8 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Open Locks (with LockPickingLawyer)

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As long as you sign up.>>Just sign up.>>BRIAN: Look, man, we’re just
going to teach everybody how to bypass eight of the most popular locks in all of history. We’re kind of experts at everything.
What could go wrong?>>My methods have been called unorthodox, but I’m really excited
because I’m super good at it.>>I’m sure you got the
right tools for the job. What do you got?
>>I got some brass knuckles.>>Too soon. What else?>>Some throwing stars.
>>Okay, ah–>>I’ve got the hydrogen if you want to–>>Oh, we’re going to get an adult.>>All right. [deep synthetic rumble] [electrical pop]
[gentle vinyl static] [rising chime]>>LPL: This is the LockPickingLawyer, and I am really happy to be here at the Modern Rogue with Jason and Brian.>>BRIAN: Oh my god,
I can’t believe it’s happening!>>JASON: Holy cow!
>>LPL: I understand you guys needed some help with bypassing?>>BRIAN: Yes. First of all,
we want to learn how to bypass all of these locks,
but most importantly, why have we bothered to put our dumb,
stupid faces on the show ever if you could make a
whole successful channel with nothing but your hands?>>LPL: Welcome to the glorious
world of hand channels.>>BRIAN: Hand channels!
>>JASON: Yay!>>LPL: There is not a
single lock on this table that should take you more
than five seconds to open.>>JASON: What, really‽
>>LPL: That’s right. Five seconds, and most of
them probably a little less.>>BRIAN: Okay, these look
like, forgive me, garbage. Everybody always rolls
their eyes at Master Locks, but when we get to these,
like, this looks to me to be what I would feel comfortable securing all of my valuables in storage with.>>LPL: You know, a few
months ago on Amazon, if you searched “high security padlock,” this was Amazon’s choice. [Jason laughs mischievously] High security might have
been an exaggeration.>>BRIAN: All right,
where do we want to begin here?>>LPL: Well, I’m going to show you guys some really effective tools, but probably the most effective
one that we’ll use today is a throwing star.
>>JASON: Ha! I told you. [laughing]
>>LPL: Okay, Jason told me to bring this out, but we actually can open one of these locks using this. This is a Master Lock, Model M176. Super-easy to open.
Right now, it’s locked. Normally, I would use a shim like this, reach in and open it up, but I think we can make do
with this throwing star.>>BRIAN: And keep in mind this was,
what are they? Roofing tile things?
>>JASON: Oh yeah. They were just little roofing tins. Just these little discs that we cut into–>>LPL: A lot of the tools
I’m going to show you today can be improvised out of household items.>>JASON: Yes! That’s our MO!>>LPL: We’re just going to stick this in right in between the body
of the lock and the wheel.>>JASON: [incredulous] What‽
[laughter]>>LPL: Now do you want to try it
with the throwing star?>>BRIAN: I do, actually.
[laughs] Does it matter
that it’s the second one in?>>LPL: Okay, what I
usually do is insert it at the top of the third wheel over on the left side of that wheel.>>BRIAN: The top of the third wheel over.
>>LPL: And why don’t you use this one? I chose the
thinnest one we had so it would reach in the farthest.
>>BRIAN: Okay. [gasps] I felt something click.>>LPL: So what you’re going to do is you’re going to push that all the way in.
>>BRIAN: Uh-huh.>>LPL: Once you get it all the way in, push down on the shackle, [Brian gasps]
push up with your throwing star like that.>>BRIAN: Oh, I felt the thing.
>>LPL: And let go of the shackle.>>BRIAN: Oh, come on.>>LPL: Oh, you didn’t
quite get it. Try it again.>>BRIAN: All right. What am I missing?>>LPL: Not everyone’s
a lock-picking ninja. [laughter]>>BRIAN: Literal ninja.
>>LPL: Why don’t we do it this way?>>BRIAN: Okay.
>>LPL: I brought you guys some tool sets.>>BRIAN: Oh heck yeah.
>>JASON: Oh!
>>LPL: They’re going to have some fun things inside. [Velcro tearing open]
But you’re going to want
to use this one right now.>>BRIAN: Okay. Got it.>>LPL: Okay, I want you to stick it in right along here.
>>BRIAN: Okay.>>LPL: Once it’s in that position, push down on the shackle, down with this, [lock clicking]
and it should open right up.>>BRIAN: You make it look easy.>>JASON: A touch of the master’s hand.
>>LPL: It is, once you get used to it– why don’t you start working on one of these over here?>>BRIAN: Down.
>>LPL: Here we go. This is a good beginner one.
>>BRIAN: Push it in. Go up.>>LPL: Same place… [lock clicking]
[Brian gasps]>>BRIAN: I did the thing!
>>LPL: There you go.>>BRIAN: I did the thing! I learned! I also bent this, like,
is this ruined now?>>LPL: [reassuring] No, no, bend it back. It’ll work for a while.
>>JASON: I push it in first,
or I put the thing in first?>>LPL: It doesn’t matter.
>>JASON: Okay.>>BRIAN: I love the derisive
tone where it’s like, “It doesn’t matter.
All locks are garbage.” [laughing]
>>LPL: That’s it. [applauding and laughing]
It’s that easy.>>JASON: [astonished] Holy hell!>>BRIAN: [laughs] Oh, that’s amazing.>>JASON: Kingsley, you
lock-making chooches! [laughing]
>>LPL: Okay, put these aside. We’re done with these.>>JASON: You made me
look capable at something!>>LPL: Let’s go over here. If you go on Amazon and you searched for a “keyed gym locker lock,” this
is what Amazon recommended.>>BRIAN: Uh-huh.>>LPL: Now, you guys are going
to reach into your kits, and you’re going to pull out
a tool that looks like this.>>BRIAN: All right, something that looks like a crazy key, got it.>>LPL: You should have one
with four small teeth on it.>>BRIAN: Four small teeth, got it.
>>LPL: There you go.>>JASON: Okay.
>>LPL: Okay. Now, these are really easy to bypass. You insert this just like a key. You lift up on all the pins, and then you turn.
[lock clicks] Now the only trick here is to
insert it the correct depth.>>JASON: Oh!
>>LPL: And I will put my finger just about here to make
sure I don’t over-insert it.>>BRIAN: Okay.
>>LPL: And just push it in. Lift up. [lock clicks]
Turn.>>BRIAN: [whispering] Lift up.
[lock lightly clicks] Gah!>>LPL: [proudly] Got it.
[laughter]>>JASON: I’m not quite there.>>LPL: Well, I haven’t tested your tool. So, do you want me to see and make sure that one actually works first?
>>JASON: Sure. Embarrass me, go ahead. [laughter]>>LPL: Okay, we’re going
to insert it just like that. Lift up. [lock clicks]>>JASON: Wow, okay.>>LPL: I’ve done this a couple times.>>BRIAN: What is this tool called?>>LPL: This is called a comb pick.>>JASON: Boom. Yeah!
>>BRIAN: Oh my god, that’s two down. I can’t believe it.>>JASON: That’s horrifying.
[Brian laughs nervously] This is, wow, okay.>>LPL: Let me show you
guys why that works. If you had cut the front of the lock off, this is what you would see. There’s a bunch of pin stacks
that look just like this. When you insert a key normally, you take it to that level,
and it would turn.>>BRIAN: And there’d
be four, five, or six, or however many pins there are,
>>LPL: Exactly.>>BRIAN: all of different heights.
>>LPL: All behind it. So, this takes advantage
of a flaw in manufacture, where the manufacturer left too much space above the shear line,
so you can lift everything, the key pin and the driver
pin above the shear line, and then nothing stops
the plug from turning.>>BRIAN: That’s brilliant.>>LPL: We have another lock here. This one is subject to
the exact same problem. This is a U-Haul lock
actually made by ABUS. This one’s a little bit harder
to put in. [lock clicks]>>BRIAN: Is it five or four?
>>LPL: And the same sort of thing. You’re going
to need to use this tool. It’s a little bit harder to insert. You got to jiggle it into place. But once you get it into place, lift up. Turn. It’s the exact same thing.>>BRIAN: I can’t believe that such a simple tool is that powerful. All right, so you worm your way in.>>LPL: No, you got it too far. You got to pull it out a little bit.>>BRIAN: So in this case,
it feels like it’s stuck.>>LPL: It’s stuck in between the pins. But getting it out is just a matter of, there we go. That’s about the right depth.
>>BRIAN: Got it.>>LPL: So now you just
need to lift that up.>>BRIAN: I accidentally
pushed it in just a touch. There it is. You can
actually feel it on the pins.>>LPL: Yep.
If you have to push hard, you’re doing it wrong.
[lock clicks]>>BRIAN: Oh, I did the thing!>>JASON: Now, how much of this
do you need to really feel what’s going on in the lock?>>LPL: Not a lot. If you’re forcing it,
you’re doing it wrong, but as long as it goes easily into position, then it should be very fast and easy. ♪ [music quells to a minimal breakdown]>>BRIAN: It seems like the kind of thing that beginning by understanding the exact structure of
everything is integral, because once you
understand what everything looks like on the inside, then all of a sudden,
it’s not even an amount of finesse, it’s fairly obvious where different stuff goes.
[lock clicks, Jason laughs]>>LPL: Understanding what’s inside of each of these locks is absolutely crucial.
♪ [music kicks back up] Let’s push all of these aside.>>JASON: [faux menacing] All of this trash.
Trash locks!>>BRIAN: Boo, get out of here.>>LPL: We’re going to move on to these. These, I told you, Amazon’s choice for a high security
padlock, at least it was. That changed a couple days after I showed the issue.
>>BRIAN: Your video came out? [laughing]
>>JASON: Okay, so my solution to this, I would look at
this and go, well… shotgun.>>LPL: It’s beefy.
It’s a nice, thick steel body. Thick shackle, got a five-pin core. But a tool like this. [laughs]
>>BRIAN: “A tool like this,”
and he holds up a hook. It’s just a hook.
>>JASON: Yeah.>>LPL: This is just called a driver,
but the problem here is that you have a locking mechanism that holds the shackle closed. Then you have your core, but there’s no barrier in between the two. So, I can reach all the way
through the core and directly operate that locking mechanism
without the key moving.>>BRIAN: So–
[lock clicking]>>>BRIAN & JASON: Oh!>>JASON: That was nothing!
[Brian laughs giddily] [satisfying lock unlatching]
>>LPL: There should be some sort of shielding in the back, but they didn’t put that in this lock.>>BRIAN: Can I try it? Is this a hard one?
>>LPL: So, here’s what you do. We push this, that little hook,
down away from the pins. Once it hits the back,
just wiggle it a little bit. You’ll hear it pop into place. Once it’s in place,
[lock clicks] just turn it like a key.
>>JASON: You know, [Brian laughs boorishly]
I’m getting really nervous,
but then I’m reminded that you’re the only person on
Earth who knows how to do this. There are no bad people know how to do this.>>BRIAN: Not like we’re telling it on the internet.
>>LPL: Well, me and everyone
who watches my channel.>>JASON: Never heard of it. [laughter]
>>BRIAN: I made it all the way down. How hard should I–>>LPL: No. You’re turning too hard.
>>BRIAN: Do I go up at all?>>LPL: It’s, again, one of those things that if you’re pushing hard,
you’re not doing it right.>>BRIAN: So there, I hit the thing.
>>LPL: I think you’re there. Now just turn. [lock clicks]
[laughter]>>JASON: Whoa.
>>BRIAN: Oh, that’s crazy. Are they fixing this? What is the lag cycle
between putting out publicly an exploit and then them fixing it?>>LPL: I don’t believe
they have fixed it. I bought these two locks
roughly eight months apart from each other.
>>JASON: Nope.>>LPL: And they both have the same issue. All the way down, and you’ll feel it stop. Now, wiggle it around a little bit until it pops just an
eighth of an inch farther.>>JASON: Okay. Okay.
>>LPL: Now turn. [very slight clicks]
>>JASON: No.>>BRIAN: That mental map of what all the internals look
like is so important.>>LPL: It absolutely is. You’re at too much of an angle.>>JASON: Oh, okay.
>>LPL: When you’re inserting this, keep that hook
touching the bottom of the keyway. All the way back, it stops.
>>JASON: Yeah.>>LPL: Now, see, I’m still perfectly straight. I’m just going to twist a
little bit and shove in.
>>JASON: Okay.>>LPL: That was it. It’s in position now.
>>JASON: Oh okay.
[lock clicks distinctly]>>BRIAN: It really is one of those, almost universally, less is more. You don’t want to overdo it.>>LPL: If you’re fighting it, there’s a problem. [lock clicks]>>BRIAN: Yeah! [applauding]
>>LPL: There you go.>>BRIAN: Oh that’s great.>>JASON: It’s so satisfying when it clicks.
>>BRIAN: It feels good, right?>>JASON: Oh, it’s so good.>>LPL: The next bypass
I’m going to show you is probably the most
common bypass out there. We’re going to show it on these.>>BRIAN: [facetiously] It’s a shotgun. [laughing]
>>JASON: I told you, again. Who’s right?
>>LPL: It’s called shimming the locking lugs.>>BRIAN: Years and years ago,
we learned about shims. We learned how we could make them out of soda cans, but then I
started seeing a bunch of locks that advertised themselves as unshimmable. Number one, I assume they’re probably not actually unshimmable,
but what is it they do on a theoretically unshimmable lock?>>LPL: Okay, so on the inside of here, you can see small ball bearings.>>JASON: Oh.>>BRIAN: Yes.>>LPL: And they fit into
these half moon-shaped cutouts.
>>BRIAN: Yes.>>LPL: They will not retract no matter
how hard you push on them. That’s an unshimmable lock. A lot of people will
make these shims out of soda cans or thin pieces of shim stock. The commercial ones you
can buy that are made out of tempered steel are going
to be a lot more effective.>>BRIAN: I did notice
that once you make one from a soda can, they’re
kind of one-use operations. They’re pretty mangled.
>>LPL: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right.>>JASON: I’m always afraid
of slicing up my fingers when trying to use something like that.>>LPL: Using these is really easy. We just put them right here and just wiggle it down. Once it’s all the way down, you don’t need to do anything else. Same thing. Wiggle it down. Once those two shims are in position, the shackle opens right up.
[laughing]>>BRIAN: So, nowadays
I assume that both sides need to be shimmed?
Because there was a hot minute ten years ago where you really
only needed it on one side.>>LPL: Some really cheap
locks will only have one locking lug on one side.>>BRIAN: All right, here we go. So this one you can
tell is all the way in. This other one is having a hard time.>>LPL: So, just wiggle it down.>>BRIAN: Just work our
way down. Oh, there it is.>>LPL: There you go.
[lock clicks]>>BRIAN: It popped on its own.
>>LPL: Yep. And you’ll find a lot of locks that are susceptible to this.>>BRIAN: Push it down,
kind of off-center, off to the side. There you go, and now twist it.>>LPL: Here’s something to try. When you’ve got it like this,
use fingers on both sides and just wiggle it down like that.
>>JASON: Oh, okay.>>LPL: And that’s not going down,
so we’re going to do the technique Brian was talking about, off to the side,
>>JASON: Oh!>>LPL: and then twist it over.
>>JASON: Oh, that much to the side, I got you.
>>BRIAN: Yeah.>>JASON: Okay.
>>LPL: There you go.>>JASON: Yeah. Okay, so you just get them both down like that, get them flush with the casing and then
[lock clicks] [laughing]
>>LPL: You got it.>>JASON: Oh, this is
terrifying and awesome.>>BRIAN: I would imagine
shimming is a little more difficult if it’s an old rusted one that’s been around or whatever. Do you spray lubrication on there?>>LPL: You can. Absolutely, I keep some spray oil for doing things like this,
but for the most part no. As long as you’ve got the clearance, you can push it down in there.
>>BRIAN: That’s amazing.>>LPL: Okay, we’re
going to do these next.>>BRIAN: I don’t believe I’ve
ever seen this type of lock. I don’t even know what they’re called.>>LPL: These are called shutter locks, or sliding bolt padlock.
They’re actually pretty common. This particular Master Lock one is sold for securing trailer couplers. This is an ABUS one.
Kasp, this one’s sold in the UK. But they all have the
exact same mechanism in it. If you guys can take out
this tool right here.>>BRIAN: Okay, the little stabby shiv.>>LPL: We’re just going
to call that the knife.>>JASON: We name our
knives here traditionally but that’s fine.
>>BRIAN: Stabby shiv.>>LPL: Now, we have the
bar here, the shackle, and then there’s a
locking lug that comes up and holds it in place so it
can’t pull out of the lock.>>BRIAN: Okay, so there’s a thing that is currently up that we want to have be down.>>LPL: Exactly.
>>BRIAN: Got it.>>LPL: Exactly. And we’re
essentially taking advantage of the exact same flaw
that was in this lock. There’s no shielding in between the core and the locking mechanism.
>>BRIAN: You can bypass the entire lock itself.
>>LPL: So, we’re just going to reach all the way through. I’m going to stab into that locking lug so I got a good grip on it. The stabbing gives me purchase
on it. And just pull it down. Why don’t you start on this one? This one’s got a more open keyway.>>BRIAN: All the way in. I’m at the back. I feel it touching it.>>LPL: Stab in.
>>BRIAN: I’m going to push in hard enough that it has purchase. Oh, I felt it.
>>LPL: Now, you’re blocking that from opening.
>>BRIAN: Oh, got it.>>LPL: Don’t be afraid to
stab pretty hard into it.>>BRIAN: Okay here,
I’ll– so for this one, it feels like it matters [gasps].>>LPL: There you go.
>>BRIAN: It matters that the end is stabby.
>>LPL: You’ve got to grab onto it. You got to put a
little dimple in that so you can pull it down.
>>BRIAN: Oh, that’s remarkable.>>LPL: Otherwise it just slides on the surface.>>BRIAN: Yeah, and you can feel it slide when you’re doing it wrong.>>LPL: Yep.
>>BRIAN: Yeah, wow! Well, I’ll do this all day.
That’s awesome.>>LPL: Okay, so these
are a little bit harder because the keyways are a little tighter, but we can do the exact same thing. Just going to reach in,
the exact same way. Stab into the back there.
[lock clicking]>>JASON: And just kind of pulling down, like, angling it a little bit?>>LPL: Well, I am pushing like this.>>JASON: Okay.
>>LPL: But I’m using the end of the core there as a lever point or as the fulcrum that gives me a lot of leverage to push down on that.>>BRIAN: If you picture
this as a textured rod, your job is to reach in with a fingernail, just get a fingernail in there enough that you could drag it down. Right?
>>LPL: That’s exactly right.>>BRIAN: Okay, here we go. Ohp! I just blocked it
from doing the thing. [lock clicks] There it is!
>>LPL: There you go.>>BRIAN: Oh, wow!
[laughter]>>LPL: Slide it all the way in.>>JASON: Like so?
>>LPL: Yep. Now, push pretty hard and then… ♪ [smooth mellow beat fades in] there you go.
>>BRIAN: You got it!>>JASON: I think there
should be a rule that if even I am able to pick your lock, your CEO is immediately fired.>>BRIAN: [laughing]
It’s called the Murphy Protocol. [laughter]
>>JASON: Exactly.>>LPL: Now, this is probably
the hardest one to bypass of the group here,
because it’s a little bit difficult to finagle this into position. But essentially, we have
a slightly different tool but the same exploit that we used on here.>>BRIAN: I just now
realized that we haven’t even done traditional lock picking yet. Every single one of
these we skipped the part because traditionally,
you individually manipulate each pin, and then you get to the place
where the cylinder turns. We haven’t done that once. Everything has just been like bad design.
>>LPL: Why would we do it when it’s this easy? We’d don’t have any shielding between the core and
the locking mechanism, so we can reach all the way in there, put this into the locking mechanism, and turn it just like the key would.>>BRIAN: And you said this one’s
tougher because just what? The way it’s designed?
>>LPL: It’s a little bit harder to finagle the– there we go. To finagle this into position,
but once you have it there.>>BRIAN: Clearly very difficult.>>JASON: Yeah, as he
>>BRIAN: Oh, my gosh.>>JASON: unlocks it before
he finishes his sentence.>>BRIAN: Took him almost four seconds.>>LPL: That goes away
from the pins. Exactly.>>BRIAN: Oh, there we go. Okay, so that’s the first stop. I’m going to work my way
a little bit farther in. It’s very tempting to over-correct. Oh, I did feel a little progress there. And I guess there’s no
way to know for a fact that you’re at the right spot.>>LPL: You’ll feel it pop into position.>>BRIAN: All right, let me
try again from the top. Okay. Does that help sometimes
to back up and start again?>>LPL: Sometimes it helps. So it’s just going to go
straight in. [lightly scraping metal] Once it reaches the back,
I’m just going to twist and push down, and I just felt it. Did you see it pop in there?
>>BRIAN: I did.>>LPL: Maybe an eighth of an inch.>>BRIAN: Got it. Okay. [lock clatters] So, hit… it is like a bit, it’s a bit of hitting the first mini-boss. But you don’t want to push too hard.>>LPL: Push and twist back and forth.>>BRIAN: There it is.
>>JASON: Oh, there it was.
>>LPL: There you go, you got it.>>BRIAN: Come on, baby. [lock clicks] Yes!
>>LPL: Got it.>>JASON: Okay, everyone get comfortable. [laughter] This is actually the first
time I’ve ever picked locks.>>BRIAN: You’re crushing it, man.>>LPL: Okay, so that hook is
going to go away from the pins.>>JASON: Oh, okay. So.
>>LPL: There we go.>>JASON: Just like so. Okay.>>LPL: Yep, there you go. Now, push and just wiggle back and forth until you feel it pop down. [lock clicks]>>JASON: Oh!
>>LPL: I think you got it. Now twist.
>>BRIAN: Oh my god! [clapping]>>JASON: It really requires less finesse than you would think.
>>BRIAN: Yeah!>>JASON: But also less
force than you would think.>>BRIAN: And it all boils
down to that mental map, if you understand what’s inside.>>LPL: You have to
know where you’re going. And once you know where you’re going, you can kind of drive
that tool into position.>>BRIAN: These all look scary over here. What’s going on?
>>LPL: Okay, these actually are a little bit scary.>>JASON: Oh, this is my favorite!
>>LPL: These are the locking portions of a locking gun
rack that you would see in a police cruiser or an arms room.>>BRIAN: So like in the back, you see a shotgun that’s there–>>LPL: Yep. This is what you would use on a shotgun.
>>BRIAN: that they need to grab at the ready.>>LPL: This is what you use on an AR-15.>>BRIAN: I’m dreadfully
terrified that you’re about to explain to us that this
is shockingly easy to open.>>LPL: Unfortunately, it is,
and it’s always even worse when you see easy exploits
on expensive locks.>>BRIAN: Now, we did an
episode where we covered how to use a shim on handcuffs. And when it’s open.
>>JASON: It looks like a similar mechanism.>>BRIAN: Oh my god, you could just straight up shim this, can’t you?>>LPL: Absolutely, you can. That is the one exploit.
>>BRIAN: We could use the ninja star!>>LPL: I don’t know about the ninja star, but this tool that you have right here, or probably a couple of these
lock picks would work as well. You can just shove that right down in.>>BRIAN: So the locking
mechanism is nothing but a tooth on a series of other teeth. And if you just slide in, it’s just like the shimming we did.
>>LPL: Yep.>>JASON: Now, this one is the one that usually secures an AR-15.>>LPL: That’s the one.>>JASON: And this is
the one for the shotgun.>>LPL: That is. Now, the shimming is not going to work on this shotgun lock. You’re going to find this interesting. [lock clatters]
That’s locked right now. You can feel it.
>>BRIAN: I’m waiting for some kind of magical, super high-tech, “Mission Impossible” tool.
>>LPL: It kind of is that. This is a magnet.
[laughter] Try to open it now.
>>BRIAN: Dang it. Oh, no no, no, no, no, don’t say that.
>>JASON: Yeah. Yeah. Wow.
>>LPL: Okay, how about this one? Is it locked?>>BRIAN: Yes. Well,
yes. Yes, it’s locked. [clicking]
>>LPL: How about now?>>BRIAN: Oh, this is twice as easy? You see the tooth is up.
[ratcheting] And it’s all the way in. And then…
[ratcheting]>>JASON: We’re pretty good with magnets.>>BRIAN: This is two left-handed gloves. [magnets clap]>>JASON: But I think
you’re a little better. [laughter]>>LPL: It’s frightening
to see things like this.>>BRIAN: Oh that’s amazing.
>>LPL: Because this could have been
designed around so easily.>>BRIAN: Man, I have so many questions about why people don’t update
their locks fast enough, but I think all of it boils down to locks only keep out honest people.>>LPL: That’s right.
They keep honest people honest, and that’s about it.>>BRIAN: All right.
Well, if honest people want to follow all of your adventures, I assume they go to what?
Youtube.com/lockpickinglawyer?>>LPL: That’s exactly right. I have over 950 videos there
showing exploits like this. I think everyone will find it really interesting.>>JASON: And you cover locks from all over the world, so your scope is broad and your skill is deep. [growing laughter]
>>LPL: Well, thank you.
>>BRIAN: Your scope is broad and your skill is deep!>>LPL: I’ve never been described that way,
but I will in the future.>>BRIAN: Oh my god, this is insane. All right, I’m going take all the– I’m going to go teach my kids how to… [laughing]
[locks clattering]>>LPL: Absolutely, take
your tools with you.>>I think on behalf of all of us, I just want to say to YouTube,
“Good effort. Nice try.”>>Really? You’re giving
them a, “That’ll do, pig”?>>I mean, I’m giving them
a participation ribbon. That’s what I’m giving.
>>Oh, okay. Yeah.>>That’s a fine try,
however, the blue ribbon goes, of course, to the
top-quality curated tutorials over at Skillshare.>>It’s amazing.
I’m actually taking some courses on creative writing because
it’s kind of my jam. And so they have a great community there and creative writing videos
that you can learn from, all curated and way better than the trash that you find elsewhere on the internet.>>[laughing] We’re not looking
at you directly, YouTube. There’s some good stuff out there.>>You’re great.
>>There’s just a lot of garbage.
>>There is a lot of garbage.>>Sometimes the algorithm
rewards not the best quality tutorial and instead rewards
whatever keeps you there, sitting there clicking on
the next video longest. Not Skillshare, though. They only have one motivation, and that is to make you an expert in
top-quality disciplines. Everything from graphic
design to programming. I’m going to take classes on productivity.>>Really?
>>Yeah. Because I’m clearly not
doing enough projects.>>Yeah, I don’t think that’s
the lesson you’re supposed to take away from what’s
going on in your life.>>[laughing] All of a sudden,
everything ends. [laughing] I have achieved productivity bliss.>>Here’s the important part, ^ and you get two free months of all of it. Unlimited access.
>>All-you-can-eat buffet. It’s less than ten bucks a month, but that doesn’t mean that
you shouldn’t take advantage of their largesse and have all you– I used largesse in a sentence. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.
>>Wow!>>Sign up! Take two months of all-you-can-eat courses. ^>>Largesse. He learned that
on Skillshare. Probably. — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC — [clap] ♪ [smooth jazzy beat] [quietly]
>>LPL: Does that mean we’re good to go?>>BRANDT: Yeah. It’s to
sync the audio and the video.>>JASON: That was– “Come on!” [laughing]
>>LPL: “Get with the program!”>>JASON: He’s a vicious taskmaster.>>LPL: Oh, gosh! [various laughter]

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  1. The Modern Rogue says:

    This week's free giveaway is our Trick Deck 3-Pack. Three classic playing card setups in one great package. Svengali, Stripper, and Invisible cards all on authentic Bicycle decks. These are classics and everyone should have them–especially for free!

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    What are those little tool packs LPL gives them? I want one

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    when LPL shows how to pick your lock and its really easy =[

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    so many “that’s what she said” opportunities breaking my childish sense of humor

  5. C B says:

    why don't they ask these people who know how to get past these locks to design them?
    or, if you design a lock, give it to a guy, if he can get into it in 5 seconds, it goes back to the drawing board?

  6. CHRIS DOMRES says:

    I wonder what lock the lock picking lawyer uses?

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    I was hoping for suggestions on how to keep our possessions safe from lock-pickers. All you did was to scare your audience into feeling foolish.

  8. erik e says:

    I was totally amazed and impressed with this video up to the point where you all demonstrated how to bypass the police gun locks. Come on now, have some moral turpitude. First Amendment rights I get, but you are putting the lives of our public servants at risk with this demonstration. No need for this other than likes and Youtube money. Selfish and immoral.

  9. tuse07 says:

    would be interesting if you stopped that stupid laugh

  10. jimsbro58 says:

    I feel un-safe now. Thanks for the knowledge. You guys are awesome. I'm subscribing.

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    And why are you teaching people this? Please post your addresses and allow the students to hack all of your locks!

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    Why would you make a video like this? Don't you know you teaching people to commit crimes? STUPID!

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    Okay where can someone get that lock pick kit he gave you guys? Cuz i cant even explain how many shed locks ive had to cut off because the key got lost in the dreaded junk drawer of doom

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    If a criminal sees this they could really do some damage think about it pls

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  18. Debbie Timmons says:

    This is awesome. My mom has locked har safe with just important papers in it but couldn't get her stuff. Kids have locked their locks and lost the keys. Nothing dishonest there but it would save a lot of trouble.

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    Next a video on how to break into peoples homes. Watch for the upcoming video on how to steal people’s identity.

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    Thanks an efin' lot! Now all the thieves will be hitting my storage unit! WTF.

  21. Makoto Shimabukuro says:

    Memories of my childhood

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    awesome video learned alot

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    Trust an American to show the metric system in fractions.
    3 7/40 mm WTF? 😂😂😂

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    The red shirt is the smartest. Then comes the black-and-white shirt. But the blue one never understands the instructions. After a lot of awkward moving about, he finally listens. Weird guy.

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    Thank you for telling people how to break into our homes and steal our property.

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    7:29 he should have said Key instead of Crucial XD

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    I can see that we have 968,452 crooks, criminals, and thieves out there that have watched this.

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    At the 6:07 mark of this video, you are using a double-sided rake with a blue plastic covered body. What is this item called? I can't find it on Sparrows website at all, please help!!!

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    16:51 What is that on his hand there

  34. kentucky_boi says:

    i thought i was dreaming when i heard his voice

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  36. D says:

    So, do you guys know what he looks like or does he wear a mask?

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    I want an official LPL pick set. It'd be a great merch opportunity, especially like a collab with Sparrows. Just an idea, LPL. 🙂

  47. Gary Cameron says:

    Magnets defeat locks police use to secure weapons. SMH

  48. Remy Builds says:

    proving the TSA locks are the worst. I'm 11 years old and I can pick almost all of them

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    I have my own personal Hand Channel. Not recommended. 🖐

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    Padlock therapy. 🔓

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    The long and short of this: irresponsibility. America is morally bankrupt enough; does it need "helps" along the way?

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    He has a really good video about the double wrench method. Its noisy and the lock is obviously broken, and it probably only works for traditional padlocks so not the gun locks or the sliding bolt locks, but it doesnt require special tools and its fast.

  55. Jacob Campbell says:

    Bravo to the CAMERA MAN.
    Stays focused on exactly what is interesting the whole time. All those talent show tv programs could take a lesson from you.

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