Big Questions Ep. 8: UNC-Chapel Hill

(Upbeat music) – [Interviewer] What is
the best thing about UNC? – The best thing? That’s
like a deep, philosophical question. Hard to answer. – I would say basketball. – Yeah, basketball. – For sure. – Definitely basketball. – I would say probably basketball. – Carolina basketball.
Go Heels. Final four. – That’s the first thing that
comes to mind, I know right? – Fair enough, fair enough. – C, A, R, O, L, I, N, A. Where you go faster and faster. – C, A, R, O, L, I, N, A! Woo! – Woo! – My personal thing, the best
thing about UNC is that it’s a very diverse school. I came
from a majority white area, community, so as an Asian
person, this is really cool. It’s very new to me. – I don’t go to UNC. – Okay. – But I visit all the time
and I love the fact that it’s super dog friendly. – Dog. So we’ll get
down to these dogs here. – All of my friends. – All of your friends. Good answer. Same? – Yeah. That quality campus life. – That quality campus life.
That quality campus life. What is the worst thing about UNC? – The worst thing is that kids don’t go out on the weeknights, like downtown. – True. Do you? Yeah, no
Tuesday night karaoke. – So, the ranch dressing in
the Ram’s Head dining hall used to be very passing. It
was like a homemade ranch. Disappointingly, in
the past few weeks this ranch has become a globulus mess. It’s sort of reminiscent of a jello that’s been left outside too long. – Maybe because I’m lazy, but
just the distance of going to different buildings across campus. – Yeah. I was going to say the hills. I don’t like walking up the hills. – Too, too, too, too much walking. – One of the prices. You know what I mean? If we get a pitcher, I don’t
want a pitcher for $20. I want a pitcher for eight
bucks. It’s a college town. – Sometimes it’s a little crowded for me. I’m not like a big crowd person. I mean, coming through
especially this area about 12:00. – Danger. – Namely. It’s really, really crowded. – [Interviewer] What does a typical Saturday night look like for you guys? – (laughing) – That’s a great answer – I am engaged, so I cannot go anywhere. – So it would be a date night somewhere, probably in Raleigh. – What are good date night locations? – Where ever she decides
to go. I have no choice. – Good answer. – Just hanging out with friends. That’s pretty legit. Do whatever I want. – Going to parties. – Parties, parties,
where do you tend to go? – The frat court. Something like that. – Perfect. – (laughing) I don’t
know. I stay in a lot. I usually read or listen to music. – Read? Listen to music? – Lie about why I can’t go out to a party. – Do my laundry. – Laundry. Gotta do
laundry, it’s important. What did you write your college
application essay about? – I copy and pasted an application
I had written for a club at my school and turned it
in with my application paper. – I think I wrote about how
education is for some people and other countries and their influence on education for the kids. I
think that’s cool about it. – It is amazing. – I wrote, “Go to hell Duke” upon it. I wrote “Duke” as “D-O-O-K,”
like how people spell it when they’re making fun of Duke. So I think that’s what got me in. – That’ll do it, yeah. – I think I just wrote about my success with being in marching band. – Great. What instrument? – Percussionist. – Nice. – I wrote about, so I
grew up in the Projects. I just wrote how I want
a different environment to how I wanted to achieve
the American dream and get better in life. Something like that. – Amazing, really. – I have absolutely no recollection. – No idea. – I think I did it in like an hour. – Cranked it out. Sent it in. – Said this is good. – It’s because he’s so smart. – I wrote about how I got
detention in high school for eating in class. I painted myself as a martyr for the cause. – For the cause of eating in class? – Yeah, a snack in class. – A snack in class is important. You should be able to snack in class. Any last words? Terrible
things about Duke? Go UNC? – Duke sucks. Go Heels. We’re ready. – We’re ready. – Get into it! – Get into it. – Get into it, and… – And cut the net one more time And the- C, A, R, O, L, I, N, A! Woo. (upbeat music) – If you like this video and
you want to learn more about how the student experience
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16 Responses

  1. Jeramy Botwe says:

    Duke's still better

  2. Aditya Gupta says:

    Absolutely love your videos. Crimson education, you are terrific! *Trump sighs*
    Do a video for NCSU industrial engineering or any of the best colleges for industrial engineering … please!

  3. Katerina Press says:

    Please do Stanford!

  4. jojonjef says:


  5. Nbilo123 says:

    do cornell university!

  6. Ibrahim Jabri says:

    that dude at 3:10 totally smokes weed on Saturdays?
    not "staying in and reading"

  7. H3R0 says:

    Omg tf the black dude in red is my brother

  8. mother abigail says:

    Love the diversity of the school ???

  9. Mya Dyson says:

    That kick at the end was awesome lol

  10. Rene' delaVarre says:

    Used to be a Tarheel fan. Lived in Chapel Hill for 29 years. UNC is now a morally corrupt campus led by overpaid coaches. Apparently, winning games at all costs is worth their reputation. Anything for money. Duke is far better and classier. Their students are also far mature than these UNC students, who at times act as though they are still in diapers.

  11. Emma Grace says:

    You should do one at Virginia Tech!

  12. Khushnood Faraz says:

    Where did they even find these people? The worst thing about UNC is definitely the confederate memorial on campus.

  13. Library Lady says:

    What is the intro music?

  14. Andrew Kertawidjaja says:

    Can you do University of Michigan? Would totally love a Q&A!

  15. Harry Horton says:

    I went to UNC – Chapel Hill 1974-1978, they gave me the best psychologist in the world. Classes were great, teachers from all different sorts of backgrounds. I used to shoot basketball at Woolen gym in the summer. Michael Jordan who came later, Sam Perkins and Kupchek and Jeff Crompton would be in the gym shooting and playing pick up games. I got to shoot with them.

  16. Nikhil Uppal says:

    Georgia Tech please

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