College of Education-Secondary Ed

A teacher really needs to address the needs
of their students. They need to teach the content, but they have to be willing to learn
about students and learn about children in order to address their needs. I can say from
that from the time I was in high school I knew I wanted to become a teacher. If someone
is looking at Towson as a place to go to become a teacher, I’d have them try to find somebody
in the schools, a teacher, administrator, who’s a Towson grad, and ask them if Towson’s
a good place to go to become a teacher. Now we produce great teachers for the classroom.
And not only great teachers for the classroom, but great teachers who are able to be life
long educators and move up through the systems. The faculty’s always staying current. We’re
involved in the schools through our profession development school network. It’s not just
that we send students out into the schools, it’s that they go out into the schools and
we’ve got our faculty with them. One of the , I’ll say joys in my career is being
able to go into schools in the metropolitan region and find former students who are teachers
or department chairs or assistant principals or principals who are really taking leadership
roles within the schools. That’s why I think we really offer the total package in terms
of curriculum and mentoring and teaching that students need to be good teachers. School
systems seek out folks who are prepared by Towson because they know they’re going to
be able to hit the ground running. The last few months I think have been telling in this
because our graduates get hired.

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