Big text apps for meetings and events and participants interactions

it’s Stefania Conti-Vecchi here for this new episode of the #APPYdays Today, the apps I’m going to show you are
not the most innovative, but I think they might be very useful for you during your meetings
and events. We’re going to see together the big text apps to manage smart communications and an
interesting solution for participants interaction. There are several situations during a conference or a meeting that you cannot speak loudly
and you need a solution for your tablet to display your text as large as possible, filling
the entire screen. Let’s imagine you need a way to remind a speaker of the remaining time for the presentation
or also in a small meeting and you need to tell something to the person sitting far away
from you, maybe on the opposite side of the table without disturbing the other participants. Or if you need a last-minute sign to put on a reception desk or if you are going to welcoming
guests at the airport or picking them up at the hotel, and you need a sign, easy to read
from a distance In all these cases, we might need a big text app I made a selection for you of 4 free apps. Please consider that I am using an iPad but I’ll tell you also if the apps are available
for Android devices as well. First one is “Make It Big” It is easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly. You simply type the text you want to be displayed
on the screen, including emoji, and it’s done. You can change text and background color and font type and if you shake your device your
message start flashing. With “Just Big Text” instead, you can create and save your text for future use
and what I think is nice is that you can send your screens to other members of your team
using text messages, or with Messenger, Facebook, Twitter or any other App on your device that
can accept images. “Card Decks” is a bit more sophisticated and apart from the big text functions we just
mentioned for the previous apps, it can be used in several ways during events, also to
engage participants during sessions. You can use the app to build your own countdown
timer, reminders, It can be used to show your vote or estimation on a certain topic. and if you are the chair of a session on a
conference, you can use the app to show your opinion, or mood, in a simple, non-verbal
way. Or, use the shuffle feature to randomly select
and assign a task to participants, team members, and so on. Don’t forget that using an Apple TV you
can display what you have on your iPad wireless on a big screen, like for example a led TV
or the main or the secondary screen of a conference room. This way your message can be even bigger than
on your mobile device display. No one of these 3 apps is available for Androids but you can find a valid alternative in “Big
Text” It has the same functions of changing text
and background color, that we just saw for the other apps. The nice feature here is the “scrolling
text” option. In case your message is longer than 2 or 3
words you can display it big and make it scroll. Another big text app available on both Apple store and Google play store is Neon
With Neon you don’t have any option to change colors, just because the effect has to be
the one of the neon. Type your text, add emoji if you want and
display it. It’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed shooting it for
you and if there are any topics you feel you would
like me to cover please get in touch with me on Twitter on @contivecchi or @eventprofsedu
or send me an email to [email protected] Thanks for watching and see you soon.

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