Clark Fork High School Career and Technical Education Program #AmGrad

Idaho Public Television has been exploring our state for Career and Technical Education opportunities that provide skills in the trades. In the North Idaho town of Clark Fork, we discovered learning the basics of skilled jobs is as vital a part of student development as Science, Technology, English and Math. My name is Marty Jones. I’m a career technical education teacher here at Clark Fork High School. At the beginning I was teaching what’s called the tech track. The track program is basically it’s an experiential learning program where we tried to mesh what happens in the classrooms to real-world experience. find some students who, given the opportunity absolutely thrive in an environment like this. You throw some metal in front of them, you throw some machine tools in front of them and they go to town with it. It it’s been great watching how it has transformed some of these kids, kids who normally would kind of sink into the shadows have a chance to shine. To explore what a Career and Technical Education can do for you, check out the full story on our Idaho Public Television American Graduate

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