AUDIENCE REACTION: Moviegoers give “Death of a Nation” rare “A” rating

Gabriel: I cannot wait
to see “Death of a Nation.” D’Souza: Get out there,
see the movie.[Crowd cheering]Diamond: Oh, the Democratic Party
has a lot of explaining to do. The movie was phenomenal.
We want you all to go see it. Falwell: Dinesh is really to be congratulated
for exposing the true history of our country. Clarke: It’s powerful and it’s inspiring. Moviegoer: Young people have to see this
movie because “Death of a Nation” will help young people really get
out and promote America and what America stands for. Trump: We have an incredible
opportunity to right the course of this country, to bring this country back
on a track that it has long strayed from. That’s what we have to do. That’s
what we have to do in November. Harris: I think the black community
and the Hispanic community definitely need to see “Death of
a Nation” just to make sure that they have a deeper
understanding of the roots of the Democrat Party and
the Republican Party. Moviegoer: “Death of a Nation” is a
must-see for every American. It’s brilliant. Norman: No matter what your party
affiliation is or what you believe, this is really accessible and there’s
going to be something in this movie that everybody’s going
to be able to take away. Moviegoer: The children of America should
definitely see “Death of a Nation” because they are not being
told the truth in school. Trump: Dinesh, I want to thank
you very much for doing this. Thank you very much for having
me here. Incredible work. I look forward to seeing
it over and over. Tatum: I think everybody around the
world should see “Death of a Nation.” It is a great film. It’s inspiring to all
people in America, no matter if you’re black, you’re white,
you’re young or old, you can get something from this
film, and it’s not just mindless entertainment, but it is something
that you can be educated on that you can then inspire and
pass it on to somebody else. Narrator: “Death of a Nation” Voiceover: It is now up to us to save America a second time. Narrator: Now playing in theaters.

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100 Responses

  1. Franklyn Gibbons says:


  2. Olde Belle says:

    Loved this movie !!!!

  3. Vincent Knight says:

    This video is Triumph of the will for youtube generation lmaoooo edited footage of right wing morons

  4. joshua mitchell says:

    We love us some D

  5. david r says:

    TRUTH matters!

  6. Bookie says:

    Yea .. you people who like this stuff are morons… When whites become a minority you will be voted out of existence.

  7. Carl Love says:

    I saw this movie yesterday and it was awesome!!! I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD.

  8. Jim Jones says:

    I am going to see it – Tomorrow

  9. Him Again says:

    Great movie, very informative, and reinforces much of what I thought about of the state of the country at the moment. One big take away is the belief that if a lie is told over and over, especially when the narratives are given a boost by many in the media after a while the low information or ill informed will believe that false narratives.

    I watched the movie over the weekend. This was in a city of about 100,000 where democrats out number Republicans by about 3 to 1. Only one theater carried the film with limited showings. I arrived with ten minutes to spare because I truly thought that very few people would attend the movie and this respective area. Boy was I in for a surprise, I'm lucky I managed to find a seat in the theater practically on the floor right in front of the screen LOL. At the end of the movie everyone in the theater cheered the film. It was a fantastic film with which a lot of research and investigation and fact-finding went into it, great movie!

  10. Gary Daniel says:

    In his talk with Stefan Malinoeux, or whatever his name is, They talked about many untruths. His take on the Civil War is way off base. He claims Democrats formed the KKK. It wasn't a political organization. No Republicans of course. No Black people of course. It was for ex Confederates and had nothing to do with politics or race. What happened after that is completely different then who founded it and was the first head guy. This guy has got a fast and loose approach to those topics I hope he is better with other parts. He hasn't a clue about the American Civil War.

  11. 123kkambiz says:

    We want immigrants like Dinesh D'Souza not useless immigrants from shithole countries like somalia sudanese saudi arabia kuwait UAE and other islamic terrorists countries

  12. Gary Higgins says:

    I am really pleased to see Donald Trump Jr there. This tells me his father President had heard about and most likely seen it also. The President did his job well he UNLEASHED Denish D'Souza. Thank you Denish and you Mr. President job well done.

  13. Gary Higgins says:

    Just seen it had to wait for the next movie they wete already sold out. Great movie so much meat in it have to watch it again just to absorb all the information.

  14. Yasu Al Masih says:

    I saw it and I give AAA plus. It is that good.

  15. tom yosten says:

    You dipshits are the same pathetic crybabies that make comments about Hollywood being evil, filled with pedophiles, blah blah blah….
    Keep ‘me coming though, each and everyone of you mental midgets are hillarious!!!

  16. Debra Connor says:

    This movie was a great movie and follow it up by watching “Hillary’s America”. It is historical and based on historical fact. Be informed…..not misinformed. ??❤️??

  17. transporter78213 says:

    Well done.

  18. Bettie Anton says:

    Mr D'Souza Thank u from the bottom of my heart. U give us hope. May God Bless u and keep u safe. Bettie Anton Marion Iowa

  19. douglas carpenter says:


  20. Christine Sage says:

    Does it address the 800,000 missing U.S. Children X 50 years = 40,000,000 unaccounted for. ..????????

  21. Mediawatcher says:

    Yup a movie totally proves everything, seriously there’s entire articles that debunk everything this movie says, it’s just ridiculous

  22. Yin Yang says:

    jip exposing the truth and giving answers for the Future

  23. Jennifer Harrell says:

    Yes I saw it Sunday and agree!!!

  24. Bob Johnson says:

    Go See The Movie, It's Great!

  25. Jeannette Duette says:

    All people should see this movie!

  26. SKIP says:

    Dinesh 2024

  27. MAGA Matt Bell says:

    Wonder why the movie critics didn't like it

  28. Metrix Cube says:

    Too bad their isn't enough young people seeing it, our generation truly is fucking brainwashed

  29. BleusmommyIsA RedBloodedAmericanWoman says:

    My Sister & I went last Sunday, my Bday, to see it. It was not only one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received (I’m 56) , I was more Proud & definitely more knowledgeable about OUR COUNTRY!
    Thank you Sir , Mr. D’Souza ❣️

  30. Nelda Smith says:

    Dinesh D'Souza: Thank you for being a Patriot Hero to Patriotic American Citizens. I apologize and I am truly sorry for the wrong done to you by evil people who hate Our Country and seek only for their own Elitist power and wealth. I signed many petitions for your freedom while you were wrongly imprisoned, but I am glad to be allowed to apologize to for a great wrong done. God Bless You and May God Bless America and Our President.

  31. Daisy Jane Pink says:

    I've read Gulag Arcapeligo, Mine Kampf, 1984 and then watched Antifa's behaviour all over the world. Now I'm reading The Big Lie. Comparing Democrats to Nazis is only shocking because we're brainwashed not because it's ridiculas.

  32. Vince Moreschi says:

    The Movie Theatre Im going to later to see this movie has multiple "reviews" from liberal left wing publications on its web site. They all slam this production as true liberal progressives. Not a single good thing to say, all very biased, so I'm sure it's gonna be a great show! Sick, what our media has become, disgusting. Cannot wait to see it tomorrow, Good Job Dinesh. Go Trump, keep cleaning up the disgusting swamp.

  33. Roy N. says:

    Dinesh D'souza Hell Yeah, Brother!! True History lives on!! I love Your Work! Thank You, Dinesh! God Bless America!! #Trump/Pence2020 #KAG

  34. Kaboom Coba says:

    I'm here in Alaska. If I can tolerate zero degrees to watch it in a theater near me. You can definitely head to a warm theater to watch it with friends and family. It was worth going to see. You will get educated, from what has been omitted in US history books.

  35. PHILIP WATSON 5 says:


  36. Sarah Tonen says:

    I'm taking my 12 year old stepson to see this!!! We're Canadian our nation was murdered a long time ago

  37. Sarah Tonen says:

    big budget this month, death of a nation and art of the deal, hmmmm, Kraft dinner for lunch?

  38. Francis Devasaranam says:

    Dinesh D'Souza is a true patriot. Everything that he says and does is authentic with no hype. No one can argue with the facts that he presents. He is a great example for the younger generation and for a better America. Proud that he is from my country, India.

  39. Chris Rinaldi says:

    The truth will set you free!!!

  40. Lyn Travis says:

    They should make this movie mandatory in every high school and colleges. Like that's really going to happen lol…..

  41. Gary Kennedy says:

    Leftist critics panning it, audiences love it

  42. Colleen Beavers says:

    I want to see it

  43. Amy Joyce says:

    Dinesh D'Souza for the Nobel Peace Prize!

  44. Joe Fretty says:


  45. Dr. Everything B. Alright says:

    I saw the movie two days ago, then I left the theater and immediately bought his book, The BIG Lie. Both are awesome! I don't care what your color is, this movie will give you the missing piece of the puzzle. Everything makes perfect sense now. I'm more committed than ever to support to support Trump!

  46. UGH ugh says:

    rotten tomato has no creditably anymore. They rated black panther as the the best movie ever made.

  47. Velma Drew says:

    I saw this with my husband and we both gave it a standing ovation!!
    This needs to be shown in schools. Starting in middle school.

  48. Scouter says:

    Couple million of us Canadians wandering how to get the movie eh? You think Justin Trudeau is going to make it easy for us watch it? What we gotta do to see it? Cimb over our Ice Wall and slide down yout way eh.
    BTW you guys actual think you can compete against Canucks in agriculture etc without your 12 million illegals picking your 90% of crops and working for near buckshee wages.?

    We warned Trump about our prime Minister Trudeau telling him that Trudeau was dumber that a whole pack of American Libtards. Trump thought were exaggerating ashe couldn't imagine anyone being that dum. But, by the time he left the meeting Trudeau he undearstood we and been making an understatement.
    Trudeau hasn't even figured out the US labor subsidy scam yet. 15 million illegals picking 90% of US crops.
    However, Trudeau was quick to respond to the US steel tariffs and really stuck it to you poor Yanks and your economy.. He put a big tariff on Maple Syrup?
    Sooner or later Americans are going to discover Obama's speech writer and current chief Libtard spokesman on CNN for Hussien and Hiliray etc is Canadian David Frome.
    Be careful he might be a Shill for the Canadian Maple Syrup industry with its massive 500 seasonal work force.
    How would Americans even know who's working in the Whitehouse? Heck, Obama had a writer from the Moslem Brotherhood on her staff.
    And, we Canadians just figured out it's s US team comedy writers from SNL writing Trudeaus material for him.
    The poor man is so whitless he hasn't twigged it's written for a comedy not national trade policy.)
    MAGA so we Canucks don't have to lay awake at night after night, election after election worrying wither American Libtards Celebs theartening to leave the US Canada really mean it . ?
    Rosie and the like would be locked for hate speech (anything Trudeau does not like) or certified insane a week after she arrived and end up in one of our free, modern, socialist funded mental hospitals. So, how do we get the movie before it's banned in Canada?

  49. john baglio says:

    Yet it gets a 0 on rotten tomatoes lol. What a bunch of lemmings

  50. AuAg Finder says:

    D’Nesh is coming to Buda, TX this Saturday for the Travis County End of Summer Bash! I’m looking forward to seeing him in person.

  51. James P says:

    Thank you Dinesh for shining the light.

  52. frank james says:

    don't be a demoncrap

  53. Donki Kick says:

    Check the critic/audience ratio review score on rotten tomatoes. If that doesn't at least make you think nothing will.

  54. The Cave Beast That Stole Wakanda says:

    I'm gonna go. It's only playin at 1 theater here and start time is 10:20 pm. It looks like availability is being subdued. The schedule isn't very convenient for an employed individual.

  55. Jeromy Zwiers says:

    D'Souza is a Patriot. Thankyou for all you do for America my friend. We are truly lucky to have you here. God Bless

  56. Abel Flores says:

    Instead of giving this a thumbs down, get your a** over there and watch it!

  57. Ava Yu says:

    Great movie!

  58. Mary M says:

    Genius as usual Dinesh! I have been recruiting all of my family to go see your movie! We support you and Trump! God Bless you!

  59. Adam Spivey says:


  60. Ngoc-Hang Nguyen says:

    Great movie, well done

  61. Mhao Yeager says:

    All Conservatives…….I'm crying here

  62. Mhao Yeager says:


  63. Neil Mendoza says:

    Who would think Dinesh as an "Immigrant from India" will educate our derailed citizens from the truth? We need more Dinesh than the Hollywood.

  64. Jan Decker says:

    I want to see this movie but it’s not available in my area, I want everyone to see it

  65. Lynn Link says:

    Looking forward to seeing another great D'Souza movie!

  66. YOCHANAN???? says:

    Ok ignorants focus on the presrnt

  67. Flabius Mabius says:

    Agreed 100% I saw the movie and my sentiments Exactly! Young People! See this MOVIE!!

  68. draco-draco says:

    I lived in Cuba and saw and experienced poverty fist hand perpetrated by the left, communists, socialists etc . Then we came to the US and I was appalled at the poverty here also, perpetrated by who else the left, the Democrats, the democratic socialists, the liberals .

  69. steve hammond says:


  70. Solange Silverman says:

    No offense, but without any hope offered in the title, I really do not care to see anything about America called "Death of a Nation." Even though, I'm sure it is most likely excellent. But words, as you must know, are powerful, and those are not quite the ones I want to use to manifest our collective future. I just find those words to be very off putting.

  71. brian cross says:

    2 much actual history for the leftist zombies.

  72. Nowallthereis says:


  73. ALAN BERENT says:

    I saw D of a N about 3 hours ago. I thought it was heavy handed, overly long, too much patriotic singing but the history was impeccable. I hope Mr. D'Souza makes more movies, but sticks to what he knows best, History. So it does not repeat itself. Cut out the drama and just report facts. Make documentaries. Use actual footage, not staged reenactments. Educate, but don't try to entertain. Leave that to Schindler's List or The Diary of Anne Frank. I enjoy Mr. D'Souza's speeches and debates more than the movie. He has my respect, and I hope he continues to expose the truth, to all generations.IMHO.

  74. Tim Borch says:

    I saw it 7 times.

  75. Alice Lowell says:

    I see, 120 democrats were watching this youtube video, they signed it with a tomb-down! LOL
    Dinesh D'Suza is the best!

  76. Alice Lowell says:

    I can't wait this movie to come to the Canadian theaters!

  77. Junior RM says:

    I'm 15 years old and I've only read read the book can't wait to see the movie.

  78. Laura Jones says:

    Most of those people are Trump supporters. I imagine people who didn't vote for Trump hate this movie.

  79. Michael Newton says:

    ?Death of Nation? Movie is a must see I've seen it twice now !!!!

  80. alitlweird says:

    a nice feature to add to the DVD would be further references. Or even a “pop-up” video feature that includes footnotes.

  81. Richard Trudeau says:

    Hell 2 showing in Detroit today
    They dont want.people to see it.

  82. joshua mitchell says:

    We love us some D

  83. Shrub 1975 says:

    I want to see this desperately, but it is no where to be seen in the UK. Not on Showbox, Netflix nada!!!

  84. God king Jack Lee says:

    I love how rotten tomatoes won’t even give his movie a rating because of what it stands for fuckin idiots

  85. Epifania Nonu says:

    Hi hopefully they show death of a nation here in New Zealand i love to see that movie

  86. Tech4All says:

    It was really good! Anytime IMDB gives a really high rotten score it means you have to go see it! We all know critics are just a bunch of Hollywood social justice warriors

  87. Cheryl Clarke says:

    Exactly the HUGE problem today?kids being taught by lefty educators and not being taught factual history..any wonder why kids today are so screwed up? Remember the saying?THOSE WHO FAIL TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT..SAD

  88. Firsty Lasty says:

    Get ready for the next civil war to DESTROY all POS liberals! It's coming soon…be prepared to fight and DESTROY them!

  89. sassypants chisholm says:

    Cannot wait to see it. I love this man.

  90. ilovedavid says:

    seen it! LOVE it!!

  91. Uncle Ruckus says:

    the KKK was the armed wing of the democrat party
    one of its main jobs was to keep blacks from NOT voting
    but voting for republicans

  92. SHELLBACKS CLUB ? says:

    needs to make this movie more accessible.


    Its the same 2 black guys… the two black men with wigs on in the beginning are the same men shown later.

  94. Eric B says:

    Thank God for this. It's not an inflammatory attack, this movie explains history in a way not a lot of people can. Or choose not to. This is a civil look at what's going on. Without silencing the other side. This is history. These are the facts and we need to get together and have discussions and debates again. We need to heal as a nation of American's who love their country. We need to laugh again. We need to love again. I can tell you exactly how we got here but it's only going to set us back to the hate. We need to grow up and respect each other. Forgive eachother, and understand that we are all in this together and we're going to be together through this. Don't let the ones that want to devide us keep doing so. Forgive and never forget the history of this nation. We've come a long way, and we got a long way to go but we got to do it together.

  95. free thinker says:

    Quick go pay money for this movie, it tells all about the ritch community screwing us?

  96. Sniper Bear says:

    Speaking of….

  97. Dean PD says:

    The death of the Dems will prevent the death of your nation. Meanwhile my nation Australia look like putting our version of the Dems, into power next March. My nation is asleep at the wheel.

  98. Rob Richardson says:

    What a movie!

  99. Foung Vang says:

    Good movie..just watched it

  100. Buliders OTW says:

    TRUMP 2020 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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