Hello all,this is Priyanka I am the HR of to
our video channel on jobs & careers. Today I will be speaking about your
career options with electronics and communication engineering also known as ECE ECE is about electronics and how the different electrical components like micro
processor RAM etc, communicate with each other. It has more Physics in it. We just make our things happen easily in our daily routine with help of electronics it find its application everywhere like education, industries, medical , defense, research and developments In electronics and communication engineering the students learn about electronic equipment’s and communication equipment’s which has our planet a global village. The mobile phone, TV, laptop, etc. is contributions of electronics and communication engineering.
Every graduate in engineering can become a programmer but ECE offers a high scope to work in areas like IT, mobile networks and instrumentation. This flexibility for graduates after studying what attracts more number of students to take up ECE. And finally when it comes to placements there is a huge opportunity for ECE student to get into electronics giants like
Intel, AMD, Sony, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Samsung, Cisco and even government sectors like BEL, DRDO, BSNL and AAI recruits a large number of students with attractive package through gate exam. For those who are interested in pursuing high education at bachelor ECE you have more number of choices like masters options options like Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication & Networking, Cellular Mobile Communication, digital electronics, embedded systems, control systems, VLSI design, and wireless and radio communication systems etc. We will be back with more such
videos please stay connected with us, thank you.

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100 Responses

  1. Suresh Kushwaha says:

    sir ! I know the basics of C and c++ . sir I want to know what are the
    company are hiring on The base of c and c++ . sir i have completed my
    BE , I am fresher please help me I am looking for job..

  2. siddu hiremath says:

    mam.. I'm eligible for BE/B tech in EEE I have done my diploma ECE

  3. abhi jc says:

    I have done 2 year ITI course after 10 in electrician and 1 year apprentice in MCA company,now wot Shud I do for better carrier, will doing diploma from recognized University will be beneficial or doing diploma apprentice(3 yrs course) frm b.e.s.t(Bombay electric supply and transport) will be beneficial?? doing diploma apprentice from b.e.s.t will be consider as same as diploma from Maharashtra full time professional diploma course ? plz help Me

  4. Raj Sushank says:

    After doing btech in cse …can i do masters in networking field…

  5. priti kale says:

    Which subject have most scope in master degree in ece branch?

  6. paramkusam Sahitya says:

    Placements in E.C.E? ?????????

  7. snehal bagade says:

    nice … i find it usefull . thanks

    can u tell if i complited my diploma in computer engineering and i changed my branch to electronocs in engineering …….what shall i do now ….?? i mean how to study it ? will it hard for me ??

  8. Engineer bro says:

    hey there is any difference in ece and e&tc engineering…? please tell me…

  9. Engineer bro says:

    are the are difference or not

  10. Md Ruman says:

    stop the music's and just speak

  11. Ranjith Mercer says:

    what is the real average package?

  12. Aishwarya Aishwarya says:

    Iam ece student what I studying is no idea

  13. Aishwarya Aishwarya says:

    Please give me suggestions

  14. monu Joshi says:

    Scope of ece after do diploma

  15. Muskaan hayat says:

    no scopes in ece.. so plzz jo hamre sath huva dusro ki sath na hone de..

  16. pawan J says:

    ok fresher dont trust this its fake video
    only IITs are best for electronics

  17. Joshi Dhaval says:

    EC is jobless branch…

  18. Qudsiya Begum says:

    NYC …

  19. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    Hlo ….how can I get job in ece mnc ?

  20. appna new information channel says:

    Thxs mam watching your video ece diploma me job ni mil rahi kehri company chh cv deva g plz answer

  21. Niraj Sharma says:

    jitna asani se tu bata rhi h na, utna hi chutiyapa se guzarna padta hai. bakchodi band kr

  22. Alex James says:

    we can keep a phone repair shop after completing b. tech with ece group?

  23. amod kumar says:

    Sir job k liye kya karu

  24. satyajeet kumar jha says:

    The physics involved in ECE is completely different from what you study during jee .No such physics except few theorems in current electricity chapter . Don't opt for it just because someone told you about how it is related to physics .This happened to me.

  25. Badri Dhakad says:

    Sir I have completed electronic and Telecommunication I guide me the way to get jobs in vodafone
    Please guide me.

  26. Yash rajak says:

    Less opportunities in government job…aur jo government job hai v to usme brilliant student jaate hai..

  27. sujatha gangireddy says:

    No content in the video

  28. nitish kumar says:

    i have diploma degree from ece… could i apply in ssc je

  29. nitish kumar says:

    plz gme reply soon mm

  30. Melvin Noels says:


  31. Arnav Yadav says:

    whatever you are speaking is just by reading from the screen placed in front of your eyes which can easily be detected through the motion of your eyes continuously from left to right….so first at least you should get the knowledge about the careers in ECE by your own then make the video……

  32. Aakash Gupta says:

    ratta maar ke aayi hai

  33. Ashish Chadar says:

    PLEASE EC branch nahi lo no more govt. jobs

  34. ISHWAR PATIL says:

    Bhai ece mat lo pachtaonge leke no scope in India at least if u want to do ms then only take this branch

  35. Nishant Nath says:

    ECE power is only from IIIT-H and IIT-BHU

  36. eswararao kottakota says:

    thank you mam

  37. Imran Khan says:

    Sir kya bsc student kr skty hai ye course. aur agar kr skty hai to kyse .i mean kiss tarah se addmission le skty hai

  38. Imran Khan says:

    Addmission ke liy colification kya honi chahiye

  39. LEE channel says:

    ece is a god branch . like that we never see god ,same like in ece job are their but no one getting the job.everyone tell jobs are there ? but you ask where they never tells where it is…..

  40. Inayat Naya says:


  41. Master Megatron says:

    nice and I'm sorry, but How do you know about all the branches

  42. Nora maria says:

    Trust me ECE SUCKS

  43. Rajendar Varma says:

    mam those company are u talking those hired only brilliant students

  44. Dipak Kumar says:

    worst video with no proper content and worst host

  45. i_am_rayan blogger says:

    Thanks maim

  46. RAMANNA TELURI says:

    Hai ! Hello friend !! Good afternoon !!!
    How many courses in IIT Bombay and how many seats (Branches and category wise)
    1) Open + pwd =……..
    2) Obc + pwd =……..
    3) Sc + pwd =………
    4) St + pwd =……..

  47. Ka Ran says:

    Being Eceians

  48. Vardan Agarwal says:

    Me electronic communication se kr rha hu b-tech kaisa hai

  49. satish nalluri says:


  50. Shashwat Sharma says:

    chup mc!!!
    Chutiya mat bana…
    kya ece mei padh raha se mobile khol ke kuch bana bhi nahi sakte…


    Fun with ece engineers..
    Now a days ece engineers are in worst situation .

  52. Harsh Thakur says:

    Mam ece is better orr ee in DTU

  53. yotub tamilzs says:

    mam plse give mis cal

  54. Venu Juvvala says:

    I ve fully knowledge of ECE but I ve no supporting from my faculty and I've to know invention of new products and devices

  55. Power Lifter says:

    Mam I am ECE egg. And I have 7 year experience in same field but still now I am unemployed from last one and half year. No future in India now and study does not matters.

  56. abinash mohanty says:

    Engg chhodo berozgari se Apne se dur rakho.

  57. sapte vishal says:

    Plz tell me about internship&intershala?

  58. Govind Singh says:

    You will be fucked up in india to the full if you take colleges which are not top listed cz of our education syatem .For nomal colleges, whichever branch you take, you will end up fuckiung yourself.

  59. Rahul Rahul says:

    Can I know which is best among gokaraju and mgit

  60. alone Manikanta says:

    Madam please tell me hacking is part of ece

  61. Thribhuvan s says:

    I have got 51314 cet rank should I take ece

  62. Thribhuvan s says:

    Plz reply

  63. Tabassum Sheikh says:

    Nice video ma'am ?

  64. bhagya.y.p bhagya.y.p says:

    I am completed diploma in ECE which courses can I available in B.E for me to take in lateral entry

  65. anamitra bhowmik says:

    What about elevtrical engineering

  66. syed javid says:

    I am joining ece branch next week. I am totally in fear to join.i don't know what subjects in ece and how to study without workbook??

  67. Adarsh Behara says:

    Found helpful,Thanks ????

  68. Imtiyaz Ahamad says:

    thanks for the information. you are a perfect human being. I got perfect knowledge from you.

  69. Ramu Ramu says:

    Madam i choose ECE but I interest mobile repairing and tv other electronics things which group is choose please ……

  70. Sahil Rana says:

    books sae dekh Kae Bta rhi hae

  71. reach -X says:

    What other subject to study in ECE in masters

  72. Karan Khandelwal says:

    Tera muh itna bad kaisa hai……. Bhaddi aurat

  73. Sathish Sathi says:

    Vaile ena irku,sound varamatingthu???

  74. Williamson Massawe says:

    I Thank you

  75. Sunil Kumar says:

    thanks mam for a give information

  76. Khan mohd Danish says:

    hi mam ,
    i have done my B.E in electronic and telecommunication in 2013 ,
    currently i'm working as a technical support engineer last 3 year , but i need a job in core electronic field .
    so how i jet the job in electronic field .
    plz guide me

  77. Aditya Sethi says:

    Hello mam I search carrier in embedded systems..
    Please help me..
    My contact. 7388353630

  78. chinni kamuju says:

    Tq for this video plz say how to learn physics regarding ece plz plz

  79. Jay Mark Baynado says:

    thank you for giving some insights 🙂

  80. Santhosh Kumar says:

    Very useful information.

  81. Good Thanks says:


  82. Ishwer kumar says:

    Can you tell me anyone these topic
    Are telling about ece department. so which one book have in these topics.

  83. yangmiso yangya says:

    What is the difference between studying in msc electronics and communication and that of ece..??

  84. nilesh jirapure says:

    Tere ko malum bhi hai crore log ece engineer Khali baithe hai unke pas job nahi hai miss guide kar rahi ho logo ko

  85. akanksha srivastava says:

    Mam,I'm also ECE 2nd yr students ,I'm also confused what is best for me embedded and robotics or gate target.. Mam please suggest me which thing I seriously must concern about.


    No content in this video

  87. Waseem Nadaf says:

    I want do an internship so, please can you tell me where can i do that in Navi Mumbai

  88. shajitha bagum says:

    Can ECE applied for space?


    Iam an E and C engg student

  90. sai leela says:

    which course is best of cse /ece

  91. Actions speak louder than words says:

    No one is not getting correct branch. which He (or) She had like to study ➕➖➗

  92. Mubarish Mubarish says:

    Thank u mam for your information …iam an first year ece student I have got an idea on ece

  93. rudrappa ganachari says:

    What is use this course in medical

  94. Mehul Kumar says:

    Hello i am an E.C.E. engineer.
    E.c. branch mai kaunsi field mai hum ghar baithe laptop par work kar sakte hai? Please reply me

  95. Anand Kamanna says:

    U reading

  96. shaik naveed says:

    Very nice teaching

  97. pinky Pamarthi says:

    I'm also ece student

  98. na k says:

    Teri ma ki bhasdi

  99. Narayan Dutta says:

    Vocational training ke liye kaha best hoga ????

  100. sarvani ks says:

    I have no skills and experience still now … Iam e.c.e passed out in the year 2014… in 2019 I want to start my career in E .C .E…. Is that possible… Pls suggest me…

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