Countries for winners; countries for losers

We all, naturally, want to be winners. And
so, consequently, a great many countries are designed to reward winners. These are the
countries that pay a good deal of attention to optimising the conditions of life available
to people who win. In such lands, if one is a winner and falls ill, the hospitals are
outstanding: The transport laid on for winners is superlative: The housing for winners is
spacious, light and uplifting: And winner children are educated in establishments that
resemble five star hotels: Of course, in such lands, provisions for losers are not so quite
so comfortable. There isn’t the money left over. So housing for Losers can be challenging:
Transport for Losers is something of a humiliation: And the children of losers start to learn
young about their negligible status. This could all sound worrying, but it tends not
panic us very much for one fundamental reason related to how the human minds work. Most
of us naturally assume that we will – at some point – become winners. You can see
this optimistic part of the brain in action in our well-observed proclivity for playing
the lottery. Millions of us show an inclination to believe that we will end up holding a winning
ticket – despite the daunting odds. The chances of winning the UK lottery are one
in 14 million. This often isn’t enough to put many of us off. If we don’t play the
lottery ourselves, we may feel a bit sorry for people who do. We may smile at their folly
in getting statistics quite so wrong. But in the way we vote, we may display a strikingly
similar mindset. We too may cast our votes for political parties determined to reward
a tiny subset of winners and cast the vast majority of losers to a less dignified end.
We would do well to study statistics. The chances of starting a billion dollar company in the US. The chances of earning less than $200,000 per annum in the US. The chances of needing to depend on the state for health,
housing, transport or welfare over a lifetime, in the european countries. In short, a degree of financial fragility
is the statistical norm; being a loser is the norm. We are far more likely to end up
with a mediocre salary, with delicate health and vulnerability to ill-fortune than we are
to end up robust, invulnerable winners. Yet still we insist on creating and supporting
Winner Countries. Here are five of the world’s top Winner Countries, countries that go out
of their way to make the consequences of winning as pleasant as possible. In 5th place Brazil, in 4th place India , in 3rd palce China, in 2nd place the UK and in 1st place the US There are a few notable loser countries on our planet.
They tend not to get the limelight. Here is the list of the world’s top Loser Countries:
5. The Netherlands 4. Germany 3. Switzerland 2. Norway 1. Denmark In Loser Countries, voters
graciously assume that they are and will remain losers – and therefore set about trying
to make their condition as pleasant as possible. They make sure there is a public transport
system fit for losers: Public housing fit for losers: And public schools fit for complete
losers: In these Countries for Losers, it can be awkward to be a winner. No one applauds
you for driving a fancy car. Money won’t buy you schools any better than the loser
ones. You might even go to a loser hospital of your own accord. And your taxes might be
quite high. Both Countries for Winners and Countries for Losers have their advantages.
The question is whether we are voting for societies that reflect our own statistical
realities. By accepting that we will almost certainly be and remain Losers, we might be
sad no doubt, but we may also be liberated to scheme to live in societies that make the
consequences of failing a lot less bitter. We love bringing you these films, if you want to help us to keep bringing you thoughtful content please consider supporting us by visiting our shop at the link on your screen now.

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100 Responses

  1. gtabro1337 says:

    As someone has once said, it's only when you lose everything you can start gaining from life

  2. crazyedd123 says:

    Is that Homer Simpson's car at 00:40?

  3. Vee says:

    Wish I lived in a loser country.

  4. Christiano Vasconcelos says:

    This is video is totally absurd!!
    How the heck the Brazil is a winner country compared to any scandinavian country? Even Sweden?

  5. Hannah French says:

    Total baloney. Liberals reward failure and reward success, and that is why liberal run cities and nations have mostly squalor or at best a much lower standard of living. A rising tide lifts all ships. The poverty level in the US has a higher standard of living than the average European nation. When you see squalor in the USA, it is inevitably a city run by liberals. They also create more crime for two reasons; they support criminals and they are more apt to commit crime. If you take out the top 5 liberal run cities in the USA, the rest of the nation is near the bottom of the list of nations with gun crime. You can never be given a job by a broke person, so the nations that reward the behavior that leads to people being broke have very little to offer the average person. The USA was doing great until liberalism took over 50 or so years ago.

  6. Phart says:

    I have $110,000 USD in student loans I haven't been able to pay since graduating 20 years ago. I also have a $100,000 emergency surgery bill from many years ago I couldn't afford to pay. But at least I'm on the winning team! 'murica!!

  7. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    I'm loser – and so is my country.

  8. ØJØ Joshua says:

    what about Australia

  9. Oswaldo Capriles says:

    It is sad that a good channel once named The School of Life now has turned to be The School of Losers.

  10. Luny & Milky says:

    Didn't quite get it as to what do you mean with being a loser..

  11. Alexandre Martins says:

    School of Life, thanks a lot!!
    Such awesome, informative video, telling the whole truth.
    And yes, Brazil is a country for winners ONLY, unfortunately.

  12. jaca van heesch says:

    jay i live in a lozer country

  13. Stars & Smokes says:

    When you realize the loser countries are also known as some of the best places to live on Earth and how the winner countries are often really poor/corrupt. I like the alternative meaning of this video, really puts your definition of winner and loser to the test.

  14. Mezie Mbamara says:

    Where do African nations stand?
    A lot of educated people are poor, and most of ruling class are illiterates.

  15. MidiDigger says:

    Loosers unite!

  16. carpe noctem says:

    Proud to be Swiss 🙂

  17. Karl Rove says:

    Typical communist School of Life

  18. Graziela Machado says:

    In the so called losers you still can have a decent life if you study and get a job instead of acting the role of victim.

  19. Formata Gfys says:

    what is with the PC shit???

  20. Multi For Good says:

    I didn't understand the idea of this video..pls can someone make it clear for me.

  21. Absolute Infinity says:

    The only issue here is that socialist countries like the mentioned europian countries are not lije this because of this looser winer thing.

  22. Richard Tor says:

    what a fuck video. How do you assume we all want to be winners?

  23. Ali Syr says:

    You forgot disaster countries .. hello from Syria

  24. Dale Collins says:

    What total bollox. Most people just want a happy life and don't even think about being 'winners' or 'losers'. We are ALL different, with different strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds and genes. All different. That means we all lead different lives, some of which will be dreadful in comparison to others (think of those unfortunates living in countries at war or in famine etc or with terrible diseases, hereditary conditions etc) while others are fit, healthy and in beautiful places… Governments too are ALL different, some are shitty to their people (e.g. North Korea) while others encourage us to lead fulfilling lives. NONE are without corruption or self rewarding politicians and bankers! This video classes anyone earning under 200,000 as a loser… what an insult! We are not losers or winners if we are happy with our lot! We are just happy. This video tries to show that living in a society where we are responsible for our own futures where if you work towards your goals you are allowed to get them is a bad thing! We are not all spongers who think wealth is a) happiness and winning and b) our right to have without someone in our family working for it!

  25. Gábor Vincze says:

    Love the irony in your videos

  26. Oliver Clarke says:

    I consistently see people automatically associating left leaning ("looser") policies with authoritarianism and communism. The top 5 "looser" countries listed are there because they are left leaning democracies that still include freedoms that most western countries enjoy. No one is saying that authoritarian communism is good, I've been to those countries and it sucks. My point is there is an obvious difference between socialist policies in a free democratic nation and authoritarian communism, and there is actually less freedom in authoritarian(-ish) right wing nations such as the United States than some of the top "looser" countries (see freedom index ).

  27. Francesco Dondi says:

    …actually Switzerland is a great country for winners too 😉

  28. Savage User says:

    What about mediocre countries?

  29. Old Man says:

    Turkey 😄

  30. Alice Diwz says:

    A loser in a winning country

  31. Leah K says:

    The video was great, but the music was all over the place

  32. ra bababa says:

    grew up in a loser country now im in America, no place for losers here its really true but thats why we are the best!

  33. John Martin says:

    I hate the word loser. Winning and losing just isn't what life's about. It's about fulfillment. And that's something very different. If you're fulfilled then success and failure become irrelevant. Every time I've got close to success I've always run a mile. In fact I've spent my life running away from all those things we're all supposed to be fighting to get.

  34. Tamsin Jones says:

    All this coming from a man who enjoyed the benefits of the most privileged background and education possible in the UK. I don't know if it's condescending or most enlightened.

  35. Karen Carvajal says:

    Great very great video

  36. Burcey B says:

    Low key an anti-socialist video

  37. Jure Plazonić says:

    This is why Comunism exists

  38. Peter Vanderlind says:

    Brazil doesn't reward winners, the only reason we show up on your list is because of social inequality, not because the government or the population is doing anything to help out those who work hard to become winners.

  39. Alberto Benítez says:

    In terms of culture, Mexico is very similar to Brasil. Life for tourists and rich people is awesome, but the rest of us struggle with everyday needs like healthcare and education, even food

  40. Shyam Shrestha says:

    Great, you put Germany in the list☺
    Note I am not German

  41. nisreen says:

    This is absolutely brilliant and ingenious approach to the subject of inequality. Thank you!!

  42. Benjamin the nihilist says:

    If prager u's videos are getting "censored" I would hate to see a tube where they weren't. It's every other ad for christs sake

  43. Zubin Trivedi says:

    I have grown up in a winner country, and currently living in a loser country. I can vouch for the facts in the video.

  44. mobiletuner says:

    Replace “winner” with “productive” and “loser” with a “parasite”, and this video will sound about right. Also you have chosen quite an arbitrary line to draw between them, I’d say, almost everyone is a winner in a modern western society. You have better living conditions as an official poor in the west than kings and queens some 200 years ago. That is no accident, by the way, it is a direct result of a free market and low taxes that allowed all these industries to appear and change our lives. And one last thing, video makes it sound like government gives rich people all this nice stuff. No one even has given anything for free to rich people. The modern discourse in the west is whether almost everything they earn should be taken away or just a half. As a self employed person struggling every day to work hard and earn myself a descent living, rising up from an absolute poverty without any help, whines of parasites who never seriously lifter a finger to do anything productive in their whole life simply infuriate me.

  45. last shadow says:

    watching this from Yemen and laughing , come here and i show you a real loser country

  46. Nicholas Shaski says:

    I watched like 32 seconds and already am thinking about what Christopher Hitchens said about poverty.

  47. April Bebee says:

    According to the US Census Bureau persons with doctorates in the United States had an average income of roughly $81,400. The average for an advanced degree was $72,824, with men averaging $90,761 and women averaging $50,756 annually.

  48. Leotique says:

    Glad I'm from middle Europe (Germany & Switzerland) and love the Netherlands and Scandinavians too <3

  49. Unknown Dissident says:

    'Loser' has become America's most profound insult. When one wishes to psychically harm another, there is no more harmful perjorative to lob at another. In Singapore, an insignificant island in South East Asia, the word used to describe the citizen mindset is 'kiasu', a Hokkien word meaning 'scared to lose'.
    This has been one of the most rewarding videos from School Of Life, yet. I was smiling ear to ear while watching it. Wow, I too am a loser, and I am fucking proud of it!
    *edited cos loser me misspelled 'ear' hee

  50. Christian Hernández says:

    This channel is for losers

  51. robochev says:

    This is political comment masquerading as philosophy,.. a sad, and deceitful attempt to influence opinion

  52. schnipsikabel says:

    It is peculiar that "winning" has such a positive connotation in general. Why the heck is it better if you win, compared to your opponent does? This seems utter vanity to me, and yet unquestioned modern religion… at least in western societies. If there's a winner, there's a looser, too. Can't we get past that and move on to more compassionate ways?

  53. Aku Jo says:

    i confirm, being a "looser" in germany is not bad at all.

  54. Svetlozar 2000 says:

    Bulgaria:country of people like me,idiots.Yeah,I am Bulgarian.In my country the adults can't read…

  55. Beyond Social - Real Estate Marketing says:

    Could you design a country that had both?

  56. Maarten says:

    Winners: capitalism, Losers: communism

  57. gentle norwegian says:

    20sec into the vid I know norway is going to be a loser country. I talk from my experience in school

  58. BoMah:) says:

    the kardashians are "winners"

  59. LuckasMS says:

    I don't think that applying "loser" policies would work in the "winner" countries that have much larger population and many more problems to deal with.

  60. Jorge Gómez says:

    Kinda see your point of telling people that the thing is countries for losers vs countries for winners. I kinda doubt it's like that: This is collectivism and individualism. The first one has tons of different examples, there was collectivism in the USSR and Mao's China but also in Sweden or Japan today. The thing is, how much of collectivism you have.

  61. Charles Cole says:

    So why try to do anything, then?

  62. Darth Utah 66 says:

    It's funny you mention the USA as a winner country because we have welfare and food stamps. There's also private charity.

  63. EU supporter says:

    hmm…you don't mean this for serious, it's ironic isn't ist

  64. Guilherme says:

    This video is just amazing! Living in a country for winners is harsh! Violence, inequality, salaries below avarage, etc (I'm talking about Brazil)…

  65. Shermos says:

    I would dispute that China is a "winner" country the way the US is. Public transport for one is on the whole very cheap and regular. I'll grant that there are issues with healthcare and education, but the government is aware of the situation and knows inequality needs to be addressed. It's still a developing country. Providing a decent living standard to 1.4 billion people is not at all an easy task and I think the Chinese govt should be congratulated to reducing poverty and improving the overall living standard to the extent it has.

  66. Adam Malsagov says:

    yay i am FOR norway!!! yay!

  67. Purishira Suriawan says:

    What about Indonesia?

  68. Equality State of Mind says:

    I'd be better off emigrating to Germany, like y'all did.

  69. Perry Widhalm says:

    Typical left-wing nonsense brought to you in the submissive voice of sheep, If you are willing to accept the State as your master and happy to obey the shepherd then by all means give up the reality of liberty for the illusion of security.

  70. Robin Beijer says:

    People are happier in loser countries

  71. Stella Aguiar says:

    The video has a bit narrow perspective in my opinion. I agree with the main idea that countries should invest in their public services. However, the terms losers and winners are inaccurate, because it’s not really easy to compare tinny European countries with huge multiethnic nations. Switzerland is a tax heaven of 8 million people. India has more than a 1 billion people with different languages. The differences in history and society are huge. I don’t think the issues are reduced to being a smart or stupid country; problems are much more complex than that. The video has a point in criticising a meritocratic system that excludes vulnerable people, but it attributes the reasons to wrong causes. And doing this, it even shows a bit of ignorance and prejudice. Finally, the video completely dismiss the fact that we live in a global system where everything is connected, specially the financial area. The dynamics are not isolated inside the borders, rather there are fluxes of money, people, resources, etc. (Apologise for my english, it’s not my language).

  72. walter byrd says:

    "Loser" nations are being taken over by Islam. Which means they will suck for non-Muslims.

  73. Mitch Zro says:

    This fucking liquefied my brain.

  74. RitsarStudios says:

    Ugh, you mean socialistic everyone-friendly contries are losers and capitalist focused on corrupted politicians and rich businessmen contries are winners ? Ok

  75. Pelger says:

    is it me or this is a disguided way of saying "socialism is good"?

  76. harley silva says:


  77. Robin Beijer says:

    Conclusion: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands are better countries than United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India and China

  78. joyful journey says:

    Gotta love being a loser in a winner country.

  79. Alien Eyes says:

    No one is a loser nor winner life is not a competition life is about unity, so much for united we stand america is the main dunb ass* country that talks about losers and winners.

  80. Irene del Carmen says:

    Capitalism vs. real Socialism

  81. Alitas Jiromato says:

    With regards to winners, losers and merit I think it's always worth considering how chance has played out in our lives.

    Nobody chooses to have cancer at a young age.
    Nobody chooses to grow up in an abusive household.
    Nobody chooses to be interested in financial analysis over fine arts, even though the sooner will far more often be profitable.

    Even with innovative individuals there's an element of luck. Being able to come up with a valuable idea is valuable, but in technology it's often only so long as you're the first person to do so. A state for losers is a state that reduces the effect of randomness.

  82. Kevin Bjorke says:

    Interesting that at 4:08 the "loser" side of the diptych, of a bicyclist and train, is actually a photo made in the Silicon Valley.

  83. Huzeyfe Kaıem says:

    Countries for losers are like Family, they gives you opportunities to succeed But do not blame you if you can’t do, in the end they looking for make you happy and more comfortable


    Countries for the winners are like the school also give you opportunities to succeed, but if you can’t do, you will get your punishment

    Unfortunately, this is often the case in the World

  84. tolethom says:


  85. DCoreB says:

    Making losing nicer also makes it harder for people to win or even attempt it. There needs to be consequences for actions, but the consequences can't be so bad that they discorage winning. It's a balancing act and considering the fact that most people in the US are still in the top 1% of the world, I'd say we're doing pretty well.

  86. Anil Palan says:

    Make no mistake, this is not an endorsement of Socialism. Ignoring economics only leads to the downfall of all. Only the richest survive. In effect if not in theory, Socialism helps rich people.

  87. spiritual proteins says:

    I'd rather live in a winner country and have the opportunity to work for my own wealth, than live in a loser one where a whole population of useless loser parasites are going to leech off my taxes.

  88. Zorka Kelly says:

    WHY ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ARE IN THIS ,,LOOSER,,COUNTRIES???American ,english people are veryyyy unhappy..i live in both!visited can be only envy on there life philosophy!!

  89. TiodaniPKM says:

    It's incredible how many people miss the point that the terms "winner" and "loser" in this video are ironic jabs at the concept of meritocracy. The idea that wealthy people had necessarily put more effort (therefore being "winners"), and poor/middle class people are lazy or necessarily had put less effort in their life (therefore being "losers"). Making a "country for losers" isn't about rewarding lazyness or discouraging above average productivity. In fact, i'd say it incentivizes productivity even more: Do you think an average citizen has more chances of developing their abilities and take risks to improve their own lives (or to help/evolve their community) in a poor environment where they have to use most of their time to struggle to survive with some dignity in the long term, or in an environment where the basic needs like housing, transportation, education, etc are guaranteed to work equally well for the majority of the population and they can have some form of safety net?

  90. Eliana Rios says:

    Ay dios. Qué verdad, yo no vivo en esos países perdedores -_-

  91. Felipe Bezerra says:

    I live in a country for winners and I feel terrible about it.

  92. D I says:

    You are telling the story of my life.

  93. Christopher Robbins says:

    The winner countries produce 90%+ of the innovations and defense provisions that the loser countries rely on. Point of fact if it weren't for the USA, Europe as its constituted today, would not exist….maybe with the exception of Switzerland….the hedgehog.

  94. Atlas War says:

    Where is Singapore???? We love winners here! The old in our society will work till they DIE!

  95. Loukas Piloidis says:


  96. Graph Puritto meausulinni says:

    Бля, братан земля тебе пухом это не лечится!

  97. Catastropheshe says:

    One question why is loser/winner used to say poor/rich? If winning == being rich why they killing themselves so much and having public mental breakdowns? So much win..
    It's giving bad example cause if rich ==winner, u can get rich fast in very bad way so basically you advertising crime, congrats.

  98. Владимир Никитенко says:

    If you're loser don't blame your government and politicians. Study, read books and find a good job or make a business. Socialism is a road to hell.

  99. tiago veritas says:

    Interesting discussion. I agree that societies should try to be more well balanced in terms of dealing with social differences, but if the incentives for succeeding professionally are hardly attacked, individual effort can be discouraged. It can cause considerable damage in a long term.

  100. Ira Ritschard says:

    I think you got the looser counties wrong

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