BS Mathematics Education

Teaching high school is rewarding
because you’re able to see an immediate impact that the children that you teach
make to the community. My experience at ASU and all the
knowledge that I brought with me is really helping me make a difference to
advance their math careers and it just makes me really happy that they just want to go out to college and can envision themselves being something
awesome. I want to open up a classroom where the environment is such that everyone feels that they can learn in their own way because they all have the ability to do math and nobody realizes that. If you are looking to teach in
secondary ed I would very much encourage you to join the program at the school of
math because it’s leaps and bounds above any other program that I have looked at.
You’re very much engaged in developing the kind of content knowledge a teacher
needs to implement the common core standards in your classrooms. A teacher
that has deep content knowledge of what they’re teaching and connections is much
better able to support their students in developing those deep meanings. Going
through the program it really changed my outlook of just how we think about math
and the way that we teach it and the way that we talk about it and it’s not just
like ‘hey, we’re solving’ and ‘math is hard’ and ‘this problem is hard and this one’s
easy’, it’s like we’re really teaching this these kids how to critically think
through real-life problems. Our degree program is unique because not only does
it prepare you to be an exceptional teacher but also you are prepared to be
a high quality problem solver, thinker, you have a BS in mathematics, and the
kinds of communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking that you’re going to get in this block of courses in our program is going to enable you to
become a leader in industry. Teaching has been really rewarding just because I get to bond with all these kids and make these connections and it’s just about loving these kids and so the most rewarding part has really just been connecting
with these other human beings. I feel like if people really love math and
they really want to make a difference, I feel like going through the School of
Math to become a teacher is like the most rewarding thing that you can do
because you’re really helping direct impact to your community and you’re, you
know, helping kids think and spread the love of math everywhere.

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