Are Japanese High School Students Really Busy? (Interview)

Hey guys! It’s Yuta. So this is actually a pretty serious high school because many of the students go to the most difficult/top universities in Japan but how busy are they? Let’s find out! Tell me a little bit about your school.. is it a good school or a bad school, is it a difficult school…. I think it’s a normal school.
I think it’s a good school. Actually i checked the website, and i think it’s a very good school.. people go to top universities… some of the students in my grade are really smart and the stupid students are very poor achieving why is there so much difference between smart and not so smart people Smart people always study and complete all of their homework, but the poor achieving students don’t do homework and sleep in class and how can i say… are their days are very lazy Which one are you in? …. The smart one or…
Me??! uhh.. I’m not smart but i’m not poor either. I think the middle.. I think this school is good in terms of study … or its university entrance record. But uhmm.. I think there’s some things that we can do more to enhance it How many days do you have school? I have it six days a week, and i have periods everyday from Monday to Friday and just four classes on Saturday. Do you have some extra activities after school in some days? No i don’t have it.. I don’t go cram school now.. So what do you do after school?
Hang out with friends, watch movies, read books and sometimes I go home to just do homework how many hours do you study a day? uhhh i don’t study
(thug lyf) one hour a day?… yea i think it’s shorter than other students so i have to study more That’s fine…. i didn’t study when i was in high school. So i’m not judging haha Almost the same.. but i have club activities after school on Mondays and Thursdays. I’m doing ESS club
What does ESS stand for? English speaking society.. so we speak and chat in English, or we have discussion on movies, TED talks and other stuff Do you go to cram school? No.. but some of my friends go to cram school and they look really busy and are very busy students So what do you do , what do you usually do after?! Hang out with my friend, or just get home and listen to music Hip hop?
Hip hop! yes How many hours do you study per day?
Usually just one hour a day but before tests, i study three hours a day, but only English…. I don’t study maths.. i HATE maths
okeyy Unlike him, i entered this school this year. He entered when he was in Junior high school. My first impression for this school was good and clear.. and students were clever.. like him And this school is the best place for me to study and go to Tokyo University I want to go there, I want to study there… to become a lawyer And we have a seventh period (instead of six) . We have to study maths harder than other students. It’s very busy.. In fact.. it’s fun because the teachers are good. We have seven periods on Mondays and Fridays. What time do you come to school in the morning? around 8:00 am
what time do you finish school normally? 3:00 pm and.. what do you do after school? go straight to home… or go to club activities like ESS And… do you go to any cram schools?
~nope.. how many hours do you study a day?
About one or two hours
Not everyday.. What do you do on a typical weekend?
Just relax at home.. I’m always tired.. After school , I go back home… or come to ESS (like this club) Go back home, and first.. i take a shower, have dinner , and relax by watching TV or YouTube. And… start studying at 8:30 or 9 and i finish studying at about 10-10:30 and brush my teeth then go to bed.. So do you study everyday?? Everyday?? .. Yeah. Almost everyday, because we have to study harder in Junior High School What do you watch on YouTube? YouTube!!?? :DD uhmmm music videos, or funny accident videos around the world What kind of music do you like? I like anime songs mostly.. What do you usually do after school?
Play games. Smartphone games.. like FGO.
(friend hahhAHAAHAHahwwww) How many hours do you study per day? Maybe, one hour..
Everyday. I read manga… My favourite manga is One Piece. HELLSING How many hours do you study per day?
Maybe one hour… Everyday?
You guys are very serious. haha (sarcastic tone?) Hey guys , it’s Yuta again. Well i was a little bit surprised because they didn’t study as much as i thought, But one thing for sure was that they speak English way better than the average Japanese high school student. But if you wanna to talk to the average Japanese person, you need to speak Japanese. So if you want to learn Japanese with me, i can send you some free lessons where i teach real Japanese that real Japanese use/speak so click the link and subscribe to my email group ; Japanese with Yuta Alright! See you guys soon!
bye bye!

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100 Responses

  1. fitrah zulkarnain says:

    clearly these students are mostly good at english.. would you like to make another Interviews with students who doesn't know English?

  2. Ben Hunt says:

    Not incredibly busy, but definitely fully focused on school!

  3. William Guan says:

    All of them speaking impressive English especially since they're only in high school, but when the guy said "Efu Ji O" I fell out of my chair laughing. That particular guy was pretty good too lol.

  4. ignorant not convinced agree disagree says:

    every one of them said 1-2 hours home study even the guy who wants to go into tokyo university i would love to see the meeting they had about what to say

  5. Justas FBL says:

    7:12 – 'I play smart phone games like FGO', his classmate was like LMAO WTF

  6. Omar says:

    These japanese highschooler looks older than me.. And im college.

  7. Omar says:

    2:20 i like how the guy looks, like he's disagreeing to his friend when his friend is saying "hangout with friends, watch movies and stuff" like man.. Just how honest could you be.

  8. Nathan says:

    "I don't study math. I hate math" haha.

    I've felt his rage burning in this statement. XD

    Btw, funny reactions of their buddies hearing their answers haha! They are unable to completely suppress the emotions. :'D

  9. Omar Fritz says:

    What's so cool to me is how well Japanese people can pronounce English words. Even though their speaking wasn't native sounding as far as syntax and construction goes, their pronunciation was still really good!

  10. Fritha71 says:

    I cannot get over the fact that Japanese students have to go to school SIX days a week shudder

  11. Mary Winter says:

    Eyebrows-san is so cute. His voice speaking English is adorable!

  12. Mas Dan says:

    Well.. I like that boy who hate math. Because, when I was school, I didn't..oh I never study math, only English.. we're just the same ?

  13. noekyoiori says:

    6 clases a day is much? I'm from mexico and i've ended the highschool a long time ago, but when i was studying i took 12 classes a day monday to friday

  14. Deep Space says:

    To the student aiming for Todai: Your english is still better than most! You can do it!

  15. VI NGUYEN says:

    ZOMG their pronunciation is amazing

  16. Medo Sunni says:

    6:56 , these guys saw some filthy frank videos that's what's up.

  17. EX Trial says:

    that guy play fgo, he is living in hell

  18. LARRY P says:

    stupid students…. harsh bruh

  19. ryehaaan says:

    – this school looks like an elite or top notch kinda school. and their english is amazing! (cos theyre one of the english club too)
    – i love how some of them has slightly american accent and he nailed it. he has so much confidence to speak 😀
    – 2:23 "how many hours do you study?" "im not study.." IM READY TO LISTEN HIS SECRET AND THEN HE DIDNT STUDY LMAO

  20. ibsio says:

    Dang I want to go to that high school. I go to an American public school and it fucking sucks, both the academics and extracurricular activites.. Everything is shitty so I feel like I would be a lot more intelligent with a nicer, focused, better quality school. Seriously the curriculum, teachers, it all sucks.

  21. rivaille ; says:

    honestly how does one study? because  i've already just read shit over and over again and i remember nothing

  22. kawtsuki says:

    At 7:13 the dude on the left laughs when dude on the right confesses he plays FGO (I approve, son). But when dude on the left confesses he reads ONE PIECE, on guy on the right is completely calm xD

  23. Ms666slayer says:

    It's weird in Mexican school I've never studied or even do homework and I was the body of my generation XD

  24. Serafica watching vid says:

    They study one hour a day.Well I'm not proud of myself tbh I don't study everyday j only study 2 days before exam

  25. Serafica watching vid says:

    they seem very busy for me some of them go to cram school and they have classes every Saturday

  26. TheLeftyGamer says:

    I remember a study tip when I was in high school. Study for 30 minutes. Take a break for another 30 minutes perhaps by watching tv, playing video games, read a book etc. Rinse and repeat. It is however important to get sufficient sleep and eat well. Overstudying is just as bad as understudying, so just be mindful of your health.

  27. j0k3l4 says:


    "What do you do on a typical weekend?"
    "Just relax at home. I'm always tired"

    Sounds like me

  28. NexusBlade says:

    4:07 Dat grin…

  29. Stanko Aksentijević says:

    In Serbia, almost every school has a program of 6 or 7 classes a day, 5 days a week. It seems pretty similar to this.

  30. Joshua Amador says:

    I'd like to know what their lessons for math are specifically for the 11th grade. Cant find out in the internet it seems all the lesson plans are in Japanese I cant understand anything lol pls help

  31. Kasmia Parussangi says:

    what high school isthis? waseda high school?

  32. naruruinjapan says:

    Is this a private high school?

  33. Ario Dewandaru says:

    Asian study time are generalised then indonesian got 6:30 to 3:00 and 2:15 with 1 hour recess split in two varies by day then usually the 3rd years go for extra study kinda like cram school for 3 hours so yeah living in asia is hard

  34. Daina Zhou says:

    HAHA one hour a day of study
    im from NJ, USA and I went to school from 8 AM to 3PM with class all day and usually went to cram school afterwards until 5-6 PM. Then I would do all my homework until 10-11ish, and then studying for exams. Most of this was also done on top of other extracurriculars, and without distractions like a phone or computer running. This happened 6 days a week, with Sunday usually being a day to do chores and errands with the family. I was actually really good with my time management, so it wasn't all that stressful for me. But, to be honest it was all I ever knew growing up so I can't say it's difficult. I know to hear it prob sounds ridiculous, but it's good for me because it means college is easy-peasy and I have a great work ethic!

  35. Jando Sarmiento says:

    Kudos, ESS!

  36. Bob Johnson says:

    My Japanese teacher told me in Japan highschool is stressful but college is more chill.(Unless you're going to Tokyo University) . Whereas in America Highschool is chill and college is stressfull. (Which I agree with, because have at least a minimum of 4hrs of homework per night)

  37. 7LexFairy says:

  38. Jayvie says:

    1:29 omg the right one's eyebrows. and he looks so tensed as if the interview would reflect on his grade lol

  39. Ayumi- chan says:

    I also hate maths

  40. Ayanna Young says:

    Awwhhhhh japanese spock is nervous speaking english

  41. 윤현우 says:

    Their pronunciation is so good omg

  42. Kazuma says:

    ANIME SONGS!! You hit the spot my boy

  43. Elijah Koh says:

    What high school is this?

  44. MNgold _ says:

    They have a pretty good grasp on English. As a high schooler myself, I'm impressed. My school, and others near me don't have nearly as intensive language programs.

  45. Deborah Sy says:

    What is the name of that school I would love to go there to study as an exchange student 🙂

  46. felipezorro says:

    the second group of boys,,,, the one on the right looks like a vulcan xD

  47. Lalalala Si says:

    No esta en español u.u

  48. Adurean says:

    “I don’t study math…I hate math.” So relatable LOL

  49. caio feizola says:

    very nice english, they dont speak katakana english. Very well

  50. Prakash Sapkota says:

    I have maths too??

  51. tak04 says:

    We speak more terrible english than african, be care.

  52. Gavin Olivas says:

    Good god their English is so good!

  53. Yuqies Meii says:

    "I'm always tired."

    Dude. Same.

  54. Felicia Low says:

    which school is this?

  55. PeiChing Ng says:

    I only study English. I hate math! Hahahaha I like this guy ?

  56. Player says:

    Is that true the real japanese daily life as a high school student was boring? I'm so curious about that..

  57. Buggle Magnum says:

    the kid on the right sounds like a native english speaker at times with his tone but you can tell he hasnt even mastered english, his pronunciations are on point tho ive never heard someone whose native language influenced their accent in english so little

  58. Divine says:

    It's a shame we can't study Asian languages in the UK for GCSE. It'd be good to offer Japanese and Mandarin courses as a lot of people really want to learn them.

  59. Iron65 says:

    I think these guys are kind of busy comparing it to my country (Costa Rica) and probably other countries from Latin America. The first three years of High School are usually from 7am to 1 or 2pm and we go from Monday to Friday only. In last two years we go from 7 to 4pm but not everyday. The afternoon we take something similar to those special clases but less cool (in CR we only have like 6 options to choose, at least when I studied back at the time) and then prepare for final exams and University test entrance. But I was rarely stressed about it. However this guys seem to enjoy their time and study one hour per day is pretty okay actually. I'm loving Japan everyday more and more.

  60. Spoder says:

    Sounds like my life as a partial International Baccalaureate student during high school. Study probably 1-2hrs sometimes 3-6 hrs working on projects or preparing for essays because of procrastination LOL. I almost never studied math except for before tests, because I hated math. Due to me being Partial IB I didn’t have to do CAS. So instead I usually go home do homework then watch anime. LOL

  61. CAM Nightcore says:

    They look more like uni-student.

  62. CAM Nightcore says:

    4:08 shy dude?

  63. TheInfekt says:

    woah fucking chriiiist they speak literally way BETTER english than most of my co workers here in the US

  64. Bone Lad says:

    Tbh it doesn't seem nearly as bad as the media makes the work load out to be. I can't speak for public high school in America, cause I spent my high school years in private school, but my work experience seemed largely the same. You have the handful of people who work their butts off constantly and have no life outside of school, but everyone else still seems to have the sense to relax and do other stuff and they still go along fine.

  65. AGE says:

    well I am a junior high school and I study at least 4-5 hours a day daily why my life is like this?

  66. Angon4xD says:

    Holy shit and I thought japanese students studied hard. Damn me in high school I had to study 8 to 10 hours everyday ! No wonder I speak 6 languages fluently

  67. KaiDG says:

    aww, i'm rooting for those ESS students! i pray their English gets better and better! They can do it!!

  68. Hayden Ponyfield says:

    Why do I have mostly eight periods a day (in Germany) and they're "just" six/seven… I'm a bit upset •-• I almost learn 3 hours a day and that's my minimum >-< I'm very bad in math '-'…

  69. Espada kurosaki says:

    alot of people dont realise that this is the epitome of every asian a steryotype that lives up to its name same with most countries for eg australia to

  70. Albert García López says:

    So, despite our reputation, we study equally or harder in Spain than in Japan. Surprising indeed. For instance, when I was in high school, I would start classes at 8:00 am and finish at 17:00 pm (with a 2 hours spare time for lunch and half an hour in the morning for taking a break) from Monday to Friday (well, on Friday we would finish at 15:30 pm). Then, after classes, I would invest between 2 or 3 hours (EVERYDAY) in homework or even more hours if I had an exam the following day. So, good job building your reputation of hard workers Japan, a shame we weren't capable of doing the same here in Spain.

  71. Jonadab the Unsightly One says:

    Yeah, when I was in high school, I spent at least an hour a day just doing math homework. If you add up everything, including the time I spent writing English papers, I bet it came out somewhere around 3 hours a night.

  72. Fight Stage! says:

    School is weird all around the world. I knew a kid who went to a top tier school who is now selling drugs. I went to a gang school, 90% of my day was in the hallway or outside. I was a C- and D student from 4th to 12th grade. Now I'm getting a masters degree and working on an online series. I think it's the individual and the people in their lives that makes a person ambitious.

  73. angrybutton says:

    Wtf are you sure they go to school and not to a star treck convention

  74. Victor Nguyen says:

    and here's an Ansian who quotes: "I don't study Math. I hate Math."
    Also, I feel like the guy whose eyebrows make him look angry has some kind of anxiety. I feel bad for him…

  75. Badalight says:

    Consider that most of them go to school 6 days a week (Though Saturdays are generally half days). After school clubs can easily run up to 3 hours. Combine that with the commute, and mon-fri most kids aren't getting home until 7:30–8:00 at night. Once you eat, shower, there's not much time left in the day for anything. If you have any homework or studying to do, that leaves you with zero free time save for the weekends.

    And then on the weekends, you have school Saturday. A lot of sports clubs will have games on Sundays. It leaves virtually no days off. Not to mention the students that go to cram school.

  76. Billie TheOne says:

    1:00 woww the guy who wear glasses is my type,?

  77. Billie TheOne says:

    Wowww I never knew that japanese actually can speak english

  78. Annabeth 1052 says:

    Huh I thought that everyone was always busier with school in Japan but I am busier than them. I am in 2 AP classes (science and math I could never survive AP history) I also take forensic science (a crime scene detective type thing- analyzing blood splatters, collecting DNA evidence…) for one of my free periods and tech theater for the other this semester so I spend time building sets and painting them for the theater kids and helping out during their shows. I also am in orchestra and play the violin so I put some work into it during the weekends. Outside of school I am learning to speak Japanese and attempting to keep up with German (I dropped out of it to take AP art next year) and I also row so that is a good 4 hours on a normal day if you include traveling and waiting for other teams to get out of your way) aaand next semester I am taking both art 1 and art 2 at the same time (I’m the first student to ever do this but I know one of the art teachers my brother is friends with her daughter) and that will take A LOT of work. In American Lit we are starting to read 400+ page books (they should be more understandable than Shakespeare hopefully). Plus I’m a junior and people say that it is the big college search year so pretty soon I guess I have to research colleges and prepare for SAT/ACT tests and I don’t know if I want to go into science, math, or the arts. And of course I’m watching YouTube because I don’t really need to study- I’ve gotten away with As and high Bs (88,89) just by studying 10-15 minutes a day for school. Oh and I am teaching myself piano and flute but it’s my mom’s 30 year old student flute and it is sharp but idk how to fix it she says she will have to replace a cork or something so… yeah I’m really busy

  79. Runixwolf says:


  80. Viljar Lundli says:

    "Favorite manga is One Piece" – MA MAN

  81. Hazelnut ice cream says:

    1:27 that guy is so adorable lol

  82. العـنقود ٰٓ says:

    English speaking society

  83. Marc Hetu says:

    Yuta-san, what school is this? I`m teaching English in Hiroshima prefecture and I`d love to know their teacher's secrets to getting that type of fluency and comfort when speaking.

  84. Gabrielle says:

    Omg their english tho!!!

  85. Rich 91 says:

    i studied 3 hours a day, or 8:30 to 6pm every day (school plus homework), still only got ABB, really annoying but oh well

  86. Lycaon1765p says:

    Oh my God they actually dress like that

  87. Bruce Wayne says:

    3:46 wow wow easy there young man. that's a bold move even for me!

  88. Age Of DragonZ says:

    That megane kid, literally, looked at the camera and (involuntarily) smiled while pulling up his eyebrows!

  89. Age Of DragonZ says:

    A 1-hour studying kid is in the middle ladder, serious!

    Dude! We study 6 hours by ourselves after 5 hours of Coaching! Are you kidding me?

  90. Age Of DragonZ says:

    Yeah… 6:54 Funny Accidents… Seriously? FUNNY accidents?!

  91. Nikhil Nisarg says:


  92. Mukesh Singhania says:

    And here in India we have to toil for 13+ hours doing self for 1 hr is the only respite..population=K.competition.

  93. ניר טורק says:

    They are not so busy. In Israel we study six days a week(Saturday is the resting day) and about 45 classes a week. When the test period is around the corner we may even get asked to come on holidays.

  94. 樫野埼灯台 says:


  95. Mkrzes says:

    Their Engrish is on point.

  96. Rishav Gogoi says:

    That specs guy at 1:17, doesn't he kinda look like Hyuga, the captain of Seirin's basketball team from the anime kuroko no basket?

  97. glancedUpTV says:

    From the moment we first go to school, we will be busy, forever, until we die.

  98. Nono Malk says:

    Living for their uniform ??

  99. 11th StreetKid says:

    1:24 Spock

  100. KokuouNoShinobi says:

    The last guy saying he reads One Piece put a smile on my face.

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