AIB : Honest Engineering Campus Placements | Part 03

Hello, sir I’m Average and this is my self esteem I’m shitting bricks, sir You should, you should Let’s start with a basic technical question on the topic which you didn’t study last night thinking that you’ll wake up and understand it from the topper Sir… A bit of stammer Nervous mumbling Some technical terms related to what you just asked and then when you think that I know the answer I’ll go off-topic and waste some time You know, some words like if… but… Generally speaking Actually sir For example Technically, it is Pretending to think so that you feel I am giving a long answer Yes! Then I’ll give you some from right out of my ass a lovely, fantastic wrong answer You’ve already been rejected Now time for me to have some fun So now make a graph that you have no idea about Sir, can I make the one I know? Nope Your mom is a witch Done with wasting time? Or is there more bullshit left? Wow! You learnt this graph in 12th grade as well, no? Sir, sir Sir, please ask me what you asked the last candidate? No no no You’re so nervous! And I should give you some confidence now? No way! Na! Sir, once you’re dead I jerk off to celebrate, sir Okay I’ll have some mercy What is your favorite subject? Sir, thermodynamics, sir So, here is Thermodynamics’ toughest question Why are you humiliating me, sir? An easier question? I don’t want this job, sir Finish the interview please Okay The easiest question on Thermodynamics No idea, sir Next! Thank you, sir Thank you very much Nervous greeting in English, sir Already judging you Where’s self esteem? Sir, he passed away right after the technical interview itself So the whole point of this interview is to check whether the students who have cleared the technical round whether they can speak even two sentences in English or not Two sentences, I can, sir That much, I can do So… Tell me something about yourself Sir, there’s nothing interesting about me So I’ll list down my personal details for you In English, please Yeah Here are my personal details My name, my full name, my father’s name, father’s full name, Aadhar card number, Bank IFSC code, CVV, Sir, CVV I can’t disclose for security purposes and coming to my family, sir I come from my family and I see them on Holi as Holi is the festival of colours So what are your hobbies? I’ve scraped my ass working hard all my life to get here So hobbies are nonexistent, sir Could you just say that in English I like reading, listening to music, breathing, charging my phone, more breathing, I do excretion, my favorite hobby, sir, is blinking What are your strengths and weaknesses? Sir, this is the most dumb question, sir First of all, there are no strengths In English, please! I’m telling you Why will I tell you my weaknesses? I’ll list down my strengths as my weaknesses You know, like English! I’m a perfectionist I’m a workaholic I’m innocen- English! Enough! Fucking idiot! What’s with all the English English English? I was 4 years old When my dad was in Jabalpur working for a confectioner Never went to school himself So he worked hard and Got me into one Now, it was called an English medium school but all our teachers spoke in Hindi themselves The boys in our school never went “Yo wassup dawg!” to each other “What’s getting you hard these days?” This was our salutation Somehow, after a lot of mugging up I reached class 10 and realized that success has only one route and that is engineering Everyone said so Mom, dad, our teachers, Even the watchmen on streets asked us “How’s your preparation going?” Fuck off! How is it your business? That’s why, the kids in school all of us came Like a heard of sheep to *bleats* IIT *bleats* NIT How will the kid that has seen his dad labor all day not end up thinking that money is everything I did not choose this Engineering life, sir and neither did this Engineering life choose me It was shoved down my throat by my teachers while my hands were tied to my back by my friends and my parents watched in silence Do you want more English? Then listen, you stupid fuck! After 10th, I spent 2 years trying to get in here in coaching classes, without any fun, without even learning and when I finally reached here I learned that when kids from big cities from convent schools speak in English even dead flowers bloom out! The oxygen level rises up in the atmosphere because of their speech and all the girls look at them as their match on What do you think? I never thought that I need to work on my English? Work on my personality? I really wanted to! This stupid Indus valley civilization dated education system has been put in place with every year having 10 subjects With every subject having theory, practical, viva, lab work, external, internal, majors, minors, assignments, projects, thesis Fucking us right in the asshole! We forget to bathe for months and then you create a perception that we want to live like this Every year the cultural festival happens once Once! Even then we must beg the professors No English, no female interaction Which fucker wants to live like this? But where do we have the time to learn? We’re in a race to learn coding We are learning 3 languages None are English though But when it comes to placements, Everyone wants someone with aptitude, a personality, an English speaker! It is not that we cannot speak in English, sir We are just very conscious of our diction and our pronunciation and we are not confident to speak in front of anyone else If the curriculum was a little bit diverse If the engineering colleges in our country focused on our all round development instead of functioning like a god-damn factory that is just mass producing robots by killing their dreams and handing out degrees I would not be sitting here in this pointless HR interview The likes of which exist only in our country Here, sir! Here are your four lines in English Now tell me Am I good enough for your multi-national company? Do I have the potential to be a slave of your esteemed organization? Basically, I want a more energy efficient lighting and air conditioning system for this entire floor But I doubt you got that Sir, I’ll ruin your sleep by installing faulty ACs all over If there’s any issue just call me I’ll make sure to reject Happy? Sir, I’ve had enough of your shit Allow me to have two minutes and I’ll be back in 2 hours Sure sure sure Pick it up! Feel free to answer Loosen the suspenders Hey doofus! Asshole! Wait, Overachiever’s here too! Wassup dawgs! How are you guys? Guys guys, listen I have some news to share with you guys Out of parental pressure I have agreed to get married Fake excitement, mate! Fake excitement! I don’t give a shit but where did you meet her? You remember the park? Yes! Of course So maa was sitting there one day She said to me that there’s a girl and if I don’t marry her Maa will kill herself Suicide! Guys, it was just a coincidence And say How’s work going? Same, man! Stupid client Stupid boss Stupid junior How’s yours? Just the same Stupid client Stupid boss Stupid junior What about you, Overachiever? Exactly so! Stupid client Stupid boss Stupid junior Aye, Overachiever You don’t get to complain! You’re second on Forbes list of 30 overachievers over 30 Alright? No, man! What an asshole! I’ll come out of the phone and hit you!

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100 Responses

  1. Shah Zuhaib Hussain says:

    AIB we want you back with similar shit guys coz no one can create quality content like this.
    Tanmay bro get well soon ❤️

  2. The One says:

    Shittt man I'm watching this after just choosing mechanical engineering!!!!!fuukkkkhhhhh

  3. HARDIK KUMAR says:

    Chutiya kat liya saloney placement k nam pr
    Bol ki bhut achhi company as he gi or ?lauda lga deya

  4. prashant shinde says:

    Abee naii yaarrr… 🙂

  5. Hollywood studio says:

    Jindgi chuniye engineering nahi????????

  6. Mayank Rawal says:

    PCM STUDENT: G**nd Phad Diye Ho ….Tum To.!!! BHAII

  7. kin wow says:

    HR is one of the shitty department in any company.

  8. Mannan Mansoor says:

    This guy acted and delivered better than salman khan ever did in any movie!

  9. Beyond repair says:

    Plse AIB return

  10. Vishu vishal says:

    Totally sarcastic bro ??

  11. Manas Tripathi says:

    they should start over

  12. Bhanu Pradeep Magham says:

    Palatably relatable with The Average.

  13. Aditya Singh says:

    Some fake excitement and a comment stating some dialogues so that I can get some likes to satisfy my so called famous life

  14. Manish Gautam says:

    Yanha par UN bhonsdiwalo k b comment honge Jo sale b tech karke 15 hazar m ma chuda Rahe h lekin colony m package 4.8 lakh PA hota h???????

  15. the nabeen says:

    Trust me watching this all the 11th time, so that i can convince my way to down morale , looser ?

  16. Aashish Redfy says:


  17. Vashu Tripathi says:

    MECHANICAL engineer hit likes

  18. Priya Cassiel says:

    Who is here after watching agent sai srinivasa athreya

  19. piyush kumar rajavat says:

    After 4:30 its goosebump

  20. Gaurav Thakur says:

    That drop 4:31??

  21. Amaan Siddiqui says:

    ANNNDDDD part 1 is gone again lmao

  22. Harshith Sharma says:

    Anyone after agent athreya

  23. Abhinav Verma says:

    Fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk U KILLED IT ???????(lit wala emoji nahi mila)

  24. ram kumar says:

    Who is here after agent said Srinivas athreya?

  25. Sai Ramya says:

    I loving u more n more by ur acting skills … U r made for acting… Ur speaking was too good . U r speaking very easily… Too good all the best Naveen.. Industry need u

  26. polaris gamers says:

    Yo wassup dawg???

  27. Govind Charan says:

    fucking master piece man , I still have goosebumps eveytym I watch thing man .

  28. non nuclear Nadal says:

    Jab aap maroge toh mein extra hilaunga

  29. Lohit Bhatt says:

    Watching it in July 2019.. 😀 🙂

  30. Heartbeat & Dippy says:


  31. Ayaz Alam says:

    Abe chup! Bahen ke laude ?????

  32. Mina Das says:

    Dialogues ???

  33. dhiraj singh says:

    Please make more videos aib

  34. APEW BOND says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ words see nahin samjha sakta yaar ki kitna pasand aya video. Unlucky I am to watch it today when it has been out for 2 years

  35. SrikAnth Jaa says:

    Thank You??

  36. HARISH VYAS says:

    beautiful….Intelligent classic…keep it up….All actors are awsome

  37. Suz!!! says:

    4:31 awesome! Naveen is a fab actor. Fab!!!

  38. bublubest says:

    With 9.06 gpa in Btech and FMS Delhi MBA degree "Failure" is the actual most successful in the lot :p

  39. Dragon ball says:

    Agent atherya

  40. Ral kan says:

    World praises India about education system and is this how India is 'Mass Producing'? Well, I lost respect!

  41. Harshit Bhandari says:

    Why is there no first part

  42. Manzar Sahil says:

    Let's do a honest comment even I know that nobody gives a shit to my comment on a such a old video and making it lengthy so that it seems meaningful and a bold text to amuse my self and some praise to actors and thanks to auto correct for not letting me down in front of no one , some comma and random emojis, after even realizing that this will get covered in 3 dots still writing. (sucking full stop)

  43. Ashmitha Padma says:

    Kindly make on medical profession

  44. Muhammad Abdul Malik says:

    The moment when you realize that failure actually scored 9.02 GPA ?. Also random fact which someone might have already pointed out which i found out after watching the same video for 4th time just to get fake appreciation from strangers. ?

  45. Abhil says:

    Where’s the part 1 ??

  46. gaurav mahajan says:

    Bro hats off

  47. rudra bandi says:

    Teri maa chudail hai??

  48. chetron21 says:

    guys awsom work plz make more with same writing team

  49. Radhika Ayyappuraju says:

    Waste ga

  50. Manjeet Nalawade says:

    Came here after getting my first job! This looks too legit ?

  51. Krishna Chaitu says:

    Fake excitement bhai ?

  52. Rahul Singh says:

    Hobbies copied, thank u bro

  53. Ashish Singh says:

    self esteem ?????

  54. kumar nishant gaurav says:

    Bro I am engineering student got 2 times yd ab gand lag gae hae sala College bh fail kar Raha hae wo bh sirf 12 number dea ke saal bha bro if u all can do anything Bharti Vidyapeeth college of engineering ka gand Laga Dena ek bhai ka bhai sea good Bye AIB .

  55. VB EDITS INDIA says:


  56. Biswadeep Upadhyay says:

    Boulevard of broken dreams,,

  57. Piyush Patni says:

    4:32 moment when you realises you will not get the job

  58. Rahul Singh says:

    It was fab

  59. mohar bhattacharjee says:

    Actual twist of the story begins from 9:36

  60. raghunadh nidamarth says:

    Who are watching this video again and again

  61. Javed Ak says:

    Ek chutiya sa question ki kaun kaun ye video 2019 me dekh raha hai (bohot zada chutiya emoji ke sath)

  62. hrushikesh siddhye says:

    Miss AIB…….

  63. Bhuwnesh Chaudhary says:

    we gonna start AIB AGAIN Guys, let's do it

  64. The kanoujia show says:

    Dil ko chuu jati hai ye. Video I am also in 4th year yhi cutya cll rhhai..

  65. Deval Shah says:

    Zaher , what a coincidence !!!!!!!!

  66. harshad sachdeva says:


  67. Md Azhar says:

    superb h

  68. Forhad Ahmed says:

    Who hate the mechanical engineering aka textbook rs khurmi jk Gupta…..????????

  69. Sandip Lekhak says:

    mechanical engineer jai ho

  70. Sudarshan says:

    Part 1 delete kyu kar diya bc

  71. Amir Ahmad says:

    First time watched in the 1st year and now in the final year.

  72. ManaŚ Ğaminğ says:

    i am also from jabalpur

  73. shaik Rasool Basha says:

    Excellent acting bhaya spr

  74. Babu Manna says:

    Love that 10:10

  75. Shivam Jaiswal says:

    The most intellectual video you will ever hear.

  76. Alok Mahajan says:

    One of them is alumni of FMS

  77. Juannita Meredith says:

    Here's my point of view on this in order to gain superficial internet support

  78. Aman Kumar says:

    Can i also join AIB?

  79. Bhagbat Mohapatra says:

    Salute to your labour
    I really felt pity to our education system.

  80. sneha p says:

    Fav hobby is blinking

  81. sneha p says:

    6:09 ……life in 10 min video

  82. Karan Joshi says:

    I hardly understand this video?? at starting
    But then later I lovw it

  83. Ashish Kumar Mishra says:

    Agar koi IITan aur NITan 2nd year 3rd year mera comment padh raha hai aur uska maqsad sirf software naukri uthana hai to kaan khol ke suno. Agar college mein compulsary internship ka chutiyapa nahi hai to lauda mat karo internship. Ghar pe baith ke aaram se coding karo chuttiyon mein. Exposure,experience sab BullShit hai. Faltu ki gand mat ghiso. Summers mein ghis ke tayyari karoge to 1st week mein place ho jaoge. Geekforgeeks ko mixer grinder mein daal, juice nikal aur pee ja. Dimag ko intuitive banane ke liye puzzles solve karo. Core mein bas 3 subjects networking, dbms aur operating system chahiye aur 1 web ,ML ya android project bana le bas…Most of the time wo project pe itna focus bhi nahi karte. Pointer 7.5 above rakho bas..Cloud, big data analytics, deep learning,virtualization,system and software design jaise bade shabd upar upar se padh lo. System design Gaurav sen ke videos dekh ke seekh lo. Aajkal bahut trendy hai interviews mein. Itna hi karo bhosdiwalo. Ye meri kahani hai aur yakeen maano bahut acchi jagah place hua hu ye sab karke. Above 25 lacs CTC. Internship ke liye isliye mana kiya hai kyunki ppo nahi mila 2 mahine ghisne ke baad aur tayyari bhi nahi ho pati kuch bhi summers mein. Fir wapas aate hi placements banda kuch tayyari nahi kar pata. To internship lagti hai to us company mein jao jahan ppo conversion rate 100% hai. Aur bhosdiwalo youtube pe campus placements dekhne se place nahi ho jaoge. Ye sab unreal hai aur tum rancho nahi ho bhosdiwalo……

  84. #Funky says:

    I watched this at my 2nd year and again rewatching in final year ??

  85. Harshad wakade says:

    Changes in engineering soon just reduce the duration of engineering

  86. Harshad wakade says:

    Changes in other courses soon like bsc etc

  87. Arpit Srivastava says:

    Tanmay tu bhi to bta Tera graduation background…

  88. Santhosh Guguloth says:

    naveen polishetty you rocked bro

  89. Alla Sairam says:

    I studied in Great IIT Kharagpur, computer science 6.75 CGPA !! But doing a fucking job in IT rather than following my passion in Athletics(Sprinter)!! Proud of you people who followed your passion with Heart rather than Mind…

  90. Daya singh says:

    Yeh larkia toh Pura khati Randi or madherchod hoti hai

  91. Unkown Channel says:

    Counter strick ya dota ??

  92. RTC VLOGS says:

    dilse ………………………………………nothing to say anymore .

  93. Pinky Arya says:

    Loved loved loved this video.. Sahi keh rahe bhai… India fir se gulaam banne wale, sale in angrzon k… People judge you by the way you speak English.. Angrez log to kabhi hindi nahi bolte.. Ye sirf hamara country jo apni hi bhasha bolne main sharmata hai.. Sala angrez chale gaye, but angrezi chod gaye..
    Ek baat batao yaar, ye doctors ko bhi angrezi wale interview dene padte hain kya.. Mariz to hindi main hi apni bimari batayega na bhai, ya mariz ko hospital ane se pehle english sikhni padegi.. Itne main to chal basega, ya fir english sikhne k mental pressure se..
    Wah ri angrezi..
    Yaar jab college main the na, to saath main meri kai frens thi jo ki paid seats pe thi, but convent se thi,viva main kabhi koi answer blank nahi hota tha.. Kuki kuch na kuch english main bol deti thi, bas teacher bhi un pe lattoo aur practical main full marks.. Yaha hum sale govt seat pe bhi practicals main fail.. Azib system hai hamara..
    Kya fayda hua itne saare subjects padhe the engg main.. Isse better sirf english hi padh lete..

  94. Shomen Plays says:

    4:30 Ae Chup Bhn Ke Lode

  95. Qwerty RK says:

    Superb about this fuck the education system

  96. The Lost Boy says:

    Can anyone please send me the link of its 1st episode?? I can't find it…

  97. Politics Today says:

    "Technical Skill – Control C + Control V". Story of majority Engineers.

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