Child’s Play VS Chucky (Animated Parody)

Kermit: Isn’t Manhattan wonderful, Piggy? Piggy: Oh Kermie, it’s so romantic. Piggy: Oh look, a hockey player! Kermit: AHH!!! He’s killing me! And not with laughter. Piggy: Leave my Frog alone you masked freak! Piggy: Heeey-yaaaaah!!! Kermit: (pants) Oh, thanks Piggy. Piggy: Make love to me Frog. (Kissing Sounds) Tiff: Ugh, Chucky… can’t we watch something else? Chucky: Tiff, change the channel back RIGHT N- TV: Chucky’s back! Chucky: What the…? Reboot Chucky: Hi, I’m Chucky! Wanna play? Reboot Chucky: …(evil voice) again? TV: Child’s Play: The Remake They’re rebooting me!!! How can they do that? Because the rights to my franchise are fractured. I mean, sure… maybe I’m getting a little long in the tooth… and my storyline is more convoluted than ever, but they don’t gotta do me like this! What are you gonna do Chucky? What i do best! (Chucky Laugh) Andy, even though you are 13? 14? Well, you’re old. I got you a doll to be your best friend. Because I love you and you’re a loser. Mom! I wanted V-Bucks! Just take the damn doll. Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play? Yeah, I wanna play Fortnite. That’s not very nice… (Evil Voice) Andy. Well, this is the right address. Now time to find my imposter. So, if this is a remake of my first film… then I’m probably in Andy’s room planning something devious no doubt. (Chucky Laugh) This game is fun and not repetitive! Hi! Would you like me to hack your game? You can do that?! Uh-huh! I’ve unlocked all in-game content. be warned these items give you no competitive edge- Yes! Jazz hands emotes! What the hell? Time to meet your maker! Hi I’m Chucky, what’s your name? The original Chucky you sloppy seconds. That was mean. Well, you don’t get 7 movies by being nice. Are we really going to count your 2 direct to videos? Why you piece of garbage! No, garbage would be Seed of Chucky. Hey, at least I gots a TV series! Because that’s the only place you’re still accepted. That does it!! I’m gonna tear you limb from limb! (Coughing) I… am… …indestructible. Ripping off the Terminator and doing a poor imitation of my voice. Yes, I’m a smart toy android. Oooh. An android. Hehe. How stupid. Like your origin story makes any sense What’s so far-fetched about a guy who transfers his soul into a doll… Oh yeah, I see your point. Well, at least I don’t need no wi-fi. That’s because there was no wi-fi back in your day, Old Man. Get off my lawn! Can you both shut-up! I’m trying to play my game! Andy doesn’t want either of us. W-we’re both antiquated. Yeah, kids today only care about texting and shooting each other online. Oh. My Andy didn’t want me either! I’m a wooden doll with a pull-string! A pull-string!! Eh… Sorry about trying to kill you. Uh, me. Screw Andy! I have a great idea! (Chucky Laugh) Gonzo: Here’s Kermit’s arm. Fozzie: Thanks Gonzo! Kermit: (Cough) Fozzie… Kermit: (Cough) Where’s Piggy? Fozzie: She’s dead Kermit! Kermit: Oh, darn. (Cough) Fozzie: Wacka! Wacka! Gonzo: Not my nose! (Everyone screams as Jason attacks) (Everybody laughs) Nothing beats the classics. Except for a superior remakes. Don’t start. My son is such a loser. Am I sure he’s not adopted? I’m pretty sure he is.

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100 Responses

  1. JaxBlade says:

    I WOULD ACTUALLY WATCH This Movie in Theaters Like LEGIT, Perfect Crossover hahaha

  2. SnyX says:

    imagine Chucky as Dead by Daylight Killer <3

  3. Ayee kimmy says:

    That laugh was on point ??sssnipwewolf who

  4. deka W says:

    How this would really happen

    OG chucky : attacks Andy

  5. Jesse Mascorro says:

    G E T O F F M Y L A W N ! ! !

  6. ErRoR_ 404 says:

    Now woody don’t need his pull string anymore

  7. Acid marshmallows says:

    who else wants chucky in dead by daylight aka. the doll?

  8. Jeff the killer woods says:

    2019 Chucky:shut up old man
    Original Chucky:Get off my lawn

  9. DavidJongen says:

    Nigga Said V-Buck ??

  10. poke ventures awesome says:

    Did you see the reboot yet

  11. Richard Medina says:

    Add chucky to dead by dead daylight

  12. 23 Gaming says:

    Chucky: GOD DAMN IT A REBOOT ugh though to be honest the storyline is confusing.
    Freddy Fazbear: you got no idea
    Jason: you both are lucky I can’t even tell if I’m human or zombie
    Freddy: Jason quiet down I have to most confusing time line
    SPC-049: what facility is this too much data is missing
    Chucky: uh who are you?
    SCP-049: I’m uh let’s see here ah here it is SCP-049 not to be confused with the other 049s

  13. Hunter_Miku #BAKA™ says:

    The Tv’s commercial Voice actor sounds like Hellbent

  14. NightCoreManie says:

    The new chucky look like garbage

  15. Ebolakage says:

    was that hellbent?! xd

  16. Jake Astl says:

    Oh my god! I can't believe I didn't notice the "Andy" connection in Toy Story.

  17. Uriel Septim says:

    Oh! Piggy!

  18. ARPTHEMAC says:

    Can I be insamination

  19. bruce kruger says:

    You got it all wrong with reboot Andy fortnites quickly dieing in 2019 in fact it's already dead

  20. Cleveland movies says:


  21. garganrose says:

    It's just too bad we're never going to get that Chucky versus leprechaun movie

  22. Cyphyxia The Cybergoddess says:

    Hellbent from planet dolan is the laugh of og chucky wow sounds close to brad douriff ???

  23. Mel Vin says:

    I laughed my ass off

  24. The Boogie man says:

    I like the Child's play remake more than the original

  25. Enrique Santiago says:

    Woodys in this

  26. Kevin Patterson says:

    The new chucky is better because he gets to move around with the new Andy and the old chucky is just a guy that put his soul into a doll and just kills random people

  27. el pro gancha says:

    el que sepa español le doy like

  28. Daniela Sanchez says:

    Deberían de subtitular estos vídeos…

  29. Azrael713 says:

    Chucky: GET OFF MY LAWN!

    Me: Get this doll in Dead by Daylight immediately!

  30. The Walking Dead Fan Official says:

    More Dead By Daylight please.

  31. Zach Souza says:


  32. Charmander Fan says:

    The reboot is better because it has MARK HAMMEL

  33. Kansas Escalante says:

    Awesome video ?

  34. play button says:

    this is if child's play remake was realistic

  35. Brittany Carlson says:

    The New Chucky Is Gonna Win

  36. charlie doll says:

    If parents with kids ever watch the reboot of child play. Remember never buy a glitched version of a toy for kids even if it's free. Along with one important message. Never let's your kid exposed to violent because chucky just watch a single god dam horror movie and he went nuts. They're new to the world and really fragile, one wrong turn could leave a mess in the furture.

  37. zomnomo27s hyper says:

    Mom I wanted vbucks

  38. Panda Homie56 IGG to my homies out there says:

    Oh my Andy dint want me either I’m a doll with a pull string A PULL STRING!!!

  39. Garison Jones says:


  40. Kikki Gameer says:


  41. Dark anti says:

    HAH HA! Woody!

  42. Alpajora Movies says:

    We think the
    Genres are
    Horror, Mystery & Suspense

  43. Willy Studios says:

    Oh poor woody

  44. Angel_ the assassin says:

    Chucky: oooo a android HAHAHAHA how stupid

    Me: says the one who has god dame blood inside there body

  45. tay dam says:

    You could have just ended it off at 3 but yeah we needed seed of Chucky and Bride

  46. Adriana Calderon says:

    ??????mom I wanted v-bucks!!! ??????

  47. Adriana Calderon says:

    "That was mean" Aw I actually feel bad? I love new chucky better than old chucky

  48. *Gacha Alexander Gaming* says:

    If there was a chucky fight between new chucky and old chucky, new chucky would win
    Cause he can control multiple kaslan products
    And I believe everyone uses kaslan products

  49. Mr. Eazily McTriggered says:

    A doll possessed by a deceased serial killer vs. a corrupted, non-possessed doll.

  50. juan guerrero says:

    i feel bad for woody

  51. DubbingCollapse says:

    I now uploaded my german fandub of your amazing parody a few days ago, of course with the right amount of credit to you including the link back to your channel in the description and the part of the outro showing your production being kept in!
    I‘m grateful for your amazing work giving me inspiration to invent myself new to keep going on!
    Thank you very very much!

  52. garganrose says:

    I would so watch The Muppets and Jason take Manhattan

  53. Jappleack says:

    what if there was a video for andy vs new andy

  54. Kenzie Ken says:

    i like the part when the ongrial chucky said "What the hell!?!??!" Savages #dabbingimposterchuckynotsoperfectloldidntchuckysaybitchesbeforeidk

  55. Merie Wanderer says:

    Woodie tho

  56. swagin peter says:

    Haha Haha he he where that?

  57. Blue scorbunny ice says:

    When the original chucky said “time to meet your maker”, chucky should have said, “my maker is Kaslan, I am a buddi doll, an interactive electronic doll, and your best friend.

  58. Declan Gwennap says:

    What is this about ?

  59. Adanassova Aia says:


  60. Tiffany Hughes says:

    I love your videos

  61. Red Cord says:

    Oh my fatality.

  62. Godzilla KOTM says:


  63. Mayibel Castro says:

    Yes new Chucky

  64. Ali Winchester says:

    @Samination Can You Do The Banana Splits Vs The Banana Splits Movie (Animated Parody)

  65. Cole Carter says:

    I think I like the old Chucky

  66. EliteDogg says:

    I wish they added chucky to dead by daylight

  67. Lazar Kokotovic says:

    I want to watch remake only couse Don Mancini wrote it otherwise i would probably hate it

  68. VoL Em says:

    Chucky x ????

  69. thinking music 4me says:

    Chucky's Chucky's franchise so cool

  70. กฤษดา กลิ่นพิกุล says:

    Old Chucky

  71. kayla m says:

    2:29 most hardcore roast ivevheard

  72. phantom foxy says:

    Play fortnite ?

  73. Viamney Garcia says:


  74. kryptic explosion says:

    New Chucky roasted old chucky

  75. ENRgaming 21 says:

    Kids today only care about texting and shooting eachother………online

  76. AJK Gaming and vlogs says:

    Dude when u created this vid it was my birth day

  77. Oppo F11pro says:

    Macha Chucky & original Chucky

  78. Mrnoob says:

    0:08 I swear she does not have that THICC lips ?

  79. Polms Homls says:

    Asian Chucky versus original Chucky

  80. براء الاحمدي says:

    Vbos haha

  81. Rodrigo sonic slendytu yotubere says:

    Chucky vs Chucky buddy

  82. Ky’leigh Luafutu says:

    I like the OG

  83. Pieter Fernandez says:

    is budi

  84. John patrick Badua says:

    That's All Ready Child's Play

  85. aVe Fr4z says:

    "I am your Buddi untill the End"
    Buddi song 🙁 Chucky(Buddi) only wanted to be andys best friend

  86. Spackler Studios says:

    1:19 – 1:21 So true about today's kids

  87. Jeff The Killer says:

    thats parody was very funny ???? nice work bro

  88. Allowed Every 90 Days says:

    Kind sucks to see this awesome parody and know chucky want ever be in game just fucking sucks

  89. Amber Beckham says:


  90. ShaddyMcNairy _ says:

    Hellboy is that you

  91. Korbin Patrick says:

    that beacus there was no wifi back in your day old man

  92. Jenny McAdams says:

    This is shit.

  93. Jenny McAdams says:

    I like the classic.

  94. Joseph Perry says:


    Every kid and me when mom gives us LEGOs

  95. Ayden F says:

    Ok ok ok this is REALLY ?????

  96. Dack Nack says:

    New chucky: Old man! /Old chucky: Get off my lawn!

  97. Iker Espinosa says:

    Hi I'm chunky wanna play /old chucky no you run on WiFi robot

  98. comody show says:


  99. comody show says:


  100. Kiddy Playtime says:

    Chucky in DBD imagine that….

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