“BORNS AT DAWN” – Youth of the stars (Indigo child Movie – Making off)

The Universe, in the matter of fact, has a funcioning and the understanding of that funcioning will set us free. Recently in 2010 I got to know a parapsychologist and he told me something that no one up until that moment had told me he said to me to research about the indigo and that was the key. We´re here in the city of Santa Fe with Khalil Bascary Tell us a little bit about the theme of the documentary that you´re doing. We are making a documentary called “Born at dawn” about the youth of the new time both the ones that are being born now as those of us that are a little bit older and starting to generate changes in the society and in the world. Starting from the understanding of ourselves, who we are, why we are here as well as long-term visions about economy, education, the politics about the social changes that are surging in the upcoming years and that our generations can once for all take their place and start expresing themselves, and make themselves to be heard. We will see young people approximately between 20 and 35 years of age that stand out in different fields from music, culture, acting, the politics the economy, new models of cience, as well as spirituality from various branches, various spiritual filosofies. Apart from that experts from their different fields will provide us their opinion about different themes, such as sociologists filosofers, geneticists, psicologists, psyco pedagogues people that have alot of experience with young people as well as children who know very well our way of behaving, our needs; and apart from that parents of our generation will participate to afford us their opinion about getting along with us and also provide advice for parents of other children that might need some orientation in this way. There is a necesity in the world to talk about these themes Lot of people tell me “how great it is that you´re making this documentary because… I have been waiting all my life to see this, and now that you´re doing it I want to contribute, I want to collaborate”. These days we have been filming in Santa Fe, and I really liked that the shootings are in the places of the people, and which generates a warm and spontaneous atmosphere where we people are in our homes and we can really express ourselves as we are. do not miss out this great work! – My name is Lucas Cervetti – My name is Rubén Nagore – My name is Khalil Bascary – I am Elina Mikkola – And my name is Gilda Tomasini. We are shooting “Born at dawn”, the documentary We are having a great time and we invite you all to be connected to keep cooperating between all of us because we produce this in a co-operative way to demonstrate that it´s the time that the collective consciousness unites us all connects us and start working together so you´re all invited to join, everyone from the point they´re willing to do it from the point that they like to construct something very big and beneficial for everyone. So we send a big greeting to all of you. Well its a great gift to recognize ourselves and remember as well and I think this video will help alot of people to unify to reconnect and remember as well.

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