Country Sounds on the Violin

We—we (oui oui) are going to play a charades video, and the rules are like this: We—we (oui oui) are going to… *snickers* Draw from the pouch… and we we (oui oui) [are] going to imitate each country. Today we are in Montreal, In a little hotel room. This is the only wall we could find, so… – Apologies for the…
– Aesthetics. The beautiful painting, oui oui.
– Oui oui. *sighs* Man, this is a very… Oui oui video. We—we (oui oui) so awesome! Violin charades, 24 countries, 5 minutes each, – we have to do 12 each.
– Yeah. Scissors, paper… – Rock!
– Oui! – I win.
– Alright, who’s going first? Oui, oui! *laughs* (Both) 3,2,1. Let’s do it! Ohh! – Yeah, it’s going.
– Oui oui. Alright, alright. Oh wait, I gotta get—urgh! I’m looking at the…painting. First one! It is beautiful. Mexico! Yes! Alright, you ready? Russia! Yes! Tchaikovsky! – Bring it! We we (oui oui), so good!
– Dude, this is pretty easy. – Dude, this is too easy—
– Alright. A? A? Las Vegas? China? Ah it’s an Asian country. Laos! Chi…na!! *laughs* Chile, Chil-lah..! Ohh…no, ok. *sighs* A? Lah? Yeah, China! Taiwan? – Oh! “Lah”, Singapore!
– Yes! Singapore! *both laughs* Ohhhhhh!!! Get that lah! – Alright, next one.
– I don’t know lah. We did that for our Singapore show lah. I forgot the joke lah, I’m so sorry lah. – China.
– Yeah. Got 4 now? Yeah. – Oh we gotta hurry up, make up for lost time!
– Okay. Yeah, okay. Finland! – Sibelius.
– Yes. Alright. Oh. No. – Japan!
– Yes! *laughs* Naruto! Naruto, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Hoo! Hah! – Hee-hah hoo-hah! Daiisuki!
– Okay okay… – Daiisuki nan dayo.
– Here we go, okay. Spain? – Yes.
– Yeah. Lalo. It’s too easy! China—Asian country. Slow, Asian country? *laughs* Malaysia? [The] Philippines? – Indonesia?
– Yes! Ohh! Nice. – Alright.
– We’ve got 8, right? Yeah. Alright, here we go. Um…uh…uh! – I send you to the shadow realm, Egypt!
– Yes! *both laugh hysterically* – I send you to the shadow realm!
– Alright, here we go, here’s another one. – It’s time to du-du-du-duel!
– Okay…um… Mexico? Brazil? Chile? Chil-lah? – Ah. “A”…Argentina!
– Yes. Oh my God. Dude I’m pretty sure that’s not Argentinian music! Here we go. Come on! Yeah. Anyway, got it. Mozart! Au…au…au…Austria! Yes. Is that 11 or 12? I don’t know, I think 12. – Alright, you gotta leave the other stuff for me, bro!
– One more! Oh, last one. Ohhh!!! Alright. Start. Trois, deux, un. Begin. Ohh. Too easy. – Germany!
– Yeah. Beethoven “Kreutzer” Sonata! Are you ready? England! ENgLaNd E N G L A N D HaaaaAAaaaaaAAaAAHhhhhHHHHH I’ll just go easy. – Oh, Italy.
– Yeah. Italiano! Ooh! Um… Japan! Oh no… [I] Forgot Brett doesn’t listen to pop music. – Um…
– Dammit…Korea! Uhh… Uhh….ooh… USA. – Uh…uh…
– USA. Oh yeah, USA. Oh yeah, mate! – Australia.
– Yeah mate. Alright, let’s move on. Ohh! Argh. Oh no! *laughs* I don’t want to say it! *laughs* Say it! India…? Noooo!!! *laughs* Africa…? Can can! England! Greece! French! Oui oui! French…France. Bro! Hungary! Czech! Oh, Sweden! Norway! Russia! Estonia! Denmark! Asia! Malaysia! Taiwan! Hong Kong! China! Vietnamese! Debussy! De— Near the sea! *laughs* I don’t know what to do with this one! Pass. – What was it?
– Canada. It was at this moment that he knew… – OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
– *laughs* Oui oui! – Korea!
– Yeah. Oh, Canada! Oh, bro! Um… India. No. Egypt. – Oh, Arabic! Arab.
– No. India. Pakistan. Africa! South Africa, Morocco! *grunts* Morocco! Oh! Uh…Iran! Afghanistan! – Turkey!
– Yes! Okay. There’s a chicken sound, Turkey! *mimics turkey sounds* Um… (Both) Ohhhhh!!!! Whoa! Whoa! What? Oh! Oh! Bonus countries!!! (Both) Scissors, paper, rock! (Both) Scissors, paper, rock! Steady…go! Was it on? – Yeah.
– Oui oui! *snickers* Oui oui! Oh. England! – U.K.
– Yeah. I was like, does that count? Hungary! Dude, it’s so easy. *singing* Oh. *laughs* Oh my God. *laughs* France? Yeah. – Oui oui!
– Oui oui! Ça va! Très bien! Argh…! Oh bro, I don’t know what this one is! Ohh…! Brazil! Yeah! Bum Bum Tam Tam! *gasps* Last one! Poland! Oui-niawski! *laughs* – Oui-oui-niawski!
– Oui oui! Check out our merch, because when this is out, merch is already back. I hope it’s not sold out, you guys had been waiting for so long. “Ling Ling 40 hours”, “Practice Twoset” Accent the like button, – and then fortissimo the subscribe button,
– Uh! And then… Practice.

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100 Responses

  1. 34 Emin 58 says:

    Im a simple turk in saw turkey in the thumbnail and i clicked it

  2. Bunny Melga says:

    And again Portugal fail again….

  3. Kirby Stole My Hat says:


  4. I'm helpless says:


  5. Bluefeather_44 says:

    Usa: Party in the USA
    Canada: OUI OUI

  6. Aaron Goyvaerts says:


  7. Hernán Unknown says:

    Bueno, se nota que no tienen ni puta idea sobre Argentina.

  8. Sendyo ZDM says:

    Oui Oui means yes lol

  9. uri mascka says:

    The song u used for argentina is mexican??? Not tango right, u should have used tango

  10. Lynxeon Liv says:

    Yo does anyone know what the Bach piece is at 8:56 ?

  11. Asg London says:

    I came to see sealand but?

  12. RBX LegendPlayer says:

    they forgot about the USSR anthem lol

  13. Kimy Barahona says:

    You were in mtl last year ????? and I live in mtl… Rip me

  14. Yashraj Soni says:

    they trolled INDIA trwice
    (ps im from India)

  15. Onur Uçar says:

    ulen gavat çalsana turkish march

  16. Logan Spalding says:


  17. Kay says:

    02:50 Am I the only one that thinks it’s so sterotypical to play that melody when it comes to ANY ASIAN COUNTRIES? It’s so chinese, why would anyone link it with Indonesia?

  18. Real DrumTM Covers says:


  19. alexanRules says:

    españa coño

  20. Michael Tiffany says:

    The face same with Cyanex

  21. Karen Huang says:

    Saying Hi from Singapore:D

  22. Rachel Dewinata says:

    Why don't play Turkish March at Turkey? The part of the name would give it away at least XD

  23. Marjaana Lumme says:

    OMG he knew Sibelius from the first note!

  24. The Loyalist says:

    England does not equal UK. Grr

  25. 男鹿辰巳 says:

    The name of the song 1:16?

  26. Ayberk says:

    Türkiye ?? için teşekkürler ? dostlarım

  27. SkellyAce The Novelist with Many Ideas says:

    This is too funny NOT to share.

  28. Miyumi_Chan says:

    What?!I didn't know that Henryk Wieniawski lived in my country

  29. Zamburak says:

    Damn, Poland was sexy af

  30. OvExX says:

    your lack of astor piazzola is disturbing

  31. Miss L says:

    The music of Brazil hahaha my God, what a decay.? He just remembered the funk. There are so many quality Brazilian songs..but it was cool, I laughed.

  32. Heart And Soul Fun And Mix says:

    China is not like that you fools

  33. Heart And Soul Fun And Mix says:

    China should of played jasmine flower.

  34. Negan says:

    Tf brazillians dont speak spanish lol

  35. Emre Kaptan says:

    Türkiye diyene kadar bütün arap ülkelerni saydı

  36. Natalia tik tok says:


  37. Mobile Legends Leaks says:

    No philipines ???

  38. Gitana Maldita says:

    What was that!


  39. J0yb0y says:

    Singapore = A

  40. Ovinnik Smith says:

    07:01 I'd love to hear you play the whole song uwu

  41. Yuni Kuzumiri says:

    Canada the forgotten country–

  42. Affriant says:

    I dont understand my own country Indonesia

  43. Mexi Chemia says:

    Argentina: southern Mexico jajajaja

  44. Theresia 080809 says:

    Hi i'm from Indonesia.. emm maybe you can play Indonesia indenpendence song…

  45. Kasia Em says:

    Poor sad Astor Piazolla. 😀

  46. ümit özkan says:

    Fuck off son of a beach

  47. Ayush Agarwal says:

    Me seeing the thumbnail… Curious to listen to my country's music..

    Me: looks cool

    After not finding it: Such loosers

  48. Kazumatagiri Art says:

    Turkey was completely wrpng we are not a fking arabic country

  49. Carmela Fajardo says:


  50. Carmela Fajardo says:


  51. Foung-Xu Yu says:

    Oui oui

  52. LOGAD BURAK says:

    16k dislike in TURKEY

  53. Lazar Jeremic says:

    Where is Serbia?

  54. Deniz says:

    the general of Turkish people hates arabic people but whatever u say

  55. Shahnaz Namira Fairuza says:

    "slow asian country…?" wow guys that was rude

  56. Hinata Celil says:

    私わ日本語ですWho else☺?

  57. Hinata Celil says:

    Austria was easy for me

  58. Hinata Celil says:


  59. Antonie T. says:

    No Jokes, that intro he did a pretty spot on impression of a South African Dude bro.

  60. Nícollas Dias says:

    I feel so sad by how my country, Brazil, is represented… AHAHAHA

  61. Tekno PC says:

    7:09 Türkler ses verin????

  62. Huang Jinye says:

    I like you guys, but Taiwan and Hong Kong are not supposed to be countries.

  63. Sinem Çetin says:

    Why arabic melody in Turkish time ???? Turkey not arab or an animal.. pls

  64. Levka says:

    Argentina and Russia in the house

  65. Kid Icarus says:

    Alrighr, Russia:


  66. Miranda L. García says:

    ARGENTINA isn't part of MEXICO!!!!
    (that's part of Latin America)
    (I'm MEXICAN btw)

  67. Segaco says:

    I swear I heard the melody at 1:52 somewhere else. Can anyone tell me where it is from?

  68. Pradipta Chakraborty says:

    Why u r said to sorry india

  69. CrazyCupcakeGirl2004 says:


  70. Tiger Wang says:

    For USA you should've done the National Anthem 😛

  71. Kate Duggan says:

    Ouh yeea MATE

  72. Gemma Narendra says:

    Indonesia: we are Asian but less Chinese music influences 🙁

  73. Max Power says:

    Fucking asians go eat doggys

  74. ihatemylife says:

    fuck you are you kidding with us bitches ??

  75. Paula Beluzo says:

    Brazil is not funk! affff

  76. TheChattyPotterHead TheChattyPotterHead says:

    Me meh indonesian…..

  77. Hamdi Pehlivan says:

    Türk yok mu ?

  78. binge watcher says:

    plays Verdi's "la donna è mobile"
    Brett: ENGLAND!
    my Italian ass: ExcUSe mE!?

  79. alyssamok says:

    I am from Singapore

  80. HÜSO AGA YILDIZ TR says:

    TÜRKLERİ GÖRELİM!!! ??????

  81. Pïñk Cöôkíè says:

    I was waiting for India ?? ???

  82. Matteo TheBomber02 says:

    4:52 i’m italian and….. are you fucking kidding me??? england??? i’ll kill you if i see you here in italy ?

  83. Анастасия Плюшкина says:

    Ну блин, так даже не интересно, Россию с первых секунд угадали)))

  84. Junhan Eric Kim says:

    BTS가 한국을 대표하는구나ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  85. Ben eben Sa says:

    I am half turkey half german ????♥️??

  86. Fatmanur Kıran says:


  87. Ngawang Ozer says:

    Sad India got laid down before it was played 🙁

  88. Melisa Welsh says:

    You are racist turkey is not only arabic that is really rude

  89. hira says:

    If you do something like this next time , include Pakistan too!

  90. Apus Gamers says:

    9:00 I love the Brazilian, I'm Brazilian, and I love you're channel

  91. Ariel Rivas says:

    Bolivia? :'v

    Bolivia is between :



  92. Ranwa Sawafta says:

    Do part 2

  93. mplum590 says:

    Came to see how you'd butcher the Iranian music. Glad our country didn't come up. You guys would fail miserably if it came to iran. with the (exception of one coincidental scale) you guys wouldn't know the persian scale, hence you couldn't play the classical Iranian music.
    But interesting video. keep practicing

  94. Ariff Adzhan says:

    Yugi oh = egypt?

  95. Royal_Panda- Game says:

    I'm french…… OUI OUI

  96. Kristo Artisto says:

    Cześć ! Ja bym nie zgadł.

  97. Yescooll21 says:

    No entendí nada :v

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