Clarkson Secondary School – French Immersion Program PDSB

Bonjour et Bienvenue a Clarkson I’m the French curriculum head here and and I’m
very proud to work with such a group of dedicated dynamic and engaging teachers. Bilingualism is essential in today’s
market. French is an official language of Canada. It is spoken by 200 million people in the
world and in over 43 different countries. French Opens
the doors to very many different careers. In all kinds of different fields, such as business, diplomacy, government, the arts, research, travel, teaching and so much more. Our program consists of 10 courses, which are mandated by the Ministry of Education. In grade nine
Our students study french, geography and science. In grade 10 they study french, career civics, and history. In grade
11 french, Introduction to psychology,
anthropology and sociology, and ancient civilizations. And in grade 12 – french. Our program is balanced in a way
that students in their senior years are able to focus and choose courses that really interest them and preparing them for
post-secondary education. We offer trips, field trips in Toronto, abroad and to Europe. Where students get to experience the
culture hands-on. We also expose our students to the community. So they have an opportunity to participate in contests, such as the french speaking contest. Which our students have won on the regional, provincial and national
level. We offer students the opportunity to participate in Francophone culture within the school as well. Like our french club: We have many different opportunities to indulge in this culture. Film, food and activities to promote the club within the school and help our community by promoting bilingualism.

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