Betsy DeVos Has A Very Good Reason To Fear Grizzly Bears

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  1. Caleb Suazo says:


  2. Archer Sterling says:

    The swamps getting murkier.

  3. Alex Smith says:

    Id smash

  4. SLASHISMYHOMMIE 818 says:

    if you want to say some "liberal blah blah blah" to this video, all I gotta say is take a drink of your stupid juice again and stop talking please

  5. gt3rs says:

    congratulations, you played yourself.

  6. Rod Jubair says:

    The new swamp is nuts

  7. DagobertX2 says:

    Well, at least she didn't said, because of sharks 😀

  8. MrIDox MyFansFTW says:


  9. vAstrozh says:

    I know I only have one video uploaded but trust me I'm going to start uploading some pretty sick content! Please sub to me and give me a chance! Please

  10. F. Sebastian Domene says:

    I am so glad Betsy DeVos is going to be the next secretary of education. Finally I will be able to go to school every day without having to worry about those pesky grizzly bears all the time.

  11. MultiRayman98 says:

    In honor of YouTube cut Hillary an trump with a glowing knife

  12. Lauren Told says:


  13. Flame Beats says:

    That's stupid. Grizzly bears shouldn't be a problem unless the school is literally in the woods… I own an AK-47 and Ruger SR9c btw so don't call me a liberal. I'm closest to libertarian. pro-gun, pro-choice, pro-freedom.

  14. James Tatum says:

    we don't have grizzly bears in the hood b**

  15. Buenomars says:

    …bear arms…

  16. Claudia Erkeloing says:

    Jimmy Kimmel emotional Parties.

  17. Geesedude says:

    This is why having billionaires (and in her case, not even self made, but inherited) in cabinet positions isn't what trump supporters mistakenly believe as "having the best" group of people in the cabinet. They're out of touch with reality and don't understand the core issues (or even understanding the purpose of a question related to it) facing Americans today. Equating having a lot of money with intelligence and aptitude is as dumb as those that believe that to be so.

  18. Floppy Bird says:

    and they say (FemiNatzi) more women politicians are needed
    i say, we need more real high educated politicians who know what to do no matter if they have penis or a vagina

  19. Swordterranean40 says:

    She's more air-headed than Sarah Palin!

  20. FlOoPa13 says:

    Stupid white people! haha

  21. Spore6001 says:

    Thank God for Betsy DeVos. Now the children of America can sleep soundly, knowing, that they will no longer be in danger from bear attacks when they go to school.

  22. Dymez says:

    Trump and the Swamp Crew. Oh boy, this is gonna be a disastrous 4 years. Facepalm

  23. GENIUS316 says:

    She is so dumb

  24. GENIUS316 says:

    So glad I'm graduating before she does anything.

  25. Rolling ace says:

    hahaha this country's fate is sealed hahahahahahahaha ….. sobs uncontrollably

  26. CrimsonTide says:

    She's there because her family has given 200 million dollars to the GOP over the years

  27. pop5678eye says:

    Suppose there is a group of people who, when pointed out that their beliefs are dangerous, get upset and threaten you to the point of death that you must shut up, and submit to their beliefs. Is this group a. Islamic terrorists? b. American gun nuts. (hint: this is not an 'or' question)

  28. Awagel says:

    I lost it when that bear fired up them guns hahahaha

  29. columbuzz says:

    she referred to a school (that has a bear fence) and Liberals are saying. schoolS. That is a big disconnect and out of context

  30. 0_0 says:

    Wait I'm confused. Is she secretary of education now or do they still have to decide and when

  31. GamingWillis says:


  32. J B says:

    Turns out the school she mentioned does not have guns anyway, so she was even wrong on that. It does have pepper spray, so the kids can rest easy.

  33. Isaiah Quidilla says:

    Why not do the easy thing and just build a wall around schools and make the bears pay for it?

  34. Derek says:

    when betsy devos said grizzlies, that woman behind her, her face was priceless lol…..

  35. Mara Rodriguez says:

    Know thee rich lady is a moro

  36. Mara Rodriguez says:

    She believes in having a bible and a gun. Hoe about that. Religious fanatic.

  37. Ms_Maria99 says:

    Never thought I'd say this… but we found someone stupider than Sarah Palin.

  38. In Lucem says:

    I agree with Betsey. Those grizzly bears are such a nuisance. One actually tried to teach our class. Like we didn't notice there was a bear in a suit and tie with glasses on.

  39. yopotico says:

    She bought her seat in education

  40. yopotico says:

    Education is screwed now

  41. kwsrchoudhury says:

    Devos is just another Palin

  42. Kerkopes says:

    "Grizzly Bear" is a euphemism for "Radical Islamic Terrorist".

  43. versa55 says:

    Tommy Sotomayor has a utube vid on bears

  44. Thomas Fleig says:

    People criticizing her for this remark are idiots. There are places in this country that aren't in the city, where morons couldn't survive more then a week if the power grid went down. There are schools in places like Alaska, where the threat of a bear attack is real. Typical liberals, living in their own bubble, is the reason Trump got elected. I hope she dismantles the teachers union and the Board of education. It's the reason our country ranks between 17 and 24 among industrialized countries. It's also why many companies get graduates from other countries. Because they want people who actually have an education and not a participation trophy, called a degree

  45. brian mcintyre says:

    Schools should have guns to protect themselves from republicans

  46. brian mcintyre says:

    AMWAY pryamid scam and now our education system the best govt people can buy

  47. ducksoda7 says:

    The only thing that can protect an evil bear with a gun is a good bear with a gun.

  48. hg2 says:

    You smug little New York shits laugh…..

  49. Daniel So says:

    there is no grizzly bear. there is only creepy yucky spider.

  50. antonio volpe says:

    Betsy Ross wants her first name back

  51. Uncle CJ says:

    What a fuckin' disgrace she is!!!!

  52. ~Vashti7~ says:


  53. antonio volpe says:

    she could be my under secretary

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