9 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

Nine proofs you can increase your brain power in a week. The human brain is probably the most mysterious organ in our body. Scientists keep learning new facts about its work, but It still hides a lot of secrets. That’s why we decided to acquaint you with the brightest discoveries of the last few years in the field of brain research. There are a few simple ways to boost your Intellect and improve your brain power, and they will surely surprise you! Golly, I could sure use that! Well, keep sitting there and you’ll learn something. Number nine – chronic lack of sleep worsens memory. Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley have found convincing proof that a lack of sleep can worsen memory and cause Alzheimer’s. During a full night’s sleep, brain cells remove toxic compounds dangerous for our brain. If a person never gets enough sleep, it has a devastating effect on their brain cells. Number eight – prolonged stress destroys the brain. A decrease in memory, in the ability to learn, in self-control — these are the consequences that chronic stress is fraught with. Also, it contributes to a person feeling irritation, anxiety, tension, and often being distracted. Number seven – love and hate have a lot in common. British scientists found that love and hate originate in similar brain areas. However, unlike hatred, love significantly reduces the activity of the areas responsible for judgment and logical thinking. Well, that explains a lot. Yeah, keep sitting there, man. Number six – the brain Is sensitive to dehydration. Our brain is almost 80% water. Therefore, even a moderate loss of fluid (about 2%) reduces concentration and vigilance and leads to the deterioration of short-term memory and other cognitive abilities. Number five – pregnancy changes the brain’s structure. Scientists proved that pregnancy reduces the amount of gray matter in the brain areas responsible for social cognition and the ability to understand other people. All of It Is necessary to strengthen the mother-baby connection, help a woman understand the needs of her child, and notice possible external dangers. Number four – the abundance of sugar in the diet worsens memory and reduces the ability to learn. The abundance of fructose in the diet slows down the brain and reduces its ability to learn, remember information, and concentrate. This is because the excess sugar destroys neural connections in the brain. Scientists emphasize that industrially produced sugar is much more harmful (added to soft drinks, seasonings, sauces, and baby food). However, products containing Omega-3 fatty acids (such as fatty fish, nuts, and fish oil) remove the consequences of the disorder. So, we should have a can of sardines with a root beer. Yum. Number three – romantic love and maternal feelings are very similar. It turns out, according to brain activity, romantic relationships and maternal feelings are very similar, but there are differences as well. For example, passionate love activates the brain areas related to sexual arousal. In addition, the feeling of anxiety and fear decreases, and the feeling of euphoria increases. Maternal love activates the areas responsible for the formation of affection. Aww. Number two – painting improves the work of the brain. A study showed that painting and contemplations of works of art improve the interaction between brain areas while slowing its aging. Scientists studied the influence of art on people aged 62 to 70 years old Half of them took a course in art history, and the other half took a course in painting. Painting classes gave a stronger result than art history. So, pick up a brush. And, number one – reading trains the brain. Oxford Scientists proved that the process of reading trains the cognitive abilities of the brain. It also activates areas that aren’t used at other times. While reading, blood enters the brain areas responsible for concentration and cognition. It’s noteworthy that this effect doesn’t occur while watching TV or playing computer games. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an interesting book and give your brain a great workout! Tolstoy, anyone? Hey, count me in! Are we talking about War and Peace or Anna Karenina? Don’t forget to hit the like button below the video and click subscribe to join the bright side of life.

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  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    How much time do you spend reading in a day? (Instagram doesn't count!)

    Btw, here're the scariest books ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZO2rR63Mdk&

  2. HAHA小李子 says:

    lv1 noob watching TV,
    world is round

    lv100 boss look the book
    God already tell us!world is flat!

  3. Home Account says:

    I was just thinking to read Anna karenina when he said you should read books. And he then said that!!!

  4. Todd sperling says:

    This sounds like Based Zeus

  5. Web Sparkle says:

    So that’s why they make you read so much at school…..

  6. Francisco Gonzalez says:

    I actually DID know sugar destroys memory. It's a lesson I learned in high school. That's why for now no sugar when I need to study for a test.

  7. Alfo says:

    The thumbnail was sooo r/im14andthisisdeep

  8. Vijay Kumar says:

    Does this mean stop watching channel and read more books I like to read story and novels books

  9. x_270 rr_S says:

    How about learning foreign languages. In My experiences , I speak 5 languages such as Mongolian, English, German, Korean and Russian. By the way, ihave very good memories. Learning a new lang can strengthen your memory I'm not sure about pregnancy.

  10. Apostle Beats says:

    Im not gunna remember any of this

  11. Mr. Blunt says:

    Doesn’t matter. Life is a simulation.

  12. Hollywood HD Movies says:

    Kisi bhi exam mey top kerne ka simple formula



  13. Mitchel Graham says:

    I dropped my phone in the bath and now my volume sounds bad

  14. Mutaz Muhanad Hammad says:

    One like= 5 hours shorter till Avengers EndGame

  15. Sumon Chandra Shil says:

    I was looking for this type video.

  16. Edmond Ndoj says:

    AS me iniciale eshte teper dobet koti pa vlera nga ana shkencore ne bote…bote flm.

  17. towny z says:

    absolutely yes

  18. JeswanthReddy Tummuru says:

    Reading improves your brain. You are READING my COMMENT. Hence,improving.

  19. Slip Slip says:

    I find this true because most millennials are not as smart as people who lived without smartphones. You see I am about to be 14 years old and my vocabulary is very low. My dad asked me what a "Verb" was and a "compound sentence" was and I completely embarrassed myself

  20. Syrith Kazama says:

    my brain cells activated on 5:06

  21. Thukaram Govardhan says:

    Brain memory 1 tera byte and 1 pera byte aythe why we cant remain the things, books ??

  22. milplayer19 says:

    I think lack of sleep messed up my brain. I was always up playing videogames all night. Also not drinking water

  23. Reny B says:


  24. 8-Bit Bug says:

    are painting and drawing the same things? coz im really good at drawing

  25. sonka kaushall says:

    Please make video for students who are doing like engineering ways to increse their brain powers like einstein . .

  26. Syncro Liner says:

    how to destroy mind power?

  27. RAGE MASTER says:

    If you jack off with ur right hand, try doing it with your left. Thats what I do and I can definitely see the improvement in brain power

  28. Nadya Imran says:

    I barely read 1 book a year

  29. Farshad Zaboli says:

    Math! Try to do simple math problems ( + × ÷ – ) as fast as you can, then you'll see it's majestic effect!

  30. PoMtL says:

    he said pregnancy reduces gray matter and gray matter is good, so dont get pregnant

  31. Maria Orsic says:

    Please cut the humor! It's just not funny!

  32. Catsper /Gachatuber says:

    Tv you say? BRIGHT SIDE too bc we are litteraly watching you ojn device or something.

  33. Catsper /Gachatuber says:

    i dont know why i clicked o
    this video.
    (bet you that u read this wrong.)

  34. Liam Gaming 0009 says:

    So your saying never eat unhealthy foods ever again in my whole life

  35. Pukan Saha says:

    Will it work in 80 years of age?

  36. QuaSyLaTic Andrew says:

    The Brain is Shrinking!

    But 3000 years ago, ancient wisdom already knew, the brain is shrinking.


  37. Sadikhッ says:

    Rubics cube increases too BRIGHT SIDE

  38. Borz says:

    after the video*

    me: grabs a liter of water and reads a book.

  39. Park Kookiemin says:

    Does this mean I need to throw my TV away?
    And so as my WiFi?

  40. Peaceful Life says:


  41. Layla Fadhel says:


  42. Oliver Is Not Gay says:

    1:55 Teacher: The Brain is 80 percent water.
    Me: Can I get a Drink of Water
    Teacher: NO!

  43. Abhay Meshram says:

    Any Indian their ?

  44. Chaitanya Sharma says:

    but chemistry says that water losses concentration …..:-):-):-):-):-)

  45. Tanishq Rajput says:

    Most of these were very common

  46. Ajmal Afridi says:

    Nice sir thanks

  47. Rithu Rithika says:

    I learn without sleeping night and get good mark if I did sleep tats all

  48. Patrick S says:

    Books are a refuge.

  49. Jimin BTS says:

    Euphoria !!

  50. フェニックス says:


  51. Ana Moirangthem says:

    M waiting for this video 🥰

  52. Anonymous User says:

    Tv = 1
    Books = 100
    Internet = 99999999999999

  53. harish alphaM says:


  54. Sharon Sharon says:

    How about you guys begin writing a book so that we could still follow you or we just have to follow the 1st point .

  55. Cartoons World says:

    2:40 urgh what an animation 👍👍👍👍✅✅✅✔️✔️

  56. Nasrin Amirian says:

    I reading every day.

  57. Shai Castillon says:

    Can we read using devices like ebook?

  58. MSKB MuhammadShahidKhanBarkati says:

    Subhan Allah. keep it up.

  59. 柯品富 says:

    or… study from the video from top university!

    well…. books waste paper ….. right?!

  60. Makhni G says:

    Nope, ppl who gossip have 0% brain n brainy ppl definitely do something positive in their life😠

  61. elizabeth this says:

    How about watching youtube.

  62. ARSHAN Soleymanian Far says:

    The first video these that I saw healthy couple not interracial…..

  63. Robyn Cabrera says:

    What about reading subtitles?

  64. ShYgonFactz says:

    Good भाई

  65. Jen Holmes says:

    what about watching documentaries ?

  66. Priya Vedaraman says:

    I'm so angry ! because ,if someone posted a video about books ,it got more unlikes ,man the world is going to only video games.

  67. Priya Vedaraman says:

    but i love your channal.

  68. Nitish Narzari says:

    Thanks to give me that information that playing games leads to short term memory

  69. aricado says:

    Your facts never help anyone. _.

  70. rd dany says:

    You are telling the things which decreases the brain power not increase

  71. Mohita Ahuja says:

    I love to read. I can go on reading for eons.

  72. Aziz Sarhraoui says:

    i lots at ny barin clles

  73. Vanna Chhum says:


  74. Mark Correspondent says:

    Just steal Albert Einstein's brain and put it in your head.

  75. Neeraj Kumar says:


  76. Damian_ai9 says:

    Bruh moment

  77. Damian_ai9 says:

    Why is youtube recommending this to me?

  78. khazix sm says:

    I always trust this channel but pls don't betray ud

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  80. moonlight potato says:

    Good video but I need to increase my brain power in a day

    Ohh wait I think I stayed up till 5 a.m. and starting my day for 3 days 2 in a row

  81. Itai Barkan 1412 says:

    "Reading trains the brain"

  82. clarissa desormeaux says:


  83. Pubg Boy says:

    What about playing pubg?? Does that make sense ? Cuz it's need high concentration and IQ .! Only pubg players will understand this !!!

  84. Ideas a lot says:

    Will there tips really work????

  85. Mihir K says:

    Maybe the shortest video made by bright side

  86. Inam Ahmad Zarkani says:

    Aftet seeing thumbnail I realize that aftet reading books brain memory consumes more storage,
    in other hand after watching TV brain memory consumes less memory and it gives you a stress free memory.
    Moral : keep watching TV

  87. Irina Lambonao says:

    can I read the shampoo ingredients?

  88. hugo noble says:

    learning to play an instrument should be added to the list, but still was very interesting to watch

  89. SДDIǪЦΞ ƒlเρwнαт ѕαdιqυe кнαη• says:


  90. visal ps says:

    Evidya da oole memory increase cheyunna karyam parayunathe

  91. I am really sorry says:

    Change the thumbnail TV to phone

  92. M.Junaid Akbar says:

    First of all I want to appreciate you !
    I don't know, what time you uploaded this video , but now I see it !
    And , Now I'm so happy, because you added the subtitles on you're videos !
    In my opinion it's very useful, because sometime I didn't catch your words and sentences !
    Now it become easy for me to know your, words !!

  93. Ad4mantium 2166 says:

    #9 Chronic lack of sleep worsens memory

    Me watching at 3am

  94. VedicJyotishKrti says:

    I am watching this at 12:30 and the first way is the one I am not following ..

  95. spidy one says:

    why youtube keep shitting on us

  96. Tekle Berhe says:

    i waiting for reading

  97. Tariq Javed says:

    I like this if u dont mind can u play ur videos in Urdu

  98. محمود صلاح الدين says:

    You are the best ever guys.

  99. محمود صلاح الدين says:

    Thank you a lot for this video, it is very useful.

  100. fierce .savage says:

    Sh*t…I need to start sleeping

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