BALDI’S BASICS IN MINECRAFT 3! (Official) Baldi Minecraft Animation Horror Game

[CreamWorks Animation] No hitting dislike buttons in the halls hit the like button or detention for you Alright, let’s see what Mr. Principal dropped. Oh It looks like another notebook. Haha. We just found a notebook. We just found a notebook. We just found a notebook Wonder What’s Inside Well, this is strange the notebook is completely empty and no Baldi Come on out Baldi. I know you’re in here. Just dying to ask me more math questions Wow, I guess no one’s home. Okay. Well that takes care of that I don’t care what the principal says I ain’t gonna stay in detention another second Wait a minute. I don’t remember seeing this portal here. And where is everyone? Huh wonder where it leads to pulling one way to find out and this may not be the actual exit but it’s an exit anyway Oh This leads directly back to my house I’ll never go back to that school again. Glad I’m out. I wait I should probably destroy this portal So those psychos can’t follow me here All right, that should do it It was only a nightmare. there’s no way.. No Baldi, but what is this here? I know every portal you open. That’s a bit creepy You can’t be serious Yep, I’m dreaming again. This is just a nightmare! Baldi’s not really here. I’m gonna wake up any second Any second now, yep I’ll count to five and then I’ll wake up one *weird slender static noises* No, no, no, no this can’t be happening. I destroyed the portal This portal is where everyone seems to be coming from let’s see where it leads to oh My god you guys came through the portal before I did Well, that means no escaping detention in the house. We’re coming for you. Oh heck No, you’ll have to catch me first I think I lost them they are getting me again So you think you could win this one, huh, do you have any idea where you are I don’t care where we are. Your buttocks has a date with my ruler Not this time Baldi. This isn’t the schoolhouse anymore Welcome to my world Punk *baldi and steve’s fighting montage* Playtime: I Wanna Play With Someone 😀 Oh you want to play do you hear let’s play You guys should have stayed in school This is your school bus driver speaking! Keep your Hands and Feet Inside the Bus at all times! School is now in session Now to make sure they never come back That takes care of that Now that was fun, thanks for watching Do you think it’s over hit the like button to see more subscribe with notifications on and comment below what you want to see next? You guys are awesome. Thanks for the support and I’ll see you in the next one Subscribe to FuturisticHub and FreddyYesDoraNo VGCP (Hey That’s Me)

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  1. FuturisticHub says:

    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy the THIRD video of the series! Don't miss the epic STEVE VS BALDI in this video! Comment below what you want to see next and pay close attention to the video I have some "easter eggs and hints" you might want to see. HIT LIKE IT HELPS! and subscribe with Notifications on! Just turn the bell icon ON so you know when I upload another video! Thanks for the support, I love you guys and ill see you soon!!

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  4. reven, starfire Kelly says:

    2:05 is like where he sings

  5. reven, starfire Kelly says:

    No i said 2:05 is the scariest part

  6. Antionette Nimmons says:


  7. Abdullah Habib says:

    Sonic and flash vs granny

  8. Daniel Hove-Henriksen says:

    Send Herobrine or Peter Pen to boldy & i love your videos

  9. Nelly Gaming says:

    I FOUND THIS 6:10

  10. •Crystal Babie• says:

    What’s up with baldi!

  11. baby venom freddy Fazbear says:

    Is video is so Cool!!!!

  12. Itidal Agha says:

    hey Steve I will like but I already subscribed can you get a green staff please

  13. Cashton Gaming says:

    Make ROBLOX vs baldi

  14. Cashton Gaming says:

    I saw herobrines girl friend and she saw baldi basics and learning

  15. campos says:

    You are sooooooooooooo funny I love how you did all of this

  16. campos says:

    I love the music ? that you put on the back of the fight sooo funny ?

  17. campos says:

    Steve: This isn’t the school house any more welcome to my world PUNK!!!!!!!!

  18. muhluri Mathye says:

    Great video I subscribe

  19. Sky Blu and Arrow’s World of Sillyness! says:

    No you don’t have any time for you r ql

  20. Ogeay Baz Mangal says:

    best vidio in the world

  21. Captain America The first avenger ever! says:

    @FutuisticHub you make my day!

  22. MechaGodzilla Studios says:

    2:50 Another prime example of Baldi.EXE

  23. Josim Amation TV says:

    Steve : Welcome. To My World Hulk. Do You Wanna Play Ok. Let's Play. You Wanna Play Huh??
    Playtime: I Wanna Play With Someone

  24. Josim Amation TV says:

    Hey Guys The Field Trip Day is Ready Click The Like Button and Subscribe For Videos Guys Is Ready l Will Angry or Happy To You Click Beblow.. and Comments Too… Bye!! thanks!!

  25. Aileen Williams says:

    Please make part four?????????????????

  26. The Purple Porcupine says:

    4:23 when things get MID-AIR

  27. [WUT] Michael Gates says:

    4:06 – The best fight I've seen! This reminds me of Smash Bros. SOOO much!

  28. GalaxyGirlGamerRoblox Pro says:

    Nice wand you got there Great Job on the video

  29. gameinator says:

    i like the music at 4:25

  30. Scarlet Furiosa says:

    H h bbtgyvhgfuj j6jy gyju m 6 ur greyhound fyb*
    Trhgr hgtg4etey even a etime by eyeyeyeyey Exeter be Tegucigalpa

    BI tFgeetv

  31. nerf neo says:

    What was the music

  32. Armaans Gaming Hub lightning Play with me says:

    0:14 haha. i got a notebook ??

  33. Ricardo Gutierrez Madrid says:

    That baldi is creppy

  34. Angelito Chavez says:

    You should make another Video cuz I like your Videos and Baldi and mister School is amazing I like the videos and the character are named are Baldi Principle playtime 1st prize and arts and Crafters and Cloudy copter and the most and important of all. FYI name 2. I like the videos the awesome ?

  35. Angelito Chavez says:

    You should make. Monster school next to Do. Bottle Flip cuz it’s amazing ??????????

  36. Lily Pacheco says:

    F A C E R E V E L

  37. nerf neo says:

    4:28 tho

  38. Fandah Alhadi says:

    من كة

  39. bunny tube says:

    Yes its over

  40. Rey yael says:

    Please do baldis basics vs egg man

  41. Fili Flores says:

    Put killer bean vs granny

  42. Soulynyan YT says:

    Can i ask u something are u sexaul to animal if u are well it wrong

  43. Kesahavan thasamy says:

    What is your name

  44. Queen Bhelu says:

    You don't have a notebook you don't have a notebook! Be careful! Baldi is coming!

  45. Alexei Zautsev says:

    Делайте фильмы на русском

  46. Lily Goldie says:

    You saw blue's cluescomes up at 1 in the morning at night for kids seriously that's bad about the recorded the TV people are crepe crazy

  47. shawn burkhardt says:

    omg it was creepy when baldis eyes were did his eyes get red

  48. Ayden Allen says:

    You can't put me I'm detenshin you dummy

  49. Dameeka Jones says:

    Hi there

  50. Diana Rodriguez says:

    Are you are you do you do you have a phone

  51. baldi correia says:

    Steve VS BALDI HORROR OF The game

  52. Henry cruz Bedolla volg says:

    In the 25 logan vs ksi

  53. Hellen Gebrekidan says:


  54. Ashley Rachel says:

    We just found a notebook. Is that a Blues Clues reference. Wow Steve good one buddy.

  55. Ashley Rachel says:

    Whoa. Awesome ?.

  56. sumadi sapari says:

    Wow that's funny and can you do a dare video here how to play 1 a lot of people 2 people say like this I dare you eat cake and you eat cake?

  57. Blue Gamer11 says:

    Why did it say made by creamworks?

  58. James Conner says:

    Part 4

  59. MS - 06ZZ - Ross Drive PS (1419) says:


  60. Caleb Crews says:

    2:44 selender man

  61. Caleb Crews says:

    3:35 that’s what my bother do sometimes

  62. fire ant plays says:


  63. Lorenzo Hodge says:

    Baldi does'ent hite you in your ass he just murders you whit his ruler

  64. GalaxyLailacookie Pop says:

    Hi I really LOVE your videos I watch them every day can you please make a part five of Baldi versus Herobrine and please give me a shout out?

  65. Draw and create stuff with Milly says:

    Steve is the BEST hero ever

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  67. S.M Fahad says:

    Hey Steve this is Ahsan Rasa speaking I have a question to tell you
    Are you a superman?

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  69. gab 123 says:

    Iove it.

  70. Vijay Bhatia says:

    Hey,can you make part4?

  71. brando contigo says:

    i like your songs were did you get that

  72. Oskaras Jis says:


  73. Tomas Aponte says:


  74. kevin Perez says:

    Badi have I ever have a go out and everything I

  75. DaidaiSoCool Sonic says:

    Steve please send sonic and me to baldi's basicss

  76. Pluto the planet says:

    Yey,the nightmare is gone ????

  77. Portal Master Mayville says:

    Epic ending

  78. iTrxyHD says:

    It literally hit him

  79. suyen fang says:

    I Love Your Videos Your The Best YouTuber In The World My Channel Is Called J'quan Channel
    Steve You Are The Best You Guy's Better Like And Subscribe To Steve Or Els Baldi Is Ganna Get You
    OMG!!!!!!!! Baldi's So Not Scary Minecraft Vs Baldi's Basic's Minecraft Will Win In This Round
    No Way Hozey Steve Vs Baldi
    This Is Baldi
    ? Love You Guy's So Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Zoo Wee Mama
    Peas Out

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    Great job hashtag rip baldi

  82. Lynn Garrett says:

    I liked it principle

  83. ashley roberts says:

    Baldi dont care about nothing

  84. A Cat Fan That Has No Headphones says:

    When the principal said “no disliking in the halls hit the like button or detention for you” I liked the video (I’m a good student I enjoyed this video anyway)

  85. Shalonda Gonzalez says:

    He singing blues clues song

  86. Itsjustkayli ward kayli gacha says:

    Ummmm bye

  87. داري الجنه says:

    When is baldi 4

  88. LILBeam says:

    i subbed

  89. Ryder Vaughn says:

    Steve V.S…
    Baldi,Principal a thing,and Playtime

  90. Sultan Din says:

    Wow cool fight

  91. Katie Marino says:

    your the best pis make a part 3

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  93. Itsjustkayli ward kayli gacha says:

    0:09 koko

  94. Itsjustkayli ward kayli gacha says:

    1:59 that's koko tooo

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  96. Liam King says:

    1:17 footprints so baldi and his gang did go through the portal.

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  98. داري الجنه says:

    Baldi sucks right leave like

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