. You see blinking
and glancing, which is a very actual
human point of view. ALI: You wouldn’t have
to take notes in class, you could just
play it back later. During the test. What? MILES: Think about that. He transmits to someone
in the hall right? He has like an earwig in. And he’s just
looking at the test, and he just points
like, which answer. ALI: We’ve got
some ideas for you. MILES: All you lazy college kids
out there, pop your eye out. Put one of these
cameras in, have a homie that you really trust. How far would you go to upgrade
your body with electronics? I think the most I would
do is Google Glass. JACOB SOBOROFF: Oh shoot! Two dudes, two Tesla
coils, electricity fight. That’s all you need, I
guess, for 5,164,000 views. This is in Belfast,
Northern Ireland, at this awesome festival
called the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival. EARNEST: These guys
are from a British art collective called
the Arcadia Group. JACOB SOBOROFF: They’re
wearing special suits. They have to be, right? EARNEST: Yeah. They’re called Faraday cages. Basically they channel
electricity around these guys, so that they don’t
themselves become conductors. JACOB SOBOROFF: Right. Honestly, I’d be
afraid that that tree was going to catch on fire. I’d be afraid that
the audience was all going to get electrocuted. Whoa, who’s this person
walking below it? EARNEST: He’s not
in a Faraday cage. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Get out of there! Ah! Definitely do not
try this at home. ALEX: Want to see some
bad ass wolverine claws? CARLY: Do I ever. ALEX: Sink! Sink! There’s nothing cooler
than these– oh wait. CARLY: Look how sharp
those pencils are. ALEX: Hold on. This guy’s videos better. These are made by Alan Kirby. This has almost 1 million views. CARLY: He flexes his biceps
and then the claws come out. ALEX: That’s all it takes? What if someone scares him? Like, ah! ALAN KIRBY: This is a
superpower that I want. I don’t even know if it
counts as a superpower, but it counts as super awesome. CARLY: Oh, that’s really nice. ALEX: Yeah, I know. JACOB SOBOROFF: I’ve been
surfing, I’ve been snorkeling, but I have never
been flyboarding. And if you want to be a
superhero, All you’ve got to do is strap this thing on. This is flyboard show
performer Stephane Prayas. A flyboard is a type
of water Jetpack, and it’s attached to his
personal water craft, and it supplies propulsion
to drive the flyboard up through the air, and
there’s a woman in a bikini. EARNEST: It’s like what
the Silver Surfer does. This guy is just sort of soaring
through the air on a board. If I were to do
this, I would need to be wearing a life jacket
and then also floaties. JACOB SOBOROFF:
Floatiies would just explode when you
slam into the water. ALI: You ever wish
you could fly? MILES: Every day of
my life actually. ALI: Yeah. This guy has declared
himself the Jet Man. This is his flight
over Mount Fuji. MILES: Jet Man better bring it. YVES ROSSY: Just
before the jump, you know you have
always a doubt. That’s the kind of moment
you have to let go. And you fly. MILES: These are goose bumps. ALI: His name is Yves Rossy. He’s a Swiss International
Airlines pilot. It’s a four-engine jetpack. And it only weighs 121 pounds. But it can go up to
125 miles per hour. MILES: My car doesn’t
even go that fast. ALI: He cannot take off or
land, which is why he jumps out of a helicopter, and then
he lands with a parachute. You should definitely
subscribe to see all of his different
flights, and see where he’s going to go next. I can’t think of anything
else that I would rather be able to do than fly. What do you think? Is the power of flight
the best superpower? CARLY: Alex, we’re about to
take your pyro hobbies from here to here. ALEX: OK! CARLY: That seems so dangerous. EVERETT BRADFORD:
Prometheus is a device to emulate the power of the
X-man character Pyro, who can manipulate fire
emanating from his hands. CARLY: This actually
took eight months to make, created as part
of an X-men pyro costume. Won a Halloween contest, because
who can honestly beat this? ALEX: Because they
were afraid of him. You don’t like my costume? Ahh! EVERETT BRADFORD:
Turbo-controlled valve that’s on top of this tank, of
a butane and propane mixture. Uses an arc generator
to generate a spark. ALEX: What are the
practical uses for this? CARLY: You could set a
romantic mood anywhere. ALEX: You could also
set that person on fire. CARLY: This video now
has over 600,000 views. ALEX: 600,000 is
not enough for this. He made a fire hand! What is wrong with you people? JACOB SOBOROFF: Earnest,
I gotta tell you man, this episode has kind
of made me bummed out that I’m not
actually a superhero, but it’s given me hope
that I can be one day. EARNEST: You can make
your own superpower. JACOB SOBOROFF: My
favorite was the flyboard. What was yours? Did we leave anything out? Is there one that
you would do out of this episode in particular
that was your favorite? Let us know in the comments. EARNEST: You can watch
all of these videos in their entirety in the
playlist after the show. JACOB SOBOROFF: Now
play us out, Skrillex. [MUSIC – SKRILLEX, “FIRST OF THE

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