Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s 3 rules for going into space

If you want to be an astronaut there are three
main things that are important: number one is simple, just physical. How healthy is your body? If you’re going to get on a spaceship and
leave earth then it’s really difficult to go see a doctor or to get to a hospital, and
so we need people to be healthy. Part of that is just a roll of the dice; what
sort of make up is your body? Are you a person with a problem you were born
with? If so then maybe you’re not going to be
an astronaut. Maybe you’re not going to be in the NBA,
maybe you’re not going to be whatever, you are who you are. But given that you have a certain body you
can do a few things obviously: think about what you eat. You get a choice every time you put something
in your mouth, so eat food that’s good for you. And then exercise a little bit. Take the stairs. Don’t drag your bad carry your bag. Walk. Climb. Go for a run. Do something everyday a little bit physical. It doesn’t take much, but if you’re careful
about what you eat and you do a couple physical things everyday, then you’re taking care
of your body. That’s step one. Number two is: flying spaceships is complicated,
it’s technical, and so if NASA is saying “who are we going to pick to be an astronauts”
you want to pick someone who has proven their ability to learn complicated things. You don’t want to pick someone “what you
don’t know how to learn this?” But if you pick someone that has a doctorate
in astrophysics and also repairs their 1955 Thunderbird in their own garage, this is a
person that knows how to do technical things. They can learn complex theory and they can
get in there with their hands and do stuff. So the second part is plan to always be a
student learning complicated things. Try and gain qualifications that show that
you can learn complicated stuff, so plan on an advanced technical university agree. It’s just like your ticket of entry. The third though, we don’t just want to
hire healthy students, the third is can you make good decisions and stick with them, especially
when there’s very high consequence? If something really serious is happening,
are you the person that can make the right call, make the right decision? And that’s a skill. Learning to make decisions is a skill. You can get better at it, or you can always
go, “that’s above my pay grade” or “nah I don’t need to decide that”. You can do that, but then you are not learning
how to actually make a decision and stick with your own convictions. So you can start small; just decide “next
month on the first of the month I am going to do something different with my life.” “I’m going to wear black every day for
the whole month.” “I’m going to do 100 push-ups every day
for the whole month.” “I’m going to read 20 pages of Shakespeare
every month.” “I’m going to learn five words of Japanese
every day this month.” Make a decision; stick with it. By the end of the month you will have changed
you are. And if you choose not to, you will have also
changed who you are, but in some random direction. So learning how to make decisions and stick
with them as the stakes get higher and higher is also something we’re really looking for
in astronaut selection. So those are the three main things: take care
of your body, get advanced complex technical training (preferably to at least a masters
degree at the university level), and make decisions and stick with them, show that you’re
a person that can make the right call when the chips are down, and then hopefully NASA
will give you a call.

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100 Responses

  1. Capikare says:

    Well no going to space for me☹

  2. Stormy Ascent says:

    GEE thanks, I'll keep this in mind next time I go to space.

  3. True Tech says:

    We should simplify space travel, and we can do so by designing A.I. and automation to higher standards demonstrated, than with Hal2000 back in the olden days.

  4. This ZaGX says:

    4. Not a Flat-Earther

    5. Not lying.

  5. Perry Padgett says:

    What happens when I have all three.

  6. Gameriffic says:

    This video should he titles "you probably aren't going to space but that's ok because space is scary"

  7. djdkdshlg says:

    Praise Lord Chris

  8. Freelance opportunist says:

    I'm already a pilot, so I'm probably in

  9. PeanutbutterJellyfishSandwich says:

    I was thinking: wouldn't really dark skinned people be better suited for space? My reasoning for this is based on the fact that at Chernobyl there evolved some mold (bacteria?) that have extremely high melanin, protecting them from the high radiation, therefore really dark skinned people should be able to endure space better. Thoughts?

  10. Dan Bee says:

    I wish it was NASA in schools and businesses recruiting for employment rather than military, though that is where pilots are found for flights.
    With a national day of celebration to boast past achievements, maybe that would douse all the past military errors and catastrophic timelines(vietnam/middle east). Perhaps transferring a partition of half our annual budget to new endeavors not just up in space but to just make things happen.
    Anything is possible, space tether attached to the moon since one face is always facing Earth.

  11. Sebastian Elytron says:

    Rule 0 Sign the oath that you will never tell people the truth: Earth is flat

  12. Lionel Hummel says:

    This video is mistitled. The three rules of spacefaring are:

    1) Don't blow up. Anything.
    2) Don't paint yourself into a corner.
    3) Choose your companions with care.

    This video, while good and interesting, pretty much speaks only to #3.

  13. Dangerman5 says:

    The real astronaut training program can be seen here…

  14. Guess Who Am I says:

    Be Castrophobic

  15. Greg Sherman says:

    Passion, discipline, opportunity.

  16. busta says:

    Be a government shill

  17. Al M says:

    The three things you really need are a rocket, a picture of the moon so you know where to fly to and a big golf umbrella you can use as a parachute for coming home.

  18. Oc Boi says:


  19. ThePreciseMoment says:

    Great vid, lessons for life, not only for space =]

  20. Amber Phillipson says:

    I love this thanks

  21. Lazer Brainz says:

    At least there’s hope for my kids.. . ?

  22. KryzMasta says:

    Nice. No bullshit about "just set your mind to it and you can do anything you like". Just practical, grounded subjects. I approve.

  23. Steverino says:

    You must be able to get along with all kinds of people, endure confined spaces for extended durations….oh, and drink your own pee.

  24. Silkendrum says:

    Given that most people can't carry out a New Year's resolution, the candidate pool is immediately automatically reduced.

  25. The Mook says:

    basically you have to be awesome.

  26. John Mastroligulano says:

    With the cost & accessibility of non GMO food to the poor I don't really believe 10's of millions of people have a choice nor a choice as to weather they are physically active as many are compartmentalized in inner city dwellings not much better than prison cells slowly being poisoned by the water-air-food & the dwellings themselves unlike how upper class & wealthy people are able to live. We as a people need to use our automated tech to produce the basic staples-necessities for everyone then from there utilize a capitalistic system which always has as it's #1 priority maintaining a basic standard of living from which people may excel. We can have this technological dystopia or we can have a truly stable peaceful environment trying to say we can do both isn't just harmful it's a perpetuation of this dystopia. Trying to utilize our resources which causes pollution in order to build off world or turn space into a "private" enterprise for the oligarchy isn't in humanities interest it's in the interest of parasitic=socio & psychopathic people who are afraid that true transparency in government would see them in jail for a myriad of horrific crimes along with most politicians, lobbyists & all those below them who've been "just following orders" for generations in order to maintain this agenda.

  27. Aria says:

    This guy is the best!!

  28. Mickey Rush says:

    why do all astronauts sound dumber than elon musk when they talk?

  29. pascal maisonneuve says:

    I am Canadian and was so proud of this guy………..I fking liar and a fraud……you never been to space you liar

  30. Jonathan Baez says:

    This is brilliant and well explained. A very simple offer of human perception.

  31. 66 sizzling sausages says:

    1. A complete Liar, 2. A bad actor. 3. A Freemason.

  32. 66 sizzling sausages says:

    Experience with Green Screens and Harnesses essential.

  33. DJ says:

    #4 Come back to Earth, Get on JRE, and be untruthful about what has been seen..

  34. Maddog Mcgruels says:

    I have decided not to eat healthy, do any exercise, continue with my education or be an astronaut….. …..or maybe not I might change my mind.

  35. SJA says:

    We all wanted to be astronauts for that awesome suit with our name embroidered on it.

  36. TJM KRK says:

    I could not be an astronaut. I am too crazy for that, it would drive me nuts for sure.

  37. marksman axis says:

    Shit, I know this guy, he made so many video about space man LoL

  38. Bendy Water says:

    Houston, we have a problem…the earth is flat.

  39. F in the Chat says:

    14 people can't go to space.

  40. John Kessler says:

    I have struggled with making decision and sticking with decisions. That is a good skill to have. Mostly I am scared of making a mistake. I'm sure I will get better at it as I gain experience.

  41. Malthe Sølvholm says:


  42. Flat Earth Fisherman says:


  43. indviduation says:

    Big Think: We don't need astronauts but a better network system between our sister planets and improved semi autonomous vehicles.

  44. Andrew Kelly says:

    I love this gentleman. However, Genetic limitations are an immense source of frustration.

  45. Gama Isora says:

    Only one. You lie

  46. b1aflatoxin says:

    I often see young people asking how to become an astronaut. This video's URL will be a handy reference to share!

  47. Chris Kokolios says:

    I have those 3 but there is a 4 to me severe anxiety and panic attacks so I don’t think I could make it lol

  48. Quantum Douche says:

    One of the finest Astronaut

  49. Leonidas GGG says:

    I could be an Astronaut… I just decided not to (and I am sticking with my decision). lol
    But with all honesty, it is amazing all the requirements you need to meet to become an astronaut, while to be a President all you need is…a Twitter account. 😐

  50. Paul Keating says:

    This is a recruitment video and an obesity warning video in one. This channel is dodgy.

  51. Awakened IntoFreedom says:

    Astronauts have to be excellent liars

  52. rache says:

    1) Lie 2) Hang from a harness in front of a green screen 3) Pretend we live on spinning ball earth

  53. Dina Pramudianti says:

    Thank you, Mr. Hadfield. You're a great man, the third quality inspired me. Yes, I am gonna do it.

  54. Trevor Prather says:

    1. Be able to LIE for money!

  55. 2manyIce says:

    I would add a number four:
    Can you live with people? You're in a spaceship, you can't just walk out until things calm down. And you are a team or you are dead. It is no use to force yourself to just smile and wait for reentry, It maybe months until then. So you have to have a way to live with people (not just along or apart), a way to resolve problems before they get everyone into trouble.

    And as an afterthough:
    Can you tell people back home what space travell really means? (like one canadian astronaut I watched on YouTube)

  56. optimine says:

    I hate to say it, but this man is a professional liar.  We don't live on a globe as proved by the fact that the ocean's surface is flat like all bodies of water are.  The sun and stars move around us, and are not what we are told.  I'm not joking!

  57. Kellie Jones says:

    This is good advice just for life in general ?

  58. jekster says:

    I want to sit down with this man for an hour and have coffee.

  59. RobbieFPV says:

    "Don't drag your bad, carry your bag"

    It's the simple things like these that make ALL the difference. Really.

  60. xeniumoxidmovies says:

    I have a problem with my knees and my biggest dream was allways to become an astronaut. But I also find out early that this will be nearly impossible.
    But does this stop me from working hard towards my goal?
    I say NO! And even if I will not fly to space in my whole life, I aimed for taking the right desicions at all time possible.
    Have a good day!

  61. Victor VonDoom says:

    Another one is to be a nice easy-going person who is easy to work with and get along with and is not a dick. Every single astronaut I have ever seen seems to fall into this category, no matter what their nationality.

  62. NEY Industries says:

    The only way for me to become an astronaut will be building a rocket in my garage.
    I'm not from a country that launches astronauts. 🙂

  63. Justin Good says:

    “Plan to always be a student”

  64. deep mystic says:

    Good at lying
    Good acting skills

  65. Matthew Boi says:

    I'm 14 and I want to learn more about space. But I'm not good at math and science. 🙁

  66. Doughnut’s Trucking says:

    What about being a cosmonaut

  67. Brandon HY Kwon says:

    where do you train because i don't know where the hell you train

  68. The Garden of Eatin says:

    I'm a cheeseburger eating fatass with a weird foot, a community college dropout, but I've got the third thing. After I went to aviation mechanic school and saw how negligent the entire goddamn industry is, I've chosen to stay my ass on the ground. I used to want to be an astronaut, but I don't trust aeronautical engineers or policy makers to get it right and either complete the mission or kill me; they'll just find some way of pulling my eyes out and bending my fingers the wrong way.

  69. steve says:

    4. Lie through your teeth.

  70. olivier k says:

    Askew mustache

  71. Rochmustang says:

    Three rules for going into "space". 1) You need to be a freemason. 2) You need to be a great liar and deceiver. And 3) You need to know how to scuba dive. Lol

  72. k says:

    No fat asses in space

  73. Decidous says:

    If you don't have 20/20 vision you won't be an astronaut anyway.

  74. Weyoun Six says:

    listen to this man speak, and you learn

  75. LBMshall says:

    so basically 99% of the planet is fucked then Chris!! because of basic infrastructure of a fucking planet that you guys are looking for!!! no mate we didn't all go to where ever it was you went, but we're not all stupid, it's fucked pal and getting of it ain't gonna solve anything!! you ain't going no where sunbeam!! It's for the cause!! X

  76. Eo Lew says:

    guess robot astronauts r preferred in exoplanet colonies?they r sturdy &steady,just factory reset or renew some hardware if needed,cheaper than psychiatrists&dentists,that's why remote control & data communication major hot these days?feel more&moredescriminated bing just human

  77. MiniPiggyRage says:

    Ill be an astronaut one day

  78. Tom Marsh says:

    He forgets one, at the National Association of Space Actors, you have to be a good actor.

  79. Eduardo Candeias says:

    Yes sir!

  80. GenericGeorge says:

    Guessing someone with a thyroid problem that takes pills for it daily won't be able to go to the space station.

  81. FZ Mac says:

    He's like my favorite astronaut

  82. Szymon Mijal says:

    First thing and I know I'm not gonna be an astronaut 😀 But the world we're living in gives us many opportunities to find something else you'll love to do.

  83. Amir Bright says:

    If you are Russian you are screwed! Some interesting ideas, especially the point about changing yourself, unfortunately (while you can be a cosmonaut if you are Russian, it's nearly impossible for the rest of us outside the US or Russia to even dream of going to space.

  84. Ismail Oguz says:

    He is just an ordinary person. Nothing special. Anyone without a serious health problem can be an astronaut.

  85. 420 Blaze Master says:

    Chris Tanfield

  86. Sam Goo says:

    I'm still young, so googling how to become an astronaut actually works.

  87. Jacob Serrano says:

    Triggered and moronic flat-earthers that need return to high school, are the dead weight of humanity.

    It’s time to reform, restructure, and reinvest in our educational system so that we produce productive members of society that can compete globally.

  88. Satyam Shukla says:

    This is most important for going to the space and what education for going to the space and physical, education,……..

  89. Maimun Mohamud Hassan says:

    Am fowziya from kenya my dream is to be an astronaut but not that good at maths do I Have to quit this career plz advise me bcoz I face a lot of difficulties

  90. Sanjay Music Tarapur says:

    What is education requirement for astronauts.

  91. shakyadita sonawane says:

    You are the only person who give right information very easily .I understand completely what you are best person who give direction to my life.thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoOooooooOooooooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  92. Daniel Lavoiser says:

    I really want to become an astronaut I'll follow those rules

  93. kari diaz says:

    Yesss! <3

  94. Uttam Kumar Das says:

    I am fully determined that I will be an astronaut .but I am an Indian . what I will do

  95. Mritunjai Sinha says:

    I want to become an astronaut and space scientist in NASA

  96. البيك اموحمد وال اموحمد Pat says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته سلام هلو يابطل الفضاء نا افهم من كالمك بس ل اشارة لنة ماافهم لقتكم الانجليزية بس افهم واللغات العربية انا افهم كلمك من خلال ل اشرة بس وانا اهتم وأحب الفضاء الخارجي للمعلمين في الفضاء الخارجي بل اخص احب كل لحلقات من رحلتك في الفضاء وان ماافهم القاتكم االانجليزية انا من اشد متابعينك في العالم لانة اليوم العلم عندكم.تاتطور في لعلم انتكم العاملين في الفضاء لاكن انتم لاى اتهتمون بي دينكم الانة نحن المسلامين عندنا اهم شي في حياتنا هوة الدين الدين الله الواحد احد الله هوة واحد احد لاى عيس ليسوع الله بل عيسى يسوع هوة انبي الله بعث هودة لى المسيحين لاكن انتم الااجانب المسيحين لاى تبحثون عن الدينكم الصحيح ولاى اتهتمون بي دينكم و نحن للمسلمين عندنا عيسى يسوع هوة انبي وعندنا الدليل في كتاب المقدس و ا آلله بعثة هودى لى المسيحين لاكن انتم لاى اتهتمون بي دينكم بل عندكم الحيات الدنية هية ل اهم من الدينكم الصحيح ارجو من حضرتك تدقاق و انقرة الرسله لي بعثهة لاك انتة شخصين لانة انا من اشد متابعينك بل اخص في العالم لحصرين وسنتضر اخباركم في كل واقت عبرة التواصل الاجتماعي على النترنيت ين ماتكون في العالم لاى تعصب ولاى تقضب من ماكتبتة في الرساله ادزتهة لى حضرتك انت شخصين وتحياتي الك وسلامو تحيت السلام لكم ين ماتكون يا بطل الفضاء الخارجي

  97. Ragingpotato21 says:

    Just had my dreams crushed by someone I look up to because I’m a diabetic ?

  98. Keara Rose says:

    Finally some one thinks I could be an astronaut just wait -kira

  99. Mesa3077Boogie says:

    Astronauts only make 100k? For all that, no thanks

  100. allpeoplefreepeople says:

    Join a secret society… You must be able to keep secrets…

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