CCEA out and about on A level and GCSE results days

Good morning we’re here in Newry High
School it’s A Llevel results day and it’s very busy let’s go see how people got on Mr Brown you must be very proud of
how Newry High has done today I am indeed oh I’ve been here eight years we’ve got
some fantastic students we’re an all ability school and our students have
done brilliant today got some tremendous results opened up that brown envelope is
loads of smiles incredibly happy and now we’re looking forward to their to the
next stage in their life okay so Richard it’s a big day today are you happy yeah
very happy I’ve got a B and 2 C’s which means I’ve got into Coleraine study
history that’s great Richard congratulations and Andrew what’s the next steps yeah well I plan to go to the Southern Regional College and do a foundation degree in sports science so Anne-Marie how is the picture looking across Northern Ireland firstly
congratulations to all students that have received excellent results this morning
across northern island we’ve had twenty nine point nine percent of student of
entries gaining either A* and A we’ve had a very traditional pattern of
subject choices high entries in mathematics sciences very high
performance for example in subjects about thematics with over forty three percent
of the pupils gaining an A, A* also very interesting picture the creative
subject with increases of five percent in film and media increases of over three
percent in art and design which is interesting in terms of the burgeoning and growing
creative sector industries in Northern Ireland Lauren how did you get your
results today and I went online to CCEA and I got them and that made it
easier so much easier so quick it was painless were you happy with what you
got so happy yeah that’s great and Dana what are your next steps I’m going
to Queen’s today law in September so I’m happy about that are you sad to be leaving Newry High
yeah well have been with all these people for about seven years so it’s
sad to leave but it’s fine congratulations girls and good luck with everything you
do thank you good morning so we’re a week on we’re in Ashfield Girls’ High School
it’s a very cold very wet day but its GCSE results day and we are very very
excited to be here so Chloe how did you do today really
really really well wasn’t expecting the grades but I thought I’ve done really
really well and are you hoping to stay on here yes definitely yeah what are you
hoping to do I’m thinking of doing moving image Business Studies and ICT so Jenna were you nervous coming up here today yes so i was very nervous but my
mum helped me loads so I’m glad I have them and you’re happy with how you did
oh yeah I got back into school so I’m really happy with that what subject did
you enjoy doing the most am learning for life and work I enjoyed the most because
the coursework and my teacher was amazing she was really really good
teacher so I’m happy so Beth has it been a good day oh it’s been an amazing day I got all the GCSE’s to get back into school and what are you hoping
to do next I want to stay on to A Levels which are learning for life and work Business Studies and religious studies and hopefully go onto Queen’s to
do politics in a few years well good luck with all of that Beth thank you so
much Miss Mungavin thanks for having us here today are you proud of how your
school has done first of all it’s a pleasure to have you here today the
results have been phenomenal this year we’re really lucky our results are up by
ten percent overall the girls have worked extremely hard as you can see we have a
great number of parents in the school this morning we have a community feel about
this school so you can see that here and we’ve a great
number wanting to come back for a level so it’s all good this morning teachers
have worked extremely hard parents have supported it and the girls have done their
work so yes absolutely delighted and so Charlotte were you excited when you come up here today coming up no I was really really nervous like I was freaking out in the car i thought i was going to be sick but once I got my piece of paper
and i looked how well i’ve done I was really really excited I’m so happy with
myself and Rachel are you hoping to stay on at Ashfield luckily yeah it’s a
great school and the grades just made it much better and Anne-Marie to do you have a message for the wider public in Northern Ireland well I think these results are
very good news for the wider of public Northern Ireland we’ve seen increases and grades awarded in english maths and science at A* to C and at a
time when we have a decrease in school population with an increased entries
across business studies ICT we’ve also seen some very good results across the
STEM subjects that science technology engineering and mathematics and indeed
music which is some of the creative industry as well we’ve had a great day
here in Ashfield Girls’ High School and we’d like to thank everyone for letting
us speak to them today and wish them all the best in whatever they choose to do in
the future

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