Casio classwiz – Intro Guide – Can I use for GCSE / A Level / IB? A quick review FX-991EX FX-570EX

Hello and welcome to Mr Tompkins Ed Tech.
I’m going to be starting a new video series looking at the Casio FX-570EX or FX-991EX,
more commonly known as the Classwiz. Up until now I have been concentrating on Casio’s
Graphical Calculator range, and if you have one of those, you might like to check out
my other series by clicking on the card or by following the link in the description below.
But as not everyone has £100 pounds to spare, I’m very interested in the Classwiz as a
low cost alternative to a graphic calculator, and in this series I’ll be exploring how
the Classwiz can be used very successfully for A level maths and IB style questions.
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The new A level specifications means that a basic scientific calculator, like Casio’s
FX-85ES series, are no longer suitable as it doesn’t have all the functions now required. You might
be told by your school or college that you now need a graphic calculator if you are studying
these courses. Graphic calculators are certainly very nice and the ability to visualise equations
graphically is certainly helpful in exam situations, but they are not the only option.
The Classwiz is Casio’s next generation Scientific Calculator. At £25 it is quite
a lot more expensive than the FX-85ES. But it is a much more premium looking device,
with a higher resolution LCD screen, a textured surface and chrome keys. More importantly,
it has 552 functions on board which means it can do everything required for the new
A level curriculum. It has 12 operation modes, Calculate, Complex
Numbers, Base-N, Matrix, Vector, Statistics, Distributions including normal, binomial and
poisson, a new Spreadsheet mode, Table, An Equation/Function solver, and a new ratio
mode. I’ll be going through all of these in detail in later videos. The other nice feature is the QR code mode
and accompanying mobile app which can be installed on a phone or tablet. This adds extra functionality
and can pull up help on particular modes and draw related graphs on your phone to accompany
the data in your calculator. This wont help you in the exam, but is a useful study feature
and adds extra value to the calculator. On to the flipside – The Classwiz is non-programmable,
and doesn’t have any graphing functions at all. So if those features are important
to you, then you will need to pay a bit more and go for a graphical calculator. You’ll
pay a lot more for the privelege – the cheapest graphic model, the FX-9750gii,
which is now 8 years old is still over £50, and the latest version the FX-CG50 is currently
over £100. Now when I was at college, I got a lot of mileage out of these extra features
and for me having the graphical calculator was totally worth it as it helped me explore
mathematics in a much more deep and meaningful way. But the truth is that there are a bunch of free mobile apps out there nowadays that are arguably easier to use and do this sort of thing much better,
so unless you specifically want this functionality in the exam room then perhaps you’d be better
off saving some money and going for the Classwiz. The Classwiz is allowed for all the exam boards
in the UK including AQA, Edexcel and OCR at both A level and GCSE. It is also allowed
in their international equivalents, like the iGCSE and international A level and IB programmes.
It has some nice features that GCSE students will find very useful, for instance the equation
solver and the ratio modes. So if you are sitting your GCSEs this year, and you know
already that you will be carrying on with Mathematics at A level, then you might want
to consider upgrading to the classwiz now, and get a bit of an edge this summer. I’ll
include some links in the description below for all the various models mentioned here,
so you can find out the latest pricing and make an informed choice.
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