Back To School With Budget Cuts – Sequestration Nation

it is the back to school season in
america affirm a student step back to school won’t be as nice as it was in years
previous and here is why will be larger classes they’ll be less
staff will be fewer upgrades you know left computers Lex left books blacks left text books you know all that
stuff last left less as they arrive to school and
the reason for that is because this is the first school year
where the sequester have taken on its full affect yes
America up people don’t think it’s a quest to be a
big deal because it’s not a big deal just a little sequester but that is not
true in and where this will hurt the most folks
is it will hurt the most on military bases as well as the Native American
reservations because they’ve taken direct cuts right so first
for our native folks you know better the of the park Indian Affairs a
lot of money goes out to help pop money into school systems in local rule a native of a Native American school
system the lobby that money has been flashed on top about love depend
discretionary spending that would go to fund you know programs
that do you know schools near base for them school systems near military bases
those programs have been flashed be on that fact gonna be left to dance and head start
I’m as we already know arm and this is going to be bad day
let’s go take a look look look through my little bit deeper on this one so in at Greenbuild Public Schools
district in Michigan the reduction in federal funds to the
eagle has added up to one point $2.6 million this year almost from 1.48
million last year arm and that’s a lot of money
think about that think about it if you pay let’s work out
the map if you pay a teacher let’s say what fifty thousand dollars a
year you’re talking about 20 what do that more than that twenty
teachers that you’re losing 20 jours and that’s a big deal for a small school
system in this happening all across the country they surveyed 141
superintendent I’m from all 48 states arm and they
basically said that these cuts are going to hurt them this upcoming school year
this is the major problem and it has everything to the back
Republican the want to play chicken with them the american economy available to check in with our young
people and you know I gotta tell you folks it’s wrong long wrong officially wrong
to play chicken with america’s future you can talk about wanting prosperity
wanting to not leave our catalog is dead and want to give our kids this great
American Dream you could say that but they don’t mean it that they meant
they were Burgess the cost when it comes to education cuts where well home

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7 Responses

  1. shatley123 says:

    Meanwhile were happy to spend more money on war with Syria

  2. i Granot says:

    The GOP has a bigger agenda. Many of them want to eliminate the Department of Education, eliminate Pell grants, and penalize defaulting college grads who can't find jobs in this economy. I'm convinced they want the bottom 30% of America to just die or become servants to the corporate controlled state. We can all be indentured servants with no rights.

  3. godonlyknows13 says:

    Educating our young people is one area where it is okay to spend a little extra. Having new, up to date text books, having access to a well stocked library and physical activity areas, these are all things that can only ever be beneficial to our children. Yet instead of hashing out a little extra for education, the budget gets cut over and over again.

  4. The Fowler Show says:

    Thank you!

  5. The Fowler Show says:

    You got that right!

  6. Erik S says:

    Mr. Fowler they do care about there own spoiled little rich kids that's what they consider Americas future they can shove it!

  7. Meredith Choate says:

    In my school (this is our first year with the new budget), we lost teachers, librarians, guidance councilors, our clubs, and paper. We don't have enough money for paper to print on. We almost lost my science research class but my teacher found a loophole and worked really hard for us to keep it, but they slashed 65 percent of that budget also. (for experiments and such). I

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