CHOICES – Explore & Plan for Post-Secondary – George Brown College

a free week-long program for people who want to explore
post-secondary options and who may need some
information or support or to meet people that
can help them get there. ALEX IRWIN: If you’re
really on the fence about what you want to do in
post-secondary education, about what programs
might be good for you, but you think that just a
quick meeting with someone in entry advising isn’t
enough, I would say, you know, contact someone about making an
appointment to come to CHOICES and that would be through
entry advising because it’ll give you an entire week of
thinking through what — what’s appropriate for you. AMBROSE KIRBY: What’s
unique about CHOICES is that you can expect to get really
personalized support. We don’t have an
expectation about what you — what’s best for you or
where you should end up in a post-secondary setting. We really want to support you to
get to where you want to get to. HANAN ATOUFA: I
found fabulous people. They helped me a lot. They showed me
what should I do and what are the next step
in my life would be. GEORGIA QUARTARO: You may
not be sure just what part of George Brown College is
the right place for you. And if that’s the case,
our CHOICES program is the ideal way to explore the options
that you have to identify your own strengths and
interests and to make a choice that will be perfect for you. [music]

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