Brody ranks 2nd in nation, 1st in state for sending grads into family medicine

THE RANKINGS ARE IN.AND E-C-U BRODY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TOOK SECOND PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES FOR SENDING GRADUATES INTO FAMILY MEDICINE. W-N-C-T’S EMILY GIBBS IS HERE WITH REACTION TO THIS HONOR.EMILY? KEN, IT WAS SOMETHING THAT DIDN’T SURPRISE THE SCHOOL. ALTHOUGH VERY MUCH GRATEFUL, THIS IS THE ELEVENTH TIME ON RECORD THAT THEY HAVE LANDED IN THE TOP TEN IN THIS CATEGORY. AND FOR STUDENTS, ITS A MOMENT FOR THEM TO BE PROUD. “I was specifically looking for a school that was impacting the community that they were surrounding and it was an easy pick for ECU med school.” MEET LUCY MUHIRWA, A FAMILY MEDICINE INTERN STUDYING HER WAY INTO BEING A FULL-TIME DOCTOR. AT THE SECOND RANKED MEDICAL SCHOOL IN THE NATION.FOR ITS HIGH PERCENTAGE OF FAMILY MEDICINE GRADUATES. “I am extremely blessed and honored to be here. I’m very proud to be in our program.” ECU’S BRODY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE HAS BEEN IN THE TOP FIVE SPOT FOR SEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS. AND RECEIVING THE NEWS THAT THEY MADE SECOND PLACE MADE BOTH THE STUDENTS AND STAFF FEEL HONORED. “This was very exciting. I cannot tell you how rewarding it was that all of our hard work throughout the years was rewarded and publicized nationally.” “Everybody at the school really supports family medicine. And its rewarding to come to a place where your specialty is so honored and supported.” ESPECIALLY IN A TIME WHERE THE SHORTAGE OF FAMILY DOCTORS IS GROWING…ACCORDING TO A STUDY THE U.S. WILL FALL SHORT OF 46,000 to 90,000 TO A STUDY THE U.S. WILL FALL SHORT OF 46,000 to 90,000 PHYSICIANS BY 2025. “The need is in our most rural and underserved areas. And those are the students we attract here and that is the support that we give them for those careers.” “The type of providers that you need there are providers that do everything and if you want to know a provider who does everything, it’s a family medicine doc.” AND FAMILY MEDICINE DOCTORS ARE JUST WHAT E-C-U HAS. medicine doc.” AND FAMILY MEDICINE DOCTORS ARE JUST WHAT E-C-U HAS. “its what we do and I think its what we’re going to continue to do because the mindset here is really just serving our community. And what our community needs here in eastern NC.” WHEN I ASKED HOW THEY PLAN ON MAINTAINING THEIR NEW RANKING…THEY MADE SURE TO CLARIFY… THEY PLAN ON DOING BETTER TO TAKE HOME THAT NUMBER ONE SPOT. IN STUDIO…EMILY GIBBS, NINE ON YOUR SIDE. COMING UP TONIGHT IN SPORTS….

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