A Nation of Immigrants

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled
masses yearning to breathe free…” These poetic lines, engraved on a bronze plaque
beneath the Statue of Liberty, speak to who we are: a nation of immigrants. Until now . . . As Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer lamented,
“Tears are running down the cheeks of the Statue of Liberty.” We’ve turned our backs on those huddled
masses. Closed our borders. Separated families. Hardened our hearts. Or so you would think if you only read the
headlines or watch TV news. Just one problem: It’s not true. The United States still maintains the most
generous immigration policies in the world. Generous to a fault…because the overwhelming
numbers have stymied our ability to assimilate the huddled masses. 50 million residents of America are foreign-born. In fact, today the United States has more
immigrants as a percentage of its total population than at any time since 1890. That’s why, to give one illustration, 176
different languages are spoken among students in the New York City school system. How did we get here? For starters, America grants permanent residence
to a million people every single year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because
of something you’ve probably heard referred to as “chain migration.” Chain migration allows immigrants to sponsor
not only their immediate family—parents, spouses and children under age 21, but much
of their extended family once they gain citizenship: unmarried adult children and any children
they might have, married adult children and their children, and brothers and sisters and
their children. Princeton University researchers, using the
most recently available data, found that immigrants sponsored an average of 3.45 additional relatives
each. So, the one million immigrants granted permanent
residence each year potentially adds, over time, another three and a half million. In addition, an estimated 100,000 refugees
and asylum-seekers—people who claim to be fleeing political or personal strife abroad—enter
the country annually. From 2008 to 2017, the U.S. gave green cards
to well over a million people for humanitarian reasons, allowing them to live and work here
permanently. After five years, they can apply for full
citizenship. We’re not done yet. In that same time frame, nearly half a million
more people came to America through the diversity visa lottery—a program designed to admit
more people from “underrepresented” countries into the U.S. Diversity visa applicants don’t need a high
school education, job skills —or pretty much anything. And, thanks again to chain migration, spouses
and unmarried children under 21 of visa lottery winners also get to come to America. This non-stop flow of new legal immigrants—based
on family ties instead of skills, abilities, and allegiance to American values—has, of
course, been supplemented by millions who enter the country illegally and stay illegally. Dominant media outlets use the euphemism “undocumented,” but the official U.S. government term used in federal statutes is “illegal alien”:
an unlawful entrant who came without permission and stays in open defiance of our laws. The number of illegal aliens in the country
is usually given as 11 million, but have you noticed that number never seems to change? Common sense suggests it’s higher—much
higher. And though illegal aliens themselves don’t
qualify for welfare, they receive free health care in our clinics and hospitals, and through
their American-born children they can expect to receive all manner of benefits—cash aid,
food stamps, and housing vouchers. Their children are entitled to a free education
in public schools. Building a high-tech border barrier would
certainly help stem this flow. Ending chain migration is another obvious
remedy. E-Verify, the national database that allows
employers to check workers’ immigration status, is also essential. So is a fully-functioning entry-exit system
to track visa overstayers. But all solutions will ultimately fail unless
we get control of the numbers and enforce our laws consistently. It’s Sovereignty 101: This is our home and
we have not only the right, but the responsibility, to determine who comes in, how many come in,
and what qualities and qualifications they bring. The truth is, we let in millions. And, of course, millions more want to come. Who can blame them? But it’s simply not possible or desirable
to let in everyone. And it’s not hateful to say so. It’s not hateful to protect our borders. It’s not hateful to protect our citizens. It’s not hateful to protect our values. Lady Liberty may be shedding tears—not because
we’ve stopped welcoming immigrants, but because our ill-conceived immigration policies
are threatening the American Dream. I’m Michelle Malkin, CRTV host and author
of Invasion and Sold Out, for Prager University.

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100 Responses

  1. pete mahar says:

    Yes, keep America great.

  2. Bea Torres says:

    It's a damned shame

  3. Connor Baxter says:

    Democrats give illegal immigration citizenship, and then they get a vote of all illegal immigrants,Concentrate their rights and control the entire United States, this is their ambition


    Well, and this woman is a original american? her face is asian… An inmigrant heritage….

  5. N Cortez says:

    Michelle Malkin for president!

  6. hunterkiller1440 says:

    That Visa lottery sounds awful

  7. JM Lav says:

    We should turn our back on immigration. The number USA and other weatern country are accepting is totaly crazy. CRAZY.

  8. fanjodaman says:

    A nation of carefully selected immigrants who mesh with our values and way of life. Not immigrants from 3rd world shitholes that want to bring the same problems that created those shitholes, with them.

  9. hbarudi says:

    There are always important things that fuel illegal immigration:
    1. Why does a US passport make it easier to travel around the world and other country passport make traveling difficult for those who want to travel more often and carry other country passport.
    2. Why US school have better education than in other countries. Why other countries don't make their schools better?
    3. Why other countries don't provide their working class retirement funds so that they don't have to do this rush to the US to get it from an indebted US government?
    4. Why is it that when some families and household that have some legitimate citizens and some family member illegal, they have to suffer the most in comparison to other new families making it into the US while those households who are trying hard have to suffer family members being taken away and others abuse a system that would otherwise help such families, If I am a legit citizen and have a parent, wife, or sibling who is illegal, and continue to file applications for them those applications end up at the bottom of the stack and eventually law enforcement take away family members?
    5. Does Mexico Really want to take back the land they lost in the 1800s to the US which includes the land of the following states: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, parts of Wyoming, and parts of Colorado??
    6. About the Wall: I see the wall being very tall, but I wish for building solar energy companies in Arizona and New Mexico where there is a lot of sunshine, but I would like the wall to be shorter for those states, and make the wall be more "Medieval" in style where border officers can have the parts on the wall to use for patrolling the area and can have an interior to the wall where they can stay.?
    7. When it comes to prisons meant for the illegals, so many are caught simply without carrying their documentation who possibly kept their original passport at home and got caught despite being a legal citizen or in the case of "human trafficking" slavery, they just steal their passports to enslave them. So why don't authorities use fingerprint scanner technology available in most modern phones to identify them and in extreme cases resort to DNA sequencing to identify them so that we don't get many who end up wrongfully convicted and deported while still being legit or even many who simply have their documentation being processed by the very slow government.
    8. The wall, build it on a state by state basis, for Texas, the placement of a large number of tall metal rods in the middle of the river that separates Texas and Mexico would be good enough for a wall there. For Arizona and New Mexico, a reasonable height Medieval style wall will do the job and provide all that officers need to properly patrol that section of the border. For California, the wall depicted in the preview would be good enough, when it comes to California, the Southern half of it is an unholy mess at this point.

  10. JP says:

    as a Cuban immigrant that's lived in the USA for 30 years, Im seeing how the concept of diversity is a failure. It's dividing the American people. From public schools to the Congress, all we see is people fighting over what's racist or not, if the American flag or the color of the shoe one wears is racist….Divide and conquer is the purpose.

  11. BearClawAK47 says:

    When did the Statue of liberty become a legal document that we use to set legal precedent? Funy, that poem was added at the same time the Chinese exclusion act was passed.

  12. TeCool Mage says:

    Wait what’s the point of making children unable to immigrate via chain migration? They’re not going to be doing child labour right?

    Adult brothers and sisters is a bit much though. Maybe chain migration should be reduced, not ended

  13. Connor Robinson says:

    The British will understand this greatly…#BREXIT MEANS EXIT <3

  14. George Cortez says:

    In Switzerland you can't get in the country to live there if you don't have at least 4000 dollars in your pocket.we have been letting illegal. Aliens for free and feed them n clothes them and such down at the border.what the hell are we doing? We all get taxes for that.wake up.upgrade.

  15. Some Dude says:

    I agree with everything that Michelle Maglalang Malkin is saying. But, the way that she delivers her speech, is always with a smug and arrogant demeanor, as if she's some kind of superior royalty.

  16. Lil Ashreksual says:

    One misconception that a lot of Republicans and a few Democrats have is that you must love the country you live in. Really, all you need is to accept the country for its flaws and its ups. America isn’t always perfect, the purists have to realise that.

  17. BackRoad Biker Adventures says:

    It's amazing listening to Dennis Prager espousing multiculturalism over at his prageru YouTube channel. He is a fine example of why conservatives will not win against liberals. Dennis Prager is a trojan horse, the Enemy Within. He speaks in Sligh Whispers… He claims to be a conservative, and an American, yet his main agenda is multiculturalism, and Zionism. With friends like Dennis Prager, who needs enemies?

  18. Bram Rhodes Douglas says:

    One people. One nation. End immigration!

  19. josephmurk says:

    Go to:https://www.insighthellonearth.com/ go to press release to see a miraculous American Immigration Success story! America is great because of Immigrants!

  20. B M says:

    Americas kindness is going to hurt America in the future

  21. Nijoy john says:

    I really hope more people see this….Its damn good video

  22. Sarah Bourdeau says:

    Can anyone direct me to a credible website that provides the statistics in the video? People don't usually believe you when you say you got your facts from Youtube…

  23. Sean Zic says:

    Diversity Visa applicants need to have a high school education or at least two years of job experience.


  24. Eduardo Castaneda says:

    I say let them all in. This world will end and my faith is in Jesus Christ, not governments, walls, or people. I will give account for every word, feeling, intention, that I had in this world. No need to build borders. The only border God will put is one between the wicked and the Just. I for one am glad he’s the one deciding since his mercy and justice are unlimited. Can’t say the same for the evil that is mankind.

  25. JPB 81 says:

    The best way to help the 3.2 billion people in poverty is by remaining a wealthy country and facilitating aid throughout the world, helping foreign leaders facilitate thriving economies, feeding the poor, and helping prevent corrupt and malicious organizations from overthrowing governments while killing millions of innocent people in the process. No country on earth has done more to promote economic prosperity and help other countries around the world than the United States. Adopting laws and socialist policies would do nothing but kill jobs, opportunity, wealth, and our economy. Nobody would benefit if we adopt the same policies as the once wealthiest Latin country in the world Venezuela. Nobody would benefit if our entire nation becomes poor.

  26. Presadistic Law says:

    FYI the statue of liberty has nothing to do with the founding. The U.S. does have a history based on immigration but if you look at some of the first immigration legislation (e.g. The Naturalization act of 1790) you'll see that it was a Europeans-only policy. You can't have Nationalism without a Nation. You can't have a nation without a "people".

    The word Nation comes from the Latin word Natio which is a kind of synonym for tribe and has to do with birth. That's why the word Nation is so closely related to other tribalistic terms such as Native, Natal, Nativity, etc…

    In Federalist No.2 John Jay says that this "one connected country has been given to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, etc… You can't replace Japan with the Mexican people and still call it Japan.

  27. Dat Phan says:

    free clinic my ass

  28. Ashish yadav says:

    Kick immigrants out if you want to live my dear US

  29. Rafael Wilks says:

    This shameless video attacks Catholic doctrine. It also openly promotes party division and strife. His Holiness Pope Leo XIII most wisely taught, in these two paragraphs, that political parties and factions are not advisable.

    Paragraph 8: "… Suspicion and lack of trust often result from the rivalry of political parties…. Everyone may hold his own opinion in purely political matters and defend it honestly and legitimately, provided it is not contrary to religion or justice. Yet those, if there are any, who do not distinguish clearly between what is holy and what is merely civil, commit a pernicious error which lends the name of religion to a political party."

    Paragraph 15: "… You can see that fickle suspicion and rash accusations are detrimental indeed to fraternal love. From this you can understand the injustice of those who, in favoring one political party, do not hesitate in matters of religion to accuse others of unorthodoxy. They do this only because they belong to another party, as though orthodox Catholic faith is necessarily the prerogative of this or that political party…."


    Saint Pius X most wisely taught that parties and factions are not advisable.

    Paragraph 7: "… The desire for peace is certainly harbored in every breast, and there is no one who does not ardently invoke it. But to want peace without God is an absurdity, seeing that where God is absent thence too justice flies, and when justice is taken away it is vain to cherish the hope of peace. "Peace is the work of justice" (Is. xxii., 17). There are many, We are well aware, who, in their yearning for peace, that is for the tranquillity of order, band themselves into societies and parties, which they style parties of order. Hope and labor lost. For there is but one party of order capable of restoring peace in the midst of all this turmoil, and that is the party of God. It is this party, therefore, that we must advance, and to it attract as many as possible, if we are really urged by the love of peace."


    Christus vincit
    Christus regnat
    Christus imperat

  30. Hagop Hamshetsi says:

    The most helpful thing America can do for a potential immigrants it is to make their lifes better in their own countries by using influence on 3d countries. I don't understand why can't US government do something with Mexico. If Mexico would not be such poor and corrupted, Mexicans haven't had to getting away from there.

  31. Phish N' Chimps says:

    4:05 MIT hired an Illegal immigrant, and knew his status…

  32. jason sims says:

    Finally someone who understands that immgration is going to kill the american dream. overpopulation is going to kill the dream. how many countries are we going to squeeze into america! get them out! protect OUR american dream. we live here. we CANT just let EVERYONE in here. just like a married couple doesnt keep their one bedroom house when they have a family. they get a bigger house because they need more space. the same logic applies here. this isnt a hate speech. its a fact. too many people dont think about what will happen after america becomes overpopulated. get them out.

  33. Robert Johnson says:

    Way to go Michelle…

  34. Pathologically_Cute says:

    PragerU at it again with their "alternative facts" and contradictory logic.

  35. Cece Volchko says:

    Assimilation is critical for their success in society.

  36. Luke M says:

    the real american people are the indigenous so shut up y'all. your parents were immigrants who stoled the land of real native americans by killing them

  37. Alex D says:

    You have to share the love people, invasion. Technically this lady is truthful but have you thought why this country hasnt change over the last 150 years in term of immigration…. because the unperfect system works. If you are American and you are crying for lack of economic opportunities… you are a resentful loser

  38. Mohamed Farah says:

    Michele, just rewind the time and go back at the time your parents migrated to the USA and you were born there. Who had ever known that you would be such a productive citizen? Those children born in the US today are same as you. Given the consideration that their parents are fleeing from wars, possibly used American weapons from one side??? Who is the blame? The Latin Americans who are coming to US are coming from countries destabilized by US. I am not saying illegal immigrants should come to the USA and I am not a fan of that as I have travelled a lot of illegal journeys; immigration to US should not be a free ticket, but we cannot turn ourselves blind about the cause-root of mass immigrations!

  39. Rens Ro says:

    Why the vast majority of educated immigrants across ALL fields vote Democrat? Because they don't have a party. They vote for the policies that benefits the most the working class Americans and that's the Democratic party.

  40. Richard Willette says:

    Trump needs to deport Melania back to Slovakistan and marry Ivanka

  41. Tim Whiting says:

    Everything happens for a reason. We will March on into the future. I just want people to know that living in America isnt a free ride! U gotta come here under merit and learn our ways and learn English than assimilate and be on our side. We want you but not illegally.

  42. Junior says:

    She claims it is our responsibility to determine who comes in, how many come in and what qualifications and qualities they bring. Tell me what qualifications did the African Americans have when they were brought over to become slaves? What skills did the Irish have when they died building this nations canals and railroad systems? This country has a history of xenophobia and demonizing immigrants. The Library of Congress says the following in regards to Italians:" racialist theories circulated in the press, advancing pseudo-scientific theories that alleged that ‘Mediterranean’ types were inherently inferior to people of northern European heritage. Drawings and songs caricaturing the new immigrants as childlike, criminal, or subhuman became sadly commonplace." We'll move onto the next ethnic group soon enough.

  43. Junior says:

    Though the video makes some valid points it is not 100% accurate. This video breaks down several of Prager U's videos.

  44. hecke1959 says:

    They think U.S. Americans who were from colonies did not know what the forefathers wanted. We have a obilgation to us citizens and legal citizens first. Don't expect us to approve lawlessness. Come legal or don't come at all.

  45. Tito Torres says:

    USA was a nation of EUROPEAN immigrants. That’s not the case anymore.

  46. Joseph McGregor says:

    America was founded as a White nation (see 1790 immigration and naturalization act). It took until the 1960s for the tribe to fully subvert our immigration laws and we need to take them back

  47. Charlie says:

    Picture the scene. We have a hunter equipped with a high-powered rifle and a telescopic site. Standing in a clearing, in front of him, is a magnificent buck. He carefully aims and squeezes the trigger. An instant later, one ear falls off the deer. The hunter jumps up and shouts bullseye!

    This is the feeling I get when I see well-meaning conservatives offer weak arguments against illegal immigration. They cite some crime statistic, and an ear falls off the deer. They point out some case of rape, and a piece of an antler flies away. They harp about drugs, and the deer’s tail falls off. Not one shot at the heart. Not one shot at the brain. Not one shot at the gut. Nothing but noise, smoke, and ineffective blather.

    Conservatives need to get it through their heads that the people are used to crime, rape, and drugs. No further lamentation, on these points, is going to move the needle. And if we don’t move the needle, we lose the country.

    Imagine what might happen if the Democrats sweep the next election. They will throw open the borders and instantly give citizenship to all comers. Our two-party government will be over. They will use our own money to buy the votes that will enslave us. Checkmate!

  48. Bren Maris says:

    YouTube will call this video a white nationalist propaganda video.

  49. SuperShoebag says:

    Does nobody have the slightest clue what a nation is? By the Founding fathers' vision, we were a could have remained a pan-European nation, but since 1970 we have became more of an empire than a nation… and empires never last.                   https://www.etymonline.com/word/nation

  50. Greg Fakerson says:

    i’ve been getting quite the laugh from watching prageru videos, but this one is just ghastly, hateful and insane.

    “people want to bring their kids. it’s not hateful to stop them”

    jesus, if you agree with this video you are a hateful person.

  51. Lt. Colonel says:

    If you aren't a Native American then you're either an Illegal immigrant or a descendant of Illegals.

  52. Studa Baker says:

    The left claim that people coming here illegally because they're fleeing poverty and violence and are seeking asylum. Asylum seekers are normally seeking asylum from abusive and corrupt government and who are persecuted for one reason or another by these governments. However, real asylum seekers come in through the door, not through the window. And people seeking asylum from corrupt governments don't normally come marching toward our border waving the flag of their supposed abusive country. That is called an invasion. When my ancestors came here from Italy, when they got here, they yearned to be Americans. They learned English, went to school, worked, and assimilated into American culture. These so called asylum seekers want us to assimilate into their culture instead. That's not how it works.

  53. Nikhil Dhasmana says:

    India?? have more than 100 millions immigrants from Nepal, Bangladesh,( if any responsible Indian is reading this then listen hundreds of thousands of Nepalis coming to India through Bihar, Uttrakhand's Garhwal region and settling in India because there is free open border also in West Bengal hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi coming each year here,we have to stop this we are already suffering from the curse of billion people population

  54. Visko Van Der Merwe says:

    Exactly HOW does the lefties want to go about immigration?

  55. ᅩ녛녀노나이래ᅡ파루뉴모몀ᄑ너애 says:

    A nation of legal immigrants

  56. Tony Guy says:

    We got here by being pussies!

  57. Jonny Sandtrap says:

    Nation of SETTLERS , you cucked, whitey/America hating fools

    Irish, Italian & German built America…. NOT slaves

  58. ∵§ain†♣∀₦₲ξℜ∴ says:

    There is such a thing as being full.

  59. Viola Kita says:

    I saw the whole video and I noticed a discrepancy between the speaker's speech and her appearance. She is talking about stopping immigrants to come to America and sending people where they came from. Naturally, I wonder… Should she go back to Asia too? Not racist, just honest.

  60. Dario _Fnatic says:

    But you have children in cages you know that is still true like don't lie there are videos and pictutes about ut

  61. Vinayak B says:

    "common sense" lol what a joke! There has been a net outflow of even illegal immigrants since the Obama admin. That's why people cite the 11 million.

  62. Lamb For Jesus says:

    Even more important than protecting ourselves, is stopping the unbelievable crimes that are happening to thousands everyday bc of the drug cartels controlling Mexico's northern border. The entire world suffers more bc of these terrible evils. Countless politicians are being paid to support the open borders. ?

  63. Pat Vav says:

    How is it hateful to protect your boarders? So stupid

  64. Illl Illl says:

    this poem has nothing to do with the statue of liberty, was added later. nice try, meanwhile in 2019

  65. Mr D says:

    America First !!!!!!

  66. Nikki Cantu says:

    Shes korean or chinese or whatever bet her family got here illegally ????? someone talk with her ?????

  67. john paul says:

    those that enter illegally, and avoid the immigration officers, and the immigration process, how are they immigrants ??? they run from their court date when finally caught, they show hate for your country contempt for your ways crime to your citizens and fly their HOME flag while burning yours and or demanding it be taken down ! how are they immigrants and how are our hearts hardened when this happens.      THEY ARE NOT COMING HERE FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM,  they want their own liberal socialistic way of doing things, and politics from the country of what THEY call home ! when we need to defend ourselves, and country from them, how are they even immigrants and not invaders ?!!!  btw chuck Schumer heartlessly blocked out the asylum seeking southern Vietnamese people who supported the us during the v war, when they were desperately trying to escape and save their LIVES and CHILDREN  from the communism take over of Vietnam. who is heartless here ???   it is your liberties  schumer is after. AMERICA WAKE UP!!!HOME OF THE BRAVE, LAND OF THE FREE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

  68. Manhattan Project says:

    If you want to get into US you can just identify yourself as oil.

  69. Jacob Ari says:

    I lived in China and they don't allow dual citizenship. The USA is easy to get approved in. The thing is many want tax free money. Well my wife and I pay our taxes.

  70. Evmosubs 91 says:

    Y’all have never been to the southern border. We have walls. We have fences. We have working legislation for illegal immigrants to become citizens, or be deported if they’re suspected of breaking serious laws. For the green cards for asylum seekers, I really don’t see how that’s a problem if they apply for citizenship in the 5 year period, and complete the process. If they’re abusing the benefits you get from not being a citizen(yet), none of the solutions you mentioned would help with that, especially as they’ve been gradually implemented for the last 12 years. At 0:25 Those statements are pretty true; I’m sorry, but illegal immigrants need their families to stay together. I don’t care who does it, it needs to be fixed.

    —Jesus Christ… don’t mistake cause with correlation and come up with a solution that’s either already happening and doesn’t work, or cuts out most of the big picture.

  71. HellOWorld says:

    There was a nation that had lots of immigrants and a rather lax border policy, it was called the Kingdom of Hawai'i and the reason why it's not a state of the USA is because those immigrants decided one day they'd rather just annex the islands to the USA than obey the rule of a queen that to them was foreign. Hawai'i was destroyed as a sovereign nation due to immigration, what makes people think the same thing won't happen in the USA? Just a matter of time until California either secedes or joins Mexico.

  72. ISAK says:

    Lol USA letting in the most immigrants in the world? I wish haha Us in Sweden and In Germany combined takes more then 60% of all immigrants from Africa and the Middle East and of course that’s not good but you Americans complaining come on you have no idea

  73. Raziel thesniper says:

    she herself isnt native or at least classic american

  74. LadyJadite says:

    Absolute numbers are only a good measure of themselves.
    The percentage of immagrants that we have when compared against our own population relative to the rest of the world is small. We can do better. It is uncaring to put children in cages, it is cold to refuse to give soap, food and toothbrushes to them.

    This year, the US is doing to modern day what we did to the Jews and the Japanese in WW2.

    We are refusing entry, and we are detaining and separating.

    We need to choose to change.

  75. Lynn Anderson says:

    There is not a single imagrant on our southern border ..all the out laws on.the southetn border are MIGRANTS not IMMAGRANTS there is a world of differance ..1 is not legal and the other is legal …interrnational law = if you go country shoping you are only looking for freebys …you are suposed to.go to a naboring country AMBASSATOR if you go any other way you are breaking all the laws of all the countrys you pass through ..STOP THE ILLEGAL.MIGRANTS FROM.BREAKING THE LAWS IN.EVERY COUNTRY THEY.PASS THROUGH ..BUILD THE FENCE ..

  76. Ray Milligan says:

    but there was no welfare, back in the day or section 8 , food stamps, wik , free schooling , that why they jump our borders !

  77. Pull It Larry says:

    I just can`t stand any of them. Hungary Poland, Visegrad4 have the only future. This country is totally [email protected] up. No political solution, just a 2. civil war.

  78. sam calvinist says:

    take care of the homeless veterans, take care of the struggling families of the poor coal miners, take care of the blue collar workers who are struggling to provide for their families, take care of the millions of american families who are hit hard by the drug epidemic,
    jesus said to take care of the poor and downtrodden, jesus actually never said to ignore all the poor and downtrodden people in your own country and bring in all the strangers from everywhere else into your own country. So stop doing injustice to your own people who are suffering heavily by bringing in strangers from other countries, this only going to increase the suffering for your own people, because more people means more competition for jobs and stagnation of wages.

  79. Robert Eckhart says:

    PragerU always uses the right coloured person to sell the right message. If you can't beat the racist lefts race politics, join em.

  80. A.K.A KDOG says:

    That's why America presidents in the past since George Washington days since 1790 inacted the bill all the way too Obama administration until he cut it and open boarders and the CanUSA crisses of ones being deported even acted a bill for heavier persecutions of Americans trying to leave 16 millz and against me to try and leave america )always asked if you were born or naturalized citizens too keep count of the population internally and those coming too this country always ask the census

  81. RadicalxEdward says:

    This video isn’t even a year old and we’ve already gone from 100,000 illegals per year to 100,000 per month

  82. Douglas Florian says:

    This is full of false statements, half truths, and omissions. for example the annual flow of immigrants to the United States is the 25th in the world not "the most generous." Also leaves out this fact: the foreign-born resident population was 13.5 percent of the U.S. population in 2016, below the 14.8 percent record set in 1890. And now we have immigrants in cages with their children dying and being separated from their parents. And all this criticism I got from the CONSERVATIVE think tank The Cat Institute. Also PragerU is not a U not a University so its very name is deceptive. https://www.cato.org/blog/pragerus-nation-immigrants-video-has-serious-problems

  83. TeenyStudio Flicks says:

    The world has changed. Stop talking the past you relics.  The USA has to look out for the descendants born here from all those old populations.  And each new generation doubles, triples or quadruples our population (depending on birth control).  So in fifty years this country will naturally become inflated.  So yes, immigration is now an issue.  Those 'open doors' now have to calculate the value of each individual who is going to have access to this and our future economy. It is not a right to come here. It is a luxury and an invitation to join us. Period.  We have trillions of dollars worth of social, environmental and infrastructure issues that need to be addressed now.  The USA is aging and needs our attention.  We are not responsible for the peoples of the world at the cost of our own anymore than I am responsible to support the families of others while neglecting my own family.  We offer aid sometimes but we do NOT owe it to you.

  84. Rick says:

    America is a nation of whites. Historically speaking.That's not even disputed.

  85. duanecrump crump says:

    I was born here.
    Immigrants travel here.
    Im natural.

  86. duanecrump crump says:

    France can take back their statue.

  87. William F. Buckley Jr says:

    Ummm, Michelle??

    That little saying didn't come with the statue. It was added later.

  88. Mia DoubleZeroSeven says:

    Trump had control of both the House & Senate before midterms…what did he do?? Cut taxes for the wealthy, there is no wall (nor will there ever be). He had a faux immigration raid ?. STFU Malkin…the left & the right are full of political theatric BULL$HIT.

  89. Joshua Kirschenbaum says:

    Didn't they do this "chain migration " when they came through Ellis island?

  90. Nosey Girl says:

    I am very confused. Those same politicians who find so many things horribly wrong with our country, they insist on unrestricted immigration. Would not it be more compassionate and humane to go to the 'concentration camps' at our border and warn those wretched crowds, who try desperately to get in America, from entering our hell? That is politics for you: they pretend to represent the unfortunate ones, so they need plenty of them, the more the better. Would they do anything to let those people prosper? Of course not.Their constituents must remain poor and angry.

  91. Daniel Noriega says:

    I'm immigrant, had to run away from communist country. Thanks USA for giving me an opportunity here, I'm literally living the american dream. I almost agree with everything with the right political party except in immigration because I'm one, but at the same time I understand the problematic. So here is my advice because it seems right and left wings are all about let or ban, when there's middle ground… Just don't provide any benefit to immigrants. No free health, no free education, no free food, no free housing, nothing, if you came as immigrant work hard for it, and don't forget to pay your taxes. That's it, problem fixed, people will try, but not all of them will stay. I can proudly say, I have never took advantage of any kind of welfare, and I contribute the country with good amount of taxes.

  92. adeyemo adetogun says:

    Interesting analysis by Michelle Malkin but what she conveniently left out of her narrative was the fact that she was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Philippine citizens Rafaela (née Perez) – a homemaker and teacher – and Apolo DeCastro Maglalang, who was then a physician-in-training. Several months prior to Malkin's birth, her parents had immigrated to the United States on an employer-sponsored visa. This facts made her a direct beneficiary of America extremely generous immigration policies s well. I see some hypocrisy in her narrative here…

  93. Lauri 2014 says:

    Isn't Michelle Malkin herself an anchor-baby? Just the contradiction and hypocrisy espoused by her speaks volumes about those willing to listen to her. Unless you actually possess some relevant and noticeable amount of Native American ancestry, you should quit complaining and apologise to the Natives and African Americans as well.

  94. American Patriot says:

    USA is a nation of immigrants NOT illigal immigrants. If you can't follow and respect USA law, you have to go.

  95. groudon 877 says:

    Do any of you support immigration reform so dreamers can get into this country easier just curious

  96. Thomas B says:

    Some great comments here, makes me wonder why people think conservatives are simpleminded bigots

  97. Ian H says:

    I don’t see the problem with having immigrants, or why we would want to export them….Especially Hispanics. I mean have you seen Latin women. Good lord.

  98. Noah W says:

    I nether like undocumented imagrent or ilegal ailen i prefer ilegal imagrent

  99. Marady Mon says:

    America is a nation of immigrants, people are allowed to express their culture, speak many languages, etc…Trump said most illegals come from China. His wife's parents became U.S. citizens using Chain Migration.

  100. TheNickcorbz says:

    Fake news get this token Asian out of here why not just put melania trump on this video

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