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Hello All..This is ELSA from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities you can have if you are opt for Zoology There’s no doubt one of the upcoming careers
in India and the prospect of great job opportunities makes it worthy to seek a career in this field
Zoology is a branch of biology which is involved in scientific study of animals, including
protozoa, fish, reptiles, mammals and birds. In other words, Zoology is a branch of science
which deals with study of animals and their existence in the environment. Zoology comprises
topics for study, like structure & anatomy, characteristics, behavioural pattern, nutrition,
distribution, physiology, genetics, evolution, classification etc. of zoological species Zoology includes study of household pets,
marine animals, zoo animals, wild animals etc. The professionals who study this field
are called as Zoologists. Since Zoology is a branch of biology related to animal kingdom,
Zoologists are also called as animal biologists or animal scientists. The branch of zoology
specialising in study of birds is called as ornithology, specialising in study of fish
and their habitats is known as Icthylogy or Fisheries. The branch of Zoology which studies
amphibians and reptiles is called as Herpetology and which is involved in studying mammals,
is called as Mammalogy. An aspirant of Zoology can get a job either
as an academician or on project basis in research. A Zoologist not only works in a zoo but in
a natural habitat too. His job includes preparing various reports on traits and behavioural
aspects of animals and managing them. A zoologist works in the field as well as in a laboratory.
Other jobs include zookeeper, animal caretaker, veterinary technician/technologist, research
assistant, laboratory technician etc. A school teaching job for science subject along with
other essential qualifications like B.Ed or D. Ed could be an option too. Educational qualification in Zoology includes
Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.), Master in Science (M. Sc.) and Doctorate degree (Ph.D). Most
of the universities and colleges in India of various states having courses in fundamental
biology, provide courses in Zoology too. Foreign universities also provide similar degree of
education in zoology. In case of job, it is always good to have higher level education
for better understanding, greater responsibility and more salary. For those who want to make
their career in research, a master’s degree or doctorate degree is must. For any job in
zoology, apart from educational qualifications, other skills like critical thinking, problem
solving attitude, ability to deal in bad weathers, active learning, quick decision making, etc
are also useful. Computer skills like data analysis, knowledge of MS office particularly
MS Excel (for data mining), MS word for report making is must. Last but not the least, love
for animals and curiosity for science is very essential for those who want to make their
career in Zoology. In Industry, Zoologists can be hired by companies
working closely with animals like manufacturing veterinary products. Salary depends upon various
factors like educational qualification, location of job, form of job etc. However, on an average
a zoologist should earn not less than 3.5 lakhs per year. Hope you got a glimpse of career in Zoology.
We shall be back with more career options. Stay connected with we will be back with more such videos do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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    This individual is an idiot. She cannot even pronounce zoology. The word originates from the Greek word for an animal, 'zoion' , and the first 'o' in zoology is pronounced as in 'note'. Otherwise, we must assume she is discussing the study of Zoos, the plural of Zoological Gardens, which to retain consistency, would be spelt 'zooology'. Interestingly even David Attenborough fails in this regard.

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