My pupils learned to develop a healthy
lifestyle with the help of our international partner school in France.
The project motivated the whole class to learn about the importance of
making healthy lifestyle choices and keeping fit. My eTwinning partner and
I split our two classes into dual nationality teams for pupils to take
part in intellectual and sporting challenges, recording everything on the
eTwinning TwinSpace. They performed bilingual songs and dances from each
other’s countries and an even measured and monitored who was getting the most
sleep. My eTwinning partner teacher and I applied for Erasmus Plus funding
which meant that we could take the project further and the kids got to
visit each other schools. Working collaboratively gave the subject areas a
real context in a way that really motivated everyone involved, not just the
pupils! They had such fun producing a fitness video together and just loved
the fact that they had something concrete at the end for everyone to
enjoy as a result of their international collaboration

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