Bill Nye: Teaching Evolution? Think Thriller.

If you are a science teacher with a student
whose parents insist that he or she not be exposed to biology, to evolution, I’m not
sure what the rules are.  I know you can—there’s lawsuits pending in a couple of states. 
I get emails every week from the National Council for Science Education, the NCSE, addressing
lawsuits about this issue.   But I guess just let your passion come through. 
It is a hard thing to find a kid who doesn’t love dinosaurs.  There’s probably one,
but I’ve never met him or her.  So I would start there: the ancient dinosaurs are very
much like modern birds, and there’s reasons for that—one thing led to the other.  The other thing I just remind everybody about—to
a lesser extent this guy Alfred Wallace but—Charles Darwin was disciplined.  I mean, he did these
extraordinary experiments, this series of experiments to discover, to understand the
process of change from generation to generation, and this change is all around us.   And the other just really hard thing for people
who haven’t taken time—and this will be a pun—to understand the amount of time involved. 
We live less than a century, a human does, but this process that brought us to be is
billions of years old, and it’s just really hard to get your mind around what that means—billion
years, 65 million years.  And the other thing that’s just out of our
everyday experience as people. . . . We design things and make them.  We decide how big
the piece of paper is.  We decide how large our handwriting is going to be.  Then we
make an organization chart for our corporation and then we hire people.  And it’s top-down,
it’s idea-down.  But evolution doesn’t work that way.  Evolution is bottom-up. 
Evolution is, in the poetic sense, organic, and in the chemical sense, literally organic. 
All these systems emerge, all these living things emerge, and the good ones, the good
designs, eat the bad designs, and so there’s no more bad designs, there’s just good designs. 
Then the designs compete and then they eat each other.  And so you very quickly end
up—people run computer models about this—you very quickly end up with an ecosystem in tuned
species.  It is out of our everyday experience.  It is not top-down.   Although maybe—I will digress on this—maybe
with the social networking that happens now, it is organic, it is bottom-up in another
sense, that this self-organizing system’s come into place.  Let’s all have a flash
mob.  Okay, there’s no manager of flash mobbing, it just emerges.  And if it’s
a stupid flash mob, nobody shows up, so then that one’s eliminated.  If it’s big fun,
like what’s the one everybody likes?  “Thriller,” dancing to “Thriller,” yeah.  Two hundred
people show up to pretend to be Michael Jackson.  Okay, it’s self-organizing is what I’m
going for.  And that’s what evolution is.  The bad designs get eaten by the good ones
and so all you have is good ones.  It happens very fast.  

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100 Responses

  1. rej2001 says:

    If he were really objective he would realize that life has never come from non life. He's be better off going with the Ancient Alien theory.

  2. saxmanchiro says:

    As a high school bio teacher, I have had some parents insist on me removing their teen from the classroom whenever I talk about Evolution. Can't do. To be able to discuss or learn about biology, one must learn about many processes of life, including Natural Selection, into almost every single lesson. Plus, about 30% of the final State exam has questions regarding Evolution and Genetics. These parents do not understand the damage they do. If you are a parent and think it is wrong to teach proper science to your kids, you need to understand that your parenting is wrong on many fronts. You are lying to your kids, ill-preparing them for college or university studies, etc. Why not pull little Johnny out when I teach about other truthes, like photosynthesis, cellular respiration, mitosis/meiosis, chemical bonding rules, DNA structure/replication, Transcription/Translation, RNA and enzymes, causes of cancer, Germ Theory, Cell Theory, Atomic Theory, Endosymbiont Theory, or any other KNOWN process? Why just Evolutionary Theory? Should I teach the Stork Theory to little Johnny when I discuss sexual reproduction? Please do not shackle your kids by refusing them the truth. LIFE EVOLVES!!! If you love your kids, do you not want me to teach them properly and truthfully? Then keep your Theology off of my Biology.

  3. frostghost9 says:

    See this is exactly like what Hitler wanted. To create a supposed master race in which only the few that he approved could live. This is what atheists like Bill Nye and Lawrence Krauss are doing. Lawrence Krauss even said that teaching creationism is child abuse. In other words he would like to forbid it from the world and have everyone believe in evolution, as would Bill Nye. A lot like Hitler isn't it? This is discrimination, serious discrimination that our government has been forcing on us for years now, it's really sad how corrupt society is today. I am a christian and I find it absurd how people today want to rip the very basis that our country was founded upon from the minds of the young and fill them with corrupt lies. It's against the very constitution, every time an atheist denies God, they are defying the constitution and our country, I am not saying that the atheists shouldn't be allowed to believe in evolution, we can let them perish in silence, but banning the teaching of God and only permitting the teaching of evolution, is what I call Hitlerism and complete and utter satanic control. Bill Nye: Teaching Evolution? Think Hitler.

  4. shawn199500 says:

    Entropy is not a factor in biology, never has been.  The laws of thermodynamics refer to energy in a closed system, which the biosphere is not a closed system. Even if it were, the amount quantified entropy loss, compared to energy available supports evolution as having a virtually inexhaustible supply of energy.   Entropy in regard to evolution is a philosophical concept and not scientific argument at all.

    I think the saddest thing is a Christian,or creationist trying to make an argument for fairy-tales with science.  They dust off and drag out the same sad arguments that have been explained and refuted thousands of times.  If they believe in abracadabra as the cause of the natural world; then science is completely lost on them.   They will never accept the fact their god is just another myth,  even with all the evidence of mythical gods that have come and gone throughout history.  Men have always created gods when they couldn't explain something in the natural world. Gods of the gaps have existed for a long time.  The gaps are growing ever smaller, now they exist outside the universe? lol  Soon they may exist outside the multiverse, one thing is certain is it will be a different god by then.

  5. earlysda says:

    Bill Nye said: "The bad designs get eaten by the good ones and so all you have is good ones."
    You can't make this ridiculous stuff up.  Now we have Evolution by digestion!

  6. Matthew Semenuk says:

    He grows, She grows, we all grow together.. you grow, I grow, we grow along each other,.. I know you know we all become better..  you grow, I grow,  we all grow with eachother

  7. Shirt Off says:

    this is what creationists can't wrap their head around.

    in their mind the "earth had to be created for me!! it's perfect for me!! everything is made for me!! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!! I'M THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE UNIVERSE!! GOD LOVES ME!! WHEN I DIE I STILL WON'T DIE I'LL JUST GO TO HEAVEN!!".

    The reality is we came to exist because earth allowed us to.

  8. Antonio Schenale says:

    I find very hard for me understand people that BELIEVE in creationism. There are more than enough evidences that it's wrong and evolutionism is right, but there's no way to convince this dumb people to UNDERSTAND. In my opinion there a big difference between BELIEVING and UNDERSTANDING. And, by the way, religion is something created by humans and managed by them. People, please, inform yourselves before have an opinion!!

  9. aunun ally says:

    WE ARE BABY'S TAKING BABY STEPS do not     do not take this toooo serious someday you learn different 

  10. Daryl Marquez says:

    I made a video about evolution and creationism and it will be a series of videos on how Evolution is proven wrong so please look on my video my channel is Daryl Marquez

  11. Fan Zhou says:

    Bill Nye the noble guy.
    I salute you.

  12. Dražen Popović says:

    "…tuned species…"

  13. Ian M says:

    There are two types of people that do not accept evolution, the seriously deluded by their superstitious beliefs and the those that have just been taught what to think (yes they are the very uneducated)

  14. The Acorn says:

    You can tell Bill is truly sincere about this.  Sometimes you'll hear his voice crack when he realizes our potential and our collective human knowledge.  3:05

  15. Josh Olivas says:

    Its funny how they literally describe dinosaurs in the bible, im pretty sure its job

  16. Ryan Mack says:

    Science can coexist with a belief in a higher power. The wonderful system of evolution was created by something. It just didn't create itself. I actually believe that science is the proof of a higher power. No matter how far you go back…there is always something that can't be explained. The creation of the universe under the most radical theories says that the presence of gravity caused this reaction of sorts and there you have it…the universe is created. My question is…what created the gravity? Then for a system to be created over time (which is purely a human concept as I believe God is above time) which evolves and evolves until you have beautiful skies full of air supporting all forms of life including humans. Only God could create such a masterful piece of work. Evolution is the work of God…evolution and creationism, when taking into account that God has no human limitations of time, are one in the same. God snaps his finger…the universe is created, life is formed, and here we are. What is a finger snap to God is billions of years to us. I embrace all science, I embrace all teaching of evolution, and now I have to go because I am running late to church.

    God bless!

  17. Mon Tage says:

    ±       Nye holds NO EARNED DOCTORAL degrees of any kind.
    ±       He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    ±       Believing Nye’s view on science is like believing Oprah Winfrey on faith.
    ±       He holds NO earned educational credentials of any kind!

  18. Creation Is Right says:

    Look Bill untill you can give me evidence of evolution i stand by this statement. If you are going to use out tax dollars to force darwinism on kids then the christian schools should also be supported by tax dollar.

  19. Creation Is Right says:

    Look Bill untill you can give me evidence of evolution i stand by this statement. If you are going to use out tax dollars to force darwinism on kids then the christian schools should also be supported by tax dollar.

  20. Dexerino says:

    This guy is so just cool … every country should have its own Bill Nye !!!

  21. yerbamatedude says:

    I wanna see this guy on the o'reilley factor 😐 !!!! Hahahah that would be awesome

  22. Giuliano Taverna says:

    In every situation where religion and science are in conflict, (which tends to be all situations) science must take precedent, if that bothers people, well too fucking bad. If they want to argue they'll lose, and if they want to fight they'll lose. 

    Progress is non negotiable. 

  23. FrozzenJuice says:

    Yup, religion is one tough pill to swallow. Like telling a kid santa and friends arent real. That there just therapy to keep the harshness of reality to a dull ache.

  24. Hi my Name is Bob says:

    Look, Bill Nye is a teacher. A science teacher, he wants kids to learn about society and truth with his beliefs. Same said for religious. He want kids to learn biology and wants society to flourish. Can you truthfully tell me that science won't flourish under evolution belief?

    Either ways, freedom of beliefs or religion means nothing. It means war or nothing changing. Bill Bye is not doing this correctly however he's trying. Not to debate evolution vs creationism for himself but for kids. And this is why i respect this guy.

  25. Ryan Mack says:

    Who created the higher power? Nothing…the higher power is Alpha and Omega. We are limited in that we cannot conceive infinite. God forever was and forever will be.

  26. Kevin Day says:

    To not be taught evolution in schools should be criminal. 

  27. Koric TheGreat says:

    If dinosaurs are like birds…do they taste like chicken?

  28. pinga brain says:

    His skin is so damn flawless. 

  29. derek swartzl says:

    I believe we should teach evolution and give evidence both for and against it. This way children can decide for themselves.

  30. Tea Babies says:


  31. Hi Everyone says:

    Here in the UK evolution is accepted as a FACT, taught in any school (except in Islamic schools for girls!).  Is this not the case in the US??

  32. Kanzu999 says:

    Question for all deists and theists:

    You're saying that the universe couldn't have popped out of nothing, so God had to create it. And so the obvious question arises, "What created God?". To that you simply say that God always was and therefore he was never created by anyone. So why couldn't the universe just always have existed? Because if you know enough about the Big Bang, then you should know that the energy was always there. When we say the universe is only 13.8 billion years old, it just means that we're going back until time equals infinity and therefore it doesn't make sense for us to go beyond that.

    We're left with two options:

    1. Either the universe or some multiverse with natural laws always existed.
    2. God has always existed and he created everything.

    Which one is more complex? A universe/multiverse with natural laws or a God that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent?

  33. Atticus Denzil says:

    Idiots that claim they are skeptical and into skepticism, but fanatically defend the evolution THEORY, are not scientists. Simple as that.

  34. HudsonTD777 says:

    Atheist don't exist! nice try!

  35. Murchad99 says:

    Attention: Your children's math teachers are trying to teach your children atheism!

    While good Christians have fought the good fight against the fallacy of evolution in the science classroom, math teachers have been quietly advancing a numerical agenda on impressionable minds. In fact, one theory after another is being taught under the false pretense that it's a demonstrable fact.

    Has your child ever been asked to do calculations above 1 million? Mine was… and when he reminded the teacher that the largest number in the bible is 1 million (2 Chronicles 14:9) and there's no reason to assume you can go any higher than that, this self-righteous philistine tried to make him come after school for tutoring. As though there wasn't enough time in the day to try to fill his head with their false religion of numbers.

    But it's not just arithmetic. Your children are also being taught something called "algebra", which relies on symbols and representations that are highly revered… and appears worryingly similar to the worship of false idols. Not to mention the fact that I've been told it was invented by Muslims. Are we teaching Islam in math class now?

    Take a stand. TEACH THE MATHEMATICAL CONTROVERSY. Present all ideas and theories (2+2=5, 2+3=417) and let the students decide what's true. That's the whole point of school education… to present a bunch of options about complicated academic things, and let the parents decide which one best fits their lifestyle.

    God bless!

  36. Dreadnought O.o says:

    wow…god is a really smart physicist if he sewn all these laws and things in to the universe for us to discover…Kappa

  37. KarbineKyle says:

    Kids, and people of all ages for that matter can be taught creationism. It takes place EVERY SUNDAY. Schools and colleges try to teach us science, churches and Sunday school teaches things that are precisely not that. Bill Nye is trying to help us here! Thank you Bill Nye!

  38. Hi There says:

    Teaching evolution is child abuse.

  39. xander mills says:

    You god loving retards make me laugh, now hurry up, church is in session, you bible thumping dumb shits,it's 2015 we have science, there is no god, so stop praying, cause no ones listening

  40. MethodOx says:

    Bill Nye, Evolution is a theory. A belief. It isn't fact. Stop brain washing your belief system into kids minds.

  41. AppSenence says:

    "One thing lead to the other" – Bill Nye. Evolution summarized to one sentence.

  42. Gary Ryan says:

    This is the closest you can get to a rock . Bill Nye is almost as smart as one . But then he speaks .

  43. Thanatos says:

    If evolution is described as good consuming bad and leaving good, then why is it that mutations always remove good and replace it with a neutral or negative gene? Our autocorrect system will ignore minor errors the same way we can syntax in a sentence. Obviously when the syntax is too messed up we notice a huge effect on the meaning and so it is hurting the integrity of the sentence. By saying evolution removes all bad and replaces it with good, that simply proves then and there that evolution is false. Geneticists will tell you there are only negative and neutral mutations, never good.

    Second, the closing statement that evolution is fast completely contradicts the necessity for millions and billions of years of slow evolution. Evolution has never been witnessed supposedly because it's too slow to watch.

    You say evolution is random like a flash mob, but bad ones just end. Sir, good ones end too. All mobs end.

  44. marcabdera says:

    you can be an inteligent Atheist, Bill Nye is not an example of that.

  45. Martin Ulstein says:

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. The presence of carbon 14 in dinosaur bones means that they are only thousands of years old, not millions. After 150 years old digging and millions of dollars and still not even one missing link. Not even one. Evolution is a religion based on faith, not science. There is no science to back up evolution.. None.

  46. whiskey jack says:

    Bill Nye is the Fucking man.

  47. whiskey jack says:

    Look at all the crazy religious racists posting here lol, I'm impressed you backwards thinking savages figured out dial-up to be honest. You religious people are a plague on this planet, you should not be allowed access to our hospitals, stores, roads, schools or society imo. You don't get to use toilets or soap, you aren't allowed to have a flu shot or a bandaid. You should all be stuck out in the cold asking God for a favor and waiting a long time for an answer. All you do is get in the way of other people who are actually working to better the world by: searching for cures to cancer, developing better education models or any other thing that doesn't include believing in fairy tails. Religion should be quarantined untill it goes extinct, and that in itself will prove the truth of evolution. Albeit too late for the ignorant and unintelligent legions of religion.

  48. R. B. says:


  49. Vaughn Cravens says:

    like his show being canceled

  50. Steve Boggan says:

    "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you." Werner Heisenberg, Father of Quantum Physics

  51. Adruma Victoria says:

    What is the current philosophical
    ideology concerning human existence?
    We need to research on a fundamental
    level in order to answer that question.
    Although we have pursued this theoretically,
    asking, “How did we come to be
    like this?” we have yet to reach a conclusion
    to the questions, “What is a human?
    What is a true human?” All scholars
    and renowned philosophers have pondered
    the question of human existence,
    but they have yet to reach a conclusion.
    “What is a human being? What is the
    origin of humankind?” This question
    still remains unanswered in both evolutionary
    theory and creation theory. It
    has not been brought to a satisfactory
    and settled conclusion.

  52. Bob Blue says:

    I was homeschooled and I was mouth feed a Christian biology program. Once I started attending community College I've come to the realization that the bullshit I learned in my early youth has maned my ability to keep up with the other students in science. Being behind in a subject because of your parents actions is irritating.

  53. LenTiL says:

    Learning about evolution only further strengthened my belief that God exists lol. Too bad most religious people use their religion as an excuse for failure.

  54. Godzilla John says:

    God built an incredible amount of variety into the DNA of every kind of creature He made. Now, this variability allows them to adapt to different—and changing—environments. That is how we get lions, tigers, mountain lions, and house cats—all from the same cat kind!

    But this isn’t evolution: cats remain cats.

    Natural selection results in small changes within a kind. But evolution requires big changes between kinds—but that is never observed.

    Actually, natural selection can delete genetic information. But evolution requires an addition of brand new information—but that has never been observed either! Observational science confirms God’s Word.So don’t think “evolution” when you hear “natural selection.” Nothing about natural selection contradicts God’s Word.

    You see, natural selection explains small-scale changes within the same kind of creature, like different beak sizes in finches. These small changes help organisms survive in changing environments. Evolution claims that these observable small changes within a kind can eventually result in unobserved big changes between kinds.

    Natural selection? It is an observable process. Evolution has never been observed, and never will, because it genetically can’t happen.

  55. Godzilla John says:

    Many evolutionists claim that natural selection is the process that drives fish-to-philosopher evolution. Amoeba-to-architect evolution requires that, over time, living things must add more information to their DNA as they gain new features, abilities, or structures. However, natural selection actually works in the opposite direction of what molecules-to-man evolution requires. It selects from already-existing genetic information, and cannot generate new genetic information.

    God created the original animal kinds with much diversity in their DNA, so that as they reproduced and filled the earth, their descendants were able to adapt to many different environments. Scientists have observed this—animals reproduce “after their kind” (dogs have puppies, cats have kittens, geese have goslings, kangaroos have joeys, etc.). The genetic makeup of some members of a kind is more suitable to certain environments. Natural selection is the process by which animals die out when they don’t have the genetic makeup that allows them to survive in their environment.

    Those animals that survive reproduce more animals like themselves. For example, many animals that live in drier regions of the world are able to gain most of the water they need from the plants they eat. Animals without this ability would have a harder time trying to survive in that region, and would eventually die out. Natural selection is not a process that changes molecules into men over millions of years. Natural selection may bring about a new species of animal, but it cannot generate a new kind of animal.

  56. The Rind of Zayo Da Dong says:

    If you have a problem with your kids learning about proven science then take your kids to catholic school, otherwise stop your bitching.

  57. Andrea Howard says:

    explain to me how you think a big "explosion" put everything on earth. you cannot explain. science is based on senses. but science has yet touch,taste,hear,see or smell the brain. therefore we don't have one according to science. science says the sun is super hot, and they have predictions on what the temp. of what the sun can be but has never been within 50 feet of the sun. therefore their point is invalid based on what scientists base it on. you have never seen a monkey turn into a human. I am not saying all scientists are atheists but majority are. One of the smartest men was a scientists and beloved in God and made a valid point to his teacher. he proved to his teacher scientist perception on things are invalid based on what they say. Scientist have faith on many articles that are put out into the public. Everything that is experimented is really not experimented. so you atheist need to rethink your perception and read the bible .

  58. Hgg Fhh says:

    evolution is a waste of time its useless to everything. a student could learn many other things that are useful. evolution is pointless. let the kids expireriment with things they can see and do real science.

  59. Godzilla John says:

    I write this comment with love,

    Natural Selection Can Natural Selection Cannot
    1. Decrease genetic information. 1. Increase or provide new genetic information.
    2. Allow organisms to survive better in a given environment. 2. Allow organisms to evolve from molecules to man.
    3. Act as a “selector.” 3. Act as an “originator.”
    4. Support creation’s “orchard” of life. 4. Support evolutionary “tree” of life

  60. Pierce Papke says:

    I was an evolutionist for about 8 years, but after looking into the sciences, I have made my decision to not believe it. Yet, I still believe in slight evolution between species, but not in the fact that one cell evolved into all the organisms we see today. Genetics is to complicated for that, and through mutation that would be impossible. What does everyone else think?

  61. l SOLID ICE l says:

    bill nye got killed on Larry KING

  62. CCGG262 says:

    Why say "design" Bill…… why…? You should know better.

  63. Surf_4 says:

    This guy is an idiot.

  64. Kyle Loboda says:

    evolution is stupid

  65. Ray Cadle says:

    *********JESUS CHRIST********* My true inspiration !!!!!!! — There's a fine line between upward rising motion's and downward falling motion's …. Toss an object upward to see it effortlessly enters into a downward falling motion …. Upward rising motion's is molecule's with motion's, downward falling motion's is molecule's without motion's …… All downward falling motion's including Newton's apple ? doe's so from ENERGY LOCK which is trapped molecule's within compounds and solid objects blocking its electrons fire?power becoming motionless. Electrons from trapped molecule's are also motionless but always on high alert , poised for action ! Willing and ready to connect with the earth at the speed of light establishing a downward falling motion's for trapped molecule's object's only ….. On the opposite side upward rising motion's is brilliantly conformed as the ruling force of the universe named ENERGY FLOW with molecule's in motion within raging star flames?, earth gases, birds and balloons, plains and rocket's, even us human's rise from ENERGY FLOW, yes ! The ruling force of the universe. Note ! Jupiter robbed of its downward falling motion's by upward rising gas storm's overriding all surface activity's, Jupiter do not have downward falling motion's, thus no gravity. Visit YOUTUBE SUNLIGHT ELECTRO RAY'S showing planetary orbit's powered by sunlight energy, flow not gravity.

  66. Kittymittens Knit'n says:

    Bill Nye's top sex spectrum consultant at video 1.33 a passion for touching boy's in airport restroom's

  67. the rooster says:

    Here's a thought. If you are wrong you are no longer a teacher but a deceiver.

  68. Fox Moulder says:

    to be fair, all flashmobs are stupid

  69. We will Win yet says:

    Yawn…sorry to have to tell you all this, but Evolution, applied to the origin of "mankind", doesn't really 'hold any water' at all in the purest sense. If you actually believe what science tells us about how our brains work, as well as the relationship between the capabilities of the brain and evolution, you have to believe that we can evolve into a species smarter than us, just like we're smarter than our evolutionary ancestors from millions of years ago. Our 'being smarter' than our evolutionary ancestors has allowed us to interpret things around us in a more advanced manner than those inferior ancestors, whose brains were under-devloped compared to ours. Than means that if we had evolutionary descendants, millions of years from now, who developed brains 'better' than ours, that they would have a more-advanced interpretation of their surroundings than we did. We 'see' evolution, and our ancestors didn't, since our brains are more advanced than theirs. This implies that our descendants, having evolved past us, will 'see' things differently, and more advanced than we do, since their brains will likely be better than ours. If we believe that we know more about the things which influenced our 'primitive' ancestor's existence, we'd need to defer as well to our evolutionary descendants to understand more about our existence.
    This is the fundamental problem with evolution: it's an observation, based on science, engaged-in by a creature of a specific evolutionary state. Advance the evolutionary state of homo sapiens, and evolution disappears, so-to-speak. Of course, apply this principal to hundreds of millions of years of future evolution, and dozens of species advanced past humans, and those distant descendants of ours will laugh at us 'believing' in evolution, since they'll understand our existence and physical surroundings much better than us. This is why evolution makes no sense at all. Why should I 'believe' in evolution, when I should instead at-least 'attempt' to think like an ancestor of mine having evolved past me, who would be able to understand things much better than me?

  70. Kevin Pao says:

    dude bill nye is like sooo weird dude xd

  71. jason sims says:

    As a Christian, considering they dont know the start of life means the science books are incomplete. Why teach something if they don't know how it started? Abiogenesis hasn't been proven and even if they someday did make something living from nonliving, that doesn't mean that that is specifically what happened. Also, they don't know how earth formed because we have never seen a planet form. They can run all the computer programs they want with models and their guesses can be right on the computer but that doesn't make something true. No one knows how earth formed. Im sure people can come up with many different ways it could have happened but their is no proof of how it formed. Evoutionism is a religion. Its the belief that mindless unguided objects wrote programming that wasn't there. Altering whats already there isn't going to write programming that isn't there. Think logically. Your science books are attempting to teach kids that 0+0=1.


    “The simplest known free-living organisms have over a thousand protein-coding genes, each with distinct functional roles. More complex forms of life have at least tenfold more. These genes aren’t performing random, disjointed functions. Quite the opposite. Many of them encode the functionally coherent sets of enzymes needed to carry out the chemistry of cellular metabolism. You don’t need a degree in biochemistry to get a sense of the striking sophistication of these reaction networks.

    Just take a look at

    “The problem for Darwin’s theory is that within the vast sea of possible arrangements of the DNA bases — the As, Cs, Gs, and Ts — sequences that encode these life-supporting metabolic functions are definitely rare. That’s not controversial. Based on my experiments, I’ve made the case that genes encoding working enzymes are exceedingly rare within the space of possibilities: 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion rare: But you don’t need to accept my figure to conclude that life can’t just happen.”

    “Here’s why. For decades, scientists have been synthesizing random DNA in amounts that exceed what individual cells can carry. Testing these large collections of sequences for encoded functions has been done over and over again, and never has this produced anything that can do the work of a single metabolic enzyme. Not even close. So, whatever you make of my measurements, DNA sequences that encode proteins with metabolic functions are definitely rare in this directly observable sense.” – Douglas Axe

  73. Leggir says:

    There are many scientists that started off in their careers as ones who believe firmly in evolution. However it was because of their study in their respective discipline that the idea of evolution can't be reconciled with what they've learned and as a result they've come to believe that life was created. The idea that a good scientist can't believe in creation because he has to be completely neutral isn't really true. For example if you believe in evolution you likely believe that all life started in a primordial soup and every biological thing that is around us is a product of chance and natural selection. A scientist who believes that life was created looks at all the biological life around us and believes that the net seeming natural selection was preprogrammed by someone who had skills similar to the way an engineer designs an airplane to work specifically for a purpose these biological organisms are designed for a specific purpose. Whether you choose to believe that everything happens by chance or dumb luck or whether you believe that somewhere there's a individual who designed the Earth to be inhabited. To be a good scientist, really means observing what is around us and what we can glean from it, regardless of how it came to be.

  74. jason sims says:

    So if the good designs eat the bad designs then how does this produce something new?

  75. druidboy76 says:

    Who do people listen to this shill? He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering. HE ISNT A GOD DAMN SCIENTIST

  76. Jonathan Younger says:

    I have to tell u sir how mad i am at you for coming into our schools and teaching us evolution as fact knowing that it is only just a belief. Jesus is the messiah and is coming back. You are a lier and a cheat.

  77. John Simpson says:

    He uses a lot of words but actually says nothing. Intelligent Design is censored from our schools.

  78. Paranormal Encyclopedia says:

    Religion tells us God created the universe. Science tells us how he did it. Science and religion should co exist peacefully, and here's the great secret for MILLIONS of people they do. The Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox, a lot of main line Protestants… all accept the fact of evolution not to mention most members of other religions (Jews have the same Book of Genesis as Christians, funny they aren't nearly as obsessed with teaching it as science). We've accepted that the Earth goes around the Sun for centuries even though a strict literal interpritation of the Bible says its a flat unmoving circle resting on pillars. Young Earthers should be treated with the same frustrated bemusement we show flat earthers.

  79. Xdefeated says:

    No no evolution and dinosours are just "theory" scientists can't really prove that evolution exist they only have solid facts to prove that evolution is real but still it is a theory something not 100% proven. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

  80. Broken Archetype says:

    Evolutionists like to think that they are actively fighting ignorance, but isn't it ignorant to propagate the idea that all people that do not believe in evolution are young earth creationists? This is a false dichotomy that misrepresents people so as to prejudge and condescend on those who don't accept macroevolution

  81. stanley mumo says:

    There's no evidence that big bang came from nothing, that's an assumption. All creation must have had a creator or designer. Evolution suggests the most complex things in the universe come about by chance, one biologist said even the cell which is the basic unit of a living organism could not have come about by chance, the probability is very minimal.

  82. stanley mumo says:

    The more I think about evolution, the more I realise how improbable it is. Science is telling us that evolution is virtually impossible. We were designed by an intelligent creator.

    Dr Stephen C. Meyer is director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture and a founder both of the intelligent design movement. Dr. Meyer is a Cambridge University-trained philosopher of science, the author of peer-reviewed publications in technical, scientific, philosophical and other books and journals. His signal contribution to ID theory is given most fully in Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, published by HarperOne in June 2009. Meyer earned his Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University for a dissertation on the history of origin of life biology and the methodology of the historical sciences. For more information visit Dr. Meyer's website at:

  83. Xdefeated says:

    Evolution is a lie God is truth.

  84. Matthew Price, Auctioneer & REALTOR says:

    Unfortunately, overgeneralization of a topic allows for more political agenda to be injected into the subject matter. That is what people have a problem with – the overgeneralization and injection of opinion. The earth seeks balance, and so does life. There needs to be a balance in both teaching creationism and evolution whether you like it or not.

    Saying only your side of the farm is the greenest is the first step toward the lack of critical thinking and Tyranny. Why do you think Critical Thinking was a big thing during President 44 and then all of a sudden everyone and their cousin backed off on it?

    Because kids were lobbing questions to teachers about the subject matter critically, and teachers could not answer to the opinion and agenda without ethics violation.

  85. G TV says:

    ill let my child learn evolution…….but ill also allow and reward my child when he or she laughs at it as well!

  86. G TV says:

    here in nj we find evolution to be a bed time story for adults!

  87. Aaron Losky says:

    I love that it’s taught in school, it’s a puzzle piece to the final picture of God , there is a creator.

  88. JESUS SAVES! says:

    Just don’t claim guesses are fact and the problem is settled

  89. kh nak says:

    I am a high school kid! Through one experiment, I though Evolution could step back. So could you explain more detail about it, Professor?

  90. jason sims says:

    Charles Darwin wasn't qualified for this research.

  91. Ultimo Destruct-O says:

    Study shows that kids that are obsessed with dinosaurs are the smartest!

  92. Karl Svatos says:

    It seems apparent that the politics that dominates general religious thinking that fears evolution is steering this fearful public towards a level of ignorance that is encouraged by political minds – ie – keep the public ignorant and fearful and feeding off this ignorance. Any person with half whit can look with a critical eye and learn the truth – if you ask some critical questions…. but if you are kept in ignorance and are fed on BS by the social politics – Religion the Republicans fear mongering of Liberalism … without critical thinking and without much education – or lack of interest in learning and real truths …. who, is caring ? who is benefiting
    follow the funding and the ! the well educated are moving up in the world – the ignorant are staying put.

  93. Karl Pagan says:

    Chinese scientists successfully created human-like monkeys to observe their brains, however their experiments have been slammed as unethical. The research saw the creation of 11 TRANSGENIC monkeys that carried human copies of the MCPH1 gene. MCPH1 is important for brain development and evolution. THE ENGINEERED MONKEYS HAD IMPROVED MEMORY AND COGNITION! Oh look, so creationism is true after all! But it doesn't take a Jewish god to do it, just a team of Chinese guys! AND IT PROVES EVOLUTION! Poor religious retards, this is well and truly the end of your reign of ignorance.

  94. Connie Jennings says:

    Science can not create. Science was created by man. Man is a walking lying evil wicked being. Man lives by flesh. Feelings lie all the time. Man makes errors all the time and changes it mind like it changes what it eats. Money you are getting to spout whatever comes into your head is just another opinion and not fact.

  95. Jillian Smith says:

    Billions of years?  I could do that time standing on my head! 


  96. Jacob says:

    if one doesn't understand evolution or doesn't want to believe that it is a fact, that person must not believe in the existence of super bacteria too,

  97. Seeing Clearly Ministry says:

    This video makes me feel smart for not believing in evolution

  98. Seeing Clearly Ministry says:

    Maybe these flaws in the evolution myth are a good reason to oppose teaching evolution

  99. Dan Jakeway says:

    Mister Nye: how would you prefer the high pressure nozzles for jet aircraft be designed? By an engineer carefully calculating and anticipating natural error within simulations of the very mind and with high technology, or by throwing enough random particles into a random machine survival thing until someone arbitrarily says, "Good enough."? I ask, because it's claimed you have a Mechanical Engineering degree and worked for Boeing. By any chance, are you a spy who was sent to indoctrinate engineers to rob them of their salvation to look cool by comparison? Is Ken Ham the false choice alternative of crap chucking ape also from Hell?

  100. Dan Jakeway says:

    Rafiki, in the circle of life…are you the manure fertilizing the plants which "accidentally" alter the DNA of creatures the hyenas have to "accidentally" consume because another creature "accidentally" chowed down on the wrong nutrition in the animal kingdom long ago?

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