Are our nation’s high school seniors academically prepared for college?

♪MUSIC♪ CHILDS: As far as academically,
I do believe I’m prepared. HUIE: I will adapt very quickly,
because it’s going to be something that I’m going to be
doing for the next four years. I’ll get used to it. And I’ll
achieve. HOPPIN: There’s a lot thrown at
you in high school. So not everything sticks. So
there’s definitely a lot of time my freshman year, especially,
when I really had to dig a little deeper and do a lot
of review. TANSEY: I think the believe that
they are prepared as far as they are able to. I do not believe
they have enough exposure to college and what a classroom
will look like. BUSS: I felt pretty confident
coming into college, but I did find that in some of my courses,
especially on the math side, there were some things that I
wish I would have focused more on in high school. ♪MUSIC♪ PARKER: To hear the numbers– or
percentages of students being prepared for entry level English
and math courses is so low, it’s pretty shocking. WEST: I wouldn’t say
specifically surprised. I would say more it angers me
because America isn’t the same academic country that it used to
be 20 to 30 years ago. KONWERSKI: It’s staggering if
you have to repeat, and do work over, and students don’t come
prepared. TANSEY: Doesn’t suprise me.
Mostly because we don’t demand– we don’t test for
content mastery. ♪MUSIC♪ JACKSON: We have talked to the
deans of many of these schools. And we look at their curriculum.
And what they’re actually offering. And we try to align
what we’re doing here with what’s happening on the
college level. MILLER: The percent of sudents
that may have to take remedial classes is shocking, because you
learn throughout your whole year of 12th grade, 11th grade, 10th
grade and 9th grade to prepare for college. BUSS: In my intro to math course
that I took my freshman year, I expected there to be a little
bit more remediation in the beginning of the course, so that
would get up to speed with where our professor wanted
to be. JACKSON: The number is alarming.
So that means that we need to do something again on the
elementary level, on the middle school level, and in the high
school level. Because by the time they get to high school, if
they’re not academically prepared, it’s a real struggle. ♪MUSIC♪

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