Children In California Public Schools First In Nation To Learn LGBT History

state school officials today adopting new USING THE NEW CURRICULUM… IN THE FALL OF 20-17.

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35 Responses

  1. N CA says:

    that's why I'm now homeschooling,

  2. Stevo Reno says:

    The history / fall of the Roman Empire is all You need to know about homosexual history

  3. Irena Baioncini says:


  4. Wartime Christian says:

    I want to criticize this but anything I put here will sound so homophobic, because there is no non-homophobic way to criticize this.

  5. GeoNeo Productions says:

    I would pull my child out till they got over that section of the book

  6. Sean Snow says:

    Terrifying times. Making kids learn about these monsters

  7. welcome to new vegas says:


  8. welcome to new vegas says:

    This not even a fucking right it is a propganda brainwashing tool

  9. Michael._. meh says:

    Kids learn about black rights and rasicm and how they were oppressed and how they conquered the oppression. Kids should also learn about LGBTQ rights and their oppression and how they conquered it. Just like Martin Luther king Jr the LGBTQ have Harvey Milk.

  10. Glenn Quagmire says:

    How about reading writing and arithmetic so the kids of today can get jobs other than bagging groceries?

  11. K Graves says:

    Makaela when exactly did African Americans conquer oppression? I'm missed that I'm still waiting for that day. It is offencive as an African-American when this is compared to the struggle of African Americans in this country. Because it is not the same. There has never been a time when the government has sanctioned the lynching and murder of of a people group because of their sexual inclinations or preferences. There has never been a time when people have been forced to live in certain communities because an entire banking industry has Redlined them so that they're forced to live in deplorable conditions. There's never been a time when because of someone's sexual preference there was mass incarceration drugs poured into your community. There's never been a time when you were murdered and the government didn't go out of its way to find the culprit. Where is your Medgar Evers? Where is your Martin Luther King Jr? Where are the pictures of Sheriff's and law enforcement officials who are supposed to protect you standing in front of your sons and uncle's body while they're hanging from trees? How dare you compare the two. I won't say there's been no oppression but to make the comparison that's ridiculous.

  12. S. FED says:

    America , what have you become? How can nations around the world take us seriously when we are teaching our children how to be perverts? This is an abomination and its 100% from Satan. You are bringing Gods righteous judgement on this once great nation. He does not have a choice.

  13. Laurell Plant says:

    California your doing great sweetie!

  14. AudiowaveformTV says:

    1918: In 100 years, we will have flying automobiles, and unlock the secrets of the Universe.
    2018: What gender am I? And do I want to claim to be Gay for attention so I can be a Social Media star?

  15. Two Pigs says:

    Its not gay people suck….its when Gay people try to force shit on you…..

  16. Guadalupe Martinez says:

    Ungodly and sick

  17. charles miller says:

    Germany from 1933-1945 had an ideal method of handling homosexuality

  18. YoFee Israel says:

    Esau agendas not blacks, native Americans and Hispanic. God hates this he will surely put you to death. His words not mine.

  19. Space Ghost says:


  20. jon gomez says:

    This is some gay as sh!t.

  21. dark Phantoms says:

    Fucking bullshit why am i even in this bullshit country

  22. smoohtalker321 says:

    Disgusting you have mocked the creator..prepare for your judgement you deserve it with your wicked philosophies…kids what next ???shocking

  23. GodsIlluminatedOne says:


  24. Staying Positive says:

    If it is really about “learning everything out there” how about including history of the nations Christian roots? It is quite false to say that LBGTQ history must be taught as this overall desire to inform kids of reality—there is a certain adult agenda that is being pushed onto kids to justify the desires of the adults to live the sinful lifestyle they have chosen. And the kids will suffer for it unfortunately. This is a false, deceptive “tolerance” of the LBGTQ agenda and suppression of people who support the truth—it is best for children to be raised by their dad and mom in a monogamous relationship.

  25. Rams Fan says:


  26. Rams Fan says:

    Ill preach the gospel to gays and lesbians just dont touch me and spit on me 👊

  27. Gacha Yokai studios says:

    Schools need to stop doing this my brother reaction would be like
    That would be his reaction

  28. Robert A Noble says:

    What does a woman need with a wife? Sexually extreme terrorists (both foreign and domestic) groups will NOT stand for too long!

  29. Organic Mama Jones says:

    Learn everything out there?? Are you kidding me. You think the schools are teaching you everything? Lol

  30. Mangplamatada Von yiurs says:

    I hate history class is boring all together but people or mad because there gay history now like it was already bull crap school all together is bull crap waste of time i stoped out ill fo part time jobs but once i turn 18 imma do some porn maybe

  31. Sdbassin Bass Angler says:


  32. Keira Pinkney says:

    What about proper representation of Black people and our contributions throughout history. We have had a hand in shaping this nations at every turning point in history. We built this damn country and we get a month to talk about the same people and slavery like that’s it , non of our inventors are mentioned, non of the many war hero’s get mentioned but LGBTQ history get pushed to the forefront! Why?

  33. Daniel says:

    How about teaching kids how to invest, save money,
    How do deal with feelings, how not to go in debt after college, not to bully etc.

  34. Thatwaterboy says:

    Just pure propaganda to soften minds to control

  35. Peter Griffin says:


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