Careers Service – GCSE subject choices advice

until now the choices about what you
study have been made for you but when you choose your GCSE subjects you start
to take control so when you’re choosing those subjects you should make sure that
you have accurate up-to-date information talk to people who can give reliable
advice discuss your options with your family and subject teachers don’t choose
a subject because your friend is taking it if it’s not the right one for you
you’ll have less chance of success because you think it’s for girls or for
boys there’s no such thing if you either like or dislike the teacher you may end
up with a different teacher or you think it will be easy no subject is easy to
choose the right options for you you should first think about which subjects
you find most enjoyable nearly everyone gets better marks in subjects they enjoy
or are good at. Next think about your future if you have a particular career in mind
or you’re thinking about training an apprenticeship a further education
course or are hoping to go to university then find out if there are specific
subjects that you need to study for your chosen path if you are undecided about
which career to follow then you should keep your options open studying a range
of subjects will provide you with a good overview and help you identify what
you’re best at there are many different routes to take and at any point along
the career path you can’t change direction the world of work is changing
all the time so it’s important to find out about the kind of jobs that are
right they’re not and which jobs could be in demand in the future
technology is a big part of our lives today so there will be a greater demand
for people who have a good education and STEM related subjects though there will
still be a demand for creative and artistic people are those with practical
skills the Career Service can help you choose the most suitable option for you
our professionally qualified careers advisors can help you plan and make
decisions for your future explore your strengths and identify areas for
improvement consider the opportunities available in education training and
employment and apply this knowledge to make the right career decisions to speak
to a careers adviser check out our careers web chat service or telephone Oh
three hundred two hundred seventy at twenty you can also speak to an advisor
face to face in school or at one of our careers offices you

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9 Responses

  1. Ict socials says:

    Simple and Convincing presentation….

  2. longevities says:

    do NOT do art… useless you want to fail

  3. ScorpiousHD says:


    You will be depressed and have nothing to look forward to if u don’t.Also don’t listen to your parents to what they want you to do because its your life and you need to do things that make you happy.If you don’t pick a creative subject you will have close many career paths and you will not have certain skills needed for the workplace.I made the mistake to choose something I didn’t like and was bad at due to pressure from parents and now i am paying for it.

  4. Junaid Katon says:

    Issa lie
    Don't do the creative subjects, even if you are a creative person. It will mess you up. Do the easy ones. You need gcses in order to apply for A level courses and that's it. They dont care which subjects you picked, only how many you passed (and english and maths). I made the mistake of picking art and DT and although I enjoy both subjects, I wish someone told me it didnt matter what i chose so i could've gone for the easy gcses. Don't pick a subject because you like the teacher because I guarantee that your teacher will change. Don't go just because your friends are, because when it comes to yr11, you won't have time to be talking during class.

  5. Jodie Beard says:

    I'm scared there's so much pressure :'( I'm thirteen fgs idk what I want to do with my life

  6. Charlotte Beaton says:

    I enjoy art so much and really want to take it but my parents want me to take History instead and i really don't know which one to take?

  7. Angelina berga says:

    i want to be a police officer but i dont know what GCSE option i should choose

  8. Paramjot SINGH says:

    Great Advice, You need to make more of these videoes as they help people (like me) not stress about what I may have, Thankyou!

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