Aliko Dangote History & Biography, Net Worth 2019: Family, Wives & Latest News

Aliko Dangote Biography And Net Worth. The name – Aliko Dangote rings a bell in the
ears of an average Nigerian adult. However, not much is known about him aside
his business and wealth, which comes with the tag of “richest man in Nigeria”. In fact, only a tiny fraction of the Nigerian
populace knows his actual lines of business. In this video, we will be taking you through
the personal life, education and career of the wealthiest individual in Nigeria, in person
of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. Aliko Dangote Biography. Aliko Dangote was born on April 10, 1957,
in the city of Kano, Kano State. He was born into a wealthy family headed by
Mohammed Dangote, his father. His mother, Mariya Dantata, is the grand-daughter
of Alhassan Dantata, a famous businessman, who was, during his time, the richest man
in Africa. As it turned out, Aliko Dangote was raised
by the Dantatas (his maternal family). Aliko Dangote acquired his primary and secondary
education in Kano. He attended an Islamic school owned by Sheikh
Ali Kumasi, for his basic education. After his graduation from the madrasah (islamic
school), he was enrolled at Capital High School in Kano, for his secondary education. Dangote later furthered his education, albeit
at a much later stage. He obtained his B.Sc. degree in Business Administration
from Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The wealthy businessman started out in business
as a 21-year old, some time in 1977. At this time, he established Dangote Group,
as a small trading firm in Kano. It was gathered that, Aliko got his start-up
capital from his uncle, Sanusi Dantata (now late). A couple of months after business establishment,
Aliko relocated to Lagos where he was able to expand his business. Today, Dangote Group is arguably the biggest
company in Africa, worth trillions of Naira (billions of dollars). In November, 2011, Dangote was among the prominent
Nigerians, who were honoured by the former President, Goodluck Jonathan. He was conferred with the honour of GCON – Grand
Commander of the Order of the Niger, which is the second highest honour (after GCFR)
in Nigeria. Dangote Group. The conglomerate was founded about 40 years
ago and it has risen significantly to become the largest employer of labour in the country;
having in excess of 20,000 employees in the country and about 30,000 employees in the
whole of Africa. As it stands, Dangote Group operates in ten
countries in Africa, including Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Benin Republic and others. Currently, cement production is the mainstay
of the conglomerate; however, it has interests in other manufacturing areas like production
of flour, sugar, salt, and most recently, oil & gas. The group, spearheaded by Aliko Dangote, is
currently constructing a multi-billion dollar refinery in Lagos, and the refinery is expected
to become fully operational by 2020. Upon completion, the refinery will be the
largest in the whole of Africa, in terms of capacity and projected daily output. Dangote Group, in terms of revenue generation,
is one of the leading companies in Nigeria. In 2013, Dangote Cement, a subset of Dangote
Group, generated in excess of $10 billion. This figure shot Aliko Dangote to the 23rd
position on Forbes rich list in the subsequent year (2014). However, with the recession ushered in by
the incumbent government in 2015, Dangote Group’s value dropped significantly. In fact, certain estimates put the company’s
loss in the region of 30% (of the company’s worth) between 2015 and 2016. The company has since picked up again, and
last year alone, they generated a revenue of over $4 billion. Consequent to the upward trend, this year’s
figure is expected to topple last year’s own, and by 2020, with a fully operational refinery,
the company’s worth is projected to have doubled in value. Aliko Dangote Wife. As expected of a wealthy man, the business
mogul has had quite an adventurous romantic life. As gathered, Aliko Dangote is in his fourth
marriage, having had three unsuccessful marriages in the past. However, the identity of his current wife
remains unknown. As such, there are indications that the richest
man in Africa could very well be single. Aliko Dangote started his marital life at
an early age of 20, in 1977, when he got married to his first wife. Some years down the line, Dangote divorced
his first wife and got married to his second wife shortly after. As Providence would have it, he divorced his
second wife as well and the trend stretches on to the third wife, Mariya Mohammed. Aside Dangote’s known marriages, there have
been rumours of his secret romantic involvements over the years. A couple of years ago, he was rumoured to
have been involved with ex beauty queen, Sylvia Nduka. In fact, certain media houses indicated that
the duo, Aliko and Sylvia, got married secretly. These rumours, however, remain unverified
till today; hence, they remain what they are – rumours. Aliko Dangote Family. Aliko Dangote has a relatively large family,
both at the nuclear and the extended scales. This is primarily due to his numerous marriages
over the past four decades, which all “bore him fruits”. As gathered from several quarters, he has
about fifteen children. Of all Dangote’s children, Halimah, Mariya
and Fatimah are the ones with fairly prominent public profiles. The trio reportedly studied overseas, in the
UK, and as expected, they hold stakes in their father’s business. In fact, aside being top stakeholders, Halimah
and Fatimah hold executive positions in the company. Dangote’s second-eldest daughter, Fatimah,
recently got married, at a lavish event earlier this year, in March. The event was graced by some of the most influential
and wealthiest personalities from around the world. In attendance were the likes of Bill Gates
(the richest man in the world); the Vice-President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo; Billionaire
Oil mogul, Otedola and many other dignitaries from within and outside the country. Also, among Dangote’s platoon of children
is an adopted son, who goes by the name – Fasasi Abdulrahman. Although, not much is known about the Fasasi,
he is reportedly the heir apparent to Aliko Dangote’s empire. Aliko Dangote Daughter. The business tycoon, as stated earlier, has
about fifteen children. However, it was gathered that his favourite
child and eldest daughter is none other than Halimah, who is now married. Halimah Dangote is married to his heartrob,
Sani Sulaiman Bello, and together, they have two lovely kids. Halimah Dangote-Bello is a certified Marketer
and Businesswoman. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from American
Intercontinental University in London. She also attended the prestigious Webstar
Business School in London, where she acquired her professional training in business. At present, she holds one of the top executive
positions in her father’s conglomerate. Sani Dangote. Sani Dangote is the one of the three brothers
of Aliko Dangote, and they grew up together in the same household in Kano. Just like Aliko, Sani is also an accomplished
businessman, with diverse interests in Oil & Gas, Banking, Agriculture and others. He currently holds the second-highest position
at Dangote Group; as “Group Vice-President”. Aside his role at Dangote Group, he holds
several none executive positions at several top associations within and outside Nigeria;
including Lagos Polo Club, FERSAN and few others. Sani Dangote’s son recently got married to
a Malaysia beauty, at an elaborate wedding in the bride’s home country. The wedding was graced by Aliko Dangote and
a host of other Nigerian dignitaries and celebrities. Aliko Dangote House. While Aliko Dangote is the richest African
man, he also has a good taste in real estate. Although, he has several houses within and
outside the country, his mansion in Abuja stands out. The gigantic edifice is located in the “Nigerian
seat of power”, Abuja, and it has been valued in the region of $30 million (approximately
12 billion Naira). The mansion, according to the businessman,
has hosted some of the most powerful men in the world, including the likes of Bill Gates,
Goodluck Jonathan and few others. It was gathered that, the mansion has been
Dangote’s main residence for over a decade. Aliko Dangote Net Worth in Naira and Dollars. Aliko Dangote’s wealth is obviously what made
him famous. In fact, many Nigerians only know him as the
richest man in the country. For a man who started off with only $3000
40 years ago, he has multiplied that figure in millions of folds. Today, the billionaire has a multi-billion
dollar business empire, multi-million dollar luxury jets, multi-million dollar mansions
(within and outside Nigeria) and a multi-million Naira fleet of cars. According to Forbes’ 2018 estimates, Aliko
Dangote has an estimated net worth of $15 billion dollars, which, when converted, is
in excess of 5 trillion Naira. With this stratospheric figure, Aliko Dangote
conveniently stands out as, not only the richest man in Nigeria, but also the richest man in
Africa. See the link in the description box below
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