Are We a Nation of WIMPS?! Part #1 – Common Room

recently the outer psychology today are
at mirana maybe montana at hotmail could be
depending on terror hi heritage back far and i have not had stated in
that she believes that generation whiners which isn’t enough to know your mind he
need to too dot and you can go in between that timeframe your generation wire are and i’m sure are rapes and nation of one’s quote unquote and then cheaper than she goes further
to states back to be respect is that suggests that these generation wires that bar itself in title they were possibly title
means self-righteous season samples that have been might pointing that acting like they might
point fingers at other possibly play an airline pilot okay aligned to state that visa
generation wires feel like that all the official capacity or if they compete in a sporting
competition that’s even if a don’t we need a deserve
a blue ribbon her trophy do you feel that there’s any belatedly to proceed i think that was the case speaking as
someone who just made it in there we plan here mediacom yet you get a trophy you go to trial he
got elected you know your car correctly and a desk full of trophies and there’s like
two that are slightly bigger relate to the first second and that’s they replaced through the end of it seek it’s result of you know parents who
probably went through a time where it was like correctional prove it you know anytime united’s uh… their parents told them something
else and so it’s just been paid for nothing wrong with her needs fruit and not that he’s a lot of hard work and other
outside of your argument other argument is so uh… why should we build confidence
cats first of all recently related telling
them about their about not happy person that the other side of that argument
that part of that flight what’s wrong with it and i want to use a year and i think
what we want it and i wanted to get back on time its financial rotblat is clamor
on an even longer aren’t we just started out with the fact
that properly and sometime so that’s the reason why i think that what we’re we’re
talking about it simple in such a simple way went which are not
trophies that who position about the trophies regeneration dealing with the student
loan debt the generations that that’s dealing with this economy they can’t get
jobs these people are not a nation of winds anything and i read
your piece and she argues he worked is that what is clear the one st descends on for too long and
work their way out there moving from one place to another because we can’t and it was not linen is manufacturing
you know basically yes they are exactly where now in a place where the american
dream has evolved from okay settling down somewhere working at
the same dot for fifty years having a house to okay it’s a global economy lets
move from one country to another maybe we don’t want to buy a home if you wanna
live in an apartment building uh… and move from one place to another
yet i feel like were not willing to sit there pay our dues lands and wait years before you get a
decent wage we wanna go look for something that were passive and natural
progression of things i’d totally be nice if arise harris route actually agree with her it had i feel that based on what when i was at school
u_c_l_a_ i i i i was in the annie in and when i was in the eniac expensive
unlocked of into the great schooling teenagers and eight really ticked me off
when i would go to together about talking to soccer games and i would see you know certain kids that were playing and i’ve ever heard at more
conversations and then not where the parents art rightly so cancelling or changing the
reason why a plane cortina is that that because the meaning
of the coaches because it’s favors that johnnie now your kids are playing
because your kids not good at it and i’m not saying this to sound infected
editors hotline i’d look it cannot and sensitive and thing
because i feel like cheney forty-nine efficiency meant to be
stopping it may not mean you have any about after-tax maybe they should be on
the debate team i feel like my mom’s before pictures
you’ll get another short quick example okay this is a newark let’s go back he quickly it is a dvd image are many
differences did identify pesticide deciding this on a side issue in
everything black what says in another class with socioeconomic classes of
people you may need for favor manner working moms and so they were terrible
the but one thing that i worked for had she
got less comfortable but she was she was a working mom and she worked her at issue with the wealthiest within for rights i think i think this is more i
think there are plenty of kids american like my suburban household was like you are great and you can do whatever you can you
should think i think that for me to be said for twenty eight this is a good thing for you and you
could be graded something else all my life i feel admonishing air kids down no
absolutely not on recently have been telling them they
can do whatever they want and today i met with republican was director totally
died that may be running maa sally kate do you need to work on second look at
american idol these kids along and i had not been trainee you know for years and years and years
as a singer they think they can go on there because mom’s been telling them
that you’re fantastic singer for years they think they can go on their and then
the competition anything they are sick and what happens on the show some of
them doing but those are the ones that are either covered god-given talent or
the state years practices to look at some point
they come face-to-face with reality ninety one we thought that time you
could use that time the return of the baby ordinary time learning their lines and
they were scattered factories stamping out by the seeds of a subsequently died
at at at the total it just seems like him and i have been able to see the need
to be about this year we’re going to be about really
play that’s one of communist likely argument makes a lot of sense at the same time that you know there are adult school don’t have the right judgment when it
comes to child’s passion so when i was a kid when i was a
teenager and our you know my grandfather telling me like tokens immediately
you’re not going to get lady it’s too competitive uh… it’s you’re not going to find a
job title unresolved enough to be like forty of them five hundred of them all
at once cannot dartmouth has slowed grabbing on distance then why not
encourage people to take a shot of what they want they didn’t have your making
art you’re making this a i drafted part of our army i’m not saying that you’re
not a single currency i’ve heard everybody keeping you can you
have time absolutely might become a kid you can do
it not idle i have a problem with her that he would definitely tell your kids
getting astrodome few people are astronauts i have a nice to me asap
because i never thought i had no likelihood find thinking about i think that i think
prospect alto so that the duly opposes stairs and whenever you have parents
were like the other sixth mud handkerchief argued that large i
don’t like the fact that the people in the competition that everybody is a trial the blacks are
and and swimming i’d like to get started to u_c_l_a_ i worked by how fast means
the cargo bay six days a week don’t think it’s fair for the whole
group of farmers to get a trophy did you tell me as somebody else got your
scholarship you had your kids but i just got let me worked are backed up data
structures of the people who just got trophies for participation dot ellis at
u_c_l_a_ and then after falling out training hard
enough so not having to run it on the fact that
they feel this is an innocent people got nothing other than talking about i think
i just love to hear him for that destroys and then i don’t know how my
community is going to compete in the race and i don’t think i don’t think
that we needed constantly you know packed and and catering shelter children i think
they need to learn what white defeat against they need to learn that wow i
mean directors place for second place at their place i’ve got parents disagree
regenerate because they were inserts respect but their artist that for you

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100 Responses

  1. Brocialist Party of America says:

    I learned that I can't be a wimp if I want to survive. I learned that I need to be smarter and tougher than everyone else's to succeed because adults don't receive anything when someone is better at a job than them. I learned that's some people can be violent and that you need to be tough enough to fight them (Mardi Gras, every year fuckin outsiders who think "I can do whatever I want because I don't live here" always cause trouble and start fights).

  2. Labelle N says:

    The 120 pound guy with glasses and shitty hair is mad he's a wimp and got cut from the grade 8 basketball team , his parents were probably soft as baby shit on him lol.

  3. Jake K says:

    Avengers shirt = blonde chick is more attractive

  4. Reticulus says:

    Recent generations mine included to a point is that sometimes people are are entering the workforce feel like they are entitled to not work at a McDonalds or something low end. They wanna work entry level career jobs which in most cases requires a HS diploma. They end up wasting time and not paying for their car insurance, phone, or anything, because they feel they are better than that. Also if everyone gets a trophy; it diminishes the winners achievements a little.

  5. hercool1 says:

    If you look at crosse cultural development giving stupid participation trophies does not make us have better self esteem. I never got a participation fuck that i earned my shit and im glad that they didnt give them out because that makes earned trophies worthless. Read battle hymn of the tiger mother.

  6. hercool1 says:

    Glasses guy never played sports so he never will understand what it means to win

  7. MrHardCash says:

    This is kindda true, but I feel it is due to the technology which made it easier. Take every tech away and you'd see a generation similar to the older ones.

  8. mrg00ddude says:


  9. kelman221 says:

    That seems to be something that is supposed to encourage and get kids, like the fat one, to go out and exercise and try to have fun without being judged and you are just missing the point. However, if there is not point to in the giving out the ribbons then I do not see as to why they would do that in the first place

  10. kelman221 says:

    Some people do well when positively reinforced and some people do well when negatively reinforced. I would venture to guess that, at least initially, most fat people are fat because they do not have any positive motivation and are not properly encouraged to get into better shape. Then when they finally commit maybe being hard on them to make them push harder to become fit would be a great idea. I know the point of a first place ribbon, I was just stating it was pointless in your competition.

  11. Bailey Sonnier says:

    I think that some children need to be reinforced whether it be negatively or positively. Some children though are extremely independent and realistic and let's say you give them a trophy and a pat on the back they won't think anything of it and will realize that the adult was just trying to spare their feelings.

  12. Renan Scheffer says:

    Good discussion. Both sides make good arguments.

  13. KatelynAvery says:

    1982-2002 is too big of a gap. My generation ( '93) had more technology than the 80's babies. This gap means a generation Yer could be a parent of a generation Yer if the kid is 10 or 11. Also each generation tends to be wimpier than the last.

  14. Jaymes Wilcox says:

    No but does everyone get a raise when you get a promotion?

  15. The BlankMan1234 says:

    u have to make everyone feel good

  16. Marianna says:

    I think the better word for my generation is not so much as being "wimps" as to being self-entitled. They think the world belongs to them and they can do whatever they want while ignoring the repercussions, and the internet only makes it worse. At my college I see a ton of students that don't go to class or give a flying fuck until they realize they failed the class, but are shocked when they find out. They think they can pass because they feel entitled to, and do not care to fix their behavior.

  17. Mr. Lane says:

    their needs to be a war

  18. Mr. Lane says:

    A big real war against an equal power

  19. kelsiline says:

    The American Idol audition thing…man I am always appalled that so many parents let their kids be embarrassed on television. What's worse, gently telling them it may not be their thing, or allowing them to make a fool of themselves and be made fun of and hurt in front of countless people?

  20. Irri Wa says:

    Can Sam not control the volume of her fucking voice?

  21. Julius Del Rosario says:

    i think you were just being a douche.

  22. GDI109 says:

    Man, Sam is so hot.. like.. dude i'd impregnate that ho 20 times over if given the opportunity.

  23. zynbw says:

    the blond lady is right. Yes we should encourage children to go for their dreams and everyhting. But lets say a kid wants to be a baseball player and he really sucks at baseball. instead of just giving him a ribbon for participating, what we should do is encourage him to work hard and practice so that he can improve his skill and actually EARN his trophy. in the end he'll be a better player and would have learned the value of hard work.

  24. Ponyboy8877 says:

    Or we should say that baseball is not his sport and that he/she should look into a better fit for his/her talents. Also it doesn't mean you tear a kid down by saying he/she is a worthless POS.

  25. oodoodanoo says:

    1:08 "Speaking as someone who just made it in there, by a year."

    You don't look like you're 12 years old. You should take better care of yourself.

  26. Paul J Holmes says:

    huge difference between "thanks for participating" then "you're first, 2nd or third"

    I coach little league baseball and if the only way to keep kids playing and trying to learn especially at a young age is to make sure they need a 1st place trophy
    competitive rep ball is far more different then house league. If you go to a tournament where you are elite players, 1st and 2nd should only be getting something.

  27. ak112U says:

    i agree with Samantha (the blonde girl), I feel the generation gap mentioned is given too much false confidence. i hate it when kids in my class complain about not getting the grades that they want when they don't even spend half the time and give the same amount of care as the kids that did work hard to get the higher grades.

  28. Puff says:

    The reason your not playing little Timmy is because YOU SUCK YOU LITTLE SHIT MACHINE!!! GET BACK ON THE BENCH!!

  29. Ylviste says:

    The guys really don't understand the blonde girls point at all. The point isn't that you shouldn't encourage your kids or you should bring them down. Of course you have to instill in them the confidence that they can be whoever they want, but you should also make them understand that they can only become that when they really make an effort. You can't give an overweight kid a trophy for finishing last and say that he can be a great athlete. Well not unless he works hard and loses the weight.

  30. Gray Christian says:

    as a teenager who's going to be a senior, you need to instill confidence in kids or they're just going to be useless lumps, but you also need to teach them about reality and that even when they try their best and they lose, they're not going to get a trophy for participation. they're going to get a "sorry but you didn't make the cut. maybe next time."

  31. mayrazulema209 says:

    The blonde girl needs toget laid! She got into UCLA I bet her parents had to help out somewhere !!! She's trying to play big girls … Annoying! I like the guys less drama and more thinking and I'm a girl btw !

  32. Aleksander Gimre says:

    Shut up and let blondie talk!

  33. E_M_E_T says:

    wait, everyone gets the same medal? that is bullshit. yeah, softness is good, but its like they're rooting for the fat kid. im not being mean here, im just giving a stereotypical situation. if you win a race, you should be given a special reward, whether its a trophy or at least some true appreciation from the coach. On the other hand, this doesnt mean that the losers get reprimanded or scolded for not being the best. its not all their fault. i totally get what ur saying here.

  34. E_M_E_T says:

    also, i wanted to say that you have a point when you said that its not taking something from them. i agree completely. but, the part that i think we all need to agree on is that reality gives multiple situations in life where the loser really did try their honest best. and honestly, some people are just naturally better. so, this reality is good, because it teaches people to just get over it.

  35. playandrepeat says:

    Ana sucks and missed the point.

  36. River Allen says:

    they told me i could become anything i wnt so i became an asshole

  37. mirisah bell says:

    omg I know same in competitive swim and the kids of the next generation I swear have never heard the word NO

  38. Unekwu says:

    The Blondie is right…she is always on point so its not a surprise.

  39. Leopold Birkholm says:

    Why don't the boys let the blond girl in yellow shirt talk to finish? 🙁

  40. summer2011leggo says:

    you need to tell your kid " Hey Timmy you SUCK AT BASKETBALL!!!!"'

  41. summer2011leggo says:

    I played soccer my whole childhood and got participation trophies, however, the only one I take any pride in is not a participation trophy it says first place in big bold black letters cause I earned that shit! I have some accomplishments that I got because someone encouraged me and others because they told me I couldn't. btw best line of the video Fuck U Grandpa!!!!

  42. Chesty Von Chestington says:

    When I took part in track and field throughout elementary and up until Highschool we always received participation trophies, however even when I was young I had enough of a brain to realize that everyone involved also received the same trophy, and to me and many of my friends that made those trophies meaningless, it is not like it made any of us feel amazing or talented. If anything it inspired me to go for the larger first, second and third place trophies so that I would stand out among peers.

  43. Dan Courtney says:

    The blonde broad talks wayyyyy too much.. I wanna hear more from 'sammy', he started to say some interesting things before she cut him off 10 times in a row.

  44. indigo skies says:

    goodness half of this video was just everybody trying to win the who-is-the-loudest contest. and i agree, as "nice" as it is to give out participation awards, children need to realize that society functions as a hierarchy and they need to strive in order to be recognized for their skills and talents

  45. positivecynic86 says:

    The blonde girl, Samantha, is being a little inarticulate and cutting other people off, but I think she has a point. Children need to be taught how to lose gracefully. If you spoil and coddle your children, you do them a disservice by preventing them from learning how to recover from defeat. This ends up having a multitude of negative affects on their resiliency and just makes life as an adolescent and young adult more difficult when they inevitably face real challenges.

  46. Jazz Far says:

    My view on everyone gets a prize is furthering the idea of not letting an opportunity pass. The participation ribbon isnt telling the kids that they are all winners, but rather that there is reward in participating. I think its important to encourage kids to try so that they are engaged and get experience from trying rather than focus on the WIN!

    I also think Anna is right about the new things our generation will face, we are currently paying for a retirement fund we will probably not have

  47. Zerelja Mar says:

    6:50 Fuck you, Grandpa! XD

  48. Rebecca Duquette says:

    The blonde is a little annoying

  49. 1stfloorguy says:

    Feminists pushed for this in the 80s-90's that's why there is no competitiveness  because its not right apparently and boys need to be doped up for being to hyper. 4-8 boys are on Ritalin you would think people would learn males are supposed to be this way and learn differently than girls do.  

  50. jgr12345678901 says:

    The blond is somewhat right. Even if she was kind of annoying to hear talking it was even more annoying that no one was actually listening to her side of the argument.

  51. lrozenwater says:

    How could a generation be Weakly Interacting Massive Particles? Did I miss a recent scientific breakthrough?

  52. andres salazar says:

    i wonder why the blonde always drinks beer out of the same starbucks cup 

  53. JesusMySavior says:

    LOL, I used to participate in talent shows and I used to get those participation trophies…I hated that coz I knew it was bullshit! I'd rather not get anything because that's all the more incentive to say "Hey, next year…that's going to be me on the stage holding that trophy" 😛

  54. Robert Bandemer says:

    Wow…This needs more Brett and Ana.  

  55. Necuno says:

    Less argumentation more debate, this was very unprofessional.

    thumbs down

  56. TDGF112 says:

    i dont trust or listen to anyone drinking starbucks

  57. Openfacefont says:

    Sam is about to kill

  58. Sai Jin says:

    The thing is, participation ribbons don't mean anything to anyone…

  59. Amina Ali says:

    I think what the blonde is trying to say is that its not always the coach's fault. MAYBE YOU'RE JUST NOT GOOD. Not saying you'll never be good, you just need to practice more if you want to be.
    Pretty much, stop blaming everyone else.

  60. Chew says:

    i am actually on the blondes side.

  61. Clubs says:

    Fuck the woman who said we where a nation of wimps because i was born in 2000 and so what I'm 13. I work hard for my money. I work hard for my belongings. I work hard for my life. AND IF THAT FUCKING BITCH WANTS TO FIGHT ME ABOUT IT WE'LL SEE WHO THE FUCKING WIMP IS THEN!!!!!! I WORKED FOR STRENGTH AND I'M NOT A FUCKING WIMP!!!!!!

  62. twdziki says:

    Damn, they ganged up on the blond girl.

  63. Daniel Martinez says:

    The blonde strikes me as a narrow minded fool who is judges others from her ivory tower. I agree trophies for everyone isn't a good policy (past a certain age), but gen Y weren't the ones handed them out. They seem to be ignoring the economy that this generation inherited and that the minimum wage in this country is the lowest living wage it has ever been. That combined with the number of gen Yers who are coming out of school with degrees and mountains of debt means they aren't going to settle for a shit paying job. Maybe business owners like her should "man up" and pay a decent wage.

  64. Dre Winning says:

    Dame this woman keep cutting off the guys its a debate shut up sometimes, she's like the only one talking the whole video

  65. Ucmh says:

    What a hen house. Just let the girl finish her point, God damn.

  66. Gotis says:

    "The generation before mine sucks and the generation that came after mine sucks even more!" said every generation ever.

  67. AdraicStarks says:

    I wish everyone would just shut up & let her speak her piece.

  68. The1FastGP says:

    I kinda agree with the blonde, sometimes you can't make the cut. Not everyone will be the best, if you want to be more than what you are; improve your'self and be noticed. Americans have developed an entitlement mentality where there is no loser, but only champions. It's not realistic.

  69. Abbon says:

    Wtf is wrong with the guys eyes LOL ? 3:08

  70. astaliini says:

    I feel like the guys in this argument just keep interrupting the blonde girl to make a funny/witty comment to lighten the mood. What they don't realise is it's just creating a very annoying, heated atmosphere that makes it difficult to take anything concrete away from this conversation except a bunch of people shouting over each other.

    And I agree with the blonde girl.

  71. D Stephenson says:

    The blonde is definitely right in this case. The other three just come across exactly like the article states. Like a bunch of spoiled little brats. Its important to give your kids opportunity to learn and encourage them in anything they want to try but don't reward mediocre achievement either. Could you imagine watching the olympics and seeing the first 30 contestants getting medals for their event?? The motivation to get one of those three medals is what drives those athletes. They don't all get one but they try their absolute best to hopefully get one of those medals. If every participant in every competition were to receive a medal or trophy then what would drive anyone to accomplish their best. There is sometimes too much pressure put on a kid too. To say they failed and are no good if they didn't win is not good for anyone either. Its cliche but telling them they tried very hard and just didn't come out on top is ok too. The next time they may be motivated even more to practice harder and longer to win the next time. People can and should apply this work ethic to every aspect of life.

  72. BrntVanilla 永遠SoneOnceTWICE says:

    The blonde is kind of right, and I don't think the curly-haired glasses gentleman knows exactly what the argument is trying to say.

  73. Andrew says:

    omg. How could I have been so blind?! America IS a nartion of wimps!!!!!!

  74. Per Krem says:

    In norway we use a "fairplay" rule when it comes to kids and sports. And i used to hate it as a kid. The fairplay rule means that everyone gets a trophy, you dont even keep score of goals untill a certain age and everyone gets equal playtime. You are not allowed to put all the best players in one team, they are balanced out. The problem with this is there are alot of kids who do sports for "fun" and to be social, and there are people like me who were highly competitive at a young age. When we start for example a soccer game, 3 of the players stand in a huddle and talk, the other 3 run their asses of to try to win the game. Wether we win or lose, we get a trophy, and the kids who just stand there get one to. Basically telling them there is no need for hard work, in this land of equality the meaning of equality seems to mean that everyone should get the same rewards regardless of results, hardwork, dedication etc.

  75. grendel ebenholdts says:

    Psychology is a pseudoscience at best. Keep this in mind whenever you think psychology is legit.. They believed homosexuality was an infectious sickness until the late 70s.

  76. Sam Taylor says:

    My God, at least this Video seemed to be the most one sided debate ever! One sided stated there idea and the other blew
    It out of proportion to use for there own!

  77. Travis Miller says:

    thiss fuckin dumb the only girl that has her head on straight n is telling it how it should b is gettin grilled made fun of n mocked… i understand trying to make opposing points but dam try to make em with a little respect… kids shouldnt have their asses kissed their whole lives ur setting them up for defeat n hard feelings. they need to b taught things in a "real"way, not lie to them jus to try to make them feel better. also when they realize u were sugar coating shit n not exactly bein real with em theyre gonna lose confidence in everything the parents r gonna say after that, im glad my mother was real with me about everything. that doesnt mean tell ur child theyre fuckin losers and arent ever gonna get a pretty girl or good lookin guy, but at the same time dont sugarcoat everything like the girl said, dont tell ur child unrealistic things 

  78. Blood Angel says:

    You need look no further than TYT to see a bunch of Gen Y wimps.

    Why not build confidence in kids? Why build false confidence in kids? Kids aren't so stupid that they can't tell that they suck. Giving them a trophy for it won't make them suck any less.

  79. Smither Sink says:

    The blonde chick's totally right in my opinion! I mean, it's not like parents are yelling at their kids, telling them they're nothing, but parents shouldn't shelter kids so much like they do! I just barely fell into the range of the "Wires" generation apparently, being born in 2001. And I've been a victim of parents and teachers giving everyone credit, and giving everyone trophies, just for participation. And even being in that scenario, where I lost and still got credit for participation, I thought it was stupid! I was ahead of the times! Well, I guess it comes to age. When they get to a certain age, parents kinda need to tell kids the truth, and that, (I'm not saying parents should tell kids they just have no hope of doing a certain thing, and they just can't do something because it's not gonna happen) but people have to tell their kids, well, no, you're not gonna become a spaceman, just because you need to be a spaceman. You have to work for it, and sacrifice for it. If parents tell kids that they're complete all stars who can do anything and everything without even trying, kids are just gonna end up like those dumb kids on American Idol! They're just gonna end up being losers. So, no, don't tell your kids they can't be an astronaut, but at least tell them it's not gonna happen over night, and things like this take dedication, and you can't get everything you want just by wanting it.

  80. Rigger Mortis says:

    That dizzy brunette doesn't seem to understand how the consumer chain works, if the wires gen is not involved in manufacturing thats fine, after I die and my gen is gone then maybe they will see that entitlement won't keep the power on, or the fridge full…..A complete generation of total entitled pussies, be real with your kids, this princess syndrome will be the death of that generation.

  81. Rigger Mortis says:

    Haha so lets say my kid wears pop bottle glasses and sucks at math, he/she may be awesome at other things, should I tell him/her that he/she could still be an pilot/astronaut ? Seems like a cruel setup for a harsh reality check in their future, I am a father of two and I feel truth is the best way to go with your kids.

  82. Oddivia says:

    Watching this is rather infuriating. They keep cutting each other off and nobody gets to finish their statement. Each of them seemed like they could have possibly contributed something constructive if they were JUST ALLOWED to FINISH, but they weren't, they were constantly interrupted, which is why EVERY SENTENCE SPOKEN… started with the words "I just–", having to repeatedly explain themselves and the context of their point… which they never get to. Shame, because most of the Common Room discussions appear to be like this, on what could have been really interesting topics. :/

  83. TheCoolwhipped says:

    I've seen this first hand. being in my early 20s, I now see this generation being full of "well i participated too, so i want the prize". These kids have never experienced true failure. So now we have these people who expect to get something positive in return for doing a half ass job. People who bitch and moan about it not being "fair" when they dont get anything for losing. Even worse, then you have the parents of these young adults AGREEING with their child. It has led to this sense of entitlement. That everyone always owes you something even if you did nothing to earn it. 

  84. Keanu Fryer says:

    Pause @8:31 lol the face

  85. S.A. says:

    The only person in this video that (we know) has experience with kids, isn't allowed to talk about her opinion without interruption? this seems stupid.

    Coddling a child never works, I have seen the effects on the children of family members. A parents objective should be to prepare the child for the real world while offering support (emotional and etc.) until they can support themselves.

  86. Colin Bason says:

    I wouldn't say that everyone born between '82 and '02 is a wimp or self-entitled. I was born in 1992 and hate the idea of everybody getting a trophy for taking part. Something happened to me when i was 11, I would play 7-a-side football (soccer) and each week there would be one man of the match trophy for each team. One week I got the trophy because I "tried hard". I felt like the significance of the trophy was lessened because I "earned it" when I didn't  play really well or stand out from the other kids.

  87. KelticStar says:

    I remember getting a trophy when I tried kids baseball. It was interesting but it weirded me out a bit since I was use to hearing trophies are earned and my team really did not earn it what so ever.

    What bugged me (and my mom) though was my coach. I knew I was bad at baseball/softball…only problem was I was better at that than my coach was at being a coach. He always stuck the bad players in the spaces the ball wouldn't normally go. It was more of a problem to me since the 'coach' only had us gather for games. He didn't get us together what so ever so we could practice and make some attempt at getting better.

    Heck even for the games he didn't have us warm up. My mom had me do that. It was to the point where people thought that she was the coach. So essentially I stood the whole baseball season doing nothing.

  88. straight white anglo-saxon protestant man says:

    funny how a blonde chick has the biggests balls on the table

  89. Aaron ___ says:

    I'm not really listening to you, but rather, I'm  listening for a pause in your noise so that I can say something.

  90. matthew gill says:

    Does anyone else notice how they actually all sound like the article described…… Kids are pussies now….. I don't care if you have any or not….. Can we not agree that we were all at one time children…. So when I see the new workforce popping up…. And I see people whining and crying about their fucking job…. Oh my god….. These people that were kids….. Not that long ago are now having kids….. Do you have think as populations increase…. Parenting skills get better or worse…. The truth of the problem is our parents suck…. Their parents sucked…. If everything is gradually going down hill and becoming more lenient….. It's too easy for us to attack the new generation popping up….. But if they are fucked….. It was your peers…. Who fucked them up directly….or simply allowed someone to fuck them up….. Look how fat kids are getting…… Once. Shitty parenting…… Now imagine what kind of kids THEY will raise….

  91. TerribleTamada says:

    She's equating coddling, to giving a kid a trophy. Kids aren't retarded, they know participation trophies mean jack shit. It's really just another thing people like to get up in arms about when its really a nonissue. It's like the curly hair guy said, it's not like people are getting participation scholarships to swim at UCLA. The people who work hard are still rewarded when push comes to shove when things actually matter like in high school/college.

    Why try to discourage people before then?

  92. Vaclav Haval says:

    Jewish Marxism (which includes Feminism and PC) has convinced all whites that they deserve to be wiped out.

  93. Ron Jeremy says:

    Fuck you grandpa!!!!! That chick is hopeless. It is nice to see her media career taking off as she is on several Utube videos.

  94. Jota Eme says:

    Of course we are a generation of wimps! Just tell the truth to your kids… for fucks sake!

  95. Immortal Mullet says:

    The only wimps are sjw feminazis and white knight not put the rest of the nation in the same category as you cowards.

  96. ytubeanon says:

    wtf is with this crazy huge Gen-Y time span, kids who were born in the 80's are extremely different than those born in like 2002.. what does a 20 year old from 1982 have in common culturally with a newborn in 2002? Kids born after around the mid 90's, maybe with the rise of the internet, are when the trouble started particularly millennials with the trophies, entitlement issues, narcissism, inflated self-worth, distorted reality, etc…

  97. MrAsus3571 says:

    i hope this blows up ive been in debates for two days over a nation of wimps everyone feels the need to tell me im wrong. my daughter came to me and said daddy i got an award today. i said thats great honey what for? i read it and it was for sitting nicely lmao she's in fourth grade! i looked at her and said rip it up because it means absolutely nothing

  98. Pale Feather Valdez says:

    Yes, we have a nation of WIMPS!!!!  A bunch of cry baby wimps………

  99. Pale Feather Valdez says:

    Yeah, well that's life, get use to it & get ready for the real world…..   Especially the males these days, a bunch of wimps (gays explosion)…..

  100. Jevon Jackson says:

    I was born in 1982 i find this a slap in the face. Some are wimps in fact crybabies others are tough driven and understanding. Basically the person that said that is bitter and lame just saying.

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