American Dystopia, Part 5: Tucker examines San Francisco’s new district attorney

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100 Responses

  1. Jairo Marquez says:

    Fear mongering

  2. Ferioten says:

    San Francisco the new Detroit

  3. Charles Oneill says:

    You couldn't pay me to live in San Francisco

  4. The Seattle Cyclist says:

    It’s happening here in Seattle.

  5. RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    San Francisco is a DUMP.

  6. chico frijoles says:

    Where did part 4 go?

  7. CDM192 says:

    SF used to be the Crown Jewel of the West. Now it's the Pile of Manure in the West.

  8. No Country For Wight Men says:

    Stop feeding the homeless, they'll stop shitting on the streets.

  9. TCrider TCrider says:

    I live in SF. This is not an exaggeration. Yes these fools voted in an DA that brags about not enforcing the laws. But I could care less, the techies ruined the culture anyways. It WAS great for awhile but its over now. Its nothing but an facade of what a amazing place it used to be. Like many other residents ill be leaving soon as well. Go niners!

  10. Gunnar Hegg says:

    I was there back in 2013, it was lovely compared to what it is now. Funny how fast things can decline.

  11. billybo66 says:

    He won't have hookers arrested , because that means his mother and sisters would be jailed .

  12. phoenix todaro-ali says:

    Fox News loves their propaganda 👍🏼

  13. Mitch says:

    When are you going to cover Detroit and Chicago. The graveyard and the warzone.

  14. Thomas Gagnon says:

    With all this going on one feels to ask the Lord's judgement to fall yet we should remember that we serve a God of mercy and as such our prayers should be that the Lord release a real revival before judgement that even the ones we may feel are hopeless would feel the moving of the Spirit of God and repent and be saved. Only the Lord can do this…He is not willing that any should perish but all would find the mercy of His Son's sacrifice. The enemy would have us revival, reject and judge these people but we must see them as God does…sinners in need of a Savior.

  15. jasonmazzy says:

    Where is part 4???

  16. Kevin Hagler says:

    Sounds like San Francisco could use another Dirty Harry.

  17. Greg Nulik says:

    Well, it'd probably help if there were more public restrooms independent from stores.

  18. Marc Padilla says:

    Tjey want successful, traditional, merit system honorees to suffer for being oppressive by simply existing.

  19. Michael H says:

    How many shots of doodie do we need?

  20. Vincent Harrison says:

    Where is the attorney general Becerra?

  21. mrswolls says:

    Check out the instagram accounts streetpeopleofsanfrancisco and needysanfrancisco to see what really happens

  22. causeitsthere says:

    I believe the voting system in California needs to be supervised federally. The whole system here is democrat run.

  23. pablo baggins says:

    Remember. This is the future you choose when you vote for shitty politicians. Stay informed. And most importantly. Call them out.

  24. Silent Warrior says:


  25. Minivan Tripping says:

    I will never be in that hell whole!

  26. Castulo Zuniga says:

    Wheres part 4 ?

  27. A Jonsson says:

    Where's part 4?

  28. American Freedom Bleeder says:

    Civil War Now!!

  29. Bob Cmbwsu says:

    Although subscribed with the bell ringing, I am not getting notifications of your uploads. Had it not been for someone posting the link elsewhere I would have never been able watch.

  30. Bob Cmbwsu says:

    If you use a plastic straw in California you will get a fine whilst plastic syringes, paid by the tax payers, are handed out like candy and discarded on the streets.

  31. SACTOWNOG says:

    It wont get fixed. DemoRats ruined cali

  32. JEWS DID 9-11 WOW U ZIONIST SUK says:

    I LIV in a van and I shoot heroin HAHAHAHA

  33. Mr. Freiheit says:

    J E W I S H T R I C K S

  34. Ashley El Dorado says:

    So used-crack-needles replaced Rice-a-roni as the San Francisco treat

  35. Bleau Hartley says:

    Crappin on the dock of the bay……

  36. John Pappan says:

    Florida has stiff competition now. If only there was a major geologic fault line nearby…

  37. Harry Bandana says:

    I really can't se the problem here! If they vote like that, let em' have it. Take down the golden gate if needed…

  38. He Who Is says:

    Might be financially hard, but I’d leave.

  39. Gothus Touchstone Singularity says:

    Prostitution is not a crime.

  40. Danny X says:

    Moved to San Fran a year ago from Atlanta after college for a job that I believed would really build my resume. The job is good. But this community is unlivable. Got attacked the third day in SF, high taxes, high rent, etc. If it wasnt my job, I would have packed up and left in a heart beat

  41. Trevor Sedis says:

    SF apparently hasn't heard of the "broken windows syndrome." It's when neighborhoods telegraph their decay by ignoring home maintenance.

  42. JHL JHL says:

    If the street people want to live that way, why can't they live in caves?

  43. Trevor Sedis says:

    Laws are racist. Bring back Mbutan "jungle rules"!

  44. Trevor Sedis says:

    Pelosi turned SF into a turd-world city.

  45. Miguel Romano says:

    Liberalism at its finest… SF used to be a great and fun city… Not anymore

  46. kjemradio says:

    If you're pooping in San Francisco. Be sure to crap in someones hair.

  47. twistedyogert says:

    This is how Germany ended up with the Brown Shirts, if the police and the government won't enforce the law, then some people probably would turn to vigilantism.

  48. Napalm John says:

    But they wouldn't elect Jello Biafra mayor?

  49. Scott F says:

    I can see it now. " Come on down, and vote democrat. We will be giving out free crack, needles, and food stamps!"

  50. Holy_War C.S.T. says:

    How long until a vigilante begins to deal out his own brand of justice. Is Paul Kersey lurking in the shadows?

  51. James Rogers says:

    You do away with standards of behavior, you get this.

  52. George Smith says:

    Did they also stop prosecuting shoplifting? This will push out all businesses.

  53. Taco Bell Valet says:

    what ethnic group does he belong to?

  54. Dr. W.H. Ale says:

    Not enough poop footage!

  55. The Path That Rocks says:

    Wait really? He promised to not uphold the law…and he was elected in?

  56. Chris S says:

    How much you wanna bet Boudin is a member of a special tribe…

  57. William Hutchinson says:

    prostitution is a victimless crime, like raping
    a blindfolded fraternity pledge.
    & buck up, the anarchy will bring the property values back down to earth.

  58. Buddy Helm says:

    Victimless crimes finally legalized……..

  59. IRON60 BITCH says:

    This man has said if a child is sexually molested I will leave it up to the parents To decide what to do we would encourage that they get the kids psychological help but prosecuting a pedophile is a waste of time he said this

  60. IRON60 BITCH says:

    It’s time to hand out bottled water on a very very hot day and give the biggest trouble bakers the special mixture not the women not the kids you know who I mean

  61. Midnight Starwriter says:


  62. David Bruce says:

    I could do without the frequent poo close ups

  63. 25 Buttholes says:

    Looks like a lot of poop!

  64. GANTZ100pts says:

    Hey Tucker Carlson you should consider uploading to Bīt Çhúté also. YouTube's algorithm is more or less blocking opposing views. Aka anything that's not on the left.

  65. Yellow RoseOfTexas says:

    All FEDERAL FUNDING must be pulled from CA, NY & every state that believes they have th right to supersede Federal Law.

  66. Ryan Jonas says:

    Where is #4 ?

  67. The Griffin says:

    Leave them to it. They're Democrats anyway.

  68. Fat Ninja says:


  69. brad helmig says:

    Social expirement???

  70. Clem fandango says:

    North Korea’s closest target 🎯

  71. heyidiot says:

    There's never a Dirty Harry around when you need one.

  72. Joseph Theis says:

    This used to be a great city. It was fun, clean, and people were friendly. I don't intend on visiting again, and that's a shame.

  73. jay roth says:

    SMH Democrats. You've lost touch with reality. You've lost civility. You're literally destroying humanity and human lives. It's time to give up and put an end to this sham of a political party. Socialists, Communists, Marxists and others can join you as well. Step aside. We Republicans will clean up your mess.

  74. AuntyNature says:

    I wonder how people vote against their own self interest ? This place is psychoville. The wage gap is so insane that is the elite, elite wealthy and the poor poor sick people. I wonder if the reason they instituted that decriminalization law is because the elite elite feel guilty ? Idk. It’s gross tho.

  75. Frosty Frost says:

    San Francisco the world's first open air asylum. Endless entertainment, just don't live there. ..

  76. Ryan Berry says:

    San Andrea's fault line where you at?

  77. Bobby Dale says:

    All law abiding citizens need to carry pepper spray and one drug addiction mental case gets too close blast them in the face

  78. Katherine Hunter says:

    Please come to Austin Texas! It's happening here and at a rapid pace since the no camping ban was rescinded in the spring of 2019. Our mayor went to California to get tips on how to deal with our homeless!

  79. Wesley Conder says:

    I wish California would fall off the map

  80. Thomas Leonard says:

    As a born and raised Californian I'm embarrassed as to what my state has become and wish I could fire every politician in the state starting at the governor.

  81. jay long says:

    The elections are rigged in CA

  82. HenryMcComments ! says:

    We need to help people
    At this point I don’t know how
    This is becoming a national nightmare
    People wake up
    Big city problems become headaches for everyone…. eventually

  83. Condoc64 says:

    If you visit sf it’s really not that bad. The homeless mostly stay in the tenderloin and coming from the mid west where people od on heroin and die on the streets it’s definitely an improvement here. Yeah you’ll see wackos on the train but it’s like that in every city.

  84. NLJeff EU says:

    News 😂👍🇺🇸

  85. Triple Threat says:


  86. Schnake Eyes says:

    Could be happening in Dublin Ireland Belgard road? I doubt it, police arrest for petty crimes here and for taking shits on the street , and even having drugs like marijuana

  87. Starving Bruddah says:

    Yeah focus on rapist and murderers for fucks sake but we all know they wont be doing that either jist more of nothing to see here sanfrancisco. Has become modern day sodom and gomora watch hownit ends


    What a difference a few weeks makes Donald Trump cheered to the rafters at the football game , whoever placed the bet of 25000 on him to get re-elected is looking good! The Dems have nobody of similar calibre to run against him , there is nothing there , 2020 looks a formality now and he's got Bannon back on board


    ALOT of s hit in sanfran very sad , very very sad 🙁 those famous streets , now covered in tents that ain't right …..imagine seeing Steve McQueen burning some rubber now as he passes the tents , horrible 🙁

  90. Tony Lobato says:

    That's a state problem. Let em tear each other apart.

  91. Taresh Patel says:

    It’s not just the left, but the rightest flawed privatised prison system. The law which caused of all the this was stemmed from a prison system which simply cannot accept anymore people for misdemeanours. The arrest rate in San Francisco was too high, and private companies that operate prisons without healthy market competition have poorly designed infrastructure to support the growing population. So they changed what misdemeanours meant!

  92. Mister Feola says:

    I'm looking for a job.
    Know anyone there that wants outside help.
    I will.

  93. TomRedlion says:

    Just nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

  94. Arc Light says:

    It's too late. Let it burn.

  95. david frank says:

    I live in a blue state. I live in the state of Maryland and anybody familiar with it knows how liberal it is. I feel fortunate that I live and a very nice community. Two blocks from my house we have a church that every week hands out food to the homeless and needy. Once they get what they came for they leave our area. Between our regular county police officers and are private police officers they do not even allow the homeless to start setting up tents or anyting like that. You don't see them roaming through our neighborhood and they do not stand on the corner asking for money. Now you can go a mile and a different direction and you will find homeless camps and where they are located crime is rampant. The biggest difference between there and where I live is the fact that most of us owned our homes and we keep our property clean and trim. I was speaking to my mail lady right before the holidays and was talking about porch pirates. She was telling me that in my neighborhood it really hasn't happened that often. She was telling me how we all look out for one another and we know who our neighbors are and who belongs there. She was even telling me that in author neighborhoods that she delivers to that her truck has been broken into numerous times. She was telling me the biggest difference between those neighborhoods and my neighborhood were the people. She was telling me that with neighbors watching one another is what she believes is the big difference. And we also have great law enforcement public and private.

  96. James Madison Mosley says:

    Yes you push out the White people and San Francisco is left as a Concrete Jungle.

  97. SUPRAMIKE says:

    Did you guys forget how to count or has part 4 been removed?

  98. brian woo says:

    Like Trump hotel has rats?
    That's new

  99. steve gallagher says:

    Tax pooping!

  100. diglossia says:

    I have an idea: let's bus homeless folks from everywhere in the country to California

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