Counseling Pre-Education

Hi I’m Rhonda Staton, I am a counselor at
The Johnson County Community College counseling center, this podcast is a brief information
session regarding teacher education programs at the university level. The steps involved
in how best to prepare yourself for being accepted into a teacher education program and how we
can assist you in your career path towards becoming a licensed professional teacher.
First let me clarify that JCCC cannot issue the professional teacher license, formally known
as a teaching certificate. This professional licensure is awarded by the state of Kanssas
and the department of education in Topeka. And is done initially through the teacher
education programs or school of education at the university level. And requires that
you have a bachelors degree. Your six steps here at JCCC are as follows. First discuss
with a JCCC counselor the many options you have in selecting a college or university
with the school of education which prepares elementary or early childhood education or
secondary education majors. Secondly select courses from the transfer guides which will
transfer to the school of your choice specifically for teacher education. These are found on
the large transfer guide shelf currently located on the second floor of the student center
near the counseling center. Also you can find these online by searching for transfer programs
in the quick search field in the JCCC homepage. Three, build your GPA so that you have about
a 3.0 or better grade point average. Many universities will accept a 2.5 or 2.75 cumulative
GPA but it is best to build a strong foundation if you are planning to enter a program that
is competitive. Four plan to tahe the PPST test for entering into colleges in Kansas
or the Cbase of you are planning to attend a school in Missouri. This is an entry level
admission requirement for teacher education candidates. It is a test in reading, writing,
and math. We recommend taking this the fall of your soft-more year. You can get more information
from JCCC counselors about dates and cost for the PPST. Five apply to the school of
educatiuon. At the transfer school before the posted deadlines, these dates are also
listed on the transfer guides at the top of the page. Six find out early in your JCCC
career if your program requires documented hours working with children, prior to admission
to the school of education. If so work with JCCC counselors and the JCCC service learning
office to get those experiences you need. Additionally we encourage you to attain the
JCCC associate of liberal arts degree with sixty four credits which can be the culmination
of courses you used to transfer successfully to a teacher education program. What a great
reward to attain the AA diploma as a benchmark of being about halfway to the teacher license.
Finally remember that any of our JCCC counselors can assist you in understanding the steps
for transfer if you are planning a career in teaching. Good luck, hope to see you soon.

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